"Just Try To Vote Me Out"
Season Survivor: Argentina
Author User:Pieniazek666
Episode Number 2/15
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This is the second episode of Survivor: Argentina

Previously on Survivor...

20 castaways arrived in Campos del Tuyú National Park. With tribes divided by gender thing started off rocky for the men as Scott rubbed his tribe the wrong way with his opening statement, but quickly lost his target as a feud between Travis and Emilio boiled up leaving the men to find some kind of peace. Over at the women's camp making fire was clearly the issue, they however were able to make fire and keep the focus going while the men fell apart in the immunity challenge sending Necochea to tribal. At tribal the feud became the subject of the vote of wether to keep a stronger but arrogant Travis or the weaker loyal Emilio. When the votes came strength won out as Emilio was voted out.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: 41 Flags
41 Flags are organized in a circle. Taking turns tribe members will pick one, two, or three flags from the circle until one flag remains.The last tribe to take a flag before the final flag is taken wins immunity (basically, if your tribe gets the last flag, you lose).
Reward: Tarp, Blankets, and Pillows
Winner: Necochea


Night 3


The Tribe returns from tribal council. Travis smiling feeling even more confident in his position while T.P. is sitting on the shelter just trying not to speak.

Quote1Ha. Ha. Ha. Take that T.P. Your little sissy boy is gone now and you are next.Quote2- Travis
Quote1I don't know. Maybe we could take out somebody just as close to him. Some one like Tree.Quote2- James
Quote1When did I get thrown into this?Quote2- Tree
Quote1When we decided to throw you into it.Quote2- Chris

Jay, Joe and T.P. leave towards the beach. discussing the events from earlier.

Quote1Hey man. Sorry about voting Emilio out.Quote2- Jay
Quote1It's alright. We just need to be unified as a tribe and not be fighting like that.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Those other three would have just continued were it was left off picking on him.Quote2- Joe
Tribal went as planned but not as planned. Travis is now thinking he is top dog and it is just as annoying as him picking on people weaker than him.


Day 4

La Plata

Jessica B, Sara, Kayla, Heather and Kristie are all in the woods talking with the rest of the tribe at the shelter preparing a breakfast of rice.

Quote1I'm serious. Zaya isn't very trusting i can just feel it.Quote2- Jessica B.
Quote1You have yet to say one word to her though.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1Just talk to her for a while before.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Before what?Quote2- Jessica B.
Quote1Before calling someone untrustworthy.Quote2- Heather
Quote1If you still feel that way then it's alright.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1Okay. I will go talk to her.Quote2- Jessica B.

Jessica B leaves for the shelter to go talk with Zaya. While Sara, Kayla, Heather and Kristie start talking about Jessica B.

Quote1If anyone is untrustworthy it's her.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Yeah. She is so panicked over nothing.Quote2- Heather
Quote1She should really calm down.Quote2- Kayla
Jessica B. has been telling everyone, everyday it seems the same old thing about Zaya being untrustworthy. We get it. We just don't believe you.


Jessica B arrives back at camp seeing only Zaya sitting on the shelter. Jessica B then sits next to Zaya. The two then begin talking.

Quote1"Hey.Quote2- Jessica B.
Quote1Hey. The others went down to the beach. There's some rice if you want some.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Thanks. I'll get some in a bit.Quote2- Jessica B.
Quote1I would get some now before I take it to Sara and them in the woods.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Jessica B.

Jessica B get up and grabs up some of the rice in the pot and then sits back down to start eating it.

Quote1So who do you think is running the tribe.Quote2- Jessica B.
Quote1I don't know. I think everybody is going on there own for the most part.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Your a liar. you are odviously leading everyone.Quote2- Jessica B.
Quote1I'm not lying and am certainly not leading this tribe.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Bull S***. Everyone believes whatever you say and does what you want them to.Quote2- Jessica B.
Quote1No they don't. Listen to me. Your first words to me were hey and then thanks. Those were said few minutes ago. If you are trying to get me out by telling people i am untrustworthy then you are doing it wrong because you had not talked to me until now. I would advise you to calm down.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I won't calm down. You are so running this tribe.Quote2- Jessica B.
Quote1Whatever. I am going to take the rice to Sara and them in the woods. You can do as you please.Quote2- Zaya

Zaya gets up, grabs the pot of rice and heads off into the woods. Jessica H having been starting to walk up turns around and walks back to the beach.

