Jacqueline Bellerose
Contestant Profile
Birth Date January 25, 1978 (1978-01-25) (age 40)
Hometown Eureka, CA
Occupation Skilled Fisherwoman

Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Tribes Hatutu
Mala Soal
Placement Winner
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted 39

Jacqueline Bellerose is a contestant in Survivor: Kidnap Islands.


A self described "Fearless and self-sufficient gypsy" Jacqueline loves the outdoors. A California native, she aspires to be a great adventurer and this adventure is just another chapter in Jacqueline's book. She is a skilled fisherwoman and she sells her catch to local store owners to make money. She plans to use her survival skills and maybe a little flirting to advance in the game.

Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Voting History

Jacqueline's Voting History
Episode Jacqueline's
Voted Against
[1] Jamie -
[2] Alyssa -
[3] Hatutu Tribe Immune
[4] Richard -
5 Hatutu Tribe Immune
6 Hatutu Tribe Immune
7 Jeriah;
8 Reginald -
9 No Tribal Council
10 Reginald -
11 Jane -
12 Robin -
13 Cassie -
Alabaster Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Jacqueline
Amir, Jake, Minerva, Reginald
Winner, Day 39


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  • First African American winner in a Ckarimalis fanon
  • Second winner to have zero votes against, following Thorton Wheeler
    • Also like Thorton, she won a 4-3 final vote.