"Navigating This Game Is Like Navigating A Minefield"
Santa Carolina Island
Season Survivor: Santa Carolina - The Returned
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Episode Number 5/13
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This is the fifth episode of Survivor: Santa Carolina - The Returned


Reward Challenge: Slave To The Grind
Both tribes race to station one, where one tribe member cuts a rope with a sharp stone. Once they cut through the rope, they will release two handles that they will take with them to the second station. At station two, a different tribe member will chop through a log to a second rope, and once both the log and rope are cut, they will release two more handles. They take the four handles with them, then four different tribe members will race up a platform and put them into a turnstile and begin cranking it, bringing a cart up the hill. The six tribe members that have competed get into the cart, and the final tribe member cuts the final rope, releasing the cart down the hill. The first tribe to the finish wins reward.
Reward: The winning tribe will be take to an Ice Cream bar where they will be able to eat an assortment of Ice Cream and drink some shakes.
Winner: Zambezia

Immunity Challenge: Jungle Relay
The tribes would divide into three pairs. Each pair would be tethered together by a rope. The first pair would crawl under a cargo net, race through the jungle, retrieve puzzle pieces, and return to the starting line. The next pair would run the same course with an additional obstacle to retrieve more puzzle pieces. The final pair would run the course with two additional obstacles and retrieve the final pieces of the puzzle. The castaway that did not run the course would assemble the puzzle by themselves. The first tribe to collect all of the puzzle pieces and assemble their puzzle would win.
Winner: Tete


Night 12

Over at the Tete Tribe Wild Bill, Craig, and Lauren are shooting the breeze near the fire while John and Jody are trying to get some sleep in the shelter. Moments later the trio hears a rustling noise which startles them. Craig asks if there is anyone there.

CraigReturned2 In this game hardly anything happens at night. Night is pretty much the only time we get to chill out and relax from the game. So when you here noises coming from the woods that sounds like people walking…well you kind of have to think that it might not be a good thing.

Much to the shock of everyone on the Tete Tribe, they are all awake at this point; George and Vera walk into the camp.

Vera: Hi honey we’re home!

An ecstatic Jody goes over and hugs her friend Vera.

JodyReturned The minute I saw Vera in our camp I threw all caution to the wind and I gave her a hug. I did not care why she was there. All I cared about was the fact that my friend was there.

Craig and George shake hands and Craig asks the question that is one everyone else’s mind.

Craig: It’s not that I’m not happy to see you man but why are the two of you here?

George: Well we’re the newest members of the Tete Tribe.

Lauren: Wait…what? No way. Shut the front door!

Vera: It’s true the Nampula Tribe was dissolved at Tribal Council last night.

John: Who do you vote out?

George: Martha…

John: Do the two of you mind if I hug you? That’s the best darn news I have heard all game!

Wild Bill: I second that!

Every laughs at John and Wild Bill’s comments as the now seven members of the Tete Tribe stand by the fire and talk about various things.

VeraReturned It felt so good to be so warmly welcomed by the members of my new tribe. I know this feeling will not last but I have to take what is given to me.

Simon and Hector arrive at their new camp and they are greeted with a bit of indifference.

HectorReturned2 When Simon and I showed up at the Zambezia camp most of the people seemed less than thrilled to see us.

We see the newest members of the Zambezia Tribe shaking hands with their new teammates.

Jillian: Are you guys like part of our team now? I mean truly part of our team?

Simon: As far as we know.

Jillian: How did this happen?

Simon: Our tribe was dissolved at the end of Tribal Council tonight.

Aaron: Wow that sucks for you guys…I mean…you know having to join yet another new tribe and all.

Hector: I mean it is what it is. But it’s all good because now we can be on a tribe with you find folks.

Aaron: Totally…and we’re glad to have you guys onboard.

JocelynReturned Having Simon on this tribe is great because he and I worked together during our original season and I found that he is pretty easy to manipulate. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him but I know he will always do what’s best for him and if working with me, Jill, and Aaron is best for him then I fully expect that he will work with us.

VanessaReturned I was not thrilled when I found out that Simon was now a member of my tribe. Yeah I had worked with him on the original Tete Tribe but him joining this tribe kind of sucks. Now there are four people from the Terra Nova season on this tribe and they could easily decide to pick the non-Terra Nova people off.

Then again I could just be overly paranoid and that won’t happen. I don’t know I have a bad feeling about this.

