"It's Hard To See the Rainforest Past the Ferns"
Season Survivor: Battle of the Ages
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 6/13
Episode Chronology
Previous It's Broken, It's Gone
Next To Jump Ship, Or Not? That Is the Question
It's Hard to See the Rainforest Past the Ferns is is the sixth episode of Survivor: Battle of the Ages.

Previously On Survivor...

After Atiu voted out Shanika, Marquis joined their tribe. Soon Marquis began to harass Ivan, believing him to be the most feminine of the all-male tribe. Ivan countered by "flirting" and burning his portion of rice on purpose. The other Atiu tribe members found humor in this, all agreeing to vote him out next. At the reward challenge, Atiu started off well, but Marquis threw three rounds he was in, giving Suvorov the reward by a 3 to 1 lead.

After the reward challenge, Yorick hoped to make amends to Ivan, but he refused to do so, leaving Yorick disappointed in himself. At Suvorov, Erick hoped to make an alliance with Astor, but failed because Astor had given his loyalty to Kamryn one hundred percent. After that failure, he struck up a potential alliance with Genette, who is confused on to stay with Garnet and Charmaine or go with Erick. At the immunity challenge, Marquis was once again throwing the challenge for Atiu, causing them to lose by a wide margin.

After the challenge, Yorick revealed he had sprained or twisted his wrist. This gave Ivan the chance to appeal to Quinlan and Ulrich to get out Yorick now, and then Marquis. At tribal council, Ulrich and Quinlan decided to vote with Ivan, blindsiding Yorick 3-2-1. Eleven remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Smash and Grab
One at a time, three players grab a club, swim out to a platform, climb it, smash a plaster box while jumping off to release a key, grab it, and swim back. Once six keys have been retrieved (each swimmer must get at least one), two others use them to open a chest, grab the eight puzzle pieces from inside, and use them to assemble a map of the world.
Reward: A trip to a Survivor-themed ice cream parlor
Winner: Atiu

Immunity Challenge: Strung Along
Two players are harnessed to a rope winding through several obstacles. The rest of their tribe helps them move along it – up and over an A-frame, under a thick log on the sand, around a long hitching post, and around a giant boxlike structure – to the end of the rope. Then, one player swims to a buoy and dives down to retrieve a decoder wheel before coming back, where the entire tribe uses it to work out a six-word phrase.
Winner: Atiu


Night 15

Atiu returns to camp from tribal council, with Zak angry about the results of tribal.

I honestly can't believe Yorick was voted out. Marquis was dead meat, and stays at least for another three days. Obliviously Ivan, Ulrich, and Quinlan voted for Yorick, since Yorick and Marquis can't vote themselves off, and I voted for Marquis.


The tribe, including Zak, get some sleep for tomorrow's challenge.

Day 16

The next day, Ivan is confronted by Zak about tribal.

Quote1Listen Zak, I know that you're going to ask me about what happened at tribal and why Marquis didn't go.Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Actually, yes.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Well Yorick did say he was injured. If we kept him any longer, his injury could've worsened.Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Okay, I get it now.Quote2- Zak
Quote1It's hard to see the rainforest past the ferns at first, but now you know why. Don't worry, this was a one-time thing, he'll go next.Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Thanks, Ivan, for clearing that up.Quote2- Zak

Later the two tribes were summoned to the challenge area for a reward challenge. Suvorov arrives first, followed by Atiu.

Quote1Suvorov, getting a good look at the new Atiu tribe, Yorick voted out at the last tribal council. Now, for today's challenge, one at a time, three players grab a club, swim out to a platform, climb it, smash a plaster box while jumping off to release a key, grab it, and swim back. Once six keys have been retrieved, two others use them to open a chest, grab the eight puzzle pieces from inside, and use them to assemble a map of the world. You guys want to know what you're playing for?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Castaways
Quote1A trip to an ice cream parlor, with delicious ice cream flavors, and all the topping you want. Suvorov, you have one extra member, decide who's sitting out.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Astor.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Astor, take a seat on the bench. Everyone else, I'll give you a minute to strategize.Quote2- Jeff

The swimmers for Atiu are; Ulrich, Zak, and Quinlan, and for Suvorov; Genette, Garnet, and Erick. The puzzlemakers are Ivan and Marquis for Atiu and Kamryn and Charmaine for Suvorov. All the swimmers begin to swim out to the platform. Garnet, Ulrich, and Zak all begin to pull way from the group. Erick follows closely behind, followed by Genette and Quinlan. Garnet, Ulrich and Zak each smash a box and grab a key. They begin to swim away as Erick obtains his key. Erick swims away. Genette and Quinlan both smash a box and swim back. Garnet is the first to the beach, dropping off the key and swimming back out. Ulrich and Zak drop their keys off at the beach. Erick drops his key off. Genette and Quinlan get their keys to the beach and head back out. Garnet is first to the platform, smashes a box and retrieves a key. She swims back. Ulrich and Zak smash a box, retrieve their keys and swim back. Erick gets to the platform and obtains his second key. He swims back to the beach. Genette and Quinlan smash the last boxes, retrieving the last two keys. The swimmers return in the order they arrived at the platform. Garnet is first back and Genette and Quinlan are the last back.

