"I Don't Want To Play With Rats"
Season Survivor: Terra Nova
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This is the fourth episode of Survivor: Terra Nova

Previously On Survivor...


'Reward Challenge: Free Fallin
Each tribe starts the challenge on a raised platform. One at a time, tribemates drop from a three-step structure down into a net. After all players from a tribe finish the net drop and assemble on a tribal mat, they proceed to the next stage, climb stairs to another platform, and perform a balance beam walk, finally they must cross a rope bridge and upon getting to the other side of the rope bridge they must raise their team's flag.
Reward: Blankets
Winner: Cabot

Immunity Challenge: Flag Wars
This challenge will be broken into rounds. In each round one contestant from each tribe will be handcuffed to a contestant on the opposing tribe (The handcuff chain will be long). Each person will have six mini-tribal flags attached to their back; the object of the challenge is to get all six of the flags off your opponent’s back. Once you do so you win a round for your tribe. The first tribe to win four rounds wins the challenge and Immunity from Tribal Council.
Winner: Cabot


Night 9

The Beothuk Tribe returns from Tribal Council after just voting out Lauren. As the tribe sets down their stuff Angelo, who is seething with anger over Urban’s betrayal, looks over at Urban and in front of the entire tribe asks him...

Quote1I just want to know one thing man…why did you do what you did? I don’t make no sense bro.Quote2- Angelo

Quote1Do you really want me to tell you? Cuz you might not like my answer.Quote2- Urban

Quote1I’m an adult I can take any shade you throw at me bro.Quote2- Angelo

Quote1Well the honest to god answer is I don’t like you. You’re a fat, lazy dude who sucks at challenges and adds nothing to this game. So son you’re going to be getting my vote from here on out until the rest of this tribe wises up and gets rid of you.Quote2- Urban

Quote1If you felt that way why did you bother to join my alliance in the first place bro?Quote2- Angelo

Quote1Cuz you, Kyle, and Andy looked like the power players on Cabot and so I wanted to stay in good with the guys that were going to end up running our old tribe. Now you’ve been marginalized so I don’t have to work with you.Quote2- Urban

Quote1That’s fine bro. I don’t want to play with rats anyhow. The sooner you’re gone from this game the better.Quote2- Angelo

Urban made a huge mistake tonight when he turned on me. He is gonna find out pretty quickly that I am the last person you want to mess with out here.


I am not sure if I just put a huge target on my back tonight or not. I mean I hope not because I helped Zelda stay in this game and I hope she realizes that. I think I am much more valuable to this team than lazy Angelo but only time and the votes will tell.


Day 10

Day ten beings at the Beothuk Tribe’s campsite; it is early in the morning and Molly sees Zelda and Paul both awake.

Molly asks Zelda if they could take a walk and talk about the previous night’s vote. Zelda says okay and the two women head off towards the water.

Quote1I just wanted you to know that last night’s vote was not personal at all. My vote could have easily gone towards Paul or Marlon…Lauren decided to make you the target.

I know this is probably coming across as being disingenuous now that I am on the bottom of the tribe but Lauren and I would have been open to working with you guys had you told us who to vote out. I mean seriously do you think I anyone would want to work with Angelo?

Urban was completely right about how much Angelo sucks at challenges. Lauren and I did not align with him because we really wanted to be aligned with him. We aligned with him because he was truly our only option going forward at that point.

I guess what I am saying is there is no ill will from me to you and the guys for voting out Lauren. After all it is the name of the game and somebody has to go. I just hope there is no ill will towards me because I voted for you last night.Quote2
- Molly

Quote1I don’t see why there should be any animosity. After all I’m still here so I can’t really get that mad about people voting for me.

Plus you are completely right about the lack of communication between us. Communication is a two-way street and we both failed at even starting to talk to each other. I am willing to move past your vote so that we can make this a better team. Now we better get back to camp before Paul starts to think we are planning something…Quote2
- Zelda

Both women laugh and head back to camp.

I had to do huge damage control this morning and I hope it worked because I do not want to be the next person to go home. Lauren getting voted out nearly crippled my game so I hope I can get in good with Paul, Marlon, and Zelda. Pearl will probably try to not paint me in the best light but there is not much I can do about that. I just have to play nice and hope I can make it to the merge.


I took a huge gamble last night when I decided to not play my Hidden Immunity Idol. Pearl had told me that Lauren and company were going to vote for me last night. Going into Tribal Council I knew I was the target but I just had this feeling that it was not the right time to play the Idol. I am glad that feeling ended up being right.