Day 13

We begin day thirteen over at the Zambezia Tribe. Jocelyn, Jillian, and Aaron are sitting in the shelter watching Hank, Vanessa, Simon, and Hector who are all out in the water shooting the breeze.

Aaron: Look at the four of them…I can just imagine what they are planning out there.

Jillian: Dude chill out…yeah they could be plotting out there or they could just be hanging out. Don’t be paranoid…

Aaron: Well it’s easy for you to say don’t be paranoid. You’re not the one who they’ll target if the four of them do decide to work together.

I just know that they’re talking about us. You both know that Hank isn’t my biggest fan and Vanessa is a total snake in the grass.

Jillian: That might be true but we cannot do anything about that right now. Let them do whatever they are doing…

Aaron: No…I don’t think I should. I think I should go over there and break up their little cabal.

Jocelyn: Don’t do that…look I will chat with Simon later on and try to find out what they are talking about.

Aaron: Simon doesn’t even trust you…

Jocelyn: That might be the case but there is a relationship there between us and he might be open to telling me some stuff. Look, just don’t do anything stupid before I have the chance to talk to Simon.

JocelynReturned If I am being totally candid here, I would never have aligned myself with Aaron if it wasn’t for Jillian. The guy is becoming completely unhinged as the days go by. Especially since Hector has joined our tribe. That has really amped up his paranoia.

A little paranoia can be very healthy in this game but a lot of paranoia could totally wreck your game. Right now Aaron is dealing with a whole lot of paranoia and I guess it is going to have to fall to Jill and I to talk him off the ledge.

Jody is filling Vera in on the state of her game over at the Tete Tribe.

Jody: I just want to say that it is so great that you are here. I was filled with such joy when I you said you were going to be part of this team.

Vera: My thoughts exactly. The Golden Girls are reunited and back in business. Nothing is going to stop us from taking over this game.

Jody: Well I do not know about that. In case you have not realized we are probably at the bottom of this tribe.

Vera: That’s nothing new kiddo. I mean when are we not at the bottom of any tribe we’re on?

All that means is that we have to climb up to the top and show people who we are.

Jody: Yeah well I have a funny feeling that will be easier said than done. I am having a very hard time trying to envision a way to the top.

Vera: Why do you say that?

Jody: Well I have not been making friends around here…

Vera: You are not friendly with Craig?

Jody: No…not at all. I firmly believe that Craig and Lauren view me as public enemy number one and if we were to lose a challenge I would be the next person to go.

Vera: I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Jody: Why would you say that?

Vera: Let’s just say I have ways of keeping us in the game if you know what I mean.

Jody: No…do you really have an idol?

[Vera nods her head yes.]

Jody: Wow…then that does change some stuff. But that can only be used for one vote and we do not have the numbers to last beyond that.

Vera: Then we make the numbers…

Jody: From where?

Vera: Well you said Lauren and Craig are not fans of you how about George, John, or William?

Jody: George and Craig are as thick as thieves so he is not an option. I have only had a couple of conversations with John mainly because he is very quiet and none of our conversations have been about the game.

As for Wild Bill…well I do not think I would want to work with someone as reprehensible as him.

Vera: He might be reprehensible but I have learned quickly that you work with whoever is willing to work with you not matter what their character flaws are. Heck I worked with Aaron so that shows you just how low my standards are.

[The two women laugh.]

JodyReturned Jody has giving my game a new life. Knowing that she has an idol and is willing to use it on me if need be is such a great feeling. Navigating this game is like navigating a minefield. If you step in the wrong spot or in the case of this game if you trust the wrong people then you will be blown to kingdom come.

That is why it is great to have someone like Vera on this tribe because I know I can trust her implicitly.

We head back over to the Zambezia Tribe where Hank is getting some fresh water at the well. Moments later he is joined by Aaron.

Aaron: Hey man I know you’re not my biggest fan and all but I know you’re an honest guy and all. So I have to ask you are you and Hector planning anything?

Hank: Nah baby. Me and Hector were just shooting the breeze. Neither one of us was talking about nothing like that man.

Aaron: Okay good. I’ll admit that I was a little paranoid seeing you guys all out in the water talking. I just don’t want Hector to think that he can come over to our tribe and take it over.

Hank: He ain’t trying to take over anything my man. Trust me on that.

