"One Ember Sparks the Flame"
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Season Survivor: Mozambique
Author MightyUke416
Episode Number 4/14
Date Uploaded February 15, 2018
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DISCLAIMER: There is a scene on day 11 that contains potentially offensive language/subject matter. I apologize for anything that offends or disturbs.

One Ember Sparks the Flame is the 4th episode of Survivor: Mozambique


Reward Challenge: Crate Escape
Four members of each tribe will race to unwind ribbons from a very tall pole, releasing a set of keys. They will then use those keys to release the other three tribe members, who must then solve a Klotski puzzle. The first tribe to get their crate on the finish platform wins immunity and reward.
Reward: Coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, honey, pastries, and donuts

Immunity Challenge: Crab Pots
Four players have keys on lanyards and are locked into cages on pontoons. A fifth swims out to the nearest cage and unlocks it with their own key, releasing the prisoner, who crosses a set of small platforms to the second, and so on. Once all four prisoners are released, the final prisoner and their rescuer get into a waiting boat with the sixth player, who has a bunch of keys, then the three row to shore picking everyone else up on the way. These six form a human pyramid on the beach, and the person on top uses the key ring to unlock a hanging cage containing the seventh and final tribe member.


Night 9


The program opens on the relatively cold ninth night at the Sena camp showing the pink tribe flag before switching over to show the tribe's seven remaining members returning after Alexandra was blindsided following Geoff's idol play. The tribe are shown leaning their torches against a sturdy tree and the camera soon follows Geoff over to the shelter where he places his bag inside.

Francine: Congrats on your idol play, Geoff. I had no idea you had that thing!

Tori (Smiling): Yes, congratulations indeed, Geoff! You clearly had us all fooled.

Geoff (Chuckles): Thanks ladies, I appreciate that. I'm happy to still be here.

There's no other way to put it, this tribe is a complete and utter mess, and that was made incredibly clear at Tribal tonight. People are just throwing each other under the bus left, right, and centre, and I now find it incredibly mind-boggling that they think Peter was the sole problem because it looks like there were at least six inflated egos sitting around me, and one of them going home. Alexandra was not my first choice to target, but between Kane obsessing over Constantine's and Sky's relationship, Alex's obvious over-playing, and the fact that literally nobody came to me with another name, I didn't feel like I had much of a choice. There is a silver lining though, this tribe is clearly fractured and nobody seems to be mad at me. If I play my cards right, I just might be able to hit the reset button and get right back in this thing.


After Geoff's confessional airs, we see that there is a bit of an awkward silence as Francine and Cassy work to bring the fire back up so that the tribe can get a bit warmer before settling in. The camera then pans over to show Tori staring at them with her arms crossed and a stone-cold look on her face.

Before Tribal Council, Cassy and I were both set on throwing votes at Kane and effectively splitting the vote 3-3 between him and Geoff. But with that being said, after Alexandra admitted to throwing my name out there and accusing me of having the idol, I felt like that was the last straw and called off the split. Alexandra claimed that she misspoke, but I don't buy it. Being an eye doctor, she's clearly a very intelligent woman and knew exactly what she was doing. She was clearly doing a s***-load of lying, and based on how she tried to keep stirring the pot between Kane and Constantine at Tribal, it seemed like she enjoyed the chaos. I don't need someone like that in the game, especially when we still need to win a f***ing immunity challenge, and the other option is splitting the vote and possibly sending home someone strong! Yes, Kane's a liar too, but after he got called out, I feel like I know exactly where he stands now. So at this moment, especially now that Geoff's idol is gone, I'm not the least bit concerned with where I stand in this tribe.


Most of the tribe are now seated around the fire, in an effort to keep warm. Not much is said for the first few moments. Eventually however, Kane chooses to break the silence.

Kane: Who voted for me?

Constantine glares at Kane, clearly indicating that if looks could kill, the Personal Trainer would be dead.

Constantine (Coldly): I did.

Kane (Sadly): Why would you do that? How many times do I need to apologize to you?

Constantine (Rolls eyes): Who else was I going to vote for? As far as I knew, Geoff has only told me the truth up until this point. Heck, Alexandra's also been a lot more truthful to me than you were.

Kane (Pleading): Dude, I said that I regretted saying what I said, and I really, truly meant it. I didn't write your name down, did I?

Constantine: As far as I know, Kane, that's because nobody else would either. (Sighs) I don't want to get into a fight with you, but you need to realize that if you want to regain my trust, it's going to take a long time. I refuse to rely on you out here 'cause that almost bit me in the ass already.

Kane (A bit confused): You weren't a target...

Constantine (Putting his hand up): Enough. I'm not talking about it tonight, Kane. I'm never going to say never out here, but it will take a while for you to regain my trust, if at all. That's it. The more you beg and plead, the more desperate you sound, and the more you come off as though you're full of s***. I'm done talking about it for tonight.

Constantine shakes his head and looks back towards the fire as the rest of the tribe look towards him and Kane, not saying a word. The camera then focuses on Kane, who is wiping his face with both his hands.

So as it turns out, the person that I considered to be my best friend out here yesterday wrote my name down at Tribal. I get that I f***ed up, badly, but I don't know what else I coulda' done in order to get Constantine to realize that he was never my target, and that I acted out of paranoia and stupidity. Right now... it feels as though if I can't win him back, I feel like the writing could be on the wall and my game could be over. I feel incredibly alone right now, and I just have no idea how I'm going to get myself out of this. (Sighs sadly)


The camera now returns to the fire, where Kane is just simply looking into the fire with a sad expression on his face. It then pans over to show Constantine, who appears to be dead serious. The scene now transitions over to show that Cassy and Sky have retired to the shelter where they are taking very quietly so as to not draw attention to themselves.

Cassy: You think we made the right move tonight?

Sky: By not splitting?

Cassy (Nodding): Yeah.

Sky (Shrugs): It's hard to say. Like, Kane's got no loyalty to us. But then again, Alex has done a lot of lying herself, plus she sucks at challenges.

Cassy: Like, don't get me wrong, I wanna win challenges as much as everyone else, if not more. But at the same time, with the way Kane's been playing, and since he doesn't have loyalty to us, I'm scared that he'd just flip come a swap.

Sky: Do you think we would've kept Alexandra?

Cassy: I think we would've had a better chance keeping her than Kane. I dunno, Tori's whole "my way or the highway" approach to not splitting kinda rubbed me the wrong way too.

Sky: Don't take it personal. I know I'd be pissed if Alex was spreading lies about me, so I totally understand. Hopefully this'll all be worth it if we win immunity for once.

Cassy (Rolls eyes): Ugh. If we lose the next immunity, I'm going to kill something.

Sky starts to giggle.

Cassy: I'm not f***ing joking.

Sky begins to giggle louder now as Cassy rolls her eyes once more. The scene then transitions to the latter's confessional.

Don't get me wrong, I like Tori as a person and all, but the more I think about it, the more I feel like our decision to call off the split vote tonight made no sense. Yes, Alexandra was a liar, and yes, I get why Tori was pissed. But at least Alexandra was at least semi-loyal to us, while Kane isn't! I get that we wanna win challenges too, but to me, it would be a huge gamble taking someone like Kane to a swap or a merge with us being down in numbers as it is! (Sighs and shakes her head) I dunno what's gonna happen next, but I do know that I refuse to go down because of Tori's s***, that's for damn sure.


After Cassy's confessional, we see one last shot of Tori sitting by the fire before the camera fades into this season's intro.

Survivor Mozambique Intro

Survivor Mozambique Intro

Day 10


As the program re-opens following a commercial, the gold Makhuwa flag is shown on the morning of day 10 before transitioning over to the main camp area, where we see Leah working on the fire. After a couple of brief moments, Tesla exits the shelter and heads over to her.

Tesla (Forcing a smile): Hey Leah, uhh... I know I haven't been the most useful person around the past couple of days, and I feel really bad about that, so I do want to make it up to the tribe. So... (takes a deep breath) anything need to be done around here?

Leah (Bluntly): We can use more firewood. The pile we have will only be good for the next little while. There's a bunch of people not doing anything right now, so see if one of them will help you.

Tesla: Okay! Thanks Leah, I'll get right on that.

Leah: Good.

Tesla's whole act this morning was annoying and grating from the second she stepped outta the shelter. Like seriously, she's been acting like she's gonna die for the past nine days and now she feels bad because she hasn't been useful? (Shakes head) I don't buy that. Obviously someone musta told that girl people saw her as the useless tit that she was 'cause nobody goes from feeling like they're near death to being ready to do "whatever they can to help the tribe" in a matter of hours. (Shrugs) Oh well, the more chores she wants to do, and the more chores I can find for her, the longer I'll be able to keep her outta my hair, which'll definitely be nice for however long it lasts.


After Leah's confessional, we see that the person Tesla asked to join her in collecting firewood is Allan. Although Tesla is clearly trying to do what she can to help, she has a look on her face that indicates she's likely still pretty sick, a look that gets Allan concerned.

Allan: You okay, Tesla?

Tesla: Y-yeah, I'm fine. Why do you ask?

Allan: Well, for one, you only have a few sticks, yet you look like you're going to drop dead in front of me.

Tesla: I'm sorry, I'll try and do more.

Tesla picks up some more sticks, but after a couple of brief moments, Allan stops her.

Allan: If you're that sick still, don't overwork yourself.

Tesla (Pleading): I'm sorry, but I really want to prove my worth to this tribe! I don't wanna go home, Allan.

Allan (Puzzled): Who said you were going home?

Tesla: W-well... Penelope said that some people saw me as a weak link the other day, a-and I really wanna change that.

Allan (Sympathetic): I mean... (sighs) if you're not fit to compete, then maybe...

Tesla (Interrupting): But I am fit to compete, Allan! The heat out here is brutal, and my head hurts a lot, but I'm not throwing up anymore, and this is nothing they'll pull me from the game over! I have to stay here and try to fight as hard as I possibly can!

Allan (Trying to understand): So... if you think you're fit to compete, then why are you laying in the shelter for hours at a time? Like, I get wanting to stay in the game, but if you're trying to mask something potentially serious by doing this right now, that can only make things worse for you.

Tesla (Shrugs): I don't think I'm trying to mask anything serious. I just lay in the shelter because my head feels like it's being pounded on by a jackhammer or something. But since it's not serious, I need to try and help the tribe.

Allan (Sighs): I dunno what to tell you, Tesla. You know how you're feeling better than anyone else. But you have to understand how it looks when you're laying in the shelter most of the day, and honestly, if you're that sick, is this game really worth pushing yourself so hard to the point where you might get evacuated?

Tesla (Sighs): Yeah... I see what you're saying. It just really, really sucks.

So basically, Allan all but confirmed to me that my head's on the chopping block as we collected firewood because I clearly still look like crap to the people around me. (Sighs) I just hate this feeling so much 'cause, like... I know that if I call medical, they're gonna do nothing 'cause all I'm really feeling is a massive headache, on top of it being boiling hot here. Also, being a superfan, I can barely handle the thought of going out pre-merge! Not only do I need to prove that I'm not useless if I'm gonna survive the vote, but I also know that I'll never turn the vote against Brendyn by laying in the shelter. So... as long as I feel like I'll be able to push myself these next few days, I will, and that's that.


Tesla: So, I'm just wondering... how's this game going for you? Like, in terms of alliances and stuff?

Allan (Shrugs): I haven't really been doing much thinking strategically to be honest. Ricki and Jimmy are my best friends out here for sure. Beyond that, I also think I'm pretty close with Leah.

Tesla (Taken aback): Leah... really?! She's kind of a bitch though... in my opinion anyway.

Allan (Chuckles): Well, we're both firefighters, so we really bonded over that.

Tesla (Getting his point): Ahh! Makes sense.

Allan: But yeah, honestly, she's not that bad once you get to know her. Honestly, as soon as I revealed I was also a firefighter, she came completely unglued!

Tesla: Yeah?

Allan: Totally. I get along with her well enough, but I don't feel that much of a bond with Leah. Besides our occupation, I don't have that much in common with her, especially compared to people like Ricki, Jimmy, you, and Irene.

Tesla: Yeah, I get that for sure. She's like, 40 isn't she?

Allan: Uhh... 37, I think. (Shakes head) Still though, that's nine years older than me. Plus, Leah's got a husband and kids.

Tesla: Yeah, you both really live totally different lives, definitely.

Allan: Exactly. She's nice enough to me, and I have nothing against her. But I certainly don't see us having a beer together once the game's over, if you know what I mean.

Tesla: Oh, definitely!

Tesla now takes a deep breath as she tries to change the subject.

Tesla: So... ummm... if we went to Tribal tonight... who's name do you think you'd write down?

Allan (Shrugs) I can't answer that to be totally honest with you. As I said, I haven't done much thinking strategically.

Tesla (Sighs): I... I see.

Allan: Why? Did you have someone in mind?

Tesla: Yeah, honestly... Brendyn.

Allan (Eyes go wide): Brendyn?!

Tesla: Yeah, he's like, super shady. The other day, he went searching through Jimmy's bag because he thought he had the idol, but he made Emil and I, who were in the shelter with him, promise to tell nobody.

Allan: Brendyn searched through Jimmy's bag? (Shakes head) Wow, that is shady.

Tesla: Yeah, I'm kinda trying to quietly spread the word around because I know there's no way that someone like that would be a loyal ally.

