"I Don't Forgive, I Get Even"
Season Survivor: The Cursed Idol
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 13/13
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This is the season finale of Survivor: The Cursed Idol.

Previously on Survivor

The fearsome foursome alliance were invincible throughout the game, successfully eliminating five people and sent them to the Jury. The last outsider, April, called the shots and attempted to turn Carly and Adrianna against Brock and Wes. After winning the Reward Challenge, Brock won a car and a picnic, which he shared with Wes, thus fortifying the women's speculation that the two men would take each other at the final two. After the reward, Wes and Brock interrogated the women if they are brewing a plot against them, causing mild paranoia at camp. While Adrianna assured the men they are safe, she and Carly were already aboard April's move.

At the Immunity Challenge, Brock won, which made the women turn their cross-hairs at Wes. At Tribal Council, Brock gave his Immunity Necklace to Wes, prompting the women to vote for him. But in a stunning doublecross, Brock pulled out the Hidden Immunity Idol, deflecting all three votes against him. In the end, Brock and Wes honored their final four pact with Adrianna and Carly by sending April home, but not before leaving without handing Wes the final Cursed Idol. Four remain, but only one will become the SOLE SURVIVOR!


Day 37 Immunity Challenge: Tell-Tale
After the host reveals the story of the Battle of Mactan, where famous conquistador Ferdinand Magellan was killed, the survivors must scatter around the area which has seven stations. Each station has a question relating to the said story. At any one time there will only be one person inside of any station. There are three choices in each question denoted by covered clay pots. If they chose the pot that corresponds to the correct answer, they will see a segment of a spear. If they answer incorrectly, they would get a twig, which they must throw at a fire pit situated in the middle of the challenge area before they continue on. First person to form their spear wins immunity.
Winner: Carly

Day 38 Immunity Challenge: Hitch-biking
Pedaling a stationary bike for as long as they can, the survivors must prevent a weight (situated 20 feet from the ground) from breaking their their tile. If their tile breaks or if the weight touches the tile, they are out of the challenge. Last person with their tile intact wins immunity.
Winner: Wes


Night 36

After successfully eliminating the last outsider April, the final four castaways, who happened to be the fearsome foursome alliance congratulated themselves for their success. As the tribe returned to camp from Tribal Council, Brock demanded an explanation of why they plotted against him and Wes. Adrianna stated that April pulled her and Carly because they felt they cannot win against them at the final challenges. Carly added that they felt the two guys were plotting at the previous Immunity Challenge. Wes explained that blindsiding the women was their alternative should they go awry. The girls apologized to the men, which they accepted and went to sleep.

In life, I am avery forgiving person, and I would have forgiven Adrianna and Carly. But being betrayed like that, when I never showed any sign of disloyalty to the alliance really pissed me off. Okay, you've said your sorries, but I'm gonna say sorry too. I don't forgive. I get even.


Day 37

After receiving their Tree Mail, the final four castaways met Jeff Probst for their penultimate Immunity Challenge. Before the challenge commenced, Jeff told them the story of Lapu-Lapu, the first recorded Philippine hero (in his time, the name "Philippines" has yet to be christened, though he was still considered a Philippine hero because his home island of Mactan, the place where he was serving as datu is located in the Cebu region).

After telling the story, Jeff then told the castaways the mechanics for the Immunity Challenge. Wes floundered early on, as he did not remember anything from the story, while it was a close race between Adrianna, Carly and Brock after they answer several questions consecutively. In the end, Carly formed her spear first, winning herself immunity.

Back at camp, with no common enemy left, the fearsome foursome were finally forced to turn on each other. Brock and Wes were at the shoreline, fortifying that it is them till the end. On the other hand, at the shelter, Adrianna asked Carly assurance of her staying loyal to her by voting Wes out by exploiting the Cursed Idol. While Carly said yes to her, she had her doubts.

If i'm going down tonight, i'm going down fighting.


Minutes before heading to Tribal Council, While Adrianna was changing clothes, Brock approached Carly and told her about Adrianna being a serious threat at the Final Tribal Council. This left Carly more perplexed.

I don't know my odds against Adrianna. She save my butt from Seth, but she is really a strong player, and I don't think I can win against her. Though I am not sure of my chances against Brock or Wes either. I thought the Cursed Idol will be the deciding vote, meaning Wes will go home tonight, but I knew the swing vote was me all along.


At Tribal Council, Jeff noted that the final four made a very strong alliance that weathered six Tribal Councils, to the Jury member's chagrin. When asked about the Cursed Idol, Wes anticipated that the girls will use the Cursed Idol as the deciding vote. The votes came in, with Wes' Cursed Idol counted for the final time. With two votes for both Wes and Adrianna, it came down to one vote. The fifth vote revealed to be Adrianna, revealing that Carly sided with Wes and Brock, sending her home.