Aaron: I guess if you’re saying that’s what’s up, then that’s what’s up. Unless you’re lying to me…

Hank: Look man, I don’t know what you want me to tell you. Ain’t nobody plotting against you.

Not me, not Hector, not nobody. I’m not working with Hector. I just met the cat last night, I don’t even know him so how could I be working with him?

You need to calm that paranoia down brother.

Aaron: I guess…

HankReturned2 Aaron is getting all sorts of paranoid out here baby. That cat is going nuts.

I felt like I was being interrogated by him. He is so worried about there being an alliance formed to get him out of the game. But that ain’t the case, at least not yet. But if that guy keeps acting all crazy like, well there might just be an alliance formed to take his ass out of this game.

Back over at the Tete Tribe George and John bond over their strong religious beliefs. George says that it is great to have the opportunity to play the game with someone who has such strong Christian values. John agrees and says that he hopes the two of them can serve as role models to other people of faith.

JohnReturned2 It is so fantastic to be on the same tribe as George. To have a fellow Christian who is deeply religious like me is truly a blessing.

I must confess that I often feel like an outsider in this game due to my religious beliefs. My goal from the start of this game is to show everyone that a person of faith can be successful at this game and that this game can be played with honesty and integrity. So to have someone who wants to play the game the same way I do is truly a blessing.

Day 14

Day fourteen begins with Vera approaching George and asking him if they can talk.

Vera: I know this is sort of meaningless now but I was wondering if you knew who voted for me during the last Tribal Council. Normally it would not bother me but I just felt it was such an odd thing to do. I mean I thought we were going to vote four strong against Martha but it did not turn out to be the case.

George: It was me.

Vera: May I ask why?

George: Hmm…I guess I felt like you made the tribe weaker and…uh…I obviously did not know that Nampula was going to be dissolved so I wanted to send a message of sorts. Looking back on it, it was a sort of stupid vote and I would like to apologize to you for it.

Vera: Are you apologizing for the vote because you are truly sorry or are you apologizing for the vote because I am asking you about it?

George: Well if I am being honest...I guess it is a little bit of both. At the time I felt that the vote made sense but I immediately had regrets over casting it. Granted I probably would not have apologized to you for it had you not asked me about it.

Vera: I appreciate your candor and I hope we can put aside whatever differences we may have now that we are on this new tribe.

George: I agree but we really don’t have any differences. I don’t dislike you or anything…I just made a throwaway vote and that was it.

Vera: Fair enough…

GeorgeReturned2 As a man of faith I hate to speak ill of other, especially my elders but Vera is a little odd. She questioned me about voting for her instead of Martha. It sort of made me feel like I was a bad person for voting against her but the object of the game is to vote against others.

I don’t know that was such a weird conversation.

VeraReturned I wanted George to know that I knew he voted for me and I wanted him to know that he is on my radar. He might view me as being weak and that is fine but he better watch himself because he could very easily find himself out of this game.

Reward Challenge:

The two tribes arrive at the challenge site and both stand on their respective mats. Jeff welcomes the castaways and then proceeds to go over the rules of the challenge.

Both tribes arrive at the first station within mere seconds of each other. Aaron and Wild Bill are the two rope cutters for their respective tribe. Bill does not seem to get a good grasp on how to cut the rope properly and he struggles. He also lets the obscenities fly once he realizes that Aaron has a sizable lead on him. Aaron finishes cutting the rope at station one and the Zambezia Tribe head off to station two as Bill continues to struggle with his rope.

Hector makes quick work of his rope at the second station while Bill finally finishes cutting the rope for the Tete Tribe at the first station. Jeff Probst makes a comment about how far back the Tete Tribe is thanks in large part to Bill’s inability to cut the rope. This comment obviously does not go over well with Wild Bill as he shoots Jeff a dirty look.

Simon, Jocelyn, Vanessa, and Jillian begin cranking their cart up the hill while George for the Tete Tribe begins cutting the second station rope for his tribe. The members of the Zambezia Tribe manage to get their cart up the hill pretty quickly. Hank then begins to cut the final rope for the Zambezia Tribe and much like his teammates he makes quick work of the rope which means the Zambezia Tribe wins the challenge!

Jeff congratulates the Zambezia Tribe on their overwhelming victory. He then tells them to enjoy their ice cream. Jeff then tells the dejected looking members of the Tete Tribe that he has nothing for them.