Allan: Yeah, for sure. I'll definitely keep that in mind.

Tesla (Smiles): Thanks so much, Allan!

From what I've seen of Allan, he's such a sweet and gentle soul, and like, if I didn't feel like utter crap, I would've totally confirmed an alliance with him days ago. I was never sure how he'd be strategically, so I knew as soon as I stepped out of the shelter today that I had to fill him in on my idea to get Brendyn out of here since I can't let either myself, or my only confirmed ally, Penelope, get the boot first. Allan seemed receptive to the fact Brendyn's a snake, which is a good sign. But, unfortunately, he admitted himself that he's not much of a strategist, so I do worry that he might not be able to convince people to go along with my plan. So because of that, I'm just gonna keep on fighting out here and I won't let anything stop me, period.


The camera now transitions back to the main camp area some time later in the morning as Brendyn tends to the fire and Ricki is taking a quick cat nap on the hammock. Pretty soon, Marshall enters the area as well, choosing to strike up a conversation with Brendyn.

Marshall: Hey Brendyn, how's it going?

Brendyn (Shrugs): Meh, could be worse, I guess. Could be better too.

Marshall: Haha, for sure.

Marshall sits down next to Brendyn.

Marshall: So, uhh... this is 'bout the tenth day now, but I don't think we've really gotten to know each other all that well yet.

Brendyn: No?

Marshall: At least not that I can recall. We may be aligned together here, but that doesn't mean that I should't get to know the real you, and vice versa.

Brendyn (Shrugs; Shakes head): I dunno what much else there is to say, honestly. I'm a Bylaw Enforcement Officer in San Diego. I've got a wife named Tanya, and a son named Samuel. I dunno what much else there is to say, my life's not interesting.

Marshall (Chuckles): Nonsense! Everyone's got something interesting about them. Besides, I knew that stuff about you already. But I want to get to know the real Brendyn Garcia.

Brendyn (Confused): Huh?

Marshall (In his best "announcer voice"): Will the real Brendyn Garcia please stand up?

Brendyn (Giggling): Get outta here!

Marshall: Ahh, there we go! We got a bit of a smile.

Brendyn (Smirks; Rolls eyes): Oh stop.

Marshall: No. (Chuckles) You still haven't really told me much about yourself yet. You have any hobbies or anything? What makes you tick?

Brendyn: Ugh, fine. (Sighs) Honestly, not much really makes me tick, ya' know. As weird as it sounds, I don't really like engaging with people all that much 'cause I just find most people to be rude, entitled, or just straight-up annoying, if you know what I mean. Most of my spare time, I either spend riding my bike, or just hanging out and doing whatever with my family.

Marshall: Oh wow, what brings you to Survivor then if you don't really like people?

Brendyn: I'm out here fighting for my family, man. I just really want the million dollars for them, and I just felt that this kind of game was up my alley 'cause I enjoy the strategic element to it.

Marshall (Nodding): Yeah, I hear ya. As cheesy as it sounds, I'm here mostly for the experience, although the money would be an amazing help to my community. I was just excited to test myself in this new environment. I also guess that we really differ quite a bit in the sense that another part of the reason was to meet a lot of new people. (Giggles)

Brendyn (Giggles): Yeah, if I wanted to meet people, I could go to the bar or the grocery store as far as I'm concerned. I just really want the money for my family 'cause it would help change their lives so much.

Marshall: Yeah, I can totally respect that, 100%. Truth be told, I actually kinda admire you for taking that leap of faith and coming into such a social game when you're not really fond of meeting new people, let alone in such a harsh environment.

Brendyn (Caught off guard): Wow, uh... thanks. That's good to know. I appreciate that.

Marshall (Smiles): Anytime, Brendyn.

Ya' know, it's been ten days now, but I'm still kinda surprised by how hard it is to get an actual conversation outta Brendyn sometimes. Even today, I just ask the guy to tell me about himself, and it's like pulling teeth! (Chuckles) I wasn't lying when I told him I admire him. If you're not a social person, it takes a lot of courage to come out here and play such a social game like this one. Even still though, whether I admire Brendyn or not, it's become difficult for me to fully trust him 'cause he hasn't really allowed me to establish an actual personal connection. His guard's clearly still way up and it's like he's just absolutely refusing to let me in. I want to trust Brendyn 'cause I do have a deal with him. But, until I can actually develop any sort of personal connection with Brendyn, I'll really need to remain extremely cautious around him 'cause for all I know, him refusing to connect with me might allude to the possibility of him wanting me out in the near future.


After Marshall's confessional, we are taken back to the scene of Marshall and Brendyn sitting by the fire. At this time however, Ricki has woken up from her cat nap and is now making her way over to the two of them.

Ricki (Smiling): Hey guys.

Marshall: Hey Ricki, how's it going?

Ricki: Well, feeling kind of relaxed, I guess. Quick little naps will do that though.

Marshall: Oh for sure. I've been taking a couple of those every so often out here. They really help me power through the rest of the day.

Ricki: How about you, Brendyn?

Brendyn (Shrugs): I've never been one for mid-day naps. Can't really pinpoint why, I just haven't done it.

Ricki: Yeah, that's totally fair enough. I would recommend that though if you start to feel super low on energy.

Brendyn: Yeah, uh... that does make sense. Thanks.

Ricki: Not a problem at all.

Brendyn (Changing the subject): So, uh... (sighs) Ricki, you happen to know where Jimmy ran off to?

Ricki (Shakes head): No... (Shrugs) why? It's not like we're attached at the hip or anything.

Brendyn: Oh, I was just curious. I was just looking to ask him something, but it can wait for now. I just figured you might know since you spend a fair bit of time together.

Ricki: I didn't think I spend that much time with Jimmy (Chuckles) Like, he is hot, but I do have a fiancé back home, so trust me, I'm perusing nothing.

Marshall (Playfully): Aww, shucks! I was just about to ask when you and Jimmy wanted to attend my marriage prep sessions.

Ricki (Gasps): Okay... you can just shut right up now! (Laughs)

Marshall (Laughing): I kid! I kid!

Ricki (Playfully rolls eyes; sarcastic tone): Uh huh, sure you do.

I gotta admit, I was really blown away by Brendyn's comment that Jimmy and I spent a lot of time together. I didn't think we did, but hey, if other people are noticing it, maybe it's something I can try to mitigate a bit since that's the last kind of thing I want putting a target on my back. One thing that I do think is notable however, is the stark contrast between Marshall and Brendyn. Marshall's a really fun, lovable guy that you can joke around with, and it's really easy to take a conversation outside the game with him. With Brendyn though, it's like he's dead serious, all of the time, and it's difficult to even guess what he might really be thinking, never mind try to take him out of the game! It's nice in a sense that I'm aligned with both of them, but there's no doubt in my mind that Marsahll will be loyal to me, as opposed to Brendyn, who does look more and more like he could possibly flip at his earliest opportunity for all I know.


Following Ricki's confessional, we are taken to a scene in the middle of the woods showing Jimmy all by himself with his idol clue that he found in the reward five days prior. As he unrolls the clue, he looks around quickly in order to ensure that he is alone. Once he's comfortable, he begins to read the clue quietly to himself.

Jimmy (Reading): To find what you seek, look towards the sky. I have clothing that's green, and I'm shaped like a "Y."

Jimmy rolls the clue back up, places it in his pocket, and lets out a sigh.

Jimmy: Okay, so a tree shaped like a "Y". I guess you could say it for most of 'em, but it's gotta be pretty distinct...

On paper, I feel like I should be in a good position, but you can never be too careful out here. Brendyn's clearly someone that I can't trust whatsoever, but I can't afford to just dismiss him as a snake that nobody trusts, because then that's a dangerous mind-set that could get me blindsided. At least with me having found this clue to an idol, that should give me a clear enough direction that I'm not out here for hours on end.


Jimmy can now be seen scanning all of the trees for anything that resembles the shape of a "Y." When he sees something that may match the clue, he examines it a little more closely. After a few tense moments, he comes to a tree that's leaning at about a 70 degree angle, with a long branch sticking out the other way to resemble a lower-case "Y." Hoping he found what he's looking for, Jimmy quickly and quietly shimmies up the trunk of the tree, looking around, as well as feeling the trunk for anything significant. When he gets about half-way up, his eyes go wide as he puts his hand on a cloth package that's tied to the tree.

Jimmy (Gasps): No way... this is huge!

Jimmy now unties the package from the tree as fast as he can before jumping down. He now quickly unties the gold package, believing it to be an idol. As soon as he unties it however, he is a little disappointed to see that it is merely a folded up note on placed on top of a rock that was wrapped in the gold cloth. Jimmy now unfolds his second clue as the camera pans around, showing us a gold square, two vertical sticks, side-by-side, and a shovel, similar to the image Geoff and Peter found in their clue a few days prior.

Jimmy (Nodding): Okay... so the idol must be buried under the tribe flag...

He now ponders this realization for a moment before becoming unable to conceal his feelings of frustration.

Jimmy: Oh f***.

As glad as I am to have found this second clue, since it brings me much closer to the idol, knowing that the idol is hidden under our tribe flag really complicates matters for me. Like, it really seems as though, at any given time, someone is within eye-shot of the flag, and if I do get the idol, I don't want anybody knowing I have it, not even Ricki. Quite honestly, I just don't trust any of these people enough to give them access to that kind of information, because then it gives them a degree of power over me out here. I don't want anyone having power over me, I need to be in control of my game. So as of now, I'm just going to try my best to bide my time until I can grab it as fast as possible without anyone catching a glimpse of me doing that. I'm nervous as f*** about it, but out here, you have to do what you have to do in order to advance your own game at the end of the day.


Jimmy is now shown returning to camp after having stuffed his new idol clue in his pocket. He approaches the fire pit as most of the tribe are merely lounging around. As soon as he is confident that nobody is paying attention to him, Jimmy places both of his idol clues in the fire and then a log on top of them. Jimmy then turns around and proceeds to walk over towards the shelter as the camera zooms right in on his burning clues. The camera then re-focuses on Jimmy as he takes a sip out of his water canteen before the camera transitions to his confessional.

As soon as I figured out my second clue, I knew it was imperative that I destroy both clues as soon as humanly possible. My biggest challenge right now is just waiting for an opportunity to dig beneath our tribe flag to grab the idol, as opposed to finding out where it is. So at this point, those clues have become a liability, especially with someone like Brendyn running around that rumour states is not afraid to search through people's stuff.


Jimmy is now shown just sitting on the edge of the shelter for a bit once he puts his canteen down. After a brief moment, he is approached by Penelope, who seems to be in an oddly good mood.

Jimmy: Hey Penelope, how's it going?

Penelope (Smiles): Hey James... er... I mean Jimmy. (Giggles awkwardly)

Jimmy (Chuckles): Why do you insist on calling me James? Are you trying to make me look over my shoulder for my mother or something?

Penelope: No actually, I apologize for that, although I do have a legitimate reason.

Jimmy (Raises an eyebrow): What's that?

Penelope: I have a nephew named James that I used to either call "Jimmy" or "Little Jimmy" all the time. He's 10 now, but about a year or two ago, he came up to me and was all like (imitating her nephew's voice) "I would like to be called 'James', Aunt Penny. 'Jimmy' sounds childish."

Jimmy and Penelope now share a short laugh.

Jimmy: So now it's like you're trying to re-train your brain again isn't it?

Penelope: Yeah, I guess you could say that. I'm just so used to thinking "Jimmy" then having to correct myself to say "James." now. It's not easy. (Giggles)

Jimmy (Nodding): Yeah, I know what you mean. (Shrugs) I'm kinda the opposite actually, I used to just go by "James" all the time, but then around middle school, my friends started referring to me as "Jimmy" more and more, because apparently two syllables are suddenly easier to remember than just one. (Chuckles) But yeah, once I got used to it, it just kind of stuck. I just kinda grew to like being called "Jimmy" a little bit better 'cause it sounds to me a little more relaxed and informal.

Penelope: Yeah, I see what you're saying.

Jimmy: So... yeah, my mother's basically the only one that calls me "James" anymore... I guess unless we include you now.

Penelope (Giggles): No, it's okay. I'll probably still slip up every now and then, but I'll try to remember to say "Jimmy."

At this point, Penelope notices Irene come into view.

Penelope (Smiling): Hey girl!

Irene (Blushing a little): Hey Penelope.

Penelope: How you feeling?

Irene (Shrugs): Hot, tired... mostly tired.

Jimmy (Playfully): I was gonna say you're just 'hot' and leave it at that.

Irene (Smirks; Rolls eyes): Oh quiet, you.

Irene lifts her hand and pretends that she's about to playfully slap Jimmy, who ducks in response. The two of them now begin to giggle.

Penelope: Play nice, children. (Giggles)

Having bonded nicely with Irene a couple days ago over the mutual dislike of our parents, I've recently started to see my time out here in a bit of a different light. If I've got stuff in common with Irene, then what's to say that I don't have anything in common with other people here? It'll take baby steps of course, but I really appreciate the connection that I now have with Irene, and I do hope that she not only helps bring me into some sort of majority on this tribe, but that she helps bring me out of my shell as well. Yes, I may be almost two and a half decades older than her, but since Irene's much more social than I am, I do feel like there's quite a lot that I can learn from her. So whatever happens, I do truly hope that we're both in this game for a long time. (Smiles)


Following Penelope's confessional, we see that she has since left the vicinity while Irene and Jimmy continue to chat with each other.

