"My New Partner"
Season Survivor: Couples Showdown
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 8/15
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This is the eighth episode of Survivor: Couples Showdown.

Previously on Survivor

The tribes were even, six on six, and just when they expected a merge coming after a feast, the game makes an unexpected turn—not only the tribes were switched, the tribes coexisted on the same beach. Josh, the lone outsider from the Tala tribe became a Bulan member planned to obliterate his former tribemates. On the other hand, Bulan rivals Martin and Leo switched to the Tala tribe, and continued their plans to take down the other by persuading the Tala members to vote for the other.

At the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, the new Bulan tribe won, and chose Ricky to participate at the Temptation Reward. After being bribed with letters from home, Ricky refused it, raising eyebrows. At Tribal Council, Leo lied about Martin being the mastermind at the old Bulan, but was caught red-handed when his former ally Andy threw him under the bus. In the end, Leo's duplicity sent him to the jury. 11 remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Spider Legs
On Jeff's signal, the survivors, who are bundled together by the waist, must use a pole in grabbing six keys while traversing an obstacle course. Once all six keys have been retrieved, the survivors must reach the end of the course, unlock themselves and rush to the finish line. First tribe to do so wins reward.
Reward: A movie experience—an advance screening of the Avengers 2 with all the movie food (popcorn. hotdogs, burgers, pizza and softdrinks).
Winner: Bulan
Temptation Reward: The chosen castaway will have a Hidden Immunity Idol that will be good the next time the user goes to Tribal Council.
Consequence: He/she will not join the tribe at the reward and will remain at camp.

Immunity Challenge: The Maze
Navigating themselves in a vast maze, the survivors (tethered to each other) will have to find six ladder rungs scattered around it. Once the ladder steps are complete, they must climb to the top of the central tower and retrieve a set of keys to their exit point (Bulan and Tala has different exit points). First tribe to escape the maze wins immunity.
Winner: Tala


Night 19

The Tala tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council where they voted out villain Leo Harrelson. The Bulan tribe are elated to see Leo gone. Martin says outright that Leo lashed out and said blatant lies, which led to his demise.

Leo acted arrogant as usual, and look what with his head!


Day 20

The tribes assemble for their next Reward Challenge, which gives a movie experience to the winning tribe. Tala gains the upper hand when they retrieved their keys earlier, while Bulan stumbles continually. Later, the Tala tribe starts to falter when Talia, who is in the middle of the bundle complains she cannot breathe being cramped by her tribemates. Tala stops for a while to switch positions, giving Bulan the lead. In the end, Bulan wins reward, sending Talia in tears.

As Tala returns to camp empty handed, Jeff asks Bulan who will they send for the Temptation Reward. Melissa volunteers while Jeff sends the Bulan tribe to the movie house. In a private conversation, Jeff offers Melissa a one-time use Hidden Immunity Idol which she can use the next time she goes to Tribal Council. Melissa, knowing she will be a threat for Jury votes, does not hesitate to accept the idol and completely forgo with the reward. Meanwhile, the Bulan tribe reaches the movie house, where Jacki notices a note saying that Melissa accepted the Temptation Reward, and as consequence, she will not join her tribe at their reward.

I smell something fishy about this. Melissa must have obtained something, and I have to find out what it is. It may be the one thing I need to pull off my revenge plot on Tala.


While Bulan enjoys their movie, at camp, the Tala tribe are surprised to see Melissa returning to camp instead of joining her tribe to the reward. Melissa confesses she took the Temptation Reward, but it cost her the movie reward. Andy asks Melissa what did she won, and Melissa replies she won a clue to an idol which would only be good at her next Tribal Council.

Of course I wouldn't tell them Jeff gave the idol! I may be autistic, but I'm smart!


Bulan returns to camp late afternoon, and Jacki immediately pulls Melissa to the bushes asking her what did she trade for to not join them at the movie house. Melissa secretly tells her Jeff gave her an idol, but she had to skip the reward.

Since Paula and Salina got voted out, Jacki has been my new partner out here. She completely made up for Paula's absence. I was not as lonely as before.


Unknown to Jacki and Melissa, Josh is eavesdropping behind them. Later, Josh approaches Devon and Andy, telling them that if the former Bulans are solid, he would cooperate with them to vote the former Tala members off. Josh tattles that Melissa received an idol in exchange for skipping the reward, and proposes a scheme to them. Josh states that Tala should win the Immunity Challenge so not only Melissa's idol will be disposed of immediately, they can also use it for Bulan's advantage.