We now head over to the Tete Tribe’s camp as they return to camp after having lost the Reward Challenge in a convincing fashion. Wild Bill starts flipping out and he begins to pick up various items around camp a throw them. He then starts swearing again and it is clear that Jody, John, and Vera are very uncomfortable over Bill’s tantrum.

Craig walks over to Bill and tries to calm him down. He reminds Bill that while winning the Reward Challenge would have been great, it is not the end of the world. Craig says that the only thing that matters is Immunity. Wild Bill agrees and then sits down in the shelter to calm down.

JohnReturned2 Wild Bill’s cussing and temper tantrum made me feel very uncomfortable. I am a bit appalled that an adult would act that way. I appreciate that Craig acted as a Wild Bill whisperer and was able to calm Bill down.

WildBillReturned2 My mini-meltdown after we lost the Reward Challenge was nothing more than a show. I have been very un-Wild Bill like thus far and so every once and awhile I have to act like a crazy man in order to remind people just who I am.

And I’ll tell you what…my mission was accomplished today. The looks on Jody and Vera’s faces were priceless.
Wild Bill

The members of the Zambezia Tribe arrive at the Ice Cream Bar and the seven of them begin to enjoy the ice cream. Vanessa tells Simon that the French Vanilla is to die for. Simon says that he is not a fan but he does love the Cookies and Cream.

VanessaReturned The reward was a true treat. That is until Hector and Aaron had a very heated discussion.

HectorReturned2 Aaron was just giving me dirty looks throughout the reward. Finally I had had enough and so I went over to him to see what his problem was.

Hector: Hey man you enjoying your ice cream?

Aaron: Don’t do this…

Hector: Do what man? Make small talk? Is that a crime now?

Look I thought I would come over here and try to have a civil conversation with you. If you don’t want to do that then it is no skin off my nose. I’ll just go back over there and chill out.

Aaron: Why don’t you do that then…?

Hector: Okay man…I will do just that. I just want to know what your beef is with me…

Aaron: Look dude, I know you have designs on taking over this tribe. But that is not going to happen. This is my tribe…I am the alpha out here dog.

Hector: Okay…uh…I’m not really sure how to respond to this man. I am not trying to take over this tribe and I had hoped that you and I could work together to keep this tribe strong.

But if you have a different agenda…well ah…then you should do whatever you want. Just know that I have no beef with you, there is no ill will on my part.

Aaron: Whatever…

HectorReturned2 I don’t get Aaron’s hatred for me. It would be one thing if I came over to this tribe and acted like a jerk. But I haven’t done that.

Part of me is wondering if the heat might be causing Aaron to have some mental problems or maybe lack of water. Because I can’t think of anything else that would be the cause of this guy’s paranoia.

AaronReturned2 You ever meet someone that you just don’t like? Well that is the way I feel about Hector. I can't pinpoint why I don't like or trust him. I just don't.

He might say that he isn’t going to come for me but I know he is. I feel it in my bones…and so I am not going to be nice to the guy and I am going to do everything in my power to see him leave the game.

Day 15

Day fifteen begins with John, George, and Craig praying together as Wild Bill and Lauren look on in the distance.

Wild Bill: I wouldn’t have pegged Craig to be a holy roller…

Lauren: Yeah…it’s like we’re on team God squad. I hope this doesn’t change anything with us and Craig.

Wild Bill: I don’t think it will and if it does…we’ll just have to get rid of him. I am not about to allow God to wreck my game. No way, no how. It’s as simple as that.

Lauren: You are so bad…I love it.

LaurenReturned I think this goes without saying but I love Wild Bill. He is such a jerk and I love him for it.

I do wish he would be an even bigger jerk because I know he can be, but right now he is hold back. When he does unleash his inner jerk it makes me so happy because the more people that hate him the better chances I have at possibly winning this game if I choose to take him to the end with me.

Over at the Zambezia Tribe Jillian and Aaron are talking about Aaron’s increasing paranoia.

Jillian: Dude you need to chill out, you’re being way too paranoid. You understand that your actions not only impact your game but they also impact Jocelyn and my game as well because we are viewed as your close associates.

Aaron: I’m sorry but I just get a feeling that this game is slipping away from me and I am not about to let it happen.

Jillian: That’s a reasonable feeling. I mean we could very well be screwed with Hector and Simon on this team but that doesn’t mean that you have to act the fool.