Returning from Tribal Council, the final three went back to camp and congratulated each other for making it to Day 38. Wes went to sleep, while Carly made a pitch to Brock that if he wins the next Immunity Challenge, he would bring her to the final two. Carly stated that Wes is a waste of space at the final Tribal Council because he slacks at camp, gives up easily at challenges, and just went with the alliance's flow the entire time; even warning him that the jury might not give the respect he deserves. This left Brock worried.

For all I know, Carly's playing me. She's like a more aggressive version of Sandra. I thought she played a brilliant game despite her sassiness. So I am weighing my options whether bringing her to the finals is the best move.


Day 38

Early morning at Salamat camp, the final three received Tree Mail, informing them about their final Immunity Challenge. They met Jeff Probst, who said that the final challenge will tested their willpower.

As a gym instructor, Brock started the challenge strong, while Carly struggled with her weight inching her way to her tile the fastest. 25 minutes into the challenge, Carly's weight was already halfway through the column with Carly looking very exhausted. After 30 minutes since the beginning of the challenge, Carly bailed out, leaving Brock and Wes in contention for the necklace. 50 minutes in, both guys still stood strong, but Brock left leg had a cramp, accidentally eliminating himself out from the challenge, giving Wes the victory.

Back at camp, Brock approached Wes, telling him that he did not need to pay him back for saving him with his own Hidden Immunity Idol and he can vote whoever he wanted to vote out. Later, Carly approached Wes, telling him to honor their pact since being at the original Cebu tribe. This move only pushed Wes over the edge, stating that he overheard her last night when she said he was a coattail rider and a poor excuse for a man.

At Tribal Council, Wes forgave Carly, but her lobbying against Brock ultimately failed, as she became the final member of the Jury.

Returning from Tribal Council, Wes immediately went to sleep, while Brock went to the beach and started crying, feeling nervous that he might not win, because he needed the money badly to support his family, who was struck by hurricane Katrina, and to provide his girlfriend a decent wedding and life.

I never felt this nervous in my entire life. How will the jury treat us? I wanted to win so badly, like I would flip if I lose. I'm such a hot mess right now. I can't go to Tribal tomorrow looking like this!

–Brock, sobbing on his Final Tribal jitters

Day 39

Morning of Day 39, Wes and Brock went to Tree Mail, and to their delight, a bountiful breakfast awaited them, along with a note which told them that after their breakfast, they must pay tribute to their fallen castaways before heading to Tribal Council.

When you see this breakfast on Day 39, you know it's real. You did survive the journey, and not everybody can say they had done this before, let alone survive for more than a month out in the middle of nowhere.

–Wes, on the Day 39 breakfast

While enjoying their breakfast, Brock and Wes agreed they will not throw each other under the bus unless asked by a jury member. That afternoon, the final two headed to a beach where torches of their fallen tribemates were propped. After the the tribute walk, the two headed to Tribal Council one last time.

Final Tribal Council

Jury speeches are arranged according to who spoke first.

Hi guys, good evening. I never knew that after 39 days, I will be here. Knowing I'm the most buff person from the former Davao tribe, I knew I am a sitting duck after merge, and that's where Adrianna came in. With her, we orchestrated the cross-tribe alliance, became successful, but when she turned on me, I have to save myself. This game is about using people, either at camp, challenges or strategy. It's play or be played. This is what the game requries. I did not use you guys for the sake of it, but I genuinely feel that I made real friendships with everybody. I did not single anyone out or alienated anybody. All I want is for you to see that I deserve to win this because I worked hard, played physically, played socially and played this game without compromising who I am. I apologize for any hurt feelings, but again, the game asked for it.

–Brock's opening statement.

Hey there jury. I know people might accuse me weak, with no strategy. But here's the thing. You don't need to play this game with big moves all the time. Not that I was over-relying on my alliance, it's just that my strategy is to be loyal and stay loyal. Curtis, you accused me of being a wimp all these times, but nonetheless, I outlasted you. You said I give up on challenges easily, yet I won yesterday. Just proves all your accusation are wrong.

–Wes' opening statement


April: "Okay. Brock thought about your alliance masquerading behind the two tribes which led to Cyrus' demise. Also, he gave up the necklace to save you and it seemed that he will sacrifice himself. But it was all a ploy when he drew out that idol and screwed me over. Adrianna and Carly orchestrated the eliminations of Seth, Belinda and Alanna. How about you? Did you make any big moves? Because you said you don't need to make big moves all the time. so you are implying you really did something within your alliance. Now, give me at least one thing you did better than Brock, Carly or Adrianna."
Wes: "Uhm, I made friends with every single one of you. It might be an understatement, but while Brock, Adrianna and Carly were busy talking about cutting your heads off, I was busy mingling with you guys."
April: "That's it? That is the most pathetic answer I have ever heard! Like, this is the home stretch, you can't give answers like that! And for the record, you did not made a bond with me. None whatsoever! Like, I tried to talk you out from your laziness at camp, but you're acting defensively. Sorry, but Brock, you got my vote."