Jimmy: Okay, who are you and what have you done with Penelope? This is like, actually freaking me out. (Chuckles)

Irene (Putting her hands up): I swear I had just one good, long conversation with her a couple days ago. But you're right, she is really starting to become much more pleasant, isn't she?

Jimmy: Well, whatever you're doing, keep it up. If it turns out that we have to maintain our fake alliance with her for an extended period of time, I want this Penelope to be the one we have to deal with. Not the Penelope we met on day one that got triggered by every little thing.

Irene: True. Like, she's still quite obviously giving Emil and Marshall the cold shoulder, but I'll take what we can get.

Jimmy (Nodding): Oh for sure! Besides, it's not like Emil doesn't deserve to have people give him the cold shoulder.

Irene (Smirking): Exactly my point.

I can't lie, Penelope's sudden attitude switch is pretty damn freaky. Like, it's really f***ing weird to have this woman that went from not wanting to give me the time of day, to now suddenly acting like I'm her BFF or some s***. At least this proves that she should be unwavering in her loyalty to me, and likely someone that'll definitely vote however I tell her to. So, even though she was a pain in the ass before, now that Penelope seems to be manageable, I think you'll be hard pressed to find someone in this game that's sitting in a better position at the moment! (Grins from ear-to-ear)


We now see one last shot of Penelope as she makes her way down to the beach before the camera fades out.

Reward Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

We then see the Makhuwa entering the challenge arena first with Allan carrying the tribe's flag. As Makhuwa assembles on the gold mat, the camera transitions to show the Sena tribe entering the challenge arena as Constantine carries the tribe flag.

'Jeff Probst:' Makhuwa, get your first look at the new Sena tribe... Alexandra voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Once again, nobody on the Makhuwa tribe is surprised to see the Sena tribe entering without Alexandra, likely assuming it was merely due to her weakness in challenges. Once the Sena tribe is assembled on the pink mat, the camera turns over to Probst.

Jeff Probst: Are you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge?

Castaways: YES!

Jeff then goes on to explain the reward challenge, which is dubbed Crate Escape, and that the winning tribe would receive coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, honey, pastries, and donuts, which gets people on both tribes excited to potentially get their first taste of "real food" in about a week and a half.

Jeff Probst: Makhuwa, you guys now have three extra members, so you will have to sit three people out. Keep in mind, since people can't sit out in back-to-back challenges, whoever sits out tonight must compete in the next immunity challenge.

The Makhuwa tribe huddle for a bit before coming up with their decision.

Ricki (Speaking up): Jeff, we're sitting out myself, Brendyn, and Tesla.

Jeff Probst: Alright, Ricki, Brendyn, and Tesla, you guys take a spot on the sit-out bench. Everyone else, we'll give you a minute to strategize, then we'll get started.

After a time-skip, we see the two tribes at their respective stations ready to begin the challenge.

Jeff Probst: Alright, here we go, for reward, survivors ready... go!

Reward Challenge: Crate Escape
Tribe Key Retrievers Puzzle Solvers Sit-Outs
Makhuwa Emil De BruyneIrene XingLeah DerryPenelope Oswald
Emil, Irene, Leah, Penelope
Allan FloresJimmy TalbotMarshall Desjardins
Allan, Jimmy, Marshall
Brendyn GarciaRicki FifeTesla Van Mol
Brendyn, Ricki, Tesla
Sena Francine HarringtonGeoff AllisonSky NunezTori Axelson
Francine, Geoff, Sky, Tori
Cassy LeightonConstantine VasylenkoKane O'Neill
Cassy, Constantine, Kane
  • Although both tribes struggled out of the gate to unwind their ribbons and get their keys, it seemed as though Makhuwa just could not figure out how to work together.
  • Emil in particular was rushing around and more or less doing his own thing, much to the frustration of Irene, Penelope, and Leah, with the latter eventually yelling at him to "stop running around like an idiot and take instructions."
  • Once Sena figured out how to unwind their ribbons however, they began to move faster and faster as Geoff took a leadership role in the challenge.
  • When Sena's key was released, Makhuwa was barely half-way in unwinding their ribbon.
  • Once Tori released Cassy, Constantine, and Kane, they had a very tough time in the beginning figuring out which crates to push and where, initially making the puzzle more difficult for themselves than it originally was.
  • After a few minutes, Sena began to make some progress.
  • When Sena was about half-way to being able to get their largest crate through their puzzle, Makhuwa finally got their key released.
  • As soon as Penelope released Allan, Jimmy, and Marshall, the three of them began pushing their crates, with Marshall taking a bit of a leadership role by directing the two younger men.
  • Even though Makhuwa were working through their puzzle quickly, the fact that they were such a mess at the beginning of the challenge gave Sena enough time to finish their puzzle first, and load their largest crate onto their finish platform for the win.

Jeff Probst: Sena, wins reward!!

The Sena tribe began cheering wildly upon winning their second challenge, while in contrast, Emil voiced his clear frustration by dropping a few "F-bombs," causing Leah to roll her eyes in response. Soon, we see Jeff once again facing the two tribes.

Jeff Probst: Sena, congratulations! You guys win a very sweet reward including coffee, tea, honey, donuts, and other various pastries. Grab your stuff and head on back to camp. A table will be waiting for you when you return.

The smiling members of the Sena tribe all thank Jeff as they excitedly take their bags and make their way back towards their camp. Jeff then turns towards the Makhuwa tribe.

Jeff Probst: Makhuwa, I've got nothing for you. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you again for your next immunity challenge.

While Makhuwa packs up and begins to head back towards camp, we see close-ups of Penelope, Irene, Marshall, and finally Leah as the camera zooms in on the latter's confessional.

Even though there are a few people on my tribe that I can't stand, Emil has to be the worst of all of them! He cries, whines, and bitches every time we lose a challenge, even though this time he was the reason we lost! He can't take instructions to save his life, and each day, he seems to be becoming more and more of a liability. No matter which way you put it, there's gotta come a time when enough's enough and we have to cut him in order to spare ourselves from his nonsense!


We now see one last shot of Emil before the scene fades into a commercial break.


Happy and upbeat music is playing as the Sena tribe return to their camp following the reward challenge. Seeing the table of chocolate, pastries, coffee, and tea, all seven remaining members waste little time in throwing down their stuff and rushing to the table to see what awaits them. Some castaways like Constantine and Sky, immediately go for the donuts, while others like Tori and Francine race for the coffee, and Geoff walks straight over to the hot water and grabs himself a bag of green tea. As the tribe makes some light conversation, clearly impressed with the food, the camera focuses on Tori as she takes a bite out of a chocolate chip cookie.

Winning the reward challenge today was exactly what we needed as a tribe as far as I'm concerned. Not only did camp morale get pretty low after our last loss and after Tribal, but we were able to get some actual food in our bellies today! Yes, besides the caffeine, which I was absolutely craving, it was mostly junk food that I don't eat much of at home. But like, I'm starving in Africa right now so trust me, "healthy" was the absolute last thing on my mind when I saw that table! (Chuckles)


We now see the tribe clearly having a good time as they enjoy their sweets along with their coffee or tea. Most of the tribe are making light conversation with one or more people. The one notable exception to that however, is Kane, who can be seen just sitting on the edge of the shelter as he nibbles on a maple donut and sips his coffee. After a few moments, Kane takes a deep breath before standing up and walking over to Constantine, who is talking with Sky and Francine.

Kane (Quietly): You wanna talk... in private?

Constantine (Nodding): Yeah, sure. I was just about to pour myself another cup, but after that, yeah.

Kane (Flashing a small smile): Thanks.

With our tribe winning the reward challenge, I knew this created my best opportunity to try and get through to Constantine. I try not to use terms like "bi-polar" lightly, but the fact of the matter is that Constantine is pretty damn emotional, and if I can use that to my advantage by getting to him when he's in a good mood, why the heck wouldn't I?


Returning from Kane's confessional, we see the two young men meeting in a secluded area of the camp. Constantine has a serious look on his face as he sips his coffee, while Kane appears nervous.

Kane (Trying to remain calm): Look dude, I just want to apologize for some of the stuff that I said the past few days. I let my paranoia get the best of me, and I made some incredibly stupid decisions, and said some incredibly stupid things. I never should've thrown you under the bus, and that was made abundantly clear at Tribal, where I got the tongue lashing, and a vote, that I rightfully deserved. (Sighs) I just don't want this whole mess to ruin our friendship. Even if you don't want to re-align with me, I still want to be friends outside the game.

Constantine (Takes another sip of his coffee): Oh, I never had a problem with being friends outside the game with you. I can tell you're a nice guy and a good friend, so don't take my anger like that.

Kane (Hoping for more): Okay... thanks.

Constantine: I mean... (sighs) I know that your apology right now is genuine, but...

Hearing the word "But" gets Kane incredibly nervous as the personal trainer bites his lip.

Constantine: As much as I want to work with you in this game, it would take a lot for me to rebuild my trust with you. You know what I mean?

Kane: Yeah... I guess.

Constantine: I don't mean to come off like a jerk or an overly emotional bastard, but it's hard for me to trust someone that threw me under the bus so easily, and it's also hard for me to trust someone that lied to my face not long ago. I want to be friends with you, but I don't think it's good for me to be so close to someone that's paranoid enough to throw me under the bus the second he feels threatened.

Kane (Nodding): I understand.

Constantine: Not only that, but I also don't feel like you listen to me at all. I tell you that I want to pull Sky in to get a majority, and you immediately jump to me being (using finger quotes) "too close" with Sky.

Kane (Apologetic): Yeah... I'm sorry about that too. As I said, I let my paranoia get the better of me, and it led me to say a whole bunch of s*** that I shouldn't have said, and it pushed you away.

Constantine: Well, thanks for apologizing. As I said, it'll take quite a bit for me to trust you again, especially because you'll need to prove to me that you're actually sincere and trustworthy. But, I'm willing to not push for you to go home and give you a chance to redeem yourself.

Kane now breathes a bit of a sigh of relief.

Kane (Smiling): Thanks man, I needed to hear that.

Constantine: Hey, I don't want to be totally unfair with you, but you need to see why I'm wary about trusting you again after all that s***.

Kane: Yeah, and I totally do. If I were in your position, I might not've done all your screaming (giggles awkwardly), but I know I would've felt many of the same things that you did. So... yeah, I now see that I was in the wrong, and I really want to work this out between us.

Constantine (Grinning): I'm glad to hear that.

Honestly, I want to believe Kane's apology so badly, but as I told him, it'll take quite a bit for me to regain his trust. He needs to understand that him throwing me under the bus and him lying to me are not golden tickets to my heart. He also needs to understand why it's not in my best interest to get rid of Sky, and if he starts trying to push for her to go again, sticking with him might not be in my best interest after all. As I told Kane, I'm willing to be friends when the game is over, and I'm willing to give him another chance by advocating for him to stay. But at the end of the day, I need to look out for myself out here, just like I know Kane is doing the same for his game, and that's all there is to it.


After Constantine's confessional, the scene transitions over to show a black rhinoceros grazing before it switches to show Tori, Francine, and Geoff talking as they gather firewood.

Geoff: Honestly, I really hope this tribe can continue winning. I really enjoy this group of people, and now that the ones hell-bent on causing chaos seem to be gone, I feel like we have a lot of potential as a tribe.

Francine (Nodding): Oh, for sure! After that win at the reward challenge, I honestly do have a lot of faith all of a sudden.

Tori: I agree with that for sure. So... I guess we should thank you for playing that idol, Geoff. Without that, we'd probably have lost again. (Giggles)

Geoff (Smirks): Well, I mean you guys could've just, ya' know, not written my name down at Tribal. That would've produced the same result.

Both Francine and Tori start chuckling at Geoff's snide comment.

Tori (Firing back): Or, ya' know, you could've just written Peter's name down when he went home and affirmed loyalty to the rest of us so we wouldn't have had to write your name down last night. But noooo.

Geoff (Giggles): Point taken, Tori. But, just so you know, Peter's gone, I'm here now, I'm a loyal guy, and I'm willing to do what I can to stay here.

Francine (Shrugs): Well, I'm willing to listen. What'chu got?

Geoff: The fact of the matter is that Sky and Constantine have become incredibly close, much closer than any two people on this tribe, in my humble opinion. It's the whole reason that Kane got so paranoid to begin with.

The camera now shows a quick shot of Sky flirting with Constantine in the ocean before transitioning back to the present conversation.

Tori: So what are you suggesting? Vote Sky out next? Like, I get that you are sorta strong Geoff, but you don't match up to Constantine and Kane, and the only guy you can out-match on the other tribe is Marshall.

Francine (Giggles): I'm not even sure you could beat Cassy and Leah in a challenge, never mind.

Geoff: You two are totally right about that, and I'm not about to stand here and say that I'm any sort of a challenge beast. But with that being said, strength also includes loyalty, and if there's question marks as to who Sky is more loyal to, is she really a number?

Tori (Bluntly): Well, there's question marks about where you stand as well, Geoff. More than there is with Sky for sure.

Geoff: Well, I'm telling you that I'm a loyal player, and if you ladies keep me past our next vote, then I'll know you're on my side, and I'd be willing to honour that for the rest of the game.

