"No One Would Go For That"
Season Survivor: Hainan
Author kenkwho
Episode Number 3/14
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No One Would Go For That is the third episode of Survivor: Hainan.

Previously On Survivor...

Jeff: The observers for redemption duel has got a chance to win a reward.
Jeff: Fishing gear! Plat of grilled fish!
Jeff: In the duel, Mi became the first person eliminated, while Elisa on Redemption Island and Nancy from Yu Shen won reward.
Nancy: I'd take the gear.
Jeff: Some decided to share their reward.
Nancy: I've got something for you all!
Rebecca: Can I have some?
Elisa: Not too much.
Jeff: But some decided to keep it secret.
Johnathan: Hey don't talk.
Catherine: Eh, Mi was eliminated. And that girl... Rebecca I think, was voted out last night.
Jeff: And Johnathan took the chance to stir up the pot, causing the majority alliance to distrust Catherine.
Jeff: Catherine, the tribe has spoken.
Jeff: Nineteen are left, who would be voted out, tonight?


Combined Reward/Redemption Duel: "Be Aware What's Ahead of you"
Each contestant will put a wooden bowl full of rice over their head. If the bowl falls, the contestant is out. The first Redemption Island inhabitant out is eliminated and the last two standing wins reward. The last one standing will choose reward first.
Reward: Clue to the location of hidden immunity idol or oatmeal with sugar.
Winners: Elisa(Oatmeal), Albert(Clue)
Immunity Challenge: Idol Hands
Two members from each tribes will hold a handled pedestal with an idol on top. The goal is to knock the other person's idol from their pedestal. The winner of each match-up moves on the the next round. The winner of the last round, for each tribe, wins individual immunity.
Winners: Fion(Lei Gong), Nancy(Yu Shen)


Night 5

At Lei Gong camp:
Johnathan: It was intense!

I've never expected that one little lie would turn the game around so much. Now I'm in a part of this big family. Bye all girls.


Albert and Bobby are douchebags. Now all girls are in the minority. I am not exactly sure how can I turn this around. But Gabriel seems like the guy everyone wants to go to the end with. Maybe me too.


Ingrid: This is one crazy tribal council, isn't it.
Gabriel: In deed.
Ingrid: Alright, let's say, if we merge at 12, you know what's gonna happen.

Ingrid is trying to get something's going. I might be the ultimate underdog that plays no strategy, but I know someone's gonna return from Redemption Island. I don't need this alliance of six yet. But if we have six and the others have 5, I might just need both Ingrid and the returnee. I'm not turning down Ingrid yet.


Gabriel: Sure, I need six.
Ingrid: So... I think I'm safe?
Gabriel: I guess so.

This is one of the few times I think about the game.


Day 6

At Lei Gong camp:
Johnathan: Tree mail!

I probably want to send people more physical this time, just for the reward. At this point, everyone would share whatever they got, I think.


At Yu Shen camp:
Nancy: This is the tree mail!

Battle head on for reward,

Witness the loser go off.

–Tree Mail

It's reward time again. I volunteer to go for more reward because I'm trying to use them to gather votes. I'm actually quite glad to help win reward for all of us last time.


