"Nothing and No One Can Change Who I Am"
Season Survivor: Con Dao - Infiltration
Author Tangle
Episode Number 15/15
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This is the season finale of Survivor: Con Dao - Infiltration!


Immunity Challenge (Day 37): High Rollers
The castaways will start by dropping a ball into a track and must run up and down a set of stairs to catch it and drop it back in. At regular intervals, another ball will be added, making the challenge harder. If a ball drops, the castaway is out. Last one standing wins immunity/
Stipulation: The holder of the immunity curse will drop in two balls before everyone else starts.
Winner: TBD

Immunity Challenge (Day 38): Hanging By a Thread
The castaways will hang over a pool, starting at a thirty-five degree angle, while water spills from a barrel above. Every five minutes, the angle will increase by five degrees. The last person still hanging wins immunity.
Stipulation: The holder of the immunity curse will start three minutes before everyone else, doing a total of eight minutes at the first angle of thirty-five degrees.
Winner: TBD


Day 36

The camera opens on Day 36 for the Chan Troi Tribe as the sun is newly up, early in the morning. We see a montage of Heeyoung collecting some fire-making supplies, then sitting down and starting the fire, which she manages to do with ease. She then sits by it, warming herself up, as the camera cuts to her confessional.

HeeyoungKim It’s no secret that the last few days have been hard for me. Losing Daniel and Tamiciea at the two Tribal Councils really hurt, but this morning I woke up with a little more energy. I know that it’s Tribal Council time either today or tomorrow, so I’m very close to seeing them. If I can make sure they’re alright, then I’ll be alright. I’m trying to take advantage of this positive energy while I can. I got up, got supplies and started the fire, so I can say I at least contributed something to the day instead of crying my eyes out and yelling at everyone I see. I don’t know what the future holds for me in terms of strategy and I’m not thinking about it just now, but at least today is off to a better start..
Heeyoung Kim

We then see James heading out of the shelter. He sees Heeyoung, smiles, and sits next to her.

James: Good morning, Heeyoung. You seem to be feeling better?

Heeyoung: Yeah, I woke up fine this morning so I thought I’d start the fire!

James: That’s a relief to hear. What’s got you in such a spritely mood?

Heeyoung: I don’t know, honestly. I guess I thought about what you said yesterday; if Tamiciea and Daniel had been hurting or in trouble, I would have heard about it, and Tribal Council is either tonight or tomorrow.

James: That’s right! You’ll be able to see them yourself and you’ll know they’re fine, also vice versa. I promise you that they’re just as sad about being apart from you as you are from them. It’ll be a relief for all of you.

Heeyoung: Yeah! I’m looking forward to seeing Tamiciea again. Hopefully with immunity, too, huh?

James: Right! If you walk into Tribal with immunity, I’m sure your worries and theirs will be erased,, and everyone will be A-OK.

Heeyoung: (giggles) A-OK? Who even thought of that phrase?

James: (shrugs) I’m not sure, but it’s a good phrase to keep in the back of your mind whenever you’re feeling low or things feel impossible.

Heeyoung: (giggles again) It's makes me laugh.

James: Then make yourself laugh! Laughter is the best medicine, that’s what I always say.

Heeyoung: Do you really always say it, though? Or is it just something that people say they always say when they’re trying to cheer people up?

James: Don’t go digging too deep into the Dad Code now. (smiles) The point is, if you’re laughing, you’re happy, and that’s always a good thing to make you feel better! So just keep repeating to yourself, “A-OK!”

Heeyoung: Thank you!

James: I’m glad to see you feeling much better. You know that Redmont would have said something to Kovač to pass on to you if something was wrong. No news is good news in this instance!

Heeyoung: As you always say?

James: You’re onto it!

Heeyoung: Thanks for checking in. It really means a lot to have you watching over me.

James: You’re always welcome.

The camera cuts to James’ confessional as he is feeling content.

JamesRyan I’m so relieved to see Heeyoung getting back to her old self. Seeing her up early, making fire, talking and laughing put a smile on my face almost as big as hers. I know that she’s still upset about the eliminations, but with Tribal Council coming up, she knows that she has a chance to see them and make sure they’re okay. She’s very determined to win immunity, too, to put them at ease. I think that’s half of what’s upsetting her, that she doesn’t know how they’re feeling, as well as not being able to see them. I think the next Tribal will put her mind at rest, which is ironic, considering that’s the exact opposite of what it’s meant to do. (laughs) These last few days will be easier for her now. It’s not about how often you fall down in this game, but how you get back up, and I think Heeyoung is a great example of that.
James Ryan

Following James’ confessional, we see him going up to Scott.

James: How are the nerves today?

Scott: They’re bubblin’ away as usual. Tribal’s gettin’ closer and I just feel like my elimination is too. I got the curse, so there’s no immunity, which means we gotta have three votes.

James: I was hoping you’d be feeling a little more calm today, but I understand. I just don’t want a repeat of all the things you said and did yesterday.

Scott: (deep sigh) Trust me, neither do I. It was embarrassin’. How are Heeyoung and Clara?

James: Clara I haven’t spoken to today, but I did have a chat with her yesterday after you left. She understood that you weren’t yourself, but she didn’t appreciate what you said, either. It didn’t help matters at all.

Scott: I know… What about Heeyoung?

James: She’s feeling quite a lot better. I didn’t talk to her about you, or who she’s voting for, if that’s your next question. That’s not my business. My suggestion is that you go and apologise to them for yesterday. Whatever you do, don’t mention the vote. Don’t even talk about Tribal Council, or anything. Just talk about how sorry you are, how you weren’t yourself and how you’ve been paranoid.

Scott: Yeah, I definitely will. Thanks for givin’ me the heads up.

James: At this point, trying to pressure them into a vote is going to do nothing but hinder your cause. This needs to come from the heart.

Scott: I’ll go find Heeyoung now.

Scott walks away. The camera cuts to another of James’ confessionals as he watches Scott go.

JamesRyan As Scott’s closest friend, I do feel a sense of duty to help him get to the end, but that doesn’t mean I can enable his bad behaviour, because that helps nobody. A true friend will hold them accountable for their wrongs, but suggest ways in which they can fix the problem. Heeyoung is feeling better, but that’s not an excuse for Scott to jump down her throat about the Tribal Council, because that will just put him back on square one. The fact is that Scott’s paranoia has caused him to lash out at both Heeyoung and Clara, things which aren’t acceptable no matter the reason. I wanted him to apologise without mentioning the vote, and speak from the heart. Not only will it seem insincere, but you can’t force people to act against their will. That’s why I’ve never tried to force anyone into a vote, and it has gotten me this far. If Scott just breathes for a second, I believe he can get past this vote.
James Ryan

The camera picks up as Scott finds Heeyoung on the beach.

Scott: Hey, Heeyoung. I was wonderin’ if we could talk about yesterday?

Heeyoung: Yeah, we can.

Scott: I wanna get everythin’ out before you respond, is that okay? It might be a bit rambly, but I gotta say it.

Heeyoung: Sure.

Scott: I might not have meant for what I said yesterday to come out the way it did, but it did, and it was wrong. I shouldn’t have asked you if you voted for me out of spite, ‘cause I know you didn’t, and even if you did, it’s none of my business how you vote. I wanted to ask you ‘cause I thought we were close, but mainly ‘cause of all the anxiety and pressure I’ve been feelin’. I know you know what that feels like better than anyone.

Heeyoung: You’re right, I do. Those days at JYP were meant to be my dream, but they ended up being some of the worst days of my life. Not because of them, I’m thankful for the opportunity, but because I just wasn’t equipped to handle the pressure and anxiety that I, myself, underestimated.

Scott: It’s the same with me. I knew that Pops wanted me to come back with the money and I thought I could do it, but I never knew just how much pressure and anxiety I’d be feelin’. The weight is droppin’ off me, I’m constantly scared, and I’m turnin’ into a person I don’t wanna be. I’m sayin’ hurtful things and I’m comin’ off heartless, which I’m not, and never intended to be.

Heeyoung: I’ve said some bad things when I’m under pressure, too. It’s not just you, and I’ve felt like I’m under a ton of pressure this game because people only ever chase after my vote and never care about my feelings. It happened when Daniel left the first time, and it happened when he left the second time. I was frustrated with you for voting Daniel out and not voting for Kovač, so when you approached me, it seemed like you only cared about my vote and not how I felt.

Scott: Which I’m really sorry for, ‘cause I never meant for it to happen like that, and I hate that I keep gettin’ anxious and frustrated. It’s just the closer we get, the worse I feel. Even now there’s a pit in my stomach and I just want it all to go away. Havin’ the curse doesn’t help, but this isn’t about the game. This about me bein’ super on edge and takin’ it out on you isn’t fair. I’m really sorry about that.

Heeyoung: Thank you. I’m sorry that I snapped at you, too. It’s hard to think straight when you’re in a bad headspace and both of us have had a rough few days.

Scott: Exactly. Thanks for listenin’, Heeyoung.

Heeyoung: You’re welcome.

The two hug. Scott then gets up and leaves, with the camera cutting to his confessional.

ScottTymchyshyn I’m lucky to have James lookin’ out for me. I screwed up so bad yesterday that, by all rights, no one should wanna talk to me again. I burned Heeyoung and Clara by sayin’ things I never should have. I was so paranoid that I saw my elimination as inevitable and I was so desperate to stay, but that ain’t an excuse. I do think Kovač should go over me ‘cause of his jury conversation power, and I was really nervous about havin’ three votes, but I can’t put the game over people’s feelin’s, which is what I’ve been doin’. I do hope that Heeyoung and I can at least go back to bein’ friends, and I really will fight to stay, but I gotta remember I’m playin’ with other people. It’s hard to do that when I feel like I’ve been on my own island for the entire merge.
Scott Tymchyshyn

The camera then transitions to Heeyoung, who is still on the beach, as she thinks about the conversation.

HeeyoungKim I was surprised that Scott came and apologised, but I really appreciated it. I know what’s going on in his head, because I’ve felt under pressure and had anxiety, too. I know I haven’t been easy to deal with for the whole game because I can get really emotional at times, same as Scott knows he can get really paranoid and on edge. Neither of us have been in a good headspace for the last few days, so it was good to sit down and talk now that we’re feeling better and calmer. As for what this means for my vote, it doesn’t really change anything? I don’t hate Scott and I’m not going to vote out of anger. I do accept his apology and I understand where he’s coming from, but it doesn’t automatically wash away everything that’s occurred. If I vote to keep Scott, it will be because I choose to do so, and no other reason.
Heeyoung Kim

The camera picks up as Scott has left Heeyoung and gone over to Clara.

Scott: Hey, Clara, I wanna talk about what I said yesterday, if that’s alright.

Clara: Sure, what’s on your mind?

Scott: What I said yesterday was completely out of line. I’m sorry for bein’ so aggressive and threatenin’ you about votin’ for Kovač. I just saw my elimination as inevitable and I was desperate to stay, but that’s not the point.

Clara: Oh, God, don’t even worry about it. Trust me, I know a paranoid meltdown when I see one; I’m the queen of them. Yeah, what you said sucked. I’m happy you apologised and I accept it, but I know that it was just the paranoia talking.

Scott: (smiles) Thanks. I knew that if anyone would understand, it’d be you.

Clara: I’ve said some crazy things over the course of the game, too. If I apologised to everyone for every single thing I did, I wouldn’t be able to strategise because I’d spend all my waking hours chasing people down and saying sorry.

Scott: (laughs) Yeah, I’ve been around for a few of ‘em. It’s just the end of the game is gettin’ to me. We’re on the third last day and I wanna get there so bad. I know you do too, and it’s makin’ me do stuff that’s so abnormal. I just don’t wanna go home.

Clara: Nobody does. It’s only natural that you’ll do anything to stay, but at the end of the day, someone has to. It’s just the nature of the beast. Try not to let your paranoid meltdowns weigh you down too much. The best thing you can do is just leave time to cool off and apologise like you mean it, as you’re doing now. When the game is over, people will see the real you.

Scott: That’s what I’m hopin’. And another thing, could you not call them paranoid meltdowns? That has such a terrible ring to it.

Clara: You’re right, it really does. I’ll stop. Again, thanks for the apology.

Scott: You’re welcome.

Scott walks away. The camera cuts to Clara as she, too, walks off, but in a different direction.

ClaraAlcott Scott was very aggressive yesterday, and I liked that he apologised now that he’s calmed down. While it was hurtful to be subjected to that, I know it was all anxiety and paranoia talking, because I’ve been there myself. I’ve had to apologise on more than one occasion for stuff that I said. I know that the people in the game aren’t the same as those out of it, so my opinion of Scott as a person isn’t soured or anything. As far as the game goes, though, the apology does nothing to change the fact he’s my next target. He’s the most dangerous physically, clearly has enormous drive to get to the end and will be very difficult to face at Final Tribal. We need to get the votes together to send him home.
Clara Alcott

The camera picks up next as Clara is talking to Kovač,

Kovač: So, Clara, what did I miss? The plan didn’t change from Scott while I was gone?

Clara: Nope. If anything, he needs to go even more.

Kovač: Oh, really? What happened?

Clara: The second we got back from the challenge, he launched into this aggressive campaign about how you needed to go because you had so much information, you were going to win, and you needed to go before him.

Kovač: I’m not even surprised, to be honest.

Clara: I’m seriously understating how hard he pushed to get you out. I don’t think I can put it into words. He was saying how dumb I’d be to keep you, how he’s pissed off more people than you, the list went on and on.

Kovač: Oh my God. Again, surprise: 0, but that just shows how desperate he is to get to the end. I respect it being his only option, but damn. Tamiciea’s right, he’s got something up his sleeve.

Clara: He really does and it’s going to be impossible to beat, otherwise he wouldn’t be caring this much. So, my vote is still on Scott.

Kovač: Yeah, he has to go, no question. Like, sure, I don’t think I’ve pissed people off, but Scott is playing hard and if he makes it to the end with his back against the wall, that’s what’s gonna get the win. Let’s get our three votes and send him home.

Clara: Absolutely!

As the conversation ends, Kovač’s is shown to be thinking things over. The camera cuts to Kovač’s confessional.

NicolasKovac Finding out that Scott had tried to throw me under the bus for having the jury conversation? I mean, really not surprised, because I knew I’d have a target on my back. After throwing James under the bus on the same day, though, it really proves beyond doubt that Scott needs to go next. He’s so desperate to get to the end that he’ll do anything, which means there’s really something driving him and I don’t wanna face that at Final Tribal. It’s also making me think about whether or not I ham <expletive> up for this Tribal or take the safe route and just get the straight three. I could try the craziest move in the world and it would mean nothing if it didn’t actually work and I got sent home. I’ll see what happens.
Nic Kovač

Day 37- Immunity Challenge

Courtland: It's challenge time, y'all! Let's do this!

The castaways walk in and stand on the mat.

Courtland: Final five! Two days left! The stakes are higher than ever. Beat this vote, and you have just one more to get through. If you win immunity, you're guaranteed to face the last vote before the end. I know y'all want it, so let's not waste time. Heeyoung, wanna hand it over?

Heeyoung takes the necklace off and hands it to Courtland.

Courtland: We're really gonna work you hard. You'll start the challenge off by dropping a ball into a track at the top of the stairs, then race down to catch it. You'll race back up the stairs to drop it back in, and keep goin'. At regular intervals, you'll add another ball to make it harder, and you'll still have to run up to put a ball back in as soon as you catch it, so you'll have to space them out, too. If a ball drops, you're out. Last one standing wins. Who has the curse?

Scott: Me again.

Courtland: Bad news for you today, Scott. You'll have to put two balls in before everyone else starts. Alright, let's get this underway.

The castaways are awaiting Courtland's signal.

Courtland: For immunity, Survivors ready? GO!

Immunity Challenge: High Rollers
ClaraAlcott HeeyoungKim JamesRyan NicolasKovac ScottTymchyshyn
Clara, Heeyoung, James, Nic K., Scott

Challenge Summary:

  • Scott starts off putting the first ball in, and runs up and down the stairs a few times before being instructed to put his second ball in. Everyone else puts their ball in and the challenge starts properly.
  • Everyone does well and soon another ball is added. Scott waits a little while longer to space his and everyone takes off running up and down to stay in the challenge. 
  • Clara stumbles going down the stairs but is able to catch her ball in time. This throws her out, though, and she mistimes putting it back in. She is unable to catch her ball at the bottom, and she is the first one out.
  • When a third ball is added for the three and a fourth for Scott, James starts to struggle. He has tired going up and down the stairs constantly, and this lapse in concentration causes him to mistime putting the ball in. One of his other balls drops before he can get to it.
  • Shortly after, Scott struggles trying to keep track of all the balls and he ends up having to sprint constantly to get to them. After some close calls, his luck runs out and one of the balls drops.
  • Kovac and Heeyoung are the last two standing as a fourth ball is put in. Kovac is the first to drop the ball in, while Heeyoung waits a little longer. The two are beginning to tire, having run up and down the stairs so much, and have some close calls. Kovac nearly drops a ball, and Heeyoung has to sprint to catch one of hers. As the challenge comes to a close, Kovac mistimes putting in one of his balls and ends up having to dive to make a catch. He does, and shortly after, Heeyoung has to sprint to make it.
  • By now, both of them are exhausted. The challenge doesn't last much longer, though, as...

  • Kovac isn't able to run fast enough to catch one of the balls and it finally drops, giving Heeyoung immunity. 

Courtland: Immunity goes to Heeyoung for the third time!

Heeyoung: Thank God it's over...

Heeyoung walks down the stairs and sits on the bottom one, catching her breath. The other four castaways walk over to congratulate her. After a timeskip, the castaways are back on the mat. 

Courtland: Heeyoung, immunity number three! Come and get it.

Heeyoung is applauded as she walks over to Courtland, smiling. He puts the necklace on her.

Courtland: You're officially in the final four! You won't be vulnerable tonight, while the other four in front of you will be. There's only two days left, but that's all one of you is gonna experience. I'll see you at Tribal Council. You guys can head on out.

The castaways head back to camp.

Day 37- Pre-Tribal

Following Heeyoung’s immunity win, the castaways return to camp.

James: Congratulations, Heeyoung! Three immunities, what an amazing feat!

Heeyoung: Thanks! I’m so glad that challenge finished when it did, though, because I’m so tired.

Kovač: Yeah, that challenge was crazy! I’m exhausted. Can we just sleep instead of going to Tribal? (laughs)

Heeyoung smiles as she hangs up her immunity necklace and the camera cuts to her confessional.

HeeyoungKim It’s Tribal Council tonight and I’m so happyyy! I get to see Tamiciea and Daniel and I get to walk in with the immunity necklace! It’s my third one now, which means I’ve had as many as Scott, and that challenge was definitely the hardest of them all. Seriously, I’m so tired. It doesn’t matter, though. I’m just looking forward to seeing that my friends are alright and showing them that I beasted the challenge today. I really don’t know how I’m going to vote, because it’s obviously going to come down to Scott or Kovač, and I don’t really care at the moment. I’m just going to think things over and decide before I leave.
Heeyoung Kim

The camera then picks up as James and Scott are talking.

James: Scott, are you happy to vote for Kovač?

Scott: I guess I got no choice. Damn, I really wanted that immunity today.

James: Don’t worry about it. We’ll get the three votes. Kovač has that jury conversation, which I’m sure will scare people.

Scott: (sighs) I hope so. I really don’t wanna go home today. We’ve got two days left.

James: Remember what your mother said: she’s proud of you no matter what, and you should be proud too. Even if you do go home tonight, fifth is still an amazing achievement. I’ll do my best to make sure you stay, but you can guarantee you won’t be getting my vote.

Scott: Thanks… I know I’ll be gettin’ two, though, and probably three. We just gotta swing Heeyoung.

