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Author(s) Fanon Name Status Brief Description
AappleDylan SurvivorGuam Logo
Ongoing 2 tribes of 8 castaways are marooned on the island of Guam. With a grand prize of one million dollars, who will win the title of sole survivor?
SurvivorAvL Logo
New Zealand - Americans vs Locals
Upcoming 2 tribes consisting of 9 Americans and 9 New Zealanders will be stranded on an island in Whangamata, New Zealand. Can they learn to work together despite their different cultures? Or will they do everything in their power to vote each other out?
Aiden CalamianIslandsLOGO
Calamian Islands
Finished 16 brand new castaways are separated into two tribes of eight to compete for the title of Sole Survivor in the stunning Calamian Islands.
Hawaii - Paradise of the Pacific
Finished 16 brand new castaways are separated into two tribes of eight to compete for the title of Sole Survivor in the Pacific's most famous volcanic island chain, Hawaii.
Gulf of Mexico
Ongoing 16 brand new castaways are separated into two tribes of eight to compete for the title of Sole Survivor and face a never before seen twist that will change the game.
AJ Survivor Temotu Logo
Finished 18 Americans are divided into a Survivor first, six tribes of three, all based off their careers, in the stunning Temotu District of the Solomon Islands.
Survivor DD Logo
Dueling Desert
Finished 16 Americans will be marooned in the Australian desert where they will be met with a possibly game changing brand new twist, Dueling Desert...
Son Doong
Ongoing 16 Americans are divided into four elemental tribes based off the four temperaments in the stunning Son Doong caves, where some familiar faces lurk...
Upcoming 18 Americans will face off in the forests of Kinglake, Australia, 9 of whom are lifelong fans of the show, while the other 9 are some of the most notable contestants from the previous three seasons.
Upcoming 16 Americans will be stranded on the rivers of the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, broken up into 4 tribes of 4, with each tribe representing a different age group.
Upcoming 18 Americans will go head to head against their loved ones, with 9 pairs taking part in the world's greatest game, set in the heart of the Tongariro National Park on New Zealand's northern island.
Heart of the Cards
Upcoming 3 tribes of returning players from the past six seasons will square off, divided by the attributes that defined their previous gameplay, though some more familiar faces outside of the 3 tribes are lurking...
Australian Survivor: Taroko - Joint Ventures
Upcoming 24 Australians will be marooned in the serene Taiwanese landscape of the Taroko Gorge, where they may find themselves relying more closely on tight partnerships than they may have initially planned...
Aleks Ekrora Logo
Survivor: Ekrora
Upcoming 18 castaways travel to the fictional location Lost Isles to battle for the title of Sole Survivor.
alexandercarrigan Survivormarianaslogo
Finished 18 Americans are divided into tribes of three and are sent to the beautiful Mariana Islands to fight it out for the million dollars.
Finished 8 foreign born Americans will go up against 8 Native Born Americans in Senegal's Saloum Delta
AnitaG. Malaysianislandslogo
Malaysian Islands
Finished 16 Americans are dropped off on one of the islands close to Sumatra. The tribes are picked by the two oldest members.
Finished 16 Americans are marooned at the Magdalena River in Colombia. The tribes have to paddle out to their camps. A new twist called the Medallion of Luck is introduced.
Gobi- The Desert of the East
Finished 16 Americans are marooned in one of the driest places on Earth, the Gobi desert. The castaways will battle in the harshest locale yet. Who will emerge victorious?
Survivor Cyclades (1)
Upcoming 18 Americans travel to Europe for the first time to battle it out in the heart of what's left of Ancient Greece. Which one will come out on top?
Survivor Nicobar Islands
Finished 18 new castaways are stranded in the beautiful island location of Nicobar. They are divided based on the attributes they use mostly in their daily lives. Who will become the Sole Survivor?
AreYouAHuman Malaita
Ongoing 18 castaways are marooned on the island of Malaita, battling it out for a one million dollar prize.
ArtieMac11 Survivor Galápagos Logo
Ongoing 24 people from different places of the world are divided into six tribes of four, while they battle in order to show that they're the strongest one and have the chance to win a million dollar prize.
Survivor Byzantium Logo
Survivor Elements At War Logo
Elements At War
Survivor Islands of Chaos Logo
Islands of Chaos
Survivor High Rollers Logo
High Rollers
Upcoming All-Stars season
Atrain73 S1India
Upcoming 16 American will be stranded in the Majuli Island of India. One twist that gives the voted off castaways a chance at revenge.
