"Our Team Has A Preacher And A Guy Who Looks Like Jesus On It. How Can We Lose?"
Los Haitises Park
Season Survivor: Dominican Republic
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Episode Number 1/13
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This is the first episode of Survivor: Dominican Republic


Immunity/Reward Challenge: Outrigger Fire Quest
Carrying an outrigger canoe outfitted with two torches, the tribes had to swim with the canoe out into the ocean, light the torches from a fire cauldron, then race back to shore while lighting a series of torches along the way. The first tribe to have successfully lit all the torches and cross the finish line would win.
Reward: Flint
Winner: Payabo


Day 1

Aboard two boats (The female contestants are on one boat and the males are on the other boat.), sixteen castaways are headed towards the shore of Los Haitises National Park, Dominican Republic, a National Park in the Dominican Republic. Once both boats reach the shore, the castaways get off their boats the men stand on the green mat and the women stand on the orange mat.

Jeff Probst welcomes the castaways and asks them their thoughts about the makeup of their tribe.

I like the look of our tribe. I’m all about showing girl power!


Some of the other women standing on the orange mat with Kendra clap.

I’ll be honest with you Jeff, I think it sucks. No offense to any of the guys on my tribe but I really didn’t want to come out here and be on a tribe of dudes!


A smile creeps across Jeff’s face over the castaway’s reaction over the tribes being split by gender.

Well nobody said that the tribes are going to be divided by gender. In fact, the tribes will not be divided by gender.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff proceeds to inform each castaway which team they will be on. The two tribes are both named after rivers that run through Los Haitises National Park, Dominican Republic where the show is taking place.

The Payabo Tribe has the following castaways on it: Wild Bill, Kendra, Hector, Sherri, Thom, Jenny, Gilbert, and Denise.

The Yuna Tribe has the following castaways on it: Martha, John, Jill, Mark, Esther, Rodney, Carly, and Damion.

Jeff gives each tribe a map to where their respective camps are and informs them that the Yuna Tribe’s camp will have a cave which can be used as a natural shelter for the Yuna Tribe. However, the water source for the Yuna Tribe will be far from their camp.

The Payabo Tribe’s campsite will be near a beach and they will have to make their own shelter. However, their water source will be right near their camp.

Upon reaching their camp, the Payabo Tribe immediately began to talk about where their shelter should be built. After a location was decided upon, all the members of the tribe, with the exception of Wild Bill, began their respective tasks in building their shelter.

Bill sort of took off down the beach while everyone else on the team was working hard to build the shelter. To be honest with you, I am not entirely sure where he went. All I know is, he did not lift a finger to help us build the shelter and that pissed a lot of people off.

–Denise (On Wild Bill’s whereabouts while his team built the shelter.)

I decided to take a walk on the beach. I wanted to get familiar with my surroundings and I also didn’t want to help them build the shelter.

Did I tick my teammates off?

Of course I did.

Do I care that I ticked them off?

Not in the least bit. In fact when I finally got back to camp, I had to laugh when Hector got in my face about my laziness.

–Wild Bill (On why he did not help his teammates build their shelter.)

Bill returns to the campsite and he is approached by Thom and Hector.

Quote1Where have you been bro?Quote2- Hector

Quote1I ain’t your bro, so don’t call me that. Plus it ain’t none of your business where I went. I mean who elected you the boss.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Nobody elected me the boss man, I just wanted to know why you decided to flake out on us while we are building our shelter. I mean dude come on we need you to help us.

We need to work together if we are going to make it through this game dude. If you would have helped carry the wood to build this shelter, we probably would have been closer to being done building it. Instead you flaked out on us and disappeared into the wilderness. All I want to know is why you did what you did.Quote2
- Hector

Quote1If you must know, I don’t really feel like it is worth my energy to help build this shelter. I need to save up as much energy as possible so I can help our team in challenges. So I am not about to bust my hump building this damn thing.

Plus I don’t think it is worth building a shelter at this juncture.Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1Say we don’t build a shelter. Where are we going to sleep?Quote2- Thom

Quote1We will sleep on the ground as nature intended.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Well that might be what you want to do dude, but most of us don’t want to get eaten alive by the bugs on the ground. Which is the main reason why we’re building this shelter right now dude.Quote2- Hector.