The two walk off to find Heeyoung.

James: Hey, Heeyoung. Have you given any thought as to how you’re going to vote?

Heeyoung: Um… I’m still thinking things over, I’m not too sure yet.

Scott: Well, I really hope you vote Kovač, ‘cause I wanna stay really bad. The anxiety is killin’ me, and besides, Kovač is a way bigger threat than me anyway. He has the jury conversation-

Heeyoung: Yeah, I know what’s going on, I don’t need to be reminded. Like I said, I’m just going to think about things and decide who I want to go with.

James: And it’s completely up to you where you go. We just want you to know that we’re voting for Kovač and would appreciate if you did too, but if not, you’re free to make that choice.

Scott looks agitated.

Scott: I’ll take you to the final three if you save me.

Heeyoung: Thanks.

Heeyoung walks off.

Scott: God, I’m so nervous… why did you have to say that she’s free to choose if she votes me out?

James: Because she is. You can’t force people to vote a certain way, and if you try to force Heeyoung, she’s just going to push back and do the opposite.

Scott: I guess so… Ugh, James, I really don’t wanna go home.

James: You won’t. Just stay calm, and remember, I’m on your side.

The camera cuts to James’ confessional.

JamesRyan Scott is understandably very nervous now that he doesn’t have immunity and Tribal Council is coming up. Heeyoung being unsure of how she’s going to vote isn’t helping his anxiety, but everyone plays the game differently and that’s Heeyoung’s choice to make. I understand the natural response is to fight and convince her that Kovač is the bigger threat, but that’s not going to do anything, and would probably only push her towards voting for him. She knows all the facts and will make a decision in time. I hope the bond we’ve had over the last few days might end up helping Scott, but who knows? Either way, I’ll never write his name down. That’s a promise I made and I’m going to stick to it.
James Ryan

The camera then picks up as Kovač and Clara are meeting up, discussing the vote.

Kovač: Scott?

Clara: Scott.

Kovač: Yeah, he’s really the most dangerous person. I hope we’ve got Heeyoung’s vote.

Clara: If we don’t, it’s stupid. Why would she try and go with Scott to the final four?

Kovač: Right? Let’s go talk to her.

The two of them walk over to Heeyoung.

Kovač: Heyo! We’re voting for Scott. What are you thinking of doing tonight?

Heeyoung: I’m really not sure right now. I have to think things over.

Kovač: Obviously we think Scott is the bigger threat and you’d have a place in the final three with us!

Heeyoung: (giggles) That’s what Scott and James said, and they’re voting for you, by the way.

Kovač: Figured as much. I’m a vote magnet these days.

Clara: We’re clearly the better side to pick, because James and Scott are way harder to beat, so I’d think about that when making your choice, but it’s up to you.

Heeyoung: I know what’s going on. Don’t worry. Thanks for telling me how you’re voting.

Heeyoung walks away.

Clara: Jesus Christ, that’s frustrating when you’re counting on a vote.

Kovač: Especially when your name is the one on the block. (laughs) Oh well, what can you do? The magic of the game, right? Everyone plays differently.

Clara: Exactly, but anyone could see that if you don’t get Scott out, you’re stupid. I just wish we didn’t need her vote so bad. I’m starting to regret taking Tamiciea out at sixth because we could have done her at five with James. (sighs)

Kovač: Never mind, we’ll still get the votes! I know a way.

The camera cuts to Kovač’s confessional as he has a cunning smile.

NicolasKovac Heeyoung is a pretty big wildcard at this vote, which is not good when you’re me. I was thinking about what Redmont said at the jury conversation about the jurors wanting to be won over with another Gideon move, and now’s the time! It’s go big or go home, and I’m getting two votes anyway, so I’m gonna try and pull the votes in such a way that I don’t need Heeyoung’s vote. Like her or not, Heeyoung has had the craziest amount of power this entire merge and has been pretty much untouchable for one reason or another, so I think I need this trick up my sleeve against her at Final Tribal. Things are about to get crazy around here, and Clara and I are gonna be the ones in control.
Nic Kovač

Following Kovač’s confessional, we see him talking to Scott.

Kovač: Hey, man, I thought about what you said. Clara and I are gonna do James tonight.

Scott: For real?

Kovač: Yeah, definitely, but we need you to vote with us because Heeyoung probably won’t put his name down, which just means he has to go even more.

Scott: Right, yeah, I understand, ‘cause it’s gonna be me otherwise, right?

Kovač: Exactly. Besides, when I talked to Redmont, he said that your only chance of winning is to get rid of James.

Scott: Huh?

Kovač: Everyone loves James, and everyone thinks that he’s the one who’s been pulling the strings. He voted for Tamiciea, turning against you, remember? And he still stayed in the game, and he was still with you at the final six. Everyone thinks that James is running rings around you. So, not only is James going your only chance to survive, you need to pull this off to get that mil.

Scott: Wow… I never knew that was how the jury felt about me. Everyone’s been readin’ James wrong this whole time. I’ve been makin’ moves too.

Kovač: Yeah, I know that, but the jury is, like, super pro-James. I don’t want it to be me who goes, and you don’t want it to be you. Heeyoung is a wildcard, so let’s team up and vote him out! James won’t even curse you, so you’ll have the chance at immunity and we can fight it out. You in?

Scott: (sighs) Yeah, I’m in. I wanna stay so bad. Thanks, man.

Kovač: Thank Redmont for giving me the information. (laughs) Man, did I dodge that bullet.

The conversation ends. The camera cuts to Kovač, who is smiling.

NicolasKovac So, my master plan is officially in action! My plan is for James to stay voting me, Scott to vote James, Heeyoung to vote Clara, and Clara and I to vote Scott. A 2-1-1-1 vote at the final five is crazy and unheard of, and I have the advantage of being able to say this is what the jury wants to see. I’m gonna give everyone different stories that’ll make them likely to switch over, and then we’ll head to Tribal and watch the magic happen! Getting Scott to vote James was the easy part. He really wants to stay and was probably gonna do it anyway. Getting Heeyoung to vote Clara will be the hard part, but even if it fails, it’s either a 3-1-1 or a 2-2-1, and there’s no way Scott survives a revote. This plan is foolproof and Scott is going home!
Nic Kovač

The camera then cuts to Scott, who has an anxious look on his face, before we are taken to his confessional.

ScottTymchyshyn I know my name is bein’ thrown around ‘cause people have been comin’ for me since the final six. James is votin’ for Kovač, but I have no idea who Heeyoung is votin’ for tonight. That makes me nervous. I can’t leave tonight, not with only two days left until the Final Tribal Council. Kovač just came up and said that Redmont told him James was the biggest jury threat and we both need to get rid of him to survive. I’ve been thinkin’ about that. I don’t know if he’s really votin’ for James or if I’m bein’ fooled, but when the only other option is me… I may have to throw James out to get to the final four. I know he won’t curse me, so I could have a shot at immunity… if that’s what’s really goin’ on.
Scott Tymchyshyn

Following a transitional nature shot, we see Kovač talking to Heeyoung.

Heeyoung: I hope you’re not here to nag about my vote again.

Kovač: Well, it is about your vote, but there’s no nagging involved! I also have some stuff to tell you about the jury conversation.

Heeyoung: Oh? What happened?

Kovač: Okay, so, long story short, you’re in a pretty good position to win. You have Daniel and Tamiciea fully supporting you at the Jury House, and everyone else likes you too.

Heeyoung: Oh! That’s really nice. I’m glad Daniel is rooting for me. (laughs)

Kovač: The thing that Redmont told me about you, is similar to what he said about me. The jury likes us. There are a couple of people who are gonna vote for us. For me it’s Maverick, for you it’s Daniel. But to win the rest of the jury over, we have to make a move to make them happy. I think that we can do something together.

Heeyoung: What are you suggesting? I’m interested.

Kovač: Well, Daniel and Tamiciea haaaate Clara, and so does the rest of the jury, honestly. If we can get rid of her, we give the jury satisfaction, and we have a move for ourselves.

Heeyoung: Do you really think we’re going to get three votes for Clara? I doubt it.

Kovač: That’s the beauty of this plan. We don’t need three votes. Our two will do it! James is gonna vote for me, Clara will vote for Scott, and Scot will vote for James. With our two on Clara, we’re in control! We’ll be the king and queen of this game!

Heeyoung: Hold on a minute, Scott is voting for James?

Kovač: Yeah! God, yeah. He wants to stay so bad, he’ll do anything. He came to Clara and I days ago wanting to save himself. He knows that voting James is the only way he doesn’t get cursed, and he thinks James destroys him in a jury vote. He wants to win.

Heeyoung: (sighs) That’s really annoying.

Kovač: So, are you gonna vote Clara with me? We can really turn this game on its head!

Heeyoung: Sure, but why are you going from wanting to be at the end with Clara to voting for her?

Kovač: The jury conversation changed a lot of my thinking. Let’s do this!

Kovač and Heeyoung part ways. The camera cuts to Heeyoung’s confessional as she thinks about the situation.

HeeyoungKim All of a sudden, Kovač is telling me that we can pull off this crazy 2-1-1-1 vote or something against Clara. I don’t know how one conversation can change your endgame, but okay. I’m unsure if I believe it, but it was nice to hear that Daniel and Tamiciea were rooting for me. If they want me to vote off Clara, I might do that and pull off a move at the same time. That being said, Kovač might be lying to me, and I don’t like that idea, so I might just vote for him since he’s causing trouble. I could vote for Scott. Hearing that he threw James under the bus to save himself means he’ll probably do that to me, and I just don’t like that attitude anyway. People are just annoying me today and there’s a lot of lying going on. I’ll have to think about where I place my vote.
Heeyoung Kim

The day then fades to late afternoon as Kovač walks up to Clara, excited.

Kovač: Hey, Clara! Are you ready to love me even more than you already?

Clara: (laughs) What did you do?

Kovač: Just what I said I was gonna do! We don’t have to worry about Heeyoung’s vote.

Clara: Did you get Scott to vote James?

Kovač: Yup!

Clara: So it’ll tie or be a 3-1-1, and if there’s a revote, everyone should be turning on Scott. That’s great!

Kovač: But wait, there’s more! It gets even better! Our two votes will be the deciders. We have the power to get rid of whoever we want.

Clara: What are you talking about?

Kovač: I went one better. I told Heeyoung that Daniel wanted her to vote you out, so she’s putting your name down, James is putting mine down, Scott is putting James’ down, and we can put Scott’s down! 2-1-1-1, bam, huge move, respect won by the jury.

Clara: Why did you have to throw my name out to Heeyoung? How is this even going to work?

Kovač: Because I pitched this exact same plan to her and told her I’d be voting Clara, that the jury wants a big move, and Daniel wants you to go home.

Clara: Okay…

Kovač: You don’t think I’m actually gonna vote you out, do you? That’d be super dumb of me when we need to go to the final three together. This works out amazingly for you, because if you’re willing to risk a vote, you can get rid of the paranoid tag and win the respect of the jury! Trust me, they’re not high on you at the moment, but if you do this you’ll change their minds.

Clara: Oh, wow… interesting. Redmont really said that about me huh?

Kovač: Yeah, the jury still sees you as paranoid, but with our two votes, we can cancel out Heeyoung and James, make them both look super weak, and get rid of Scott! It’s the best thing either of us could do, and then we’ll just pick whoever we want to go to the final three with.

Clara: Yeah, that sounds cool.

Kovač: So, you’re down? I know you’re nervous, but think about this: the only vote that’s not 100% to go the way I’ve talked about is Heeyoung voting for you. If she votes for me, it’s a revote and Scott goes home, because she’s annoyed he’s voting for James; if she votes for Scott, we show that we didn’t need her vote anyway. There’s no way we can lose with this plan.

Clara: You’re right. I’ll vote for Scott.

Kovač: Niiiiice! Respect, final three, and being the king and queen, here we come!

Kovač walks away, a huge grin on his face. The camera cuts to his confessional.

NicolasKovac The sequel to my much-loved Gideon move is in motion! This is gonna be the best move the game has ever seen. Nobody has ever heard of a 2-1-1-1 vote at the final five. I fed stories to Scott and Heeyoung about the jury conversation and I think they’re gonna believe me, so Clara and I can cast just two votes to send Scott home! You know the most genius thing about this plan? Even if the plan fails, it still works. If Heeyoung votes for me, it’s a tie vote, and bye bye Scott at the revote. If Heeyoung votes for Scott, he goes home anyway and James looks weak. This is all about building power and respect, and Clara and I are gonna be the ultimate Chads.
Nic Kovač

The camera then focuses on Clara, whose brow is furrowed with concern.

ClaraAlcott Kovač came to me with this crazy plan, to 2-1-1-1 Scott! Basically, everyone, including me, gets a vote and our two votes will send Scott home. James is getting a vote from Scott, Heeyoung is voting for me, James is voting for Kovač. Even if it doesn’t work, we’ll still be able to send Scott home. This whole plan seems unbelievable, but would be huge if it worked. My problem is that I don’t like that I’m getting a vote, and I think that the jury would respect me but give all the credit to Kovač. At the moment, he’s my only chance of winning, so if he gets this, it might be out of my reach. It would take one word to get this plan thrown out, but this is also about respect. I want the jury to respect me and show that I can pull off big moves. Maybe if I take the risk and it pays off, they’ll start putting my name up there with the good players. It’s a huge thing to consider and I don’t know what I’m going to do at this point. I want to win more than anything.
Clara Alcott

The sun sets as the five members of Chan Troi head to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council- Day 37

The five members of Chan Troi walk in and sit down.

Courtland: Let’s bring in Redmont, Maverick, Daremyth, Gideon, Isamu, Daniel and Tamiciea.

The jury walks in and sits down. Seeing that Heeyoung has immunity, Daniel and Tamiciea smile.

Courtland: Wow! Night thirty-seven. This game is almost over, and we’re about to hit the final four. Heeyoung, you have immunity and are guaranteed to be there. How does it feel?

Heeyoung: It feels amazing, Courtland. I’ve had the worst few days and I woke up this morning saying I wanted to win immunity to show Daniel and Tamiciea that I was alright, which is what I did.

Courtland: What happened over the last few days?

Heeyoung: Daniel leaving hurt me, like I said last time. Tamiciea leaving made me upset and angry, and I just had to shut down for a couple of days. I didn’t want to talk about the game, and I didn’t know what I was going to do next.

Courtland: What changed?

Heeyoung: Waking up and realising today was Tribal, knowing that if anything bad had happened to Daniel or Tamiciea, that Redmont would have told Kovač to tell me, and tonight at Tribal I could see them in person.

Courtland: You must be the only person in history who’s been excited to come to Tribal!

Heeyoung giggles. Courtland then moves on to the next question.

Courtland: Actually, Heeyoung, you’ve started the next discussion topic for me. Kovač, you won the juror conversation. What was it like, and how did things change for you? Do you see a target on your back?

Kovač: (turning around) Dunno, let me check.

The group laughs.

Kovač: Yep, it’s there! Of course winning something big like this is gonna put a target on my back, especially for people who are looking to get to the end in any way possible. It’s easy to say, “Kovač knows some inside information, he’s a huge threat,” and send me on my way.

Courtland: What was the conversation itself like?

Kovač: It was good. I got some information and I knew what I wanted to ask. It was fun to catch up with Redmont. (laughs)

Courtland: James, how does the knowledge of the juror conversation taking place change all your strategies? Did you find out anything?

James: I found out nothing personally, but I can’t say the same for everyone else. In terms of what it does for my game, also nothing. When we found out this game was called Infiltration, we knew curveballs would be thrown at us. We had the Infiltrators, the Outcasts, the Immunity Curse, and now this. I think my game has gotten me this far and put me in a good position. We’re two days out from the end and I see no reason to change something now. People know where I stand and what I’m about.

Courtland: Scott, on that note, we’re very close to the end. There’s five people fighting for three spots. What’s on your mind?

Scott: I wanna get to the end no matter what it takes, against people I can beat. I’ll do anythin’, and I’m really startin’ to think about who I wanna face at Final Tribal Council. But to do that, I have to think about the final four and what’s gonna happen there. My vote is gonna be about protectin’ myself and bein’ in the best possible spot.

Courtland: Clara, what does “the best possible spot” mean for you?

Clara: I’ve been saying this whole merge that I’m fighting for respect and wanting to be noticed by the jurors. I know that people don’t like me and think I’m a paranoid goat, even though I’ve been fighting harder than anybody. For this vote I’m thinking about who I’m going to face at the end, and wanting to get there with the best case.

Courtland: Do you think it’s too late to change the jurors’ perceptions of you?

Clara: It’s not too late. The only time you can’t do that is when they’re up there casting their votes. I know in my heart that the moves I’m doing are the right ones and they’re coming out of strategy, not paranoia. I’m going to fight harder than ever over these last few days to prove to the jury that I’m worth the win.

Courtland: Alright, we have five people hungry to move on, but one of you is about to have your journey come to an end. Heeyoung, are you keepin’ the necklace?

Heeyoung: I am, thanks.

Courtland: Heeyoung is safe, everyone else is vulnerable. Scott, how about you start us off?

Scott: Alright.

Scott goes up to cast his vote, which is not shown. James casts his vote next, which is revealed to be for Kovač.

JamesRyan (voting for Kovač) I commend you for the game you’ve played so far. Please know this is nothing personal, but I made a promise that I’m going to stick to.

Heeyoung is up to vote next, and her vote is not revealed. Kovač is up to vote, and his vote for Scott is revealed.

NicolasKovac (voting for Scott) The more you try to plead your case to stay, the bigger the case to send you home gets.

Last to vote is Clara. At the booth, she begins writing a name, but the camera fades away and she is shown returning to her seat.

Courtland: I’ll get the votes.

Courtland leaves and returns a short time later with the urn.

Courtland: If anyone’s got an idol to play, this is the last chance you’ll get.

Everyone looks around, but no one moves.

Courtland: Okay, the votes are locked. The person with the most needs to leave Tribal Council immediately. Let’s get started.

First vote...

KOVAČ. (1-0)

Kovač smiles. 

SCOTT. That's one for Kovač, one for Scott. (1-1)

Seeing his name come up, Scott sighs nervously.

KOVAČ. (2-1)

Kovač is a little surprised to receive a second vote, but doesn't let this bother him. The camera cuts to Clara, who is holding her breath, and Scott, who is still looking anxious. 

The eighth person goin' to the jury is...


Three is enough, please bring me your torch.

Kovač: Aaaargh, dammit!

Scott immediately sighs with relief as the third vote for Kovač is revealed. Over on the jury, many of the castaways are stunned, with Daremyth's brow creased in confusion, Daniel shaking his head, and Maverick chuckling to himself. There is a closeup on Redmont, who looks baffled and a little guilty. 

Kovač: Sixteen votes later, you guys finally got me. (laughs) Hug time!

Kovač goes around and gives everyone a hug, before picking up his stuff and taking his torch out of the slot. The camera focuses on Clara, who is seeming content with her decision, before we go back to Kovač, as he puts his torch in front of Courtland.

Kovač: You gonna miss me?

Courtland: (laughs) Of course I will. As for now, though, Kovač, the tribe has spoken.

Courtland snuffs Kovač's torch.

Courtland: It's time to go. Head out.

Kovač: (turning back to the group) Have fun! I can't wait to see how the rest of the game goes.

Kovač then heads down the path and disappears into the night.

Courtland: Well, after many divided votes, all four of you agreed on who should be sent home tonight, but guess what? Not all of you can reach the Final Tribal Council. We'll find out what's in store tomorrow. For now, head out and get some sleep.

The four remaining members of Chan Troi head back to camp.

The camera picks up on Kovač as he walks down the path, following his elimination.

Kovač: I somehow screwed that up so bad. (laughs) 

He then reaches the table.