Blaine7275 CaucasusLogo2.0
Finished Twenty people will not only have to survive each other, but also the elements of the Caucasus Mountains. With its extreme weather, dangerous animals, and formidable terrain, the vote won't be the only thing the contestants will have to survive.
The Okanagan
Ongoing A group of four well-renowned players will return to use to their expertise and experience in the game of Survivor to help guide sixteen new contestants to the end to win the million dollar prize.
BuryMeAtNight The Massim logo
Survivor: The Massim
Upcoming Twenty castaways from all over the United States, divided into two tribes of ten, will fight against nature and themselves in this remote part of Papua New Guinea to be rewarded in the end with one million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor.
Bzim7 Peruincanempirelogo
Survivor: Peru - Incan Empire
CambodiaAaron Siem Reap logo
Siem Reap
Survivor Java Allah Island Logo
Upcoming 14 people are marooned in Java divided into 2 tribes of 7.
Cheesesteak47 Source-http-survivorsucks-yuku-com-r4qSKx-clipart
Bora Bora
Finished 20 people are marooned in Bora Bora divided into 2 tribes of 10.
Efate Logo
Cherryyyyy Survivor Mindanao
Melanesia Logo
Ongoing 18 castaways come from all walks of life into the islands of Melanesia, in the most dynamic battle for survival the game's ever seen.
Serengeti Logo
Ckarimalis BlackIslands
Black Islands
Finished In the fictional black islands, 16 new players battle the elements as well as conflicting personalities for the title. Featured players are an American model, a B-list actor, and someone... out of this world.
Kermadec Falls
Finished A season filled with romance, pairs and deception. The script often flips on players due to the three tribe twist, those who are in control often aren't for long.
Finished African locale, bromance, and a corrosive construction CEO. These are just the ABC's of Survivor: Madagascar.
Kidnap islands
Kidnap Islands
Finished A new twist allows players to be stolen from the opposing team, how will the players deal with this new element?
Coolio15 Tahiti
Finished It's eight new players taking on eight returning players from the most recent seasons of Survivor.
Seychelles Logo
Finished Twenty contestants are stranded in the Seychelles Islands and have to battle their way through no tribes, Redemption Island, and the Mbili twist that makes immunity more important than ever.
Finished Sixteen new castaways are marooned in the beautiful and unforgiving home of the Incan people: Peru. And the conditions this season are gonna require the contestants to get surviving right from the start.
Yyaku Laos
Finished Eighteen people from all over the country are stranded in the exotic and oriental lands of Laos, where a new twist will cause them to control their fate in the game like never before.


Sumbawa Ongoing 18 new castaways will battle it out on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. Divided into 3 pre-determined tribes the newly formed society will face a classic season of survivor filled with idols, blindsides and alliances.
Courierthekid Comoros Logo
Finished 20 Americans Battle each other and the elements of the volcanic Comoros Archipelago in an effort to win the Million Dollar Prize and the Title of Sole Survivor.
Pampas Ongoing
Danieluckycharm 07015388ba7c67a2502ebdb8923a5feaa579943 r
Finished Castaways are dropped off in a remote parts of Mexico, Lagunas de Zempoala. Where the tribes will be divided by gender.
Dean624 Survivor Poland logoPoland Upcoming 16 castaways are dropped off in a nature reserve in Poland.
Season 2 Upcoming 18 castaways are dropped off in ???, 4 Survivor: Poland players return
DryIceBros Greatest Survivor Logo
Marshall Islands
Dskmd SurvivorGuadeloupeLogo
Finished 20 castaways are sent to Guadeloupe, where the backstabbing and idol-playing begins.
Finished 18 castaways are stranded in Aruba, where it will start with the oldest members picking the teams. With the One World twist in play until the Tribe Switch, it's sure to have interesting alliances.


Ongoing 18 Castaways are standed in Guatemala, divided into three tribes based on areas of expertise. The Athletes have an athletic background, the artists have an artistic background, while the academics have a background based on intelligence.

