"My Own Personal Twenty-Four-Hour Cinema"
Season Survivor: Grenada- Temptations
Author Tangle
Episode Number 7/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the seventh episode of Survivor: Grenada- Temptations!


Reward Challenge: Bone to Pick
The castaways must have one hand tied behind their back, and have to start off by making a hook with 3 pieces in order to hook a bag of puzzle pieces. They will then take the pieces and begin working on the lower portion of a fish skeleton. They must repeat this process for the middle and upper portions. The first castaway to finish their fish skeleton puzzle wins.
Reward: The Temptation and a feast of Mexican food, complete with margaritas and fruit punch
Winner: TBD

Immunity Challenge: Air Raid
Each tribe will race up a tower and through a series of obstacles to the top. When they get to the top, they will launch sandbags with a slingshot attempting to hit a series of targets. The first two tribes to hit all their targets win immunity.
Winner: TBD


Night 16

(Following Jensen's elimination, the three remaining Carriacou 2.0 women head back to camp.)

Kendra: I am so glad Jensen's gone and I'm still here! Woooo!

Shivani: After what he did, me too. (laughs)

Kendra: (eager) And I was serious about being loyal to you guys. The Carriacou 2.0. Girls' Alliance is going to happen! Thank you guys so much, I owe you my life!

I survived and I am so, so, so, so, so happy! (squeals) I completely ended Jensen at that Tribal and at the immunity challenge! I knew they'd have to believe me, and they came through! I can't vote at the next Tribal I go to but there's no way we should lose the next challenge and then we should merge. I'm so excited because now I can go forward with Meiling and Shivani as an alliance of three and build on that with my already existing connections! I was completely serious about being loyal to them. They saved my life, they got me through this Tribal, and I'm always loyal to those who are loyal to me. I can't wait to dominate!

Kendra Valentine

Shivani: It's not a problem at all, Kendra. You were the one honest with us and we'll repay that.

Tonight I voted Jensen out because I knew he was the one who had voted against me. When Kendra mentioned the special idol I began to have serious doubts that Jensen was telling the truth and I think I more wanted to believe him than anything. Then Kendra's speech in the challenge, couple with her speech at Tribal, had me absolutely convinced. I'd also gone to Meiling prior to Tribal and she'd admitted the truth. I'm pretty sure she knew the whole time and the fact she kept it from me is a little concerning but, having played with her for sixteen days so far, I think her heart was in the right place. I'm now in a stable tribe of three with two idols and two loyal allies, I hope. I think Kendra is being serious but we'll have to wait and see.

Shivani Chandra

(Following Shivani's confessional, Kendra bids goodnight to the women and goes off to sleep. Meiling and Shivani then sit down to have a talk.)

Shivani: Thank you for telling me the truth. I thought for a second that you might be holding out on me to protect Jensen.

Meiling: I'm sorry it took so long to tell you the truth, but it wasn't out of disloyalty to you, more loyalty to Jensen and not trusting Kendra entirely.

Shivani: I understand that. I started to doubt him heavily after the idol story, especially after you both started corroborating, because it felt rehearsed. I don't know if you had planned anything or not, but that's what it came across as. Then when Kendra steamrolled him at Tribal, I knew he couldn't have been telling the truth and you were right. 

Meiling: Yeah, eventually I figured that if Jensen had turned on us not once but twice he would do it in the future. He claimed to be loyal to me but only used it at his convenience and it wasn't fair to lie to you or have Kendra go down for it.

Shivani: Exactly, and I do think that, because we saved Kendra, she'll be loyal to us. So I think the three of us are going to be in a great position if Kendra links us up with some of her friends over the other side. Now it's important that we move forward witout any disturbances. I'm still loyal to you and you need to know that. The fact I have an idol doesn't change that.

Meiling: I know. Thank you very much for understanding.

Shivani: You're welcome. Now let's get some sleep.

(As the two women head back to the shelter, the camera focuses on a worried Meiling.)

I made the decision to turn on Jensen because it felt to me that he was using my loyalty as a convenience. If he turned on me twice, he would surely do it again, and it only seemed that he promised his loyalty when he needed mine. I wanted to take a chance on Kendra, too, as I felt it would be more strategically beneficial instead of closing myself off with Jensen by my side. Shivani seems to be forgiving but I'm worried that she's replaced me with Kendra as her number one since I took so long to tell her. I hope that she understands it was out of loyalty and not a deceptive thing, but I'm going to be very nervous over the next couple of days. A three person tribe is not ideal. Luckily both Shivani and Kendra want to be on the same page for the future but if we lose I think there's going to be an uphill battle to survive.

Meiling Gao

Day 17

Carriacou Tribe

(Jovial music plays as the sun rises on day 17 for the Carriacou Tribe as Shivani and Meiling are up making breakfast, while Kendra is asleep in the shelter.)

Shivani: Kendra's really going to appreciate this. 

Meiling: She will, it'll be a nice gesture for us to thank her for voting Moses way back when. Better late than never, huh?

Shivani: True. I'm glad we didn't wake her. She looks so comfortable in there. (laughs)

Meiling: I don't know how she does it. Tonight she's out like a light, but after Moses' elimination she was tossing and turning like someone was flipping her with a spatula.

Shivani: She's happy with herself, there's nothing on her mind. Kendra's a very emotional person, so obviously after the fight with Jensen over the Moses vote, she had a lot to think about. It probably kept her awake.

Meiling: Kendra's smart, but her worst enemy is her own head and her emotions, which is why it's important we make sure she's serious about being on our side. 

Shivani: Definitely, and I think she's absolutely serious. I'm excited to give her this breakfast in bed. I think we'll be her best friends. (laughs)

(The two women finish making breakfast and Kendra climbs out of the shelter.)

Kendra: (stretching and yawning) Wow, that was the best sleep I've ever had out here! 

Shivani: Good morning, Kendra!

Kendra: Morning! (She spots the freshly made breakfast and beams) Awww! Were you guys gonna wake me up with breakfast? That's so sweet!

Meiling: We were, but you woke up a few seconds too early. (laughs) How does it feel to have breakfast freshly made and ready for you as soon as you get up?

Kendra: It's amazing! Thank you so much, guys!

(The three of them serve and eat breakfast.)

Kendra: Oh my God, this is so hot and tastes great! It's the best breakfast I've had out here. Thanks again! 

Shivani: You're more than welcome. Consider it a belated thank you for voting for Moses. 

Kendra: How did you guys get up so early to make it? 

Shivani: I'm a prosecutor so I'm used to late nights and early starts. Getting up early is something I don't even think about anymore. 

Meiling: Same for me. I love getting up early. Sleeping in takes too much time away from the day. 

Kendra: Can't relate! (giggles) Thanks so much for this, again! You guys are the best! 

Meiling: We're glad you appreciate it!

(As they continue eating, the camera focuses on a delighted Kendra.)

I woke up this morning and I'm feeling even better about my move last night than I already did. Meiling and Shivani were gonna wake me up with breakfast and they're being so nice! I can tell things are gonna be great between us for the future. It was the best breakfast that I've had since I've been out here, and it was such a relaxing and wonderful way to start the morning! Now I just need to make sure that the two of them know I'm firmly on board, because I fully intend on aligning with them for the rest of the game. (beams) Oh my gosh, I'm just in such a good mood this morning! I wanna stay like this forever!

Kendra Valentine

(Returning from Kendra's confessional, there has been a timeskip, as a transitioning nature shot is played, before picking up on the three of them walking through the forest.)

Kendra: I just wanna say again, thank you both so much for believing and saving me! I'll never forget this. I owe you my life!

Shivani: Please, if anyone owes anyone, I owe you for voting for Moses and saving me in the first place! 

Kendra: Well, you believed me, so I still owe you some! And Meiling, for not selling me out, and telling the truth, like an iconic queen! 

Meiling: So I'm a queen now? I'll take that. (laughs)

Kendra: And just so you know, I was so totally serious about aligning with you guys, like, I didn't just say that to get out of being booted! I really, really, want to work with you both. 

Meiling: Well that's great because we want to work with you too! What do you think our move would be at a merge? 

Kendra: Well, I was really tight with Lulu and Stanley, and I also had something going with Topher and Jamie. The only people I weren't really aligned with were Moses and Ashanda. Ashanda was trying to get me out, and honestly, I wouldn't trust her not to do it again when she finds out I stayed. 

Shivani: She's with Jamie and Stanley on Levera. Do you think they'd pull her in?

Kendra: Maybe, but I think she'd still come for me anyway, so I wouldn't want her around longer than a couple of rounds. Stanley would definitely keep her in line, and I think Jamie would too, but Ashanda does what she wants when she wants, so I wouldn't trust her to stay the whole way. 

Shivani: That's great to know. 

Kendra: Yeah! And we should have Lulu and Topher on board from Gouyave and whoever they're with, unless they're in a minority? 

Shivani: They would be. Samantha, Brooklyn and Taihlaura were pretty tight for an alliance. 

Kendra: So is there anyone from your alliance on the other tribes?

Shivani: Unfortunately, Jensen pretty much was our alliance. 

Kendra: Ew.

Shivani: Yeah. (laughs) Trinity is probably the only connection we have, and she absolutely despises Eddiot. She was trying to get him out before we swapped but Jensen sold her out. I would be very surprised if they were working together over on Levera, and more surprised still if they went together at the merge. 

Kendra: Okay, so Samantha, Brooklyn and Taihlaura were all part of the one alliance? 

Meiling: Yeah they were, with Eddiot. He basically gravitated around them. 

Kendra: Okay so... if I'm doing this correctly it's: us three, Lulu, Topher, Stanley, Jamie, Trinity,and maybe Ashanda? So we'd have majority anyway, regardless of who ends up going home from the next challenge, if we merged at twelve. 

Shivani: So you're confident that Lulu and Topher would stay with us and haven't latched on to Samantha's alliance? Because if that's the case, we could be looking at 6-6 and be in very hot water. 

Kendra: Well it's possible but I'm pretty sure Lulu would come back to me, and I'm not going over to their alliance if that's what you're asking. I'm with you two and I wanna make that perfectly clear. 

Meiling: Okay, if you're sure Lulu will come back to you then we're looking pretty good if the merge comes at twelve. We'd just have to hope Levera loses the next challenge and decides to get rid of Eddiot over Trinity, or if Gouyave goes to Tribal, that they boot Topher over Lulu. 

Shivani: How do you feel about him as a merge ally?

Kendra: I'm kinda worried about him? Like, he just goes towards whoever he likes the most at the time, so if he bonded with Samantha's alliance I'd be worried he'd stick with them at the merge. I'd much rather have Lulu than Topher, but even if things get tough I'm not going to abandon you guys!

Shivani: That's great to hear! 

Kendra: In fact, you know what I'm gonna do to prove it? I'm gonna make you all an alliance bracelet! You don't have to wear it because, like, we don't want to have a giant sign that says we're allies, but every time you see it, it'll remind you that I made it and I'm loyal to you!

Shivani: (laughs) Okay, that sounds fun!

(The three of them head back to camp and Kendra busies herself with some beads and string making alliance bracelets for the three of them There is a montage of her stringing beads together and designing bracelets, before she finishes and shows them off.)

Kendra: See! Our bracelets!

Meiling: They look great!

(They try them on.)

Meiling: They fit great!

Kendra: If this doesn't prove that I'm with you guys for the long-haul then I don't know what will! Now remember, don't wear these, but just keep them as a reminder that I'm with you! To the Carriacou Girls!

All: The Carriacou Girls!

(As the three of them walk around, the camera focuses on Kendra, who is happy and upbeat.)

It's been so liberating being on this Carriacou Tribe! I'm bonding with people, being taken seriously as a player, and I'm just really enjoying myself! I can't wait to be aligned with the Carriacou Girls for the merge because we're so going to take this game by storm! We're gonna bring in all our friends to make a big majority at the merge, when it comes, and it's going to be so fantastic. I feel amazing! This is the best I've ever felt about my spot in the game since I got here. For the first time there is no target on my back, I don't feel like I have to look over my shoulder, and I can just relax and feel comfortable! All that hard work, all the emotion over the last 17 days led up to this moment and it's great! Final three, Sole Survivor, here I come!

Kendra Valentine

(There is then yet another transitioning nature shot before Kendra is shown relaxing in the ocean, letting the water run over her body. The camera then goes back to camp, where Meiling and Shivani are relaxing themselves, inside the shelter.)

Meiling: I don't think I've ever seen Kendra in this good a mood. Have you?

Shivani: No, but it's good to see her so happy. 

Meiling: I thought it was cute how she made us those bracelets.

Shivani: It's sweet. Do you think she's legitimate about wanting to work with us, though? At least, for the long-term?

Meiling: Part of me is worried she'd go back to the other side, regardless of what she says. 

Shivani: It's a concern for me, too. Kendra very much plays with her emotions and I'm worried that, if someone comes along and connects with her better, or one of her original friends is aligned with the other side, she'll follow. 

Meiling: Mmhm, I see where you're coming from. She's very emotional. She's eager to prove she's on our side, but I'm wondering if she's almost too eager.