Quote1This is the jungle, the bugs are going to get us no matter what.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1So I take it you are not going to help us build the shelter?Quote2- Thom

I’m not exactly sure what Bill’s problem is. Just looking at it from a game standpoint, he is already putting a huge target on his back and it is only day one. I am sure he has his reasons for playing like this but I will be damned if I can make any sense of it.


I’m not sure if Wild Bill is stupid…or lazy…or a combination of the two. The bottom line is I don’t like the dude and I can tell you right now, the first chance I get to vote his ass out…I will.


Sometimes I do things just to amuse myself. This afternoon was one of those moments. I love the fact that I got that Hector guy all worked up. I got his Latin temper going…I could tell he would love nothing more than to punch me in the face.

The glorious thing about the whole situation is he cannot lay a finger on me. So I can goat him all I want and all he can do is write my name down when…or if we go to Tribal Council.

By that time I plan on having some supporters on this tribe, I don’t plan on leaving this game anytime soon.

–Wild Bill

Things are much more harmonious over at the Yuna camp. After the Yuna Tribe arrives at their campsite, they collectively decided to search for their water source.

You know the aura around my tribe is just fantastic. They were all giving off great vibes today!


The tribe finds their water source and they let out a collective cheer. Mark decides to briefly address the tribe to talk about this joyous occasion.

Let’s never change the vibe of this team. This is a tribe of love everyone and it is so my pleasure to be out here with you all.


That Mark guy is a bit out there. It’s like he is some sort of hippy from the sixties or something. The way he speaks reminds me a lot of when Dennis Hopper was in Easy Rider. He calls everybody man…yes even us women. Like I said the guy is a bit out there.


The Yuna Tribe makes the long trek back to camp and they discuss various things along the way.

I really like our team; we got some cool people on this team. Our team has a Preacher and a guy who looks like Jesus on it. How can we lose?


As day turned to night neither team was able to make fire. At the Yuna camp the castaways sat around their shelter and told their fellow castaways a little bit about themselves. When it was Martha’s turn she revealed that she is a Lesbian and that she has lived with her life partner Joan for six years.

Upon hearing about Martha being a Lesbian, John quickly got up and left the shelter. Everyone looked around at each other, wondering why John left.

I left the shelter because I was not going to be part of this discussion about deviant lifestyles. If Martha wants to be gay then that is between her and her god. It is not something to be proud of and it is not something that one should flaunt in the company of others.”

–John (On why he abruptly left the shelter.)

Day 2

It is early in the morning of day two, John gets up and looks at his sleeping tribe mates and then walks out of the cave. Martha gets up shortly after noticing that John was going for a walk. She gets up and follows John along the beach.

I had a rough time sleeping last night and I am an early riser anyway. When I saw John get up at the crack of dawn I decided that now would be a good time to try to clear the air between us. Boy was that a mistake…


Quote1John…can we talk?Quote2- Martha

Quote1I have got nothing to say to you.Quote2- John

Quote1Well I have some stuff that I would like to discuss with you. I want to talk about why you left the camp last night after I told everyone that I am a Lesbian. I have a feeling that you do not approve of me being gay…Quote2- Martha

Quote1No I do not…but I am really not comfortable talking about such things. I just do not want you to push your gay agenda on others.Quote2- John

Quote1 Gay agenda? Well the hell are you talking about?

There is no agenda; I told everyone that I am a Lesbian last night because we were talking about what is important in our lives. It is not like I was trying to indoctrinate the other women into some sort of Lesbian club.Quote2
- Martha

Quote1Look what you do in the privacy of your own home is your business. However, I do not think you should throw it up in everyone else’s faces and if you insist on doing so I will ask you to please not flaunt who you are when you are around me.

Now if you will excuse me, I would like to be alone right now and I will not talk to you about this topic any further.Quote2
- John

Quote1Look John, we’re going to be out here on the same team for a while, I think you owe it to me to talk about this like two rational adults.Quote2- Martha

Quote1I do not owe you anything. In fact, I think it is you who owes me the common courtesy of not speaking to me about something I told you I was unwilling to speak about.Quote2- John

I tried my hardest to be civil with John. Lord knows I tired...but I have been dealing with bigoted people like John for almost my entire life. He is a closed-minded homophobe and nothing I can say to him will ever make him receptive towards me. It is just tough dealing with people like him. It hurts my soul.