As for Molly…well I like to think of myself as being pretty easy going so I will forgive Molly for voting against me. After all I am still here so no harm no foul in that regards. But I will not forget that Molly did vote for me.


Over at the Cabot Tribe Billie-Jean and George are talking about how Violet has been distant towards them since the tribal switch-up. George says that he understands why Violet might not want anything to do with him but for the life of him he cannot figure out why Violet has distanced herself from Billie-Jean because the two of them seemed to have bonded on their old tribe.

Billie-Jean tells George that she thinks Violet has found a group of people who she can bond with that are closer to her age. Because of this factor Violet is now part of the “in crowd” on the new team, whereas on the old Beothuk Tribe Violet was a bit of an outsider. Billie-Jean says that she would not be at all surprised of Violet cuts all ties with her and George in favor of working with Kyle, Andy, and Octavia.

George wonders out loud where that leaves the two of them in this new tribe’s pecking order. Billie-Jean nervously laughs for a moment and says that the two of them are probably on the bottom rung right above Simon.

This tribal mix-up has not really done either George or I any favors. I mean before the switch we had a comfortable alliance with Marlon and I think Zelda or Paul would have worked with us as well.

It would seem that with the way the new teams have formed it looks like George and I are either on the bottom rungs of this team or near the bottom. It seems like Violet has gone over to her new friends and left us behind. Which stinks but those are the breaks in a game like this.


Back at the Beothuk Tribe’s campsite Angelo is shown trying to make himself useful around camp. Comedic music plays as we see various clips of Angelo asking his fellow tribe members if they need any help. In one clip Paul asks Angelo to fetch the rest of the wood for the fire and moments later Angelo is nowhere to be found.

Per the graphic on the bottom of the screen we are informed that Angelo comes back to camp an hour later with the firewood.

I think Angelo means well when he tries to help out in camp…or maybe he is just trying to ingratiate himself to me and others. I really don’t know what his motives are but the guy is totally incompetent and he usually ends up disappearing for hours on end.

I am not sure what the heck he gets up to in the woods nor do I really want to know. I think it is safe to say that this is not an environment that Angelo should be in. He is too much of a city guy to be out here.


I hate to make myself look shady but any alone time I get out here I spend looking for an Idol bro. I mean I hope I can make friends on this new tribe but that ain’t something I’m counting on bro. Nah, I got to do me and get my ass an Idol so I can stay in this game for more than a minute.

Plus this camp work just sucks bro. It ain’t me, I‘ve never been camping in my life so I am out of my element bro. I live in Staten Island so since I’ve left the old Cabot camp I have been finding it tough adjusting to life out her bro.


Over at the Cabot Tribe the “cool kids” Violet, Octavia, Andy, and Kyle sitting in their shelter while the other members of the tribe do various odd jobs around camp.

This switch couldn’t have worked out better with me and Andy. Right off the bat we gelled with Violet and Octavia to form a sort of super-alliance on this team. After all me and Andy can rely on the fact that any of the other Alphas will make it to the merge so we sort of had to forge a new alliance.

Anyway, the four of us basically sit around and do nothing all day as we watch the other four people on the tribe work their butts off. I just don’t get why the others are working so hard out here, they should just chill and enjoy the experience out here.

The thing I find funny is that Andy has been stressing out over the fact that the four who do work could band together and try to vote one of us out. I told him they would be stupid to get rid of any of us because if they went that way they would end up with a weak ass team.

So I don't see no possible way that this tribe could get rid of me.


Does it bother me that there are some people on our tribe that do nothing but sitting around all day?

Yeah I guess it annoys me a little bit…but right now I am not going to say a word as I am not in with anyone. I am not sure why but for some reason I have not been able to bond with anyone in the game thus far and so I guess it makes me a loner.

I mean I have had conversations with everyone on this new tribe but I have never really talked game with anyone. I am not sure if that makes me a valuable player or an expendable player.


Day 11

Day eleven begins at the Cabot Camp. We are shown footage of various castaways talking about how tough it is living out in the wilderness. Andy shows us his blistered up feet, Billie-Jean talks about all of the various scrapes on her legs, Octavia talks about how everyone on the team seems to be suffering from sleep deprivation.

I think lack of sleep is a major factor out here. It really is taking a toll on everyone. First off the shelter is very uncomfortable to sleep on. Then there is the cold…it is such a bone chilling cold.

It is the kind of cold that once you experience it, you still feel it even when you get warmer. It really is a shame that we were moved out of the luxury camp and put into this dump. I guess I did not realize how good we had it until we moved here.


