"I'll Drag You to Hell and Back"
Season Survivor: Grenada- Temptations
Author Tangle
Episode Number 6/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the sixth episode of Survivor: Grenada- Temptations!


Reward Challenge: Dizzy Gillespie
The castaways have to unscrew three bars and stack them on a rack. They must then toss three balls on ropes and connect with the rack. .
Reward: The Temptation, plus a trip to the Survivor bakery, for quiches, savory and sweet pies, and cakes, with tea and coffee.
Winner: TBD

Immunity Challenge: Air Raid
Each tribe will race up a tower and through a series of obstacles to the top. When they get to the top, they will launch sandbags with a slingshot attempting to hit a series of targets. The first two tribes to hit all their targets win immunity.
Winner: TBD


Night 14

(Following Moses’ blindside, the four remaining members of the post-swap Carriacou Tribe return to camp. Assuming that her Gouyave alliance has stuck together, Shivani is in high spirits.)

Shivani: We did it, guys! We stuck together and it all worked out in the end. Jensen, I know you weren’t too excited on voting Moses out, but it was definitely the right move for us as a trio.

Jensen: Yeah, when I thought about it it made the most sense.

Meiling: (pretending to be happy) Yeah, the important thing was we stuck together and it’s great that you realised that.

Shivani: I know the two of you were thinking of Moses as a number but I’m glad you chose to stick with me. Now we can move forward and go through the rest of the game together!

Jensen: That’s awesome!

(As the three of them, albeit Meiling half-heartedly so, celebrate the elimination, the camera focuses on Kendra, who glares at them.)

As soon as we got back from Tribal, the Gouyave’s were celebrating “their” victory in booting Moses. I’m the one who voted for Moses, not Jensen, but of course he’s going to try taking credit for it because his plan backfired. As soon as I knew there were two votes going to Moses it entered my mind that I should flip against him for my game. Like, sorry, but there was obviously something going on between Jensen and Moses because 1) Jensen came running over demanding we vote Shivani and why would you turn on your obviously super-tight alliance for someone who’s been on your tribe for two days? Like, he said Meiling was voting for Moses too and it just made no freaking sense to me that Jensen would turn on both of them without reason. And 2) Everything Jensen said, Moses was all “Yes, Jensen I’ll do whatever you want!” and ugh, Moses is the most loyal person ever. There was no way I was going to go along with that when I was clearly going to be the next person voted out. There’s a brain that comes with these boobs, you know! I’m not just a pretty face! If Jensen thinks he’s getting away with it, he’s about to get a very rude awakening because I have no intention of going home any time soon.

Kendra Valentine

(The camera picks up as Kendra takes her bag off her shoulder and walks towards the shelter with it, which takes her past the three Gouyave members.)

Kendra: (casually, as she walks past) Jensen’s a liar and a traitor, he wanted you out, I voted Moses.

(At Kendra’s bombshell, the three of them stiffen, particularly Jensen. Shivani looks bewildered.)

Shivani: I’m sorry… what’s going on?

Kendra: I voted for Moses tonight and Jensen’s plan backfired so now he’s trying to take credit and you’re believing him!

Jensen: Really, Kendra? I know what this is: you’re in the minority and were part of a powerful alliance on your old tribe! You’re cornered so now you’re throwing out wild accusations!

Kendra: You’re the biggest liar I ever met! You came to me practically begging to write Shivani’s name down!

Jensen: Oh my God, that never happened-

Kendra: Yes it did! You came up to us like “vote Shivani. She and Meiling are voting for Moses so we can make three.”

Jensen: Um…. no. You came to me trying to get me to vote Shivani because you guys were voting her anyway!

Kendra: No, no, no! You wanted Shivani out so bad, you kept going on and on about how dangerous she was and I knew that you and Moses had something so I turned my vote to him! Why would I stay with that plan when I was gonna be next anyway? Jensen: You’re going to be next regardless! Everyone knows you voted Shivani. I know why you’re blaming me, because you’re gonna try for a girls’ alliance or something. Well it’s not gonna work!

Kendra: I’m blaming you because you voted Shivani and I voted Moses!

Jensen: Screaming isn’t gonna get your point across!

Kendra: I am not going home over this! You did it, you know you did, and because you’re from Gouyave and I’m not, you think you can just get away with it! Well, no! I’ll make them see that you did this, even if it takes me every single second of the next few days!

Jensen: Keep telling yourself you didn’t do it if it helps you sleep at night.

Kendra: You know what I’ll keep telling myself? That you’re a lying traitor who’s trying to throw me under the bus, because that’s what you are! And I’m going to prove it!

Jensen: (trying to stop the subject) Yeah, sure, Kendra.

Kendra: You can only lie for so long, Jensen!

Jensen: Same goes for you!

(Jensen walks into the shelter, taking a relieved sigh as Kendra doesn’t follow up on his last comment, instead choosing to huff and go to sleep.)

Wow, I had to get out of that argument quick. Tonight was a disaster. I tried to pull the numbers against Shivani because she was super dangerous without two idols and trying to get rid of Moses, who I didn’t want gone. Meiling wouldn’t go with me so I thought, Kenda and Moses will do it and I went to them and exposed Shivai’s Temptation… but Kendra flipped the vote on Moses for some reason. Why she’d do that I’ll never know, but now I might be in a bad spot. Kendra came right out and started attacking me, saying I voted for Shivani and I had to think up of stuff on the spot, but I was running out of stuff to say so I’m lucky the argument ended when it did. Luckily for me, everyone seems to know I voted for Shivani, except Shivani. She thinks I stuck loyal to Gouyave, and Kendra was screaming and stuff and had a powerful alliance on the other side, so hopefully I can just lay low for the next couple of days until Kendra gets out of here.