Shivani: Oh I don't think she's deceiving us on that front. I think right now she wants to align with us to the end of the game but, if something happens down the line, that might change. What's to say she doesn't get along better with Samantha's alliance and then go with them? People like Brooklyn and Eddiot are far closer to her age range than we are.

Meiling:  And the other people she listed, Lulu, Stanley, Jamie, they're all much closer to her age than we are. If they have ties to Samantha's alliance, I'd find it hard to believe that she'd vote them out over us. 

Shivani: I think we're going to need to give her something that's going to make her stick with us. I do have an idea but it's very risky.

Meiling: What's that?

Shivani: I'm thinking I might give her one of my idols.

Meiling: That would be very, very risky... she could walk over to the other side and give them power.

Shivani: True, which is why I'm thinking about it, but it could also be a very powerful move, giving us emotional supremacy. Think about it: Kendra kept saying "I'm loyal to people who are loyal to me." We had her back in a vote, so did Lulu and Stanley. What Lulu and Stanley can't give her, is an idol. I can. When weighing up her loyalties, it would carry significant emotional bearing and be an enormous sign of trust that would be very difficult for an emotional person like Kendra to break. 

Meiling: I see what you're saying, but it's a potentially game-altering decision. My only request is, if you do decide to give it to her, wait until after we've won immunity. I don't want to be eliminated by default, please.

Shivani: Of course. If I decide to give it to her, it would only be after I was sure the three of us were safe. My loyalty is still to you above all else.

Meiling: I'm very glad to hear that. You know, if this move works, it could put us in the drivers' seat for the Final Three.

Shivani: It definitely could, or we could be jurors one and two. (laughs) That's even if the merge is next round after this. We might be another three rounds away. Who knows?

Meiling: I get the feeling this isn't the plan you're going to have to wait around for. Kendra's smart, and if you wait until the merge, or a couple of rounds, she's going to immediately pick up that it's a bargaining tool. To be effective you'll need to give it to her this round or not at all.

Shivani: Mm, so I don't have long to decide. 

(The camera focuses on Shivani's thoughtful expression before cutting to her confessional.)

Kendra has promised us that she's staying long-term, but if there's anything I've learned about playing with her over the last few days, it's that she's a very emotional personal who plays very much in the moment without thought for the consequences of her actions. She's adamantly agreed to side with us, but if her friends- that she has a much stronger bond with- are closer with Samantha's alliance, then I have reasonable doubt as to whether she'd stay with us. So I came up with the idea, more for emotional leverage and a sign of trust, that I would give her one of my idols. Thanks to Jensen, Kendra knows I have one, and if she tells that to the other side I'm going to have a huge target on my back. So, if I give her one, I'm hoping she'll keep the secret and stick with us. I'm very aware that this could all backfire on me; she could take the idol, go to the other side and then screw me even further. This is very much a turning point in this game that will either get me very far or see me leave very soon.

Shivani Chandra

(The camera then focuses on Meiling, who is looking a little worried.)

So, for our future in the game, Shivani proposed transferring one of her idols to Kendra to make sure she sticks with us. It could very dangerous but also reap serious rewards. However, that's not why I'm worried. I shot myself in the foot a little by not coming clean about Jensen's vote sooner and, although Shivani seems to be understanding that it was from loyalty to Jensen rather than disloyalty to her, I'm fearful it could have damaged our trust. When she told me about the plan I was very quick to make sure any idol transfers didn't happen until after we won immunity and this idol could bring them closer. I do trust Shivani's word and if she says she's loyal to me, then I will believe it, but my actions from the previous round could very realistically come back to haunt me and that's always going to be at the back of my mind. This idol could bring them closer and the closer they get, the further apart I'm going to be. That's not a good situation to be in at all.

Meiling Gao

Gouyave Tribe

(The camera picks up on the Gouyave Tribe as they are relaxing around the fire. To the surprise of many, even Topher has climbed out of the shelter and joined them.)

Topher: It's such a good day today!

Taihlaura: Yeah it is! 

Topher: Hey, just out of curiosity, does anyone here know a person who has pet snakes?

Lulu: If I knew a person who had pet snakes I'd stay as far away from their house as possible. (giggles)

Samantha: Dammit, this is where we need Trinity's sass, because she'd so have said something like "someone keeps Jensen as a pet?" (laughs)

Brooklyn: Ah, Trinity, never a drama-free day without her. But yeah, I have a friend like that, Topher! His name is Sacha, and yes that's a dude because he's Russian and his actual name is Alexander. (laughs) It's funny how they got Sascha out of that. 

Topher: What sort of snakes does he have?

Brooklyn: He has two Ball Pythons. Honestly, have you seen them feed? I've seen it and-

Lulu: (screams) Oh my God, that's disgusting! How can you have friends like that? How can you watch a snake feed? It would scare the crap out of me!

Topher: (laughs) Yeah, one of my friends- I know, I have friends, what a shock- has a snake. It's a ball python, too. It's actually really cool; pretty tame too. It's generally tame unless provoked. 

Brooklyn: Yeah, that's what a lot of people get wrong about them. They're, like, super placid and they only get scary when provoked.

Lulu: Screw that! There's no snakes in Grenada, are there? I'm not taking the chance on waiting around. If there's one here I'm high-tailing it somehwere it's never gonna find me,. Snakes are terrifying. They're my biggest phobia. 

Brooklyn: I get that, but honestly you should be around my friend's snakes! You'll be desensitised in no time. 

Topher: Yeah, my friend has great snakes too! Honestly, you should come out and see them. 


Topher: (laughs) Message received. Don't worry, if one does come out here, we know how to protect you!

Lulu: (covering her ears) Lalalalala! Can't hear you!

Topher: (laughs) Okay, okay, we'll stop. Well, I'm gonna go for a walk, guys. Anyone wanna come with?

Samantha: (a little taken aback) Nah... we're all good. 

Topher: Okay, bye, guys!

(Topher walks off. Samantha and Lulu exchange looks.)

Samantha: Topher... Topher... is in a good mood. 

Lulu: Yeah, that's strange. 

Samantha: Go see what's up. I think he's found the idol. Unless there's been some scientific breakthrough and they've invented incredibly-fast-acting antidepressants, somehow flown them to Grenada, and supplied them to Topher overnight without any of us hearing or seeing, there's something going on that's given him hope. 

Lulu: Where do you come up with this stuff? (laughs) Okay, I'll go. (calling out) Topher, wait up!

(Topher waits for Lulu to catch up and the two of them walk off together. Samantha eyes Topher suspciously, before turning back to the girls.)

Samantha: Weird...

So this morning, Topher of all people, was starting conversations, talking and laughing! This is Topher we're talking about, the same guy who has been moping around like depressed dead weight ever since the swap hit, so of course there's massive alarm bells ringing in my head, (laughs) How stupid does that sound? Being paranoid because someone's in a good mood. But seriously, being with Topher the last few days, even the tiniest spark of a mood would be worrying because I was almost confident he was about to quit the game. This new mood means one of two things: either 1) he has an idol and we're all screwed, or 2) he's got a plan he's reasonably confident with, and it takes a lot for Topher to get reasonably confident, so that would mean one or more of my four girls isn't being honest with me. Either way, I'm lucky that Topher's mood was so drastically negative that any change would be noticeable, and he's just generally terrible at hiding emotions. Something's up, and I'm gonna find out what it is.

Samantha Langrick

(The camera picks up on Lulu and Topher as they walk down the beach.)

Lulu: So, I've noticed you're in a much better mood than normal. 

Topher: (laughs) Yeah, honestly, I'm feeling much better about myself lately. 

Lulu: Don't take this the wrong way, but... did you find an idol?

Topher: As hard as it might be to believe, I actually didn't. 

Lulu: You can tell me, you know. I told you that I'd look out for you. 

Topher: I'm being completely serious. I don't have one, and I don't think your eyes would appreciate seeing me stripped down to my underwear, like Byron in Ivory Coast, just to prove that point. 

Lulu: Okay, I believe you. (laughs) But if you don't mind me asking, why the sudden spike in mood? Yesterday I thought you were going to quit, you were all sad and mopey and just... unpleasant. 

Topher: Yeah, the swap really brought me down because I was in such a good position on Carriacou and then here I was, on the bottom, weak in challenges, and didn't feel like I had any hope.

Lulu: But now you think there is?

Topher: Yeah, I think I've got a little bit of a chance.

Lulu: Has someone said something to you?

Topher: I don't wanna say anything just yet, because I don't want this to blow up, but believe me, I think the both of us could get out of here really easily. You still trust me, right?

Lulu: I understand, and of course I do! I said to you that we'd stick together.

Topher: Well that's good. I know you're with the girls probably, but I think you and I would be a good duo together. so I'd really hope you'll work with me. I'll even sweeten the deal for you: Lulu, if you stick with me, I'd be happy to go to the final three with whoever you wanted.

Lulu: (taken aback) Wait... whoever I wanted? Not... whoever talked with you?

Topher: Yep, I know you've got allies and friends now, and I'm happy to go along with that. 

Lulu: Okay... And you definitely don't have an idol, right? 

Topher: I don't, I swear. Please work with me, I'm really thinking this will work out and you can take control from then on!

Lulu: Okay, I'll think about it, if you're sure you have someone with you. 

Topher: Well you can never be sure, but there's something there!

(Lulu and Topher continue walking along the beach. The camera focuses on Topher, who is looking hopeful.)

I'm feeling much better about my position in the game today and I'm hopeful about my alliance with Lulu. She said from the beginning that we'd be allies, and I know she's likely with the girls now, but now that Taihlaura is on board with me, I think this is the much safer, stronger alliance. When we get back to Kendra, we could bring Taihlaura with us and go from there. I was more than willing to let Lulu bring whoever she wanted over to our side and to the Final Three with me, because my original loyalty was to her and I wanted her to know that me being with Taihlaura doesn't change that. I want this alliance to work out so badly. I hope everyone's on board.

Topher Daniels

(The camera then transitions to Lulu, who is wearing a look of concern and confusion.)

Red alert! Red alert! Topher's strategising and optimistic! Honestly, I was concerned enough that Topher was all of a sudden in a good mood, but that discussion with him is sending me into a whirlwind of "what the heck?" I thought he'd just found an idol, but he's convinced he has someone working with him. He won't tell me who it is, but I'm 99.9999% sure it's Taihlaura, which is just scary... and he's so confident this is going to work that he's willing to let me chose who we're going to the Final Three with. I don't know what's going on, but I'm very, very concerned by this. My group isn't as stab;e as I thought it was and I think things are in the process of blowing up. When that happens- and note that I said when, because that's what it is at this point- all hell is gonna break loose and I think I'm gonna be trapped in the centre. Jeez...

Lulu Nguyen

(Following Lulu's confessional, there is a transitioning nature shot, before the camera picks up on Brooklyn and Taihlaura sitting down in the forest together, under a shady tree.)

Taihlaura: Hey, thanks for coming with me. I just wanted to have a talk between the two of us. 

Brooklyn: Sure, Taihlaura. What's up?

Taihlaura: I know that we're kind of drifting apart. I wanted to sort out our differences. I can feel that you've lost a lot of trust in me. 

Brooklyn: I'll be honest, yeah. I like you, but the stuff you've been doing, especially when I found out that you were working with Trinity, it made me grow wary of you. Then we get here and you're being buddy-buddy with Topher. I don't know which side you're on anymore.

Taihlaura: I'm on your side, one hundred percent. I know that I've done some double-dealing, like with Wylie and Topher, but it's purely to get people comfortable and have them not play idols and give me information we can use against them. Look how well it worked with Wylie! It got us pulled out of the minority. 

Brooklyn: I know, I know, but it's overplaying. And that's fine if we know you're on our side, and it really did help us, but then I found out about Trinity and... yeah.

Taihlaura: Okay that was a huge mistake, I should have told you about that as soon as I heard about it. I hesitated because this is Trinity we're talking about, who pops off almost at the click of a button, you know what I mean? And she's such a great speaker, she actually got me thinking about my position, but I swear I was never going to flip against the girls. 

Brooklyn: It`s all good and whatever to say you were never going to do it, but actions speak louder than words and your actions are spooking me. The whole Topher stuff is just making me even more nervous. What`s going on there?

Taihlaura: It`s like Wylie, I made him comfortable. I know you busted me saying I wasn`t going to tell, but I swear I was, and now he`s in a good mood because I`ve made him comfortable. I gave him hope so he wouldn`t go out and find that idol to screw us over. Look, I can say over and over that I`m not doing X, I`m loyal to Y, and so forth, but I promise that I`m with you one hundred percent. I know I`m overplaying, I know it`s putting me in an awful position, just give me a chance to prove my loyalty to you. We can boot Topher, go forward with Samantha and Lulu, and that`ll be the end of the crazy overplaying. 

Brooklyn: I'm glad you at least recognise that you're playing too hard. My thing is, I wanna trust you, because we go back to day one, but I also know you could be saying this to everyone. In fact, because of Topher, my guess is you are promising loyalty to everyone. My problem is, you know where your loyalties lie, but how do I know? I'm not a mind reader, you know what I mean?