No, we should play this cool and diplomatic. Don’t come out and threaten someone directly, lay the ground work to get them out through building stronger relationships. That is the only way we will be able to pull this off.

Aaron: You’re right…I know you’re right. But this game is quickly overwhelming me and when I feel overwhelmed about stuff I tend to lash out on people that I don’t like.

Jillian: That’s understandable, but look the next time you feel like lashing out just leave camp go out into the forest and yell at the trees or something. Just don’t go off on anyone because the more people you piss off the bigger target you’ll have on your back.

Aaron: I had a good talk with Jill today. She has such a calming influence on me and I am really glad that she is around.

JillianReturned I like Aaron but he has a tendency to go off the deep end a lot. I hope my conversation with him helped make him realize that while this game might be a solo game we are not entirely viewed as solo players. Basically every time he goes off on someone, others see that as me and Jocelyn co-signing whatever he is saying and that is something I can’t have.

Immunity Challenge:

Both tribes arrive at the challenge site. Jeff goes over the rules of the challenge once all of the members of the tribes are settled in on their respective mat. Once Jeff is done going over the rules of the challenge he reminds the castaways that the losing tribe will have a date with him at Tribal Council where one member of the losing tribe will become the fifth contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Santa Carolina.

The tribes take a moment to strategize and the challenge begins.

The challenge starts off with John and Wild Bill running the first leg for the Tete Tribe and Jocelyn and Vanessa running the first leg for the Zambezia Tribe. The two tribes are neck-and-neck as they crawl under the cargo net but Jocelyn and Vanessa gets off to an early lead as Wild Bill struggles while trying to run. Years of smoking cigarettes seem to be catching up to Bill as he is out of breath and violently coughing. The ladies get their puzzle pieces first and head back to the starting point as Bill and John (Mostly Bill though) continue to struggle with the running portion of the challenge.

The second set of runners, which was Jillian and Hector, take the course for the Zambezia Tribe. John and Bill finally get their puzzle pieces and head back to the starting line, while Jillian and Hector are going through the cargo net.

The Tete Tribe’s second set of runners, which was Vera and Craig, begin their leg of the relay. Hector and Jillian make it over the second obstacle, which was a wall just as Craig and Vera start their second leg. This means that the Zambezia Tribe has a huge lead and it only gets bigger as Craig and Vera struggle to make it over the wall.

Hector and Jillian return to the starting line with the second group of puzzle pieces and with that it is now Hank and Aaron’s turn to tackle the course. Hank and Aaron just get to the wall part of the challenge as Craig and Vera make their way back to the starting line.

As Hank and Aaron begin the third obstacle, which is making their way over a balance beam, Craig and Vera return to the starting line. This means the final team of two, which was George and Lauren, could begin the Tete Tribe’s third leg.

Hank and Aaron are having a difficult time trying to get across the balance beam and they watch their tribe’s once sizable lead quickly evaporate. Finally, the Zambezia men make it over the balance beam successfully but they lost a considerable amount of time as Lauren and George are just beginning the balance beam portion of the challenge for their tribe.

Hank and Aaron return to the starting line and deliver the final pieces of the puzzle to Simon who is the designated puzzle solver for the Zambezia Tribe during this challenge. Simon looks thoroughly confused and he is not able to make much headway in solving the puzzle.

George and Lauren return with their puzzle pieces and it is now up to Jody to solve the puzzle for the Tete Tribe. Simon, who still has made very little progress in solving his tribe’s puzzle, nervously looks over at Jody to see how she is doing. Jody seems to be making quick work of her puzzle and she soon asks Jeff Probst to check her puzzle. Probst does so and he informs Jody that her puzzle is not correct.

Simon franticly moves the puzzle pieces on his board, so nervous that he is once again going to cost his tribe a victory due to not being able to solve his puzzle. Jody on the other hand is calm, cool, and collected as she moves the pieces of puzzle on her board. Jody’s approach pays off as she soon finishes her puzzle thus winning Immunity for the Tete Tribe!

Jeff Probst congratulates the Tete Tribe on a great come from behind victory. He hands the Immunity Idol over to John and then sends the members of the Tete Tribe on their way. Probst then informs the members of the Zambezia Tribe that they will be heading to Tribal Council tonight where one of their members will become the fifth person to be voted out of Survivor: Santa Carolina – The Returned.

