"I Trust The Weakest"
Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
Author User: Henzzy
Episode Number 4/15
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This is the fourth episode of Survivor: Solomon Islands

Previously on survivor...

With Choiseul divided into two alliances, strategy was talked about a lot! Meanwhile, Isabel were determined to win there first challenge, and they did winning an immunity challenge. Heather was sent to exile island. Andrew and his alliance didn't know who Heather voted for and couldn't find out, ending in Felix being sent home and Andrew wasting a hidden immunity idol from Elizabeth. 17 are left who will leave tonight?


Reward Challenge: Web Over Water

The tribes race one member at a time up a ramp and onto a rope spider web where there are eight bags for each tribe. Crawling underneath the web, they need to retrieve a bag. Once they have one, they must jump into the water below the net and make their way back to the start. The first tribe to retrieve all eight bags wins reward.

Reward: Fishing supplies

Winner: pillows, rugs and a soft drink each.

Immunity Challenge: Lemme Go Rock 'N' Roll

The tribes have to roll a large ball through a series of gates. At two points along the course, a tribe member would have to climb atop the ball to retrieve of set of keys. At the final gate, the keys would unlock three chains that blocked the gate. The first tribe to go through all the gates and roll their boulder atop a short pedestal wins

Winner: Choiseul


Night 9

returning from tribal council, there are two different moods in the Choiseul tribe.

shit! wasted an idol and had a member sent home! It sucks! But at least i have my idol, but we need to stay strong.


gosh, im so excited right now! We did it! even when Andrew had an idol! im so proud of the alliance!


Brad and Benjamin go and talk about tribal council, they go away from the rest of the tribe.

Brad: we did it! Felix is gone!

Ben: I know! Im in shock too!

Brad: Andrew wasted that idol, im over the moon!

Ben: same, but hes smart and he wont give up, we still need to be watching out.

Brad is great, but he is acting like he has just won the game or something, Felix is gone, but Andrew,Heather, Carol and Liz are still here. There is a lot still to do, and challenge still to win!


Day 10

Heather returned from Exile Island, very, very emotonalal stressed. She tell her team how bad her experience there was. However Brad has no symaphy.

Heather cost us the challenge, if she didn't enjoy her 1 night on exile island i couldn't care less. She deserved to be there.


Heather then askes Andrew what happed at tribal council. Andrew tells her the story and she is shocked that he went home.

i don't get why Felix went home? Andrew was the one Brad didnt like? Its sort of weird.


Elizabeth and Carol go off and talk about the future of the game, and twist that could help or ruin there games.

Carol: Im thinking what if there is a tribe swap? I worried it could effect us.

Elizabeth: I think there will be, but we can hope to be together, thats all we can do.

Carol: yeah i guess, but what about our tribe, when we merge because there is so much friction, it could end up badly for us.

Elizabeth: But if we go in to the merge with numbers it may work.

Carol: maybe

Cynthia goes to ask Heather what exile island is like. Heather is shocked that Cynthia would talk to her due to them being in different alliances. But Heather tells her that it is cold and not a good place to be. Andrew sees that Heather and Cynthia are talking and get suspicious.

when Heather and Cynthia were talking it was freaky becasue i trust Heather but how can i when she is talking to the enimy? She needs to stay loyal to me.


Brad and Nate go fishing and catch 2 fish each, feeding the tribe at night time,

At isabel, Larry and Chris spend some time talking about their lives. Larry talks about being a lawer and Chris talks about being a musiian.

I really get on well with Larry he is down to earth and a great guy, And he is loyal unlike Rachael!


Rachael talks to Regina about getting rid of chris and Larry, Regina agrees but only if she can get numbers.

This game is all about numbers, if you dont got numbers then you are screwed, but I think Rachael is the kind of person you can belive you can trust because Chris trusted her when it was obvious that she was friends with Jodi, so i think Rachael can pull it off.


Rachael then talks to Johnny.

Rchael: hey johnny, what do you think about teaming up with Regina, T-Man and Steph and taking Chris, Luke and Larry out? Would you do it?

Johnny: well 5 out of 8 is the majority so yeah i would, is that the plan?

Rachael: well i have talked to regina, so i just need to talk to Steph and T-Man.

Johnny: ok, get back to me when you have talked to them.