At this point in the game, I'm not totally set on who I want to be sticking with, mostly because I don't have an actual alliance. Kane's the only one that I can sort of consider a number right now, but he seems more interested in getting Constantine to like him again, which could easily mean that he writes my name down depending on how that whole scenario plays out. Problem is though, nobody as of yet seems to be interested in making promises to me, despite the fact that you'd think aligning with a free agent like myself would be tempting. So, as frustrating as things are for me right now, I'm not going to give up, and I just hope that we win immunity and that there's a swap in the near future to save me! (Chuckles)


After Geoff's confessional he, Francine, and Tori are all shown returning the firewood to their camp. Once they set it down, they go their separate ways with Geoff tending to the fire, and Francine and Tori choosing to walk towards the beach. As they walk, they talk quietly to each other.

Tori: So, what do you think?

Francine: He makes some decent points about Sky because it's obvious that her and Constantine are really close. Not only that, but he did prove that he was a loyal player by not writing Peter's name down, whereas we have no idea if Sky is even loyal.

Tori: Yeah, Geoff was loyal, but he was never loyal to us though. Besides, after the idol play and other s***, he's clearly a threat.

Francine: Well, do you feel comfortable with Sky?

Tori (Shrugs): I don't know, like, that's the thing. Obviously she'd tell us that she's with us more than she's with Constantine. But like, at least Sky is part of our "Girl Power" alliance and stuff and has voted with us.

Francine (Nods): Oh, for sure. Honestly, I'm at the point where it's either Geoff or Kane for me. I don't think it would be wise to send Sky home since that would put our alliance down to three in a tribe of six.

Tori: I agree. Kane's an erratic and paranoid player, whereas Geoff's literally the biggest threat, probably in the whole game.

Francine: Definitely.

Tori: So.. yeah. I know last Tribal was chaotic, but I just want to re-affirm that no matter what we decide, you, Cassy, and myself, final three, and that's the end of it. I didn't totally trust Alexandra, but I trust you 100% because you and I are clearly two of the more level-headed people here, and I can tell that Cassy is very loyal.

Francine (Smiling): Oh definitely! (Giggles) I wouldn't have expected anything less, to be honest with you.

Tori: Well, I just wanted to make sure we were still on track with this. We can't let our alliance fall apart totally because of just one bad apple.

Re-affirming a final three with Francine was crucial for me at this stage because I know she was tightly aligned with Alexandra, who is no longer here, yet for my game, Girl Power needs to remain strong right now. As for Geoff, he can blab all he wants about loyalty and s***, but until he shows loyalty to me, which he hasn't, his word means nothing. As many good points as he's made about Sky, at least Sky and I have, ya' know, voted together! I'm not saying that we should throw the challenge to oust Geoff or anything, but if he thinks that I'm just going to ditch Sky just because she has a boyfriend, he's sadly mistaking.


Francine: Whatever happens, I got your back, girl. I know you just want what's best for our alliance, so I trust you completely.

Tori (Smiling): Thanks Francine, I trust you completely as well.

Francine: Good, and that's how it needs to stay.

Geoff seems to want Tori and I to help him take Sky out of the game because of her closeness with Constantine, which is honestly just laughable at this point. Sky may be a shaky number, but she's still a number, and as long as we have her, it looks like we have Constantine as well, which will only benefit us. Kane on the other hand, has lied multiple times and let his paranoia get the better of him, whereas Geoff is very well spoken and will be a threat going forward if he gets into a position of power. As far as my now official final three deal with Tori is concerned, well... truth be told, I don't actually plan on taking Tori all the way to the end because I know she'll cut me once it benefits her. But, as of this moment, I know my position in the game is solid, so I just have to make sure things stay on track and continue to go the way I need them to go.


We now see one last shot of Geoff tending to the fire before the scene fades out.

Night 10


As the footage fades back in, we see a quick shot of the gold, Makhuwa tribe flag before the camera pans over to the shelter as the tribe sleeps. Jimmy however, is just laying awake in his spot at the moment, clearly anxious about something. After a brief moment, we see him sit up and look around to make sure the rest of the tribe is still sleeping. Confident that they are, at least for the near future, Jimmy cautiously scoots forward, careful to not wake anyone up. Jimmy is then shown eyeing the tribe flag before deciding to quietly sneak over to it. As he does, the footage transitions to his confessional.

Ugh, I couldn't sleep a wink tonight, to tell ya' the truth. I've just been unable to stop thinking 'bout that idol, especially since the clue seemed to make it pretty dang clear where it is. The only thing was though, the way our sleeping arrangements are that I'm basically in the middle of the tribe, tucked between Ricki and Irene, and I was terrified that I'd wake one or both of 'em up as I snuck out. Since I did make it out though, or so I hope (giggles awkwardly), I knew I had to move fast to get the idol before anyone noticed me.


We now see Jimmy on his knees, digging feverishly underneath the tribe flag as he attempts to find the idol. The longer he digs, the harder he begins to breathe, and the faster his heart races as he gets more and more anxious. After a few tense moments, Jimmy gets excited as he puts his hand on a cloth package. Out of excitement and relief, Jimmy almost yells out loud, but catches himself as he puts his right hand over his mouth to prevent it from becoming audible to the rest of his tribe. Before his initial adrenaline rush wears off, Jimmy sticks the cloth package into his underwear, then refills the hole he dug as the footage transitions to another confessional from him.

(Showing off the idol) Finally, after much panic, and after many sleepless hours, I finally found this blasted thing! The best part of this is, nobody's going to find out. Not Irene, not Marshall, not Ricki, nobody as long as I have any say in the manner because quite frankly, I just don't trust these people enough and I don't think I ever will. This idol is my lifeline, and I am going to keep it close until the very moment in which I need to play it. I don't know what the future holds in this game, but at least for now, I'll be able to sleep a little easier... literally. (Laughs)


Now satisfied that the hole he dug under the tribe flag is adequately refilled, Jimmy dusts himself off good before sneaking back into the shelter, once again careful not to disturb his tribe. Once Jimmy is comfortably in the shelter, the scene fades to black.

Day 11


Following the commercial break, we return to the Sena tribe as Geoff and Constantine take their tribes water jugs to their well. Seeing as though he didn't get very far the previous day when talking with Tori and Francine, Geoff decides to use this time to see where Constantine's head is at in terms of strategy.

Geoff: Hey man, I'm just wondering what you're thinking in terms of the game right now. I mean, I got nobody, so I'm up for anything.

Constantine (Shrugs): I mean, it's obvious that I got a good thing with Sky going, but like, I don't have an actual alliance right now, if you know what I mean.

Geoff (Slightly confused): What happened to Kane? Didn't he apologize for the stuff that's gone down at the last vote?

Constantine (Shrugs): I did not promise him anything besides the fact that I'd advocate for him to stay. In fact, I told him flat out that it would take a lot for me to gain his trust back after everything that's happened between us.

Geoff (Nodding slowly): I see...

Constantine: Like, if you still want to work with the guy and try to gain some numbers through that, I wouldn't be against it. We have seven right now on this tribe, so us three and Sky would be an easy majority, but... there's also the fact that he doesn't like the fact that Sky and I are close. But, that's his problem as far as I'm concerned.

Geoff: Well, in that case, if you can secure Sky for sure, I'd love to form an official alliance with the two of you, and quite frankly, as long as we can get a majority, I don't care who we go after.

Constantine (Nodding): Yeah, I'm with you there, man. I'd love to partner up with you as well because I know I'm not the best at this strategy stuff, yet that's where you shine. I also trust you a helluva lot more than a lot of people here, so there's that. (Giggles)

Geoff (Giggles awkwardly): So you're not still mad that I stuck with Peter?

At this time, the two men have reached the water well. Geoff removes the lid from the well as Constantine proceeds to fill the first jug. Once he stands back up, he answers Geoff's question.

Constantine (Shakes head): No, I'm not mad at all. I understand that you promised you wouldn't vote for him and you honoured that, so that's fine. Besides, it's not like you wrote my name down or anything.

Geoff: For sure, and I'm prepared to make the same promise to you as well because I feel like we need each other to get through this game.

Constantine (Nodding): I very much appreciate that. I'll look out for you if you look out for me. (Sticks out hand) Deal?

Geoff (Grips Constantine's hand): Deal.

The two men then exchange a firm handshake before Constantine goes to fill the second jug of water. As he does, the camera hones in on Geoff, who has a big smile on his face.

I may not have made much progress with Francine and Tori yesterday, but I'm glad that I actually have something official with Constantine now. It may not be a majority, but it's something, and that's what matters right now. As dangerous as couples can be in this game, it's become my best interest to use Constantine's relationship with Sky to my advantage, as opposed to trying to split them up. Of course I worry that she'll dig her heels in and maintain loyalty to the girls. But, since Kane should be on my side, and since I do believe that Constantine is loyal to me, I trust that I at least have a fair chance of swaying Sky as well.


Constantine and Geoff are now shown heading back towards camp talking about something more light-hearted as the camera focuses on the younger man.

As much of an ass**** as Peter was, I've never had any resentment towards Geoff out here. He's clearly a loyal, stand-up guy, and since I don't fully have anyone really that I'm loyal to besides Sky, why wouldn't I want to work with him? I don't know exactly what Sky's opinion on this would be since she just voted for Geoff the last time we were at Tribal; but, I am hopeful that we can work something out that would benefit all three of us going forward this game, especially me and Sky.


Following Constantine's confessional, a transitional shot of a tiger sleeping in a tree is shown before the camera switches over to Sky, Cassy, and Kane talking in the ocean. Initially the conversation between the three of them was light-hearted and not serious; however, Kane turned what started as three friends merely hanging out turned into more of a strategic discussion.

Kane (Serious tone): So, uh... Sky...

Sky: Yeah?

Kane: Do you know if Constantine is still like, mad at me?

Sky (Shrugs): Honestly, he hasn't really talked about you much since Tribal. Last I heard, he told me that you apologized and that he accepted, then that was it.

Kane (Anxious): Uh huh...

Sky: Why do you ask?

Kane: Well, I was really hoping that the four of us could get together and, ya know, take over this tribe. But if Constantine's not saying much about me, that gets me nervous.

Sky (Matter-of-Factly): From what I know about Constantine, what you see with him is what you get. He told you he accepted your apology, take that for what it is. I'm not about to start speaking for him or anything.

Kane: Right, yeah... that makes sense.

Sky: Not only that, but like... if you want an official alliance with him, you bring that up with him, then come to me. I honestly don't know if Constantine wants to actually align with you or not, and I'm not about to shoehorn him into an alliance he's not comfortable with. We may be sorta close, but I can't read his mind.

Kane: Yeah, I totally get that.

Sky: Sorry, I don't mean to come off as rude, or bitchy, or anything like that. But I don't have control over what's in his head, and if I make a call that he doesn't like, all of a sudden, it's me in hot-s***.

Kane: Okay, well... let's just say that Constantine was cool with it, would you be willing to work with Cassy and I in an alliance?

Sky: I'd consider it for sure. I'm not about to make promises or anything right now, but I'd be open to the chance of it happening.

Honestly, I find Kane to be irritating. For a guy that seemed to have this belief that he was Constantine's best friend or whatever, you'd think he'd know by now that what you see with Constantine is what you get. If he says he accepts your apology, then he accepted your f***ing apology! (Snarls) Like, I really dunno what Kane wants from me because I'm not about to agree to align with someone that I don't really care for, especially given that Kane seems to be more concerned about whether or not Constantine's interested, on top of the fact that I obviously have no bloody idea if Constantine would agree with that s*** to begin with! Not only that, but I know the fact that I'm close with Constantine is the whole reason that Kane got so paranoid about him in the first place, which makes me pretty darn sure that he'll target me as soon as he gets the chance. So, the last thing I'm about to do is let my guard down like an idiot and make an alliance with him that probably won't last more than a vote or two.


After her confessional, Sky lets out a yawn.

Sky: Well, I'm pretty tired. I'm going to head back to camp and rest for a bit if any of you want to come with.

Cassy: I'm good for now.

Kane: Yeah, same here.

Sky (Shrugs): Alright, suit yourselves.

Sky now swims towards shore, leaving Cassy and Kane to continue talking.

Kane: Do you think she knows more than she's letting on?

Cassy (Shrugs): I really don't know. Why?

Kane: I mean, like, it's obvious that she spends hours on end with Constantine sometimes. I just find it hard to believe that they haven't discussed who they want to move forward with. It just seems quite suspicious, on top of the fact that couples are so dangerous in this game.

Cassy: Yeah, I totally see what you mean, for sure.

Kane: Like, the whole reason I wanted to propose this alliance between the four of us is because I'm worried about Constantine focusing too much on what she wants, and I think the same can be said for Sky as well. At least if we were a tight four, what's good for them would also be good for us.

Cassy (Nodding slowly): Yeah, I see what you're saying. I do worry that Constantine might start controlling her a bit because like, Sky's not really the most assertive person in the world.

Kane: Well, she sounded pretty assertive just now.

Cassy: I know, but I mean when it comes down to it, I don't see her as someone that would really take control.

Kane: Oh, I see.

Cassy: Like, you saw how she wouldn't commit to anything just because he didn't give her a real answer about if he wanted to work with you.

Kane: For sure, and the thing is, I feel like I could pull Geoff in if I needed to. But I'm torn about targeting Sky and Constantine, or working with them. As much as I'd love to work with them, it's moments like this that I feel like it might be better to split them up.