The members of the Zambezia Tribe return to camp and a crestfallen Simon apologizes to his tribe for his failure on the puzzle. Nobody seems that upset at Simon and Hector makes a point of saying that any of them would have had a tough time doing that puzzle.

SimonReturned2 I have let my tribe down for two Immunity Challenges in a row. I am supposed to be the puzzle guy and have fallen short in that department twice. This stinks…

We now see Hector, Vanessa, and Hank out on the beach talking about the vote.

Hector: So what’s up? What do you guys think will be our best move.

Hank: I’d be all for getting rid of Aaron’s paranoid ass baby. That cat has been annoying me since the start of the game.

Vanessa: As tempting as that would be to do, I really think Jill is our best bet.

Hank: Why?

Vanessa: Well I truly think that she is the linchpin of that alliance. Without Jillian in the game I highly doubt Aaron and Jocelyn would have any reason to work together. She is the glue that is keeping them together.

Hector: I agree and I would be fine with getting rid of her. Honestly I would be fine getting rid of any one of the three headed monster. But I do think Jillian is probably the best option because Jocelyn is a survivor and she would probably side with us once Jillian is gone.

Hank: That’s cool and all but someone needs to convince Simon to help us out. That someone ain’t gonna be me because we’ve never trusted each other.

Vanessa: Leave it to me. Simon and I had a pretty good relationship over on the original Tete Tribe so I think I can get him to work with us.

VanessaReturned I thought trying to get rid of Jillian was going to be a tough sell to the guys but they were down with it. Color me surprised.

It is now a little later in the day and we see Simon leaning up against a tree in the woods as Vanessa makes her pitch to get rid of Jillian. Simon agrees that getting rid of Jillian is the best move because it opens the game up a bit and he tells Vanessa that he is completely on board with the move.

Back at camp a nervous Aaron paces back and forth in front of the shelter as Jillian and Jocelyn sit in the shelter.

Aaron: Things are not looking good. The four of them have been going all over the place to plot my demise and I have to just sit here and take it.

Jillian: Dude chill the hell out. You’re not going anywhere; we just need to think of a way to make that happen.

Aaron: Well daylight is burning here Jill and if we wait any longer I could be out of the game.

Jillian: All we need is one vote and we’ll have the majority and we’ll dictate who will go home. We just need to choose who we’re going to try to get on our side and we have to decide who we will vote out.

Aaron: I’m all in favor of getting Vanessa out. That chick is dead weight on this tribe and she is nothing but a troublemaker.

Jocelyn: Nah Vanessa can be managed and from what I know she does not have strong ties with anyone in this game. I think our target has to be Hector, because keeping him in this game is detrimental to the three of us.

Hector, George, and Craig were extremely close on the old Nampula Tribe and if the three of them were to make the merge together…well we can all kiss our games goodbye.

Jillian: I’m fine with getting rid of Hector but we still need that fourth vote and I honestly don’t think we’ll be able to convince Vanessa to work with us. Maybe Hank or Simon…but Vanessa is a no go.

Jocelyn: Don’t you guys worry about a thing. I have an idea and I think it will work in getting Simon to see things our way.

AaronReturned2 Jocelyn and Jillian keep trying to reassure me that everything is going to be cool. That’s easy for them to say because their necks are not on the line.

Jocelyn approaches Simon and asks if she could talk to him for a minute.

Jocelyn: I know we haven’t had much time to talk to each other since you joined this tribe because there are always other people around us. But I wanted to take the time to touch base with you and see where your head is at in regards to the vote.

Simon: Well…um…I am not going to deny that Vanessa has laid out a plan of action and I am probably going to work with her.

Jocelyn: Uh…yeah that’s probably not the wisest choice for you to make right now.

Simon: Why? I mean it is not like you, Aaron, or Jill has presented anything to me.

Jocelyn: That’s true but I thought that you and I working together was sort of an implied thing. After all, things did work out for us pretty well the last time we worked together.

Simon: Yeah but if I were to help you I would clearly be on the bottom rung of your alliance…

Jocelyn: Maybe…but at least you would still be in the game.

Simon: What do you mean by that?

Jocelyn: Let’s just say that if you don’t vote with us tonight, we’ll be forced to vote you out. And trust me when I say this, you will be voted out even if we don’t have the majority.

Simon: Are you trying to imply that one of you have an Idol?

Jocelyn: I am neither going to confirm or deny having an Idol. All I am saying is if you want to stay in this game you will agree to vote with us and get Hector out. If you don’t agree to work with us…well then you will be the fifth person out of this game.