Kovač: Curse time!



Kovač immediately takes the pen and circles SCOTT.

Kovač: You aren't getting to the end that easily! Go for a threepeat.

Kovač then walks off into the night.

Tribal Council 16:
Chan Troi
Nic K. (4 votes)
ClaraAlcott HeeyoungKim JamesRyan ScottTymchyshyn
Clara, Heeyoung, James, Scott
Scott (1 vote)
Nic K.
Nic K.

Voting Confessionals- Day 37

ScottTymchyshyn (voting for Kovač) I should've known that you weren't gonna vote for James. You're still tryin' to get me so you need to go home.

HeeyoungKim (voting for Kovač) If you try to do stupid things, then something stupid is going to happen to you.

ClaraAlcott (voting for Kovač) This move is so crazy that, if I let you do it, you'd be the winner no matter what. By putting a stop to it, I can say that I was the one in control of this vote, so I can get respect from the jurors.

Final Words- Day 37

NicolasKovac Aaargh! It sucks that I'm here, but I know I completely misplayed and tried to go too crazy to impress the jury and now I'm one of them. (laughs) I get why Heeyoung turned on me, but I don't understand Clara. After saying for the last few days she wanted Scott gone, it doesn't really make sense to turn on me. I know she would have been involved because it was 4-1 and if they were pulling a fast one on me they wouldn't have told her. (shrugs) Anyway, I had the time of my life. This was the best experience ever and I'm so happy to have been a part of it! This isn't the last time you'll be seeing or hearing from me.

Story- Part 2

Night 37

Following Kovač’s elimination, the final four make their way back to camp.

James: Well, congratulations, final four! We dodged a bullet tonight.

Heeyoung: Yeah. I thought something was weird but I didn’t know he was doing that.

Scott: Thank you so much for tellin’ us that, Clara. Do you know what his endgame was?

Clara: Yeah, it was 2-1-1-1 with you going home.

Scott: (deep sigh) That’s so scary to hear. Thanks for savin’ me. It means a lot.

Clara: You’re welcome.

The camera cuts to Clara’s confessional as she puts her bag in the shelter and leans her torch against a tree.

ClaraAlcott It was a tough decision but I eventually decided to leak the plan so we could get rid of Kovač. As tempting as the plan was, if it had succeeded, Kovač would have been unbeatable, so I had to cut him. This is also about control for me, because I can now front the Final Tribal Council saying I had control of three votes in a row from six to four. Now all that’s left is to get rid of Scott, finally, so I hope he’s been cursed again. Going to the end with James isn’t ideal, but there are weaknesses in his game that I can take advantage of, and I’m going to fight with all my strength to walk away with the win.
Clara Alcott

James: So, what exactly went on? What did each of you hear? Clara talking to me was the first I’d ever heard of it.

Scott: He told me that he was gonna vote for you and you needed to go home ‘cause you were the biggest jury threat.

Clara: I got told that it was a 2-1-1-1 against Scott.

Heeyoung: I got told the same thing but it was against Clara. I knew he was lying, but it was crazy that he was doing that much.

James: Wow, and here I am being left out of everything. (laughs)

Clara: If it makes you feel any better, the only reason you weren’t spoken to is because he needed a vote on him for the plan to work, and you were voting for him anyway. There wouldn’t have been any point.

James: That does make me feel a little better, but jeez Louise, that jolted me back into reality. Thank you all for coming together to vote him out.

JamesRyan Tonight was an incredibly humbling experience for me. I never came into the game with delusions that I would always be in the know, of course, but I think this was the first time since Jesse’s elimination all those days ago where I truly didn’t know anything about what was going on. It’s a lesson that there’s always things going on around you, and it definitely has got me on higher alert for the final four. I’m just thankful and so lucky that Clara decided to tell all of us what happened. Anything could have gone down otherwise, and Scott would have likely gone home. I’m very grateful to still be here and hope to at least have some sort of idea what’s going on tomorrow. Nothing is guaranteed in this competition and any one of us could be the next to go.
James Ryan

Heeyoung: Yeah, I would have voted for him anyway because I didn’t think he was being truthful. I just don’t get why he felt the need to go above and beyond like that. (shakes head) Oh well, we’re all here still and that’s what matters.

HeeyoungKim I’m not surprised that Kovač was lying to all of us. I didn’t believe he wanted to vote out Clara and after all that, I would have voted for him anyway. I don’t know what Scott would have done, but I really hope he wasn’t going to vote for James. If the votes had tied between Scott and Kovač, I would have switched my vote to Scott and sent him home. It just baffles me how people can make friends out here and throw them under the bus like it’s absolutely nothing, or how people can just go about effortlessly lying for no reason. That’s why I stay out of all this drama and just go my own way. I don’t care one way or the other where I finish now. People are probably going to clamour for my vote, but I’ll make my decision and wherever that lands me, I’ll be happy with it.
Heeyoung Kim

Scott: We’re just all so dang lucky to still be here. I’m sick of seein’ my name come up and bein’ on the block.

James: Well, it’s only going to get tougher from here. One more day, three spots and four of us.

Scott: Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about. I have no idea what’s gonna happen.

The camera cuts to Scott's confessional as he looks anxious. 

ScottTymchyshyn I’m so damn lucky that Clara decided to spill the beans on the plan. Until she told me what was happenin, I was gonna vote for James. I was convinced it was my only way out. It would have been a 2-2-1 at best, and then who knows what would’ve happened? I’m glad that I’m in the final four and he won’t vote for me, but I thought it was comin’ down to me or him. (sighs) I have no idea what’s gonna happen tomorrow. We’ve got one more day and I’m so scared that I’m gonna fall at the last hurdle. I gotta hope like hell I haven’t been cursed so I can claim that final immunity and just have to worry about who’s sittin’ next to me.
Scott Tymchyshyn

Day 38- Pre-Immunity

The camera picks up on Day 38 with the final four hanging out at various points around camp. We see Clara relaxing in the hammock, Heeyoung finishing off the last bits of rice in the pot and James clearing the dishes away. We see Scott over in the shelter going through his bag, hitting an envelope and sighing.

Scott: Noooo… Dang it, why?

With a deep sigh, Scott accepts his fate, takes the envelope out of the bag and heads into the forest to read the familiar message.





Scott: I can’t believe this…

ScottTymchyshyn Three curses in a row. It makes no sense why I’d get this from Kovač. Clara was the one who ratted him out and Heeyoung would have voted for him anyway. He was targetin’ me and I was just savin’ myself, so I just don’t understand why I’m bein’ punished with the curse. Tamiciea’s curse didn’t make sense either, but this one is even worse. It’s like the whole cast is against me. Now I can’t win immunity and it’s obviously gonna go to Heeyoung again unless it’s somethin’ with endurance, then maybe I’d have a shot. But it’s more likely gonna be me versus James and people have been targetin’ me obsessively since the final six. (sigh) I gotta turn on James, I got no choice.
Scott Tymchyshyn

The camera picks up shortly afterwards as Scott meets up with James.

Scott: I gotta talk to you.

James: (sighs) Oh, dear. Were you cursed again?

Scott: Yeah, which means I can’t win immunity. I don’t get it. It’s not my fault that Kovač got eliminated, so why did he stop me from winnin’?

James: I know, but it’s his choice as to who he gives the curse to.

Scott: Yeah, I know, but why me? (sighs) Heeyoung’s gonna win immunity, so where do we go from here? You’re not gonna vote me out, right?

James: No, of course not. I gave you my word I’d take you to the end.

Scott: Good, ‘cause we’re gonna have to vote for Clara, which sucks ‘cause she’s the easiest to beat, but we won’t be able to vote for anyone else.

James: Are you planning on voting for me? I know you want to win the game badly.

Scott: (immediately) No. Never.

James: Okay. If things change and you do plan on sending me home, please be honest.

Scott: Promise.

James: Do yourself a favour and settle down. You’re at the very least going to fire, so you’re going to be safe.

Scott: I’ll try… thanks.

Scott walks away. The camera focuses on James, who watches him go.

JamesRyan Unfortunately, Scott has the curse again, which means his paranoia is at an all time high. He doesn’t believe he’ll be able to win immunity and asked me to vote for Clara, even though she’s the easiest to beat. I’m going to do that, because I promised Scott that I’d never write his name down. I’ve played a game of loyalty for thirty-eight days and it would be hypocritical of me to stop now. I am worried that Scott will try and send me home if he feels it’s best for his game. If that’s the case, I hope he tells me about it, after everything we’ve been through. I don’t see myself going home over Scott, personally, but I wasn’t aware of the plan last Tribal and it could happen again. Who knows, Scott could end up winning immunity and this whole discussion will be moot. If that happens, I’m in danger, but I still think I’d have a chance of survival. We’ll see.
James Ryan

Following James’ confessional, there is a transitional nature shot and the camera picks up as Clara walks towards Heeyoung.

Clara: Hey, can I have a talk with you?

Heeyoung: Okay!

Before the conversation begins, the camera cuts to Clara’s confessional.

ClaraAlcott The most important thing for me today was making sure that Heeyoung was on my side before the immunity challenge. To me, Scott is the most obvious person to go, and the only person who could stand in the way of that happening is Heeyoung. I’m aware that she has ties with Scott, even if they’ve gotten a lot weaker lately. She’s also getting really close with James and he could sway her to save him too. There’s a possibility they could all gang up on me, as stupid as that would be, so I’m not taking any chances. I’ve come too far to go home now.
Clara Alcott

Clara: I wanted to talk to you about your plans for the Tribal Council tonight.

Heeyoung: Tribal? But we haven’t even had the immunity challenge yet.

Clara: I know, but I think it’s really important that we discuss this before then so we can come in with a plan. I just hope that Scott has the immunity curse.

Heeyoung: Well, I don’t have it, and you don’t have it, and James wouldn’t be cursed, so I think he has it.

Clara: Oh, thank God. I’m going to vote for Scott at the Tribal Council if he doesn’t have immunity, but my biggest worry is that you three are all going to gang up on me because Scott doesn’t want to go home.

Heeyoung: (frowns) What makes you think that I’m automatically voting for you? Did Scott and James say that? Don’t lie, either, because I’m sick of that.

Clara: No, they didn’t say that, but I’m worried that it’ll happen. I know you have ties with Scott since he saved you and you’ve been getting closer with James recently. I just want to make sure I have a chance and I don’t end up regretting voting Kovač out.

Heeyoung: I like James, but he doesn’t control how I vote. If you want Scott out so bad, why didn’t you get rid of him over Tamiciea or Kovač?

Clara: I didn’t think it would work out well for me, but now I’m hoping I don’t regret that decision.

Heeyoung: I was going to vote for Kovač last night anyway, but if Scott had voted James and it had been a tie, I would have voted for Scott on the re-vote. So it would have worked out for you, if he was voting James, but I’m glad you came clean anyway.

Clara: That’s just it, I’m almost positive Scott is going to try and turn the vote on James, especially if you have immunity. My only worry is James convincing him to go for me. I think it’s so important that he goes home, because I know he’s got a big story to tell at Final Tribal that he’s going to try and win the jury over with.

Heeyoung: Did he tell you about it?

Clara: No, but it all makes so much sense as to why he’s so desperate to get to the end that he’d throw James under the bus. Why, do you know anything?

Heeyoung: I know about it.

Clara: So you know what he’s going to do at Final Tribal then. Please think about voting for him.

Heeyoung: I will. Thanks!

Clara: Thank you.

Clara walks away. The camera cuts to Heeyoung’s confessional as she thinks about the conversation.

HeeyoungKim It looks like Scott has the curse again. It was always going to be between the two of us for immunity, so there’s a chance I could win number four and be sitting at the Final Tribal Council. I’m really not sure how I’ll vote for tonight's Tribal. I just know that I don’t want to vote for James, but that’s it. Clara thinks Scott will turn on James and that he’ll use his story at Final Tribal Council. I don’t know how I feel about that. I am closer to Scott than Clara, but it bothers me a little that people can just throw their friends away like it means nothing. Friendship means more to me than any sum of money. I also don’t want Scott to use his story to justify hurting people, and like Clara says, I think he’ll use it to an extent. I really don’t know what I’ll do if I win immunity over him. Luckily I have time to think about it.
Heeyoung Kim

Following Heeyoung’s confessional, we see her in another conversation, this time with Scott.

Scott: Hey, Heeyoung.

Heeyoung: Hey. I heard you might have the curse?

Scott: (sighs) Yeah, I do, and that also means Clara’s tryin’ to get me out, I’m guessin’. That’s why I came to you, actually. I wanted to know if I can count on you to keep me safe.

Heeyoung: Well, I’m not throwing immunity to you, if that’s what you’re asking.

Scott: No, that’s not what I meant. I just mean, you’re not gonna write my name down, are you?

Heeyoung: I’m thinking about what I’ll do, but I haven’t decided yet. Just answer me one thing: are you planning on voting for James?

Scott: (sighs) Yeah, I am.

Heeyoung: Right.

Scott: We’re one tribal away from the end, Heeyoung. I can’t risk losin’. Clara’s the easiest to beat. I gotta keep her around, otherwise I’ll never forgive myself. Not with everythin’ I’m playin’ for.

Heeyoung: Were you planning on voting for James last night before Clara spilled everything, too?

Scott: ...Yeah. I really thought it was my only way out. I hope this doesn’t impact anythin’ between us.

Heeyoung: Well, if I wanted to vote for Clara, would you respect that and vote for her?

Scott: If you absolutely were never gonna vote for James, then… (sighs) Yeah. I really think I’d look dumb tryin’ to keep him, and I think Clara’s way easier to beat, so I want to send him home, but I’ll do anythin’ to win. Goin’ to the end with James would be better than bein’ sent home.

Heeyoung: That’s good to know. I haven’t decided on anything yet, and who knows? You might win immunity. I’ll think about what I do, though.

Scott: Thanks. I doubt I’ll win immunity, which is why I’m comin’ to you now. Please don’t send me home over the others. I couldn’t live with myself if I fell one day short.

Scott walks away, a nervous expression on his face.

ScottTymchyshyn It’s crazy to think that we’re one Tribal away from the end. The immunity challenge is so close and my anxiety’s goin’ crazy. All this pressure’s buildin’ up… with Heeyoung likely to win immunity, I asked her if she’d keep me safe. I’m so nervous ‘cause she doesn’t wanna vote for James and I just had to admit to her I wanted to vote him out for the last couple of Tribals. He’s my best friend, but he can’t go to the end if I wanna win. I need this money for the farm so badly and I ain’t about to blow it by losin’ at the end. I will vote Clara if I absolutely have to, but it’d suck, ‘cause she’s the easiest to beat, and Clara’s clearly after me. I’m just so nervous. I wish some miracle could happen and I end up walkin’ away with immunity, ‘cause I think I’m in serious danger if it goes to Heeyoung.
Scott Tymchyshyn

Following Scott’s confessional, we are taken back to camp. There has been a short timeskip and now James is coming back with treemail.

James: Here it is! Our final immunity challenge is upon us.

Scott: Oh my God, I’m so freaked out.

James: Luckily you have a while to calm your nerves. (reading)

“Congratulations, Final Four. By making it to this point, you have done what fourteen of your other competitors could not, some of them with a second chance.

Either indirectly or directly, these castaways have all played a role in getting you where you are today, so before your final Immunity Challenge, it is only fitting that you pay your respects.

Take this map and follow the path, where you will pass the fourteen torches of your eliminated competitors and say a few words in their memory. When you have reached the end of the path, take the tokens that you will have collected and light them in their memory. You will then proceed to your final immunity challenge."

Clara: It’s actually here. This is insane.

James: Let’s go.

The four leave camp. The camera cuts to Heeyoung’s confessional as the group leaves.

HeeyoungKim I’m so excited to be able to honour the other people who played with me, because I was very close to some of them. After that, we’re going to our last immunity challenge, and I know it’s going to be either me or Scott walking away with the necklace. I hope it’s me, because I want to be able to say I won the most. If Scott wants to win the immunity, he’s going to have to push me to both our limits, because I’m not giving immunity to him. That would be too easy and I don’t like people just taking things. Finishing fourth wouldn’t really bother me, but I’m not going to give up. If I lose immunity fairly and am voted out by them, then I’ll be okay with it. Not caring and not trying are two different things, and no one will ever be able to tell me I didn’t try.
Heeyoung Kim

Day 38- Rites of Passage

The Rites of Passage will be put on a subpage. Please follow the link to read them!

Day 38- Immunity Challenge

Courtland: Alright, y’all, this is our last ever challenge! Let’s do this!

The castaways walk in and stand on the mat.

Courtland: The time has finally come. Y’all won’t have to do any challenges after this one. Heeyoung, I have to take the necklace back from you.

Heeyoung unhooks the necklace and hands it to Courtland.

Courtland: This is the last chance you’ll ever have to wear this. Scott and Heeyoung, you’ve both won it three times, and James and Clara are yet to get a win. Maybe the love will be shared around today? Either way, it won’t be easy.

Scott: Of course not.

Courtland: This is gonna come down to a pure test of will. You’ll start by hangin’ over a pool startin’ at an angle of thirty-five degrees. Every five minutes, I’ll increase the angle to stretch you and make it harder. To make things even more difficult, water will pour out of a barrel above you, making the area slippery. The rules are simple: if you fall into the pool, you’re out. The last one still up wins the final immunity. Now, who has the curse?

Scott: Me again.

Courtland: Things are gonna be harder for you. You’ll start out three minutes before anyone else, so you’ll spend eight minutes at thirty-five degrees. Let’s get started.

The castaways are awaiting Courtland’s signal.

Courtland: Scott, your time starts now.

Immunity Challenge: Hanging By a Thread

Challenge Summary:

  • Scott is on his own until the three minutes pass and everyone else gets into position. James is immediately uncomfortable, but all of them make it the first five minutes to forty degrees. Here is when Clara starts to get uncomfortable too.
  • When the stretch is out to forty-five degrees, both James and Clara drop, leaving Heeyoung and Scott as the last two. Both have their eyes closed as water spills on them from above.
  • The angle increases to fifty degrees, and then fifty-five. Both Heeyoung and Scott start to become uncomfortable here, with Scott more so as he has spent longer on the structure. s unbearable for both of them. It simply comes to who is going to drop first and that person is...

  • Scott, as he is just unable to hold on any longer due to the extra minutes. 

Courtland: Immunity goes to Heeyoung for the fourth time!

Heeyoung immediately drops as her win is confirmed. She swims over to get out of the pool and when she is out, lies back with exhaustion. Meanwhile, Scott is completely devastated as he has missed out on the crucial final immunity and must now face Tribal Council vulnerable. As he looks down on the ground, James helps him up and gives him a hug. Clara goes over to Heeyoung and helps her up too. They then are back on the mat.

Courtland: Heeyoung, for the fourth and most important time, you are safe! I'll come over to you because you look like you could use the rest.

Courtland walks over to Heeyoung and places the necklace around her as she is applauded by the other three. 

Courtland: With this necklace, you are in the Final Three and will be goin' to the Final Tribal Council. Two people are gonna join you and one will just miss out. You guys can head on out. I'll see you tonight.

The castaways leave.

Day 38- Pre-Tribal

Following Heeyoung’s fourth immunity win, the castaways head back to camp to prepare for Tribal Council.

Clara: Well, congratulations, Heeyoung!

Heeyoung: Thanks! I’m so exhausted. Those last two challenges were crazy.

Scott: Yeah, I just couldn’t hang on any longer. I wish I’d won.

James: Well, Heeyoung, you deserve that win. I have no idea how you were able to stay up so long. I thought my arms were going to be ripped off.

Clara: And now one of the three of us is going to go home.

James: Exactly.

The group starts to go their own way. James takes Scott aside.

Scott: (sighs) I’m so nervous.