Jensen Price

(From Jensen’s confessional, the camera transitions back to a bewildered Shivani as she takes in the scene that just happened.)

Shivani: Well, that was… something.

Meiling: (looking a little guilty) Yeah…

Shivani: Both are adamantly claiming they were the third vote for Moses and I don’t know what’s true. Jensen I don’t trust, but would Kendra really vote Moses out and put herself down 3-1? She knows she’s in trouble, maybe she’s trying to fight her way out of it, but it’s a very sudden and strange accusation.

Meiling: Yeah… I don’t know what to think.

Shivani: We’ll figure it out over the next couple of days. At least I have you by my side and my Temptation worked out!

(Shivani heads back to the shelter. The camera focuses on her as her confessional is heard.)

Here I was thinking that tonight had all gone to plan, Gouyave had stuck together and voted Moses and I’ll get my idol and we’ll continue along as an alliance of three. Then, as soon as we got back from Tribal and completely out of nowhere, Kendra says she was the third vote for Moses, which meant Jensen voted for me, and the two of them broke out into an argument that was over as quickly as it began. I really don’t know who to believe here: I didn’t trust Jensen to begin with and he fought me hard on keeping Moses, so he might have tried to oust me, but it doesn’t make sense that he would have gone against everyone like that and let Kendra back in the game when he was so adamant on getting rid of her. Kendra is cornered and she knows it, so it makes sense that she would try and frame Jensen as having voted for Moses to try and save herself, but if Jensen had come to her trying to get me out and she knew two votes were against Moses, she very well could have done it to try and pick up allies on this side. I don’t know who or what to believe just yet. I’m going to pay very close attention to them and gather evidence over the next few days before I make my judgement.

Shivani Chandra

(The camera then focuses on Meiling, who is looking guilty.)

Once again I’ve been put in a very difficult spot because to help one friend would mean betraying the other, no matter what I do. I know for absolute certain that Jensen voted for Shivani tonight, even though I asked him not to, and now Kendra, who I have no loyalty to, is rightfully claiming that she was the third Moses vote and Shivani doesn’t know who to believe. I gave my loyalty to both Shivani and Jensen. If I tell Shivani the truth and be loyal to her, I’m betraying my bond with Jensen. If I keep my bond with Jensen by lying to Shivani, in a way I’m betraying her and I’m also letting Kendra go home for something she didn’t do, which doesn’t sit well with me. It would be best for me, from a purely strategic point of view, to let Kendra go home as I know both Jensen and Shivani would be loyal to me, but I have no idea if I’m going to be able to do that, or even if I want to.

Meiling Gao

Day 15

Pre-Reward: Carriacou

The camera opens on the Carriacou Tribe just after dawn, where everyone is asleep. Shivani stirs and gently sneaks out of the shelter without disturbing anyone, taking her bag with her. She sneaks into the forest, opens her bag and feels inside. Sure enough, where there was once one wrapped piece of cloth, there are now two. She walks off into a secluded area, pulls out the second piece of cloth and unwraps it to find the Idol of Burden and a note. 

Shivani: (reading)

"Congratulations, you have risked your spot in the game and are now rewarded with the Idol of Burden. You have the power to transfer the burden of your votes on to somebody else. Just like a regular idol, this must be played after the votes are cast but before they are read. Unlike your Temptation, the Idol of Burden is transferable. The only rule this idol has is that you cannot vote for the person you are transferring your votes to.. You can only use it once and it will not be rehidden. Use it wisely."

Shivani: Wow, that's quite a lot of power.

Last night I took the Temptation, risked my safety and came out alive, although apparently barely so. Regardless, I have the Idol of Burden now, which basically means I can transfer any votes I get to somebody else, but the only catch is that I can't vote for the person I'm transferring my votes to. It's transferable as well, which means it's a pretty powerful idol, which could be used to ensure that my alliance gets the upper hand in the future. Of course this actually counts on me having a stable alliance. It's scary enough knowing somebody has one idol, but if people knew I had two, especially one that's more powerful than normal, it would be like walking around with a sign that says "HIT ME". The second vote for me is still up in the air, with both Jensen and Kendra claiming the other did it. It is absolutely crucial that I find out who did cast the vote for me, because if I make the wrong choice and leave them in, these idols are going to be nothing but useless lumps of wood and my game will unravel faster than I can blink.

Shivani Chandra

Some time passes and Shivani has returned to camp, put her bag back in the shelter and is now preparing the meal of rice and beans for the tribe. Meiling eventually stirs from sleep and climbs out of the shelter to join her.

Meiling: Good morning, Shivani.

Shivani: Hey. I'm almost done with this if you secretly want to help yourself to a bigger serve. I won't tell. (laughs)

Meiling: (forcing a small smile) I just might!

Shivani: (giving the pot a stir) By the way, I have the idol in my bag. 

Meiling: The Temptation one?

Shivani: Yes, I can play it like a regular idol and transfer any votes for me that night onto a person of my choice. It's transferable as well, so I can save you if you need. 

Meiling: That's great!

Shivani: Yeah, the only problem is we need to figure out who cast that vote against me. If people know that I have an idol that's even more powerful than a regular idol, I'm going to be in a lot of trouble, especially if it's Jensen, who already knows I have one idol. (sigh)

Meiling: Yeah, I hope you find out who did it. 

Shivani: We'd better shush, they're starting to wake up.

(Jensen wakes up, closely followed by Kendra. The two of them walk out.)

Jensen: Awesome, breakfast is ready. I'm starving.

Kendra: (watching as Jensen helps himself to some food) Hey Jensen, you want a side of traitor with your rice and beans? Oh wait, you don't need any, because you already are a taitor!

Jensen: (confused) That... makes literally no sense at all.

Kendra: You know what else makes no sense? Why you'd vote for Shivani and then blame me for it!