I’m not doing this to threaten you Simon. I am saying this to you as a professional courtesy and because I want to work with you in this game again. So please do the right thing and help us get rid of Hector.

SimonReturned2 Wow this stinks. I really do not see what option I have in this game other than helping Jillian, Jocelyn, and Aaron take Hector out of this game.

After all I am not willing to sacrifice my game if they do indeed have an Idol.

Tribal Council:

Jeff Probst welcomes the members of the Zambezia Tribe to Tribal Council. Probst then waits for Jocelyn to get fire for her torch (As she has not been to Tribal Council up until this point). Once all of the members of the Zambezia Tribe are settled down on their stumps Jeff asks Simon if he feels responsible for costing his tribe the Immunity victory.

Simon says that he feels very guilty about his performance in the challenge and says that it was not a great way to make an impression on his new tribe. Probst asks Simon if Simon has found it difficult integrating himself onto the Zambezia Tribe. Simon nervously laughs and says that he has found it a little difficult because everyone on the tribe have had a chance to be together as a tribe for some time while he and Hector are the new kids on the block and because of that they have to prove their worth to the others.

Probst asks Hector if he feels the same way, if he feels like he has to audition for the right to be a member of the Zambezia Tribe. Hector says he does think there is truth to that statement and he feels that he and Simon have been welcomed with open arms to their new tribe for the most part.

Probst harps on the for the most part statement and asks Hector what he means by that. Hector says that he and Aaron have butted heads a bit since he (Hector) has joined the tribe. Hector goes on to say that Aaron has not been the most welcoming of people and he thinks that Aaron views him as a threat.

Aaron interrupts and tells Hector that he views him as a threat because he is a threat. Aaron says that from the moment Hector joined the tribe Hector has been doing his very best to poison the tribe against him. Hector laughs and says that he has nothing against Aaron and has never done anything to actively get Aaron out of the game. Aaron dismisses this response with a “Whatever dude.”

Probst asks Vanessa if she thinks an Idol might come into play. Vanessa says that there is a rumor that an Idol is floating around somewhere but she thinks it is just a rumor because she has yet to come across any evidence that there are any idols in the game.

Jocelyn coyly says just because there is no evidence of an Idol, doesn’t mean that there is no Idol in the game.

With that last comment it is time to vote.

The members of the Zambezia Tribe get up to vote and after the last person votes, which was Vanessa, Jeff Probst goes off to retrieve the votes. Jeff returns from tallying the votes and he asks if anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol that they would like to play. The camera focuses on Jocelyn who looks over at Simon and winks. When nobody steps forward Jeff proceeds to read the votes.

The first vote is for Jillian

Jillian and Aaron look at each other with shocked looks on their faces as neither one of them thought that Jillian would be the target.

The second vote is for Jillian

Jillian nervously shifts in her seat.

The third vote is for Jillian

Jillian looks angrily over at Hank who is sitting to her left.

The fourth vote is for Hector

Hector smiles and nods his head, almost as if he knew the votes were coming his way.

The fifth vote is for Hector

Hector shrugs his shoulders and nods his head again.

The sixth vote is for Hector

The seventh and final vote is for…


This means that Hector is the fifth person to be voted out of Survivor: Santa Carolina – The Returned.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
Hector (4 votes)

Jillian, Aaron,
Jocelyn, Simon

Jillian (3 votes)
Hector, Vanessa,

Voting Confessionals

HectorReturned2 Maybe with you gone Aaron won't act like a paranoid fool.

JillianReturned Jocelyn said you had a lot of ties on the other tribe so that means you have to go.

VanessaReturned I just don't like you...

AaronReturned2 This is what happens to people who try to take over my tribe. This is my house son and you were just an unwelcome house guest.

SimonReturned2 Jocelyn might be bluffing about her group having an Idol but that is not about to test them to see if it is true. Sorry buddy...

HankReturned2 Man I hope Simon don't chicken out because I am really putting my neck on the line with this vote right here.

JocelynReturned You seemed like a nice guy and all but you are way too dangerous to keep in this game.

Final Words

HectorReturned2 The highs and lows of this game are very extreme. A week ago I was on cloud nine and I thought I would easily have made the jury. Now here I am out of the game altogether. Highs and lows man...

Still in the Running

Wild Bill

Author's Notes