At Redemption Island:
Jeff: Come on in!
Jeff: Welcome to Redemption Island Arena. Today, one of the three inhabitants would be eliminated in the duel. Here's how it's gonna work. Each contestant will put a wooden bowl full of rice over their head. If the bowl falls, the contestant is out. The first Redemption Island inhabitant out will be eliminated.
Jeff: Albert, Gabriel, Nancy and Qwerty, you are going to fight for reward. For the six remaining competitors, the last two standing will win reward. Want to know what you are playing for?
Nancy: Yes!
Jeff: Again, you have two options: First, oatmeal with some sugar for some flavor. The other reward, a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. The last one standing will get to select first.
Jeff: Alright, everyone get ready, we'll get started.
Jeff: Everyone place your bowl, and the competition is officially on.
Qwerty: Oh I have the pointiest head on the world. My god.
Jeff: Ten seconds in, Qwerty, is the first one out of the challenge.
Gabriel: Oh no.
Jeff: Gabriel is moving a lot! Gabriel, second one out!
Jeff: One minute in, five are left. Two of which are fighting for reward, the other three are fighting for an opportunity to stay in the game!
[Elapsed time: 5 minutes]
Gabriel: There's a fly on Catherine's face.
Catherine: Oh god it's so itchy!
Jeff: Stay focused! A slip and you're out of the game!
Catherine: [tried to reach her face] Oh no!
Jeff: Catherine! The first inhabitant out, and is eliminated from the game.
[Elapsed time: 10 minutes]
Nancy: My neck is hurting so much!
Rebecca: I totally understand that!
[Elapsed time: 35 minutes]
Jeff: You are here for over half an hour. In fact, 35 minutes.
Rebecca: Alright, I'm out.
Jeff: Rebecca steps out. Three remain, battling for reward.
Rebecca: I'm still in the game, at least.
[Elapsed time: 1 hour]
Albert: Jeff, can we share the reward?
Jeff: Sharing of reward is allowed, as long as it's an unanimous decision.
Albert: How about Elisa and I share the oatmeal. Nancy you take the clue?
Nancy: I'm not taking the clue! I need food!

The reason why Nancy denied the clue is probably because she's already knew who has the idol or she herself got the idol. But if you think the other way, why Albert is offering away the clue, it's probably also he got the idol! Who wants the clue if this is really true!


Albert: Alright.
[Elapsed time: 1 hour 30 minutes]
Nancy: Is it raining?
Jeff: Yes rain is pouring!
Nancy: It's gaining so much weight.
Jeff: And it's getting slippery.
Nancy: [Massaging her neck] Oh no!
Jeff: Nancy's bowl slipped and Albert and Rebecca wins reward. Now let's see who's gotta pick first!
Albert: [Bowl slipping without moving because of the rain] I hate this rain!
Jeff: Elisa wins the duel!
[Some time later]
Jeff: Alright, let's get the business going. Catherine, I'm sorry, but you are eliminated. Drop your buff to the fire.

Catherine reynolds gray
I'm quite disappointed. I told myself not to regret, but going out on Day 6 is not the best result ever.


Jeff: Now to the rewards. Elisa, what are you going to choose, oatmeal or clue? Elisa: Oatmeal! Why do I need an idol now!
Jeff: That means Albert, you are getting the clue!
Albert: Alright.

I don't need a clue. I already know Johnathan has the idol. But I'm gonna tell everyone, preventing I know nothing about it, and I'm so selfless to share information.


Jeff: Alright, grab your rewards, head back.

At Lei Gong camp: Albert: I'm back! Fion: Got anything? Albert: I only got this sheet of paper, Elisa won the other reward, which was some oatmeal stuff. By the way, Catherine was eliminated. Albert: Alright let me read this out.

On this island three gods there are,

Protecting each group of you from far.
Locate the foot of the god,
and don't tell anyone what you've got.

–Clue to the location of hidden immunity idol

An idol is probably the best thing I can get to save myself, but the clue basically said there are three idols, one in each camp, and one in the another place. I'm definitely going to search for the one in our camp. But there's still another one somewhere. It could be in Tribal council, it could be in the challenge place, it could be on Redemption Island, it could be anywhere! But if it's on Redemption Island, no one would go for that!


At Redemption Island:
Elisa: I think we can share this a bit.
Rebecca: Let me get some water.

When I was almost at the well, I look up and I see a strange branch. It looks like a claw or something, but there's something stuck on the toes or something. I climbed and grabbed it.


Rebecca: [Untying the knots] [Reading from the paper] This is an immunity idol... Oh what?

The idol has got no use at this point, but when I get back, I can share it, protect myself or what-so-ever. Now I need to fight back to the main game, and I'll get power!


At Yu Shen camp:
Nancy: Sorry! Nothing this time!
Keith: It's alright.
Qwerty: Oh yeah, she lasted longer than me today. It was a holding-rice-on-your-head challenge. I sucked so badly.