Survivor: Iceland


Celebrity Survivor: Guam - Battle of the Sexes

DuskEars Updated Congo Logo
Australian Survivor: Congo - Origins
Finished Written for the Australian series of Survivor, 24 Australians compete for 55 Days in Congo's Ituri Rainforest. While mostly a "back to basics" season, this season did feature Banishment, Mutiny and a secret Hidden Immunity Idol.
Survivor Venezuela Fates
Australian Survivor: Venezuela - Fates
Ongoing 24 Australians are dropped in the Canaima Highlands of Venezuela, where they must rely on fate to determine their tribe. Several times throughout the season they can take a trip to Fate Island where they have the opportunity to change the fate of themselves and everyone else.
Australian Survivor: Saint Lucia - Shipwrecked Upcoming 24 castaways will begin the game "Shipwrecked", they have to earn their way into the game of Survivor.
DVMP Ireland
Finished 18 strangers are dropped off into Ireland, in the ultimate game, with the Kidnapping Twist in effect.
French Polynesia (Side Series)
Ongoing 9 contestants from the canon survivor series face off against 9 contestants created by members of this community, in an intense battle to become the Sole Survivor.
Ongoing In a real-life survivor filmed with actual people, all of the craziness that unfolds from this electric season has happened in real life.
Papau New Guinea - Blood vs. Water Upcoming
Dynomite! SurvivorViequesLogo
Malaysia logo
EeveeFan TobagoLogo
Survivor: Tobago
Curacao Logo
Curacao - Nightmare Island
Upcoming 18 castaways are marooned off the coast of the island of Curaçao. The castaways will have to be careful because they will be haunted by previously voted off castaways on Nightmare Island
Erikmichaelpayne Survivorcamarineslogo
The Canadian Wilderness
Ethan0508 Jf0wjA8
Islands of Costa Rica
Survivor Suriname Ethan
Everyone? PacitanLogo
Survivor: Pacitan
Upcoming 20 castaways will go head to head, divided into four tribes of five on the beautiful beaches of Pacitan, Indonesia. Unlike most seasons on the wiki, however, this is a community-written project, with each new episode being written by a different user on the Survivor Fanon Wiki.
FatSheep Survivor: Island of Secrets Ongoing 18 castaways are marooned in Fiji, two of whom are returning from another season, divided by political affiliation. But with so many strong personalities and an all-new twist, the Island of Secrets, the game could change at any time...
Finlau01 Naviti Logo
Survivor: Naviti
Gavin316 Logo 10
Dominican Republic
Terra Nova
Free Agents Finished
Santa Carolina - The Returned Finished
Survivor: Cayos Cochinos Finished
Survivor: Paraguay - Blood vs. Water Ongoing
GrabALifeVest AbsoluteAnarchyLogo
Absolute Anarchy
Upcoming 16 castaways are stranded in Fiji as one group, with no divisions and lots of decisions to be made.
HadesMeetsPoseidon ManVsMachine
Man vs Machine
Finished 18 castaways fight for the million and title, seperate ont tribes based on what they use in their careers and everyday life.
Taiwan One World Logo
Survivor: Taiwan - One World
Ongoing A cast completely made up of community made contestants. All in one camp, seperated by gender. If you thought canon One World was crazy, just wait until this one airs.
Rivas BBB Logo
Survivor: Rivas - Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty
Upcoming 3 tribes of six based on what they use on a daily basis: their brains and intelligence, their brawn and their strength, or their beauty and their social skills.
Hades and


Survivor: Mount Fuji - Blood vs Water
Upcoming 10 returnees and 10 loved ones compete in a game of Survivor. Twists will shake up this game to it's limits.
Henzzy S SI
Solomon Islands
HeeyAlex Repsey
Survivor: Republic of Seychelles
Ongoing 16 new castaways will be marooned on the archipelago of Seychelles. A beautiful, yet dangerous place that will prove challenging to these hopeful Americans. Who will outwit, outplay and outlast their competition?
Survivor: Ecuador - Generations
Upcoming 20 new castaways will be abandoned on the lustful jungles and deserted beaches of ECUADOR. Divided into four tribes based on the year they were born, which generation will prove to be more fit for the game of Survivor?
Hhrox6667 Brits V Merics Logo
Brits V Merics
Ongoing 9 British castaways will compete against 9 American castaways for 39 days. With a twist that could shift the entire course of the game.
style-"text-align: center; " |Hoola92 Legacy Isle Logo
Survivor: Legacy Isle
Ongoing 18 castaways are marooned in the Admiral Islands of Papua New Guinea. However, the new twist this season is a remote island entitled "Legacy Isle". This twist will revive "the legacy" of old twists, and castaways will be sent there throughout the season. In the end, only one sole castaways will survive to claim the one million dollars and the title that comes with it!