Taihlaura: Yeah, I know, and once Topher is gone I'll calm down. I never anticipated getting into this big a mess, but this has been a huge wake up call. I like you too, Brooklyn, and I want you to trust me. I've made mistakes, but let my actions speak and show that I'm loyal to you.

Brooklyn: I'm more than willing to give you a chance to change. I'm not just gonna cast you aside because you made one move that I didn't agree with. I'm really glad we had this talk. 

Taihlaura: Me too, and thanks for telling me how you feel. I didn't realise that's how I was coming across. 

Brooklyn: Of course, I'm glad you didn't think I was too scary to talk to, or overplay yourself into an even bigger hole. (laughs) 

Taihlaura: Yeah, me too. I want you to trust me, I hope our alliance is still the way it is. 

Brooklyn: Yeah it is. Thanks for the talk.

(The two of them continue sitting and relaxing for a moment. The camera focuses on Brooklyn, who is thinking about the conversation that has just taken place.)

Taihlaura took me aside today and we had a real heart-to-heart about the overplaying and lost trust in the game so far. I was open and honest about the fact I don't really trust Taihlaura anymore 'cause of all the conflicting promises she's making. She took that on board, she promised to change, and she assured me that the Topher situation is just like the Wylie situation, and as I told her, it's all good to say those things but she needs to show those things. I know that she's saying the same stuff to Topher, just like she said the same stuff to Wylie, and every time I think about her I think about the Trinity plan she withheld from us. Time will tell if she's really turned over a new leaf, but I like her, I want to believe her and I'm going to give her a chance. I hope I don't live to regret that, but I think she knows the error of her ways.

Brooklyn Ventura

(The camera then changes focus to Taihlaura, who is looking a little nervous, before cutting to her confessional.)

I'm glad I had the talk with Brooklyn and she's willing to give me another chance. I'm aware that I've kinda overplayed myself into a hole, but I didn't realise that what I was doing was creating that much mistrust. I knew I'd shot myself in the foot with Trinity, but I thought that there was an understanding that the stuff with Topher was like with Wylie. I am a little worried now that I've slipped below Lulu in the pecking order, and if that's true then it might be too little, too late. I don't know where I sit right now. I just hope Brooklyn is being sincere. If she's not, I might have to make a move, but I don't want to fall into the trap of overplaying like hell. See my problem here?

Taihlaura Houston

(Following Taihlaura's confessional, the camera picks back up on Samantha, who is sitting back in the shelter, as Lulu returns from her conversation with Topher.)

Lulu: Hey, Detective Langrick! Officer Nguyen has some info to report!

Samantha: Oh, good. What did he tell you?

Lulu: Okay, he doesn't have an idol, but what he did say was he feels like he has hope. 

Samantha: Oh God.

Lulu: So that means that someone talked to him. Now, he wouldn't say who, but-

Samantha: But this has Taihlaura written all over it.

Lulu: Exactly, so she's playing both sides.

Samantha: As usual... but she could go either way with it. When it happened the first time, she played Wylie like a fiddle and it got us out of the minority and here today. The second time, she actually hid Trinity's plan from us and we only found out because Jensen was a big enough idiot to tell Eddiot the whole thing.

Lulu: Oh... jeez. So which one is it this time?

Samantha: That's the thing, I don't know. She told us she wanted to make Topher comfortable, so I would think that she wouldn't want to screw over the easiest vote in history by overplaying, but you never know. 

Lulu: We're gonna have to keep an eye on her. 

Samantha: Yeah... but as long as we have you, we have three regardless. 

Lulu: And that you do!

Samantha: Now we just have to hope we have four.

(As the camera fades from their conversation, the focus is on Samantha, who is looking mildly annoyed.)

So the reason for Topher's big burst in mood as that Taihlaura's playing both sides to make him comfortable... again. This was fine when it was Wylie and I knew that she was on our side but after the Trinity fiasco I really don't know what her plan is. She says over and over she's on our side but this is getting crazy. Why would she do this, when she had the easiest ride to the merge in history? Honestly, she should go back to Sit Down and Shut Up School, because she clearly has no idea how to do it. (sighs) I'm gonna be keeping a very close eye on Taihlaura and if she so much as moves one strand of hair out of line, she's gonna have Hell to pay. She told me she was loyal, so she'd better be.

Samantha Langrick

Levera Tribe

The camera opens on day 17 for the Levera Tribe, as the castaways are around talking and laughing. The notable exception is Ashanda, who is looking lifeless with boredom in the shelter as she just lies and stares at the ceiling. The camera transitions to Eddiot, who is sitting next to Stanley. 

Eddiot: (moving his bandaged hand towards Stanley) Ooooh, my hand is a mummy, and it's coming to get you, Stanley! Oooooo!

Stanley: (laughs) Noooo! Have mercy on me, mummy hand!

Eddiot: Oooooo! 

(Eddiot grabs Stanley with his bandaged hand and the two of them start laughing.)

Jamie: (walking up to them) Hey, Eddiot, wanna throw over our coconuts? I'm gonna bowl with Trinity.

Trinity: He's the only one whose ass I haven't whooped yet. Time to be the Undisputed Bowling Queen!

Eddiot: Sure!

(Eddiot throws a coconut towards Jamie, but he throws too low and instead, the coconut hits Jamie in the testicles. Jamie lets out a groan of pain and curls over into the fetal position.)

Jamie: Aargh... <expletive>!

Stanley: You got a coconut to the coconuts! 

(Trinity, Stanley and Eddiot all laugh while Jamie is still on the ground in pain. Ashanda looks and this and is not laughing. She groans and continues staring at the ceiling.)

Ashanda: I'm. So. Freaking. Bored.

This tribe... is boring. It freaking sucks. Every single freaking day it's the same monotonous <expletive> over and over again: we go bowling, Eddiot pretends his hand is a mummy. It was fun the first time, 'cause it was a break and it was something different, but it's driving me freaking crazy now. You know the most interesting thing that's happened today? Eddiot hit Jamie in the balls with a coconut, and that's not even interesting, but everyone thought it was a freaking riot! HA HA HA HA HA- no. (groans) Carriacou was such an adrenaline rush. I was in danger all the time, sure, but at least I had fun! I hate being safe. There. I said it. I need to live life in the fast lane! I'd rather crash and burn and be remembered than be some boring-ass sheep floater who bowls all day. This tribe's gonna get a whole lot more chaotic if I have any say in it, and trust me... I'm Ashanda-freaking-Jane, so I'm gonna have a say.

Ashanda-Jane Washington

(There is then a timeskip, and the camera picks up again to find Ashanda still bored in the shelter. Jamie is then shown walking in and sitting down next to her.)

Jamie: Trinity whooped my ass in bowling, so she's undoubtedly the best at it. (looks at her) Have you not moved?

Ashanda: (melodramatically rolling over) I'm bored.

Jamie: (laughs) Ashanda's boredom, the biggest tragedy to befall mankind.

Ashanda: It is the biggest tragedy to befall mankind. Being safe and doing nothing but bowling and swimming all day sucks.

Jamie: What, so you'd rather be in danger like you were on Carriacou? (laughs)

Ashanda: Yes? Bull<expletive>ing Topher, exposing Mackenzie, fighting with Lulu? Best fun I've had. There's nothing iike the adrenaline rush of drama at camp. but here? It's like everyone got freaking sedated. 

Jamie: So what are you gonna do? Start drama for the fun of it?

Ashanda: Hell yeah that's what I'm gonna do. This tribe is so freaking boring. I need to spice things up.

Jamie: (laughs) So what does that mean?

Ashanda: I'm gonna do it strategically as well. Trust me, this tribe needs a kick up the ass and that's exactly what I intend to give it. You'll see the tricks I have up my sleeve. (laughs)

Jamie: You'd die without the drama, huh?

Ashanda: Damn right.

(Ashanda gets up and heads out of the shelter. Jamie is shown shaking his head and laughing.)

So, Ashanda's bored and now she's going to start drama. Why? Because it's fun, apparently. (laughs) Oh, God help us all. I have no idea what sort of crazy stunts she's gonna pull but apparently it has strategic value, so... every cloud has a silver lining, hopefully? I knew being on a peaceful tribe was too good to be true. With the kind of people we've got here, I'm just strap myself in for the ride and hope I don't get caught up in the hurricane.

Jamie Forrester

(The camera picks up as Ashanda walks up to Eddiot, who is hanging out by himself in the forest.)

Ashanda: Hey Eddiot!

Eddiot: Hey Ashanti! 

Ashanda: It's Ashanda, but whatever. Anyway, you feeling good about the tribe?

Eddiot: Uh... yeah! You guys are awesome! Except Trinity. Boo Trinity. Booooo.

Ashanda: Well I'm glad you hate Trinity, 'cause she sure as Hell hates you. She came up to us and said she wanted you out 

Eddiot: Wait... what?

Ashanda: I mean, this really shouldn't be as a shock to you, because all Trinity has talked about to us is getting you out, over and over again. She said that she's hated you since day one and she'll legit side with us all the way to the end of the game if we get you out. Man, she must hold some serious grudges against your tribe.

Eddiot: Well that's obviously not true because we're secretly working together and she's only pretending to hate me. (Realises what he's just said) Uh oh... uh... I mean... not that. Boo Trinity.

Ashanda: Hm... so she's bull<expletive>ing us. Ha! I knew that's what was happening.

Eddiot: (desperately) No! I-I'm not working with Trinity! I hate her! Grr.

Ashanda: Thanks for that, Eddiot!

Eddiot: (with deflating conviction) Thanks for... hating Trinity? Yeah, I hate her, I totally am not working with her... please don't tell her, I don't wanna die.

Ashanda: Bye bye!

(Ashanda walks off, cackling.)

Y'all hear that? Drama, drama, drama! Music to my ears. I freaking knew it was gonna be so easy to get that idiot to beat himself and he just gave me everything I need to let off a bomb in this tribe and give it some life! (cackles) Yes! I am such a freaking good liar; I can look you in the face, lie, and you will believe it, bitch! You will! Oh, I can't freaking wait to tell this to Trinity. If she nearly freaking drowns someone over how they pronounce "party" how is she gonna react when the biggest idiot in the game just blew up her secret alliance? (cackles) Drama, drama, drama, baby!

Ashanda-Jane Washington

(The camera then turns to Eddiot, who turns and bolts in the other direction.)

Eddiot: I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die...

Uh oh! UH OH! You'd better build me a bomb shelter or start planning my funeral, camera people! I'm gonna be called Deadiot Brantley in a minute as soon as Trinity finds out I accidentally told Ashanda about our alliance! I got confused when she said that Trinity wanted me out and I was like "whaaat?" and then (points to mouth) this guy ran ahead before (points to head) this guy could catch up and figure out what was going on. I swear, man, my brain is a fat dude and my mouth is an athlete 'cause those guys are never in sync! Aaaanyway, fun talking to you. camera people! I'm gonna have to hide in a tree or something for the rest of my life, so... have fun getting the camera up the tree! They can do challenges in the air, right? (sighs) I'm dead.

Eddiot Brantley

(With a huge smile on her face, Ashanda heads towards Trinity, who notices the grin on Ashanda's face and looks at her, confused.)

Trinity: The hell's up with you? Someone tell you a joke or something? 

Ashanda: (smirks) Oh, I've got the perfect joke: you pretending not to be aligned with Eddiot.

Trinity: Ha. Why would I be aligned with him? I hate him, annoying parasite of a human being.

Ashanda: You know, good on you for acting. You should really get into showbiz,. You could win an Emmy, or an Oscar, because I really bought that you hated him, so good job! 

Trinity: The hell are you talking about, crazy bitch? I do hate him, and you must have hit your head or something. 'cause I would never align with him. I'd rather die.

Ashanda: Funny you should mention that, because that's not what he just told me.

Trinity: What?

Ashanda: You guys are pretending to hate each other and are secretly working together. Really good job fooling me, but you honestly need better choice in allies. 

Trinity: WHAT!?

Ashanda: Yeah, so I know aaaaaall about your plan now, thanks to Eddiot! That's gotta hurt. You having the perfect plan and it blowing up through no fault of your own because you got stuck with the stupidest person in the game. (cackles) It was so easy to get that information. He really is stupid. 

(Trinity is shaking with anger, looking like a bomb waiting to explode.)

Ashanda: (smiles) Sorry to be the one to have to tell you.


(Trinity furiously storms off. Intense battle music is heard as she makes her way to camp, absolutely fuming.)