Jensen: You wanna know why I'm blaming you? Because you did it! I'm not getting into this with you again, I already dealt with it last night.

Kendra: Why don't you wanna get into it? Because you have no comebacks? 

Jensen: No, because we already did this last night!

Meiling: Everybody be quiet and eat your beans, please.

Kendra: Yeah, Jensen, eat your traitor beans.

Meiling: Kendra!

Kendra: Okay! I'll be quiet.

(There is a dead, uncomfortable, silence as the four of them eat their breakfast. Soon, they are all finished, and Jensen stands up.)

Jensen: Meiling, can we talk?

Meiling: Okay.

(Meiling and Jensen leave. As soon as they are gone, Kendra turns to Shivani.)

Kendra: You know that Jensen's going to ask Meiling to cover for him, right?

Shivani: I'm not sure what they're going to talk about.

Kendra: You believe me when I say I voted for Moses, right?

Shivani: I'm not sure who I believe. It's difficult to judge right now.

Kendra: (getting emotional) You have to believe me! I voted for Moses because I knew that he had something with Jensen and Meiling and I'd be on the bottom if you left! Shivani, if I'd voted for you, I'd come back to camp saying that Jensen told us to vote for you, not that he had voted for you! Please believe me. I talked to you all about my tribe when I first got here! You know I'm loyal! I don't lie to people. 

Shivani: I know you're loyal, Kendra, but I don't know whether that was to me or Moses. 

Kendra: It was to you! Ugh, this is the Temptation coming back to bite me, isn't it? The whole game, literally the whole game, I've been targeted for that when all I was doing was trying to take threats out. Because I took it, people have been targeting me left, right and centre and other people are jumping on the bandwagon because I'm apparently some massive threat! People keep looking past the fact that I'm loyal and I just... (sigh) I can't deal with it anymore, Shivani. I literally can't.. I was loyal to you. I'm way more loyal than Jensen. Are you scared that I'll just run back to Carriacou? I won't! If you keep me over Jensen, I'll be loyal to you. Like I said, I'm loyal to the people who are loyal to me.

Shivani: (sigh) Kendra, I know you said you're loyal, and trust me, this has nothing to do with the Temptation-

Kendra: Have you got your powerful idol yet?

Shivani: (stops dead) What?

Kendra: The powerful idol you got for voting Moses out because you took the Temptation... have you got it yet?

Shivani: (completely flabbergasted) I...

Kendra: I wonder who I could have found that out from? Meiling didn't tell me because I never talked to her, you definitely didn't tell me, so who does that leave? 

Shivani: (sighs) Wow...

Kendra: So who's really loyal to you, huh?

Shivani: I... need to go.

(Trying to compose herself, Shivani gets up and walks away.)

Kendra: (sweetly calling after her) Bye, Shivani! I hope you remember who told you the truth!

(As she watches Shivani go, Kendra smiles to herself, satisfied, as her confessional plays over the top.)

I pulled out my trump card! Take that, Jensen! Boom! I cannot believe that Shivani didn't believe me until I told her that! Like, honestly, you're a lawyer and you still don't know how to spot a liar? Just because Jensen is on Gouyave does not mean he was loyal to her last night. In fact, he wasn't, and I'm not letting him blame for this! I am not going home for something I didn't even do. Surely Shivani has to believe me now. I'm not holding my breath, though. If I ever get arrested, I hope it's in South Dakota, because with Shivani representing the prosecution I'd get off immediately! I am going to be so mad if that grandma Meiling covers up for Bitch Jensen and Shivani believes her! I hope this next Temptation challenge is something that I can win because I need it!

Kendra Valentine

(The camera then focuses on Shivani, who is still completely shocked.)

I'm still reeling from what Kendra just told me. I was never expecting her to come out with that. She knows about my idol. I didn't tell her, Meiling didn't tell her, and I only told three people, which means it must have been Jensen. I can't fathom why he would do that... unless Kendra is telling the truth and Jensen was the second vote against me. The more I think about that fact, the likelier it seems that was the case. There may be another side to this, but I think I need to go to Meiling and find out if she knows anything. Everyone on Gouyave knew that Jensen and Meiling were the closest, so I figured if Jensen was going to flip on me, he would have at least discussed with her. I trust Meiling enough that she would give me truth if confronted, even if she is close with him. She cares about loyalty like I do, and I'm going to get answers about this so I can have the most loyal people possible going forward.

Shivani Chandra

(Following Shivani's confessional, there is a transitioning nature shot, and the camera picks up on Meiling and Jensen as they talk together.)

Jensen: So, um, I voted for Shivnai last night. 

Meiling: I know. Even though I asked you not to. 

Jensen: I know, but I didn't want to let Moses go when he was a big number for us. Shivani was on to us, I thought she was too good to leave in the game with two idols!

Meiling: If you didn't want her to have two idols why did you insist she take the Temptation?

Jensen: Because I thought she'd be with us to boot Kendra 4-1! When she started pushing for Moses to go home I knew she was on to us and didn't trust us, and with two idols and being the smartest person in the game, I thought she'd turn on us! 

Meiling: So you trusted Kendra of all people to vote with you when you'd been aggressively pushing to get her out for the last few days?

Jensen: I didn't think she'd turn on Moses! 

Meiling: You baffle me sometimes. I can't believe you would trust her, especially when Moses told us that the two of them were on opposite sides. (sigh) 

Jensen: What are you going to say to Shivani? 

Meiling: What should I say?

Jensen: I'm your ally too.. can you cover for me and say Kendra did it?

Meiling: Don't you dare ask me to lie to her. What do you think I am? She's my ally, I'm loyal to her. I don't think I would be comfortable lying to her!

Jensen: You're loyal to me, too! What are you gonna do, just sell me out?