Sky claims that her and Constantine never talked about me much, but I find that to be really hard to believe since the guy was so mad at me that he wrote my freaking name down! Cassy may think that Constantine's controlling her, but I think that Sky simply wants me gone, and that just makes me all the more determined to turn the numbers against her.


Kane: Whatever happens though, I want you and I to become tight just like those two are. I'm not gonna like, start flirting with you or nothing 'cause that would be pretty awkward.

Both Kane and Cassy start chuckling.

Kane: But like, I don't think people would suspect us as being that close, and if we play our cards right, we could overthrow the current power couple in this game.

Cassy (Smirks): I like the way you think. I mean, I trust that Sky would have my back for now, but the question is more, "how long?" As I said, I worry that he might actually convince her that he should be her number one, as opposed to me.

Kane: Well, it's gonna happen at some point if this continues.

Cassy (Nodding): Yeah. I'm not sure about splitting them up the next time we go to Tribal, but I do agree that something will have to be done. If you have my back, I'll have yours.

Kane (Smiling): That's just what I was hoping to hear, girl!

Cassy: Well... good. (Giggles)

Between Constantine and myself, I really don't know where Sky's priorities lie, and it's clear to me that Kane has become obsessed with splitting her up from her boyfriend. I do trust that Sky would have my back in the near future, so I can't let him get too excited about it. But, since I do think it'll have to be done at some point, I feel like as long as Kane knows that I'm open to making it happen eventually, then that's good enough. Besides, everyone needs someone that they feel like they can trust out here, and if I can be that person for Kane, then all of a sudden, someone that seems like he'd be guaranteed to flip at a swap or a merge becomes less likely to screw me over, and therefore, more manageable for me in this game.


We now see one more shot of Kane before the camera pans over to show Constantine and Sky laying together in the tribe's hammock before fading out.


We now return to the Makhuwa camp where Penelope and Irene can be seen retrieving tree-mail for the tribe. After they read it and begin to make their way back towards camp, the camera focuses switches to the main camp area where most of the tribe is just hanging out. Ricki and Emil specifically are sitting by the fire making casual conversation (although Ricki can't help but roll her eyes at points). Soon, we see Irene and Penelope emerge from the woods, with Penelope raising the tree-mail above her head.

Penelope (Announcing): Hey people! Tree-mail!

Emil (Jokingly): Oh look, the Queen of Q***r is back! (Laughs)

Upon hearing this, Penelope stops dead in her tracks, trying to piece together exactly what she heard while an awkward silence comes over the tribe as most people look in her direction. Emil continues to laugh at his own joke, which causes Ricki to turn her head and glare at him. Ricki then shakes her head sternly and says to Emil "Not funny." The camera then switches over to Penelope who now seems to realize that she heard exactly what she thought she heard. As a result, she clenches her fists and becomes consumed with anger.

Penelope (Seething): You! You are such a despicable, insufferable, immature, little brat!

Emil (Confused): What?

Penelope: How dare you say... that word, especially directed at someone from the LGBTTQ community!

Emil (Chuckles awkwardly): Woah, woah, girl! Easy now, it was a joke!

Penelope (Angrier): How the heck was that supposed to be a joke?! That's a blatant homophobic slur and you should be ashamed of yourself!!

At this point, Emil stands up and goes to confront Penelope face to face; however, Ricki hastily stands up as well and puts her hand on his shoulder, stopping him from moving closer. This however does not prevent Emil from firing back.

Emil (Angry; Annoyed; Confused): Where the f*** did you get that from?! Your... people call each other that all the time! In fact, it's what the f***ing "Q" stands for in L-G-B-T-Q, is it not?!?!

At this point, Penelope is speechless and blinded by rage, unable to come up with a come-back right away. Emil initially smirks, possibly thinking that he's won, but Marshall takes this time to step in.

Marshall: That may be the case, but that doesn't make it a term appropriate for you to use. Mainstream or not, not everything is universally acceptable, that word being one of them. Think of it this way, would you dare use the "N-word"... like, ever?!

Penelope's eyes now go wide, utterly shocked that the Roman Catholic Priest, of all people, stood up for her.

Emil (Caught off guard): W-well... no. But I only meant it as a joke, man! I swear!

Irene (Flabbergasted): That doesn't f***ing matter! It wasn't funny, and it was inappropriate. End of story!

Penelope: Exactly! Ignorance should never be an excuse for homophobia, or used to excuse someone from blame for any reason! I-I just can't stand to look at you anymore!

Penelope thrusts the now crumpled up note she received in tree-mail towards Irene, who takes it from her. Her eyes starting to water a bit, Penelope then storms off towards the beach and is soon followed by Marshall. Irene then looks up at Emil and shakes her head in disgust.

Irene: I already read what's in this s***. If you wanna know what our next challenge is about, read this yourselves.

Irene now chucks the tree-mail towards Emil's head, although it is caught by Ricki, who was still standing right there. Irene now follows Penelope and Marshall towards the beach as Ricki awkwardly unrolls the tree-mail note and begins to read it as the camera focuses on Emil.

I got no clue what happened back there, man! All I did was make a little joke, then Penny got all angry 'n' started yellin' at me, then Marshall 'n' Irene took her side. It was nuts! Like, I honestly had no idea that Penny would get that angry o'er a simple word that gets used on what seems like a daily basis. Heck, the last thing I expected was to be called homophobic out here since some of my bros back home in Jersey are gay! (Chuckles awkwardly) Like, I'm truly sorry if I offended anyone 'cause that wasn't my intention at all, and I hope Penny 'n' everyone else sees that soon enough.


Following Emil's confessional, the camera switches over to the beach where Penelope, Marshall, and Irene are sitting. Penelope still has tears coming down her face as the Priest rubs her back in an effort to comfort her while Irene looks on.

Penelope (Sighs): I'm sorry I'm such a mess, you guys. I just didn't expect to be met with such blatant homophobia out here.

Marshall (Sympathetic): Don't apologize, Penelope. I understand why you were offended. I get that he may have meant it to be a joke, but that doesn't change the fact that it was in poor taste.

Irene: Oh, for sure! Like, you'd think that the dude would have some hint of social awareness.

Marshall: It's not just that, but I find it quite sad to see that he doesn't seem to have any sort of filter whatsoever.

Emil using the Q-word today towards Penelope proved to me just how ignorant he is, and I find it just purely sad. Yeah, Penelope's reaction may have been a little over the top, but she's clearly a really emotional and sensitive person, so I can understand her reaction. On the flip side, I can understand Emil's as well because, out of ignorance, he genuinely believed he did nothing wrong. Does that make what he said okay? No, not by any stretch. With that being said though, I do hope that his slip up this afternoon is the good, strong wake-up call he needs and that he's going to eventually take this experience as a life lesson and grow from it.


After Marshall's confessional airs, we see that Penelope's eyes are still red from having cried as she looks over to the Priest.

Penelope (Feeling guilty): Why are you being so nice to me, Marshall?

Marshall (Giggles awkwardly): I beg your pardon?

Penelope (Sighs): I've done nothing but pretty much ignore you this entire time, yet here you are standing up for me, and comforting me.

Marshall: But you're still a real life person with real life feelings. I sensed that you were hurting, so I chose to comfort you in this time of need. The Lord says to love thy neighbour as oneself and to forgive those that trespass against us.

Penelope (Awkwardly): Well... I'm sure I've made clear that I'm not religious. B... but I guess you make a good point.

Irene (Sternly): Of course you do! Just because you have different backgrounds doesn't mean that you can't comfort or sympathize with each other.

Marshall (Smiling): For sure, and I'm not going to treat you any differently than I would any other person. I personally believe that we were all created in the Lord's image and that He loves us all equally, and part of my calling is to love how Jesus loves.

Penelope: W-well... that's very sweet, so... thank you. I honestly don't know what to say.

Marshall: You don't have to say anything. But I would appreciate a hug, especially because it looks like you could use one as well. (Giggles)

Penelope (Wipes eyes): Okay, I can do that.

Penelope and Marshall then share a nice hug before the camera hones in on the nail technician before cutting to her confessional.

When Emil uttered that homophobic slur in my direction, I was just... beside myself with rage, there's no other way to put it. I could barely stand to look at that child before today, but that vulgar term coming through his lips just makes me all the more determined to get rid of him because I just won't tolerate any type of homophobia, ever! (Sighs) At the same time though, I was shocked that Marshall of all people not only stood up for me, but came to the beach and comforted me afterwards. After I've ignored him for however many days, he didn't have to do that. Not only that, but I honestly had assumed before this that Marshall was homophobic as it was considering that he is Catholic after all, but our conversation on the beach proved to me that wasn't the case, which is wonderful. Even though my judgment of Emil was unfortunately dead-on, I'm glad that my judgment of Marshall seems to be dead wrong, and all of a sudden, I wouldn't mind him sticking around for a bit and getting to know him better.


We now see one last shot of Penelope and Marshall before the camera transitions over to the main camp area, focusing specifically on Emil who is sitting by the fire before fading out.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

We then see the Makhuwa entering the challenge arena first with Leah carrying the tribe flag, followed by a shot of the Sena tribe entering the challenge arena with Cassy carrying the tribe flag. Once the two tribes have assembled on their respective mats, the camera turns over to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: You guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?

Castaways: YES!

Jeff Probst: Alright, first thing's first, Allan. I need to take back immunity.

Jeff walks over to Allan, who hands him the idol. He then puts it on its perch and faces the tribes.

Jeff Probst: Once again, immunity is back up for grabs.

Jeff then goes on to explain the rules of the immunity challenge, which is dubbed Crab Pots and reminds the tribes that the losing tribe will head to Tribal Council and vote the fourth person out of Survivor: Mozambique.

Jeff Probst: Makhuwa, you guys have three extra members, which means that three people must sit out. Since Brendyn, Ricki, and Tesla sat out of the reward challenge, they must compete in this one.

Marshall: Jeff, our sit-outs will be myself, Penelope, and Irene.

Jeff Probst: Alright, Marshall, Irene, Penlope, each of you take a spot on the sit-out bench. As for the rest of you, I'll give you a minute to strategize, then we'll get started.

After dismissing the castaways, we are taken to quick scenes showing the two tribes strategizing.

On Makhuwa, Tesla volunteers to be in the hanging cage as the last person to get rescued. However, Leah delegates Emil for that job instead, which most of the tribe hesitantly agree to.

On Sena, Tori initially suggests for Constantine to be the first rescuer, but Cassy speaks up, volunteering herself for the position instead, which nobody appears to disagree with.

After a quick time skip, we see the two tribes in position, ready to begin the challenge.

Jeff Probst: Here we go, for immunity... Survivors ready... GO!!

Immunity Challenge: Crab Pots
Tribe Rescuer Cage #1 Cage #2 Cage #3 Cage #4 Key Ring Holder Hanging Cage Sit-Outs
Makhuwa Jimmy Talbot
Allan Flores
Tesla Van Mol
Ricki Fife
Leah Derry
Brendyn Garcia
Emil De Bruyne
Irene XingMarshall DesjardinsPenelope Oswald
Irene, Marshall, Penelope
Sena Cassy Leighton
Geoff Allison
Kane O'Neill
Constantine Vasylenko
Francine Harrington
Tori Axelson
Sky Nunez
  • Although Cassy and Jimmy start off neck and neck swimming, Cassy eventually pulls ahead and reaches the first cage first.
  • However, Cassy has a bit of a problem with her key as she tries to unlock Geoff, therefore giving the lead to Makhuwa, as Jimmy got Allan out right away.
  • Although Allan maintained his lead while unlocking Tesla, she struggled getting across her small platforms, falling into the water twice.
  • As a result, Kane was able to take back the lead for Sena when he rescued Constantine
  • Just as Constantine reached Francine's cage, Tesla was finally able to rescue Ricki.
  • Ricki was able to get across her platforms very quickly in order to rescue Leah. However, by the time they jumped into the canoe with Brendyn, Sena had just begun picking up their tribe members, starting with Kane.
  • Sena remained ahead of Makhuwa by about a solid minute as they picked up their remaining tribe members and made their way all the way back to the beach to being building their human pyramid.
  • Sena had a solid plan of action to build their pyramid, putting their three guys on the bottom, followed by Cassy and Francine on the second level, so Tori could stand on top.
    • This was harder to execute however as Geoff struggled to hold the weight of Cassy, on top of the fact her knee was digging into his back.
  • Makhuwa arrived as just as Sena was re-adjusting their pyramid in order to switch the positions of Francine and Cassy.
  • Makhuwa's plan for their pyramid was for Allan, Leah, & Jimmy to be on the bottom with Tesla & Ricki above them.
    • Tesla however was really nervous about putting all of her weight onto Allan & Leah, saying she should've been in the top cage, to which Leah snapped back that Emil was even bigger than she was, and therefore would hurt her more.
  • After much encouragement, Tesla stepped onto the backs of Allan & Leah just as Tori was gingerly climbing Sena's human pyramid.
  • Just as Tori was steadying herself on top of Cassy and Francine, Brendyn began climbing Makhuwa's pyramid.
  • The first couple of keys Tori tries to unlock the hanging cage with are incorrect as Francine starts to wince while holding half of the high school graduate's body weight on her back.
  • Just as Brendyn tries to steady himself on top of Ricki and Tesla, the latter's arm gives way, putting more pressure onto Allan.
    • Brendyn quickly steps down, giving Tesla time to readjust as she frantically apologizes.
  • Just as Brendyn goes to step back up on top of the pyramid however, Tori successfully unlocks the hanging cage, rescuing Sky, and winning Sena their first immunity.