<expletive> EDDIOT! <expletive> THIS! <expletive> THIS SWAP! <expletive> THIS TRIBE! <expletive> EVERYTHING! AAAAAAAAAAAH! I cannot believe that stupid bitch of a man is so dumb he could not keep his mouth shut for one freaking Tribal! Out of the kindness of my <expletive> heart, I put aside my sanity and wanted to help him get to the merge because it benefited my game, and how am I repaid? The idiot blabs to Ashanda of all freaking people. SERIOUSLY!? I give the idiot the simplest task- I even dumbed it down so he could understand it- and he CAN'T EVEN DO THAT! ARE YOU <EXPETIVE> KIDDING ME!? So now everyone is gonna know that I'm this great player and I'm gonna go home. <expletive> this. Oh, when I find Eddiot... he's gonna have more than a bandaged hand to worry about, believe me! He's not even gonna make our first Tribal when I'm done with him!

Trinity Lewis

(The intense music continues as Trinity storms back into the camp, screaming, which catches the attention of Jamie and Stanley.)


Stanley: Who?

Trinity: EDDIOT! That stupid god damn bitch can't keep his mouth shut, so I'mma shut it for him! WHERE IS HE!?

Stanley: I don't know, Trinity, I haven't seen him in a while.

(Trinity screams again and starts tearing through the camp, looking for Eddiot) 

Trinity: I know you're here somewhere, Eddiot! Come out!

(Ashanda walks over to Jamie, delighted like a kid a candy store.)

Jamie: What did you do?

Ashanda: (smiles) Enough.

Stanley: Trinity, seriously, calm down. You're gonna get yourself ejected, girl, you're going crazy.

Trinity: EDDIOT! COME OUT HERE! (shrugs) Bitch thinks he can hide from me in the forest? He can run, but he can't hide!

(As Trinity takes off towards the forest, Stanley runs in front of her_

Stanley: Trinity, this is not a good idea!

Trinity: Stanley, you know I box, right? Well if you don't, you'll find out if you don't move.

(Jamie runs ahead of them both, Ashanda catching up to him, delighting in every single second of this spectacle as Trinity continues to fume.)

Jamie: Are you proud of yourself?

Ashanda: (as smugly as humanely possible) Mmhm!

(The camera focuses on Ashanda, who is grinning from ear to ear.)

(hysterically laughing and clapping) Did y'all see what I just... (wheezes) what I just did!? (cackles) I did that! The drama is started, boom goes the dynamite! This is the best freaking thing to happen on this tribe. Trinity... (laughs) wants to kill Eddiot because he leaked their alliance, but none of them know that all this is happening because of me! Now, Trinity will never work with Eddiot and Eddiot will never work with Trinity. I had some fun and I did it strategically! I killed two birds with one stone! I hope she catches him and absolutely gives him a freaking serve, revealing everything, 'cause I want this camp to blow up! Everything that has happened so far has just been perfect, and my favourite part? It can only get bigger and better from here. I'm so proud of myself.

Ashanda-Jane Washington

(The intense music continues, the camera transitioning to Eddiot, who is hiding up a tree and keeping a panicked lookout for Trinity.)

Trinity: (screaming in the distance) YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T HIDE FOREVER! I'MMA FIND YOU SOMEWHERE!

Eddiot: I'm gonna have to live in this tree...can you live in a tree? 

(Ahead of Trinity, Jamie is running through the forest, trying to find Eddiot before she does. He makes it to the tree that Eddiot is up and looks around. Looking up, he sees Eddiot up the tree.)

Jamie: Eddiot?

Eddiot: I don't wanna die! Don't kill me!

Jamie: Dude, it's Jamie.

Eddiot: I'm living up in this tree forever!

Jamie: Dude, what did you even do?

Eddiot: I accidentally told Ashanda that Trinity and I were working together! Is Trinity with you?

Jamie: No dude, she's-

Trinity: (appearing from out of nowhere) A-HA! There you are, Eddiot!

Eddiot: I'm not Eddiot! I'm.. uh... Eddiot's twin brother, Neddiot! 

Trinity: Come down here right now!

Eddiot: You're gonna yell at me!

Trinity: Damn freaking right I'm gonna yell at you! You freaking get down here now. 

Eddiot: No!


(Trinity's shouting attracts Stanley and Ashanda, who come running. Ashanda delights in the scene, while Stanley looks nervous.)

Trinity: Eddiot, I swear I'mma shake this tree and make you get down!

Eddiot: Okay, okay, I'll come down!

(Eddiot slowly descends the tree and Trinity pounces on him, causing him to jump back.)

Trinity: WHAT KIND OF DUMBASS ARE YOU!? YOU JUST FREAKING TOLD ASHANDA THAT WE'RE WORKING TOGETHER! I give you the freaking SIMPLEST of instructions and you can't even follow them!? 

Eddiot: Uh... 

Trinity: (mocking) Uhhhh... is that really all you have to say for yourself after you just freaking blew up both our games!? I'm so freaking mad, I'm mad at you for being a dumbass bitch and mad at me for thinking I could trust you to follow what I wanted! You know what? I'll <expletive> knock your ass out, right here, right now!

Stanley: No, Trinity!

(Jamie, Ashanda, and Stanley all restrain Trinity, who squirms like an angry cat.)

Stanley: Trinity, are you gonna be cool?

Trinity: I'm not actually gonna knock him out, I know that'll get me ejected from the game, I'm just mad and this is how I deal with it, okay?

Jamie: Are you sure?

Trinity: Yes! Oh my God, would I really get my freaking self evacuated over Eddiot? No. Let me up, bitches.

(Tentatively, they stop restraining her and she gets up. They're ready to go again in case Trinity launches, but instead of being physical, she launches into a verbal tirade.)

Trinity: You are hands down one of the dumbest people I've ever freaking met in my life! I should have been able to vote you out on day freaking six and I would have done if Jensen wasn't dumber than you are! I should have gone straight to Carriacou, freaking ditched you and stuck to them so I could get myself further in the game and get rid of you, but no I had a freaking aneurysm and-

(As everyone is absorbed in the argument, Jamie manages to slip away and walk into the forest, undetected. The camera cuts to his confessional.)

Despite what Ashanda may think, I love this tribe. It's like my own personal twenty-four-hour cinema. Something's always going on: Eddiot's inventing new ways to neatly kill himself, Stanley's being the tribe clown, it's always a rollercoaster with Ashanda since she starts drama because she's bored, and Trinity? The girl is a queen of bowling, but she's like a bomb waiting to explode, and when she does, the whole world is gonna know about it. (laughs) The funniest thing about all this? In all the craziness, unpredictable Ashanda has somehow become my most trusted ally. Honestly, the only thing I know to expect on this tribe is that I won't know what to expect. Sometimes I do feel like the only sane person in an asylum, but that can work to my advantage. With everyone involved in that argument with Trinity and Eddiot, I thought to myself "I'm gonna slip away and find this idol while everyone's distracted" and that's exactly what I'm doing.

Jamie Forrester

As Trinity continues to berate Eddiot, who stands there like a deer in the headlights while Stanley looks nervous and Ashanda is having to bite her hand to stop herself from laughing, Jamie walks into the forest in search of a Hidden Immunity Idol.  As he walks he searches under and inside trees, even scaling one, to no success. He listens out for noise and Trinity is still heard yelling in the distance.

He then walks a little further into the forest and comes across a tree with a uniquely shaped branch, surrounded by a few rocks. He searches around the rocks, and nothing, then quickly makes his way to the tree. He digs under it, and then climbs it and has no success. He then reaches into the tree and...

...his hands close in on a wrapped cloth. He pulls it out, and unwraps it. There is a small medallion with a silver stone inside, and a note. 

Jamie: (reading) Congratulations, you have found the Levera Hidden Immunity Idol... yes!

(Jamie quickly wraps it back up and shoves it in his shorts, then hastily makes his way back to the group, again unnoticed, where the argument is still going.)

Trinity: ...and I can't even believe you fell for that long enough to reveal everything! I told you we were together but I was pretending we weren't! I'm so freaking mad, if you've screwed my game, I swear to God! UGH! I'm gonna go bowl and pretend the pins are your dumbass head.

(Trinity storms off back to camp. When she is gone, Stanley moves over to Eddiot.)

Stanley: You alright, dude? 

Eddiot: Well, she's not using me as the bowling ball, so I'm good! I guess it's safe to go back to camp!

Jamie: Yeah, she'll bowl out her frustrations.

Stanley: That argument was something else, huh, Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah, it was.

(As they walk back to camp, Ashanda cackles maniacally.)

Ashanda: Worth. Every. Second.

Jamie: (smiles) Yeah, you're telling me.

(The camera focuses on Jamie's face, before cutting to his confessional.)

I went and found the idol and, because of that argument, not one person noticed I was gone. (laughs) Everyone's gonna be so on edge because of this that I don't think idols are even on their mind. Now that I have this in my possession, I'm feeling great about my spot in the game. Trinity and Eddiot are never going to work together, if anyone from Carriacou has got heat on them, based on the end of that conversation, I'm guessing it's Ashanda, and I'm just slipping by unnoticed. Going into this game, I'm the last person I would have thought would be under the radar and in a really decent spot, but now that I am, hopefully I can keep it going to the merge and beyond!

Jamie Forrester

Reward Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(Levera and Gouyave walk in and stand on their mats. They then look as Carriacou enter.)

Jeff: Levera, Gouyave, getting your first look at the new Carriacou Tribe: Jensen voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Stanley: HOLY-

(Seeing that Kendra has survived the Tribal Council sends shockwaves through the castaways. Lulu's mouth drops open in amazement, while Samantha gives a satisfied smile and Trinity is shown pumping her fist and clapping softly, almost with a wider grin than Kendra, who is beaming as she takes her spot on the mat.)

Jeff: Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a reaction like that. Stanley, what's everyone thinking?

Stanley: Legit, I don't think anybody was expecting Kendra to survive after what we've seen over the last day or so.

Kendra: Well, I'm still here! Bring on the challenge, Jeff!

Jeff: Okay, you guys ready for the challenge? 

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: For today's challenge, you will start by making a hook with three pieces to retrieve a sandbag. Each sandbag contains one portion of your fish bone puzzle pieces: the lower, middle and upper portion. You'll need to use the hook to grab each of your sandbags, and then assemble you fish skeleton puzzle. The first person to assemble their fish skeleton puzzle wins reward. And one more thing... you'll have one hand behind your back.

Meiling: I'm screwed. 

Jeff:  Wanna know what you're playing for?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: In addition to the Temptation, the winner will win, for their tribe... a feast of Mexican food! You've got tacos, burritos, and all the fixins... but no Mexican food feast would be complete without... margaritas! And for those under 21, a delicious Mexican fruit punch! Worth playing for?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: We'll draw for spots and then we'll get started. 

(The castaways are awaiting Jeff's signal.)

Jeff: For the Temptation and a Mexican feast, Survivors ready? GO!

Reward Challenge: Bone to Pick

Challenge Summary:

  • Kendra, Jamie and Samantha get out to a quick lead, assembling their hooks and grabbing their first bags. Brooklyn, Taihlaura and Shivani are not far behind. 
  • Topher struggles miserably, and Eddiot struggles to get his hook together. Meiling, despite getting her hook together with ease, struggles to hook the bags with it, but does manage to get a bag eventually, but it is well after others have gotten their second and some even their third.
  • Samantha took a lead on the first portion of the puzzle, but Jamie was not far behind, and Kendra was very close in it too. As they got to the puzzle, Brooklyn and Shivani started to pick up momentum. 
  • As Samantha struggled to hook her second bag, Jamie took the lead and held it on the second portion, despite Kendra being hot on his tail and Samantha racing through the puzzle portion to catch up. Brooklyn also stayed well in the race. 
  • On the third portion, it was neck-and-neck between Jamie, Samantha, and Kendra, as the lead changed hands multiple times. It came down to the last few pieces. In the end...

  • Jamie beat out the other two and got his pieces in first for the win. 


Jamie: Oh, finally!

(Jamie delights in his win as the Levera Tribe celebrate the win, with the exception of Trinity, who looks dismayed at spending an afternoon in close proximity to Eddiot. There is a timeskip and the castaways are back on their mats.)

Jeff: Jamie, come on over!

(With a smile on his face, Jamie walks over to Jeff and receives the Temptation.)

Jeff: You've come second in a few of these and now you've finally got a W next to your name, and you'll be celebrating in style! A Mexican feast awaits. You and Levera can head on out. A boat is waiting to take you.

(Jamie and Levera leave.)

Jeff: Carriacou, Gouyave, I've got nothing for you. You can head back to camp. I'll see you at the immunity challenge.

(The losing tribes leave.)

Post-Reward: Winning Tribe

The boat arrives at a spacious little hut and the castaways disembark. As they walk in, they are greeted with a table, with stacks of flour tortillas, lines of corn tortillas, and every filling imaginable: meats, such as beef, chicken and lamb; re-fried beans; lettuce, tomatoes, onion, corn, rice, jalapenos, and all kinds of sauces. A little further away is a margarita bar, with freshly poured drinks and a bartender waiting to serve. 