Meiling: Loyalty isn't just something you can pick and choose to follow at your convenience; it's a two-way street, which means you have to be loyal to me as well, and that means listening to what I say. You did your own thing with this Shivani vote, but it's not the first time. You also went and talked to Trinity when I asked you not to. Time and time again you put my game in danger and just expect I'll be there to pick up the pieces. This cannot keep happening, Jensen. 

Jensen: It won't, I swear to God. I thought I had this one but it was too close a call, and you know that I was just looking out for us anyway. I knew Moses would be loyal to us and we could have ridden to final three together.

Meiling: So you promise to listen to what I say from now on? 

Jensen: Yes! I promise. You're not going to tell Shivani, are you?

Meiling: (sigh) Listen, I will try to get you out of this, but I don't think I'm comfortable enough to lie to her. If I can get you out of it without lying, then I will. 

Jensen: Please do this for me, Meiling. I'm your #1. 

Meiling: If I do, you'd better start acting like it.

Jensen: I will, I promise.   (The two of them go their separate ways. The camera focuses on a nervous-looking Jensen as he takes a deep breath and frowns.)

So I'm really nervous right now. I flipped and it backfired and Kendra's coming at me like a freaking wounded bull and I don't know how much longer I'm gonna be able to fend it off. I think I've got Meiling on my side to cover this up, but she doesn't know if she'd be comfortable lying to Shivani. I hate that I put her in that position, but I really didn't think this would fail and Shivani was scaring me. I consider her my #1 and this was a huge wake-up call for me that I can't just do this on my own. (sigh) She did tell me that she'd try to get me out of it, and surely everyone knows what a massive threat Kendra is. Hell, I did, I was gonna get rid of her next anyway, and if they let her through to the merge, she won't be loyal to them no matter what she says.

Jensen Price

(The camera next picks up on Meiling as she is walking alone, and Shivani approaches her.)

Shivani: Hey, Meiling. Can I ask you something?

Meiling: Sure. What do you need?

Shivani: You don't know if Jensen voted for me, do you? Did he discuss anything with you?

Meiling: Uh... he discussed it with me, but I told him to stop it and to vote for Moses. 

Shivani: And do you think he did it? 

Meiling: He never outright told me he was 100% voting for you, but I told him all the reasons why he shouldn't and I think he listened to them. 

Shivani: I'm just concerned. You know he hasn't listened to us before and practically blew our chance of making it out of the minority. And I just found out from Kendra that he told her about the Temptation, so now Kendra knows I have the Idol of Burden.

Meiling: He... did what? Are you sure it's not just Kendra trying to stir up trouble? 

Shivani: I'm absolutely sure. If she'd said something like "I know what your Temptation is", then I would have doubted it. She asked me if I'd gotten my powerful idol yet, which is too specific to have not been informed. 

Meiling: Oh my... 

Shivani: So, in all honesty, it's making me think he did vote for me.

Meiling: Hmm... you and I both know that Jensen has done some pretty dumb things out here. Maybe it was a misguided attempt to show that he was trustworthy? 

Shivani: Maybe, but surely even Jensen wouldn't do something that dumb. I don't know who I believe now, because what Kendra said has thrown things all up in the air. Regardless I think we'll have to throw again. Someone on this side is a traitor and it's just not safe to go with an incredibly strong person like them, who knows I have one idol- two if it's Jensen who lied- and have them not be on our side. 

Meiling: I just hope that we can have three definite numbers. We can't survive as a unit of two, even with each other's loyalty. Do you think it's smart? 

Shivani: (sigh) I know, if I make the wrong choice, things are going to be very difficult. One of them knows about the idol either way, but you're right. If I make the wrong choice we're only a tribe of two, and if we keep getting into this pattern of throwing it's just going to put even bigger targets on our backs as a tight duo.

Meiling: That's why this game is so difficult, but I understand how panicked you must feel with both of them knowing about your idol. No matter what, I am on your side, though.

Shivani: Thank you. (sighs) I am very nervous, but if I can count on you I should be okay.

Meiling: You definitely can.

(The two of them head back to camp. The camera focuses on Shivani, who is deep in thought, as her confessional is heard over the top.)

So I just spoke to Shivani and she seemed fairly taken aback that Jensen would reveal my Temptation, so it's a good sign that she might not have been entirely in the know about what she's doing. I've been close to Meiling since the game began, but I'm also aware she's tight with Jensen, so I hope she's not covering for him. She's proven to be a very loyal person in the past and we promised to have each other's backs, so I would hope that extends to if Jensen betrayed me. I talked about throwing with her and she was a little hesitant, as am I, be cause I know it would put a big target on our backs and be damaging if I made the wrong choice. The problem is, I know that both of them know my idol secret and at least one of them can't be trusted with it. (sigh) I hope I can trust Meiling or I have nothing left.

Shivani Chandra

(The camera then changes to Meiling, who is looking highly conflicted.)

I feel absolutely awful about the position I'm in right now. I know the truth but Jensen has asked me to protect him, yet Shivani is asking me to protect her, and it doesn't feel right that I'm lying to either of them, yet it seems I'm betraying someone either way. (sigh) Shivani is so nervous, because her entire game rides on getting rid of the correct person, and here I am saying that I'll protect that very person. She's talking about throwing the challenge, which I'm not sure is a good idea. I'm still yet to even have a conversation with Kendra so I don't know where her head is at, but while it might be best for my game to eliminate her, it's conflicting with morals. But if I go with my morals, I may be putting myself in danger for the long-term... do you see what I'll have to deal with? I need to stop beating around the bush and establish all my options. Looks like Kendra and I are going to be having a long conversation in the near future.