James: You don’t have to be. I’m voting for Clara.. If you vote for her, you’ll be guaranteed to go to fire, where you’ll win.

Scott: Alright, fair enough.

James: I know that you’ll want to do what’s best for your game. I guarantee you that I’m not going to write your name down and I hope you vote for Clara with me. The truth is, I think Clara is out to get you. She'll be trying for Heeyoung's vote, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. If you do think that your best move is to try and send me home, though, I’ll understand.

Scott: Thanks, James. I really appreciate that.

James: Just, please, let me know if you’ll be writing my name down.

Scott: Okay, I will.

The two part ways. The camera focuses on a nervous James.

JamesRyan Scott lost immunity, which means he’s vulnerable tonight. I told him immediately that I’d be voting for Clara, which I plan on doing. I know that Scott wants to win this game badly, so he’ll do whatever is best for his game. He could write my name down, but I don’t see him being able to get a majority against me. Clara has been gunning for him for the last two Tribals, so I hope that he’ll vote for Clara with me. Depending on where Heeyoung decides to vote, we could potentially get three for her. I know that Clara's an easier beat than Scott, but I’ve been playing the loyal game and there’s no reason to stop now.
James Ryan

The camera picks up as Scott talks to Clara and Heeyoung.

Scott: Hey, I hope you two are votin’ for James tonight. That’s where my vote is goin’.

Heeyoung: Why?

Scott: He’s the biggest jury threat out of the four of us. He’s a way bigger threat than me so it’d be dumb to send me home over him. He hasn’t made anyone mad and he’s been workin’ the jury so they all go out thinkin’ he’s their best friend. He voted with Daniel, me and Gideon all the time, even when he knew Daniel and Gideon were goin’.

Clara: I’ll think about it.

Scott: You know you’re gonna lose if you go with him. We’re each other’s best shot.

Heeyoung: Alright. Clara, can I talk to Scott alone for a sec?

Clara: Okay, but come back to me.

Heeyoung: I will.

Clara leaves.

Heeyoung: Are you serious about voting James or are you just saying that so Clara will vote for him and not you?

Scott: I’m serious. I wanna send James home tonight, ‘cause he’s gonna win all the jury votes. Clara’s way too easy a beat to let go now.

Heeyoung: (sighs) Really?

Scott: Please don’t vote for Clara. James needs to go.

Heeyoung: Okay…

Scott: Please, Heeyoung, you know how badly we’ve both been under pressure. I need this. It’ll be easier on both of us with a closer contest. You need to convince Clara to vote for James.

Heeyoung: I get it. Don’t worry.

Scott: Thanks.

Scott walks away, taking a deep breath. The camera focuses on his worried face before cutting to his confessional.

ScottTymchyshyn I wish so badly that I’d been able to win immunity and avoid this vote tonight. Now that Heeyoung has it, the only options for me are James or Clara. As close as I am with James, I think he’d beat me at Final Tribal and Clara is way easier to beat, so I have to send him home. He’s gonna vote for Clara, so all I need is for Clara and Heeyoung to vote for him and we can go to the Final Three. They could vote for me, but I hope that I’ve convinced them enough that I need to stay. I’m so freakin’ close to gettin’ the million dollars for the farm. I’d be so devastated if I fell here, especially since I know it’s the wrong decision.
Scott Tymchyshyn

Immediately following this, Heeyoung turns back and goes to find Clara. When she locates her, the conversation begins.

Heeyoung: Do you still want to vote for Scott?

Clara: Yes, absolutely. He’s a way bigger threat than James, because he’s got that story he’s going to use at the Final Tribal.

Heeyoung: Good, because I’m one hundred percent on board for that. Let’s send him home. He’ll be expecting me to stay to our friendship but he’s just throwing James away like it means nothing.

Clara: Yes! James is going to look so weak because he was going to vote for me. You know what? Let’s tell him that Scott’s going to vote for him. We’ll get three votes, just to avoid anything going wrong. Thanks for being on board for this.

Heeyoung: No problem, but be ready for James to go back to Scott with this information. If you want Scott to go home without any dramas, you should probably keep this to yourself.

Clara: If he does that, he looks even weaker, keeping loyalty to someone who won’t be loyal to him. I don’t want anything to go down that could put me in danger. If we keep it to ourselves and Scott ends up voting for me, then I’m going home.

Heeyoung: Okay. I’m on your side.

The two walk off. The camera focuses on Heeyoung before cutting to her confessional.

HeeyoungKim I told Scott that I didn’t want to vote for James. I probably would have voted for Clara if he had asked me, but he’s insisting that James goes home because Clara is easier to beat. I’ve said time and time again that I don’t care what happens and friendships are important to me. Scott knows that, and yet he’s throwing James aside like it means absolutely nothing and leading him on. I don’t like that. If he’s going to turn on James, he can’t expect me to keep to our friendship either. I think it’s stupid that Clara’s going to tell James because it will just go back to Scott and then they’ll definitely vote for Clara. If she wants Scott, the best move is for both of us to stay quiet about it, but I understand how she’s feeling. She wants this really badly and wants to win respect, so she obviously doesn’t want to risk getting destroyed by Scott in fire. It’s going to end badly, though.
Heeyoung Kim

Following Heeyoung’s confessional, we see her and Clara approaching James.

James: Hello, you two. Clara, I assume you’re going to be voting for Scott tonight?

Clara: Yes I am, and Heeyoung is too.

James: Heeyoung, is that true?

Heeyoung: Yes, I’m voting for Scott.

James: I see. Well, I’ll be voting for you, Clara, just so you’re aware.

Clara: You might change your mind when you find out that Scott came to us to campaign for you going home.

James: Oh, he did?

Clara: What, he didn’t tell you? So much for loyalty.

James: No, I haven’t heard a thing about it, although I did ask him to tell me.

Heeyoung: He’s definitely voting for you. I sent Clara away so I could ask him myself, and he said you were going to win, and that Clara was too easy to beat to let go.

James: Wow. I’m shocked that he wouldn’t have let me know.

Clara: If Scott has no loyalty to you, then you should have no loyalty to him. Vote with us tonight to make it 3-1 and we’ll all go forward.

James: I understand. Thank you for not leaving me in the dark.

The three part ways. The camera focuses on an excited Clara.

ClaraAlcott Scott needs to be out of here. He’s desperate to stay and he has a story to tell at Final Tribal. Meanwhile, James’ loyalty has put him in bad positions, and he’s going to look weak by being loyal to someone who’s been wanting to vote for him the last two Tribals. Of course, with my name on the line, I wasn’t going to risk James somehow convincing Scott to go to fire and sending me home, so I told him that Scott was campaigning to go home. Heeyoung seems to think that he’ll let Scott know, but that would be stupid. If Scott has no loyalty to him, then James should have no loyalty to Scott. I’m so excited to be going to the end with this group.
Clara Alcott

Following Clara’s confessional, we see James talking to Scott.

James: Scott, I need to tell you something important.

Scott: What’s goin’ on?

James: I heard from Clara and Heeyoung that you campaigned to them for me to go, and you were planning on writing my name down. Please don’t lie to me, because I know it’s true.

Scott: (sighs) I’m sorry. I want to win this game so bad, and I thought you were my biggest threat.

James: Which I understand, but I did ask you to tell me.

Scott: I’m sorry… I panicked. I thought that if I told you, you’d vote for me to save yourself.

James: Scott, you know I never would have done that.

Scott: So, what now? Are you gonna vote for me? Are they votin’ for me?

James: They’re voting for you, yes, but I strongly advise that you vote for Clara.

Scott: Are you gonna vote for me or Clara?

James: I’m going to vote for Clara, because I promised that I would never write your name down, and I intend to keep that promise, even if you won’t. You’ll be going to fire against her.

Scott: Thanks so much. Oh my God, James, I really can’t tell you how much this means to me.

James: I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it because I made a promise.

Scott: Oh my God… I can’t believe this. I really can’t.

James walks away. The camera focuses on Scott’s stunned expression before cutting to his confessional.

ScottTymchyshyn I’m… stunned. When James told me he knew I was votin’ for him, I thought that was it, I was goin’ home and all my dreams were shattered. But instead he told me that he’s keepin’ his promise to me and takin’ me to fire. I can’t believe I’m so lucky. I hate that Clara ratted the plan out ‘cause keepin’ James over me is the dumbest move ever. He’s gonna beat all of them. He’ll be hard to beat, but gettin’ to the end with him is better than not gettin’ there at all. I did say that I’d vote for Clara if I had to, and I look forward to destroyin’ her in fire. She’s just gone from a guaranteed final three to goin’ home.
Scott Tymchyshyn

Following Scott’s confessional, we see James going up to talk to Clara.

James: I wanted to let you know that I'll be taking Scott to fire, and we'll be voting against you, so I advise that you spend the afternoon practising.

Clara: WHAT!?

James: Don't raise your voice at me, please.

Clara: James, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Scott was going to vote you out. He has no loyalty to you!

James: I made a promise to him that I'm keeping. I won't be changing my mind.

Clara: Oh my God… I can’t make fire! He’ll destroy me! He’s the best fire maker out here! How could you do this?

James: This is important for my game.

Clara: You’re going to lose to Scott! He’s going to use his story at the Final Tribal Council against you! He’s going to swing all the votes! If you get rid of me, they’re all going to think you’re dumb!

James: I’m sorry, Clara, but I keep my promises in real life and I keep them here, too.

Clara: I’m going to lose… I can’t understand this.

James: With all due respect, Clara, you’ve had thirty-eight days to make fire. Heeyoung seems to be on your side, and she’s just as good at making fire as him. Have her teach you. Don’t give up.

Clara: This is… truly the worst move that you could make. He was going to vote you out. He was going to vote for you at the final five, too. What’s your obsession with keeping him? Why would you go out of your way for someone who has no loyalty for you?

James: I’m sorry to upset you, but my mind is made up. Good luck.

James walks away. The camera cuts to his confessional.

JamesRyan I knew that my decision to take Scott to fire was going to upset Clara. I know that she sees it as a dumb move, but for me, it’s the best one I can make. Does it hurt my feelings that Scott was going to turn on me and lie about it? Yes. Deeply. But my game has been about loyalty and I’m not backing away from it now. Clara may be an easier beat than Scot, but in the game, just like in real life, if I give you my loyalty and make a promise, I keep it, no matter what’s at stake. Nothing and no one can change who I am, whether that’s a sum of money or a thousand people screaming at me for making the stupid move. At the end of the day, I do believe that I can beat Scott with the friends I’ve made and the game I’ve played, so there really is no reason for me to send Scott home.
James Ryan

Following James’ confessional, the camera cuts to a frantic Clara as she approaches Heeyoung.

Clara: Heeyoung! Disaster! James told Scott everything, and now they’re both voting for me.

Heeyoung: Um, I did actually tell you to keep it between us because I knew that would happen.

Clara: You’re not going to vote for me, are you?

Heeyoung: What?

Clara: I just can’t believe this. Scott’s going to win. How could James do this to me? I’m going to lose. I’m going to be crushed. It’s going to be humiliating. So much for respect, right? I should have gotten rid of Scott at five, or six...

Heeyoung: So, what now?

Clara: I can’t make fire! Only you can.

Clara pauses, then her eyes light up.

Clara: Oh my God. I’ve got it. I know how we can beat Scott!

Heeyoung: How?

Clara: Give me immunity, then you go to fire against Scott yourself. You beat him, then we go to the final three with James and it’s between the two of us. Nobody will vote for James after this stupid move.

Heeyoung: Oh…

Clara: Please! You know how badly I’ve been fighting for respect. I can't go out like this. You’re the only one with a chance to get rid of Scott, and it would be an amazing move for your game to keep me safe and defeat him yourself. You’ll never be able to teach me everything in one afternoon that I need to beat him.

Heeyoung: Okay. Yeah, I think I have a better chance of beating Scott than you do.

Clara: So you’re going to do it?

Heeyoung: I’ll think about it.

Clara: Please, Heeyoung. This is the only chance we have to get rid of Scott now. We can do this together. It will be amazing.

Clara walks away, a frantic look still in her eyes.

ClaraAlcott I’m so mad. I can’t believe that, after finding out Scott was going to vote him out and lie about it, James is still going to take him to fire. There’s no way in hell I’m going to beat him, even if Heeyoung were to teach me everything she knows. The only chance we have of sending Scott home is Heeyoung giving me immunity. She’s the only person who knows how to make fire as well as him, so I told her, if she wants Scott out then she needs to keep me safe. It’ll be a great move for both of us, and an incredibly dumb move for James. If I’m in the Final Three, I’ll be able to argue that I’m a stronger player than him, and it’ll be between me and Heeyoung. If Heeyoung doesn’t give me immunity and I lose to Scott, I’m voting for him to win, and I’ll spend all my energy convincing the jury to vote for him as well. Scott’s going to destroy both these two at Tribal and they can’t go with him.
Clara Alcott

The day fades into the late afternoon as James approaches Heeyoung.

James: So, I assume you’ve heard I’m taking Scott to fire.

Heeyoung: Yeah, I have.

James: What are you going to do?

Heeyoung: I don’t know.

James: Whatever move you make, it’s your choice, and I understand. You don’t owe anybody anything.

Heeyoung: Thank you.

Heeyoung looks at the immunity necklace, then at Scott, then at Clara. The camera cuts to her confessional.

HeeyoungKim Everything has been thrown up in the air now. James told Scott that he was getting votes, now they’re voting for Clara. Clara wants my immunity necklace because she knows I’m the only one with a chance at fire against him. Our fire battle could go either way. I don’t know what to do, though. I’m closer with Scott than Clara, so I could just join James and vote her out. It would save drama, but… Scott and I have really fallen apart lately and I don’t like how he’s playing the game. It bothered me how quickly he was throwing James away like their friendship meant nothing and I don’t want him to use his story at Final Tribal to justify hurting people. It’s hard, because I never want to say I didn’t try anything, but I’m not bothered with where I finish. Both Clara and Scott want this so bad. I really need to think about whether I’ll give my immunity up tonight or hold onto it.
Heeyoung Kim

The sun sets as the four members of Chan Troi head to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council- Day 38

The members of Chan Troi walk in and sit down.

Courtland: We’ll bring in Redmont, Maverick, Daremyth, Gideon, Isamu, Daniel, Tamiciea, and Kovač.

The jurors walk in and sit down.

Courtland: This is the big one! At the end of this Tribal, we’ll have our final three. Heeyoung, you’re immune, so that means you’re one of them! What’s your line of thinking for tonight?

Heeyoung: Um, it’s actually not that straightforward.

The entire group - host, castaways and jurors- are stunned by Heeyoung’s announcement. Some of the jurors lean forward.

Courtland: Wow… I gotta know what you mean by that.

Heeyoung: Well, this vote is a lot more dramatic than I thought it was gonna be.

Courtland: What happened?

Heeyoung: Okay, it’s a lot, but I’ll break it down for you. James wanted to vote for Clara, Clara wanted to vote for Scott, and Scott wanted to vote for James. Clara’s name was on the block, so rather than risk James taking Scott to fire, she told him that Scott wanted him out. James told Scott, now they’re both voting Clara. They want me to also vote Clara. Clara wants to vote Scott still, but Scott would destroy Clara in fire. So, I’m weighing up whether I should give my immunity to her and take Scott on in fire myself, or send her home.

The jury are shocked. Scott turns to Heeyoung in alarm.

Scott: Don’t do it. Please.

Courtland: Wow, that is a lot to unpack. I’m gonna get each of y’all’s reaction. Clara, you first. What’s goin’ through your mind?

Clara: Scott needs to go home, no ifs, ands or buts about it. I think he’s the biggest threat out of all of us, and he has tried to throw James to me. I don’t know why James went back to Scott and they’re voting for me now, but I think it’s a stupid move. The only way Scott’s going to go home now is if Heeyoung gives me immunity, because I’m not going to be able to beat Scott myself.

Over on the jury, Maverick shakes his head.

Courtland: So, James, let me ask your perspective on this: if Scott really has tried to get rid of you, what’s your reason for remaining loyal to him?

James: My game is about loyalty. On the day of the swap, I made a promise to Scott that I would never write his name down, and that I would take him to the Final Three. It hurts my feelings a lot that I asked Scott to tell me if he was writing my name down, and he didn’t, but I would like to keep my promises.

Clara: The problem with that is it’s dumb. I don’t understand why you’re taking someone who’s a big threat to the Final Tribal Council.

James: Because my game is different than yours. Everyone here is playing different games. I stand by my decision.

Clara: And I think it should cost you the game if Scott makes the end.

James: That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

Courtland: There’s clearly fire on all sides here. We’ve got three people desperate to make the end. Heeyoung, what’s goin’ through your mind?

Heeyoung: I’ve made no secret that friendship is important to me. I’m closer to Scott than Clara, but we have fallen out a lot. My problem is that I feel like he uses friendships while not giving anything in return. I’m not mad that he’s turning on James; I’m mad that he’s turning on James while still expecting loyalty from him. It’s like when Gideon went home and Scott nearly turned on him then, or when Scott went off at me for saving Tamiciea. That’s what has me frustrated.

Daniel and Gideon nod on the jury.

Scott: Well you’re just demonstratin’ why you should take me instead of James, because you’re throwin’ me under the bus.

Courtland: Scott, what’s your line of thinking here?

Scott: I don’t understand why I’m bein’ vilified for tryin’ to win? I wanna get to the end so bad. I’ve got my reasons and I’ve played hard to try and put myself in the best position. It’s not a crime to turn on James, and I really don’t think I’m the biggest threat. I do think a mistake is bein’ made, and I still think they’re wrong to target me. I got no idea what’s goin’ on now, but what I’m expectin’ is fire. That’s the last thing I heard.

Courtland: On that note, Heeyoung, do you know what you’re going to do?

Heeyoung: Yes.

Courtland: So, I’ll ask you officially: are you givin’ up the immunity necklace?

Everyone looks at Heeyoung in anticipation. The music grows intense.

Heeyoung: I'm giving the necklace to Clara, so if Scott wants to get to the Final Three, he'll have to beat me instead.

Heeyoung takes the necklace off and puts it around Clara's neck. Clara smiles. The jury is stunned. Scott puts his face in his hands. James shows no visible reaction.

Courtland: Wow. Okay, so Clara is now immune and the other three are vulnerable. Clara, do you want to kick us off with the vote?

Clara: Sure.

Clara goes up to vote. Her vote for Scott is revealed.

ClaraAlcott (voting for Scott) I hope that Heeyoung beats you, or else I’m toast.

James is up next to vote. His vote for Heeyoung is revealed.

JamesRyan (voting for Heeyoung) I told you I’d respect your decision no matter what. Good luck.

Heeyoung is the third person to vote. Her vote for Scott is revealed.

HeeyoungKim (voting for Scott) You can’t demand loyalty without giving some in return, so if you want to be in the Final Three, I’m going to make it hard for you. You can’t skate on by hurting people like you are and blame it all on your farm.

Last to vote is a clearly shaken Scott. He walks up to the booth and his vote for Heeyoung is revealed.

ScottTymchyshyn (voting for Heeyoung) I dunno why you did this, but if I gotta beat you instead of Clara, that’s gonna have to happen.

Scott returns to his seat.

Courtland: I’ll get the votes.

Courtland leaves and returns a short time later with the urn.

Courtland: The votes are locked. The person with the most needs to leave Tribal Council immediately. Let’s get started.

First vote...

SCOTT. (1-0)


SCOTT. (2-1)


Alright, we're tied, and we're goin' to fire. Take a spot at one of the fire stations behind you.

Scott and Heeyoung sit at a station each.

Courtland: Alright, here are the rules. Use the materials at your disposal to build a fire at your station that's tall enough to burn through the rope. The first person to burn through their rope takes the last spot in the Final Three. Everyone ready?

They nod.