Rachael goes to see Stepahnie and T-Man, when she finds them, T-Man is flirting with her, and Stephanie is beliving every word that leaves his mouth.

Rachael: um......excuss me guys?

Stephanie: yeah?

Rachael: would you guys consider forming an alliance with Johnny, Regina and myself?

T-Man: would we honey?

Stephanie: i dont see why not, yeah we are in.

Rachael: great! thanks guys!

so now, i have the numbers! HA, i've never felt so good in this game, Larry, Lucas and Chris good bye.


Rachael tells Johnny that Stephanie and T-Man are in with her, and he goes along with it to.

Day 11

At the reward challenge, Elizabeth sits out. Rachael and Heather start off and Rachael takes a lead over Heather quikly getting her first bag, while Heather struggles. Chris then goes for Isabel, when Heather finaly finishes, Chis is nearly finished. Brad then goes for Choiseul and Larry for Isabel. Brad over takes Larry and catches the lead for Choiseul. Larry takes a while to finish but he does. Cynthia and Stephanie then go, Cynthia get throught easliy and Stephanie makes up some time Larry lost. But Choiseul still lead by a bit. Nate goes and he falls giving T-Man time to catch up and over take. Nate trys to catch up with T-Man but fails. Then Lucas goes, then carol, but she cant catch up to Lucas. Regina starts the final one for Isabel, and Ben tries to catch up but it was to late and Isabel win reward.

At the Isabel camp, they comfornatable-up their shelter and enjoy their soft drink.

i'm happy that we won again, we are on a roll now and i hope we can keep it up. And now Rachael, Stephanie, Johnny, T-Man and i have the numbers and we could take out the other three, its awesome!


T-Man tells Rachael that Larry is the weakest and should go first.

T-Man: he nearly lost us the challenge, he needs to go before chris.

Rachael: totaly, i understand you, and thats what we will do.

T-Man: ok, im glad we agree.

Rachael: same, but Chris should go before Lucas.

T-Man: oh difinitaly!

I hope Rachael thinks that im just a little boy who ain't smart, and then BAM!!! Knife is out...


T-man? i dunno about him, hes playing Stepahnie, but i think he trust me, im a bit confussed by him, buy hey? as long as he votes with me and not against me its fine with me.


At Choiseul, Bard, Nate, Ben, Tammie and Cynthia talk about what to if they lose the next challenge.

Ben: Elizabeth is great but her leg slows us down in challenges, if we didn't sit her out today we would have got flogged.

Brad: yeah, but Andrew is the snake, he cant be trusted.

Tammie: Heather isn't great either, shes not really... you know, strong

Nate: yeah, i think Heather.

Cynthia: Elizabeth would be the smartest pick i think, becasue they will be thinking we will vote Andrew, but not her.

Brad: i get what you guys are saying but he is the leader and the girls would be weak with out him.

Tammie: But the girls don't really help us in challenges, Andrew does.

Brad: ok, Heather can go first.

well, i guess Heather will go next, I don't agree with that but i cant just boss them aroud or ill get voted off.


Andrew talks to Heather about Elizabeth and Carol.

Andrew: I don't know why, but i dont trust them that much, they are all ways talking to each other, im not sure about them.

Heather: yeah, but we need their votes, so we cant vote them out,

Andrew: actually, we can, *shows her hidden immunity idol*

Heather: i need to come clean, i knew you had it... i followed you into the forrest when you found it. Andrew: what?

Heather: sorry...

wow! Heather knew that whole time? that is scary! She might be smarter than i thought she was, i need to watch my back now!


Day 12

At the immunity challenge, Chosieul sit out Cynthia. Choiseul get a big lead but Isabel dont stop fighting. Heather gets her teams first keys and they keep going. Rachael gets her teams keys and the try to catch up. Some Isabel fall while pushing the ball, giving choiseul time to make there lead longer, Heather gets the second set of keys and Choiseul go to their chains. Rachael gets the second set of keys and Larry takes a fall bang his head on this ground. Slowing the team down. Brad goes and unlockes the locks and wins immunity for Choiseul. Choiseul send Regina to exile island becasue they think she didnt do well in the challenge. Regina goes and votes.

Back at the Chosieul camp they celebrate thier victory by catching fish and eating rice.

its good to be winning again, losing to challenges in a row wasn't fun and i hope we can be dominant


basically winning challenges gives me three more days to keep my idol, so yeah i need to keept winning.