Meiling Gao

Pre-Reward: Gouyave Tribe

From Meiling's confessional, we are then taken to the Gouyave Tribe, where the mood is generally upbeat as all four women are having fun relaxing around camp. The exception is Topher, who is shown miserably lying in the shelter, staring at the ceiling. Ignoring this, the four girls are sitting around when, out of nowhere, Brooklyn starts laughing.

Taihlaura: (eyeing her quizzically) What's so funny?

Brooklyn: Do we still have that fishing gear Jensen won for us, or did it go with him to Carriacou?

Samantha: No... we've still got it. Why?

Brooklyn: (getting up, laughing) I'm gonna try it out. Any of you know how?

(The three other women shake their heads.)

Brooklyn: Topher, do you know how to fish? 

Topher: (dull) No.

Brooklyn: (laughs) Okay, I'm gonna have a go.

Samantha: Why is that funny? Wait, don't tell me: the only time you've ever been fishing is when you were stoned out of your mind?

Brooklyn: No... I've never been fishing before so I'm probably gonna accidentally stab myself in the boob or something. (giggles)

Lulu: (cackles) Now this I have to see!

Samantha: I'm so in for seeing this too. 

Lulu: (laughing) Anyone... (wheezes) Anyone who wants to see Brooklyn stab herself in the boob... (laughs) because she sucks at fishing so bad and there's come down to the beach!

Brooklyn: (smirks) Thanks for the vote of confidence, bitch.

(The four women go down towards the beach as Brooklyn grabs the fishing gear. Lulu  turns around.)

Lulu: Come on, Topher!

(Topher gets up and slowly follows the women down to the beach. The camera next picks up as all five are standing on the beach and Brooklyn is getting ready to dive in.)

Brooklyn: Okay,,, here goes nothing.

Taihlaura: If you end up stabbing yourself underwater,please try and come up as soon as you start bleeding, we don't want you bleeding in the water. 

Samantha: Yeah, because that'd attract sharks and then we wouldn't be able to go swimming, so please don't ruin our ocean. (giggles)

Lulu: (smirks) Wow, you're cold, you only care about having a place to swim and not about Brooklyn stabbing herself.

Samantha: (mock offense) I do care about Brooklyn stabbing herself! I care about her not doing in the water. There's nothing to do here and that would take away, like, the only thing. (giggles)

Lulu: (cackles) You heartless bitch.

Brooklyn: Here I go!

(Brooklyn swims out and goes underwater. A montage is played of her efforts. Although she swims quite strongly she is soon shown to be incompetent with the spear, struggling with the accuracy and speed as many fish get away from her or she misses them completely. After a little while longer, Brooklyn finally connects on one of the smallest fish in the ocean. She comes back up with her catch, already laughing hysterically.)

Brooklyn: I caught... (laughing so hard she's struggling to get the words out) I caught the tiniest fish!

(Seeing the sheer size- or lack thereof- of Brooklyn's catch causes the other women to laugh heartily as well. Topher, although nervously reluctant at first, gives a small chuckle.)

Taihlaura: You could almost swallow that thing whole. You weren't kidding when you said you'd never been fishing before!

Samantha: (cackles) Brooklyn I'm assigning you fishing duty for this tribe! You're a natural! (she begins wheezing with laughter, which causes the other women to laugh even harder)

Brooklyn: (trying to stifle more laughter)i All the big ones kept swimming away from me and then this one came along.. (giggles) And I felt so bad because it was so small but I wanted to catch something so bad so.. RIP fish!

Taihlaura: (giggles) Wanna go and cook it? You could down it one gulp. It's like a fish shot!

Samantha: (immediately turning to Lulu, giggling) Please don't tell me you've had experience with that.

(This comment sends Lulu into hysterical laughter, which causes a chain reaction of the women laughing even harder. Lulu tries to get a sentence out in reply but is laughing so hard she can't even speak. They keep going for a bit until the laughter dies down.)

Brooklyn: (giggles) I think we'll call this a victory and I'll get back to camp for my fish shot! (laughs)

(With the laughter small and just to themselves, the four women, in high spirits, head back to camp with Brooklyn's catch.)

Lulu: (turns around, smiling) Topher, you coming?

Topher: Nah, I'm good.

(Without a care, Lulu turns back to the enjoyment of the women.)

Brooklyn: Wow, that's the most fun I've had out here in fifteen days!

(As they head back to camp, the camera focuses on a smiling Brooklyn, as her confessional is heard.)

Today, just out of nowhere, I decided I'd go fishing and what a freaking fun experience it was! (giggles) I caught probably the tiniest fish in the whole ocean, good enough for one bite if that, but having the girls there to share the experience with was so much more rewarding. We laughed and we had so much fun! I haven't laughed that much in a long time, and although I didn't come away with any physical evidence to show of my fishing skills, what I did come away with was a bonding experience that brought the four of us just a bit closer and gave us all a story to tell. Even Lulu has slotted into our girls' alliance so easily it's like she's been here the whole time. I could not get any happier right now. I'm absolutely loving this tribe!

Brooklyn Ventura

(The camera next picks up as the four women are relaxing around camp again.)

Lulu: You know what'd be just great right now? 

Brooklyn: A shower?

Lulu: Well.. that, yeah, but a book to read would be amazing!

Samantha: Imagine being so comfortable in a 24-hour strategy game that you can think about reading a book.

Lulu: It's not my fault this is the most comfortable alliance I've been in! (laughs)

Taihlaura: Yeah, this is the easiest set of days I've had out here. I have an idea, why don't we make our own book?

Samantha: With what?

Taihlaura: No, like an audio book! We start off with a sentence and just go around and keep adding to it. 

Lulu: That sounds awesome! 

Taihlaura: I'll start! Once upon a time there was a woman called... Lulu. 

Samantha: Who decided she would try and sink 32 shots in one night. (giggles)

Lulu: I wish I'd never told you that story, bitch. (giggles)

Brooklyn: But on the way to the bar, she was interrupted by her boss...