Based on what I saw, I think I can only find Oak and Steven now. Tifanie and Nancy were on the outs. They found Keith and Lucas, and they were the muscles. I don't know where's qwerty standing, but I hope I still have a four at least. Idol, it's your show time.


Day 7

At Yu Shen camp:
Keith: Tree mail!

No one is going home tonight,

but tomorrow everyone is gonna fight.
Be relaxed and stay strong,
Here's some toy you can play along.

–Tree Mail

Lucas: What are these? A wooden block and some balls?
Nancy: And a picture of an idol too.
Tifanie: I think it's like balancing something on that plate, while you are holding it?
Lucas: Sounds like so!

I ain't got no time for games. Oak and Steven, you'd better be alone so that I can talk to you.


[Penny and Oak were talking]
Penny: You know, Nancy is with Tifanie, Lucas is with Keith, right?
Oak: Sure, and they are getting so close in these two days.
Penny: That's exactly what I concern.
Oak: If me and you, and ... Steven ... and ...
Penny: Do you think we have Qwerty.
Oak: I think we have to try.
Penny: Here's a secret, please, try not to tell anyone. [Showed idol from pocket.] Oak: Oh wow.
Penny: At least we need to know who they are voting for.

This Penny would have been a perfect target if I was in majority. But no I'm not. At this point, I think I'll have to stick with her.


[Oak and Steven were talking]
Oak: Hey Steve.
Steven: What's up.
Oak: They've got the number, Keith, Lucas, Nancy and Tifanie. They voted for you last tribal, that means they are going to find Qwerty soon.
Steven: Oh I hate this.
Qwerty: [interrupting conversation] Hey guys.
Oak: Hey, we are talking who should be vote off next tribal.
Qwerty: Maybe Nancy? She seemed like the weakest as Nancy won something.
Steven: That's right. Oh, I gotta drink some water.

Alright, that is obvious to me, we have Steven, Oak and Penny, and then Lucas, Keith, Nancy and Tifanie. If I go with the four, It might be quite dangerous in a 12-person merge. Am I thinking to far? No! Everyone needs to think about Day 39 on Day 1!


Nancy: It's raining again!
Keith: Oh god take the fire back!

The fire basically went out before anyone spotted it's raining. My clothes are all wet once again.


Nancy: [sobbing] Oh my god why the weather is so bad?

Sometimes we forget survivors need to survivor the elements too. Talking about strategy is taking up a whole lot part of the game. It would make me think: I don't know can I take it anymore. But I need to stay strong, both physically and mentally.


At Lei Gong:
[Albert, Bobby, Dash, Gabriel and Johnathan gathered.]
Bobby: Who are we going for if we lose tomorrow?
Gabriel: Fion talked to me about joining us yesterday. I think we should keep her longer.

Gabriel, that worries me! But we aligned on Day 1, I guess I have to trust you for now. Hope there's no communication between majority and minority, and we're all set.


Johnathan: So Fion or Holmium.
Albert: Fion seems better, weaker.
Bobby: Cool.