Courtland: Then let's get started. 

Fire-Making Challenge

Challenge Summary:

  • Both Heeyoung and Scott start at an even pace, building a strong structure to make their fire tall and durable. Scott is the first start striking for a flame, but Heeyoung is not far behind. They both get a flame at roughly the same time, with Scott ahead by a little.
  • Now they start to make their flame stronger. For a long time, they are even as they add materials to the fire and blow on it a little to fan the flames. Heeyoung then adds something else and her flame shoots up a little, ahead of Scott's. 
  • Scott tries to keep his cool and gets his flame up to Heeyoung's. It ends up being neck-and-neck as both fires are near the rope. Everyone is on the edge of their seats. At any moment, someone's flame could hit the rope. That person turns out to be...

  • Heeyoung.
  • Her flame was slightly taller than Scott's and hit the rope first, raising the flag and declaring her the victor in an incredibly close contest. Scott's flame is still licking the ropes as the challenge comes to a stop.

Courtland: Heeyoung's flame has hit the rope, and the last spot in the Final Three goes to Heeyoung! Scott is out of the game and will be joinin' the jury.

Heeyoung gives an excited squeak. The jury applauds, and so do James and Clara. 

Heeyoung: Oh my God... that was so close.

Scott: Yeah...

Scott, meanwhile, is completely devastated. He sits back, closes his eyes, and puts his hand in his face. He doesn't move or say anything for a while as he absorbs the reality that he will no longer be competing for the million dollars. Heeyoung goes over to give him a hug, which he shuns. James walks over and gives Scott his hand to help him up. Scott accepts and is helped to his feet, where James draws him in for a hug and he collapses into tears. The jury watches on. Daniel is stunned. Tamiciea looks sad and Kovac looks devastated for him. Heeyoung stops smiling, and so does Clara. 

James: Scott... it's okay. You did everything you could.

Scott: (sighs) But it wasn't enough.

With a shaky sigh, Scott gets to his feet. Heeyoung offers him a hug again, which he accepts this time. Clara offers a hug too, which he also accepts. He then moves behind the group to grab his torch, tears still running down his face. He puts his torch in front of Courtland, then puts his face in his hands again, devastated.

Courtland: Scott, after thirty-eight tough, hard-fought days, the tribe has spoken.

Courtland snuffs Scott's torch.

Courtland: (opening his arms) Hey. Come here.

Scott accepts Courtland's hug. Courtland puts his arms around Scott.

Courtland: You fought so damn hard, with all your might. You should be so proud of yourself.

Scott: (sighs) Thanks.

Courtland: Now, I need to ask you to go. Head on out, bud.

James: Goodbye, Scott.

Scott doesn't answer, and with his head down, walks out and disappears into the night. Courtland turns back to the Final Three. James is wiping tears away, while Clara and Heeyoung are looking saddened as well.

Courtland: Well, if that don't show you what a toll thirty-eight days of this game takes on you, I don't know what you need to see. For the three of you, congratulations. You've made it to the end of the game, and now, the power is no longer in your hands. That goes over to the jury, which now includes Scott. Tomorrow night, I'll see you back here, where the winner will be decided. Y'all can head on out. 

The Final Three take their torches and leave.

The camera picks up right after Scott's elimination, where he is walking down the path, wiping tears from his eyes. He is completely silent as he approaches the table.



Still silent, Scott circles CLARA, before walking off into the night. 

Tribal Council 17:
Chan Troi
Heeyoung (2 votes)
JamesRyan ScottTymchyshyn
James, Scott
Scott (2 votes)
ClaraAlcott HeeyoungKim
Clara, Heeyoung
HeeyoungKim ScottTymchyshyn
Heeyoung, Scott

Final Words- Day 38

ScottTymchyshyn I can't believe I'm here one day short. One day. This hurts worse than bein' voted out on Day 3 would. I was so close and yet so far. Everythin' went wrong today, from the immunity to tryin' to get James, to Heeyoung givin' up her necklace... I really wasn't expectin' that. I just wish one thing could have gone right, and maybe I'd be sittin' in the Final Three. I know I did everythin' I could to get there, but I can't help feelin' like I let everyone down. I'm votin' for James. I don't even wanna listen to the others.

Story- Part 3

Night 38

Following the emotional departure of Scott, the final three remaining castaways head back to camp.

James: Wow, that was a rough one. I feel so devastated for Scott.

Clara: Yeah. I had no idea it was that bad. I’m just so thrilled I didn’t have to go to fire against him.

Heeyoung: I felt bad seeing him upset like that. I’ve been there a few times myself.

James: Still, at the end of the day, someone had to lose fire. Congratulations, Clara, on being given immunity, and to you, Heeyoung, for coming out on top.

Clara: Thanks. Sorry that I went hard on you at Tribal, but I really didn’t know if Heeyoung was giving me immunity until she actually did it.

Heeyoung: I’d made up my mind going into Tribal but the way things went down just confirmed it to me.

Clara: I can’t thank you enough, Heeyoung. I would be on my way to the jury right now if we hadn’t worked together like that. It’s such an incredible feeling to have made it!

Clara puts her bag in the shelter, a huge smile on her face.

ClaraAlcott The relief when Heeyoung handed that necklace to me, oh my God… I know that I would have been completely destroyed by him, and now instead of going to the jury, I’m in the final three! I’ve been trying to get Scott out for a while, and it almost fell to pieces today. I think that’s what makes it so much sweeter. Instead of watching another plan crumble, I was able to pull myself out and maintain control. Heading into the Final Tribal Council having had the most say in the last three votes is going to be a strong case to plead, especially against James, who just took the biggest threat to fire after he was going to be betrayed, and Heeyoung, who played with her heart more than her head.
Clara Alcott

James: So, Heeyoung, if I may ask, what was it that made you decide to go to fire against Scott?

Heeyoung: To be honest, I knew that Clara would lose and I knew how hard she fought to get to the end. I wanted to take on Scott myself, because I wanted to say that I tried as much as I could. I didn’t feel comfortable with how many people Scott had hurt and him using his story to justify that, so if I’d lost I wouldn’t have voted for him, and if I won, then I was going against you and Clara. That’s what I wanted to do at the end of the day.

James: That’s understandable. Thank you for telling me.

Heeyoung: You’re welcome.

HeeyoungKim I made up my mind that I was taking Scott on in fire before I left for Tribal Council. The truth is, I was happy to do it. It really didn’t bother me whether I finished fourth or not, as long as I could say I had tried to get him out. It was also about what I knew he’d do tomorrow night. He’s been going through the whole game taking advantage of his friendships and hurting everyone, and I didn’t want him to use his story to justify that. If I’d gone home. I wouldn’t have voted for him, and if I’d sat beside him, it would have made me uncomfortable to see someone use their trauma for gain. I would never tell people about my past for jury votes. Honestly, I wanted to sit at the end with James and Clara, so I did.
Heeyoung Kim

James: I feel awful for him. I know that he was going to vote me out and I took a bit of a beating for wanting to save him, but having him collapse in my arms like that was difficult to stand there and take.

Heeyoung: People should mind their own business, honestly. You had every right to choose who you wanted to save, and I actually told Clara that it would happen if she told you. (shrugs) I feel bad for Scott, too. I knew what he was playing for and I knew he’d be upset if I beat him but I hate watching people cry.

James: I hope he’s proud of how he played, because I know his mother will be.

Heeyoung: That’s what should count. He made thirty-eight days and this game is one of the toughest things I’ve ever been a part of. I hope people aren’t mad that he didn’t end up winning, because being one of the last four standing is an achievement.

James: It is, but we’re the last three, so we have to give it our all tomorrow!

Heeyoung: Yeah!

Heeyoung and James head to the shelter. The camera focuses on James before cutting to his confessional.

JamesRyan I’m so grateful to have made it to the Final Three, but I’m sad that Scott isn’t here with me. Don’t get me wrong, I know I could have beaten Scott, but it would have been nice to be able to sit beside each other and made the end like we promise each other. I know he was going to try and vote me off, but still, I can’t help the bond we created. I do hope he left the game with that feeling proud of himself, because nobody in the game tried harder than he did. I completely respect Heeyoung’s decision and rationale to take him on in fire, and I have a feeling she will have gained some respect for that, so I’ll have to fight my hardest to win. I know that a lot of people will disagree with my decision to take Scott to fire, but I’ve played a loyal game for thirty-nine days and that’s what I’ll be fronting Final Tribal Council with tomorrow.
James Ryan

Day 39

Jovial music plays as the camera opens on Day 39 to the excited Final Three.

James: Day 39! Here we are!

Heeyoung: Yay!

Clara: I never thought that I’d get here, yet I am. All those days on Outcast Beach, all the fighting we’ve had to do since the merge, it all comes down to this. Aaaaaah!

Heeyoung: (giggles) Sometimes Day 39 has seemed so far away, right? When Tamiciea got voted out I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

James: When I’ve been hungry, I’ve wanted nothing more than for Day 39 to come around. I bet that, when we have to leave, we’ll say it came around too fast.

Clara: Oh my God! Speaking of, let’s go get the Day 39 breakfast!

Heeyoung: We get food!?

Clara: Yes! It happens every season.

Heeyoung: Yay! I love Day 39 so much more now.

James: Yes, I’m very hungry. Let’s go.

The three of them head to treemail excitedly. The Day 39 breakfast is all there, with bacon, sausage, eggs, pancake mix, fruit, juice and champagne. Their eyes, however, are drawn to a black envelope that says OPEN BEFORE THE FEAST BEGINS.

Heeyoung: Oh, no…

Clara: This can’t be good.

James picks up the envelope and opens it. The three read together.




Clara: Of course. <expletive> this.

James: Oh… Clara, I’m so sorry.

Clara: One reward, no merge feast, no tribal rewards given, absolutely nothing, and now I’m blocked from the feast? For what, choosing to take out who I thought was my biggest threat?

Heeyoung: It sucks so much. I wish they weren’t doing this.

James: Unfortunately, someone had to be picked. I feel terrible. I wish we could swap.

Clara: It’s just so <expletive> unfair. I’m just the punching bag for this season, with no one respecting me, and now Scott doing this. Unbelievable. I’m <expletive> over it.

James: I’ll ask if I can swap. I’ll sit out of the breakfast if I can.

Clara: No, don’t. This whole thing is stupid. Give me a curse, penalise a vote or something, but don’t <expletive> with the food when I’ve fought just as hard as everyone else, probably even harder, to get to this point. The one time I have something go my way, this happens. I felt bad for Scott, not anymore.

Clara storms off. James and Heeyoung awkwardly pick up the breakfast and carry it back to camp.

James: I’m going to ask if I can swap out.

He walks off screen.

James: Is there any way I can possibly take the breakfast block instead of Clara?

Rhylan (off-screen): No, sorry. Clara was chosen to be blocked and that’s non-negotiable.The decision is final.

James: (returning to screen) I’m sorry, Clara. I would if I could.

Clara: Thanks, but this is just pathetic. Enjoy your breakfast. I’ll see you later.

Clara heads very far away from camp. The camera cuts to her confessional as she is fuming.

ClaraAlcott Of course I’m the one who gets the breakfast block. I’ve had things going against me from day one and I’ve had no respect from anybody for the entire time I’ve been here. Why would this be any different? I got one reward for the entire game, I got nothing on Outcasts and worked my ass off to get back in the game, didn’t get to see my son despite us almost winning the challenge, and had everyone ignore me despite worshipping the ground Daniel walked on, even though I had to fight harder. And now Scott curses me when all I did was take out the person I thought was the biggest threat? How dare I not agree with everything Scott wants, right? I was supposed to just take a loss without trying to save myself? How pathetic. And how dare they mess with the food. You could have given me literally anything else and I would have taken it. This is just cruel. I’m so angry with Scott right now. I don’t even feel sorry for him anymore.
Clara Alcott

Following Clara’s confessional, we are taken back to James and Heeyoung, who begin cooking the breakfast.

James: I feel so sorry for poor Clara. She was so excited for this breakfast and now she can’t participate.

Heeyoung: Yeah. I agree with her, it was pretty cruel to do this. It looks so good, but I’m going to feel bad having it.

James: Try not to. (smiles) We earned this by getting to the end.

The breakfast then finishes cooking. James and Heeyoung serve themselves a generous helping of the eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and fruit.

James: Mimosa?

Heeyoung: No thanks, just orange juice.

James: Keeping yourself clear headed for Tribal Council. Smart. (laughs)

Heeyoung: Are you going to have one?

James: Maybe one. It would be a shame for this to go to waste.

James pours a mimosa for himself and just a plain orange juice for Heeyoung.

James: Well, here’s to Day 39!

The two clink glasses and take a mouthful. They then begin to eat.

Heeyoung: This is so good. Oh my God.

James: It is. It just makes me feel worse for Clara, that she’s not able to enjoy this with us.

Heeyoung: So, were you really going to swap out for Clara, or were you just trying to be nice?

James: I would have swapped with her if I was allowed to. I could tell how badly she wanted it, and I can sympathise with that. She was on the Outcasts and got no rewards, and had to fight within a tribe of her own. I understand somebody had to be chosen, but it was a bitter blow for her.

Heeyoung: Yeah. She’s been telling me so much that she just wants to be respected, and being blocked from the breakfast is, like, the ultimate act of disrespect. To be honest, I was surprised that I wasn’t the one blocked by Scott.

James: Oh, Scott. I hope he’s okay.

Heeyoung: With Daniel and Tamiciea to take care of him, he’ll be fine.

There is a short lull in the conversation as the two eat more of their food. Heeyoung then continues talking.

Heeyoung: You know, I’m really glad that this ended up being the final three.

James: Why’s that?

Heeyoung: You and I are the two people who care more about friendship than anyone else, and Clara is still standing from the Outcasts. The three of us can really fight based on our friendships and the game, which I think is great.

James: That’s fair. I’m glad that you seem rejuvenated. You’ll be able to give it your best at Tribal Council.

Heeyoung: That’s what I intend to do! I don’t know whether I’ll win or not, but as long as I try my best, that’s what I’ll be happy with. James: Hey, don’t sell yourself short. I’m sure you’ll have a good chance of winning, just like the rest of us.

Heeyoung: Thanks. (smiles)

The two relax and finish eating their breakfast. The camera cuts to James’ confessional.

JamesRyan The breakfast was delicious this morning, but of course there was a pang of sadness in me that Clara had to miss out. I wanted to switch out with her, because I wouldn’t have minded missing out after seeing how badly she wanted it, but I was told the decision was final. Poor Clara. She has had a very rough game and that wouldn’t have helped. Still, I am grateful that I was able to enjoy the food and drink with Heeyoung. It was a nice little warm-up to tonight’s battle at Tribal Council, and the two of us had a very nice chat. What a lovely way to spend our final day here.
James Ryan

The day then fades to the late afternoon as the castaways start to pack their belongings for the last time.

Heeyoung: I can’t believe we’re about to leave this place for the last time.

James: What a journey we’ve had, and I’ve been glad to share it with the three of you.

Clara: Yeah, this whole experience has been crazy from beginning to end. I was the second voted out, for crying out loud, and I managed to win my way back and end up here.

James: We’ve all had such different journeys to the end. I’m curious to see how the jury is going to receive us.

Heeyoung: I never thought I would make it this far. It’s so strange to think that we can’t do anything about our fates now and the very people we voted out are going to decide if we should win.

Clara: That’s just the name of the game we all signed up for.

ClaraAlcott I think I’ve had the hardest road here compared to anyone else. I was voted out second and had to completely change my game to get back in. Since I won my way back, I’ve been fighting tooth and nail to get respect from the other castaways, and I feel like I’ve had to work ten times as hard as the others to do that. I know I’m not going to go into tonight’s Tribal Council as the most popular, and I honestly don’t believe I have the respect I feel I should. I had moves blocked, I’ve had people call me dumb for doing things I thought were right, and just this morning I was blocked from eating breakfast. I know that I’ve played a good game and I deserve to win. If I’m not going to get respect from these guys, I’m just going to have to take it.
Clara Alcott

The three of them finish packing.

Heeyoung: I’m really going to miss this place, and all of you guys!

James: Yes, please keep in contact, all of you.

Clara: Absolutely.

James: Good luck tonight. May the best player win.

The camera cuts to James’ confessional.

JamesRyan I don’t believe you have to change who you are in the outside world to win this game. I played an honest, loyal game for thirty-nine days. It wasn’t typical of your average Survivor player and I’m sure there are decisions I’ve made that will raise questions. I stand by every single choice I made, because I’ve still ended up here. I believe that I can definitely take home the title, because my social and strategic games were very strong and I know exactly what I’m going to argue. They say that nice guys finish last, but in this case, they’re going to finish first. I’m going to prove that you don’t have to backstab and betray to win the million dollars.
James Ryan

Heeyoung: Well, goodbye, camp. I’ll never forget this experience. I’ve got some amazing memories to take back home.

James: Yes, we all do.

Heeyoung: Do you think you’ll ever come back here, after the game is done?

James: I’d love to bring the whole family here one day, yes.

Heeyoung: I don’t think I could go my entire life without coming back. I never thought the journey would end like this.

HeeyoungKim It’s difficult to believe that I’m here with a chance to win. I never thought I’d make it this far, and I don’t see myself as having done anything particularly special. This game has been hard for me in so many different ways. I’ve had so many emotional lows and been pushed to my limits, but I’ve met some amazing people and done some great things too. I never thought I’d be able to win immunity four times! Now I’m facing the jury at the end.. There’s no pressure on me to do well. I checked out of the pressure a long time ago. As long as I try my best, I’ll be happy with wherever I finish. I made some strong friendships here and wanted to stay loyal to those until the end. I wasn’t going to let anyone push me around and I’ve ended up here through my own decisions. We’ll see what happens now.
Heeyoung Kim

James: Well, here we go. It’s time.

Clara: I’ve been through thirty-nine days of hell, but I’m really going to miss this place.

Heeyoung: Good luck!

The three of them leave camp for the last time. There is one last shot of the shelter, standing still in the site that the castaways have called home for the last thirty-nine days. The camera then fades away.

Day 39- The Jury Speaks

To get an insight into each juror's thoughts before heading into Final Tribal Council, check out The Jury Speaks section!

Final Tribal Council

The Final Three walk in and sit down.

Courtland: Welcome, Final Three! We’ll bring in Redmont, Maverick, Daremyth, Gideon, Isamu, Daniel, Tamiciea, Kovač and Scott.

The jury walks in and sits down.

Courtland: Alright, let’s get this Final Tribal Council underway! Clara, Heeyoung, James, for thirty-eight days, you’ve been able to control your fate, but no more. Tonight, those nine people over there are the ones with all the power. With your performance tonight, you’ll need to convince them that, you are the one deservin’ of their vote for the win. Jury, some of you haven’t seen these guys for a long time, and I’m sure you have questions. Tonight is your chance to ask them, or just release all the stuff you’ve bottled up since your elimination.

The camera cuts to Daremyth, who smiles.

Courtland: Tonight’s Final Tribal Council is pretty simple. First up, we’ll have the opening speeches from the finalists. This is your chance to argue your case and convince the jury that you should be this season’s winner. When everyone has gone through their speeches, each of the jurors will have a chance to address you. Jurors, you can do whatever you want with this time. You can make a speech, you can make a statement, you can yell and scream, or you could just say “I’m votin’ this way” and sit down. It’s completely up to you. When everyone has had a chance to speak, then we’ll get to the votes. Now, the votes at this Tribal Council are different to all the others. When you cast your vote tonight, write down the name of the person you want to win. I’ll say it again, just so there are no accidents. You are votin’ for a winner. I don’t want people to realise months later that they’ve accidentally tried to vote someone out. The only name that goes on the paper tonight is the name of the person you think deserves the win the most. Everyone clear?

