"New People, Old Drama"
Season Survivor: Battle of the Ages
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 4/13
Episode Chronology
Previous The Bro Alliance
Next It's Broken, It's Gone
New People, Old Drama is the fourth episode of Survivor: Battle of the Ages.

Previously On Survivor...

After the elimination of Qiana, Mangaia showed that loyalty was number one on their list of people to keep. Erick and Ulrich wanted Octavia out next, due to her odd behavior. At the reward challenge, it ended up coming to Atiu and Mangaia, the oldest versus the youngest. Mangaia prevailed and won, giving them some morale, and sending Ivan to exile.

Later, Genette and Quinlan got suspicious of Kamryn and Astor, wanting to keep an eye on them. At the immunity challenge, Mangaia and Atiu were in a race for third and last. Atiu slow and steady pace beat the Mangaia's hurried pace, sending Mangaia back to tribal. After the challenge, Atiu pledged to stay together, and Erick threated Ulrich life if he was voted out. Ulrich quickly became the swing vote, but in the end vote with Erick, voting Octavia out. Thirteen remain who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Shooting Gallery
Taking turns, one player at a time uses a replica World War II cannon gun to shoot color-coded tiles. First two tribe to break all five of their tiles wins.
Reward: A small feast for the original winners of the challenge
Extra Stipulation: The first two tribes to finish are safe, the other two are absorbed into the winning tribes.
Winners (in order of finish): Atiu & Suvorov

Immunity Challenge: Never Tear Us Apart
Two pairs stand on individual platforms, harnessed together at the waist and with each member holding a hook in the air. In two-minute intervals, the remaining members of the other tribe load up one pair with a five-pound weight on each hook. Drop a hook and the pair is out. Last pair standing wins.
Winner: Suvorov


Night 9

Ulrich and Erick return to camp. Erick looks content and Ulrich looks gloomy.

Quote1Thanks for not voting for me dude.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Good, now we have to focus on winning.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Ulrich

I feel guilty voting for Octavia, but I wasn't sure if Erick threat was just a gimmick or a legitimate one.


The two proceed to sleep, getting their rest for the reward challenge.

Day 10

The next day, the four tribes were summoned to the challenge area. Tema, Suvorov, and Atiu arrive first, followed by Mangaia. Behind Jeff were cannons and a row of tiles, colored for each one of the tribes.

Quote1Atiu, Tema, and Suvorov getting a new look at the new Mangaia tribe, Octavia voted out at the last tribal council. Now for your reward challenge. Taking turns, one player at a time uses a replica World War II cannon gun to shoot color-coded tiles. First tribe to break all five of their tiles wins. What to know what you're playing for?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Castaways
Quote1The winning tribes will go to a small feast with sandwiches, ribs, wings, and other delicacies. For dessert, you'll enjoy an assortment of pies. However, there is a twist, only the first two tribes will earn the reward, but only the original winners, because the last two tribes will be absorbed evenly into the winning tribes. Let's get started, Suvorov and Atiu, you have two extra people, and Tema you have one.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Shanika and Charmaine.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1Marquis.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Astor and Kamryn.Quote2- Genette
Quote1Shanika, Charmaine, Marquis, Astor, and Kamryn take a seat on the bench. I'll give the rest of you a minute to strategize.Quote2- Jeff

The eight people line up, and begin. Yorick, Zak, Erick, and Genette start first. Each fire at a tile. All four connect, and everyone swaps out. Ivan, Garnet, Ulrich, and Quinlan start. Everyone fires and all, but Ulrich, hit a tile. Yorick, Genette, and Zak come back in. Everyone fires again. Ulrich, Genette, and Yorick connect. Although everyone connects with their tiles, Atiu and Suvorov break all five tiles first, winning the reward.