Day 8

At Immunity Challenge:
Jeff: Come on in!
Jeff: Tifanie, how is camp life?
Tifanie: It's kinda rare to see three people has left on Day 6. Now it's Day 8, and one more is going. There is some kind of loneliness. The dynamic is shifting so much and the number is going down so fast, it kinda worries me.
Jeff: Good for you to mention that, because tonight, both of the tribes are going to tribal council. You are now fighting for individual immunity.
[Everyone is shocked]
Jeff: Tonight, Lei Gong is going to tribal council, after that Yu Shen is going to attend as well. No tribe will observe the other tribe and no reward. So first, Yu Shen, I'll take that back. For this challenge, individual immunity is what you are fighting for. There is one immunity necklace for each tribe. How's how it's going to work. Two members from each tribes will hold a handled pedestal with an idol on top. The goal is to knock the other person's idol from their pedestal. The winner of each match-up moves on the the next round. The winner of the last round, for each tribe, wins individual immunity. When you are ready, we will draw for match-ups.
Jeff: Alright, Lei Gong is going first, Albert against Fion, Gabriel against Dash, Ingrid against Bobby, and Holmium against Johnathan.
Jeff: Albert and Fion, you'll be the first competition. Survivors ready, go! Albert: This is hard.
Jeff: Albert is having difficulty balancing! [Albert dropped] Fion moves on to the next round without balancing.
Jeff: [Fast forward] Dash moving on! Ingrid moving on! Johnathan moving on!
Jeff: Alright, Round two, Fion against Dash, Ingrid against Johnathan. Fion, Dash get ready, go!
Fion: I'm doing something big here.
Jeff: Fion tosses her idol up in the air and rushed forward to knock off Dash's idol. Dash's idol touches the ground first. Fion moving on!
Jeff: Next round, Ingrid against Johnathan. Survivors ready, go!
Jeff: Johnathan is using the same technique here. Johnathan, moving on!
Jeff: Last round for Lei Gong, Fion versus Johnathan. Survivors ready, go!
Fion: I'm trying my hardest!
Johnathan: Come on baby!
Jeff: Both of them tossed the idol at the same time, but Johnathan's idol reaches the ground first. Fion, wins individual immunity!
Fion: Yes!
Jeff: Moving to Yu Shen! First round, Keith against Lucas, Nancy against Penny, Tifanie against Qwerty, and Oak against Steven.
Jeff: [Fast forward] Keith moving on! Nancy moving on! Qwerty moving on! Oak moving on!
Jeff: Second round, Keith against Nancy, Qwerty against Oak.
Jeff: First match-up, The youngest man versus the oldest woman! Survivors ready, go!
Jeff: Keith is moving the first move! But Keith couldn't reach Nancy's idol. Nancy, moving on!
Jeff: Qwerty against Oak, survivors ready, go!
Jeff: Qwerty is trying his best protecting the idol away from Oak's reaching distance. Qwerty is moving a move while Oak isn't aware. Qwerty knocking out Oak's idol, Qwerty moving on!
Jeff: Final round, Nancy versus Qwerty. Survivors ready, go!
Qwerty: [whispering] Take it, take me.
Nancy: [whispering] Deal.
[Qwerty tossed high and pretended cannot knock out Nancy's idol.]
Jeff: Nancy wins individual immunity!
Jeff: Alright, Fion, Nancy, come on up. [Put on necklace] Tonight, two of you will be sent to Redemption Island. Figure it out this afternoon, I'll see you at tribal council.

At Yu Shen camp:
Qwerty: Congratulations Nancy! You won something again!

Right off the bet, I need to secure my five. Qwerty is the swing vote tonight, so I need to make sure he listens to me. So I pulled him away immediately.


Nancy: I know they have Penny, Oak and Steven. We need you to be the majority.
Qwerty: I understand that.
Nancy: We are voting for the weakest out of the three, do you agree?
Qwerty: So Oak maybe? He's the older one?

Qwerty is gonna be deciding vote? Most likely, but I got the idol. If persuading Qwerty is a fail, I still got a 1 in 3 shot.


[Penny and Qwerty talking]
Penny: I know it's 4 to 4 or 5 to 3. I don't know who do you prefer.
Qwerty: I don't know either, I'm... so confused.
Penny: We are voting for Tifanie. If you want to do it, do it. Tifanie is the weakest among the four.
Qwerty: I understand that, but if a 4-4 is not broken, then we draw rocks.
Penny: Don't worry, if there's a 4-4, I change my vote, then we have 3. We can find one of them back. At least you are not going home. I take this sole responsibility.

What? Are you kidding me? You are so confident you can pull somebody, and you call a 4-person alliance majority? Lady, you are thinking so short.


At Lei Gong camp:
Holmium: I'll go get some water.

I'm so screwed now. I only have two votes, Fion and I. They can't split vote. So I need to find an idol. If I can't find it, I need to pretend I have it.


Ingrid: [Holmium is back] Look at her pockets.
Albert: That's bulgy.