The castaways then busy themselves preparing tacos and burittos, as Jamie pulls out two flour tortillas, filling one with chicken, one with beef, and stacking them both with beans, rice, and all the fillings he can get his hands on, finishing it off with hot sauce. Eddiot grabs a handful of tacos, piling them with beef and cheese, lettuce, sour cream and tomatoes, while Ashanda has a burrito and a couple of tacos, all generously topped with lamb. Trinity stacks her tacos with beans, beef and a mountain of cheese, while Stanley is shown placing sour cream on his tacos like there's no tomorrows. With their plates piled high, the castaways sit down, while Trinity makes a beeline straight for the margarita bar and takes two drinks, before heading back to her seat. 

Trinity: I'mma need these if I'm spending the whole afternoon with you, Eddiot!

(Trinity downs a margarita like it's a soda, then biting into her tacos. Ashanda and Jamie are shown taking ravenous bites of their burritos and sipping margaritas. Meanwhile, Eddiot and Stanley each return to their seat, a glass of the fruit punch with them, and a plate of five tacos each. They take one look at each other, then look at their tacos, grinning.)

Eddiot: Taco contest?

Stanley: (smirks) Hell yeah!

Eddiot: WOOOO! Let's do this!

(Intense battle music plays as they begin ravenously devouring their tacos, staying neck and neck for a while, before indigestion gets to Stanley a little and Eddiot overtakes him. Eddiot downs the tacos like a machine, plowing through them, and with Stanley having a few bites to spare, Eddiot finishes his final taco first, picks up his fruit punch, skulls it, and slams his fist down on the table in celebration.)


(Trinity groans and picks up another margarita as Eddiot jumps and dances about, basking in the glory of his win.)

Eddiot: (chanting) I'm the winner! Me, Eddiot! Go Eddiot! I'm Eddiot! I won! I'm the king! The taco king! YEAAAAAAAAAH BABY!

(Trinity groans again and goes up to make herself a beef burrito, then goes back to the bar and grabs another margarita before slumping in her seat, looking with disdain as Eddiot continues to celebrate .)

I'mma tell y'all, this food is delicious but I am damn glad there is a margarita bar because Eddiot is finding a way to make even tacos annoying. Seriously, these margaritas taste freaking great too but I'm drinking them like water. I'm enjoying this reward, I've got all the freaking food in the world in front of me and booze a few steps away. Nobody is gonna ruin that, and if it takes more than a few margaritas for that to come true, then bitch, I'mma get druuuuuunk!

Trinity Lewis

(A montage is then shown of Trinity continuously eating and drinking margarita after margarita. After a while, Trinity is visibly very intoxicated as she sways around on the chair.)

Trinity: (drunkenly slurring) E-ee-ot... Eddiot... you  suck.

Eddiot: I do?

Trinity: Yeah.. you... DO.

Eddiot: Uh... okay! 

Trinity: (swaying) You suck, Eddiot.

Jamie: I think now might be a good time to go read my Temptation!

(Jamie gets up. Ashanda and Stanley follow him.)


Jamie: (laughs) Got it.

Eddiot:  It... it does?

(Jamie, Ashanda and Stanley walk off to a private area to read the Temptation.)

Jamie: (opening up the envelope) Right, let's see what this game has to offer!




Note that playing this Temptation DOES NOT make you immune from the rock draw!

Jamie: Oh, damn.

Stanley: That's a crazy power right there.

Ashanda: I'mma tell you straight up, the only reason I'd use that thing is to bring Topher over here.

Jamie: Yeah, that was the first thing that popped into my head. Topher was pretty close to me, and I'd be surprised if he wasn't on the bottom there. He's on a tribe with three strong Gouyave girls and could give us some great information to use at the merge. Plus, it'd be solidifying his number back with us and maybe make him even tighter if we were to save him from certain doom.

Stanley: Yeah, he and I are pretty good as well. It'd be great to get that sort of info from the other tribe! 

Ashanda: My only problem, is that worth screwing one of us over and putting us in the minority on another tribe?

Jamie: I'm thinking about that, too, but I mean, we could throw the challenge? That way the two of us left, and Topher, could vote out Eddiot or Trinity.

Stanley: That sounds like a good idea!

Ashanda: Yeah, but wouldn't we get into a throwing war with Gouyave? Like, think about it for a sec: if someone from the majority, the other side, was put onto your tribe, wouldn't you be all, "<expletive> yeah, easy vote"? I know I would.

Stanley: I mean, we could forfeit the challenge?

Ashanda: Yeah, but what if Gouyave threw a tantrum? Like, I dunno what's going on there, but they might wanna save Eddiot or something. 

Jamie: There's a whole lot of "maybe" here, and yeah we're in a really solid position that we might screw up, but we'd be gaining a lot if we took the chance. It might even be one of the two who goes over and then we get the best of both worlds; 4-1 majoirty and information. 

Stanley: Yeah, that'd be sick.

Jamie: The question is, is it worth risking our stable position for power? Payoff's great, but it's a big fall if the risk doesn't work out.

(The camera focuses on Jamie as he thinks over the decision, before cutting to his confessional.)

I got some amazing food in my belly today but the most exciting thing for me was finally winning one of those Temptations after coming second in so many of them. This one's a real tough one because I can bring over one person from any tribe, but someone randomly gets swapped onto the tribe. When I thought about this, the only person that I would bring over is Topher. He's obviously on the bottom of Gouyave, he was loyal to me and Stanley, and we could get a ton of information from him that we could use to our advantage. The problem is the three of us are in a really stable position right now and are in no danger of going home. It could be dangerous to switch things up, even though the payoff would be huge. Ashanda pointed out we could get into a throwing match and the Gouyave people could immediately vote whoever it is out. I do have the idol but there's no way I'm telling anyone that, because I don't trust Stanley entirely yet to stick with me at the merge, and I do trust Ashanda but this is the same woman who nearly started World War III earlier today for her own amusement. So, the decision is basically going to come down to whether the pros outweigh the cons, because there's a lot of what-if's, a lot could go wrong, and there's a lot of benefits. I'm not sure what I'm going to do just yet.

Jamie Forrester

(Following Jamie's confessional, the camera picks up again as they rejoin the group, where Trinity is continuing to drunkenly insult Eddiot.)

Trinity: You know, Eddiot, even if we were the last two people on Earth I'd rather let the human race die out than ever have sex with you!

Eddiot: Um... I don't want to have sex with you?

Trinity: Good! Because it's not going to happen!

Eddiot: Um... okay?

Trinity: Y'know, Eddiot, you are the most annoying person ever, and if someone...(burps) if someone looked up annoying in the dictionary, there'd be a picture of you!

Stanley: Okay, Trinity, why don't we go over here and stop annoying Eddiot? 

Trinity: But Stanley, there is boring! 

Stanley: (leading her away) Come hang out with your buddy, Stanley! Did I ever tell you about the time I was walking my best friend's dog and it stole some dude's Frisbee and ran, like, seven blocks with it?

Trinity: (drunkenly staggering) Did I ever tell you about the time I didn't care!? Ha!

(Stanley leads Trinity away and she stumbles. Stanley catches her before she hits the ground and lays her down gently.)

Stanley: Girl, you slammed it way too hard on the margaritas. 

Trinity: (slurring) Y'know, Stanley, you are deadass the only person I even freaking like in this game, apart from Shivani. I <expletive> trust you. Okay, shut up, listen, pay attention, I'm gonna tell you <expletive>. Okay?

Stanley: Uh... okay, sure!

Trinity: Okay, you know, I am so, one million, percent on board with voting Eddiot out, right? And you.. you're idiot bitch head tribe people might think... you should vote me out, but, on Gouyave, Eddiot was on freaking top. Okay, listen, I had an alliance with Shivani, we were gonna take Eddiot out, and I even freaking had Tarara on board, until Pasty Ass Bitch Vanilla Boy Jensen BITCH HEAD ruined it.. 

Stanley: Yeah, you already told me that bit. 

Trinity: I didn't tell you everything, okay? Now... shut up, before I throw.. a freaking taco at you! Anyway, LISTEN. Samantha, is, like, the Top Bitch on Gouyave, and Brooklyn is her closest ally, and Eddiot is freaking attached to Brooklyn. Okay? Did you understand that?

Stanley: Samantha's top dog, she's with Brooklyn, Brooklyn's with Eddiot, got it!

Trinity: Okay, good, because I'm trying to help you. LISTEN. 

Stanley: am listening! (giggles)

Trinity: Okay, Brooklyn and Samantha are the power couple. They controlled everything on Gouyave, okay? 

Stanley: Okay!

Trinity: You know, me and you, we could legit be the power couple. Okay? Meiling and Shivani are one side, and Samantha and Brooklyn are the other side, and Tarara, she is with me. I don't know what is going on with freaking Kendra and whatever, but me and you, we can go far. We can have Shivani in front of us!

Stanley: Sounds like there's gonna be two sides on the merge, then! Me and you could basically weave through the two groups and go to the Final Three with whoever we want! 

Trinity: (at the top of her lungs) <EXPLETIVE> YES, BITCH!

(Everyone looks over)

Stanley: Don't worry, guys, we're talking about rappers! 

Trinity: YEAH... <expletive> uh... TUPAC IS THE BEST. 

(Everyone turns their attention away.)

Trinity: Okay, okay, I am the <expletive> best at covering peoples' asses. You need to remember everything I told you, okay? Stanley... STANLEY. Remember everything I told you, and remember, Eddiot has to freaking go first, okay? 

Stanley: Hell yeah! And you and I can be the new power couple! 


(Everyone looks over again.)

Stanley: You really like Tupac!

(As everyone returns to what they're doing, the camera focuses on Stanley as he watches over a drunk Trinity.)

Okay, I kinda feel bad about what went down, because Trinity is drunk off her ass, but she just spilled to me a whole heap of info about Gouyave. Apparently Samantha and Brooklyn are the top dogs around there, but Samantha's the Head Bitch In Charge, and Eddiot's with them. She suggested we should be a power couple, and I'm gonna bring that up with her again when she's sober, but if she's serious then it could be a good thing for me! She's got Shivani, who's got Meiling; I've got Kendra, who's got Lulu, who's got Topher, so we'd be at the head of this massive pool of connections if we all made the merge! That'd be such a cool group to be at the head of. With the info she was giving me about Samantha and Brooklyn, I'm starting to think they'd be good people to keep so we could hide behind, but that'd require working with Eddiot for a bit and I don't think she's down with that. I wonder if she'd change her tune if it got us to the end? Anyway, all this is for Sober Trinity, but based on what Drunk Trinity just told me, I think she and I could be in a really good spot!

Stanley Moriarty

Post-Reward: Losing Tribe #1

(Following the reward challenge, the camera picks up on the three Carriacou women as they return to camp.)

Kendra: Wow, the one time we lose a challenge and it's a taco reward! 

Meiling: At least we got to eat kebabs and pie! 

Shivani: That's true.

Meiling: By the way, Kendra, could you and I go for a walk?

Kendra: Just us? 

Meiling: Yeah, just us. 

Kendra: Okay! 

(As they leave, Meiling looks at Shivani, and the two exchange a nod. The camera focuses on Meiling, before cutting to her confessional.)

It's no secret that Shivani has been the one doing most of the socialising with Kendra and it's their bond that will make or break us right now. With Shivani's plan to give Kendra the idol, if she goes through with it, I'd like to make sure that she stays with us. I also haven't had the chance to get to know her, so I took the two of us on a walk just to get to know each other and forge that bond. Better late than never, after all. I'd like to be able to work with her in the future, and for her to trust us, and hopefully this conversation will achieve that.

Meiling Gao

(The camera picks up as the two of them walk into the forest.)

Meiling: So, Kendra, how do you feel now that you're still on Carriacou?

Kendra: I feel amazing! Seriously, I love the way this tribe is and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Meiling: That's great to know. Listen, I wanted to talk to you about something: you're here for the long-haul with Shivani and I, right?

Kendra: Yeah, of course! You guys saved me and I'm with you, totally! I said to Shivani, and I'll say to you, that I'm loyal to people who are loyal to me. That includes you guys!

Meiling: Good. I hope there's no bad blood between us over Jensen.

Kendra: That's all in the past! Seriously, I'm okay. I think you're a great person and I want to go far with you.

Meiling: I appreciate that. My loyalty to Jensen was only out of maintaining promises to him, so if you and I go forward I will absolutely extend the same to you. 

Kendra: I know, and I know that you were only with Jensen because of loyalty but still played with morals in the end. I respect that about you! 

Meiling: Exactly. I'm the sort of person, just like you, who will be loyal to those that are loyal to me, until that loyalty is broken. I knew how much this game meant to you and I didn't want to see you go out for something that you hadn't done, and I knew you'd be appreciative of us saving you. I'm sorry that I shut my trap when you confronted me at the reward challenge, too. 

Kendra: That's fine! It actually helped me trap Jensen into forfeiting the challenge, so I guess I should thank you. (giggles) Honestly, if you'd told me the truth on the reward, I was in such an agitated state that I would have confronted him right then and there, and then he would have tried to win the challenge. 

Meiling: That's exactly what I thought and I needed the drama away until I could figure out what to do. Jensen was putting a lot of pressure on me to maintain my loyalty to him, but my morals were fighting and saying I couldn't let you leave. 