Josh: "Devon, I wanna work with Bulan from now on."
Devon: "Wait, slow down."
Josh: "Listen to me. I think it's in your best interest if we throw the Immunity Challenge tomorrow. I'll coerce Camille and Ricky to vote for Melissa. That gives her three votes. While you [Devon], Jacki and Melissa vote Camille out."
Devon: "Okay, but why not Ricky? He'll win challenges like a son of a gun."
Josh: "Here's the thing. Kevin's the big cheese at Tala. Vote Camille out, Kevin's paralyzed."
Devon: "But that'll just enforce a tie. How about us? I won't draw rocks for god's sake."
Josh: "I overheard Jacki and Melissa talking about the Temptation Reward. Melissa took an idol that's why she didn't go with us."
Devon: "Really? That's real fishy."
Josh: "Exactly. I could care less about Ricky at this point, we can vote him out anytime if we merge, but Camille is Kevin's right hand maiden."
Andy: "Why do think that though?"
Josh: "Look, Tyler got voted out because of him. He can't stand us, so they voted my bother out. Actually, when Ty won immunity, he gave to me to save me, but it cost him."
Devon: "Whoah, really? Vengeful much?"
Josh: "If we can work this out, we'll be top three. I swear. I have no allegiances with Tala. Never had, never did. Never will. So if you please, I wanna join with you guys."
Devon: "Okay then."
Josh: "You see, if we go to Tribal tomorrow, not only we don't need to care about Melissa's idol anymore, and we can easily cripple Tala. We're even after this, 5-5."
Devon: "I'm on board with that, thanks."
[Josh leaves Andy and Devon]
Devon: "Andy, by the way, do you still have our idol?"
Andy: "Yep it's still with me."
Devon: "I know you're on Tala right now, but promise me you won't screw me over. Tell me please if I'm in trouble."
Andy: "I swear on my dad's life. If you're in danger, I'll give it to you. You know I don't break promises when I bring up my father right?"

Leo may be gone but at least we have a new scapegoat. Josh may be as bent as Leo were on taking Martin out, but at least Josh has a point. Camille is obviously close to Kevin, and if Kevin is truly their mastermind over there, we need at least to get rid of Cam.


Day 21

The tribes convene for their next Immunity Challenge, where they had to escape a life-size maze. Bulan leads initially after finding three of the six ladder rungs, but Devon and Josh remember their plan of throwing the challenge, and they send their tribe wandering into nothingness. Tala catches up, not knowing what Bulan is up to, has successfully completed all six rungs and retrieved their keys. Predicting they are already behind as planned, Devon and Josh stop their stalling and continue looking for their ladder steps. In the end, Bulan is unable to catch up on Tala, sending them to Tribal Council.

Something's terribly not right here. We had a lead, but we blew it, almost instantly. There's something's fishy about our loss, but I will not dwell on that because that wouldn't help our cause in any way. regardless, I know I'm safe tonight because I had an idol. Too bad I can only use it tonight.


Back at camp, Josh tells Camille and Ricky to vote for Melissa, because he sees her awkwardness as a front, cloaking a more sinister and strategic side to her. Ricky tries to suggest that they should vote for Devon instead, because he can be a physical threat. Josh interrupts him and tells him Melissa has an Immunity Idol, but he does not reveal that the idol can only be used tonight (under the notion that Melissa would be going home without using it). Josh states that the idol needs to be flushed to keep the former Tala's numbers in case of an impending merge. Later, Camille comes up to Kevin, telling her all the information Josh said. Kevin thinks that Tala should not give Bulan any form of advantage. Devon catches the separated couple talking strategy, thus confirming Camille being Kevin's eyes and ears at Bulan.

At Tribal Council, Jeff interviews Melissa about the Temptation Reward, with Melissa saying she won a clue to the idol after forgoing the movie reward, but claims she did not find the idol. Camille is on hot water when she was caught talking to the other tribe, but Camille rebuts that there is nothing wrong conversing with Kevin, who is her husband afterall. After the vote, Melissa reveals that she received an idol from Jeff after the Temptation Reward, thus negating the three votes the former Tala members gave her, leaving Camille vulnerable; and with three votes against her, Camille leaves Survivor blindsided, sending her to the Jury along with Leo.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Camille (3 votes)
Devon, Jacki, & Melissa
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Camille, Josh, & Ricky
(votes not counted)
Camille Ferguson-Rosenthal

Voting Confessionals

Camille, this is for my brother. As for you Melissa, better play that idol tonight.


Trying you best to get past your Asperger's is very inspirational, yet threatening. Good luck.


Sweet kid, but she needs to go.


Mama Camille, I know you and Papa Kev are here to hopefully heal your marriage, but this ain't a honeymoon.


This is to keep Bulan's numbers. Sorry.


You and Kevin deserve each other, but I deserve to win.


Final Words

I got outplayed tonight. I have a hunch Josh had something to do with this. Like, we could have voted Devon because he's a physical threat. Anyways, I enjoyed every minute of this experience and I would cherish these three weeks for the rest of my life. As for Kevin, wow. You shocked me in more ways than one. I am pleasantly surprised by your growth in this game. You've shown superb leadership, calmness and strength. I wished I'm still there to tell you how much I appreciate you trying to change your ways to win me back and save our marriage. I still love you, and I'll be definitely willing to continue our relationship, but for now, see you later.

–Camille Ferguson-Rosenthal

Next Time on Survivor

  • An entire tribe faces a tough Temptation Reward.
  • And a merge that will raise hell on earth.
  • With his wife gone, will Kevin make a move against the traitor Josh?
  • A "cursed" twist returns.
  • After aligning with Tala, how will Andy protect Devon...or will he?

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