Jeff Probst: SENA, WINS IMMUNITY, sending Makhuwa to their very first Tribal Council!

The Sena tribe excitedly jump down as they begin to hug each other while wildly celebrating their very first immunity challenge win. Over on the Makhuwa side, Emil is still in the cage having a fit while the rest of the Makhuwa tribe, especially Tesla, hang their heads in disappointment. After a quick time-skip, we see Jeff standing in front of the two tribes.

Jeff Probst: Sena, congratulations on your very first immunity challenge win!

The Sena tribe begin to clap and cheer again.

Jeff Probst (Smiling big): Who wants the idol?

As Tori raises her hand the fastest, Jeff walks over to her and hands her the immunity idol statue before heading back to his spot.

Jeff Probst: No Tribal Council for you guys tonight. Grab your stuff, head back to camp, enjoy your long-awaited night off.

The Sena tribe now pick up their bags and leave the challenge area with wide smiles on each of their faces as the disappointed Makhuwa tribe look on.

Jeff Probst: Makhuwa, for the first time tonight, you will be visiting me at Tribal Council where you will be voting the fourth person out of this game. You guys have the afternoon to figure out who that person is going to be. Grab your stuff and head back to camp, I'll see you at Tribal.

As the Makhuwa tribe begin to pick up their bags and walk back to camp, we see close-ups of Brendyn, Ricki, Jimmy, and Tesla before focusing on Emil and transitioning to his confessional.

Bro, we were pathetic in the challenge today, and Leah is the only one to blame for that! For whatever reason, she insisted that Tessy be in the human pyramid instead of yours truly, even though that girls' more useless than tits on a f***in' bull! I dunno what's exactly gonna happen, but you'd best believe that I'll make sure either Leah or Tessy are gonna be gone after that s*** show!


We now see a close-up of Leah who appears to have an emotionless expression on her face before the footage fades into a commercial break.


The Makhuwa tribe are now shown returning to camp after experiencing their very first immunity challenge loss. Although the tribe is clearly disappointed, Ricki tries to shrug it off and remain positive.

Ricki: Well, (sighs) It was bound to happen sooner or later. We'll get our winning ways back next time.

Ricki then places her bag in the shelter as Emil rolls his eyes.

Emil (Spiteful): Well, there ain't gonna be a next time for someone 'cause (uses finger quotes) "Capt'n Leah" just had to insist that Tessy actually compete instead of bein' in that top cage.

Leah (Not having it): I wanted Tesla to actually participate instead of you because first off, you're bigger than she is, so I'd have a harder time holding you up. Second, since you illustrated perfectly in the reward challenge that you don't know how to follow specific instructions, I wanted you in a place where you'd stay out of the damn way!

Emil (Sassy): Well, now you can't blame me for why we're goin' to Tribal, lady. So all I gotta say is that I shouldn't take the fall for your bad decision!

Leah (Raises hands): Whatever, I'm not gonna keep fighting with someone that has less maturity than my four-year-old!

Before Emil can respond, Leah begins to leave the area as the footage transitions to her confessional.

After seeing how Emil screwed up the reward challenge by not following instructions, I insisted that he be in the hanging cage this time so his selective hearing wouldn't make us suffer the same fate. Honestly, if I totally had my way, Irene would've had the keys, Tesla would've been in the top cage, and Emil would've sat out altogether, but there was clearly no chance of that happening. Now however, this tribe is faced with a dilemma. Do we get rid of Emil, who can't stop running his mouth and can't follow simple instructions? Or do we get rid of Tesla, who can't seem to do anything no matter how hard she tries? I mean, I know what I'd kind of rather do, but I want to make the best move for our tribe so we can be as strong as possible going forward.


Following Leah's confessional, we see Emil and Brendyn having a conversation in a secluded area of the camp.

Emil: So what's happenin' bud? Is Tesla still goin' home?

Brendyn (Shrugs): As far as I know. Why?

Emil: Well, I was hopin' that we could get out Leah.

The camera shows Leah taking a sip out of her canteen quickly before switching back to the conversation between the two men.

Brendyn: Why Leah?

Emil: Well, she's a bitch, and she's strong like bull. Tessy's useless as f***, so she ain't gonna be a threat out here. Blindsidin' Leah though will take out a strong person.

Brendyn: I see what you're saying, but I'm not sure if we can get numbers.

Emil: What do ya' mean? I get on good with Irene 'n' Jimmy, so that's four right there, 'n' I'm sure they have other people we can pull in.

Brendyn (Nodding): Oh for sure. I'll do some asking around because you're right, Tesla is absolutely no threat, and I'd love to blindside someone like Leah if we can.

Emil (Smiling): Awesome, bro! (Chuckles) I can't wait to see the look on her face if she goes home first!

Brendyn (Giggles): Me neither!

Emil now pulls Brendyn in for a bro-hug as the camera transitions to his confessional.

If we can make it happen, I'd be totally stoked if Leah went home tonight, bro! She's been nothin' but a bossy-ass bitch since day one, and her insistin' me not to compete in the challenge is what cost us in the end. She seems to think she's all that for whatever reason, and I'd love nothin' more than to knock her down a few pegs, 'specially since our only other option, Tesla, ain't a threat to nobody! Dude, if this move actually happens the look on that bitch's face would be priceless! PRICELESS! (Laughs maniacally)


Once Emil's confessional fades out, we are taken to a conversation that Penelope and Tesla are having quietly in the shelter. Penelope is laying on her back with a sad expression on her face, while Tesla is sitting cross-legged.

Tesla: So... uh... are we still going to try and see if we can get Brendyn out tonight? I was talking to Allan yesterday and he agrees Brendyn's a snake.

Penelope (Sighs): I don't know anymore, Tesla. Emil's remark before the challenge really got to me... and I'd just love for him to go home sooner rather than later.

Tesla is disappointed to hear this from Penelope, but tries her best not to show it.

Tesla: Oh... okay.

Penelope senses Tesla's disappointment and starts to feel guilty.

Penelope: I'm sorry... I knew he was bad before, and I thought I could put up with it. But that remark was just the last straw for me. I don't wanna be around him if he says anything else like it, or possibly worse.

Tesla (Hopeful): That's okay, I've never been in your shoes, so I had no idea how that kind of comment affected you. If you think we can get people together to get Emil out, I'd be more than happy to help you with that.

Penelope (Flashes a small smile): Thanks girl. Now that I think about it, Marshall and Irene did seem just as angry with him, so there is hope. Irene's also close with Jimmy, so as long as they're on board, there's five right there.

Tesla (Smiling): That sounds great and all, but we'd need six to get a majority.

Penelope: What about Ricki?

Tesla (Nervously): Ricki? I mean, we could try... but I don't know her that well. I could talk to Allan though.

Penelope: Thanks girl. Hopefully we can get across to people that beyond his ignorance, he's also bringing the tribe down a lot. I mean, I don't see how else we can go about it.

Tesla: Oh for sure! As much as I wanted to get Brendyn out, I think we should be able to try and manage turning the numbers on Emil.

I don't mean to sound insensitive or anything, but I think Penelope's over-reacting a bit when she says that she wants Emil out after his remark before the challenge. I mean, I'm definitely gonna try and convince these people that he's a liability, because for all I know, I'm still on the chopping block, and I refuse to go home this early, no matter how terrible I feel. It's disappointing too because I really felt like I was gaining ground when I tried to turn votes against Brendyn, but Penelope refusing to go through with it kinda kills my chances of making that happen completely. But at the same time, I know I'm on the bottom, so I need to take whatever I can get and do whatever it takes to improve my chances of sticking around tonight.


We now see Tesla shuffle forward to the edge of the shelter as Penelope looks on. As Tesla sits on the edge of the shelter, she winces and grabs her forehead with one hand, indicating that she still doesn't feel well. After a short groan, Tesla stands up on the outside of the shelter and walks away as the camera focuses on Penelope.

I could tell that Tesla was disappointed when I refused to vote Brendyn out with her, but I just can't in good conscience help vote someone out that hasn't done anything horrible or offensive out here over someone that casually makes insensitive remarks and thinks they're funny. I thought Emil was bad before, but now I can barely look at the kid. I just hope all the mouthing off he's done before and his laziness on top of that offensive comment are enough to convince these people that he doesn't deserve to be here any longer.


The camera then switches to the beach where we see Ricki, Jimmy, Irene, and Emil talking as they sit with their feet in the water.

Emil (Excited): So, since we seem to be good pals, y'all wanna hear 'bout somethin' awesome Brendyn 'n' I came up with?

Ricki (Forcing a smile): What's that, Emil?

As Ricki says this, Irene whispers to Jimmy "Are we still aligned with this child?" Jimmy responds with a giggle and whispers back "Let's just pretend for now."

Emil: Well, I was just talkin' with Brendyn, and I came up with the idea of possibly blindsidin' Leah tonight.

Jimmy (Caught off guard): Leah?

Emil (Chuckles): Yup! I mean, think 'bout it, Jimmy mah-mah! Tesla's useless 'round here! Leah on the other hand, is a strong competitor, she's a bitch, 'n' she's totally not expectin' this!

Irene (Clarifying): Brendyn agreed to this?

Emil (Giggles): Well, he did seem to be down for the idea, for sure! I know the original plan was Tesla tonight. But seriously though, since she's not gonna last out here most likely, why waste a vote on her? Why not get out someone strong that'll likely turn on us anyway?

Ricki: You do make a good point there, but there's no guarantee that Leah will flip. I know you and her have had your differences recently, but I feel like she's loyal.

Jimmy: I agree. Tesla on the other hand, not only is she by far the weakest one here, but I've got no idea where her head is at with anything. In this game, we really should look at taking out that unknown, especially if she's not going to help us move forward.

Emil: Haha, that's a smart way of lookin' at it, Jimmy. I'll give you that mah-man! But I dunno what you mean 'bout Leah bein' loyal though. Like, I'm gettin' the sense that she doesn't like me much, for some reason, and that's never good.

Irene (Sternly): Leah is close with Allan though, and since he seems like the most loyal and reserved person here, I imagine he'll probably be able to keep her with us.

Emil: Ya' sure 'bout that, girl?

Irene: Not totally. But I am more sure about her than I am about Tesla.

Ricki: Emil, did you say Brendyn agreed to this already?

Emil (Nodding): Ya, girl! He totally did.

Ricki: In that case, I think we should talk to him about it and see exactly where he's at.

Jimmy: Oh for sure. Until now, I thought Tesla was always the plan, so to hear Leah's name come up all of a sudden now caught me right off guard.

Technically speaking, I'm in two alliances with Brendyn right now. The first being myself, him, Irene, and Allan, with Ricki as our fifth; the second being him, myself, Ricki, and Marshall, with Irene and Allan as our fifth and sixth. I know Brendyn talked about wanting to keep Emil around, but the possibility of him agreeing to switch things up and make deals with people like Emil without informing someone like myself that he's in multiple alliances with worries me. As long as it's not me or one of my allies, I don't care a whole lot about who goes right now, but I do believe that it's important for me to stay on top of the vote and make sure people like Brendyn can't pull a fast one on me.


Irene, Jimmy, and Ricki are now shown making their way back to camp without Emil. After a brief moment, Tesla catches up to them.

Tesla (Trying to be cheerful): Hey guys! Wanna talk about the vote?

Ricki (Nonchalantly): Why not? It's not like we got anything better to do with Tribal coming up. (Giggles)

Tesla (Giggles awkwardly): That's true, I guess. Umm... so... did you guys have anyone in mind for who to vote for? I mean, I don't really have an alliance right now, so I'm up for anything.

Irene (Lying): I've got no idea who to vote for to be honest with you. I get along with pretty much everyone here, so it's gonna be hard to figure out who's name to write down.

Taking the cue from Irene that she doesn't want Tesla to know about Emil's plan to blindside Leah, both Jimmy and Ricki start nodding.

Ricki: Yeah, I haven't really heard anything solid, to be honest with you. Did you have a particular name in mind.

Tesla: Well... Penelope wants Emil gone because she's still pretty peeved about that offensive comment he made before the challenge.

Irene (Rolls eyes; mutters under breath): Seriously?

Jimmy: Do you think we have the numbers to do that?

Tesla: Well, Penelope thinks that she'll be able to get Marshall, I guess 'cause he helped comfort her afterward and everything.

Ricki: So, I guess she likes him all of a sudden. (Laughs)

Tesla (Giggles): I guess so. But yeah, the four of us, plus the two of them would be a majority. So... you guys down?

Jimmy (Shrugs): I don't see why not. I can't stand that kid anyway.

Irene (Nodding): Same here. I know I spend a lot of time with him, but that's merely strategy so the brat stays comfortable.

Tesla (Beaming): Awesome! Thanks so much! I'll have to let her know!

(Excited) So it turns out that I might not be totally dead in the water after all since, according to Irene, Jimmy, and Ricki, they are okay with making Emil leave. That sounds all well and good, but being a super-fan, I know very well that they could be lying to my face. So, since this is a social game, I need to do what I can in order to make sure those three in particular feel some kind of bond with me because it looks like they could be the swing votes if in fact my name is still being thrown around. Ricki especially is someone that I don't know very well, as nice as she seems. As such, I definitely gotta try and work some magic on her in order to ensure that I secure my spot in this game for another few days.


