"Island of Man"
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 12/13
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This is the penultimate episode of Survivor: The Beginning .

Previously On Survivor...

Benny told Ryan to be careful, for Ryan was taking strong leadership. Vanessa and Peter both felt targeted, being alliance outsiders. So they decided to try and vote out Walter. In the reward challenge, Ryan won a special reward on a boat. Charlie was chosen to join him for breakfast on a yacht the next morning. It was clear that Peter was the target. However, Peter won Immunity. This left Vanessa targeted and unprotected. At Tribal Council, Vanessa was voted out, leaving only men, and Peter with his back against the wall. Five are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Mud Pack
In five minutes, every contestant must go in a mud pit and cover themselves with as much mud as possible. Then they must scrape the mud off into a bucket. The heaviest bucket wins.
Reward: A feast with Jeff Probst.
Winner: Ryan

Immunity Challenge: Witch Hunt
Probst will tell everyone a story of Bornean lore. With a video camera, everyone will run into the jungle and find all the questions behind masks and record their answers. First person back with the most correct answers wins.
Winner: Ryan


Day 34

Walter started off the day by fishing. Ryan and Charlie watched as Walter spear fished and discussed how successful their alliance was in eliminating the girls. Charlie asked Ryan if the two of them still had a finals deal, to which Ryan replied by saying that they did.

This island should be called the island of man. It's all thanks to my brilliant strategy.


Walter finished fishing and returned to camp with a lot of fish. Meanwhile, Peter worked on several strategies that could keep him in the game. He decided to look for the person in the tribe who is either the least liked, or most untrustable.

I have to throw the votes in someone else's direction. The person everyone would most likely vote for. Either the most unlikable, or most untrustable.


Benny was also thinking strategy. He thought that if Peter won Immunity again, that either Ryan or Charlie would go. But Benny feared that Walter may be a huge likeable threat against the jury.

The unstoppable duo of Ryan and Charlie must be broken up. If Peter wins Immunity, one of them is gone. However, Walter might be unbeatable in the finals.


Day 35

Sarabah met Probst for the final reward challenge. In the challenge, everyone did well. Everyone was really close, but Ryan won.

While the rest of the tribe went back to camp, Ryan and Probst went to a feast. Ryan had a good time at the feast with Probst, and returned to camp at night. Benny looked angry after Ryan returned, due to the fact that Ryan had an enjoyable time, unlike everyone else. Peter noticed Benny getting angry about Ryan, and began to think that Ryan was the most untrustable.

I believe I've found who I'm looking for. Ryan is the most unreliable! After the next challenge, I'll turn the votes on him. I have to wait a while because if I try now, people may change their minds later.


Day 36

The five contestants met Probst, who told them a story of folklore. They then ran into the jungle to find the masks. Peter didn't get any questions correct, while Ryan, Charlie and Benny were tied for the most correct answers, but Ryan made it back first and won.

Back at camp, Peter claimed that his strategy was to turn the votes on Ryan, but there was no way to now. Peter decided that he will try and turn the votes on Walter. He told Ryan, Charlie and Benny that Walter was a big threat to win, and he should be voted off.

Peter is trying his hardest to get Walter out. How can you blame him? His back is against the wall.


At Tribal Council, the alliance stuck together and Peter was voted off in a unanimous 4-1 vote. Sabah was destroyed. This left all the men of Sarawak, Walter, Ryan, Charlie and Benny as the final four. They returned to camp for the last three days.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Luke (6)
Peter (4 votes)
Luke (8)Luke (9)Luke(-1)Luke (14)
Benny, Charlie, Ryan & Walter
Luke (14)
Walter (1 vote)
Luke (6)
Peter Harry

Voting Confessionals

If you don't go tonight, you will win.


We've kept you this long, now your time is up.


Final Words

Well, I'm very proud of the game I played. Even though I didn't win, I was the last standing of my tribe! And I made it so far without them. I wish the best of luck to the remaining four. You sure played a better game than I did.


Still in the Running

Luke (8)
Luke (9)
Luke (14)

Next Time on Survivor...

The final four surviving castaways will go through the last few challenges and Tribal Councils. Who will win the million dollars and title of Sole SURVIVOR?

Author's Notes

  • The title was said by Ryan when discussing the alliance's success with Charlie.
  • The original reward for this episode was to go to a bar and watch the first few minutes of the season, but was changed due to there being contestants under 21.
  • With Peter's elimination, all Sabah members have been voted out.