IAmNothing712 Cursedidollogo
Cursed Idol
Finished Before leaving the game, the recently eliminated player gives the Cursed Idol to one of the remaining players, effectively giving them a vote at the next Tribal Council.
Couples Showdown
Finished A fanon written a year before Survivor: Blood vs. Water was released, this fiction involves ten all-newbie castaway pairs with a pre-existing relationship, with five pairs in each tribe.
Finished Three tribes of seven, return of three fan favorite contestants from the real show, all of whom were voted out first.
Finished A fan fiction about how the author imagined Survivor: One World should have been.
Culture Clash
Finished Ten Americans were pitted against ten contestants from around the globe for a shot at the million dollar prize.
New Venezuela logo
Finished Mostly copied Survivor: China format, but the Hidden Immunity Idols were hidden at the other tribe's camp.
Finished Self proclaimed as the most controversial fanon to be written on this wiki, eighteen castaways will be divided according to their sexuality: Straight males, straight females, and LGBT.
Cuba (Fans vs Favorites)
Finished Ten fans will be pitted against ten of my most popular contestants in a Survivor slugfest.
Carribean logoFINAL
The Caribbean
Finished Twenty castaways will live together on one island as one tribe.
Hundred Islands Logo
Hundred Islands
Civil War Upcoming
Iloveschool71 Isles of Fate Logo
Isles of Fate
Infamous Islands
Infamous Islands
Cote d'Ivoire Upcoming
IMAGIRRAFE & Garbage Ghana Logo
Maui Ongoing
IsThatMrFuzzy BurkinaFasoLogo
Burkina Faso
Ongoing 20 all-new castaways compete for the title of Sole Survivor. In this season no line will be left uncrossed, and no alliance left in one piece. Nobody is safe, and only one can win!
ItsHosuke Survivor Sumatra Logo
Upcoming 14 new and 4 returning castaways battle each other in the Sumatran jungles of Indonesia. Who will be able to grab the title of Sole Survivor and the million bucks?
Survivor: Pahang Upcoming
JakeToby Japan BvBvB Logo
Japan - Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty
Finished 18 americans are divided into 3 tribes based of their most used trait in life.
Seychelles - Idols of Secret
Finished 20 americans are playing to win the game of secrets in Seychelles where 4 of them are connected to previous contestants and they have to keep all advantages a secret.
Risk Vs Reward
Finished 20 americans pariticipate in a game of risk and reward with each desicion impacting the game.
Greece Logo
Greece - War of Gods
Luzon Logo
Clash of Titans
Upcoming 21 returning player will battle it out for another shot to win the game.
Jonghyun408 Survivor Caroline Islands
Caroline Islands
Finished 16 castaways will be divided in 2 tribes to compete for the 1 million dollars and become the 'Sole Survivor'
Survivor Finland
Finished 18 castaways will be divided in 2 tribes chosen by the eldest men and women, in order to compete for the 1 million dollars and become the 'Sole Survivor'
Survivor Tanzania
Ongoing 10 pairs of castaways with pre-existing relationships coming to the island and fighting for 1 million dollars
The Andes Mountains - Skull Island
Upcoming 18 people duke it out in the harsh Andes Mts. With such high chances of a medical evacuation, twists like the all-new Skull Island, you (probably will) never know what happens next!
Just323 SurvivorItaly
Finished 18 castaways are with their loved one but without a tribe to compete for the million dollars and become the 'Sole Survivor'
Jxyii Pulau Tiga Logo-0
Pulau Tiga
Ongoing 20 castaways fight it out to survive Tribal Councils, make it to end, win 1 million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor.
Kaffe4200 LOGO Nevada Mountains
Nevada Mountains
Kenkwho Hainanbyian
KROCK1991 Survivorlogo1
Portland Bight
Finished 20 Americans divided in two tribes by way of coastal region (East vs. West)
Survivor Logo 2
Finished 20 Americans divided randomly. 18 start to play. But first two eliminated return to play.