The jurors and finalists nod.

Courtland: Then let’s begin. We’ll go in alphabetical order for the finalists, so Clara, you’re gonna start us off.

Clara's Opening Speech

Clara: Okay, great.

She turns to face the jury.

Clara: I’m not going to beat around the bush. The first six days of the game I played were terrible. I got so paranoid about being the first one out that I overplayed myself out. I was given a second chance through the Outcasts and that’s when I began to change my game. I was tested to my limits. There really was nothing on that beach, and I had to battle with the emotional toll of that, as well as playing a heightened social game. Not only did I develop bonds, but I worked hard to find the idol and get the most votes out of anyone to return. I think I played the Outcasts twist almost as perfectly as it could be played.

The camera focuses on Daniel, the other Outcast, as he listens intently.

Clara: At that point, I had only climbed half the mountain. I came into the game with nobody expecting me to return, and I felt like I had to earn everyone’s respect. I had a successful idol play and was a huge part in Redmont’s blindside, but still I felt I had to work. I pushed as hard as I could for changes to be made. I was consistently trying and ignored. I wanted Scott out, I wanted Tamiciea out, I wanted to flush Kovač’s idol. None of these worked, but my goal was to try and earn some respect and stamp my name as a genuine competitor. Then the final eight came along and I was able to blindside Isamu, having read the situation perfectly and gathered just the votes I needed to blindside him. That was all me.

The camera focuses on Isamu, who smiles.

Clara: But still, I found myself not with the respect I was after. I then decided I needed to be in control of votes and get rid of anybody who could stand in my way. I sent Daniel home because he could lay claim to the Outcasts, and now no one else here can. I sent Tamiciea home because of her negotiation skills that could upset my plans. I sent home Kovač because, if his move had succeeded, I couldn’t have possibly won, and I fought hard to send home Scott as my biggest competition, including getting immunity from Heeyoung. I’m here with the two people I wanted and I hope to gain your respect tonight for the game I’ve played. Thank you.

Heeyoung's Opening Speech

Courtland: Heeyoung, you’re up next.

Heeyoung: Thanks!

Heeyoung turns to the jury.

Heeyoung: Hey, guys! I surprised even myself by getting this far. I didn’t really know as much about the game as some of you, and I definitely had some lows, but I had some highs as well. I really care about the friends I make, and the friendships here helped me get through those lows, as well as keep me alive in the game. If I was your friend, you could count on my vote, so, if you value loyalty, I had that. The lows in this game were a lot. When Daniel got voted out the first time I was lied to and heartbroken, and everyone only cared about my vote. I had arguments with people who were placing game above friendships. I fell out with Scott and lost my two closest friends back to back. There were times when this game seemed like the longest thirty-nine days in the world.

The camera focuses on Daniel and Tamiciea, who are saddened to hear this.

Heeyoung: I had some highs as well, and they were the friendships I made. I truly took the time to get to know everybody and I’ve met some incredible people who I never want to lose contact with. I was happy in the game when I didn’t feel any pressure, and after the swap came around, I decided to let that go. I checked out from the strategy of the game and I decided I’d be happy with wherever I finished.

The camera focuses on Scott, who looks angry at this response.

Heeyoung: Just because I didn’t care where I finished, doesn’t mean I didn’t try. I wanted people back home to be proud. My goal was to have my friends get to the end, but that didn’t work. I was always willing to vote to keep people around, like Scott, Daniel and Tamiciea. When Clara needed my help, I handed immunity to her. That’s another thing, I tried hard in the game by winning immunity four times, and I was willing to take Scott on and beat him, because I knew Clara couldn’t do it. Now that I’m here and I’m happy with everything I’ve done. If you guys think I’m the best player, then vote for me.

A couple of jurors seem confused with this speech as it ends.

James' Opening Speech

Courtland: Okay, James, it’s your turn!

James: Okay. Thank you, Courtland.

James turns to the jury.

James: I entered the game not wanting to change a single thing about the person I was in the real world. In my real life, when I make a promise, I keep it, and when I give you my loyalty, it’s permanent. I believe that my commitment to authenticity and my strong loyalty protected me through the game, allowing me to survive situations where others may have gone home, and allowing me to avoid votes as people felt I was a lesser threat just by playing the loyalty card. For example, I was able to survive Tamiciea’s attempt to eliminate me, I was able to use my alliances to swing key blocks to save Scott at the final eleven and final ten, and I was saved at the end by everyone’s targeting of Scott, even after he had tried to target me. I only received four votes, one of which was a penalty, and three of which came at the time Tamiciea tried to get rid of me. That’s less votes than almost everyone who made the jury.

The camera cuts to Tamiciea, who nods in approval.

James: I believe the strongest part of my loyalty was the fact I didn’t hold people down to me. I took a penalty vote for Gideon to advance his game and to protect Sage, who had come to me for help. This allowed people to trust me implicitly, and was what saved Scott when Gideon was thinking about blindsiding him, and allowed me to form a friendship with Daniel that would save me against Tamiciea. The members of the Outcasts had told him I was the most loyal and this was what allowed us to make a strong friendship. I was almost always aware of the vote because people would come to me for plans. Whether that was splitting on Redmont or Isamu, putting some on Tamiciea or being a crucial vote in Isamu’s blindside.

The camera cuts to Gideon, who smiles.

James: This doesn’t mean I wasn’t open to strategy, too. I believe my definition of alliance, and my airtight loyalty and commitment to friendships was my strategy. I knew that if I was going to argue loyalty tonight, I had to stick to it no matter what, which is why I saved Scott when he was going to turn on me. This took the power away from Scott, Heeyoung and Clara, and left Clara scrambling to ensure her own survival. I don’t regret a single thing I did in this game and would do it all again in a heartbeat. I would confidently put my game up against any member of the jury. I look forward to your questions. Thank you.

Isamu's Jury Speech

Courtland: Okay, jurors, you’ve heard from all the finalists, so now it’s your turn to speak. Isamu, you have the great honour of startin’ us off!

Isamu: Okay!

Isamu gets up from the jury bench.

Isamu: For the first part of my speech, I would like to address the jury:

He turns to them.

Isamu: I know there are several of you who believe that people played emotionally, or that they made moves you consider to be dumb. I urge you to discard any prejudices against emotional players. We, as humans, in our very nature, are emotional beings. It is almost impossible to look at a situation completely objectively and remove all outside thoughts and feelings from it. If you wish to play a game like that, you should play chess. I believe that emotional gameplay is not a weakness, but a strength, because it shows vulnerability and a person’s true character. Everybody has had unique paths to the final three, and unique experiences that have caused them to play like they have.

A couple of members of the jury nod at Isamu’s statement. He then turns to the finalists.

Isamu: Now, I would like to give each of you the opportunity to explain the origin of the experiences and emotions that caused you to play like you did, James, if I may ask you to go first.

James: Okay, thank you, Isamu. I came in playing the loyal game because I didn’t want to create a fake personality that people couldn’t bond with. In my every day life, I am an incredibly loyal person. I care deeply about the bonds I create, whether that be with friends or family. I would do anything for the people I care about, whether that be loaning them money, helping them on a project, or even fixing their car for free if they’re short on cash. It’s in my nature to be a kind and caring person, which is why I made moves that some may consider dumb, namely staying with Gideon and opening myself to a Tamiciea target, and staying with Scott after he decided to turn on me. I wasn’t going to go against my personal beliefs and values.

Isamu: Thank you. Heeyoung, I would like your answer next.

Heeyoung: Okay. I’m not going to use my personal trauma for sympathy, but I want everyone to know that there have been events in my past where I’ve been under extreme pressure and didn’t cope. That’s why I checked out of the game strategically, because I knew I’d only be able to get through it if I removed myself from any pressure-filled situations. I’m not a quitter, though, so I still decided to try. Also, my friendships are incredibly important to me, so I focused on getting to know everyone and building strong friendships, because at the end of the day, that was more important to me than winning. It also meant that I started to turn away from people who cared about my vote more than my friendship, or cared about strategy over friends. That’s why I fell out with Scott, and why I decided to try and beat him in fire. I decided I wanted to help Clara out and take James to the end.

Scott shakes his head on the jury angrily.

Isamu: Thank you. Clara, I’d like to hear your answer now.

Clara: The reason I was so paranoid is because I felt as the older woman, I was going to be an immediate target. I’ve spent my entire life fighting against the odds. I was a single mother to three boys, I had to fight people telling me that women couldn’t box, and doubting me because I was a woman, and I felt like I’ve had to earn respect from everybody I met. When I came back into the game, Daniel immediately became a threat and earned respect, but not me. I felt like I was constantly fighting against Clara from day six, and nothing I could do shook that. Nobody listened to me, and I just wanted to do everything I could to show the jury how I was playing and earn respect from everyone. I know it’s going to be hard to win tonight, and I feel like I’ve had to fight harder than anyone to get here. The more I got shunned, the more crucial it became for me to pull something off. So the reason I might be called paranoid or desperate, is because I think I had so much more to prove than anybody else.

Isamu: Thank you all for your answers. I look forward to the rest of them.

Isamu sits down.

Redmont's Jury Speech

Courtland: Redmont, you’re up next!

Redmont: Nice!

Redmont gets down from the jury bench and faces the finalists.

Redmont: Okay. I’m gonna start with Heeyoung, and I have to say I’m really confused by your opening speech. I thought you were going to tell us how you had all this power, how you controlled all these votes, and-

Heeyoung: I did?

Redmont: You didn’t? I’m just confused, because a lot of the jurors came to the Jury House telling me how you were in a great position, had power and control and were in with a big shot to win.

Heeyoung: Well, that’s news to me. I didn’t think I was anything special compared to anybody else. I just tried to keep my friends in and made sure that nobody controlled my vote.

Redmont: Huh. Well, I’ll kick off my question with you, then, and maybe I’ll be able to understand your game a little better. I was out of the game from Day 21 to now and I missed a lot of stuff, so tell me how your game evolved from then to now.

Heeyoung: Um.... it didn’t really? My goal was the same then to now, I wanted to get my friends to the end. I saved Tamiciea because I knew she had the idol and Scott was trying to get her out. I tried to get Daniel to vote against Daremyth to save her again, and I tried to save Daniel all the time, too. I guess my relationships changed? I did come into the merge with a relationship with Scott because he saved me with the idol, but the more it became clear he was putting strategy above everything else and treating his friendships like second-nature, we started to fall out. I thought he was only after my vote. So… I guess that’s the only thing that changed.

Redmont: Okay. James, you next. Same question, how did your game evolve from the time I was out, until now?

James: My social game evolved and became stronger than ever. Previously I was just a strong ally, but now I was able to influence votes and my standing never took a hit. I was able to stop a split vote flip against Scott at the final eleven, due to my relationship with Gideon; I was able to gather my three closest friends together to get rid of Daremyth; at the final eight, my social game saved me from Tamiciea when everyone else had fallen to her. My relationship with Scott enabled me to go undetected. As my social game got stronger and I forged relationships, his target got bigger and bigger. It got to the point where, at the final four, instead of trying to blindside Scott 2-1-1, Heeyoung and Clara told me that he was trying to vote me out, for fear I’d convince him to go to fire. Then I took control of the vote, getting rid of any possible chance of me going home, and sending Scott to fire with Clara.

Redmont: Would you say that Clara and Heeyoung made the wrong decision to take you to the end?

James: Absolutely. If they’d taken Scott, they would have had a much easier time trying to win.

Redmont: Thanks. Clara, same question to you. How did your game evolve?

Clara: My game evolved because all the moves I made were out of strategy, rather than paranoia. I was trying to take Scott and Tamiciea out to change the dynamics of the game completely, because the longer they stayed, the bigger the gap got between those running the game and those along for the ride. Even at the final nine, I tried to get rid of Tamiciea over Gideon at the revote, but Daniel and Scott backed out. Voting for Isamu and pulling off my first strategic move was an amazing feeling, and from then on, I looked at how I could get myself to the end with the best people. I took out four strong players back to back, and now I’m sitting here. I’m confident in my strategic game, which isn’t what you would have seen when you were voted out.

Redmont: Thanks! Good luck, everyone.

Redmont sits down.

Scott's Jury Speech

Courtland: Scott, give us your speech.

Scott: Alright, thanks.

Scott gets up and faces the jury.

Scott: I’m gettin’ this out of the way right now: I’m votin’ for James. I don’t have any questions for any of y’all. James, you played an amazing game, and I wanna thank you for bein’ there for me when no one else was. You were the one I could come to when the anxiety was overwhelmin’, you were the one I talked to the most about my family and the farm, and you were always by my side even when I wasn’t on yours. For you to save me and send me to fire when I was tryin’ to turn on you… I can’t put into words how much that means to me. For you to give me the chance that I was so desperately playin’ for… thank you.

James: No problem at all, Scott. I’d do it every single time. I was very fortunate to have had a conversation with your mother, in which she told me to remind you all the time that she would be proud of you no matter what. I hope that remember that, even as you stand here right now, and you know that you gave your best.

Scott: (sighs) Thanks. It’s been hard, but I know that she’ll be proud of me, and you know you’re welcome out at our house any time.

James: Amy made that very clear, yes. (laughs)

Scott: Great. So, you’ve got my vote, and you should get ‘em all.

Scott then turns to Heeyoung and Clara.

Scott: Heeyoung and Clara, y’all aren’t gettin’ my vote. I told you over and over again that James was the biggest threat and y’all ignored that. His speech tonight proves that you were wrong and I was right. You guys don’t deserve a single vote. James should get every single one ‘cause he outplayed y’all so much that you didn’t even think he was a threat.

Clara and Heeyoung look irritated at Scott’s blunt message.

Scott: Heeyoung, I am absolutely disgusted by you. For you to have the audacity to sit there after stealin’ my immunity, and my Final Three spot, and say that you didn’t care, when you knew how much I did? That’s disgustin’. If you didn’t care, you should’ve let me win immunity, you should’ve lost the fire makin’ challenge, and in fact, you should’ve just quit long ago. You knew that I needed the money so bad for my farm, and you knew all the pressure I was under back home, yet you still continued playin’ the game and survivin’. You even said in your speech that you turned against me for playin’ strategically. What the hell is that? You don’t deserve a single vote and you shouldn’t even be sittin’ there.

Heeyoung: I’m sorry, who the hell are you to tell me that I don’t deserve to be playing, that I should have quit and should have just let you win? Yes, I know what you’re playing for, but I knew that if you got to the Final Tribal Council, you would use your story to justify hurting people. You hurt so many people on your way to the end and you threw friendships away like they meant nothing. You constantly berated and betrayed people, you demanded loyalty from them and gave nothing in return. You threw James under the bus twice, while you demanded he vote for Clara. When I voted for you because I didn’t want to vote for Tamiciea, you demanded to know if I voted for you out of spite. It’s crazy, and I just decided you weren’t entitled to my vote.

Scott: I can’t believe you’re sayin’ that. I was under so much pressure. Pops didn’t even want me to come out and thought I was wastin’ my time. I wanted to get to the end with people I could beat, and that ain’t a crime. I needed this money so bad. I had to hurt people to get where I was, and you have no right to hold that against me. I had to stand by and watch as y’all killed my game by makin’ the wrong decision, and watch you take me out when you stopped carin’ so long ago. My farm could go under now, and Pops is gonna be right in sayin’ that it wasn’t worth my time. I needed this win more than anythin’, you knew that, and you stole it from me for darin’ to play the game.

Heeyoung: What gives you the right to say I stole your spot, and to say that you needed the win more than anyone? You acted like you were entitled to the win because of your farm, and I’m sorry that it’s going under, but how does that decide you're the most deserving? If you had taken the time to get to know people, you’d know why they’re here. You’d know that I had situations in my life where I exploded from pressure and had to check out for my mental health, or you’d know that maybe I don’t have a lot of money either and this prize could change my life. There’s a difference between not caring and not trying. Of course I was going to try and win, but not being bothered where I finish, for the sake of my mental health? That’s different.

Scott: Okay, but-

Heeyoung: And maybe if you’d bothered to think about anybody but yourself and get to know them, you’d understand how important being here was to Redmont to connect with his parents. Maybe you’d understand that Maverick has a boyfriend named Charles at home that he could use this money to provide for, giving them the best life. Maybe you’d realise that Daremyth has been rejected her entire life and got rejected again here for no reason, and all she wanted was to be with her girlfriend. Maybe you’d realise that Gideon wanted the money to take a trip to Sudan to see his birth parents. He was adopted and he’s never met them in his life. Are you going to say that you’re more deserving than that?

Scott: I didn’t know-

Heeyoung: Of course you didn’t. If you knew these people at all, you’d know that Isamu came into this game terrified that he’d be the outcast because he was the only non-native English speaker and had to overcome so much more than you, or that he’s been working his ass off his entire life and could have given he and his family a break. Maybe you’d realise that Daniel has been an underdog his entire life, spent his high school life shunned and outcast only to be one of the tops of the class, and has career ambitions. He doesn’t have all that much money to his name either. Maybe, if you’d bothered to get to know anyone, you’d know that Tamiciea wanted to use this money to make political change and foster at-risk teenagers with her wife. You’d know that Kovač used to not be able to speak much English either, and uses being funny as a coping mechanism. You’d know he’s so much smarter than his job title of mailman, but got held back because of language barriers, and saw his best friend get involved in drugs and die. Maybe he wanted to go to college or something. You don’t know that!

Scott: Okay, but-

Heeyoung: I’m still not done! Maybe you’d know that Clara has been fighting so hard for respect not just in this game, but her entire life, raising three children all on her own, and forging a great boxing career out of everyone telling her that she’d never be allowed to because she was a woman, or she’d never be as great as men. I bet you didn’t, and did you even know that James has a blind son who may need more care and money, but became the top of the class after working his ass off to become a physiotherapist? DId you know that James has a daughter who would maybe love nothing more than to adopt a second kid?

Scott: No… I didn’t.

Heeyoung: Exactly, because all you cared about was yourself and your story, and you never bothered to think that maybe other people were playing for something too. You decided that everyone had to get you to the end because of your farm, and that you deserved this money because of your situation. You had no given right to the money and you have no right to attack me for wanting to try and not quitting.

Scott: Yeah, whatever, you’re not gettin’ my vote anyway. Clara, I can’t believe you’d say you made the best decisions when they were so far from it. Instead of takin’ me to the end, which was the right move, you ratted me out to James and put yourself in danger. You’re only here ‘cause Heeyoung gave you immunity ‘cause she didn’t care. That’s the stupidest move I’ve ever seen.

Clara: Okay, you know what? You’re the rudest, most entitled prick of a person I’ve ever met in my entire life. For you to stand there and declare that you’re not voting for me because I dared make a move that I thought was in my best interest, and not even listen to the rationale? That’s what’s disgusting. Listening to you whinge and bitch now, yeah, maybe I do wish I’d taken you instead because the jurors would hand your ass to you like Heeyoung and I are now. I’m sorry that your life is hard, and I’m sorry about your farm, but everyone else’s life is hard too, like Heeyoung pointed out. You don’t automatically deserve a place in the Final Three, or the money, because of your situation. That doesn’t give you the right to attack Heeyoung and I for trying to take you out, or say that Heeyoung should have quit ages ago.

Scott: Whatever-

Clara: You call Heeyoung disgusting, but if anyone here is, it's you. You berated he rfor trying to save her friend instead of going along with your plan. Gideon saved you at the final eleven and you repaid him how? Voting him out at the final nine, and chastising James for staying loyal to his friend and daring to have an ally that wasn’t you. You constantly called Kovač dumb for daring to consider voting you out. You blocked me from the breakfast when I had had no rewards except one, and no food, because I dared to try and make the move I thought was best and ended up saving myself. You treated people like votes, you thought you owned Heeyoung because you saved her with an idol, and it bit you in the ass and got you sent home. That’s your fault, no one else’s. It’s not anybody’s fault that your father thinks you coming out here was a waste of time, and that doesn’t entitle you to the money.