Quote1Congratulations Atiu and Suvorov, you two have earned reward. Tema, Mangaia, your two tribes will be absorbed into Atiu and Suvorov. So only four will be absorbed, and one will go to exile. Atiu, after close review, you'll choose first.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1We'll take, Zak.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1Suvorov, your turn.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Erick.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Atiu, once more.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Ulrich.Quote2- Shanika
Quote1We'll take Garnet.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1Okay, Marquis you'll go to Exile Island until after the next tribal council. Also there is one more twist, on person from the original Atiu and Suvorov tribes must switch. Who will it be?Quote2- Jeff

The tribes discuss amongst themsleves.

Quote1I will Jeff.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1As will I.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1Congrats, to the new Suvorov and Atiu tribes. Charmaine, Ivan, Shanika, Yorick, Astor, Kamryn, Quinlan, and Genette, go and enjoy your reward. Everyone else head off to your new camps, and all your personal items will be sent there.Quote2- Jeff

Marquis takes one boat to Exile, and Charmaine, Ivan, Shanika, Yorick, Quinlan, Astor, Kamryn, and Genette take another boat to their reward. Erick, Garnet, Ulrich, and Zak go to their new camps.

The New Atiu Tribe
The New Suvorov Tribe
Sent to Exile Island


At Exile Island, Marquis chooses the right (comfort) path again.

Screw it, I don't care which tribe I'm on, I'll be at the end of this game anyway, so no use for the idol.


At the reward, the old Atiu and Suvorov tribes find this awkward, until they began to talk to each other. They enjoy the feast, all knowing how hungry they are.

It was awkward at the reward, being in the vicinity of your enemies, but we all go past that and enjoyed some food we haven't had in weeks.


The feast was fun, everyone kinda lost the feeling of being enemies, and enjoyed the company. It felt like a merge, but not at the same time.


After finishing the feast, everyone returns to their camps, content with their full stomachs and good time.

Day 11

At Suvorov, Astor, Kamryn, and Genette welcome their new tribemates with open arms. After the greetings Charmaine and Garnet go to the beach.

Quote1So, Charmaine, right?Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Yes. Garnet, correct?Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1Yes, nice to meet you.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Garnet, that's an unusual name.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1I know, my parents named me and my sibling after our birth stones. I have a brother named Ruby, sister named Alexandrite, another brother named Peridot, and another sister named Amethyst.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1What do you do for a living?Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1I'm a model and a modelling agent.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1That sounds fun, much better than a bus driver and retirement.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1I know I've been to Paris, Madrid, London, Nice, Rome, Moscow, Tokyo, and Cape Town.Quote2- Garnet

Quote1That sounds fun. I did consider being one, but that was before I met my husband, Peter. I don't think I can still do it anymore.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1Oh relax, you look like model material, some make-up to get rid of the wrinkles, and some hair dye, you'll look 35.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1But I don't know a thing about modelling.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1I'll teach you then.Quote2- Garnet

Garnet shows some poses to Charmaine that she can easily do. For the rest of the day, the two exchanged stories, and had a little fun on the beach.

Charmaine's like a mother, to me. I want to align with her, because she is a strong woman, even at 70. If I have to joke around with her that's fine.


Later, as the Suvorov tribe is enjoying their rice, Garnet decided to tell the tribe something.

Quote1I want to tell you all about Marquis.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1What about him?Quote2- Erick
Quote1You guys know how Willie was ejected from the game?Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Actually, I really don't think we know the whole story, continue on.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Well for the first three days of the Tema tribe, Marquis was extremely lazy, all he did was be in the shelter, and order one of us to do his bidding. I think Willie got the brunt of it. She was sexually harassed by him, called the c word a lot, and physiologically beat her. She cried a lot, and Zak and I comforted her, but apparently it didn't help. When we lost the first challenge, Marquis openly said we should vote Willie off because she was weak. That's how she snapped. She punched him in the eye, and basically that was the end of her journey.Quote2- Garnet

Everyone stops what they're doing and look in shock, disgusted on what happened. Erick even dropped his ration of rice.