Kendra: And that really sits well with me, that you'd maintain your loyalty with someone until the bitter end. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure how well you'd take to aligning with me, but after this, I have a lot of confidence! You're clearly very smart and loyal, but you also know what's right and wrong. Lulu and Stanley will totally warm to that too! You've got a great spot. 

Meiling: Well, being alive for 68 years, and having nothing but your family when you immigrate into a country you can barely speak the language of, really shows you that family and loyalty are what you have to count on to get by in life. I won't break my alliance with you, Kendra, ever, and I hope that you can put as much trust in me as you do with Shivani. I'm really glad we had this talk.

Kendra: Me too! I'm so happy that you're going to be loyal to me because it means I can to you, and with Shivani's idol, we're gonna rock the merge together! I promise, it's you, me and Shivnai all the way to the end! We're gonna dominate this game!

(As the two of them keep walking, the camera focuses on Kendra, who is smiling.)

I am so glad that Meiling actually came and talked about her issues with me instead of just assuming things and trying to blindside me, unlike Mackenzie. That's why Meiling's going to go far and Mackenzie is just going to be an irrelevant pre-swap boot. Ha! Meiling doing that just makes me want to align with her and Shivani even more than I already do, because they're so open and honest about everything. It means they're definitely gonna be loyal and if pre-swap Carriacou is anything to go by, I need people like that on my side for when people try to take me out! They'll probably say I'm leading a cult again, but whatever. That's just a term made up by desperate people who can't get into the majority! (giggles) I feel so great about my position and I just know this is going to lead to good things!

Kendra Valentine

Post-Reward: Losing Tribe #2

(Following the reward challenge, the Gouyave Tribe head back to camp.)

Samantha: Oh, man, that was a close one. I'm not too bummed about the reward, though. Really not that big a fan of tacos.

Lulu: Please do not say they're too spicy.

Samantha: What? I'm white, I hate spicy things. (giggles)

Topher: Yeah, I hate spicy food too, so I can live without tacos.

Lulu: They're not even spicy! God dammit, white people. (giggles) You can even deliberately make them not spicy!

Samantha: And I suppose you really enjoy spicy food, huh?

Taihlaura: I do! I would've killed for some tacos. 

Lulu: The spicier, the better! I took a group of my friends out for my birthday- NOT TO A NIGHTCLUB FOR SHOTS, SAMANTHA- to a Vietnamese restaurant and they were all dying but I wasn't even breaking a sweat! (laughs)

Samantha: We get it, you can handle spicy food. (giggles) You and Taihlaura can go to crazy town and have your spicy food but I will be staying right out of it!

Taihlaura: Well, do you wanna go and try to find crazy town, Lulu? (laughs)

Lulu: (smirks) Sure, let's go.

(The two of them walk away. )

(The camera picks up as the two of them are walking.)

Taihlaura: Hey, do you think if we found the Wizard of Oz out here, he'd give us some tacos?

Lulu: Honestly we'd be more likely to find the Wizard at this point. (laughs) 

Taihlaura: Imagine if we were in that movie and travelled all that way just to ask him for tacos? (laughs) I'm so hungry I'd probably do it. 

Lulu: Can you imagine how pissed the Wizard would be? Dorothy: "I want to go home!" Scarecrow: "I want a brain!"  Tin-man: "I want a heart!" Lion: "I want courage!" Taihlaura: "I want tacos!"

Taihlaura: Oh my God! (laughs)

Lulu: We're going mental out here, confirmed. 

Taihlaura: Speaking of that, I wanted to say sorry for the crazy conversation I had with you the other day, where I was talking like an idiot and just left. 

Lulu: Yeah that made me pretty uneasy, not gonna lie. What was it about?

Taihlaura: Well, I failed miserably, but I was trying to suss out whether Topher would be a good ally without arousing suspicion, because I was majorly paranoid.

Lulu: Yeah, if that was your aim, then I don't think assasins are going to be lining up around the block to hire you any time soon.

Taihlaura: Yeah, I realised what an idiot I was acting like after the fact, but paranoia does crazy things to you. Sorry about that. 

Lulu: That's fine, did you talk to Topher?

Taihlaura: I did actually. 

Lulu: So you're the one he thinks he's aligned with, then, right?

Taihlaura: (sigh) Yeah, that'd be me. I told the girls that it was so he'd get comfortable enough to not look for, or play, an idol, but...

Lulu: But you're actually starting to think about it? I mean, would you actually align with him, or is this like the Wylie thing where you act like a friend but aren't?

Taihlaura: I don't even know. I want to stay loyal to the girls, and this is probably the paranoia talking, but I feel like they don't trust me anymore. The Wylie thing was easy because I knew they trusted me, but now I'm just kind of melting down and imploding because I don't know whether it's the same or whether this Topher stuff is maing things worse and I- can you please slap me? 

Lulu: (laughs) Don't worry, I know the feeling. So, at the risk of having you completely explode on me... would you actually go with him?

Taihlaiura: I'm... really unsure at this point. I want to stick with the girls and logic is telling me that siding with them is the best way to gain their trust back, but I'm like, "if they don't trust me am I ever really gonna have that happen?" You know what I mean? I've always been loyal to Samantha and Brooklyn, though.

Lulu: Yeah, I get what you mean entirely.

Taihlaura: Would you side with Topher if I did? 

Lulu: Um... Well, to be honest, I did tell Topher I'd look out for him... but I dont know either. It's a lot to think about. Someone has to go if we go to tribal, but I feel comfortable with you and the girls and Topher, so... tough choice.

Taihlaura: Yeah, I get what you mean. We're cool, though?

Lulu: Yeah, of course! I'm glad we had this talk and cleared things up.

Taihlaura: Yeah, me too. Thanks. (smiles)

(The two of them continue walking. The camera focuses on Lulu, who sighs.)

Well, Taihlaura lost the plot. I say "lost" like she even found it in the first place, and it doesn't seem like that ever happened. At least I got out of her that she's working Topher, but I'm not sure which side she's true to; she's not even sure. She's just a paranoid mess right now, but I think she'd go along with Topher if I went in that direction. I'm not sure who I'd want to save if we went to Tribal, because I want to keep Topher around, but I've also made a big bond with Samantha, and it seems I'm getting no choice but to lean one way or the other. The problem is Taihlaura might want to stick with the girls, which would mean I'd have no choice but to let Topher go. Honestly, this is the most frustrating spot I've been in the whole game.

Lulu Nguyen

(The camera then transitions to Taihlaura, who is frowning.)

I feel ridiculous because I've just overplayed myself into this paranoid nosedive. It seems, no matter what I do, I just keep adding to that, but if I sit around and do nothing I get worked up and- gosh, I sound like a lunatic. Anyway, I've always been loyal to the girls, and I've been working on Topher for them. I want to keep being loyal, but Brooklyn in particular has made no secret of the fact she doesn't trust me anymore and that's really scary, because trust is the most important thing I can have. I seem to with Topher, and if I have it with him, he might bring Lulu in, and that might work out better. I'm not sure where to go at this point.

Taihlaura Houston

  (Following this, there is a transitioning nature shot, before the camera picks up on Brooklyn and Samantha going for a walk of their own.)

Samantha: So I’m guessing I’m not the only one of us who thinks Topher’s good mood and Taihlaura taking Lulu off for a walk are deeply connected.

Brooklyn: Nope! I haven’t trusted her since she hid the Trinity thing from us. She told us that she’s only working Topher so he doesn’t play an idol but do you think she’s looking to jump ship and bring Lulu with her?

Samantha: Wouldn’t surprise me, but who knows what she’s doing anymore. She tells us she doesn’t want to overplay but does exactly that.

Brooklyn: Yeah, we had this big talk yesterday about how she wanted to stop overplaying but then she goes and does this. (laughs) I guess this makes Lulu the lady of the hour, because she’s gonna be a swing between two groups.

Samantha: Yeah, and good luck to us in trying to not seem like kiss-asses for convincing her to stay on, especially if Taihlaura got to her with our original plan of Lulu being a fourth.

Brooklyn: Yeah, but that was then and this is now. Things have changed and Lulu doesn’t seem to trust Taihlaura any more than we do. I’d be down putting her in our three.

Samantha: Oh, absolutely. She’s great, she’s loyal and she’ll be a fantastic ally.

Brooklyn: Without a doubt. Gosh, why is it so hard to find people in this game who are sane and loyal enough to rely on? (laughs) Trinity’s a loose cannon playing both sides, Taihlaura’s gone crazy, Meiling and Shivani are against us… bring in Lulu and give me Eddiot back.

Samantha: Preach it! Let’s rip the bandaid off and talk to her, huh?

(The two of them walk a little further. The camera focuses on Samantha, who is looking a little nervous, before the camera cuts to her confessional.)

At this point, what little trust I have left in Taihlaura is fading fast, while my bond and trust with Lulu is growing and growing. I’d absolutely love to do the “cut and replace” so to speak, because Lulu is not only someone who would be a brilliant strategic and social ally for us, but is someone I get along very well with personally. She’s fun, sassy, and just great to be around, so being with her would be a win on all fronts. I’m a little nervous that Taihlaura has gotten to her before us, but my hope is the bond we’ve made and Taihlaura’s general craziness will have Lulu believe me over her. I just hope we don’t end up looking like massive kiss-asses and end up shooting ourselves in the foot in the process of bringing her onto our side.

Samantha Langrick

(The camera then picks up as the two women find Lulu and walk up to her.)

Samantha: Heyy, Lulu!

Lulu: Heyyy!

Brooklyn: Did y’all find your tacos in Crazy Town? (laughs)

Lulu: Not yet, but Taihlaura and I are gonna go see the Wizard of Oz and see if he’ll do anything about it. (laughs)

Samantha: You and your spicy food, no clue how you do ti. Did you guys talk about much else?

Lulu: Just that she’s definitely the one Topher thinks he’s aligned with.

Samantha: Surprise, surprise, and I’m guessing she asked you to tag along?

Lulu: She said she wasn’t sure what she’d do because she wanted to remain loyal but didn’t know if you trusted her. I think, somewhere in that crazy brain of hers, she’s trying to be loyal but everything she does just comes off as overplaying.

Samantha: Yeah, so we really don’t know what side she’s on and what you said doesn’t help. I’m gonna be blunt, would you side with us if Taihlaura went with Topher?

Lulu: Yeah! And I’m not just saying that because you’re standing right in front of me.

Brooklyn: Even with the prior bond you and Topher had on Carriacou?

Lulu: Yeah! Honestly, Topher’s loyal, but I feel more at home with you guys. You’ve treated me so well and I’ve felt so liberated since aligning with you. Like, Brooklyn, you and I don’t have a strong bond yet, but I trust you!

Brooklyn: (smiles) Thanks. I’m glad to hear that.

Samantha: Loyalty in this game is really hard to come by, Lulu, but ever since you swapped onto here, you and I have just gotten closer and closer. I think you’re great.

Lulu: Awwww! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you too!

Samantha: The thing is, we don’t have a lot of people we trust in this game, but you’re one of them, and you’re right up there. We’d really like it if you would go to the Final Three with us.

Lulu: (taken aback, smiling) Final Three? Seriously?

Samantha: Yep. You and Brooklyn are the two people I trust the most in this game.

Brooklyn: And I know we don’t have a strong bond yet, but we can work on that! I’m very happy to have you on board, and with your connections and ours, we can run the merge!

Lulu: Yeah! Kendra and Stanley should be so on board for this, but can we keep Topher around? I think he’d be a great number too.

Samantha: He makes me nervous because I have barely talked to him and he’s gravitating around Taihlaura now, but we can deal with that when it comes. What’s important is that we’re the three. I want to go to the end with you, Lului.

Brooklyn: Yeah, me too!

Lulu: That sounds great, you guys! I’m really happy to do this. Thanks!

Brooklyn: You’re more than welcome!

(The three of them close the deal before going their separate ways. The camera focuses on Brooklyn, who is looking a little nervous.)

So we closed the deal with Lulu, which hopefully means that she’ll be on board with us in case Taihlaura stirs up trouble, but I’m still feeling uneasy. She said a couple of times during our conversation that we didn’t have a strong relationship, and she has made a mention of wanting to keep Topher. I’m worried that she’ll vote me out, because it’s Samantha she has the bond with. She seemed very excited about the prospect of working with us, though, and I’d love to get to know her better, so hopefully this is the start of a brand new power trio!

Brooklyn Ventura

(The camera then transitions to Lulu, whose smile fades slightly as she exhales deeply.)

Don’t get me wrong, okay, I absolutely adore Samantha. Brooklyn’s pretty cool too, although I don’t know her as well, but I can’t help but feel they tried to work me a little for my vote. As soon as they knew what Taihlaura had said, it was onto the “I trust you”’s and “final three”’s and here’s Taihlaura telling me that she doesn’t know what she’ll do; they brushed aside keeping Topher, so… uuuugh! I’ve heard so many different things that I don’t know who’s talking to me legitimately and who’s buttering me up for my vote. It’s driving me crazy.

Lulu Nguyen

Day 18

Immunity Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The castaways walk in and stand on their mats.)