With a huff, Scott sits down. Daremyth stands up and applauds, with Gideon smiling too.

Gideon's Jury Speech

Courtland: Gideon, it’s your turn!

Gideon laughs as he stands up and faces the finalists.

Gideon: Wow, what a tough speech to follow. First off, Heeyoung and Clara, thanks for ripping Scott a new one there. A few of us, he knows this, felt the same. We understand his story, and we’re all sympathetic- me included- but seeing you take him down after that speech felt great. It may not have been the right thing to do for votes, but you weren’t getting his anyway.

Clara and Heeyoung smile.

Gideon: With that being said, I’m gonna be honest, my vote is mostly decided too. James, your loyalty to me was incredible. The fact you always had my back, were always giving me information, and even took a penalty vote to give me the best chance at the game, was incredible. I had some of the best times in the game with you, and I am by far the most pro-James juror in the Jury House. Thank you for the friendship and for everything you’ve done. I just have one question out of curiosity, and that is, your speech makes it seem like this was strategic. Is that the case?

James: Being who I am was my strategy, but no, sticking by you wasn’t a strategic decision. Taking the penalty vote was a gesture that you weren’t held down by any loyalty to me, and I didn’t want one of my closest friends to sacrifice his game for me. I made it clear that anyone who was with me wasn’t obligated at any point to do what I wanted, because that’s who I am as a person. I was always going to save you against Tamiciea even if everyone else had turned against you. That was a risk I was willing to take, and I am sorry that I didn’t let you know votes were going her way, but Daniel had asked me to keep it between us.

Gideon: Thanks, man. Good luck.

Gideon then turns to Heeyoung.

Gideon: Heeyoung, your performance so far is really disappointing. I really do think you had a lot of power but I don’t know if you realised it. You controlled the final four, and had control over the Isamu move, and you were basically what blocked Daniel from voting for Tamiciea at ten and nine. At least that’s how I saw it, and I was super surprised, because when I was over at Trang An for the Infiltration, everyone told me you had just checked out and weren’t interested. When did all that change?

Heeyoung: It never did. I checked out of the strategic part of the game ages ago. I just wanted to get my friends to the end, get to know people, and make it clear that nobody decided my vote. I was so sick of people telling me what to do and how to feel, and I just decided that I owned my vote, nobody else. I decided to take Scott out because it was my decision, and I wanted to take Daniel and Tamiciea to the end. I asked that they not vote a certain way and because of our friendship, they respected that.

Gideon: Alright, thanks. Clara, I think you’re giving your strategic game a little too much credit, because you seem really haphazard with your moves. You talked about wanting to get respect, but you used your 4-3-1 to take out Isamu of all people, who we all thought was the only person you stood a chance of beating at the time. Then you said you wanted to get rid of Scott, but you had a golden opportunity at the final five and used it to get rid of Kovač instead, then almost got yourself voted out at the final four when you could have sent Scott home 2-1-1. Why should the jurors award you for strategic gameplay when it didn’t stack up?

Clara: Okay, I want to explain each of these. I voted for Isamu because I was ready to put my name next to anyone’s blindside, and Isamu was the easiest person to get everyone to vote for. Nobody trusted him, I saw an opportunity and took it. I voted for Kovač at the final five because he’d just had a juror conversation and his plan was so crazy, like a 2-1-1-1, that if it worked, he’d be unbeatable. I also decided to tell James in the hopes that he’d turn against Scott, in case there was any chance he’d be able to convince Scott to vote for me and take him to fire. I was able to rectify my mistake at the final four by getting immunity off Heeyoung, though.

Gideon: Great, thanks. But I’m confused. You had the numbers to vote Scott out anyway, and if Kovač was unbeatable, you could have gotten rid of him at the final four. I think, then, a lot more people would be respecting your strategic game.

Clara: That’s fair enough, but I made the choices I thought were right at the time.

Gideon: I’m actually curious now if the 2-1-1-1 would have worked without you saying anything. Heeyoung, who were you voting for that night?

Heeyoung: I was voting for Kovač, because I knew that he would never vote for Clara and I didn’t appreciate being lied to for no reason.

Gideon: Okay, so if Clara votes for Scott, it’s 2-2-1 between Scott and Kovač, with James getting one vote. Heeyoung, who do you vote for then?

Heeyoung: If Scott voted for James I would have changed my vote to send Scott home.

Gideon: See what I mean, Clara? There was nothing stopping you from getting rid of Scott at the final five and taking Kovač out at four to still end up here, yet you chose to take that risk. I do appreciate the explanation and I’m very happy that you’re trying to defend your game, but I think you made too many mistakes. Good luck for the rest of the Tribal, though.

Clara: Thank you, Gideon. I really appreciate that.

Gideon sits down.

Daremyth's Jury Speech

Courtland: Daremyth, you’re up!

Daremyth: Yay!

Daremyth gets up with glee and faces the finalists.

Daremyth: Finally, I’m in control. (laughs) Heeyoung, God, I’m almost tempted to vote for you solely for slamming Scott’s ass to the ground there. It was amazing. Winning four immunity necklaces and giving up immunity to take Scott on was so badass, but your Final Tribal Council <expletive> sucks. How can you sit there and say you had no power when you probably had more than anyone? Actually, no, don’t answer that. I want to know how you got this far if you didn’t have any power. Answer that instead.

Heeyoung: Well, keeping my friends around and making bonds? Other people wanted me there so I’d help them out. Scott saved me with his idol so I must have been doing something right. From then on I just kept trying to save my friends and they kept wanting me around. I don’t know why nobody ever tried to vote me out, and then I just kept winning immunity all the time, so I couldn’t be voted out.

Daremyth: So it’s just your bonds that got you this far?

Heeyoung: My strong bonds and winning immunity are probably why I’m here, yeah.

Daremyth: And it had nothing to do with the control you had over all the votes?

Heeyoung: I’m surprised that everyone thinks I had so much control? People just kept apologising to me for my vote because they knew I wouldn’t vote with them otherwise.

Daremyth: Okay, fair enough. James, I’ve been waiting to get to you, because this jury is so pro-you and I just don’t get it. I think you’re a good player but you also need to be held accountable for multiple incredibly stupid moves: for one, you were willing to take Scott over Clara, and whether or not you got out of danger at the final eight, you put yourself there in the first place. Explain to me how you deserve the win over someone like Clara, who actually tried to make some smart moves but just failed at it.

James: Okay, sure. My game was about loyalty and my definition of ally and loyalty, which differed from other people, is why I was able to end up in such a strong position. So yes, I may have put myself in the position of almost being voted out, but my reputation and loyalty saved me. As for why I voted with Gideon and Scott, I could never have argued my loyalty at Final Tribal Council if I hadn’t. I could argue loyalty and someone could say “well, why did you turn on Gideon?” or “well, why did you turn on Scott?” and I would have to be on the back foot trying to rebut that.

Daremyth: That’s fair. Now, Clara, we’ve all established that you’ve made dumb moves: Isamu for one, Kovač for another, and now Scott. But I know you’ve made some good moves too, being the only one who seemed to want to take a shot at Tamiciea before the final six, and trying to get Scott out at the final eleven. I’m still undecided as to whether you’re a good player with bad luck or a bad player who just can’t read situations. So, tell me all your logic behind seeing Scott as the biggest threat.

Clara: My logic was that Scott had been involved in all the moves, and that he had something up his sleeve- which now turned out to be the farm story- that he could use at the Final Tribal Council to swing undecided voters. I saw Scott’s strategic game as really strong, while I thought that James would take hits for staying loyal to Scott instead of trying to get him out, and that would make him look weak. The only mistake I made was telling James that Scott was trying to get rid of him, because I didn’t know he’d go back to Scott, but I pulled myself out by getting Heeyoung to give me immunity.

Daremyth: Okay, thanks for that. I’m done now.

Daremyth sits down.

Kovac's Jury Speech

Courtland: Kovač, keep the speech train goin’!

Kovač: Ayyy!

Kovač jumps down from the jury bench and walks to face the finalists.

Kovač: Okay, first up, I’m not bitter at all. I know I’m out because I’m a dumbass, so you’re all in contention for my vote. (laughs) I just have a couple of questions that will hopefully clear things up! Clara, you first: why is your definition of big move blocking someone else’s big move?

Clara: Sorry, I don’t follow?

Kovač: Well, instead of going with me for a blindside, you decided to try and vote me out with an idol; you then decided to vote Isamu out when he wanted to flip, and then you ratted me out at the final five. So, pretty much, your big moves are just stopping other moves. Why is that?

Clara: Oh, that. It was all about respect. I thought that, if I had control over these moves that nobody else controlled, I would get respect from the players. If everyone was going crazy and I sent you home with an idol, that’s a huge move for me, and controlling the final five vote was big too. I honestly thought that it was unfair that I never got treated differently from the woman who got voted out on day six. Daniel came back into the game as a huge threat and everyone talked about how much he’d changed, but I never got that. I got more votes than Daniel coming back in, and I worked just as hard. I even found an idol, but I was never held in the same regard. I wanted more than anything to be respected by you guys, so I was trying things. They failed a lot of the time, but at least I tried.

Kovač: Hey, you know I respect you, right? Because damn, if that isn’t a hard hitting answer. I thought it was super cool that you got back into the game and I was always down to make big moves with you. The final five move wasn’t just for me to be super flashy, it was so the both of us could have that move next to our names.

Clara: Thanks. I understand now and I’m sorry that I freaked out.

Kovač: You don’t need to apologise. You’re good.

Kovač then turns to Heeyoung.

Kovač: Okay, Heeyoung, I’ve got one question for you: you said all the time that you just wanted your friends to get to the end. You protected Scott, Tamiciea and Daniel, but never me. From my understanding, you and I were pretty good friends too, but I never got that same courtesy. Why?

Heeyoung: Tamiciea, Daniel and Scott were my three closest connections out there at the time. Daniel and Tamiciea were great friends and Scott had saved me. You and I are great friends, and we talked at that reward about how we just drifted off to different sides. You were with Maverick, who was threatening all my friends, and you had a habit of lying to me all the time, so that’s why I didn’t save you. Kovač: Alright, I understand now. Thanks!

He turns to James.

Kovač: Alright, James, this question is a big one: how is your game any different to Heeyoung’s, and why should you get the votes instead of her?

James: It's true that our games were similar in creating strong social bonds and maintaining loyalty, but that's where the similarities end. My game was different to Heeyoung’s in a lot of ways. Firstly, I allowed my allies and friends to move against me if it was in their best interest without severing ties, and I believed that opened me up to stronger alliances. Secondly, I was aware of what I was doing and knew the power I had, while Heeyoung doesn’t seem to be aware that she had some form of control in the game. Thirdly, my game is different from hers because I care about winning, and made all my moves with the intention of winning. Even the moves those consider dumb have strategic rationale behind them.

Kovač: Thanks! Good luck.

Kovač sits down.

Daniel's Jury Speech

Courtland: Daniel, you’re up!

Daniel gets up from the jury bench and turns to face the finalists.

Daniel: Hey, guys. I’ve been listening to your speeches, taking in my own thoughts and feelings and hearing how the other jurors feel about you. I have some questions of my own. First, I want to start with James. You’ve always talked about how you were a strong ally, but when I was voted out, you didn’t do anything to sway Scott’s vote, which would have saved me. How can you call yourself a strong ally if you won’t do anything you can to save them?

James: My definition of ally is different to everyone else’s. To me, an ally will give you loyalty and won’t write your name down, but I believe the most important thing about my alliances- and what made them so strong- was that I never held anybody down to what I wanted. I don’t believe I would have been a true ally had I tried to force anybody into voting how I wanted. This approach put me in the loop for almost every vote, except for the final five, so I think it paid off. Also, I did actually try and save you. I told Scott that he needn’t worry about going to the final six with you, because if you targeted him, I would save him. You and I were very clear about where we stood, in that yes, I would save you, but we didn’t have deals while Scott and I did.

Daniel: Thanks. Okay, Clara, my question for you is: why do you feel that you never got respect and I did?

Clara: It came down to a few things: one, I think my elimination was a lot more messy than yours. Two, I think your transition back into the game was a lot easier than mine because you had Heeyoung, who you could just go back to and get into her alliance. Three, it’s incredibly hard to shake a paranoid reputation. No matter what I did, I think nobody could let go of the fact I went out in such a crazy way. It really upsets me because I wish that they could have seen how hard I worked on the Outcasts. I really tried so hard to change the game early on after coming back, and I think that if we both had the same level of respect, I would have been able to. It was an incredibly hard fight, but through it all, I’m still here.

Daniel: Thanks, Clara. Now, Heeyoung, I just wanted to say some special words to you: thank you so much for being such an incredible friend. You made me smile, you made me laugh, and you always made my days better. I’m forever grateful for you coming into my life and I really don’t want this to be the last we see of each other. I went from an underdog to a big threat, but I really don’t think I could have done it without your support.

Heeyoung: Thank you so much. You’ve been an incredible friend to me too and I’ve been looking forward to this day so I can see you again.

Daniel: (smiles) I really appreciate that. I have a question for you, though. Your Final Tribal Council performance hasn’t been the best. Like Redmont and some others, I thought you were going to come in here and argue about your power, but you didn’t. So, I want to know, how were you expecting to win if that wasn’t one of your main arguments?

Heeyoung: Okay. I really am surprised by all this power talk because I just didn’t see it. I made a lot of friends in the game and made sure I knew something about everyone, and from the merge onwards, I was always independent in my vote. I never let one person control it, and I didn’t stick to allies if they betrayed me. If I was going to give loyalty I expected it in return. I had some emotional lows out here and I did have to check out because of pressure, but I always tried my hardest. I went from not knowing the game and expecting nothing of myself to winning four immunities and learning how to make fire really well. I was going to talk about my friendships, my growth and my strength.

Daniel: Okay, thank you for clearing that up. Good luck.

Daniel sits down.

Maverick's Jury Speech

Courtland: Maverick, it’s your turn!

Maverick smiles as he stands up from the Jury.

Maverick: Way to make a guy wait! Anyway, y’all got me and I’m not bitter, but I wanna see some blood in my speech. I want the same fire that Heeyoung and Clara used to shut Scott down. The best fight is gonna get my vote, ‘cause you made some dumb moves and I fully intend on calling your ass out on them. First, Clara. We’ve already been over four and five, but one thing I’m stunned nobody is talking about is the final nine. That is your dumbest move of all. Why the hell did you go from working with Kovač to trying to lie to him to get him to be voted out with the idol? You could have done so much stuff.

Clara: That was one of my failed bids to gain respect. Everyone was so panicked about Kovač’s idol, that I thought if I could steer the vote and be the one person with control, everybody would take me seriously as a contender. I honestly didn’t know that anybody else had planned on splitting votes.

Maverick: Why not ask and make a big move to take out Tamiciea? That would have gained you a lot of respect.

Clara: Yes, looking back on it, I should have asked Daniel who he was planning on voting for. At the time, though, we had opposing views of who should go home for the last two votes and I didn’t know if he’d be willing to trust me. Knowing what I knew now, I do wish I had thrown a vote onto Tamiciea, but with the knowledge I had at the time, I thought this was my best move. Kovač was as desperate to make a move as me and I thought if I’d convinced him that he didn’t need to use the idol, he’d hold onto it. It just didn’t work out.

Maverick: Alright, thanks. Heeyoung, I could go on about how you’re sitting there saying you don’t care, but I’m not going to. Instead, I’m going to ask you about the final four. Why would you give up your immunity necklace to take on the best fire maker in the game, and go from a potential win to potentially being fourth when you didn’t have to? You could have faced Scott and James but you chose to help Clara after she <expletive> up the vote on her own.

Heeyoung: At that point, I had really fallen out with Scott. I wanted to vote for him anyway, and it really didn’t bother me where I finished. If I had finished fourth, I would have been happy. The reason I saved Clara was because I thought that Scott would use his speech to justify hurting people, and I had seen him hurting a lot of them, including my friends. I wanted it to come down to game and friendships, and I thought a lot about how much Clara wanted respect. If Clara had gone out being destroyed by Scott in fire, it wouldn’t have been a good end for her.

Maverick: Okay, thanks for making me understand. Now, James! Your move in the final four: duuuuuumb. You’ve pretty much already explained why you took him to fire, and I get the loyalty game. The stupid part to me is that you were probably going to lose. You were fully willing to take someone that could have won, and you were willing to write down Clara’s name- someone who none of us thought could win before tonight- to keep up your loyalty game. Could you have beaten Scott?

James: Yes, I’m very confident that I could have beaten Scott. There were a lot of people hurting from his moves, and I had some very strong connections in and out of the game. I would have argued all the things that I have tonight, and I believe it would have been a strong win against him and Heeyoung.

Maverick: Okay, if that’s the case, point out every jury vote you’d get.

James: You and Kovač likely both vote for Scott, so that’s two for him. I would get the votes of Heeyoung, Gideon, and Daniel, which makes three. Tamiciea had sworn up and down that I was the biggest jury threat when she tried to target me, and by arguing my game, I believe I could have secured her vote, so that’s four. That leaves Redmont, Daremyth and Isamu, and I believe that they’re swings. I think Redmont would be more likely to go for me, and Daremyth would definitely choose me over Scott. Isamu could go any way. He’s the only one I can’t put my finger on, but even then, it’s still a fairly comfortable win for me. Having worked with Scott closer than anyone, there are several holes I could poke in his arguments and I believe I could defeat him as well, so Scott going to fire was best for my game because I could beat him and I could call myself loyal.

Maverick: Okay, thanks. Good luck, y’all. It’s almost over.

Maverick sits down.

Tamiciea's Jury Speech

Courtland: Last but not least, Tamiciea! Finish us off.

Tamiciea smiles. She gets up from the bench and turns to the finalists.

Tamiciea: Firstly, I can’t believe I’m the only person who has said this, but congratulations for getting to the Final Three! This is such an incredibly hard game mentally, physically and emotionally and you all deserve praise for getting there when the rest of us couldn’t. First off, I’m going to start with Clara.

Tamiciea turns to Clara.

Tamiciea: You’ve had a really hard journey here. You were voted out first from our tribe, and you had to make your way through Outcasts. You did an amazing job to get back in the game. I also want to commend you on the great job you’ve done at Final Tribal Council tonight. Every single one of us went in saying that you were the least likely person we’d vote for, but you fought and defended your game to the last moment. I do want to say, though, that I am voting for the person who played the best game, and I don’t think that’s you. So, I won’t be considering you for my vote tonight, but you should be very proud of what you’ve done.

Clara nods and smiles at Tamiciea in thanks. Tamiciea then turns to Heeyoung.

Tamiciea: (sighs) Heeyoung, you’re going to make this hard. I adore you so much. I think you’re an incredible person, you’re a wonderful friend, and you are one of the most caring and kind people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Heeyoung: (smiles) Thank you.

Tamiciea: But as far as the game goes… I am so bitterly disappointed.

Heeyoung sighs and nods.

Tamiciea: I was one of the people who came into the Jury House singing your praises, talking about what a great game you played and how much power and control you had. To come in here and listen to you argue none of that, and not even be aware of it, but instead argue about your friendships, strength and growth, is really disappointing. Intentional or not, that wasn’t the game you played, and the jury knows it too. You had people clamoring for your vote, you single handedly saved me on multiple occasions, and you were able to go through the game never even being considered for elimination from the merge onwards. You were able to build such strong alliances and your stance on loyalty was so clearly defined that people were scared to move against you. You played so well, and it amazes me that you don’t even seem remotely aware of the fact.

