Jonny Kealoha
Jonny headshot
Contestant Profile
Birth Date October 1, 1965 (Age 46)
Hometown Kapaa, HI
Occupation Restaurant Owner

Survivor: Vieques

Tribes Yaureibo
Placement 5/18
Challenges Won 10
Votes Against 9
Days Lasted 36

Jonny Kealoha is a contestant in Survivor: Vieques.


Jonny is a 46 year old Hawaiian Chain Restaurant owner, and also runs a chain of surfing shops around Hawaii. He grew up and currently resides in Hawaii, and surfs every day. Jonny has the physical capabilities, despite his age, to compete with the younger competitors. He believes he can win because he is a fit athletic male, and being older definitely helps because it's easier to manipulate with more life experience. He believes survivor is the competition he was made for because he grew up in paradise, and it's only fitting he competes in a similar setting.

Survivor: Vieques

Voting History

Jonny's Voting History
Episode Jonny's
Voted Against
1 Yaureibo Tribe Immune
2 Yaureibo Tribe Immune
3 Malik -
4 Yaureibo Tribe Immune
5 Andrew -
6 Bieque Tribe Immune
7 Cynthia -
8 Jason -
9 Devan Jessie, Paul,
Andrew, Devan
10 Andrew -
11 Andrew -
12 Paul Jessie, Paul
13 Mackenzie Cassie, Mackenzie,
Voted Off, Day 36
Voted For
Sole Survivor


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