Reward Challenge:

The members of the Cabot Tribe enter the challenge area first and once all of the members of the Cabot Tribe are settled on their mat; the Beothuk Tribe enters the challenge area. Jeff Probst informs the Cabot Tribe that Lauren was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Octavia looks at Molly with complete shock and mouths the words, “What”, to Molly. Molly just shrugs her shoulders.

Jeff Probst tells them the rules of the challenge and informs the castaways what the winning tribe will be getting. Jeff then informs the Cabot Tribe that they will have to sit someone out for this challenge because they have an extra member. After a brief discussion the Cabot Tribe decides to sit Billie-Jean out.

The challenge begins and the Beothuk Tribe takes an early lead. This is mainly due to the fact that both Octavia and Violet are very apprehensive about jumping down into the net. Nobody on the Beothuk Tribe seems to have such a problem and they are the first tribe to finish the opening portion of the challenge.

The Beothuk Tribe already has three people across the balance beam (Molly, Zelda, and Marlon) by the time the Cabot Tribe begins that section of the challenge. Things are really looking up for the Beothuk Tribe as their fourth and fifth members (Pearl and Urban) make it across the balance beam with ease.

However, it is at this point in the challenge when things fall apart for the Beothuk Tribe. Angelo gets on the balance beam and keeps on falling off the balance beam. The Cabot Tribe soon roars back into the challenge due to Angelo’s lack of balance and the Cabot Tribe soon manages to get all of their members across the balance beam while Angelo still struggles.

The Cabot Tribe quickly crosses their rope bridge and Jocelyn flips the switch to raise her team’s flag. This means that the Cabot Tribe has won yet another challenge!

With the challenge now done Jeff Probst informs the members of the Beothuk Tribe that he has nothing for them as the members of the Cabot Tribe gleefully celebrate their come from behind victory.

The Beothuk Tribe returns from their camp after yet another loss. An utterly defeated Angelo looks around at the members of his tribe and says…

That was my bad at the challenge today guys. I’m sorry…I guess I ain’t got no balance.


Pearl tries to assure Angelo that it is not that big of a deal and that everyone has their off days.

Angelo actually owned up to sucking at the challenge today. I was surprised that he would admit that he cost us the challenge. I just didn’t think his ego would permit him to do such a thing.

The thing that I found comical was when Pearl, who was trying to comfort him, said that it was all right and that he was being too hard on himself and that everyone has their off days. Well I am not sure if she realizes this or not but Angelo has had just one off day…that boy’s had eleven damn off days in a row. If this were baseball his ass would be sent back down to the minors by now.


I think that there are some of my teammates who think I have been throwing challenges. That was why I owned up to causing our team to lose the challenge. Because I wanted everyone to know I am a man and that I take responsibility for my mess ups. I don’t want anyone to think I would do something ratty like throw a challenge…that just ain’t my style.


I swear this tribe is cursed. Prior to the tribal mix-up we were doing great. Since these new people have joined our tribe all we’ve done is lose. It just sucks to lose challenge after challenge.

Now I know there is some talk that Angelo is throwing these challenges so that his friends on the other tribe can stay in the game. But I for one do not think that is the case.

I just think the boy does not have an athletic bone in his body.


The vibe at the Cabot Tribe is the polar opposite of their opponents. The members of the Cabot Tribe all seem to be in good spirits upon returning from the Reward Challenge.

Quote1I just want to tell each and every one of you that as a tribe we rock! We are the tribe to beat out here and I could not be any prouder of the way we came back and whooped their asses in that challenge.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Well truth be told it was not just the members of our tribe that helped us get that victory. We probably couldn’t have gotten the win without the help of Angelo!Quote2- Octavia

Quote1Yeah Angelo is my boy but that poor bastard is probably going to be gone when they lose the next Immunity Challenge to us. Hell he should have been the first to go but those people are probably too dumb to even think about getting rid of him.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1I know, I mean I have no clue why they would keep him over Lauren.Quote2- Octavia

Quote1It’s because they are a bunch of dumbasses! We should all thank our lucky stars that we ended up on this tribe!Quote2- Andy

I have to admit I have very conflicting feelings about my tribe constantly winning. On one hand it is great because we are able to win stuff that we really need like blankets and whatnot.

On the other hand I feel a little guilty because my pleasure is coming at the expense of my friends on the other tribe like Marlon. I guess I should push that guilt aside and enjoy our victories a little more.

