Jeriah Marcello
Contestant Profile
Birth Date December 20, 1992 (1992-12-20) (age 26)
Hometown Milwaukee, WI
Occupation Getaway driver

Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Tribes Eiao
Mala Soal
Placement 10/16
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 11
Days Lasted 21

Jeriah Marcello is a contestant in Survivor: Kidnap Islands.


Jeriah left his family in Puerto Rico to try and make a new life in America. Unfortunately, he has gotten into the wrong career path and is working as a criminal getaway driver. He is looking to get out of it. If Jeriah won, he would spend his money to bring his family to America. A native islander, his pros include knowing how to survive the elements, but will Jeriah's past as an element in the criminal world work against him?

Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Voting History

Jeriah's Voting History
Episode Jeriah's
Voted Against
[1] Eiao Tribe Immune
[2] Alyssa -
[3] Hatutu Tribe Immune
[4] Minerva Robin
5 Hatutu Tribe Immune
6 Hatutu Tribe Immune
7 Amir;
Alabaster, Amir, Jacqueline, Minerva & Robin;

Alabaster, Jacqueline, Jake, Minerva & Robin

Voted Off, Day 21


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  • Jeriah is the youngest contestant in Kidnap Islands.
  • Jeriah was the first person kidnapped in a Ckarimalis fanon.