Tesla: So, uh... Ricki?

Ricki: Yeah?

Tesla: I know this is like, day 11, so this sounds horrible, but like, I don't think we've really had a chance to talk one-on-one, so I was hoping that we could do that now before it gets too late.

Ricki (Forcing a smile): Sure thing. We can do that.

Tesla (Excitedly): Awesome! Thank you so much!

Ricki now leans over to Jimmy and whispers in his ear.

Ricki: Keep me in the loop. I'll do whatever you want tonight.

Jimmy (Whispers back): Sure thing.

It's not hard to get a read on Tesla whatsoever. Like, after the challenge, the girl essentially came up to Jimmy, Irene, and I and was all (Animated tone) "Hi guys, I'm Desperate! It's soooo nice to meet you!" (Giggles) That was further illustrated when, she specifically asked to talk with me privately because we haven't talked one-on-one yet. (Shrugs) I guess it just goes to show what kind of number laying in the shelter for a week and a half will do to your social game out here. Honestly, I don't care what we end up talking about because if the majority want her gone, I won't hesitate to write her name down. As cold as that sounds, well, that's just the way the game goes.


Ricki and Tesla are now shown sitting on a group of rocks that stick out into the ocean.

Ricki (Forcing a smile): So, now that we're in a more private spot, what were you hoping to talk about?

Tesla: Well... uhh... I don't really know... I guess. I guess I was just kinda hoping you'd tell me more about yourself. (Giggles awkwardly)

Ricki: Well, I'm the manager at a spa back home in North Dakota, in my spare time I like to do a lot of pool and bowling. (Shrugs) I dunno, my life's not that interesting.

Tesla: Do you have any pets?

Ricki: My fiancé, Liam and I have a pet gecko named Nora. (Gets a little excited) Oh my gosh, she's like the cutest thing! I wish I could show you a picture.

Tesla (Giddy): Oh my gosh, I freaking love reptiles so much!

Ricki: Yeah, Nora's just adorable, although she gets moody sometimes, especially when I clean her tank. Until Liam and I have kids though, she's my little baby girl.

Tesla: Awww, that is like, so sweet. I remember begging my parents to let me have a pet snake. (Giggles) That didn't go over well.

Ricki (Gasps): I guess not! (Chuckles) I'm not scared of snakes or anything, but they weird me out, and I wouldn't want anything that might get that big.

Tesla: Yeah, that's totally fair enough. Now that I live on my own though, I've been so tempted to get a snake, but they're so damn expensive.

Ricki: Would they be difficult to care for?

Tesla (Shrugs): Depends on what kind you get, I guess. They'd probably be more maintenance too if you got a bigger one.

Ricki: I dunno. I've never looked into it, and I've never intended to. Liam and I are just happy with Nora, and that'll be enough until we decide to have children.

Tesla: Oh for sure! (Giggles) From what I know about kids, Ricki, you seem like you'd be a fantastic mother.

Ricki (Touched): Thanks so much, Tesla. I appreciate you saying that.

Tesla (Smiling): You're very welcome.

So, after my first "official" chat with Ricki, she seems really cool, and honestly, someone I'm kind of jealous of. Like, she just seems to have everything together, like all the time, a fiancé that loves her, a gorgeous pet, and a dream job managing a spa. Then there's me, basically an immature, nerdy teen stuck in a 25-year-old body. Regardless though, Ricki's definitely going to be a threat out here, and I really hope she genuinely wants Emil gone and that she enjoyed our conversation enough to want to keep me around. She's someone I want to be on the good side of until I get the chance to blindside her late in the game. But, if I want any chance of surviving, I need her right now, so I just gotta pray. (Giggles)


Ricki and Tesla are now shown continuing their conversation for a few more brief moments before the camera hones in on Ricki.

If there's a single word I can use to describe Tesla, I'd say that she's... "real," I guess. She's full of enthusiasm, and it's really hard for her to hide her emotions, which makes her an easy player to read out here. I can tell that she wanted our talk because we hadn't really bonded yet and she wanted to try and forge something at this last minute. Don't get me wrong, she's a very sweet girl, and I really enjoyed our talk. But at the same time, it might be too little too late. If my allies determine that she should go, there's no way that I'll dare stick my neck out for her and try to convince them otherwise.


Meanwhile, Irene and Jimmy can be seen having a conversation deep in the woods.

Allan: So, uh... is the plan still to get Tesla out tonight?

Jimmy (Shrugs): Nothing's changed as far as I know. (Looks directly at Brendyn)

Brendyn: As long as we have the majority, I'll be willing to do whatever y'all want to do. Are we sure we have Ricki on our side?

Jimmy (Nodding): Yeah, she literally just told me about 10-20 minutes ago that she'll do whatever we decide, and I trust that she's being honest when she says that.

Brendyn: So in that case, how would you guys feel about making a move tonight?

Irene (Raises an eyebrow): What kind of move?

Brendyn: Emil came to me earlier and suggested going after Leah tonight.

Allan (Eyes go wide): I'd rather not go after Leah! Like, she's actually a strong member of this tribe, and I know 100% that she'll be loyal to us!

I just about s*** myself when Brendyn brought up the mere possibility of getting rid of Leah! Yeah, Leah's ruffled some feathers, but in my opinion, she'll be incredibly loyal to me, and she's done absolutely nothing to warrant us blindsiding her, especially when Emil seems to only operates on "Emil Time," whatever that means, and Tesla's spent 90% of her Survivor experience acting like she's going to drop dead at any moment! If this move goes through, that will tell me for certain where I stand in this alliance since I'm adamantly against it on top of there being two much better options to vote out!


Allan (Antsy): Sorry, but blindsiding Leah would just make less than zero sense at this point in the game. I mean seriously, what has Tesla done to help us as a tribe? How has Emil shown any loyalty to anybody but himself?

Brendyn (A bit defensive): Look, I just threw it out there as an option, okay. We don't have to go with it if you guys really don't want to...

Allan (Interrupting): Which I don't.

Brendyn: I do think that it's a move worth looking at in a sense though because Leah is so strong-willed on top of being someone that without a doubt will develop into a strong physical presence that could become unbeatable down the road.

Allan: But this early there's no reason to take her out of the game.

Irene (Crosses arms): Yeah, I'm kinda with Allan on this one. Like, I see what you're saying, but if we're going to change plans, I'd much rather get Emil outta here because he's so damn irritating.

Brendyn (Nervous): Would we have the numbers to boot Emil?

Irene: Tesla said she'd do it. Penelope would too. In fact, Tesla came to me a little while ago and said that Penelope wanted Emil gone because of that comment he made before the challenge. I think it's a bit of a BS reason to target someone, but hey, I never liked the kid to begin with.

Allan (A bit confused): Weren't you yelling at Emil for the comment before the challenge too?

Irene (Shrugs): Penelope was yelling already and it was the heat of the moment. It wasn't my finest hour, but I also know full well that as ignorant as his comment was, it's nothing he deserves to go home over. At least, that alone is not enough to send him home over.

Honestly, after Emil made that comment calling Penelope q***r before the challenge, I kind of over-did my reaction on purpose. I told Allan and Brendyn it was a "heat of the moment" thing to save face, but in reality, I just want Penelope to think that I'm with her 100%, and seeing how she freaked out, I wasn't sure how she'd react if I was more passive towards it. Does that mean I'll get rid of him? (Shrugs) Only if that's the way the majority's going. Like, if there is a solid majority that sides with keeping Emil, that's how I'll vote, and I'll be honest with Penelope to stay on her good side. Whether she'd actually go with the majority in that case is up to her, but at least I'd still be able to say I kept her in the loop. The absolute last thing I need out here is Penelope, of all f***ng people pissed at me.


Irene (A bit impatient): So what are we doing tonight?

Allan: As long as Leah stays, I don't really care. I mean, Emil's strong in challenges, but Leah's right when she says that he cost us the reward, and I see her reasoning for wanting him out of the way in the immunity challenge.

Brendyn: Well, Emil's no threat to win, Tesla's no threat in anything, and getting rid of Leah will get a strong competitor out. We have the numbers if we want to do it, and I don't see why she needs to stay.

Allan (Scowls): I literally just gave you a few reasons, dude. She's loyal and she's strong, and Tesla and Emil are both only one of those, or neither. Right now, we need to focus on tribe strength and strength in numbers, and Leah gives us both of those things.

Jimmy: If it was up to me, Tesla would go, simply because she's not only weak, but she's also erratic. We have no idea what someone like her would do come a merge or a swap, and that's just too many question marks for me, on top of the fact she's our weakest in challenges.

Brendyn: I think Tesla being erratic is just about how badly she wants to still be here, so we may be able to ring her in if we have to. But honestly, she's absolutely no threat to us, so this would be the perfect time to make a move if we want to!

As soon as Emil mentioned his plan to blindside Leah tonight, I was absolutely stoked because that could mean getting out a strong, threatening competitor that's not in my alliance. Not only that, but the fact that Allan's so adamant about Leah staying kind of makes me want her out more because I'm really thinking that he might be closer with her than he is with me, or anyone else for that matter, which could be dangerous. It just sucks that Jimmy and Irene don't seem totally sold on the idea, at least not yet. Hopefully I can make it work, but the last thing I want to do is push too hard to make this power move since it is the very first vote as it could backfire on me in a major way if I'm not careful.


Following Brendyn's confessional, the scene now shows Allan and Jimmy talking as they head back to camp separate from the other two.

Allan (Nervously): We're not actually gonna go through with a Leah blindside, are we?

Jimmy (Shrugs; sighs): That wouldn't be my first choice either, but I don't want to get too many people angry. I think for me, this comes down to what Ricki's going to want to do.

Allan (Nodding): Yeah, that makes sense, I guess. It just makes absolutely no sense why Brendyn and Emil would want to blindside a loyal person that's going to keep our tribe strong.

Jimmy: Well I can see Emil's reasoning. They don't like each other at all, and Emil doesn't seem like one that would use logic.

Allan (Giggles): Fair enough, I guess. But Brendyn?

Jimmy (Nodding): Yeah, Brendyn's starting to scare me with how anxious he seems to want to make a big move like that, even though we haven't even gone to Tribal. I don't trust him one bit, but unfortunately, it looks like we're stuck with him for the time being.

Allan (Sighs): Yeah... I know.

Jimmy (Reassuring): Dude, just know that I've got your back regardless. I don't know what move we'll end up making, but as long as we got each other, we'll be just fine.

Allan (Smiles): Thanks dude.

Jimmy (Smiles back): Don't mention it.

Even though Brendyn's pretty much guaranteed to be sticking around tonight, I'm glad he allowed Allan to see just how much of an untrustworthy snake he is. Not only is it bringing me closer to Allan, but I also believe that it's going to help me gain traction for when I do eventually decide to yank the rug right out from under Brendyn and get him out of my hair, and out of this game altogether.


We are now shown a quick shot of a laughing hyena before the scene transitions over to show Penelope having a quiet discussion with Marshall and Leah by the fire.

Penelope: So, uh... I was just wondering... how would you guys feel about voting for Emil?

Leah: You know how badly I want that brat out, but I also want to make sure enough people are voting for him, if you know what I mean.

Penelope: Well, Tesla's on board for sure, and she was hoping to get Ricki and Irene.

Marshall: Hey, you know I stand behind you 100% in regards to what Emil said, and if Ricki, Tesla, and Irene are down for voting him, I totally will as well.

Penelope (Smiling): Thanks Marshall, that's all I ask.

Leah (Nodding): Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

Penelope: Thanks, that really means a lot to me that you said that.

I don't know what's gonna happen tonight because I haven't really gotten a super solid answer from people, but regardless, I'm writing Emil's name down. He's been nothing but a disrespectful, lazy, ignorant, loud-mouthed child for the first ten days, and today, that remark he made before the challenge was the last straw in my books! I'm happy that people like Marshall and Leah seem to be considering it and would vote for him if there's a majority, but it's kind of concerning in my mind that they didn't give me a solid answer. (Shakes head then sighs) I know it's not a done deal, but... I really don't know what I'd do if Emil comes back to camp tonight. This experience has taken such a toll on me as it is and... someone like him surviving the vote would just be such a difficult pill to swallow.


Just as the sun begins to set and members of the Makhuwa tribe begin to start packing for their very first Tribal Council, we see Ricki approaching the shelter. The camera pans over to show Marshall turning his head to see her, so he quickly pulls her aside.

Marshall: So, uh... is tonight's vote confirmed?

Ricki (Nodding): Yeah, I know who I'm voting for... unless you've heard of any new developments coming up in the last little while.

We now see the serious expression on Marshall's face as the camera transitions to his confessional.

More than anything, this vote for me is about going with the flow and staying within the majority, and tonight that means making sure my vote lines up with Ricki's. As much as I believe that she may not be telling me the whole truth about certain things, I do believe that she does have a lot of connections out here, possibly more than I realize. Not only that, but since I do believe that at least 75% of our bond is genuine, the last thing I want her thinking is that there's any part of me that doesn't trust her. (Sighs) As nerve-wracking as this first Tribal Council is, it was gonna happen sooner or later, and this is where we get a much better of idea of where people actually stand as opposed to where they say they stand.