Ivan, Marquis, Kamryn, and Charmaine all grab their tribe's keys and begin to unlock their chests. Ivan and Marquis divide and conqueror. Kamryn and Charmaine work together. Ivan and the girls get the first lock unlocked. Marquis gets another lock unlocked. Ivan gets Atiu's third locked unlock. Kamryn and Charmaine get the second lock unlocked, and decide to do what the boy were doing. Marquis unlocks the fourth lock for Atiu. Charmaine get's Suvorov's third. Ivan and Marquis get the last two locks unlocks opening the chest. Ivan grabs all eight pieces and starts on the puzzle. Charmaine and Kamry get their chest unlocked, but Ivan has already completed the puzzle

Quote1Atiu wins reward! Atiu as the winning tribe, you have to send someone from Atiu to send to Exile Island.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Kamryn.Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Kamryn, the boat to Exile Island is here. Atiu, your boat to your reward will be here shortly. Suvorov, I have nothing for you. You can head on back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

At the reward, Atiu decided to make a truce, and that this reward was a moment away from the game. Each choose either a cone, bowl, or sundae of their choice, and enjoy themsleves. Marquis is not excluded from their conversations.

I think this reward was very relaxing, because for the past nine days, I haven't been on a winning team. This is so great.


At Exile Island, Kamryn takes the left path. She sees a shelter similar to the one at camp, a bag of rice, a pot, machete, flint, and a firepit. She begins a fire, but struggles at doing so.

This sucks, I barely know how to make fire, and Astor is at camp without my guidance. I really hope he doesn't make any stupid decisions while I'm gone.


Day 17

The next day, Erick strikes up another conversation with Astor.

Quote1Listen, Astor, you remember the last time I offered you an alliance?Quote2- Erick
Quote1Yeah. The answer's still no.Quote2- Astor
Quote1I'm extending the alliance to have Kamryn in it as well.Quote2- Erick
Quote1I'll take that offer then.Quote2- Astor
Quote1You're willing to go to the final four with me and Genette then?Quote2- Erick
Quote1Yep.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Alright, it's a deal then.Quote2- Erick

They shake hands, signifying the deal is closed.

Meanwhile, on Exile Island, Kamryn is taking a walk in the rainforest. While walking, she hits her foot on a rock. She bends over to assess the damage, and notices something under the rock. She picks up something wrapped in tan cloth. She unwraps the cloth and lo and behold, it is the hidden immunity idol. The idol looks similar to the Cook Island idol, just slightly larger.

I can't believe I found the idol! And by accident! This is perfect. This baby will get me to the finals for sure!


Day 18

The next day, Suvorov and Atiu are summoned to the challenge area for an immunity challenge. Kamryn returns from Exile Island.

Quote1Kamryn, returning from Exile Island. For today's challenge, two players are harnessed to a rope winding through several obstacles. The rest of their tribe helps them move along it – up and over an A-frame, under a thick log on the sand, around a long hitching post, and around a giant boxlike structure – to the end of the rope. Then, one player swims to a buoy and dives down to retrieve a decoder wheel before coming back, where the entire tribe uses it to work out a six-word phrase. Suvorov, you have one extra member, Astor cannot sit out again.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Charmaine.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Charmaine, take a seat on the bench. I'll give you a minute to strategize.Quote2- Jeff

Genette and Kamryn are harnessed for Suvorov and Ulrich and Quinlan are harness for Atiu. Both pairs start, and quickly make it past the A-frame. They head to the log, and all four begin to dig. A few minutes later, Genette and Kamryn have a hole large enough for their small frames can fit through. They head off for the hitching post. Ulrich and Quinlan pick up their pace, and dig a hole underneath the log that can fit them. They make their way to the hitching post. The girls are halfway done when the boys arrive. Both pairs work in good rhythm at this point. Kamryn and Genette slow down, but finish the hitching post, and make their way to the boxlike structure. Ulrich and Quinlan finish shortly after, catching up with the girls. Both pairs finish navigating the structure and make their way to the finish.

Both pairs finish, allowing Ivan and Astor dive in the water. Ivan quickly gets the decoder wheel. Astor surfaces a few seconds after Ivan has. Both return to the beach, allowing their tribe to decode the message. Atiu decodes it letter by letter. Suvorov decodes it symbol by symbol. Atiu's strategy pays off, allowing them to take a quick lead, and for them to decode the message: "YOUR  ENTIRE TRIBE IS SAFE TONIGHT".

Quote1Atiu wins immunity! Atiu you are safe tonight.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Thank you, Jeff. Thank you!Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Suvorov, tonight you and me have a date tonight at tribal council.Quote2- Jeff

At Suvorov, Erick talks to Genette in the shelter.