I'm playing safe tonight, I'll tell Ingrid and three other guy to voted for Holmium. Bobby and I throw off two votes at Ingrid. That's safe. In case the third idol on the clue pops up.


Albert: It's she right, Ingrid?
Ingrid: Cool.
[Albert and Bobby privately talking] Bobby: So both of us, throw two votes at Ingrid?
Albert: Yes, even if Ingrid flips back, It's a 3-3-2 tie. It's super safe.

If they are going to play safe, it's good to throw two votes at someone outside, that's Ingrid. If they have three votes at Ingrid, then Ingrid is gone. Gabriel, I need to find you again.


[Holmium and Gabriel talking]
Holmium: I know you guys are going really strong, but I still wanna be in it.
Gabriel: Fion has immunity, so...
Holmium: Ingrid? I mean, I just want to be here for two or three more days.

Voting for Ingrid tonight simply gonna make this possibly six-man alliance to five. And if there's five left, I'm the most distrusted one. But if I vote out Ingrid after the merge, I'd lost Ingrid vote at the finals. She's gonna be bad at me.


At Lei Gong's tribal Council:
Jeff: Ingrid, what was the initial reaction when you knew two people are going to be voted off tonight?
Ingrid: I'm shocked and I never expected to game to go so fast. I mean, it's normal for the smaller alliance to panic. I panic too.
Jeff: So you say you are in a minority alliance.
Holmium: No for sure. They are only two people on the outs.
Jeff: Holmium, you say two people only, who are they?
Holmium: It's Fion and I. The majority was disbanded last tribal, now the girls are out. But it's understandable to see people panic and willingly become a bottom member of a six.
Jeff: So Holmium, you are saying you are 100% sure you are going home tonight. Holmium: I'd say 99%. I see hope sometime. Miracle, a.k.a. idols.
Jeff: Speaking of idol, is the other alliance planning to tackle idol?
Johnathan: I'm not sure. But I'm voting for Holmium tonight. Sorry about that.
Jeff: So, no one is trying to tell any secret plan here. It seems that either the obvious target Holmium is going home, or someone else is going to get a big surprise. It's time to see what it'll turn out, Ingrid, you're up.
[Everyone voted]
Jeff: I'll tally the vote.
Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council very immediately. If anyone has the hidden immunity idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so. [No one played the idol] I'll read the vote.

Jeff: ... The tribe has spoken. You'll have a chance to get back to the main game, get your torch, head to Redemption Island.

At Yu Shen Tribal Council:
Jeff: Oak, is it a shock that two tribes each need to vote out one person tonight? Oak: Well, we kinda expected to lose, or to vote out another one of us. There is a lot of stuff to pre-plan.
Jeff: Nancy, are people thinking very far when they decide who to vote out? Nancy: Yes, we think about the merge, that's probably 10 more days later. We think about jurors, who to take to the final 2 or 3. But merge is the biggest concern, how we will be the majority.
Jeff: There could be no merge.
Nancy: You are right, so we have so many contingency plans. Everyone of us need to think, if 5 is good, what if there's no merge? Would I be the one gone?
Jeff: Paranoia is very intense it seems. But we are going to vote out one of you to relieve that. Nancy, you're up.
[Everyone voted]
Jeff: I'll tally the vote.
Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council very immediately. If anyone has the hidden immunity idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so. [No one played the idol] I'll read the vote.

Voting Confessionals

I know I am so likely to go, but I'd love to stir up the pot.

–Holmium (1st vote)

Let's just do it.

–Albert (1st vote)

How did you know it?

–Bobby (2nd vote)

One third of chance, trust or no trust?


Still in the Running

Lei Gong
Albert lee
Bobby nelson
Catherine reynolds gray
Dash mash
Elisa rester gray
Fion fish
Gabriel gaps
Hope holmium nickle gray
Ingrid hong
Johnathan mott
Yu Shen
Keith dawson
Lucas williams
Michelle mi chen gray
Nancy dorris
Oak timm
Penny smith
Qwerty filex
Rebecca thomas gray
Steven dye gray
Tifanie case