Lulu: ...Who told her that... the world was under attack from... killer mutant high-school kids who got sick of Samantha's teaching! 

Samantha: You bitch. (giggles) 

Taihlaura: (laughs) Okay, this is getting fun. Um... Lulu's boss told her that the only way to stop the mutant high-school kids was with pizza!

Samantha: So they ran to the local pizza shop and tried to get the pizza guy to make them enough pizzas to stop the army...

Brooklyn: But they didn't have enough ingredients, so they had to go over to the supermarket and raid that...

Lulu: ...but Samantha sent the shopkeeper to sleep because she tried to turn shopping into a math lesson!

Samantha: (giggles) Oh you are getting it when it's my turn. 

Taihlaura: So they had to get all the produce themselves, and made it back to the pizza shop, by which time the mutant teenagers had destroyed the bar!

Samantha: (smirks) And Lulu got so upset that she couldn't have anymore alcohol that she sat down and cried, but she was already drunk because she'd had pre-drinks, and ate all the pizza ingredients, thinking they were an actual pizza!

Lulu: I hate you! (giggles)

Brooklyn: (smirks) Then one of the teenagers made the unfortunate mistake of playing a song that Lulu knew, so she decided it was time for another round of topless karaoke. 

Lulu: (giggles) Why am I getting dragged like this!?

Samantha: (cackles) Yes, Brooklyn!

Lulu: And because teenage boys are so obsessed with boobs, I was able to hypnotise them and save the town by sending them away because they'd do whatever I said... and on the way out they destroyed Samantha's house just for the fun of it.

Samantha: Oh, you bitch

Taihlaura: So, Lulu was hailed the town hero and given a large sum of money by the mayor.

Samantha: (giggles) And rather than do some good with it, Lulu spent the entire sum of money on rebuilding the bar so she could have 32 shots in one night, and died of alcohol poisoning! 

Lulu: (giving her a playful shove) Oh, you asshole, you are getting it! (giggles)

Brooklyn: And to honour her, the mayor decided to build a giant statue of her!

Lulu: (smirks) Alright, time for the coup de grace... Samantha got so jealous of Lulu's statue that she tried to take it down and it ended up falling on top of her and crushing her so she died, THE END! Boom! I won! 

(The four of them laugh heartily.)

Taihlaura: So our "audio book" just turned into a back-and-forth between Samantha and Lulu? I can get behind that. (laughs)

Lulu: And I won! (smirks) Thanks for that assist, Brooklyn!

Brooklyn: I couldn't just let Samantha burn you like that without a right of reply, could I?

Samantha: I see how it is. (giggles) This has honestly been the best day for us, don't you think, girls? 

Lulu: Oh, for sure! You girls are amazing! Brooklyn, you've got such a funny side, Taihlaura, you're so fun and great to be around, and Samantha, I can't believe you're this awesome, we live three hours from each other, and I'm only just meeting you now! It's like I've been a part of this alliance since the beginning. I almost wish I'd been on Gouyave!

Brooklyn: Well, as far as we're concerned, it's like you have been! I don't think this day could get any better. This alliance, we're set to the merge, for the long-haul.

Lulu: Preach it! This has been the best day ever!

(The four of them sit back, smiling and laughing. The camera focuses on a delighted Lulu.)

Don't get me wrong, I love Kendra and I wanna keep going with her if we both get to the merge, but this swap on Gouyave has been the breath of fresh air that I never knew I needed! I thought I was done for but I've slotted right into this girls' alliance with Samantha, Brooklyn and Taihlaura and I really think, not only are win in this together for the ride, but I'm gonna come out of here with some amazing friends on top of that. I do feel a little bad for Topher but he's only digging his grave further by not talking to anyone. If I can get him out of this, maybe I will, but if I can't then I'm not gonna lose sleep over it. This has been the easiest, best, few days of the game so far. We've just relaxed so well and it's such a change from the constant drama that was on Carriacou. I am absolutely in heaven right now!

Lulu Nguyen

(From here, the camera transitions to Topher, who is on the beach. He walks back up, sees the women enjoying themselves, and makes his way along the beach, looking sad.)

I see those four girls getting closer and closer while I drift further apart. Even Lulu seems to have completely moved on and abandoned me just like I knew she would. I have no option anymore but to try and find one of the idols. Because of Kendra's Temptation, there were two hidden out here and I have to hope that one of them hasn't been discovered yet, or if they both have, that something's been rehidden. I'm not going to stop looking until I find one. I just hope I don't get caught.

Topher Daniels

The camera picks up as Topher is shown walking into the forest and looking around trees and dirt for the idol, around rocks and anything that looks like it may stand out. However, he finds nothing. Wondering if it might be up a tree, he tries to scale one but fails miserably and gives up. There is then a small timeskip and the camera shows a montage of Topher walking down the beach and looking all around there, but finding nothing. He then goes back into the forest for a second look, digging around some different trees. As he is digging, he fails to notice Taihlaura coming up behind him. He turns around, sees her there, and jumps.

Topher: (sighs) Hey.

Taihlaura: So, uh, you were looking for an idol, right? 

Topher: (sighs) There goes my one chance at survival. I needed to find this and now I'm screwed.

Taihlaura: I told you you weren't screwed! You just need to fit in more.

Topher: How is that possible? I'm the only guy here against four girls, Lulu abandoned me despite what you say, and you girls are just getting closer and closer, and now I can't even find an idol because I've been caught looking for one! Honestly, this just gets worse and worse.

(The camera briefly transitions over to Brooklyn, who is also walking in the forest. She catches sight of Topher and Taihlaura talking and, thinking quickly, ducks behind a nearby tree so as to be out of sight but within earshot.)