I will say this, there are people on this tribe that I am not very fond of. But by golly we are an impressive unit out there during the challenges.


Day 12

Day twelve begins with George and Kyle talking near the Cabot campsite.

Quote1I am glad I caught up with you bro because I’ve been meaning to have a chat with you about the game and such. I mean we’ve been teammates for a few days and we haven’t really talked much and when we have talked it was not about the game. So I just want to see where your head is at in the game bro.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1I truly don’t know…I mean since the teams were mixed-up I have really done much thinking about the strategic side of things. I mean I am open to working with whoever wants to work with me but there really hasn’t been anyone that has reached out to me.Quote2- George

Quote1Well Violet has been talking man ear off about different things and she told me that you can’t be trusted. Now I am not just going to take what she says at face value bro because I like to make my own mind up when it comes to dealing with people. But I do find it interesting that she has been trashing you so much.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1She and I had our differences on our old tribe. What happened was she had feelings for me and I told her I could not reciprocate those feeling because I am engaged.

Well she did not take too kindly over that and she has been sort of cold to me since then. I assure you that was all that went down between she and I. It is simply a case of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.Quote2
- George

Quote1Wow bro that sucks…I mean she’s has been constantly talking trash about you to me, Andy, and Octavia. You must have really shaken her ego bro.

I am glad I asked you about that. Um…she also said that you and Billie-Jean are a package deal and that you probably wouldn’t be up to doing anything without her.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1Well Billie-Jean have becomes friends out here, I will not deny that. But that does not mean we are a package deal. After all Billie-Jean and I are both adults and we know what is what. We both understand what is good for one or our game might not be good for the other person’s game. I guess what I am saying is she is a friend but I have to be flexible out here and so if she does not fit in with what I need to do so be it.Quote2- George

Quote1Cool…I mean I going to be honest with you man, I ain’t all that keen about having a chick win this show. I mean I am willing to work with them up until a certain point but then I want to get rid of the chicks.

My ideal endgame is four dudes in the final four battling it out. You know may the best man win and stuff like that. So I just want to put this out there for you and tell you that I would be willing to work with you if you are willing to work with me and Andy. I mean after all we are the top three guys in this game so I only think it would be right for us to dominate this game.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1Yes that sounds cool…of course I would be willing to work with you guys. I like the idea of may the best man win.Quote2- George

Quote1Cool bro…well I’m going to get back to camp before people start thinking that we’re conspiring and such. Good talk bro.Quote2- Kyle

Kyle is a tool; there is no doubt about it. I am not sure if either one of us was being sincere in our conversation today. But if by being open about working with him gives me an advantage in this game…well I would be a fool not to work with him.


That talk with George was pretty interesting. I think the both of us know we were blowing smoke up each other’s ass but there also seemed to be a level of honesty between the two of us as well. Only time will tell if this is a legit thing we just laid the groundwork for or if we’re just going to end up stabbing each other in the back.


Immunity Challenge:

The two teams enter the challenge site and Jeff explains the rules of the challenge to the castaways. Jeff reminds the two tribes that the winning tribe will be safe from the vote tonight, while the losing tribe will go to Tribal Council, where one of their tribe members will end up becoming the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

Jeff informs the Cabot Tribe that because they have an extra tribe member they must sit someone out and due to the nature of this challenge it has to be a woman. He then reminds that that Billie-Jean has to compete in this challenge as they are not allowed to sit the same person out in back-to-back challenges.

After a brief discussion the Cabot Tribe decides that Violet is going to be the player who will sit out this challenge.

Round One

The first round match-up is between Billie-Jean for the Cabot Tribe and Molly for the Beothuk Tribe. Billie-Jean comes charging at Molly as soon as Jeff calls for the round to being. Molly tries her best to get the flags off Billie-Jean’s back but she is no match for Billie-Jean who wins the round by grabbing six flags to Molly’s one.

Cabot leads 1-0

Round Two:

The second round match-up sees Kyle of the Cabot Tribe taking on Urban of the Beothuk Tribe. Kyle does not seem quick to engage his former alliance mate. But Urban has no such hesitation as he goes right for Kyle. The two men struggle around a bit before Urban finally captures the six flags needed to win the round for his tribe and tie up the overall score.

The challenge is tied at one round apiece.

Round Three:

Round three sees Octavia of the Cabot Tribe taking on Zelda of the Beothuk Tribe. Octavia goes directly at Zelda from the word go. Zelda is not even trying to capture any of Octavia’s flags because she is too busy trying to defend herself against Octavia.

