No Love For The Little Guy is the twelfth episode of Tlc479's Fan Fiction "Survivor: Bolivia "

"No Love For The Little Guy"
Season Survivor: Bolivia
Author Tlc479
Episode Number (12/14)
Date Uploaded May 30th, 2014
Episode Chronology
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Day 30

Parinacota arrives back at camp, devastated after LaTrina's elimination

Ricardo: She was really the life of this camp, I am going to miss her.

Maria: Yea, It's a shame.

I am done being emotional, I have gotten over LaTrina's elimination, It would have had to happen anyway for me to make it where I am now. Maria is going to be the sole survivor.


Ricardo, Darnell, Maria, and Destiny walk to the water to discuss their game plan.

Ricardo: So, right now it is four of us and three of them. So long as we stay loyal to each other there should be no issues in us making the final four.

You know, this stage in the game is very crazy. Allies can flip on you in a heart beat, so we all have to watch our backs.


Maria: I have no intentions of going over to the other side, I would love to see this as the final four.

Ricardo: I'm glad we are all on the same page.

I feel like going to the end with Darnell, Maria, and Destiny is a good choice. Darnell would be my only true competition at the final tribal council, but I think I can beat him. I know I can make it to the end.


Vicki, Toby and Jasmine talk by the shelter.

Vicki: So, I think our go to plan has to be to penetrate that bond those four have right now.

Jasmine: There is no other way we can survive.

I put myself in an awful position, and I need to find a way out. Vicki and Toby can help gratefully with that.


Vicki: I got a plan, It might be risky. But nonetheless it is a plan.

No one know I have the idol. So if I cannot form cracks in the alliance of four I might just have to use it.


Vicki pulls Ricardo aside to have a chat with him.

Vicki: Ok, so I wasn't going to tell you but I think I should.

Ricardo: What?

Vicki: Maria told me that she wants to target you because you are a threat, She wanted to form an alliance with Jasmine, Toby, and I

Ricardo: Are you sure? 

Vicki: Definately. 

I sense something off about Vicki. I am almost positive that she is lying. But you can never be too sure, so in case something happens, Darnell is my safety net.


Ricardo pulls Darnell aside after his conversation with Vicki.

Ricardo: Darnell.

Darnell: Yea, what is it? 

Ricardo: Vicki is telling me that Maria might be flipping, can you talk to her, not about this, but see if she says anything suspicious. 

I don't know what is true is what is false, but I think that someone is trying to put themselves in a position of power. Let's hope we get to the bottom of this.


Parinacota walks up to their next reward challenge, they are greeted by Jeff. 

Jeff: For today's reward you will be playing for a helicopter ride through the Parinacota Valley, then you will land at a small hut where inside you will get to eat cake, ice cream, pie, and any other dessert you can think of. Here's how it works. You will navigate your way to the top of the tower and memorize the pattern on the board at the top, you will then race back down to your podium and attempt to place your tiles in the correct order, first one to get it right wins. Let's get started. 

The game starts. Everyone runs to the top, Darnell and Ricardo are the first to arrive. Jasmine is quick after. Ricardo runs back, Darnell stays to study the board, Maria, Vicki, Destiny, and Toby arrive. Darnell and Jasmine start running back. Ricardo gets back to his podium he runs back to try again. Maria and Toby head back. Vicki and Destiny concentrate hard on the board. Darnell and Jasmine are both wrong and head back, Vicki starts to run towards her podium. Maria and Toby return to their podiums. Toby is incorrect, Maria is correct. 

Jeff: Maria wins reward! 

I wish it was immunity, but yes!


Jeff: As a part of your reward you get to choose one player to go with you.

Maria: Oh wow, Um. Destiny you don't get to enjoy many of these, I choose you to come with me. 

Destiny: Ah! Thanks you so much!

I love that Maria chose me. This is going to be a fun time.


Maria and Destiny are picked up by the helicopter and taken for an exciting and thrilling helicopter ride. They are dropped off at the hut and pig out on desserts. 

Destiny: Me and you girl, we're a power duo right here. 

Maria: You know it. 

Back at camp, Vicki used the opportunity to talk about Maria to Ricardo and Darnell. 

Vicki: I'm telling you, she has villianous intentions with you guys, I would advise you to help me take her out as soon as possible. 

Ricardo: I don't have any proff of that, all I have heard is you talk about Vicki.

Vicki: She chose Destiny over you guys.

Darnell: Destiny is a close friend of hers, that doesn't mean we aren't all allies.

Vicki: Just think about it. 

What Vicki is doing is pure genius. Although I don't think Darnell and Ricardo are listening, she will get to them, I know it.


Maria and Destiny return from the reward.

Jasmine: How was it? 

Destiny: It was amazing, I loved the helicopter. 

Ricardo and Darnell decide to have a chat with Maria. 

Ricardo: Vicki is very persistant when she says that you are flipping on us, we refuse to believe it, it isn't true right? 

Maria: Of course not! Wait, she is actually spewing these lies about me?

Ricardo: Yea.

I learned something interesting today about Vicki, oh well, she is out next anyway so why does it matter?


Day 31

Parinacota arrives at their next immunity challenge. The necklace is taken back from Ricardo. 

Jeff: Today's challenge is simple. There are six cages about an eighth a mile down the beach. Each cage has a certain number of whatever item is in the cage. It is your job to run back here and put the right numbers of each object into the lock on your chest. Once you get it you will open the chest and release a mallet that you will use to ring this gong. First member to ring the gong wins immunity! Let's get started. 