Heather tells Andrew that she doesn't trust Ben, but she didn't know that Ben heard her.

Ben: Why don't you trust me?

Heather: because...

Ben: i'm waiting?

Heather: i dunno its just something about you...

Ben: what did i every do to you?

'Heather:I just think you might be kinda like a Russell or something...

Ben': Well im not! So don't talk about me like that!

heather: Dude, get lost! I'm sick of you right now, your relieving a new side to your self.

Ben: oh am I? well you are too!

Heather: shut up!

As heather yells at Ben she slips over and twist her ankle. The whole tribe including Ben see if she is ok. She is in a lot of pain but can continue playing survivor. She is in pain and tears.

At Isabel, Rachael tells Stephanie, Johnny and T-Man that larry needs to go home, they all agree. Despite being really good friends with Larry, Chris can see that he is weakening the tribe.

I really, really hate to say it but Larry is weakening the tribe, it hurts me to say it because he is a great guy and i wont vote him off but he needs to go, so its kinda like "I Trust The Weakest!"


Chris, Larry and Lucas know they need to get more people on their side so Chris talks to T-Man.

Chris: hi dude, we need to vote out Rachael, she is a snake...

T-Man: piss off bro? I trust her and you don't tell me what to do! get lost and go vote your self out!

Chris: eh, don't talk to me likr that!

T-Man: I'll do what i like thanks MOM!

Chris: siriosuly are you gonna talk to me like that? T-Man, you might be able to play this game, but how are you at life?

T-Man: Better that you! get lost!

T-Man is so agressive, i go to talk him some straigy and he yells at me and gets all in my face? really dude? Are you like that at life? He is a real jerk.


Larry and Chris talk about tribal council, and Chris tells Larry he will be going home.

Chris: sorry dude, but um..... Rachael and the others are voting you out...

Larry: I know, and im not surprised, i stuffed up, and if i go i dont mind.

Chris: i refuss to vote for you,

Larry: well then you have real friendship, and i hope you go far in this game.

i know i am going home tonight, and I did ruin the teams chances in the challenge, but Chris deserves to go far in this game, he just told me the way it is and he wouldn't lie to me, and he also refusses to vote me out, i have a lot of respect for that man.


On exile Island, Regina makes a fire, she has been to exile island before and knows there is a hidden immunity idol there, (not knowing T-Man had found it) she looks and doesnt find T-Mans fake.

you know what! I dont need the idol, so stuff it. My alliance will get me to the top, not idols!


At tribal council, Jeff askes what happened when they got back to camp? Chris replies T-Man went off his head at me. Stephanie quikly jumps to T-Mans side and says "Chris is delousinal and knows nothing..." T-man agian yells at Chris, and Stephanie supports him. Rachael visably becomes uncomfortable sitting between T-Man and Chris while they argue. Jeff askes Lucas what he thinks about the fight, and he says " its unesisary." After the vote, Larry is voted out, 5-3

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
Larry (5 votes)
T-Man, Stephanie, Regina, Johnny & Rachael
Racheal (3 votes)
Larry, Lucas & Chris
Larry out
Larry Court

Voting Confessionals

Sorry, but it did cost us today.


Sorry Larry, but weakening Chris is the main idea, this is nothing against you becasue i love you as a person, i will miss you.


You screwed me over, now its my shot!


Sorry Rach, but you nearly killed the alliance.


Me and rachael, we need to stick together, and we will, sorry but tonight yo go home.


Bye, bye this is the end for you.


This is my alliance's choise and most likely everyone else's.


Even though i am going home, i will vote with Chris.


Final words

Well survivor has been a great opertunity for myself and i'm glad i got to do it. I am proud of myself and I hope my family will be aswell. I'm greatful to have had fantastic people like Chris and Lucas on my tribe an i will remain friends with them for the rest of my life, thank you survivor.

–Larry Court

Still In The Running



Larry out



Jenny out

Jodi out


Andrew zarr

Cynthia Ballard




Next time on survivor...

a tribe swap will ruin some games, and make others better, and who will Heathers injury get anyworse?

Authors notes

The challenge is from Survivor: Guatemala The immunity challenge is from Survivor: Gabon

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