Taihlaura: You aren't out of the game yet, Topher! You just have to keep fighting. We haven't all abandoned you, I promised.

Topher: Well, if you haven't abandoned me, can you help me look for the idol?

Taihlaura: No, I can't help you do that, I'm sorry.

Topher: See? You have abandoned me. 

Taihlaura: (quickly) No, I didn't say that, I just don't think it's good. If I caught you, someone could catch us, and then we'd be in trouble.

Topher: You're not going to tell anyone, are you? 

Taihlaura: No, of course I won't. I have your back. 

(The camera briefly flashes to Brooklyn, who is taken aback at this comment, before going back to Taihlaura and Topher.)

Topher: Okay... I just hate thos. I need that idol to survive, I know it. If this gets told to everyone, I'm gonna be in an even worse position.

Taihlaura: Everything will be fine, I promise. 

(Taihlaura and Topher go their separate ways. The camera focuses on a distraught-looking Topher.)

Well that was an absolute disaster. I went looking for an idol and got caught by Taihlaura, which I suppose is better than getting caught by Samantha or Brooklyn, but still it means I can't find an idol now. (sigh) She says she's not going to tell but of course she is, and now I'm going to be in an even worse position. I don't know what more I can do. Nobody wants to get involved with me, everyone's making bonds without me, and no matter what I do, I seem to make things worse for myself. It seems like the only thing I can do now is hope we win immunity challenges, but even that would have to be without me.

Topher Daniels

(The camera then changes focus to Taihlaura, who is walking back to camp. Brooklyn steps out and joins her.)

Brooklyn: Hey, Taihlaura!

Taihlaura: (slightly surprised) Hey, Brooklyn! What's up?

Brooklyn: Not a lot. So... Topher, was looking for the idol back there, huh?

Taihlaura: You heard all that? (laughs)

Brooklyn: Yeah, most of it. I heard that you promised not to tell him. He seems pretty cool with you, huh? If I was him, I would have been crapping myself if one of the alliance caught me looking for an idol.

Taihlaura: Well, he's probably the most comfortable around me because I'm the only one who's really talked to him. Trust me when I say the guy is so far on the bottom and he's pushing himself further and further down because he's convinced everyone is abandoning him. Of course I was going to come and tell you guys. I couldn't tell him that, though, or else he was going to keep searching for it. 

Brooklyn: What about you telling him you have his back?

Taihlaura: It was another thing I had to say. What was I going to tell him, "this means you're getting voted out for sure now?" I was doing damage control. There were two idols hidden on Gouyave. Eddiot got one but we don't know what happened to the other. It could still be out there, Topher could find it and we'd be done for. If he thinks I've got his back he might relax a little. Don't worry, Brooklyn, I'm one hundred percent committed to the girls.

Brooklyn: Yeah, that makes sense. If he found the idol we'd be pretty screwed. (laughs)

Taihlaura: Yeah, so that's why I have to work to make him comfortable. I did it to Wylie and got us the upper hand. I gave you that commitment on day one and I'm sticking to it. 

Brooklyn: No worries, Taihlaura! That's all I wanted to know. (smiles)

(As the two of them walk back to camp, the camera first focuses on Brooklyn, as her confessional is heard over the top.)

I don't know, things have been weird with Taihlaura lately. First she gets involved in the Trinity mess, then I catch her promising to keep Topher's idol hunting a secret and saying she has his back. She claims she was going to tell us and she was just saying it to make him comfortable, which makes a lot of sense, and I would have honestly believed it immediately if it were Samantha or Lulu. But given that Taihlaura is... Taihlaura, there's the smallest bit of doubt in my mind. Taihlaura plays a scary game and I don't think she realises that just because she knows where her loyalties are, doesn't mean that I do. 95% of me believes that she's being honest, but 5% of me thinks there might be something bigger at play. I've taken action before to nip Taihlaura's double-sided playing in the bud and I might have to do it again.

Brooklyn Ventura

(The camera then changes focus to a nervous-looking Taihlaura.)

I got caught telling Topher that I wasn't gonna tell anyone and I had his back. Truth is, I was gonna tell my alliance just so they were aware, but I was doing damage control and making sure Topher didn't run away looking for the idol even more. My loyalty is to the girls, and I was using Topher as more of a backup than anything, but I think that's gonna come in handy. Based on how Brooklyn acted I don't think I have as much of her trust as I used to. I might be reading too much into things, but since the whole Trinity thing got blown up, I seem to have fallen a little out of favour with them, even though I was going to stick with them. I just didn't tell anyone because I wanted my options open. (sigh) If I have lost the trust of them, I might have to start looking at alternative alliances.

Taihlaura Houston

Pre-Reward: Levera

Upbeat music plays as the camera opens on Day 15 for the Levera Tribe. Stanley is awake and shown making another mark in the the tree to mark the days on the tribe calendar. 

Stanley: Day 15! And that means... happy birthday, Max!

So, today is my little brother's birthday! Happy birthday, Max! He and I are super close. He's my little bro, you know? We do a lot of stuff together. We're both really musical, we've even collabed on a song together, and birthdays in particular are a really big thing in our family. Every year, whenever someone's birthday hits, we have a big celebration and do all sorts of fun stuff. I haven't missed a single birthday celebration of my brother's yet, and I don't plan on doing it just 'cause I'm in Grenada, so I'm gonna try and get the tribe on board to have a little party of our own! We've been a bit hardcore with strategy lately and I'm sure we've all come from drama, so we could use a break. I've already got ideas forming in my mind. This is gonna be cool!

Stanley Moriarty

(Gradually, the rest of the tribe begins to get up. The upbeat music continues as a montage is shown of the tribe having a small meal of rice and beans, then the dishes are cleared away. When everyone is back, Stanley gathers the tribe around.)