Correct Code: 20, 16, 31, 15, 7, 23

Player 1st Cage 2nd Cage 3rd Cage 4th Cage 5th Cage 6th Cage
Darnell cory 20 16 31 15 7 23
Destiny redford 20 16 34 15 9 22
Jasmine alexander 18 16 31 13 7 23
Maria ines salvo 20 16 28 16 7 23
Ricardo juarez 20 16 30 15 7 23
Toby darwin 21 17 31 15 7 23
Vicki Pena 20 17 37 15 7 23

Jeff: Darnell wins immunity! 

Winning immunity feels really good, as usual. Tribal is going to be easy tonight!


Parinacota arrives to camp. Vicki talks to Ricardo and Darnell privately one last time.

Vicki: This is your last chance, are you willing to take Maria out with me?

Ricardo: What exactly is your plan here? 

Vicki: If you don't go for Maria with me, you are going to regret it. 

Little ol' Vicki has an idol up her sleeve that she is playing tonight. And bye bye Ricardo.


Vicki walks away and takes a nap in the shelter. 

Darnell: What is her deal? 

Ricardo: I think I know what's up. She either has an idol, or wants us to think she does. 

Darnell: How would she have gotten one? 

Ricardo: That clue, from Hiroshi, I'm pretty sure he shared it with her.

Darnell: So what do we do? 

Idols do complicate things, and Vicki could have one. So this tribal should be very interesting. Hey, Maybe I will join the jury.


Darnell approaches Destiny alone. 

Darnell: Hey, I need a favor. 

Destiny: What is it? 

Darnell: Go talk to Jasmine, tell her you want to make a deal with her for information on Vicki. 

Darnell is asking me an odd request, but I know what the reason is. So I'm going to complete it.


Meanwhile at the shelter, Vicki has a conversation with Jasmine.

Vicki: Jasmine, I have to tell you something that can shake up this game.

Jasmine: What? 

Vicki: I have this.

Vicki pulls out the idol, enough for Jasmine to see, then she stuffs it quickly in her bag. 

Jasmine: Oh my god! Why didn't you tell me earlier. 

Vicki: Keep this a secret, I want Ricardo to be blindsided this tribal.

Vicki is so diabolical and I love it! Ah! There is hope for us.


Destiny walks up. 

Destiny: Hey Jasmine, can we have a discussion about something real quick? 

Jasmine: Uh, sure. 

Jasmine and Destiny go into the woods to chat. 

Destiny: So, here is the deal. I don't think I can stay with these guys for long. I want to allign with you guys.

Jasmine: Are you serious? 

Destiny: I just have a question I need to know the answer to. 

Jasmine: What? What is it? 

Destiny: Does anyone of you three have an idol, We can use it so that it will look like I am still loyal to them. 

Jasmine: Not that I am aware of, I'm pretty sure there isn't, they would have told me. 

Destiny: That is all I needed, thank you. We'll keep in touch my friend. 

Jasmine walks back to Vicki. 

Vicki: What was that about?

Jasmine: Destiny asked if anyone had an idol in our alliance. 

Vicki: What did you say?

Jasmine: Well of course I said no! Remember, it's a secret. 

There is usually no love for the little guy. But tonight the little guy is getting all of the love! I can't wait to see his face when his torch goes out.


Destiny goes back to Darnell and Ricardo. 

Destiny: Jasmine claims there is no idol. 

Ricardo: I'm not too convinced. 

Darnell: What do you say we do? 

I thought this was going to be an easy tribal council. But no, Of course it won't. At least I am safe.


The Parinacota Tribe walks into their tribal council.

Jeff: We will now bring in the members of our jury, Mason, Gregory, Hiroshi, and LaTrina voted out at last tribal council whom has recovered. 

Mason peters
Gregory tunis
Hiroshi oda
Latrina jackson

Jeff: Well, Darnell let's start with you. How does it feel to be immune this tribal council?

Darnell: I thought this tribal council was going to be simple, but no. I like the safety net that the immunity provides me. 

Jeff: Vicki, your alliance seems to be at the bottom, do you feel in danger.

Vicki: Well. No. I think someone here is in for a little surpise tonight, and it won't be pleasant.

Jeff: Toby, how does that sound to you?

Toby: That sounds damn good right now, I love surprises as long as I am not involved. 

Jeff: One last quick question. Destiny, do you think you know how this tribal council will end.

Destiny: My best guess is confusion. 

Jeff: Well with that it is time to vote.

Tribal Council

Before the votes are read, Vicki stands up and plays her hidden immunity idol. 

Tribal Council #12- Parinacota
Voted Against Voter

Toby darwin
Toby (4 Votes)

Darnell cory Destiny redford Maria ines salvo Ricardo juarez

Darnell, Destiny, Maria, Ricardo

Ricardo juarez
Ricardo (3 Votes)

Jasmine alexander Toby darwin Vicki Pena
Jasmine, Toby, Vicki

Vicki Pena

Vicki (Used Hidden Immunity Idol)


Voting Confessionals

I think this is a safe option, we still want you gone so if Vicki has an idol, let her play it.


As much as I would love to see Vicki leave this game, It can wait a few days.


I hope this plan works, Sorry Ricardo.


You think you slick, Vicki. Well your not, we have tricks up our sleeves as well.


Sorry man, the floppy fisherman is no more.


This should be interesting.


I think you are a huge threat, so good riddance.