At one point Octavia elbows Zelda in the head, Zelda complained loudly over this, but Jeff deemed it to be accidental and therefore the round continued. In the end Octavia got her six flags and therefore was able to secure the victory in this round for her tribe.

Cabot leads 2-1

Round Four:

Round four’s match-up was very intriguing because it pitted the Cabot Tribe’s Simon in a battle against the Beothuk Tribe’s Angelo. Neither man looked at all comfortable in this challenge. Angelo appeared to not even be trying to win and so it was a relatively easy victory for Simon.

Cabot leads 3-1

Round 5:

The round five match-up was Jocelyn of the Cabot Tribe taking on Pearl of the Beothuk Tribe. Pearl defended herself pretty well against the much younger Jocelyn. Jocelyn grew frustrated pretty quickly over the fact that she could not get at Pearl’s back.

Meanwhile Pearl had no such problem as she was able to grab all six flags from Jocelyn’s back.

Cabot leads 3-2

Round 6:

Round six was yet another intriguing match-up because it pitted friends against each other. George of the Cabot Tribe took on Marlon of the Beothuk Tribe. Both men shake hands before the being the struggle to get the flags off their opponent’s back. On the sidelines Kyle does not seem very happy over the fact that George was willing to shake hands with the “enemy.”

Both men put up a great fight but in the end George was able to beat Marlon by just mere seconds. With George’s victory in this round he and the Cabot Tribe won the overall challenge!

After the challenge is over, Jeff Probst hands the Immunity Idol over to George. Jeff then informs the dejected looking Beothuk Tribe that he will be seeing them a Tribal Council this evening where one of them will be the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

The Beothuk Tribe returns from the Immunity Challenge and Angelo asks if he could have everybody’s attention.

Quote1Look the way I see the vote going tonight is it is going to be between either me and Urban or me and Pearl. Well I want to tell you all that I want to stay and I would like it if you kept me.

I’ll admit that I have hit a rough patch in the challenges but I swear I’m going to step it up and kick some ass. Plus I ain’t no rat like Urban. If I say I going to have your back, I’m going to have your back through thick and thin. I ain’t going to turn on any of you if you vote to keep me…that you can believe.Quote2
- Angelo

Quote1Man I don’t know if you’re screwing with us or you truly believe what you’re saying. Look here you can’t possibly have anyone’s back on this tribe when you already gave your word to Andy and Kyle on the other tribe. If your word is your bond which pact should we believe?

Also, there is no way I believe you just happen to suck at these challenges. I’m not sure if you’re throwing them for some sort of perverse reason or what but you ain’t never put one damn ounce of effort into any challenge you’ve competed in so far.

If you are throwing challenges…well then I’m not sure what is up with you because that would make no sense whatsoever. This is a team game right now and you’ve done nothing but screw this team over.Quote2
- Urban

Quote1Look man I ain’t no rat and I don’t like it when people say that I am. If we we’re in the streets I would have dropped you son like the bitch ass hillbilly that you are. But out here I’ve got to act all nice because I don’t need to be kicked out of the game.

But know this man, I ain’t no rat so you better stop saying that I am.Quote2
- Angelo

Quote1Man…I’m not calling you a rat. I am just saying if you are indeed throwing challenges…well then you aren’t all that bright. Look I’m going to say it to whoever will listen, I’m voting for Angelo tonight…point blank. Now y’all can vote for me or Pearl but that simply will not be the remedy that this team needs to fix it. Getting rid of Angelo tonight is the only real option.Quote2- Urban
I was a little shocked that Angelo brought up my name when talking about people who should go before him. I mean really?

Dose he not understand that tonight there is no other target on the team but him? I will be shocked if he can talk his way into staying in this game.


Angelo, Paul, and Marlon are standing down near the water talking. Angelo says that he knows Paul and Marlon are the powerbrokers on the tribe and he is asking them to keep him one more round so he can prove how helpful he could be. Paul sort of gives Angelo a non-answer and says that he is not sure how the vote is going to go.

Meanwhile back at the camp Urban and Zelda are talking about the vote.