Jeff: First thing's first... does anyone plan on forfeiting the challenge?

(a laugh is shared among the castaways and Jeff smirks.)

Jeff: In that case, I'll take immunity back. (He takes the statues back) Immunity is once again up for grabs. Today you'll race up a tower and through a series of obstacles until you reach the top. When you're at the top, you'll launch a sandbag with a slingshot, attempting to hit one of your tribe's targets. The first two tribes to knock over all their targets win immunity and are safe from Tribal Council. The only rule to this challenge is that everyone must run the course at least once. After that, you can go for as long as you want. Now, before we get to the challenge, we have one order of business to take care of: Jamie, you won the Temptation. Will you be using it?

Jamie: Jeff, I've decided...

Jamie: I'm not using it.

Jeff: Okay, I'll take it back. (He takes the envelope back) This Temptation is now out of play. With that in mind, Levera and Gouyave, you're sitting two people out each. Who's sitting?

Stanley: It's gonna be me and Trinity for Levera!

Topher: And me and Lulu for Gouyave.

Jeff: Alright, then. Take a spot on the sitout bench and we'll get started.

(The castaways are awaiting Jeff's signal.)

Jeff: For immunity, Survivors ready? GO!

Immunity Challenge: Air Raid
Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
Carriacou KendraValentine MeilingGao ShivaniChandra
Kendra, Meiling, Shivani
Gouyave BrooklynVentura SamanthaLangrickTaihlauraHouston
Brooklyn, Samantha, Taihlaura
LuluNguyen TopherDaniels
Lulu, Topher
Levera AshandaJaneWashington EddiotBrantley JamieForrester
Ashanda, Eddiot, Jamie
StanleyMoriarty TrinityLewis
Stanley, Trinity

Challenge Summary:

  • Meiling. Broolyn and Eddiot went out first for their respective tribes. Eddiot easily scaled the tower first and launched his slingshot, missing close to the right. Brooklyn was up close behind and shot, missing by going too short. Meiling took a little extra time to get up the tower but landed her shot, giving Carriacou a one target lead. 
  • Ashanda, Kendra and Taihlaura went up next for their tribes. Kendra raced up the course, but her shot was wild as she rushed it. Taihlaura also had a wild shot, while Ashanda steadied and scored, putting Levera on one target. 
  • 'Shivani, 'Samantha and Jamie ran up, Jamie outrunning the two others and landing a shot with ease. Samantha got up next and also landed her shot, while Shivani missed hers. Shivani jumped down to switch with Meiling, while Samantha and Jamie stayed, both making a second shot. Samantha missed her next shot. giving Meiling time to get up, but she missed hers too. 
  • Samantha missed another shot, and jumped down to switch out for Brooklyn, but Jamie landed a hot streak, making shot after shot, and stayed up there. He hit again and again, and as the others fumbled around with missed shots, Jamie couldn't miss and soon all eight targets were hit, leading to Levera cruising to an easy win. 


  • As Levera celebrated, Taihlaura and Kendra headed up the tower. Both missed, and while Taihlaura went down and Samantha back up, Meiling gave advice to Kendra on steadying the slingshot and she hit a target, then was instructed to stay under Meiling's guidance. She hit a couple more targets, while Samantha hit a target to tie things up at three-three. Both subbed out for Shivani and Brooklyn respectively, as both made a shot and Brooklyn a second, but Shivani missed, putting Gouyave up 5-4. Shivani shot again and scored, while Brooklyn missed. 
  • Kendra and Samantha came back in again, with Meiling again guiding Kendra's use of the slingshot. Kendra made a couple of targets quickly to close the gap as Samantha scored one too, tying them at six each. Both landed again, meaning seven each and the next score would win. With neither bothering to switch for fear of losing time, it was on their shoulders. Both missed a couple of shots, before Samantha fired and landed very close to the target but was just wide. In her excitement, Kendra overshot a couple of times. Meiling told her to calm down as both women set up their slingshots for another shot. In the end....

  • Kendra launched her bag first and hit the final target, giving Carriacou a close win. 



(As Kendra leaps down and celebrates with Meiling and Shivani, the Gouyave tribe look dismayed as Samantha kicks the ground angrily. There is a timeskip and the tribes are back on their mats.)

Jeff: Levera, Carriacou, come get it. 

(Jamie and Kendra come forward to get their statues.)

Jeff: Levera, safe once again, and Carriacou, for the first time. No one from either of your tribes is going home tonight. You guys can head on out.

(Levera and Carriacou leave.)

Jeff: Gouyave, for the first time in quite a while, you are headed to Tribal Council. One of you will be the eighth person voted out of Survivor: Grenada- Temptations. You have the afternoon to figure out who that's going to be. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you at Tribal.


(Returning from the immunity challenge, jovial music plays as the camera picks up on the victorious Carriacou tribe as they are in high spirits.)

Kendra: I'm so glad we won! Carriacou Girls forever!

Shivani: You really brought it home for us, Kendra!

Kendra: Anything to save our trio! Seriously, when that last bag hit the target I was so excited! How are we gonna celebrate?

Shivani: (smiling) I have an idea. Let's all gather 'round.

(Kendra and Meiing go the fire, while Shivani detours into the shelter and crouches over her bag.)

Kendra: (trying to see) What's going on? This is all so suspicious. (giggles)

Shivani: You'll see. 

(Shivani returns to the fire.)

Shivani: Okay, we have to come clean about something. Since you're a part of the Carriacou Girls, there's gonna be no secrets between us. So, I should tell you now: I don't just have one idol... (pulls out both her idols) I have two.

Kendra: (excited) WHAT!? Oh my God! Oh my God! Shivani! That's amazing! We're saved! How did you get the second one? 

Shivani: I found it on Gouyave before the tribes swapped. This is a regular one, and the powerful idol I won is the Idol of Burden. Unlike a regular idol, it can transfer all your votes to someone else, but you can't vote for the person you transfer your votes to. 

Kendra: Oh my God! Shivani, this is literally the most incredible thing ever! Thank you so much for trusting me with this! 

Shivani: It gets even better. (smiles)

Kendra: What do you mean?

Shivani: (looks at Meiling, then looks at Kendra) Take one.

Kendra: (grinning with disbelief) Are you serious!? I- I can have one of these? 

Shivani: Absolutely. Meiling and I are committed to you until the very end, and to prove that, we're giving you one of the idols. 

Kendra: Oh my God! Oh my God! I can't believe this is happening! Am I dreaming? Is this real? 

Meiling: It is absolutely real, Kendra. You more than deserve this. (smiles)

Kendra: I'm so so excited right now! Which one can I take?

Shivani: It's your choice. This is how much we want to show we're committed: we trust you, so you choose which idol you take, and which idol I have. 

Kendra: (squeals with excitement) This is literally the best thing that could possibly happen to me! Um... Can I have the regular idol?

Shivani: (smiles, handing it to her) It's yours.

Kendra: Oh my God! I'm gonna go put it in my bag right now!

(Kendra grabs the regular idol and puts it in her bag, then goes back to Shivani and Meiling and dives onto them for a hug.)

Kendra: I love you girls so much! Thank you! Carriacou Girls forever! 

(As the three of them smile, the camera focuses on Shivani, who is confident with her decision.)

As soon as Meiling came back and reported her conversation with Kendra to me, I knew the idol would be going to safe hands if I gave it to Kendra. I knew it would be the smartest move for us and it paid off handsomely. Kendra's face was like a child being given the keys, and free reign, to a candy store. She was so elated, it solidified her trust in us and she has committed to us for the long haul. By letting her pick the idol I showed just how much trust we have in her and now she's not going to break that. With this move going down a treat, and our tribe of three having immunity for the next round, I'm very excited about the future of our trio and am incredibly optimistic that, with our idols and Kendra's connections, we'll have a great shot at sitting in the Final Three.

Shivani Chandra

(The camera then focuses on an absolutely delighted Kendra, who cannot contain her excitement.)

SHIVANI AND MEILING JUST GAVE ME AN IDOL! I can't believe it! This feels sooooo amazing! I love Lulu and Stanley but getting separated from them was the best thing that could have happened. I mean, these girls not only gave me an idol but let me pick which one I got! I'm with these girls forever. Do you hear me? All the way to the end, and I'm never breaking that. I need people in the game who are going to have my back always, and there's no greater sign of trust than what Meiling and Shivani did today. I love them so much! I can't wait for the merge! I just hope Lulu survives, so I can get all my friends together and we can go to the end of the game, then I can repay these girls for their loyalty. Oh my God... This is literally the best thing to ever happen to me in my entire life!

Kendra Valentine


(Following their immunity loss, the Gouyave members return to camp.)

Samantha: Well that sucked.

Topher: Yeah, and now we have to go to Tribal… all I can say is “please don’t vote me out”, but I’m not sure how well that’s going to work.

(Topher walks away, leaving the women to talk. The camera focuses on him as he looks nervous.)

Even though I didn’t participate in the challenge today, so am in no way responsible for my tribe’s loss, I’m still very nervous it’s going to be me. I’m clearly the weakest and there’s a strong chance I’m on the outs. Both Lulu and Taihlaura told me they’re going to have my back. I like those girls, and I guess I have to trust them, but I’ve been suspicious of an all-girls alliance for a while now. It makes the most sense, so why wouldn’t they? I’m just going to wait for Taihlaura to come up to me and do whatever she says, but I’m almost sure it’s me. I can’t even go out looking for an idol because that would put a bigger target on my back and I’ve already been caught once. I guess I’m at Taihlaura’s mercy.

Topher Daniels

(With Topher gone, the four Gouyave women begin talking strategy.)

Taihlaura: Okay, Topher for sure. Right?

Brooklyn: Yep, he’ll flip at the merge so we should take him out ASAP.

Lulu: What if we stay as a tribe though?

Taihlaura: Then he’s the weakest in challenges and should go anyway.

Samantha: Yeah, I have to agree. He’s not even attempting to talk to us. He just walked off.

Taihlaura: I think I should go talk to him and make him comfortable again so he doesn’t play an idol.

Samantha: Honestly I don’t think he has one, and I think you’ve made him comfortable enough already. This should just be a straightforward Topher vote and then the four of us go to the merge!

Taihlaura: Alright, sounds cool. I’m absolutely with you all one hundred percent.

(The four of them break apart. Brooklyn walks up to Lulu.)

Brooklyn: Samantha and I will vote for Taihlaura if you want. Just say the words.

Lulu: Alright, I’ll think about it. Thanks.

(The two of them walk away. The camera focuses on Brooklyn, who has a satisfied smile.)

I don’t trust Taihlaura at all and I’m still nervous that she’ll jump to Topher, which leaves Lulu- who has openly said we don’t have a strong relationship- as a swing. I don’t want her to vote me out and I know she’s pushed Topher’s loyalty before, so I told her I’d be happy to give the best of both worlds and vote Taihlaura out. That’s no lie, I have absolutely no problem voting Taihlaura out because she’s just digging herself into a deeper hole, even now. I’m serious about building a bond with Lulu, too, so hopefully I’ve done enough to prove that to her and save myself.

Brooklyn Ventura

(Following Brooklyn’s confessional, the camera picks up on the beach as Taihlaura approaches Topher.)

Topher: Hey Taihlaura!

Taihlaura: Hey.

Topher: So all the ladies are voting me, right?

Taihlaura: Yeah they are, but I think we can save this. If you go looking for an idol, though, you’re going to get people not trusting you again, so just trust me.

Topher: Don’t worry, I do. So, who should I vote for?

Taihlaura: Brooklyn? I’m just thinking that would be the easiest person to get Lulu to vote for, don’t you?

Topher: I’ll vote for anyone that isn’t me. I’m happy to write her name down, because Lulu seems to be getting close to Samantha.

Taihlaura: My thoughts exactly.

Topher: So you’re definitely on my side, right? This isn’t just some sort of trick? I’m putting a lot of trust in you.

Taihlaura: I know, and I swear I’m voting for Brooklyn. You can trust me on this. What would be the point of me going to such extreme lengths if I wasn’t?

Topher: Yeah, I guess so. I’ll vote for her and I’ll go talk to Lulu about it and see if we can get three! I don’t want to jinx it but I’m feeling optimistic.

Taihlaura: So you should be! This is going to be great.

(The two go their separate ways. The camera focuses on Taihlaura, who looks uncertain and nervous.)

I know I got told not to talk to Topher, but if I didn’t he’d get suspicious and go look for an idol, so I had to. I told him to vote for Brooklyn because, if I had to choose between her and Samantha, she’s the one I’d want gone since she’s been the most obvious about not trusting me. As for what I’ll do tonight, I have no clue. I want to stay loyal to the girls but if I’m going to be next to go, I might have to move. I’m nervous about Topher telling Lulu because she could just as easily go to the other women, rat me out, and send me home instead. (sigh) I hate being pushed into this vicious circle where I’m forced to overplay, which makes my position worse, and because of the worse position I have to overplay again. This is all because of the Trinity thing. Now that I’ve lost the trust of Brooklyn and Samantha I’m worried I won’t be able to get it back, but if I stay loyal to them for this vote it might show that I’m serious. If I made it past this vote I would be a loyal soldier to the end, but is it too little, too late? Whether I vote Brooklyn or Topher tonight, I feel this is the most crucial play and will determine my path for the rest of the game.