Over on the Payabo Tribe, Bill was up at the crack of dawn singing songs out loud and off key. This obviously woke up the rest of this Tribe and needless to say none of them were pleased by his antics. Nobody bothered to confront him because it was painfully obvious that he was doing this to get a rise out of his Tribe.

News flash, Will Bill sucks! It seems like he is trying to be an ass just to annoy us. Nobody said anything to him this morning because everyone knew he was doing it to just create drama. But trust me; we were all talking about what he did when he left the camp to go do whatever it is he does in the wilderness.


Oh I enjoyed every moment of what I did this morning. I want these people to realize that in this game you can never truly have a moment of peace, especially when Wild Bill is around...

–Wild Bill

Later in the day Mark has assembled the Yuna Tribe inside their shelter.

Quote1It seems over the last few hours the aura of this tribe has taken a hit. That is a shame because I feel like this team had an extremely good vibe and now it seems like there is some conflict here that needs to be resolved in order for us to move forward as a harmonious tribe.

Martha, John, is there anything that either one of you would like to contribute to this? The conflict is between the two of you and it is really harshing the vibe of the tribe and if we can’t act as one…we will not be able to win as one.Quote2
- Mark

Quote1Look folks, I feel that everyone is making a huge deal out of a non-issue. As I told Martha earlier, she can do whatever she wants to do and I am fine with it. I just do not want to hear about her and her lifestyle choice.

That is a subject that I do not want to talk or think about and I should not be continually forced to express my feelings about it. I feel like I am being made to look like the bad guy in this situation and I am not happy about that. However, my beliefs are my beliefs and if you all feel like I should be ostracized because of my beliefs…then so be it.Quote2
- John

Quote1John nobody is ostracizing you from anything, you are doing it to yourself. You are entitled to your beliefs, but in this case your beliefs are wrong so you really should not be voicing them. I did not choose to be this way, I was born this way and for my entire life I have had to deal with bigoted homophobes such as you, telling me the way I am…who I choose to love is wrong.

Well I am not going to allow that to happen. You want to hold on to your ignorant beliefs…well you do you. But know this, I’m gonna do me and I’m gonna talk about what I want to talk about…when I want to talk about it and there ain’t nobody out here that is gonna stop me.Quote2
- Martha

Quote1Now hold on a second there Martha. I don’t agree with John’s viewpoints but here is the thing, if you have the right to share your opinions and beliefs…well then John has to right to share his opinions and beliefs as well. If we want to fix the vibe of this tribe as Mark said just a few minutes ago, we are going to have to treat each other with respect.

If we cannot do that…well then I fear that we will not gel well as a unit.Quote2
- Carly

Quote1Well said Carly, look y’all we’ve got to have peace and understanding on this team in order to move forward. It does not look like this conversation has achieved anything…in fact it seems to have raised the hostility between the two of you. Which is not cool.

Anybody got anything else they’d like to say to the group while we are all here?Quote2
- Mark

Quote1You guys I think Mark’s heart is in the right place. We are going to be living together for a while out here so I ask each of you to please try to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone. There is just no need for this petty little fighting.Quote2- Jill

Man that whole tribal meeting was some bull up in here. All this bullcrap about feelings and beliefs…we looked like a shameful group of folks talking about all that jive.

If I wanted to come and talk about my feelings and such, I would have gone on Doctor Phil. Nah man, I came to play Survivor which means I came here to win challenges, stab some folks in the back, and get paid. All of this other touchy feely hippy stuff is just crap. You know what I’m sayin?


I think Mark’s heart was in the right place when he called the tribe meeting this afternoon but it would seem that he made matters worse. That is why I would always tell my children never talk about politics or religion in front of others because not everyone shares your beliefs and once you voice your beliefs you cannot retract what you have said.

This rift between John and Martha is never going to be mended because the two of them come from total opposite spectrums in life. All that I think the rest of us on the tribe can hope for is that they agree to disagree and move on because the one thing that a team does not need in a game like this is turmoil.


I’m gonna let John keep saying what he says and watch as the target on his back gets bigger and bigger. This game don’t need no homophobic loser in it and when it comes time to vote you can rest assure that I’m going to drop my vote on Johnny.