So I was walking back to see if the others got any rice yet and i catch Jessica B going off on Zaya for what seems like no reason and odviously has something against Zaya. She really does need to calm down because things don't look good for her.

–Jessica H.

Zaya meets up with Sara, Kayla, Heather, and Kristie inside of the woods. Zaya then hands Sara the pot.

Quote1There's the last of the rice that we cooked.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Thanks. Did you talk to Jessica B?Quote2- Sara
Quote1Yeah. For a bit.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1How did it go?Quote2- Heather
Quote1It started good until she asked who I thought was running the tribe.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1No one is really running the tribe.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1We all usually make group decisions.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1That's what I told her and she went off saying I was lying and am so running everything.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Wow. Something has to done.Quote2- Sara
After what Jessica B. is starting to pull. She has better start picking up her things and getting ready to go



T.P., Tree, Totolax, and Jay are sitting on the shelter while Travis is jumping for joy over last nights events. Scott, James, Chris, and Joe are sitting in front of the forest just watching.

After getting up from last night Travis is still boasting about his 'victory' at tribal. He is really starting to bug everyone.


Quote1So how long is he going to celebrate?Quote2- Tree
Quote1You would have thought he would stop now.Quote2- James
Quote1I will continue to celebrate until T.P. is gone and a little after that.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Oh real mature Travis. You won't last to see me voted out because you will be gone by then.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Bull s***. You are gone next tribal T.P. Next tribal we go to your torch will be snuffed.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Travis can you shush til then please.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I guess I could stop rubbing it in that T.P. will be gone next.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Keep talking like that and it will be you that gets voted out next.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1That's a laugh. Hey T.P. I dare you to try. Just try to vote me out and see what happens. I f*****g dare you to try.Quote2- Travis
Quote1I will not only try but I will succeed in doing so Travis so enjoy your time here while you can.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I disagree with you succeeding.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Say that as you are walking down the exit path.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Well I am going to cook up some rice and beans if anyone wants some.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Yeah, go ahead and makes some. James, Chris can I see you two on the beach.Quote2- Scott

Chris, James and Scott head down to the beach while Travis boast his way into the forest. Totolax then begins to make some rice and beans.

Quote1He gets on my nerves so much.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Just try to live through it. We will get him later.Quote2- Tree
Quote1It would do some justice to turn those three on him as well.Quote2- Jay
Quote1That would be funny.Quote2- Joe

La Plata Night

Jessica B, Jessica H, and Kayla are up out of the shelter after Jessica B woke them up to talk.

Quote1So what's up."Quote2- Kayla
Quote1Should we lose an immunity challenge tomorrow or whenever Zaya has to go.Quote2- Jessica B.
Quote1Why Zaya?Quote2- Jessica H.
Quote1She is odviously running things.Quote2- Jessica B.
Quote1Really?Quote2- Kayla
Quote1Yes, she is.Quote2- Jessica B.
Quote1I'm going back to bed.Quote2- Jessica H.
Quote1Yeah, me too.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1Well then goodnight.Quote2- Jessica B.
Jessica B woke me and Kayla basically to tell us the same old stuff we have been hearing for awhile from her. Take out Zaya. She needs to realize we are not going to vote Zaya out but vote her out.

–Jessica H.

Kayla crawls into the shelter up by Sara and Zaya both of which open there eyes to see what is going on.

Quote1Hey Zaya.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1What's up Kayla?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Jessica B. is trying to get us to vote you out.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1That girl just can not stay calm can she.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Apparently not. Either way we shouldn't throw a challenge just to get her out.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1For sure. I definatly do not like her.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1Let's get some sleep and be ready for tomorrow.Quote2- Sara

Day 5

Immunity Challenge

Both tribes arrive in a field with a bunch of green and yellow flags.