Heeyoung: That was how you saw my game? You’re right, this has been a huge shock for me. I never knew much about the show coming in, I never expected to get this far, and I really didn’t think I had as much control as people said. I thought that I was just protecting my friends and making my vote independent.

Tamiciea: The most disappointing part to me is that I was fully ready to vote for you to win, and a lot of people were considering you as well. If you’d argued well enough, I really think you could have beaten James, but after this performance, you’ll honestly be lucky to get even one vote. I love you to death, so many people on this jury love you, but it’s just so upsetting that you haven’t been able to realise your own strength. You played extraordinarily, but the only person who doesn’t know it is you. I hope you watch this back and maybe you’ll realise it.

Heeyoung sighs and nods. Some light tears come to her eyes and she wipes them away.

Tamiciea: Now, James, you are one of the best players I’ve ever seen. You managed to create airtight bonds and you were the only person who survived an attack from me. Everybody thought Scott and I were the ones running the show, but nobody considered you for a second. The way you navigated conflicting alliances, created such a strong social reputation, and were fully aware of where you stood in the context of the game at all times, is nothing short of incredible. Anyone who sees you as just being a loyal player is selling you so short. I do believe you could have beaten Scott, and you have shot down almost any argument against you being the best player in the game. Some of your moves, like taking a penalty vote for Gideon, voting for anyone you were asked, and taking control of the final four vote- were simply genius. I just have one question for you before I vote for you to win: were you one of the savviest social and strategic players in history, or just one of the nicest people in the world?

James: I was both. In terms of my game, they’re one and the same. My unorthodox approach to alliances, my willingness to stick by my friends in any situation, and my read on the game helped me tremendously. I had people telling me anything because they knew that I would vote with anyone who asked for my help, and they never had to consider me if they needed to do something for their game. I was able to have Daniel come directly to me once he got back in the game because of my reputation, and I was able to constantly have you and Scott take the heat for moves that I made alongside you, and by the time we got to the end, I was on a great path. The reason that worked so well is because it’s exactly the person I am in the outside world. I will drop anything to help a friend and never expect anything in return. If someone on the street came to me for help, I’d do anything I could to help them as well. I care very deeply about my friends and family, and I’m always a shoulder to cry on for someone. I played this game by staying true to myself. I didn’t have to craft a persona or make bold, overt moves, and I think that’s what will guide me to the win.

Tamiciea: Well done. You’ve played incredibly.

Tamiciea sits down, a smile on her face.

Casting of the Votes

Courtland: Okay, and that is everyone! Thanks for such a great and entertaining Final Tribal Council. All that’s left to do is for the jury to vote one last time. Let me remind you for the umpteenth time so I’m sure there are absolutely no mistakes. You are voting for a winner. The name you write down is the person you want to win. (laughs) Everyone got it?

The jury nods.

Courtland: Then let’s get this vote underway! Daremyth, how about you start us off first?

Daremyth: The only time I’ll ever be first in this game.

Daremyth gets down from the bench and goes up to cast her vote. It is not shown. She is followed by Gideon, whose vote isn’t shown either. Tamiciea is up to vote next, and her winning vote for James is revealed.

TamicieaDavisJury (voting for James to win) You are a phenomenal player, a fantastic person, and I’d be so proud to have you represent our season as the winner.

Scott goes up to cast his vote. It is not shown. He is followed by Daniel, whose vote is also not revealed. Up next is Isamu, and his winning vote for Clara is revealed.

IsamuHagiwaraJury (voting for Clara to win) After listening to your response to my speech, and seeing the hunger and determination you fought with to defend your game, I can tell you that you have earned tremendous respect from me. Congratulations. You deserve this vote.

Kovač casts his vote, followed by Redmont. The last person to vote is Maverick, who has a smile on his face as he begins to write. The camera then fades away and he returns to the bench.

Courtland: Alright, for one last time this season, I’ll get the votes!

Courtland leaves and returns a short time later with the urn.

Courtland: Now, this has been an incredible season, and I know how badly y’all want me to read the votes right now, but I can’t do that. I’ll be readin’ them live from Madison Square Garden in New York City on finale night! I’ll see you guys then.

Courtland takes the urn and walks out of the Tribal Council area.

Reading of the Votes

The camera then transitions to a live crowd in Madison Square Garden in New York, where the crowd erupts into cheers as Courtland enters with the urn. With a smile, he makes his way onto the stage. The three finalists are sitting there already, dressed up for the finale, with their families joining them. On stage with Clara are her three sons, while Heeyoung has Alex, her sister, Jess, and her parents.

The Final Three

Courtland: Hello, Madison Square Garden!

The crowd of Madison Square Garden erupts in cheers again.

Courtland: Welcome to our live reading of the votes! I’ll tell y’all, I am so excited to be here. I was nervous steppin’ into the shoes of Jeff Probst and this was my first hostin’ job. It was as much a learning experience for me as it was for these guys, and I just wanna personally thank every single one of you: the contestants, everyone at PRISM, and the fans, for making this so fun.

The crowd claps.

Courtland: But tonight ain’t about me, it’s about the real stars of the show: the three finalists sittin’ in front of me: Clara, Heeyoung and James. One of you is about to win the title of Sole Survivor and a grand prize of a million dollars! I know that y’all have been waiting anxiously for these results, but before I begin, I want to congratulate each of you for gettin’ this far. It’s an incredibly hard game to play, and you all reached the end in different ways. No matter what, you should be proud of that. Now, let’s get started! Who’s ready to crown a winner?

The crowd cheers again.

Courtland: Alright! One more reminder, you want to see your name tonight. If your name is on here, it’s a good thing!

Courtland opens the urn.

Alright, first vote...

JAMES. (1-0-0)

James smiles as his name comes up and the crowd claps.

CLARA. That's one for James, one for Clara. (1-1-0)

The crowd cheers and Clara smiles while being congratulated by her sons.

JAMES. (2-1-0)

JAMES. That's three for James, one for Clara, none yet for Heeyoung. (3-1-0)

As James breaks out to a two vote lead, he turns to his family and smiles. The crowd stars to cheer.

JAMES. We're now at four for James, one for Clara. (4-1-0)

As a fourth vote for James comes up, excitement starts to build in the crowd, as James' family start to get excited as well. James smiles. Heeyoung looks across to smile at him.

The Sole Survivor is...


As James has the fifth vote read for him, the crowd at Madison Square Garden erupts into cheers and a huge smile comes across James' face. He pumps his fist and gets up. He accepts big hugs from Clara, congratulatory back pats by her sons, and then goes over to Heeyoung to give her a big hug as well. He receives words of congratulations from Alex, Jess, and Heeyoung's parents. He then goes to his own family, who are jumping and yelling in excitement, as he hugs them all in a group hug. The crowd is still cheering as James turns to them and raises his arms in victory, causing their cheers to be even louder. As the jurors make their way over to James to congratulate him, Courtland works through the crowd and firmly shakes James' hand.

Courtland: He has secured a huge 8-1-0 vicotry with his strong social and strategic play that nobody saw coming until it was too late! He has played strongly from beginning to end and it has all paid off. People of the audience, here is your winner, JAMES RYAN!

The crowd erupts in cheers again, as James is all smiles. He accepts his cheque from Courtland and his family, the jurors, the finalists, and the families of the other finalists, surround him. Courtland then turns to the camera.

Courtland: What an amazing end to the season, but the show isn't over yet! Don't go anywhere as the reunion is coming up next, where I'll ask some of the burning questions that you've had for the cast all season, including whether Heeyoung and Daniel are dating, checking in on Scott and Daremyth, and whether Maverick really was playing a character. It's all comin' up next!

James (8 votes)
Danieldole2 DaremythCookJury GideonvanDykeJury MaverickKnightstoneJury
NicolasKovacJury NicRedmontJury ScottTymchyshynJury TamicieaDavisJury
Daniel, Daremyth, Gideon, Maverick,
Nic K., Nic R., Scott, Tamiciea
Clara (1 vote)

FTC Voting Confessionals

DaremythCookJury (voting for James to win) As much as I love their response to Scott, I don't really feel like voting for the other two. You showed me how smart you were in your speech and I respect your honesty.

GideonvanDykeJury (voting for James to win) I've never had a greater honour. From one friend to another, don't spend it all in one place.

ScottTymchyshynJury (voting for James to win) I couldn't have asked for a better friend, ally, or shoulder to cry on. You're the only one who deserves it.

Danieldole2 (voting for James to win) Part of me feels like a bad person for not voting for Heeyoung. I wish there was a way I could justify voting for her, but I'd feel worse not giving it to the person who deserved it the most. You're the best player, your Final Tribal performance was the best, and I congratulate you for playing the game I wanted to play.

NicolasKovacJury (voting for James to win) Hey man, it's crazy how well you were able to play this game. I can't believe some of the stuff you did, and how strong you were without anyone realising it. You deserve the biggest W ever.

NicRedmontJury (voting for James to win) I always knew you were good, but I never knew just how great a player you were until tonight.

MaverickKnightstoneJury (voting for James to win) You killed the game, you killed my question, and you wanted that damn win. I never suspected you as a threat for a second but you've been running the show.

Jury Members

Jury Members
Nic R.
Nic K.

Reunion Show

  • The award winners were Tamiciea (Player of the Season), James (Hero of the Season), Maverick (Villain of the Season) and Kelty (Most in Need of Redemption).
  • Answering the burning question on everyone's minds, Heeyoung and Daniel reveal they are dating. They currently still live in New York and Washington DC respectively, but have seen each other multiple times since the show wrapped up, and Daniel hopes to line up a job in New York to move there after graduation.
  • Before Courtland can ask Heeyoung a question, Alex screams, "ZERO VOTE GODDESS, WE STAN" from the audience. Once the laughter dies down, Heeyoung reveals that she plans to spend her third place prize money to fund an mixed English and Korean pop album, as was Daniel's suggestion. Regarding the criticism for her not caring where she finished. She says she did it for herself and understands the negative reaction but wouldn't change a thing. She also says it was interesting to watch her game back and realise her power.
  • Scott is spoken to about the farm. He says that watching the season back has been incredibly difficult, especially with some of the family reacting negatively to things said about them. He says the farm is still afloat and has been helped by his time on the show, as people have been asking how they can help. Veronica O'Hara announced via Twitter that she and her hospital friends held a Trivia Night with some Survivor alumni and raised $1000 for Scott's farm, which he was incredibly thankful for. He then invites everybody down to his farm to celebrate the 200th anniversary.
    • Regarding the speech, Scott says he is incredibly embarrassed and asks for everyone's forgiveness as he was angry and hurt. Clara and Heeyoung confirm that they've accepted his apology, and some of the Jury House segment where Scott apologises is played.
  • Gideon's GoFundMe is discussed and he says they surpassed the target, which he was stunned to hear. He says he is booked for a Sudan trip two weeks after the day of the reunion show and is very much looking forward to meeting his parents.
  • James is spoken to about his win and his social strategy. He says he did not fake any of his friendships but knew that his social plays would get him far. He plans to spend the money on his family if they need it, including taking he and Helen on a trip away together.
  • Clara is spoken to about her fight for respect. She thanks Isamu for the vote, and she talks about how hard she has fought for respect her entire life. She says that, while she made mistakes, she never felt she had the same level of respect as Daniel and that it caused her to overplay to try and achieve it. She doesn't blame the jury at all for their decision.
  • Courtland checks in on Daremyth, about her documented battles with mental health on the show. Daremyth says that she felt completely rejected by them for no reason, and says that while she and Evie will never be friends, they have buried the hatchet.
  • Maverick talks about playing a character and says his decision was so he could have fun in the game. He apologises for any hurt caused, and says he saw it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He talks about the strong impact the show has had on his YouTube channel, his job as a personal trainer and his relationship. He says both he and his boyfriend Charles cringed at some of the things he did and said, but it made for fun viewing. He says if he ever returns, he will play as the real Maverick.
  • Courtland then speaks to Tamiciea, who has been very busy both professionally and personally since appearing on the show. She took a leave of absence from the bench to be a guest professor at Howard University. She is also becoming more involved in local politics in Atlanta and is looking into criminal justice reform and seeing what she can do. Personally, her and Angela have been matched as foster parents to two teenagers - Nelson, who is 17 and Aesha, who is 15. Thanks to the level of fame and prominence that SURVIVOR brought, their relationship is stronger than ever.
  • Kovac is spoken to about his crazy moves, and he says he doesn't blame anyone but himself. He is then asked about the "Hoevacs", a group of fans online who thirst over him. He laughs before saying he doesn't mind the attention and fame. He takes the time to promote his Instagram and TikTok accounts that fans can follow. 
  • Courtland then reveals the next season of the show: Survivor: Bioko. He says there will be 16 contestants from all over the world, and a promo plays. 

Jury House

All Jury House episodes (Kovac, Scott, and F3) will be uploaded  here.

Still in the Running

Survivor: Con Dao - Infiltration
Nic R.
Nic K.

Polls- During Episode

Who is going to finish in fifth place?

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Was this the right move for Clara?

The poll was created at 11:02 on July 22, 2020, and so far 20 people voted.

Now that the final three is revealed, who do you think will win?

The poll was created at 14:06 on July 24, 2020, and so far 35 people voted.

Polls- After Episode

Are you happy with the winner?

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Who had the best jury speech?

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Where would you rank this season (from 1st-8th) in my fanon series?

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Where would you rank the winner (from 1st-8th) in my fanon series?

The poll was created at 08:00 on July 27, 2020, and so far 21 people voted.

Twitter Reaction

Fan Reaction

Luca Enmore (@Lucathebirdlover)

Heeyoung has really been tugging on my heart strings recently and it's so nice to see James putting the game aside to care for her. Now that he's in the final four, I hope he can make it all the way! #SurvivorConDao

John Walker (@JohnWalkerCEO)

Clara threw her game away to vote for the only person she said she could beat, and keep the person she said she regretted keeping and wanted to get rid of for the last few days... because he was making a move for them both? Pathetic and stupid. Scott at five, Kovac at four, problem solved. #SurvivorConDao

Kiki Lomax (@SkaterLomax91)

Kovac completely overplayed his way out. WHY WOULD YOU TALK TO HEEYOUNG IN THE FIRST PLACE IF THE PLAN WOULD WORK WITHOUT HER? Silly! So excited for what the final four brings because Clara and Heeyoung are going to be the ones in power. <3 #SurvivorConDao

Ashanda-Jane Washington (@AshandaJane)

YES! GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE, NEVER TO RETURN! Thank God he's out after all that sh** he pulled that afternoon. #SurvivorConDao

Veronica O'Hara (@Veronicafights4rights) replied:

What the hell is your problem you crazy woman? Why do you hate Scott so much? You have no idea what his life is like and the emotional abuse he has clearly suffered. He was so desperate to make the end and of course he was panicking about his farm. SHUSH. #SurvivorConDao

Veronica O'Hara (@Veronicafights4rights): 

Scott you should be so proud of everything you've done! Your father should be ashamed of being so emotionally abusive. Nobody deserves that pressure, you're an amazing player and person, don't let the negativity get to you! xx #SurvivorConDao

Scott Tymchyshyn (@STKielbasa200) replied:

Thank you so much for your kind words Veronica, but Pops ain't abusive, he's just scared 'bout his farm and I'm usually the one there to catch his anger when he's stressed.

Veronica O'Hara (Veronicafights4rights) replied:

That IS emotional abuse. Your father is ABUSIVE. Stand up for yourself! 

Alex Jones (@SassyAlexJ):


Wilhelmina Austin (@TampaWillie1970)

Survivor you have no right to make me cry as much as you just did. Courtland is an amazing host, that was a tragic ending, and that Tribal was so wonderful. Can't wait for this final three.

Luca Enmore (@Lucathebirdlover)

YES!!! I'm so happy that James won, I just danced around my house! #SurvivorConDao

Angela Best (@AngeBest) I'm so happy that Clara got a vote. I've been rooting for her all season to overcome the odds and get some respect! #SurvivorConDao

Jasmine Neely (@ScarletJazz75) Oh my God, as the QUEEN of handing peoples' asses to them, watching Heeyoung and Clara rip Scott a new one was the most incredible experience of the finale. #SurvivorConDao

Jason Bloomfield III (@Blooming1974) What an amazing season with a great winner. Very shocked that Heeyoung didn't get a vote, shocked further at Scott's jury speech, but lovely finale overall. #SurvivorConDao

Castaway Reactions

Nic Kovač (@BigManK0vac)

LMAOOOO THAT WAS SO DUMB, but it was so fun to watch! That's what I call going out with a bang! No regrets. I'd rather be remembered for being funny than forgotten for being smart. #SurvivorConDao

Nic Redmont (NicRedNOrange) replied:

Sorry for screwing you out of the million dollars! I just wanted to have a little fun, but be careful what you wish for, right?

Nic Kovac (@BigManK0vac) replied:

Yeah you'll be hearing from my attorney! ;) 

Maverick Knightstone (@THEMAVOLUTION) tweeted a photo:

Got my $10 from @NicRedNOrange for winning the bet! Hahaha! #SurvivorConDao

James Ryan (@MechanicalJames)

Scott I hope you're incredibly proud of the game you played. I'm sorry that you weren't able to make it all the way to the end. To the angry Twitter people, I still defend my decision to this day. #SurvivorConDao

Scott Tymchyshyn (@STKielbasa200)

Falling one day short was so painful. This has been a difficult experience to relive both watching and online. Keep your words kind. Sorry to have disappointed you all. #SurvivorConDao

James Ryan (@MechanicalJames)

What an incredible feeling to have walked away as the winner. Thank you so much to all my #SurvivorConDao castmates for helping me achieve my dreams. 

Clara Alcott (@DallasDemon) tweeted a photo:

Never give up on your dreams. I kept fighting for the win until the very end and thanks to this man @IsamuHagiwara I'm on the record as having received a vote at Tribal Council. Didn't win but feel so vindicated for my hard work. #SurvivorConDao

Heeyoung Kim (@YoungPrincessKim) tweeted a photo:

So happy to have been at the finale with @SassyAlexJ and loved all the support from the fans! I had no clue I had so much power, LOL. I'm happy with my finish and it was soooo fun to watch back! Apply for the next season! I'll watch from my couch. <3 xx #SurvivorConDao

Scott Tymchyshyn (@STKielbasa200)

I apologised. Stop attacking me. Shutting down social media for the night. Words hurt. #SurvivorConDao

Heeyoung Kim (@YoungPrincessKim) replied: 

Yes, he apologised. Log off, trolls! Can't believe people have nothing better to do. #SurvivorConDao

Clara Alcott (@DallasDemon) replied: 

Apology happened and was accepted long ago. Lay off the personal attacks or I might just have to put on the boxing gloves one more time... ;) #SurvivorConDao

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Author's Notes

  • If you haven't yet voted in the end of season awards, do so HERE. They will be open  until FTC.
  • The episode title was said by James, defending his decision to take Scott to fire despite Scott having lied about trying to vote him out.
  • Kovac finished the episode with four confessionals, for a season total of 59 and an average of 3.93 confessionals per episode. 
  • Scott finished the episode with seven confessionals, for a season total of 66 (the most) and an average of 4.4 confessionals per episode. 
  • Kovac's jury manga was made by Max.
  • Scott's jury manga was made my Uke.
  • The finale mangas were made by those who submitted the characters. CSIPizzaGuy made James, Eevee made Clara, and PvZ made Heeyoung. 
  • Heeyoung finished the episode with eleven confessionals (the most), for a season total of 65 and an average of 4.33 confessionals per episode.
  • Clara finished the episode with nine confessionals, for a season total of 63 and an average of 4.2 confessionals per episode.
  • James finished the episode with ten confessionals, for a season total of 62 and an average of 4.13 confessionals per episode. 
  • Tamiciea had the highest average confessionals per episode, with 4.69. Maverick was next, with 4.67. 
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