Jessie Ivers
Jessie headshot
Contestant Profile
Birth Date Febraury 28, 1987 (Age 25)
Hometown Mitchellville, IA
Occupation Sports Commentator

Survivor: Vieques

Tribes Cacimar
Placement 3/18
Challenges Won 13
Votes Against 1
Days Lasted 41

Jessie Ivers is a contestant in Survivor: Vieques.


Jessie is a young and wild spirit. This blonde beauty diverted to a path much different than most of her fellow friends at Iowa St. She pursued a career in sports commentary, NASCAR, to be more specific. She is currently one of the field voices at most major NASCAR races. Her wild, sexy spirit is what got her interested in the fast life, and she hasn't looked back since. She is ready for another adventure and she has been chosen to be a contestant on this season of Survivor. With a degree in Communications, Jessie is a force to be reckoned with. Her keen, persistent attitude is what got her such a man-oriented job, and she plans to use those same skills to manipulate her way to the end. She plans on making multiple conflicting alliances, and using her wits to stay in cahoots with both sides.

Survivor: Vieques

Voting History

Jessie's Voting History
Episode Jessie's
Voted Against
1 Barbara -
2 Cacimar Tribe Immune
3 Cacimar Tribe Immune
4 Cacimar Tribe Immune
5 Autumn Individual Immunity
6 Bieque Tribe Immune
7 Cynthia -
8 Jason -
9 Jonny -
10 Andrew -
11 Mackenzie -
12 Jonny -
13 Cassie Individual Immunity
14 Cassie Individual Immunity
15 Ineligible Cassie
Voted Off, Day 41
Voted For
Sole Survivor


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