Come on in guys. La Plata taking your first look at the new Necochea tribe. Emilio voted out at the last tribal council.

–Jeff Probst

Quote1Wow.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Sara, Are you surprised?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1A little bit. I was hoping Travis for a bit.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Well. I am here to stay so get over it.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Sara, I will take back the immunity idol.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Immunity is back up for grabs. Here is how this is going to work. One by one you will take turns taking one, two, or three flags there are 41 total until one flag remains. If your tribe picks the last flag before the one flag remains you will win immunity and the reward that will stay covered per your request. Losers will see me tonight for tribal council where one of you will be voted out of this game. In addition, You are playing for reward. You want to know what you are playing for?"

–Jeff Probst

Quote1Keep it a secret.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Okay. Is everyone else good with keeping it covered?Quote2- Jeff Probst

Everyone just looks at each other with no one asking for it to be revealed.

Okay. It will remain covered. Let's hope it's worth playing for. I will give you a minute to stradegize and we will get started.

–Jeff Probst

Both tribes group together and begin talking multiple angles to the challenge trying to develop and good approach to it. After the tribes are back on there mat facing Jeff.

Alright. Audi is sitting out for La Plata. La Plata will go first followed by Necochea then La Plata again and so forth. La Plata, make your first move.

–Jeff Probst

Sara walks up and grabs 3 flags leaving 38.
Tree walks up and grabs 3 flags leaving 35.
Zaya walks up and grabs 2 flags leaving 33.
Jay walks up and grabs 3 flags leaving 30.
Kayla walks up and grabs 2 flags leaving 28.
James walks up and grabs 3 flags leaving 25.
Marissa walks up and grabs 3 flags leaving 22.
T.P. walks up and grabs 2 flags leaving 20.
Jessica B. walks up and grabs 3 flags leaving 17.
Scott walks up and grabs 1 flag leaving 16.
Jessica H. waks up and grabs 2 flags leaving 14.
Chris walks up and grabs 3 flags leaving 11.
Nikki walks up and grabs 3 flags leaving 8.
Totolax walks up and grabs 3 flags leaving 5.
Heather walks up and grabs 2 flags leaving 3.
Travis walks up and grabs 2 flags leaving 1.

With one flag left and it is La Plata's turn. Necochea wins immunity and reward. Now come get the idol and your reward. Your reward tarp, blankets, and pillows. La Plata, I have nothing for you, but a night with me at tribal council. Grab your stuff and head out.

–Jeff Probst

Joe walks up and grabs the idol with Travis grabbing the tarp, and the rest of the tribe grabbing pillows and blankets. Then both tribes head back to camp.


As the tribe arrives at camp Travis jumps for joy for the fact they now have immunity while the rest of the tribe celebrates winning the reward.

Everyone, is excited about having won the challenge. It didn't matter to me since I would not be going home anyways, but hey T.P. gets to survive a little longer.


T.P., Tree and Jay work to get the tarp up on top of the shelter. Travis, Chris, Scott, and James head down to the beach while Totolax and Joe begin making rice and beans.

Quote1T.P. have you thought of a way to get them four to turn against each other.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Not yet. I am still thinking though.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1We need one quickly should we lose the next immunity challenge.Quote2- Tree
Quote1I will get one. Let me sleep on it again tonight and i will get it to you tomorrow.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Jay

La Plata

We get back from the challenge and I walk to the beach with Audi, Kayla and Jessica H just to talk and get away from Jessica B. for awhile.


Zaya, Audi, Kayla, and Jessica H. on the beach discussing what will happen at tribal while the rest of the tribe is at camp listening to Jessica B.

Quote1So it's settled.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Yeah. She has been getting on everyone's nerves.Quote2- Audi
Quote1She is even over there telling people. Vote out Zaya. Vote out Zaya.Quote2- Jessica H.
Quote1It is so annoying.Quote2- Kayla

Back at camp Jessica B is stressing her point to a tee.