The main reason of telling the story was to show how evil Marquis truly is. I want him out badly, and if he ends up on this tribe, they'll have a reason to vote his lazy ass out.


I know that I hate weak people, and Marquis would be someone I'd target, but he's dead meat after Garnet told us that story.


Marquis is such (bleep) sexist pig, and he's so delusional, he thinks he's like Russell Hantz or something. He's a tumor, a cancerous one at that.


Wait, Willie was ejected from the game?


Marquis's actions are similar to Russell Hantz's. Makes me wonder who his hero is.


May Shiva have no pity on you, Marquis.


At Atiu, Yorick, Ivan, and Shanika welcome their new tribemates with open arms, and give them a quick tour of the camp. While eating, Zak tells the same story that Garnet told Suvorov, and Atiu is just as shocked.

I've told them about Marquis, and hopefully Garnet has told Suvorov, I hope once Marquis returns, he's dead meat on either tribe.


Zak told us a story of how Marquis treated Willie at their camp, and it's probably the only reason why Willie was disqualified on Day 3. Hopefully, this gives me an excuse to get Shanika out, for her own protection.


Day 12

The next day, the two tribes were summoned to the challenge area.

Quote1Alright, for this immunity challenge, two pairs stand on individual platforms, harnessed together at the waist and with each member holding a hook in the air. In two-minute intervals, the remaining members of the other tribe load up one pair with a five-pound weight on each hook. Drop a hook and the pair is out. Last pair standing wins. Decide who will hold the weight.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Myself, Ivan, Ulrich, and Quinlan.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1Garnet, Genette, Charmaine, and myself.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Alright, we have four women taking on four men, we'll get this challenge started.Quote2- Jeff

The pairs are; Charmaine and Garnet, Kamryn and Genette, Ivan and Yorick, and Ulrich and Quinlan. Each pair hang from and individual hook. At two minutes, Astor and Erick put weight on Ulrich and Quinlan, Shanika puts weight on Charmaine and Garnet, and Zak puts weight on Kamryn and Genette.

Fourteen minutes in, Ulrich and Quinlan drop out at 40 pounds of weight, Yorick and Ivan have 20 lbs., Charmaine and Garnet and Kamryn and Genette each have 35 lbs.

Four minutse later, Yorick and Ivan have 40 lbs of weight, and Charmaine and Garnet and Kamryn and Genette have 45 lbs each. Kamryn is struggling to hold the weight.

After six more minutes, Yorick and Ivan have 75 lbs of weight, Ivan is struggling with the weight. Charmaine and Garnet have 65 lbs and Kamryn and Genett have 50 lbs of weight. Kamryn and Genette drop out. Two minutes pass, and with 95 lbs of weight, Ivan drops out first, causing Yorick to drop the weight, with Suvorov winning immunity.

Quote1Suvorov wins immunity! Suvorov, you are safe for another 3 days, Atiu you will vote someone out, but you won't be down in numbers as Marquis will join you after tribal council.Quote2- Jeff.
Quote1Great.Quote2- Zak
Quote1You can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

After Atiu heads back to camp, Yorick has Quinlan, Zak, and Ulrich meet him out in the rain forest.

Quote1Okay, I want to propose we vote Shanika out tonight.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1Why her?Quote2- Zak
Quote1Like you said, he harassed Willie constantly, and if we get Shanika out, he has no power.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1Actually, that isn't a bad idea.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1I'll vote Shanika tonight then.Quote2- Zak
Quote1If anyone asks we were looking for fruit, but couldn't find anything.Quote2- Yorick

The four men leave the rain forest, and split up when they go to camp. Quinlan goes to Ivan, and strikes up a conversation with him.

Quote1So who do you think will go home tonight?Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Well Yorick told me, Ulrich, and Zak to vote Shanika tonight, so she might be leaving tonight.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1Wait, Yorick told you that?Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Yep.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1Sorry, I have to go.Quote2- Ivan

Ivan storms off to find Shanika.