Day 3

It is now early in the morning on day three. Over at the Payabo camp Wild Bill sits alone on the beach staring out at the San Lorenzo Bay. Moments later he is joined by Jenny.

Quote1What’s up Bill?Quote2- Jenny

Quote1Nothing much…Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1 I have wanted to talk to you for the past couple of days but there were always people around and I never felt that it was the right time to talk.Quote2- Jenny

Quote1Sure thing, what do you want to talk about?Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Well first off I wanted to say that I really liked how you told that massive tool Hector off. That dude is way too annoying and he this he is the king you know what out here. So it was good to see someone take him down a couple of pegs, bruise his ego a little bit.Quote2- Jenny

Quote1Yeah Hector and Thom think that they are going to run this tribe but they are going to find out that they’re not going to be running nothing.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1That is actually why I wanted to talk to you. It seems that our team is already forming into little cliques…or alliances…or whatever you want to call them. I know Hector, Thom, and Denise seem to be joined at the hip. Kendra and Sully seem to be hitting it off and right now I seem to be in the same boat as you.

I have not really made a connection with anyone out here. What I would like to propose is that you, Sherri and I form an alliance just in case any of us are targeted by Hector and his little crew. What are your thoughts about that?Quote2
- Jenny

Quote1Hey I am open to working with you and Sherri but before today neither one of you have said two words to me so I’m going to need to hear that she is on board with this whole alliance thing as well. Like you said, I think that Hector and Thom are probably going to come after me when we go to our first Tribal Council so it is always cool to know that I have people watching my back.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Cool beans, I’ll try to get some alone time with Sherri and see where she is at. It doesn’t seem like anyone takes the time to talk to her that much either so I think it would be pretty easy to convince her to work with us. The only problem is if we get Sherri we will not have a majority.

I am not sure where Sully and Kendra stand with Hector, Denise, and Thom so maybe we can pull one or both of them over to our side. If so that would be great because then we would have total control over our tribe.Quote2
- Jenny

Earlier today I made an alliance with Wild Bill. To me the decision to work with him was a no brainer. The guy has pissed everyone off on our tribe thus far with his crappy work ethic and his early morning singing.

The thing with Bill is I know that he will probably not get voted off right away because of his strength. If that guy is allowed to slip by just one Tribal Council, I think he will be in the game for the long run. That is why I want to work with him because he is the perfect final two goat.


Jenny came to me with talks of an alliance and of course I was open to it. I mean even I know that you cannot play this game solo. Jenny was actually pretty smart to align with me because it means that she will not be targeted so quickly because the ire of the team will be on me.

If we can get Sherri to work with us, then I will be golden because that will be enough to tie the votes. Then it is only a matter of trying to get Sully or Kendra to work with us.

You know it truly amazes me that I can act like a complete jerk out here and I still have people lining up to be aligned with me. Like I said before, I will find supporters in this game and I will go far.

–Wild Bill

Immunity/Reward Challenge:

Later on in the day the two teams get Tree Mail and they then head off to the first immunity challenge of the season.

At the challenge, Jeff informs them that this challenge will be for both reward and immunity. The winning team will not only be safe from the vote but they will also win flint so that they will be able to start their fire. The losing team will get nothing but a date at Tribal Council where one of their Tribe members will end up becoming the first person voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

The challenge begins and both teams are dead even when they hit the water with their canoes. Yuna takes a slight lead once they get into the water and they are the first team to reach the fire cauldron. Yuna soon find themselves falling behind the surging Payabo Tribe and it is almost entirely due to the fact that John is not a strong swimmer.

Soon Payabo is so far out ahead, it seems like the Yuna Tribe just gives up. Sherri lights the final torch and the Payabo Tribe wins the first immunity challenge of the season! As a dejected Yuna Tribe watches on.

After the challenge is over, Jeff hands Sherri the Immunity Idol and tosses flint over to Thom. He then informs Yuna that he will be seeing them later on this evening where one of them will be the first person voted out of the game.

At Yuna, Mark discussed talked with Esther and Jill about how he intended to vote John out because he felt John was weak in the challenge and he felt that John caused unnecessary drama due to his anti-homosexual beliefs. Jill and Esther both agreed that this was probably the best way to go, mainly because it meant that neither one of them would be the first to go.