Survivor logo 3
Finished 20 Americans divided into four tribes by four corners of universities. (East vs. North vs. South vs. West)
Survivor Logo4
Falkland Islands - Blood vs. Water
Finished 20 members divided by two tribes of sexes.
Survivor Logo 5
Down Under - All Stars
Finished 20 former All-Stars divided up into two tribes.
Survivor logo 6
World Invasion
Finished 18 international contestants divided up into three tribes based on continents.
Survivor logo 7
Monterrey - BvBvBvB
Finished 20 players divided up by stereotype
Goa - Fans vs. Favorites
Finished 10 fans vs. 10 favorites
Bismarck Sea
Finished 16 players divided by gender
Madagascar - HvV
Finished 10 heroes vs. 10 villains.
Kvng RajaAmpat
Raja Ampat
Ongoing Eighteen castaways will compete for one million dollars on the Raja Ampat island of Indonesia. Exile Island, along with all of its immunity idol goods, is in play.
Kwanza60 Survivorrwandalogo
Laladreams GondwanaLogo
Ongoing 20 Americans will battle it out on the beautiful and sacred Gondwana Rainforest for the prize of one million dollars. With plenty of twists and turns on their way, who will come out of this mysterious location as the Sole Survivor?
Lifeishard DevilsIslandLogo
Devil's Island
Ongoing 4 tribes of 6 castaways from all around America and Australia are competing for the grand prize of half a million AUSD! But a brand new twist, may shake up the game. Who will be the Sole Survivor?

Survivor: The Real Deal 2020

Ongoing 14 Castaways are placed on 2 tribes called Sama Sama and Javu Javu to fight for sole survivor.
LoverOfAllTheTurtles Survivorcampechelogo
Sri Lanka
Jamaica - Second Chances Finished
Indonesia Logo
Finished 1st Season in Turtle's New Seasons
7 Vials Logo
The Seven Vials
Island of the Phoenix
Virgin Islands
MapleAtNightxo SvSLogo
Saints vs Sinners
Ongoing A brand new batch of 20 Canadians get dropped in the South African forest. This season, the tribes are divided based on the castaways' personality, past or occupation. Who will take home the grand prize this season?
Upcoming 18 Canadians on a ballot will compete for their spot in the game, and for the million dollars.
MorningtonIsland Logo
Mornington Island
Future Season Survivor gets global with a showdown between Canadians, Americans and Australians!
MATT DB Gilbert Island Logo
Gilbert Islands
Finished 16 Americans from all walks of life are marooned in the Gilbert Islands of Kiribati where they face the greatest twist of all - going back to basics.
Mauritius Logo
Finished 20 everyday Americans are randomly divided into two tribes of ten. With Hidden Immunity Idols and a tribe switch in play, this season is sure to be exciting and dynamic.
Trinidad Logo
Ongoing 20 Americans from all walks of life are marooned on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, expecting a typical Survivor experience. However, with no starting tribes and plenty of twists, this season will be anything but.
Taiwan Logo
Taiwan - Exile Peak
Upcoming 20 Americans representing all different backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyles will be stranded together and randomly divided into two tribes of ten. With Exile Peak in play and a brand new advantage to find, this season promises to be the most cutthroat season yet.
MD SurvivorWadiRumLogo
Wadi Rum - Moon Trails
Upcoming 18 new castaways are dropped off in Wadi Rum, a beautiful desert in Jordan. They will have to compete against the heat and each other for the chance of winning a million dollars. But with the possibility of going onto the moontrails and a the scropion idol that can save them but possibly ruin the rest of their game, who will be able to make it through all of these obstacles for the title of Sole Survivor?
MightyUke416 Survivor Montserrat Logo
Survivor Tasmania Logo
Tasmania - Vengeance
Finished 20 Americans battle it out for the title of Sole Survivor and The million dollars. A ground breaking pre-merge twist will shake up the game like never before.
Survivor Uruguay Logo
Finished 18 Americans divided into 3 tribes based on age compete for the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollars.
Survivor Mozambique Logo
Survivor Guyana Logo
Ongoing 16 new players compete against 8 returning players for 42 days, all seeking the million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor.
Ukraine Logo
Upcoming 20 new players divided by gender compete in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine for the million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor. A new twist gives the contestants the opportunity to alter both their own fate, and at least one other person's.
Nathan Schultz LOGO New
New Zealand
Finished 20 americans divided in two and after three tribes competing against each other for the title of Sole Survivor.