Quote1Is there any chance that I’m going to be going home? I’m asking because I don’t want to be blindsided by the vote.Quote2- Urban

Quote1I think you’re good, I mean I can’t speak for everyone but I know you held your own in challenges and you’re a workhorse around camp. So I wouldn’t want to get rid of you but I am not sure what everyone else is going to do.Quote2- Zelda

Quote1Well I did help y’all out at the last Tribal Council. I could’ve have easily forced a tie in the vote but I chose not to do that. So if you could keep that in mind as well…Quote2- Urban

Quote1Oh I know you helped me out but like I said I have not really talked to anyone else so I don’t want to make you any promises that I can’t keep. If it is up to me I say you’re good but it isn’t so I guess you will have to play the waiting game.Quote2- Zelda
Urban should realize he is completely safe this round but for some odd reason he keeps on asking for reassurance. Someone that plays overly paranoid like that makes me uneasy.

I think it is safe to say that Angelo will be gone tonight but I am making a mental note to watch Urban because on can never truly trust a paranoid person.


Tribal Council:

Jeff welcomes the Beothuk Tribe to Tribal Council. Jeff waits for the members of the Beothuk Tribe to sit down before he asks Angelo about his poor performances in nearly every challenge thus far. Angelo, who is clearly not happy about the question, tries to laugh off Jeff’s question before he thanks Jeff for throwing him under the bus. Angelo then says that he tries in every challenge but for some reason he just is not good at challenges. He further says that there our people on his tribe who have accused him of throwing challenges but he claims he would never do that.

Jeff notices that Angelo looks directly at Urban when he made that comment so Jeff asks Urban if he feels that Angelo is indeed throwing challenges. Urban tries to play it diplomatically by saying he is not sure what exactly Angelo is doing. He then says that the thought of Angelo throwing challenges has crossed not only his mind but the minds of others on the tribe as well. Urban then says that Angelo is either throwing challenges or he just really sucks at challenges.

Jeff asks Marlon about how he feels about being on a tribe that did not lose any Immunity Challenges during the first six days, to being on a tribe who has lost back-to-back Immunity Challenges. Marlon says it is tough to make that adjustment because every person they lose weakens their team. Therefore, they have to make the smartest vote possible for their team so that they will not be back in another three days.

Jeff asks Pearl to assess the tribe at this point. Pearl says that while the team is not one big happy family at this point, she knows that they all want to win. She says that they have to come up with the right combination of players to make the team a winner. Jeff asks Pearl if she feels she should be part of that combination and Pearl laughs and says she hopes so.

Paul chimes in and says that he thinks the tribe will finds its sweet spot after the vote tonight because they will be getting rid of the person who causes the most strife on the team. He goes on to say that once that person is gone the tribe will be more of a unit.

Jeff asks Zelda if it is hard to vote people out who she has only know for a little under a week. Zelda says that she does not relish voting people out but that is the nature of the game and so she has to do it.

Jeff asks Molly where she fits in with her new tribe because it was clear that she was close to Lauren who was voted out at the previous Tribal Council. Molly says that she is not sure where exactly she fits in on her tribe but she hopes to prove to them that she is valuable enough to keep around.

With that last comment it is time to vote.

The members of the Beothuk Tribe vote and when the last person to vote, which was Paul, is done voting; Jeff goes to retrieve the votes. Jeff asks the castaways if anyone has the Hidden Immunity Idol then this is the time to play it. The camera focuses on Zelda who just stares straight ahead and remains seated. Jeff then proceeds to read the votes and in the end Angelo becomes the fourth contestant voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
Angelo Castellucci
(6 votes)

Marlon RiceMolly SheaPaul Pires
Zelda SelznickUrban DayPearl Jones
Marlon, Molly, Paul,
Zelda, Urban, Pearl

Urban Day
(1 vote)
Angelo Castellucci
Angelo Castellucci eliminated

Voting Confessionals

You’re nothing but a filthy rat bro and I exposed you as one. I may go home tonight but I know you’re going to follow me soon.


Man I don’t know what’s up with you but I haven’t liked you from the start. I feels good to vote you out.


I am just voting with what I hope will be the majority.


You add nothing to this team.


No offense but you are just too horrible at challenges to keep around.


You are a liability to this team and the longer we keep you around the more we are going to lose. Therefore, you have to go.


This vote was never about me.


Final Words

I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Urban the rat poisoned these people against me and that is why I am out the door. But know this Urban, karma is a bitch and you’ll get yours in the end.


Still in the Running

Pearl Jones
Molly Shea
Jocelyn Rivera
Lauren Kuechly eliminated
Octavia Wilson
Jillian Mitchell eliminated
Paul Pires
Violet Tannehill
George Colvin
Zelda Selznick
Marlon Rice
BillieJean Carlisle
Kyle Girton
Simon Patel
Angelo Castellucci eliminated
Hank Black eliminated
Andy Im
Urban Day

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