As the sun sets, the ten members of the Makhuwa tribe are now shown walking in a single-file line towards their very first Tribal Council with Leah leading the way.

Tribal Council

The Makhuwa tribe can now be seen entering Tribal Council through the darkness as Jeff Probst stands by his seat ready to greet them. Once they have all entered and are standing behind the centre fire, Jeff begins to recite his traditional speech.

Jeff Probst: Behind each of you is a torch, go ahead and grab one and approach the flame, dip it in and get fire.

The ten Makhuwa tribe members follow this instruction as Jeff continues.

Jeff Probst: This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game, fire represents your life. As long as you have fire, you're still in the game. Once your fire is gone, so are you, and that will be the case for one of you here tonight.

The castaways are now shown placing their torches in the slots behind the stools and then sitting down. The camera then focuses on Tesla, who seems particularly awe-struck by the layout of Tribal Council before returning to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: So, Makhuwa, we're now 11 days into the game, three people from Sena have already been voted out, and here you are finally attending your first Tribal Council. Tesla, what do you think it is about this tribe that has kept you from coming here for so long?

Tesla: Ya' know, that's a good question Jeff. I can't tell you how happy I am to be on a tribe like this. We're like Paysandu from last season, but better. Like, it's been a little while since a tribe in a two-tribe season has done so well, with the last one being I think Lan Xang in Laos, who's lowest-placing member was also the fourth person actually voted off. Although, Sophie was technically the fifth out overall because Cornelia quit (giggles)... but still!

Jeff Probst: Wow... Tesla, you just spewed out those facts like nothing!

Tesla (Blushes; Giggles): Yeah, I think it's pretty obvious that I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of Survivor. No point in hiding it, Jeff.

Jeff Probst: You didn't answer my actual question though.

Most of the tribe, especially Tesla, now share a short laugh.

Tesla (Slightly embarrassed): Oh my gosh! I'm so, so sorry... what was the question again?

Jeff Probst (Giggles): What is it about this tribe that has made you guys so successful?

Tesla: I think that, umm... when it comes to challenges, we just seem to click most of the time, I guess. I think it also helped that Sena got rid of one of their strongest guys first as well.

Jeff Probst: So that brings me to the past couple of challenges in which you guys suffered your first set of back-to-back losses. Emil, based on what I observed at the challenge site, those losses seemed to get to you the most.

Emil: What can I say, Jeff? I'm a competitive dude! What sucked worse though was the fact that Miss Bossy Pants had me in that cage instead of Tessy, even though I'm obviously the stronger competitor.

Leah (Rolls eyes; Snarls): Oh please!

Jeff Probst: Leah, based on your reaction there, is it safe for me to assume that when Emil said (uses finger quotes) "Miss Bossy Pants" that he was referring to you?

Emil starts nodding vigorously as Leah responds to Jeff.

Leah: Of course he was, Jeff. The kid gets on my nerves so much because he doesn't know how to follow simple instructions, and when we got back to camp, I explained to the tribe that I just wanted him out of the way.

Emil (Rolls eyes): Yeah, but you'd rather have us rely on some girl that's done nothin' out here but slow us down in challenges, no offense Tessy.

Tesla (Shrugs): Whatever.

Jeff Probst: So Irene, based on what I'm seeing here, there was a lot of dispute about who did what in the challenge. What was the atmosphere like when you guys got back to camp?

Irene: Very... tense, I guess would be the best way to describe it. I mean, Emil and Leah had another tiff when we got back to camp, which is really nothing new.

Emil (Butting in): Yeah, I had to call Leah out on 'er s***, 'specially since that's what cost us the challenge!

Jeff Probst: So Brendyn, from what you've seen, how long have these issues been going on between Emil and Leah?

Brendyn: Since day one, pretty much. (Shrugs) They just seem to be polar opposites, and that's just the way it is. Honestly, if they both stay around tonight, I don't see that changing.

Ricki, Marshall, Emil, and Leah are all shown nodding in response to Brendyn's statement.

Penelope (Raising her hand): Can I say something, Jeff?

Jeff Probst: Go ahead.

Penelope: It's not just Leah that Emil has had issues with, far from it. He's just been a negative presence around this tribe ever since we got here, and that only got worse today before the challenge.

Irene is shown shaking her head and saying "Really Penelope?" under her breath, which is subtitled on the screen.

Jeff Probst: What happened before the challenge?

Penelope: He called me the (uses finger quotes) "Queen of Q***r." He probably thinks he was trying to be funny, but I just found that horribly offensive, as did some other people that took my side. I think an ignorant comment like that is what caused a lot of this as well.

Emil (Fed up): I get it, Penelope! I f***ed up, is that what you want me to say?!

Penelope (Startled): Yes! Uh... a full apology would be nice... but at least you admit you screwed up. At least we seem to be getting somewhere.

Emil (Rolls eyes): Fine! (Sighs) I'm sorry I called you q***r.

Penelope (Nodding): Thank you. I think that apology was a little late, but I'll take it.

Emil (Shakes head): I still dunno what the big deal was, I get that you were offended, but from what I've heard, that word got thrown around a lot and didn't seem like anything bad.

Irene (Interrupting): Well obviously she's had that word used against her in some kind of negative way! Get that through your thick skull!

Jeff Probst: Emil, (sighs) I'm sorry to say, but like Irene said, sometimes different language means different things to different people, and it just so happened that Penelope found what you said offensive to her.

Emil: Hey, I told Penelope I was sorry, and I meant it. I just said that I still had no idea why that word was so bad to her, but I admit, I f***ed up, and I'm sorry I said it. I dunno what more you people want from me.

Jeff Probst: So Ricki, when you're on a tribe with someone like Emil that seems to have issues with multiple people, how does that play into the vote?

Ricki: I think that in this kind of environment, especially in regard to the tension Emil in particular had with Penelope and Leah at camp, just one ember sparks the flame, as it were. I feel like tensions were brewing for a while, and this was the breaking point. As far as the vote goes, it's definitely worrisome that there is someone on the tribe that has this kind of tension with so many people, and it gets complicated when someone like Emil is a strong competitor that will help us physically. So you really have to weigh the pros and cons and evaluate the risks you might be taking by keeping them in the game, especially over someone that is much weaker physically.

The camera now pans over to show Tesla, who suddenly appears really nervous after hearing the last part of Ricki's answer.

Jeff Probst: Alright, so after that long and seemingly well thought out answer, it is time to vote. Jimmy, you're up.

Upon hearing his name, Jimmy shakes his head and stands up to head to the voting podium. We simply see Jimmy take the lid off of the urn and pick up the pen before the camera fades out.

Tesla is the next castaway to cast a vote, followed by Irene, Marshall, and Penelope in that order. Penelope is shown writing Emil's name on the parchment in nice, beautiful cursive writing as the scene transitions to her voting confessional.

Emil, living with you for the past 11 days has been nothing short of psychological torture for me. I sincerely hope that your apology tonight was genuine and that you learned a valuable lesson about respect out here.


Brendyn is the next castaway to cast a vote, followed by Emil, who is shown writing Leah's name on the parchment, although his voting confessional isn't aired. After Emil places his vote in the urn, Allan is the next person to approach the voting podium, and he is followed by Leah. Ricki is the last castaway to cast her vote. Once Ricki places the lid back on the urn, the camera returns to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff leaves to fetch the urn. Once he returns, he addresses the castaways.

Jeff Probst: If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

The camera then shows close ups of Emil, Tesla, and Leah before settling on Jimmy, who is simply looking straight at Jeff. Seeing that nobody would like to play an idol tonight, Jeff then continues.

Jeff Probst: Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff opens up the urn and takes out the first vote.

Jeff Probst: First vote... Emil

Emil simply nods and smirks.

LEAH 1 vote Emil, 1 vote Leah.

Leah is quite taken aback by the vote. She then looks towards Emil, who can be seen snickering, and rolls her eyes in response.


EMIL That's 3 votes Emil, 1 vote Leah.

Emil can be seen nodding at the vote, not seeming too worried as he believes he knows where all three of his votes came from.


Emil now gasps and puts both hands over his mouth, completely shocked to have received a fourth vote.

EMIL We're now at 5 votes Emil, 1 vote Leah...

Emil is simply shaking his head as he mutters "What the f*** dudes?" under his breath.

Fourth person voted out of Survivor: Mozambique...


Jeff Probst: That's six, that's enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Completely and utterly shocked, Emil still has both of his hands over his mouth as #Blindside appears in the bottom, left-hand corner of the screen.

Emil (Shakes head): Wow guys, y'all really got me good there.

Penelope is shown simply nodding her head as Marshall rubs her back. The camera then pans over to show Leah smiling, followed by Tesla breathing a sigh of relief and looking up towards the heavens mouthing the words "Thank you, Jesus." Emil is now shown taking his torch over to Jeff and placing it in its holder before addressing his tribe one more time.

Emil (Half-sarcastically): Good luck beatin' Sena, y'all! You're gonna need it.

Emil now turns to face Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Emil, the tribe has spoken.

Emil (Giggles): Apparently they have.

Jeff now places the snuffer on top of Emil's torch, putting out the flame. As Jeff releases the snuffer, we see a puff of smoke rising from Emil's torch where his flame once was.

Jeff Probst: It's time for you to go.

Emil now turns around to address his now former tribe one last time.

Emil: Peace out, y'all!

Emil then leaves the Tribal Council area, and heads off into the night.

Jeff Probst: Well, since you guys unanimously voted out one of your stronger challenge performers, it seems to me as though this vote for you guys was about eliminating that so-called tension within your tribe. Only time will tell if that works out for you. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Good night.

The outro music plays as the remaining 9 members of the Makhuwa tribe grab their bags and their torches, then make their way back to camp.

Tribal Council 4:
Emil De Bruyne
Emil (9 votes)
Allan FloresBrendyn GarciaIrene XingJimmy TalbotLeah Derry
Marshall DesjardinsPenelope OswaldRicki FifeTesla Van Mol
Allan, Brendyn, Irene, Jimmy, Leah, Marshall, Penelope, Ricki, Tesla
Leah Derry
Leah (1 vote)
Emil De Bruyne
Emil De BruyneBW
Emil De Bruyne

Final Words

Wow dudes, I must say, they really got me good, God damn! (Chuckles) It really is kinda humiliatin' to be the first one out, I can't lie, and I seriously hope it wasn't just 'cause of one stupid comment I made to Penelope. I'd like to think that they all got together and saw just how threatenin' I was, but I guess I ain't gonna find out for sure 'till the show airs. Aside from the bossy-ass bitch, Leah, I really got nothin' against any of 'em, and I wish them the best of luck in beatin' Sena. Hopefully I get another chance to show just how good at this game I am. But until then, peace out, Survivor universe! (Holds up "Peace" sign)

–Emil De Bruyne

Voting Confessionals

Sorry Emil, my alliance thinks you're too much of a loose cannon out here, and seeing how much drama you're involved in, I can't really fault them for that. Just going with the flow.


Emil, based on the murmurs I've heard, it's likely you or me tonight, and I just pray to God it's not me. My vote for you isn't because of a stupid comment you made, rather the fact that you're the only person besides me I think people are voting for, sorry.


Emil, I've spent 11 painful days with you, listening to your God-awful accent the whole damn time, and just praying that you'd slip into something more comfortable, like a coma. Ugh, you have no idea how happy I am that my alliance agreed to vote for you so I don't have to pretend to like your lame ass anymore. Good-bye, and good riddance!


Sorry it has to be like this, Emil. Hopefully you've learned a lot from this experience.


Emil, living with you for the past 11 days has been nothing short of psychological torture for me. I sincerely hope that your apology tonight was genuine and that you learned a valuable lesson about respect out here.


I'm sorry to do this to you Emil, but you said yourself that Tesla's no threat in anything, and for some reason, my main alliance is dead set on keeping Leah around. As harsh as this may sound, even without you, I'm in a good spot, and since I'll be able to get rid of Tesla literally whenever I want, I feel like keeping her is better for me strategically. Sorry again.


Leah, I can't wait to see the look on your face when Jeff snuffs your torch. (Giggles) Ya' know, with how much of a bitch you've been the entire time out here, just the look on your face alone will probably be worth 'bout a million bucks. Just sayin'! (Giggles)


I would say I'm sorry about voting for you, Emil... but I'm not. I'm looking forward to relative peace and quiet at camp for once.


(Singing quiety while doing a little shimmy) Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey hey hey. Good-bye. Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey hey hey. Good-bye. (Giggles) Sorry, I just couldn't resist doing that. (Giggles)


Emil, from my perspective, you and Tesla are both equally unpredictable. However, while you may be stronger in challenges, at least she doesn't cause drama and have multiple people that hate her. So with you gone, I feel like our tribe will have a better chance of sticking together at a swap or merge, sorry.


Next Time on Survivor

On Makhuwa, Tesla's struggles with the nature of the game continue...
I hate to say it, but it looks like keeping her was a mistake after all.

On Sena, tensions between Sky and Kane continue to grow...
There's nothing about him that's subtle.

I'm telling you, she's a flirty little rattlesnake!


Two castaways grow even closer to each other
I never expected this to happen out here!


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Author's Notes

The episode title was said by Ricki Fife at Tribal Council referencing the tension Emil De Bruyne had with Penelope Oswald and Leah Derry.