John talked with Damion about wanting to stay in the game and how he felt bad for being part of the reason for why the team lost immunity. John also said that if he was allowed to stay in the game he felt that he could become a valuable member of the tribe.

Tribal Council:

At Tribal Council, Martha once again brings up how John is bigoted and homophobic. She says that her vote is going to go to John tonight and she does not care who knows it.

John talks about how, due to his personal beliefs, he has had a hard time fitting in on his Tribe and the only people that bother to talk to him on a regular basis are Damion and Carly. He admits to Jeff Probst that things are not looking good for him and he would not be at all shocked if he was the first person to voted out of the game.

Jeff Probst asks Mark what Mark is basing his vote on tonight and Mark tells Jeff that he is going to vote for the person who is harshing the vibe of the Tribe. He says he wants the tribe to be harmonious and it cannot be until they get rid of a certain person.

With that it is time to vote…

After the castaways vote, Jeff goes off and tallies the votes. He then reads of the votes in the end it is John who gets the most votes, making John the first contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic. As they get ready to leave Tribal Council, Jeff Probst gives the Yuna Tribe flint.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
John Dissmore
John (5 votes)

Esther RyanRodney BurishJill Landry
Martha HughesMark Heiden
Esther, Rodney, Jill, Martha, Mark

Martha Hughes
Martha (2 votes)
John DissmoreCarly Pattinson
John, Carly
Esther Ryan
Esther (1 vote)
Damion Pendergarst
Th John Dissmore-1

Voting Confessionals

This is my personal vote of defiance against all of the people in my life who have treated me like I was nothing just because they did not agree with who I love!


I am not going to change my beliefs just because they make you uncomfortable. Who you choose to sleep with is your business…just do not make it mine.


John man, I am sorry about this vote but you are totally harshing the vibe of this team. If we are going to live out here as one harmonious entity, then you are going to have to go.


Oh gosh this is tough. John you and I did not really get to know each other but this seems to totally be the will of the tribe so who am I to argue.


John I have nothing against you. I am not casting this vote against you because of the things that were said between you and Martha. That does not concern me.

What does concern me is that you can’t swim dude and we are probably going to have to deal with a ton of water based challenges. I just can’t keep you around so you can cost us another challenge.


John it is tough voting for you because once you are gone, I am going to be the only golden oldie left on this tribe. Sadly, I have to vote for you John because your constant bickering with Martha is driving me nuts.


You are a liability for our team. I know folks are probably gonna be throwing votes down on John and that this vote won’t matter none. But I just want you to know that sooner or later you are going to have to go.


I do not agree with what John said about your lifestyle. However, I do agree with his right to say what he said. Your constant bullying of him made you look just as bad as him and because of that you are getting my vote tonight.


Final Words

Well it did not take a genius to see this coming. I have no regrets; I at least got the shot to play the game. My wife is probably going to whack me upside the head when I get home because she warned me to keep my mouth shut in regards to my religious views. It is what it is; I can hold my head high knowing that I did not compromise my beliefs. God bless you all.


Still In The Running

Th John Dissmore-1
Esther Ryan
Rodney Burish
Martha Hughes
Damion Pendergarst
Carly Pattinson
Mark Heiden
Jill Landry
Sherri Goulet
Hector Guzman
Denise Kessel
Gilbert Sullivan
Jenny Chang
William Wild Bill Gokey
Wild Bill
Kendra Brolin
Thom Bradley

Next Time On Survivor...

  • Martha goes on a witch-hunt to try and figure out who voted against her.
  • Jenny tries to talk Sherri into working with her and Wild Bill in an alliance.
  • And one Tribe loses the Immunity Challenge by mere seconds.

Author's Notes

  • I just wanted to say that I do not agree with John's views. I am just writing them from a character standpoint.
  • I have intentionally misspelt some words, mostly in Damion’s dialogue, as I am writing how I envision the character would speak. If that is not something that is done on this site, just tell me and I will correct it.
  • The Immunity/Reward Challenge for this episode, Outrigger Fire Quest, was the first challenge during Survivor: Marquesas.
  • The name of the episode was a quote from Rodney in regards to how his team had a Preacher on it (John) and a guy who looks like Jesus (Mark).