Finished 20 students are divided in 4 tribes based on their school status.
Greek Isles
Greek Isles
Finished 14 new castaways compete against 6 returnees.
Survivor Similan Islands
Similan Islands
Finished 18 castaways divided in brawns, brains and beauties will compete for the title.
Korea Upcoming Siblings of past castaways command four tribes.
Iran Upcoming Enterprisers vs. Entertainers vs. Enforcers vs. Energizers
Sweden Upcoming A group of 20 people of different countries compete against each other divided on two tribes.
Survivor: South Africa - Fans vs. Favorites Upcoming 10 favorites of the Nathan Schultz series compete against 10 fans.
NemoLikesDonuts MamanucaRILogo
Survivor: Mamanuca - Redemption Island
Ongoing 18 new castaways must survive in Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands, while seeing fallen castaways battle it out on Redemption Island.
Survivor: Khao Yai
Upcoming An all new network brings 18 new castaways to the jungles of Thailand, where they will encounter a new twist: The Wai.
Survivor: Trial by Combat
Upcoming The show visits the Canary Islands to bring 20 new castaways to the Survivor world. However, this season an all new twist is in play: Trial by Combat, which could turn the game on its head.


Survivor: Foreign Islands

Ongoing 20 contestants fight for the chance to get 1m dollars. They finish duels and all types of stuff in the season.

Survivor: Djbouti Brawn V Brain V Beauty

Upcoming 18 players compete holding the title Brawn or Brain or Beauty in the cultural areas of Djibouti.
Niftyness AtlasMountainsLogo
Atlas Mountains
Upcoming 18 new castaways divided into 3 tribes are physically and mentally tested in the high altitudes of the Atlas Mountains. A story about strength, morality, and self-composure.
Official-GNB BougainvilleLogo
[[Survivor: Bougainville|Bougainville]]
Ongoing 18 castaways come to Bougainville Island, the land of the coconuts, but can they survive the twists and ultimately, each other?
Patricotc Survivor Espana Logo
PeaceOut12 LogoPortugal
Pieniazek666 Survivor Argentina
Plantsvszombiesfanatic Survivor Sazan Logo
POLO975 Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands
Finished Eighteen castaways from all walks of life arrive in the Cayman Islands and are split into three tribes to fight for the million dollars and the coveted title of Sole Survivor.
Seychelles - Battle of the Sexes
Finished Sixteen castaways are split into tribes based on gender. Which gender will ultimately come out on top and prove dominant in the game of Survivor?
Mozambique - Island of Advantages Finished Based on Ghost Island, Survivor: Mozambique features a cast of 20 brand new players and a mysterious island with several advantages up for grabs...if players are fortunate and skilled enough to get them.
Comoro Islands - Champions and Contenders Ongoing Three former winners and three legendary players rejoin the game for a second shot at the million dollars, playing alongside a group of twelve newbies eager for their first.
Purple133 Elements Logo
Upcoming Twenty castaways are split into four tribes of five based on their personalities.
SevereWizardShark Barbados Logo
Finished In this debut, twenty castaways head to the island of Barbados to compete for one million dollars.
Tortuga Logo
Finished Twenty new castaways head to the Haitian island of Tortuga, where they are divided by gender.
Ongoing Twenty-one new castaways are sent to the island of Socotra, where a new twist known as the Challenger's Coast threatens to shake up the game like never before.
Sambarnes BSSSLogo
Book Smart vs. Street Smart
Finished Survivor - an ever-evolving mental game, with two main approaches: book smarts and street smarts, both of which are needed to win the game. Set in the heart of Fiji, two tribes representing these different ideologies will compete against each other. Which will be most effective in winning the game?
Ongoing The Most Twisted Season Ever?
Sidewaysss Mongolialogo
Finished Twenty castaways start the game without tribes for the first four days. After the first two Tribal Councils, the remaining eighteen are split into three tribes.
SimBrotherCo Arabia
Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Finished Eight Old School contestants from the first 12 seasons will go head to head with eight contestants from the later twelve seasons Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast all the rest and become the Sole Survivor?