Quote1Hey, you have any idea who might be going tonight?Quote2- Shanika
Quote1Yeah, you.Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Why?Quote2- Shanika
Quote1Quinlan didn't give me the reason, but apparently Yorick gave him the orders to vote you out.Quote2- Ivan
Quote1What?Quote2- Shanika
Quote1We're going to vote Yorick, and I've got a plan to get that son of a bitch out.Quote2- Ivan

Later the Atiu tribe arrives to tribal council. Ulrich puts his torch behind him and takes a seat, the others lit their torches and do the same procedure as Ulrich.

Quote1After 12 days in this game, I've only seen on person of this group of six, Ulrich. Ulrich this your third consecutive tribal council, how does feel tonight compared to the last two tribals?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well unlike the last two times I feel safer, and I don't feel like I'm the swing vote, which puts less pressure on me tonight.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Zak, how has the last 12 days been for you?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1It's been a tough game. Especially when you only have two people working together against a lazier third.Quote2- Zak
Quote1By a lazier third, I assume you mean Marquis?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yep, ever since Willie's disqualification Marquis has done nothing around camp. He's only helped in challenges because he's afraid he'll be voted out.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Quinlan, same question.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1On Suvorov it was relatively boring with our winning streak, but I did make a strong friendship with Genette.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1For the original Atiu members, how has your game been so far?Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Well so far, the Atiu tribe has been one cohesive unit. When we got new tribemates, I thought new people, old drama, but it nothing dramatic so far.Quote2- Shanika
Quote1Yep, it's been smooth sailing with us being loyal to one another.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1Hypocrite.Quote2- Ivan
Quote1What did you say Ivan?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I said hypocrite. That son of a bitch, who's been preaching loyalty for the past twelve days. He told the new Atiu members to vote for Shanika tonight!Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Is that true, Yorick?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1It is, but I really don't want another repeat of the Willie incident, and either do the others.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1I don't know about you Yorick, but I've gotten to know Shanika. She's a tough woman. She's probably gone through more in her 56 years, than in your sixty.Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Alright,I think this is the time to vote, Ulrich you're up. Quote2- Jeff

One by one, everyone votes. After the votes have been cast, Jeff goes and retrieves the urn.

Quote1If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it. Alright once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Shanika. Shanika. Next vote, Yorick. Yorick We're tied two for Shanika, and two for Yorick. Next vote, Shanika One vote left. Third person voted out of Survivor: Battle of the Ages is.......

Shanika. Shanika, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Bye, Ivan.Quote2- Shanika
Quote1Shanika, the tribe has spoken. Well it's clear that you were worried over a castaway's safety in this vote. Marquis with be waiting for you at camp. You can head back out.Quote2- Jeff

Atiu leaves the tribal council area and heads back to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Shanika (4 votes)
Quinlan, Ulrich, Yorick, & Zak
Yorick (2 votes)
Ivan & Shanika
Shanika BW
Shanika M'Bala

Voting Confessionals

You're broke our pact. You're nothing but a hypocrite.


I'm worried that you could be disqualified.


Yorick, I can't believe you're voting against me.


Shanika, this is nothing personal, but we don't you get hurt.


Shanika, you're weak, athletically, but with your past, you can get every single juror's vote. Good-bye.


I don't want Marquis's ego boosted anymore.


Final Words

I wasn't expecting myself to be sitting here after 12 days, but I was voted out fair and square. The game itself probably wasn't for me anyway, but being in the Cook Islands was a haven. Ivan, good luck, may you go far.


Still In the Running

Suvorov Atiu
Shanika BW
Mangaia Tema
Octavia BW
Qiana BW
Willie BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • With Shanika's elimination, someone else becomes the target of Marquis's bullying.
  • An injury could potentially get someone out of the game.
  • Zak begins to obsess over getting Marquis out.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Palau episode, Jellyfish 'N Chips.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Cook Islands episode, Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus.
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