Taihlaura Houston

(There is a transitioning nature shot, before the camera picks up on Topher walking in the forest, looking for Lulu. He sees her sitting under a shady tree and goes to join.)

Topher: Hey, Lulu!

Lulu: Hey, Topher! What’s up?

Topher: So, um, I’m pretty sure I’m getting votes tonight, but would you vote for Brooklyn with me? I already have two votes on her, I just need yours to make three.

Lulu: Brooklyn, hmm, okay. Is Taihlaura your second vote?

Topher: Yeah, she’s on board with it, so it’d be us three voting for Brooklyn, and Samantha and Brooklyn voting for me.

Lulu: Are you absolutely sure Taihlaura is on board with you?

Topher: Yeah, I’m positive. I asked her a couple of times at least. I trust her to stick with us, too, so it wouldn’t just be a one-vote thing. She’s the only one of the three who even bothered to talk to me and she’s sworn loyalty to me. She knows that I’m the loyal type so she wouldn’t betray me.

Lulu: Alright, I’ll go talk to her, then.

Topher: I know you’re getting close with Samantha, but I was loyal to you all through Carriacou and I kept doing so here. I’ll be a fantastic ally to you, and I told you I’d go to the final three with whoever you wanted. We can make that Samantha, Taihlaura, Kendra, anyone you want, just name it and I’ll do it. Please don’t vote me out, Lulu. If you save me here I’m yours for the rest of the game.

Lulu: Thanks, Topher. I appreciate it.

(Topher gets up and walks away. The camera focuses on his nervous expression before cutting to his confessional.)

I’m feeling really nervous about tonight’s vote. I’m more than comfortable voting Brooklyn if it’s going to get me by, and I have trust in Taihlaura and Lulu, but I’m worried still that this is all just a trick. Taihlaura I trust completely at this point but I know Lulu has been getting closer to the girls. She’s the swing and I’ve got a sinking feeling the axe is falling in my direction. I promised Lulu my loyalty and that I’d take anyone she wanted to the finals if she saved me for this vote and I hope that’s enough. What I lack in physical strength, I’ve shown I more than make up in loyalty, time and time again. Despite people pressuring me that I was on the bottom, I stuck with Kendra’s alliance on Carriacou and even saved Lulu at one point, so it would be a shame that was disregarded here and I went home. I hope I can rely on Lulu’s vote.

Topher Daniels

(The day then fades into the late afternoon as the castaways are all preparing for Tribal. The camera then focuses on Lulu, who is thinking about her options, before it cuts to her confessional.)

So, I’m the one with control over the vote tonight and I’ve got three options: Brooklyn, Topher, or Taihlaura. Brooklyn is the person who I connected with the least in Samantha’s alliance, it would bring Samantha closer to me, and keep Topher and probably Taihlaura on my side. The big problem is I’d have to let Samantha know so she wasn’t blindsided. I could vote Taihlaura out, who I definitely trust the least out of everyone. She told us she’s absolutely voting Topher, but Topher thinks she’s absolutely voting Brooklyn, and apparently she’s done stuff like this a million times. Based on what we said personally, though, she’s worried about her trust within the girls, so I think she’s going to stay unless I go to her and want Brooklyn out. Our original plan for the four of us was to vote Topher, and although he’s promised loyalty to me, and he’s been loyal in the past, desperate men do desperate things. He has made no effort to get to know anyone in the Gouyave Girls, so maybe he’d flip to the other side, and he’s the weakest in challenges so he’s holding us down anyway. I’ve got a big decision to make; I need to cross-check everything. The most important thing here is coming out of tonight’s vote with the most allies possible so I can put myself in the best position. I just need to figure out how to do that.

Lulu Nguyen

(Lulu is then shown looking at, and moving towards, Taihlaura before the camera fades away and the sun begins to set. The Gouyave Tribe are then shown walking to Tribal Council.)

Tribal Council

(The Gouyave tribe walk in and sit down.)

Jeff: Gouyave, welcome to Tribal Council. Samantha, this is the first time in a long time that you've been to Tribal. Aside from the new tribes, how have things changed?

Samantha: The thing about this game is that it doesn't stop just because you're immune, or keep winning. You're still strategising, you're looking at the other tribe's results to try and figure out their strategies, and you're trying to plan ahead. The difference is we're doing that even more since we went to tribal last because we all have at least some investment in the results of all three tribes. Anyone who says they don't have at least one connection to the other tribe is lying, and anyone who doesn't pay much mind to the other tribe's Tribal Councils is an idiot. Especially considering there's likely a merge in anywhere from one to three rounds,you have to be extra careful.

Jeff: Brooklyn, how much is the merge weighing on your mind with this vote?

Brooklyn: Quite a lot. As Samantha said, we're assuming it'll be in one to three rounds, and especially considering we have people who originated from the other tribe now, there's so much to think about. Who's going to flip? What are their connections? And if we stay a tribe, who's going to help best?

Jeff: Lulu, you came from Carriacou originally and you've had three rounds now to integrate yourself within this tribe. How have you been doing with that?

Lulu: I think I've done alright so far, Jeff. Honestly, I've been reading the social dynamics and trying to find my way in, keeping in mind that people might think I have massive connections on the other tribe, which really could be advantageous if you look at it the right way.

Jeff: Taihlaura, in what way might connections to the other side be advantageous? 

Taihlaura: If you make strong connections over here, and you've got strong connections over there, you could bring those together and form one supergroup that takes control in a merge situation. If you're on the same page with someone who has a lot of connections, it could go brilliantly for you. If not, well, you're not gonna last much longer. 

Jeff: Topher, based on that answer, would you think it would make a lot of sense for the Gouyave women to stick to their paper majority?

Topher: They might decide it's best, Jeff, but if you ignore the minority just because they're the minority then you're not really playing the game. I have a feeling these people might look at me and see someone who has no challenge strength, but I'm someone who makes up for that in loyalty. I'm loyal to the people who are with me. You can even ask Lulu, I saved her on Carriacou multiple times even though people pressured me to flip.

Lulu: Yeah, that's true, I wouldn't be here if Topher hadn't voted with me against Mackenzie.

Samantha: The problem we have, Jeff, is that it's all well and good for Topher to say he's loyal, but how can you trust someone who doesn't even talk to you? He walks off, he gives up, and he expects people to come to him. It makes it very hard to trust someone like that and you basically have to rely on what other people are saying, so it adds a whole new layer of complexity.

Jeff: Topher, is that true?

Topher: The swap hit me hard, but if I survive tonight, I promise you that I won't forget it. I may have lacked socially the last couple of rounds, but that will change. I promise. I'm not going to flip at a merge, I promise. If people save me, I'll be loyal to them.

Jeff: Okay, it's clear that a lot is riding on this vote tonight, so let's get to it. Samantha, you're up.

(Samantha walks up to cast her vote. It is not shown. Topher is up next, and his vote is revealed to the public.)

Sorry, Brooklyn, Taihlaura says this is the best way for me to get three and survive the vote. I know for a fact it's either you or me, so, good luck.

–Topher, voting for Brooklyn

(Brooklyn then goes up to cast her vote. It is not shown. She is followed by Taihlaura, who exhales deeply, then lastly by Lulu. She has a smile on her face as she begins to write, and the camera fades away. She is next shown returning to her seat.)

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes. 

(Jeff leaves and returns a short time later with the urn.)

Jeff: If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you'd like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

(The castaways look around, with gaze primarily on Topher. No one stands.)

Jeff: Okay! Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote...


(Brooklyn nods and smiles.)

TOPHER. One vote Brooklyn, one vote Topher. (1-1)

(Topher looks incredibly nervous seeing his name come up and he does not take his gaze from the urn. The music grows more intense as the camera focuses on Lulu, who is smiling knowingly as Jeff pulls out the next vote.)

TAIHLAURA. One vote Brooklyn, one vote Topher, one vote Taihlaura. (1-1-1)

(Taihlaura sits bolt upright in alarm as her name comes up for the first time. She turns, in shock, to Samantha and Brooklyn, looking around desperately for answers. Topher looks bewildered.)

TAIHLAURA. Two votes Taihlaura, one vote Topher, one vote Brooklyn, one vote left. (2-1-1)

Taihlaura: (deep sigh) Oh, my God...

(Topher's mouth drops open as he looks, stunned, at his tribemates, his face in his hands. Jeff pulls out the final vote.)

Eighth person voted out of Survivor: Grenada- Temptations... TAIHLAURA. That's three, that's enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Taihlaura: (sighs) Wow...

(The camera focuses on Lulu's satisfied smile as she and the Gouyave girls quietly celebrate their blindside. Topher, meanwhile, is looking around, absolutely dumbfounded.)

Topher: I... she... she voted for me? 

Lulu: (putting her arm on his shoulder, smiling) Told you I had your back.

(Taihlaura gets up, in a shocked silence, and grabs her bag. She moves over to her torch, takes it out of the holder and walks over to Jeff.)

Taihlaura: Good job. I did not see that coming... ever.

(Taihlaura places her torch in front of Jeff, with a defeated look and heavy sigh.) Jeff: Taihlaura, the tribe has spoken.

(Jeff snuffs Taihlaura's torch.)

Jeff: Time for you to go.

Taihlaura: (turning back to the tribe) Good luck. That was a hell of a play.

(Taihlaura turns and departs the Tribal Council area. Topher is still looking absolutely bewildered at what happened.)

Jeff: Well, you all said you were playing with the merge in mind and it seems like you've done just that. We'll see what's in store for you guys tomorrow, and time will tell if you've made the right choice. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Goodnight.

(The four remaining members of Gouyave leave the Tribal Council area.)

Tribal Council 8:
Taihlaura (3 votes)
BrooklynVentura LuluNguyen SamanthaLangrick
Brooklyn, Lulu, Samantha
Brooklyn (1 vote)
Topher (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

Taking a huge risk here, but Lulu said that this would get Topher on our side as well as get rid of someone none of us trusted. What baffles me is you seem to know you're overplaying but do it anyway. My suggestion to you is, if you ever get invited to play again, bring a bottle of Xanax. You'll find it very useful.

–Samantha, voting for Taihlaura

You've somehow managed to screw up the easiest ride to the merge the game has ever seen. All you had to do was sit down and be quiet and we could have knocked out the two Carriacou's, and that'd be it, but you overplayed like Hell despite knowing the huge target it was putting on your back and threw my name to Topher. Lulu says this'll get more votes on our side and getting rid of you is something I won't lose sleep over.

–Brooklyn, voting for Taihlaura

I'm sorry I had to lie to you like that but I had to make you comfortable. I need to show the girls that I can be loyal. Hopefully this gets me back in their good books.

–Taihlaura, voting for Topher

Just a word of advice: stop dyeing your hair. The chemicals are clearly impacting your brain. I do not trust you as far as I can throw you, and with this move I've saved two people and brought three closer. Hopefully this lays the foundation for getting to the end.

–Lulu, voting for Taihlaura

Final Words

Well... I didn't see that coming one bit. I thought I'd be fine, but I guess Lulu turned the votes on me. Props to her, completely. I got outplayed and I have no one to blame but myself. I knew I was overplaying but because of all the stuff I'd done, I had to keep doing it, and it drove me into a corner where I was a paranoid mess. (sighs) It really sucks to be out this early, especially since I know one bad choice from a few days ago screwed everything up. That's gonna haunt my nightmares for years, I just know it. I'm rooting for Lulu and the Gouyave Girls. Hope one of them takes it home. This has been a huge wake-up call for me and if I ever get a second chance, you're gonna see a whole new Taihlaura.

Taihlaura Houston

Still in the Running

Carriacou Tribe
Gouyave Tribe

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Should Jamie take the Temptation?

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Who from Gouyave will be saying goodbye?

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After-Episode Polls

Did Brooklyn, Lulu and Samantha make the right decision?

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Who was the best player this episode?

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Who was the worst player this episode?

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Next Time on Survivor...

As the castaways anticipate a merge, the strategy becomes more and more intense as they try to line up their numbers...

We have got to lose this next challenge or we'll go to the merge and end up wiped out one by one.

Jamie Forrester

Nineteen days worth of playing is all gonna count for nothing if we don't act right now.

Samantha Langrick

...And all of a sudden, the Temptation becomes more valuable than gold.

I don't care what that thing says, or what the Bible says about temptation. If I win this challenge, the Garden of Eden is gonna be raided!


Winning that Temptation is the only thing that can save me right now!


...And as the pressure builds, will it all become too much?

I'm <expletive> over this. Get me off this <expletive> island!


Author's Notes

  • The episode title was said by Jamie Forrester, referring to the clash of personalities on the Levera Tribe. 
  • Kendra had the most confessionals this episode, with 5.
    • Stanley and Eddiot had the least, with 1.