Alanna: "April was right. Wes, you're the laziest, most coward man I have ever met in my entire life. You barely muster up energy to even collect water, and you easily give on challenges. Like man up! My question to you is, is this you in your regular life?
Wes: "Actually, that is partially true. You see when I was surfing one time, I felt like I am at the top of the world. Then disaster struck. A great white [shark] attacked us, and it actually killed one of the surfers I went with. It was traumatizing. From that time on, I never went to deep water. I quit surfing then. In relation to the game, I admit, there were times I was not man enough to make a move, but since my near-death experience, I became indecisive. But hey, I came in here knowing there would be water challenges and still accepted it, and being loyal to my alliance till the end should say something."
Alanna: "Fair enough. Brock, did you really brought Wes to the finals because you knew you can beat him? I want a yes or no answer. I don't wanna hear both."
Brock: "No, because when Carly and Adrianna betrayed us, we mutually decided to take each other to the final regardless. Furthermore, Wes won immunity yesterday not me. So he earned his spot right here. He got here in his own terms."


Belinda [in a pissed off, full-bitch mode]: "I'm pissed off, because the person who I wanted to vote tonight was virtually sitting right next to me. Anyways, I still have to vote, and since neither of you wanted to pull out the other's laundry, I'll force you. Now, Brock, why Wes does not deserve the money."
Brock: "That's harsh, because both of us needed --"
Belinda: "B*** S***! I said why's he undeserving, not tell me why he needs the money!"
Brock: "All I'm saying neither of us is undeserving because there are reasons that you wouldn't understand because you don't see in your perspective! His mother has cancer, I need the money for my family, what answer do you want to hear?! Both of us need it. I ---"
Belinda: "Hey, hey, I'm part of the --"
Brock: "Stop interrupting me! Okay being a jury member doesn't mean you're gonna condescend us like I treated you like a piece of s***! I made genuine relationships with every single one of you, and I feel I don't deserve this!"
Belinda: "....hmmm. I'm done talking to you. Wes, same question."
Wes: "I felt that the whole time, Brock has been under Adrianna's wing."
Brock: "Whoa, whoa. That's way low and a big lie. We mutually --"
Wes: "It's like he let Adrianna undermine him for the most part, until she betrayed him."
Brock: "Do you really wanna go there, bub? I mean, seriously? Are you that desperate for a vote Wes?
Wes: "C'mon Brock, you're acting like a baby!"
Brock: "Adrianna knows I ain't relying on anybody without pulling my weight. If it wasn't for me, your ass is gone. And if that's not coattailing, I don't what is! What about you? You can't even answer April's question right!"
Belinda: "I think I'm done. Just a tip for the both of you, man up."
Brock [whispers]: "Bitch."


Curtis: "Good eve to the both of you. Well, Brock, I really do not have any problems with you, so my energies will not be directed on you; and I came in here knowing I'll gonna vote for you. So if Wes blows my question tonight, you're getting my vote."
Brock: "Fine with me."
Curtis: "Wes, before I got voted out, I basically tried to make you come out of your shell by telling you to make your own fate in this game, and basically, you sat on your alliance. Explain to me, why on earth should I vote for somebody who plays safe?"
Wes: "I did not play safe. I felt that--"
Curtis: "Yes you did! You don't do anything at camp, you're either acting weak at challenges or you're just a closet weakling. And you did not compensate any of those things I observed in you."
Wes: "If it weren't for me, our alliance is gone."
Curtis: "Anybody of them can flip as much as you Wes. The way I see it, The alliance brought you here, it's not you who brought the four of you till the end. You're an immature young man. I hope you get past your fears and flourish in life. I'm done. G'luck to the both of you."


Carly: "Hello to the both of you. Wes, why me? Like, you chose me over Brock because you can beat him?"
Wes: "I had a sinking feeling I will lose against you. You're sassy lippy, and all of us know it, but you use it to your advantage. Your candid self made me realize that you can work a jury over better than Brock."
Carly: "Cool. I'll take that as a compliment thank you. Brock, I just wanna know, when you won the car, did you talk strategy with Wes? I mean, Before you made that move which sent April home, was it your intention to really do that, or it's just a back-up plan?"
Brock: "That was a back-up plan. Because you see, me and Wes were discussing what we will do in case you and Drei turn against us. Honestly, I wasn't planning of using the idol that night. And if you two stuck on our side, I would not have used it."
Carly: "The reason I brought it up is because it is one of the examples of why I am uncomfortable of the idea of writing Wes' name down tonight, because like Curtis said, our alliance saved you Wes, not the other way around. You've had your chances, but you let other people do the dirty work for you, which is not a bad thing actually. Diaz-Twine Sandra knew she can't win a single challenge to save her life, but what made her win twice is because she has street smarts. But you Wes, you act immature sometimes, and you lack self-awareness aside from the fact that you have fear of deep water. It's just that the way you carry yourself and how you come across to people. You are lazy at camp and you throw challenges. If you really wanted to win, you to have that passion Wes, and I don't feel the same desire to win as much Brock's. Word of advice Wes, I'm not picking on you, but as your friend from Day 1, toughen up. Like my mamma used to say, food must be cooked well before it becomes worthy of a silver platter. Ciao."