Quote1For the past few days, you've been avoiding me. Guess what? You're part of this alliance at this point. You're going to vote Charmaine tonight, or else!Quote2- Genette
Quote1Erick...Quote2- Genette
Quote1What?!Quote2- Erick
Quote1Nothing.Quote2- Genette
Quote1Good.Quote2- Erick

Erick leaves and Genette begins to cry. A few seconds later, Garnet shows up to comfort her.

Quote1Are you okay, Genette?Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Yeah, it's just because we lost again, that's all.Quote2- Genette
Quote1Listen, tonight me and Charmaine are voting Erick. Okay. Don't worry, everything will be alright.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Genette

The two hug, and Genette stops crying.

At the beach, Kamryn and Astor are catching up.

Quote1Listen I have to tell you something, Kam.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Me, too. I found the hidden immunity idol.Quote2- Kamryn

She shows him the idol and puts it back in her shorts.

Quote1Listen, Erick offered an alliance deal getting you, me, him, and Genette in the final four.Quote2- Astor
Quote1That's great. So who do we vote tonight?Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Charmaine, got it.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Char, got it.Quote2- Kamryn

Later, Suvorov make their way to the tribal council area. All, but Erick, light their torches. They then put their torches behind them and take a seat.

Quote1The tribe that won 9 challenges has been beaten and brought here. In fact, Erick is the only person I've seen here in the past eighteen days. First thing, why you guys tell me a brief summary of your game so far. Astor, you're starting.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well basically me and Kamryn have been a duo from early on, so we've worked together for the past 18 days.Quote2- Astor
Quote1That true Kamryn?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes, we've become inseparable. I missed him so much on Exile Island, I was willing to swim back to camp. But I'm fine know.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Moving on to Garnet.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1At first, my main objective was to get Marquis out, but since he ended up on the other tribe, I'm relived, but I worry since he'll be there when we merge. Other than that, me and Charmaine have something similar to a mother/daughter bond, which has been a wonderful time to know this amazing woman.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Genette?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I've been for the most part, just going with the majority. I do think most of these people are wonderful to work with. But I have my eyes on Rob and Amber over there. I don't trust them, but since we have to work together, I've been kinda suppressing it.Quote2- Genette
Quote1Finally, Charmaine.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Well, when I was on Atiu, I felt very accepted, even though I was the oldest of the oldest. After the swap, I felt unsafe. It felt like everyone was going to gang up on me because of my age. But I did make a very close, almost mother/daughter friendship with Garnet and another friendship with Genette. I feel safe and that I'm not going anywhere, Jeff.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1Very interesting, and very civiled. I'm starting to like this tribe.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Charmaine, check again. I've got, Kamryn, Astor, and your precious Genette. You're done bitch. Your motherly attitude makes you the perfect winner. Guess what, you are going by a land slide. *laughs maniacally*Quote2- Erick
Quote1Wow.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1That is quite an accusation to Charmaine, Erick.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1But, it's all true Jeff.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Alright, I think it's time to vote, Kamryn you're up.Quote2- Jeff

One by one, everyone votes. After the votes have been cast, Jeff goes and retrieves the urn.

Quote1If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it. Alright once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Charmaine. Charmaine. Erick. Charmaine leads 2 to 1. Next vote, Charmaine. Erick. One vote left. Fifth person voted out of Survivor: Battle of the Ages and first member of the jury is......

.....Charmaine. Charmaine, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Bye grandma. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!Quote2- Erick
Quote1Charmaine, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go. Well someone's maniacal side decided to debut to us tonight. Good luck. You can head back to camp now.Quote2- Jeff

Suvorov leaves the tribal council area and returns to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
Charmaine (4 votes)
Astor, Erick, Genette, & Kamryn
Erick (2 votes)
Charmaine & Garnet
Charmaine BW
Charmaine Fairchild

Voting Confessionals

This vote is to show Erick I'm final four material.


Erick, you're a future challenge threat, and a day until the merge, you need to leave.


You are going down grandma. You are not as strong as us. Go suck it.


Erick, you remind me of Marquis. I know you made Genette cry. No one makes my girlfriends cry.


Charmaine, I love you dearly, but I think Erick could kill me. He forced me into his alliance, I was deciding and it was hard to choose. Please don't think I'm a backstabber.


Just because Erick told Astor to tell me to vote you.


Final Words

I'm out, but I made the jury. I'm proud of making it this far. Garnet good luck face Erick, vote him out for me. Genette, I know that you were most likely forced into his alliance, because you nearly cried after he told me off.


Still In the Running

Suvorov Atiu
Charmaine BW
Shanika BW
Yorick BW
Mangaia Tema
Octavia BW
Qiana BW
Willie BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • A munity is offered, which a few people take.
  • With the munity taken, the merge is delayed by three days.
  • Genette attempts to get people against Erick.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Cook Islands episode, Why Aren't You Swimming?!.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Cook Islands episode, Ruling the Roost.
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