Belize - Battle of the Seasons
Finished Sixteen contestants split into four tribes of four with other members of their original season. Will old bonds help guide them to the end? Or will old rivalries tear alliances apart? Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast all the rest and become the Sole Survivor
Vietnam - Rivals
Finished Sixteen contestants will come face to face with their biggest rival from past seasons. In a game changing twist they will be forced to work together in challenges to stay alive. With all sixteen castaways living on the same beach, and tribes changing from week to week. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast all the rest and become the Sole Survivor?
Puerto Rico - Battle of the Exes
Ongoing Sixteen former castaways - each of whom will have to work alongside one of their exes. Can exes overcome their baggage and work toward a greater good? Or will old flames lead players to flame out fast? Who will outwit, outplay and outlast all the rest to become the Sole Survivor?
Sinjoh SaharaLogo
The Sahara
Battle of the Ages
Ghost Island
Snorlax3494 Survivor 4 Corners Logo
Bora Bora - Four Corners
Finished 20 castaways battle it out in a regional game.
Survivor Olympics
Finished 18 athletes compete in the game
Survivor Colorados
Colorados - Forgotten
Ongoing 18 castaways compete in the game
SquirtleSquad313 SurvivorLogo
Mariana Islands
Upcoming 24 castaways battle it out in a game of Brain vs. Brawn vs. Beauty, where a big twist threatens to shake up the game.
Sulola VatuleleFinLogo
Ongoing After the various twists, gimmicks, and casting themes of the past seasons, Survivor is returning to its roots with a cast of 16 and a simplified format. This doesn't mean the gameplay will be simplified as well, however. These 16 Americans will explore the wonders of the Fijian island of Vatulele as they compete against one another to become the 36th Sole Survivor.
Survivorpanda Tuvalu
Tanglefrost Survivor Eyre Logo
Eyre Peninsula
Finished 2 tribes of 10 castaways from all walks of life compete in the Eyre Peninsula, located in South Australia. With Exile Island in play, and idols aplenty, these 20 castaways are going to be at each other's throats to walk away with the title of Sole Survivor!
Survivor Upolu Logo
Finished 20 castaways compete in Upolu for a shot at the title. With a schoolyard pick, a survival battle, idols, and some brand new twists in store, the season will be unpredictable!
Survivor Ivory Coast Logo
Ivory Coast
Finished 18 castaways will compete in the Ivory Coast. With three tribes, idols, and Redemption Island in play, the series will be hectic!
Bermuda- Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty
Finished 18 castaways will be divided according to their most prominent trait; brains, brawn or beauty.Expect nothing less than a cutthroat battle to determine who will be the Sole Survivor!
Grenada- Temptations
Finished 20 castaways will travel to Grenada to do battle. In addition to the mental and physical toughness of the game, the castaways will be faced with an all-new temptations twist, which will test their mental resolve like never before. Who will overcome the temptations to walk away the Sole Survivor?
Lombok - Fan Favourites
Finished 20 fan favourites from the previous five seasons, chosen by a fan vote from a ballot, return for another chance at the million dollar prize. With all idols being fake, and the threat of mutinies and swaps lingering over their heads, they're going to have to rely on their skills of pure strategy and social politics to walk away with the million dollar prize. Can one of the winners win again or is this someone else's chance to shine?
Survivor Oman Heroes vs. Villains Logo
Oman - Heroes vs Villains
Finished 20 castaways from the wiki, 10 heroes and 10 villains will come back for another shot in winning the title
TheLukeskywalker2 Wizards Battle Upcoming 20 students from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are left to survive the elements and each other, all without being allowed to use any magic for the entire time they are on the island.
TheUnderdogDream New Caledonia Logo
New Caledonia
Upcoming 20 strangers from all walks of life are marooned on a French territory for the chance for $1M and the title of Sole Survivor!
Tiernan420 Survivor Tonga Logo
Finished Eighteen Americans are dropped off in Tonga where they must pick two tribe leaders for the duration of the tribe portion of the game.
Survivor Kamome Island Logo
Kamome Island
Finished Twenty Americans are dropped off on Kamome Island where Hidden Immunity Idols are stripped away to make the game much more difficult.
Survivor Gonave Island
Gonave Island
Finished Ten players created by the Survivor Fanon wiki will go against ten previous players from Survivor: Tonga and Survivor: Kamome Island
Gennargentu Finished The twenty castaways will be based on ORGers from both Youtube and the Survivor Wiki
Brazil-One World Finished Eighteen Americans will live together on one beach for the entire 39 days.