Quote1I am telling you she can not be trusted. We should talke her out as quickly as possible.Quote2- Jessica B
Quote1Alright. Alright. We know.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Looks like Zaya and them are heading back over here.Quote2- Marissa
Quote1We should eat a little bit before heading out.Quote2- Heather

The tribe cooks up some rice and then eats. After everyone has eaten the tribe gathers up their things and heads off to tribal.

Tribal Council

La Plata arrives at tribal Audi in front and Zaya in the back.

Come on in. Grab a torch, dip it in the fire and take a seat. In this game fire represent life. When your fire is out so are you.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone grabs a torch and does as Jeff instructed and sits down after placing there torch in its spot.
Jeff "Zaya. What has been going on at your camp?"
Zaya "Everything has been going well since we got fire. Most everyone has been getting along."
Jeff "Most?"
Zaya "Jessica B. has started annoying people."
Jessica B "I have just been stating my opinion."
Sara "That opinion has been stated multiple times a day."
Jeff "Jessica B., What opinion have you been telling them."
Jessica B "I have been saying that Zaya is running everything. She has to go We need to speak now and vote her out or we may never get this opportunity again."
Zaya "I have said I am not runnung the tribe."
Jeff "Heather, who is running the tribe."
Heather "No one is really running it, but every is working together on everything." Jessica B "Your just afraid."
Audi "No one is afraid of anything. You have been rubbing people the wrong way in the same way we felt about Scott's at the beginning. You are doing the same thing he did."
Jessica B "And what would that be."
Zaya "Making a conclusion about somebody before even saying hey to which you finally did on day four when days one through three you were saying I am untrustworthy."
Jessica B "You are.
Zaya "I am not. You are the untrustworthy person." Jessica B "You are running this tribe it is so odvious."
Zaya "How many more people have to tell you before you will get it through your thick skull. I am not running things."
Jessica B "Whatever. You should go and I plead to this tribe to do the right thing."
Jeff "And with that it is time to vote. Sara, You are up first."
Sara gets up and walks to the urn followed one by one with the rest of the tribe ending with Heather.
Jeff: "I'll go tally the votes."
Jeff goes and grabs the urn then walks back to read the votes.

Once the votes have been read the decision is final person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the vote.

–Jeff Probst

First vote...Jessica B

Jessica B., that's 2 votes Jessica B.

Zaya, 2 votes Jessica B., 1 vote Zaya

Next vote...Jessica B. 3 votes Jessica B., 1 vote Zaya

Jessica B., that's 4 votes Jessica B., 1 vote Zaya

Jessica B., That's 5 votes Jessica B., 1 vote Zaya

2nd person voted out of Survivor: Argentina...Jessica B.

Jeff "Jessica B., that's 6 and that is enough. You need to bring me your torch."
Jessica B. gets up, grabs her stuff and torch and walks up to Jeff.
Jeff "Jessica B., your tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go."
Jessica B. "Have fun with Zaya."
Jessica B. Walks out of the Tribal Council area and into the darkness

It appears you are united or everyone just wanted the same person out. Either way you have alot to work on. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Goodnight.

–Jeff Probst

The tribe gets up grabbing there things and leave for camp.

Tribal Council #2:
(La Plata)
Jessica b
Jessica B. (9 votes)
SaraJessica hMarissa kHeather(2)
Zaya,Audi,Nikki,Kristie,Kayla,Sara,Jessica H.,Marissa,Heather
Zaya (1 votes)
Jessica b
Jessica B.
Jessica bOUT
Jessica Berry

Voting Confessional

If you had calmed down, this would have probably ended up being a different vote.


So annoying and so untrustworthy. Next time talk to them before saying they are untrustworthy.


I am speaking and voting you. I hope other do as well.

–Jessica B.

Final Words

Am I upset that I was voted out. Of course. I stand by saying Zaya is running the tribe but I could have gone about it another way. Live, learn and move on.

–Jessica B.

Still In The Running

La Plata
Jessica bOUT
Jessica B.
Jessica h
Jessica H.
Marissa k
James L
Travis g

Next Time on Survivor...

A new plan could cause an alliance to turn on each other.

Author's Notes

The title was said by Travis telling T.P. to attempt to vote him out and see what happens