Cyrus: "Wes, Brock I would like you to rate your gameplays from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. No explanation, just scores."
Wes: "7."
Brock: "9."


Adrianna: "I don't need anything from you as far as I'm concerned, but I just wanna know why you gave yourselves such scores. Brock I'll start with you old buddy."
Brock: "I gave myself a nine because I do feel I made real relationships with you, Carly, the other jurors, and the other six departed players; that's 3 points. 3 points for strategic game. I may not be as strategy overkill as you were, I did my best in doing moves though I am the type of person who thinks 5 maybe 10 steps ahead. Like, Cyrus was my biggest threat because he was very likeable, he had to go. Then when you started to plot on me, I have to sacrifice you. Again, I wouldn't have done that if you stayed loyal. 3 more points because I felt I did good in challenges. I didn't give myself a ten because I am not perfect."
Wes: "I gave myself a seven because I admit I made an alliance but did not assert myself enough because I want to keep my allies in their good graces, and don't get rid of me. Also, I felt that I did fairly well in challenges, not as a wimp as others might seem. I do care about the game."
Adrianna: "Brock, I must say I am proud of you. I don't regret aligning with you. You're the only person who did not see me like I was sex-on-legs. You saw me as a worthy competitor, strategist and ally. And I do apologize for turning on you, because that time I knew you will win over me. Wes, I adore you, but I pity you. Tonight's the night you need to step up, but you're such a hot mess today. People say he rode coattails, but guess what, you made it that far, they don't. So be proud that you're there, because if not, I would be beyond happy taking your place."


Serena: "I was beyond crushed. Twice actually. First when Adrianna foooled me of using the idol when I didn't really need it, then apparently, she gave an idol to me to keep my trust in you guys, then off with my head. I helped you guys out but it was my undoing. I fell on a sword for you without anything to gain for myself. Coming here as a transgender, I knew I will be underestimated. But come to think of it, If got blindsided like that, I felt I gained some respect because of how I played the game, because Carly and Adrianna told me you gave me the acceptance that I deserve. You played me because you're scared that I might outplay you. So with that I thank the four of you. I proved myself wrong because I won two immunities. Just to point out, I thank you Brock for helping me to see past my state and move on from there. I came here to get some respect, and I had that, so I'm good. Wes, I would to on your spot right now, and you're not relishing it, which is totally pissing me off. That's all."

Thank you guys for your questions. I hope you felt that I was at my most transparent when I answered your questions. I knew coming in here I will be facing the firing squad, but actually I felt that I rolled with the punches swimmingly. I am grateful for this experience and your company. Thank you.

–Brock's closing statement

I just don't work well under pressure, and I am nervous as hell. I may not be as eloquent than most people, I know I did well in this game, and whether you vote for me or not, not everybody can brag they did this, let alone made this far, and no one can take it from me. I hope you give me a chance and think past my performance anxiety. Thanks.

–Wes' closing statements

After the jury cast their votes, Jeff took the voting urn and left the Tribal Council set. Months later, Jeff revealed the votes, where gym instructor Brock Williams received six of eight votes, declaring him as Sole Survivor. He gained the votes of Cyrus, Serena, Curtis, April, Adrianna and Carly.

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 13:
Wes (2 votes)
April (via Cursed Idol)

Adrianna (3 votes)

Brock, Carly & Wes
Adrianna Ford

Voting Confessionals

Thanks for the experience.


Sorry, better you than me.


If this isreal life, I could have forgiven you the minute you did that to me. But in this game, sorry but, I don't forgive, I get even


Wes is a wuss.


Final Words

Day 38

Tribal Council 14:

Carly (1 vote)

Carly Ramford

Voting Confessionals

You're such a great persuader, I might lose to you. Sorry.


Final Words

Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council 15:
Jury Vote
Voted for
Wes (2 votes)
Alanna & Belinda
Brock (6 votes)
Carly, Curtis, Adrianna, April, Cyrus & Serena
Wes Dreyfus
Brock Williams

Voting Confessionals

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Author's Notes

  • In the Philippine version of the show, the rites of passage are done right before the Final Tribal Council.
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