Panama - Anarchy Finished The castaways will go through the first portion of the game without any tribes!
Hawaii - Blood vs Water Finished Ten previous caSurvivor: Singapore]]staways will return with their loved one!
Survivor Turkey
Finished Like Gennargentu, the castaways will be based on ORGers from Youtube and the Wiki.
Finished It's battle of the sexes with One World involved!
All Stars - Heroes vs Villains Finished Ten previous heroes and ten previous villains compete against one another!
Finished Three players who were medically evacuated return with fifteen new players.
Caracol (Revamped Series) Finished
Comoros - Islands of Africa (Revamped Series) Ongoing
Tlc479 LOGO Bolivia
Finished 18 Americans are sent to The Andes Mountains where they will battle for the title of Sole- Survivor.
LOGO Ecuador
Finished 18 Americans are sent to Ecuador where they will battle for the title of Sole-Survivor
Tozza6 Survivor-logo-indo1
Finished 18 new castaways, abandoned in the Sulawesian Islands, are divided into three tribes based on three important qualities in the game of Survivor; Brains, Beauty and Brawn.
Survivor Portugal Logo-0
Survivor: Portugal - Battle of the Sexes
Ongoing 18 Americans are sent to Portugal where they will battle for the title of Sole-Survivor
TylerSurvivorFan Survivor: Mykonos - Revenge Island Ongoing 18 castaways, divided into 2 tribes of 9, are sent to Mykonos, Greece. A new twist -- Revenge Island -- gives recently eliminated castaways an opportunity to have their last laugh.
UlforceKnight Survivor Honduras Logo
Finished Eighteen new castaways are divided into two tribes and compete in eastern Honduras for the title of Sole Survivor.
La Mosquitia Logo
La Mosquitia
Finished Sixteen new castaways are divided into two tribes and center in the tropical region of La Mosquitia in eastern Honduras to compete for the title of Sole Survivor.
Japan Logo UlforceKnight
Finished Sixteen new castaway are center on the smallest of Japan's four main islands, Shikoku. This season has no twists or idols. Castaways must rely on themselves to make it to the end and win the title of Sole Survivor.
UltimateGambit JapanJapan - Civil War Finished
UnderAPineapple Logodariengap
Rosario Islands
VitaminPillB GameOfThronesLogoGame of Thrones Ongoing Featuring 21 new players, divided into 7 'houses' of 3, the contestants will face a few unique twists that will keep them on their toes in this GOT themed season of Survivor.
Wafflefreak Kenyalogo2
Finished Island of Secrets
Finished Amelia's Island
Finished The Butterfly Effect
Darién Gap (All Stars)
Finished Seven Sins
South Africa
Koh Khang Khao
Finished All Expenses Paid
Finished Apocalypse
Finished Double Trouble
Kanha Kisli
Finished Family Affair
Islands of Bora Bora
Christmas Island
Wcplays Dreamscape Logo2
Finished The season is named Dreamscape due to Survivor being a dream to many people, as well as the contestants themselves. This season theme will be based on shifting the reality to make vivid nightmares or make dreams come true, it will depend on how they adapt.
Silhouette Islands
Ongoing This season travels to the Silhouette Islands in Seychelles, here the castaways are given even more pressure with tribe leaders and 4 familiar faces from around the Survivor fanon wikia. Who will emerge on top? and who will be cut from the totem pole?
Survivor Aurora Logo
Hiatus This season we decided to travel to a place where the Aurora Lights are seen, someplace that could be seen as peaceful, however some people saw it as destruction. Here we introduce a new idol into the game, called the destruction idol. With it in play it will sure to shake things up as you never know what to expect.


LT logo
Lunar Temple
Ongoing Twenty strangers marooned in Asia divided into four tribes based off of their zodiac elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. The Lunar Temple, a comfort luxury or a chance to look for a hidden immunity idol.
Zeebem10 Survivor Maluku Islands Logo
Maluku Islands
Ongoing 18 Castaways are marooned in the Maluku Islands of Indonesia, and are divided into 3 tribes based on how they make most often decisions in their daily lives, with Logic, Emotion, or Instinct.
Zombiekiller2802 S_SI.jpg
Survivor: Solomon Islands - Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty
Ongoing 18 all new castaways have been marooned in the Solomon Islands divided by Brain, Brawn and Beauty one of the most popular twists of the game.
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