Stanley: Hey, everyone! I have a small request. It's my brother's birthday today! I've never missed a year celebrating it and I don't intend to start. Let's have our own, totally wild. partay!


Ashanda: A party? Out here? What would we even do?

Stanley: Well, birthdays are always big in our family, and one year we had this awesome beach bash and spent the whole day swimming and having fun, I was thinking we could just spend the day down at the beach? No strategy today, just a fun time to give us all a break from the game and celebrate my brother's birthday all the way from Grenada! I want him to know that just 'cause I was out here doesn't mean I missed out on the celebrating!

Jamie: A whole day of partying? Sure, I'm down. 

Trinity: Hell yeah I'm down for this!

Ashanda: Sounds cool to me, just a day to relax! 

Jamie: Yeah, and after all the drama in this game so far, we can totally use a day off.

Trinity: Don't even start with me about drama. If this gives me a day of nothing then I'm down! Let's go!

Stanley: Woohoo! Beach partay!

Eddiot: Yeahhhh! Party time!

(As the five of them head down to the beach, the camera focuses on Jamie, who is smiling.)

So, this morning, Stanley asked us for a party of sorts to celebrate his brother's birthday, 'cause back home birthdays are a big deal to him. I was more than happy to go along with it. It sounds like he and his brother are close, and this would mean a lot to them both. Having a younger brother of my own that I'm pretty close to, I know what it's like to be missing a close connection out here and if a day chilling at the beach is gonna make him feel good, I'm all for it! Plus, any excuse to avoid drama after living through it daily at Carriacou. (laughs) We're basically gonna spend the whole day relaxing, doing whatever, and with the crazy people on this tribe I think it's gonna be awesome!

Jamie Forrester

(Jovial music plays as the camera picks up on the Levera Tribe as they hang out on the beach. Ashanda, Jamie, Stanley and Trinity are already all in the water. Eddiot is on the beach, preparing to go in.)

Eddiot: (running at fall speed) CANNONBAAAAAALL!

(Eddiot jumps into the ocean and make a sizable splash, splashing those near him.)

Eddiot: WOOHOO! 

Ashanda: I gotta say, you're pretty dumb when it comes to a lot of things, but doing a cannonball isn't one! 

Trinity: (smirks) A lot. That's an understatement.

Eddiot: Thanks! Pool parties are my specialty and I, Eddiot Brantley, am the King of the Cannonball! (laughs)

Jamie: Man, this lively and you can't even legally drink yet. (laughs)

Trinity: Oh, God help the world when Eddiot can drink legally. 

Eddiot: Hey, I'm nearly twenty-one, so not long now!

Ashanda: (smirks) I hope everyone in California's getting their Doomsday supplies ready 'cause they sure as hell ain't gonna be able to leave the house with you being able to drink and drive!

Trinity: (cackles) Bitch, you burned him.

Ashanda: (laughs) Damn right I did.

Eddiot: Well, lucky I'm in the water then, huh? (laughs)

Trinity: (acting terrified) Guys, guys, I think the lake's freezing. We need to move. Hell is freezing over and it won't be long before the rest of the world does too. Eddiot just understood a joke!

(Everyone laughs. Stanley starts swimming around while everyone else relaxes, doing their own thing. Soon, he swims back to the group.)

Stanley: You guys should go for a swim! This water is amazing! The beach partay is a big success, I think!

Trinity: If you say it like that one more time I'm gonna freakin' drown you.

Stanley: (giggles) Partay.

(Swiftly, Trinity moves towards him, hand outstretched, and misses.)

Stanley: (dodging out of the way, laughing) Oh <expletive>!

Trinity: (going after him) Told you I'd do it, bitch!

Stanley: (laughing) I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

(He runs towards Eddiot.)

Trinity: Grab him, Eddiot!

Eddiot: (laughs) Okay!

(Eddiot grabs Stanley, who struggles against his grip, but Eddiot is too strong.)

Stanley: (laughing) <expletive>, <expletive>, <expletive>! 

Trinity: Everyone splash Stanley so he doesn't say the word "party" in that stupid way anymore!

(Laughing, everyone splashes Stanley, who fruitlessly continues trying to fight out of Eddiot's grip.)

Stanley: Okay! Okay! I'll stop saying it like that! (giggles)

Trinity: (splashing) Say party! Say it!

Stanley: (laughing) Party! Party!

Trinity: Now say "I bow to you, Trinity Lewis, O Goddes of Levera!"

Stanley: I bow to you, Trinity Lewis, O Goddess of Levera! 

Trinity: (smirks) Good. Okay, Eddiot, you can let him go.

(Eddiot lets go.)

Stanley: Dude, you have a really strong grip!

Jamie: (laughing) Hey, Ashanda?

Ashanda: (turning around) Yeah? 

(Before she can react, Jamie splashes her with a huge amount of water.)

Ashanda: Bitch what!? (running after him) Looks like Stanley ain't the only one getting drowned today!

(Jamie runs and Ashanda catches him. She tries to drag him into the water but he is too strong.)

Ashanda: I'mma need help, y'all! 

(Laughing, everyone jumps on top of Jamie and drags him into the water, completely soaking him. As he resurfaces, Ashanda looks at him, smirking.)

Ashanda: You better not splash me again!

Jamie: (chuckles) Don't worry, I won't.

Trinity: Y'all, this has been the most fun day ever.

(As the tribe climb out of the water, the camera focuses on an excited Eddiot, who is grinning from ear to ear.)

Camera people, today is awesome! We're having a party! A freaking party! I am the life of the party, man, and if there's one thing I miss from home more than the hot babes of California, it's living it up like there's no tomorrow! WOOO! This has been the best day ever, all 'cause someone I'd never met until a few days ago has a brother I'll never meet, who was born today! Thanks for existing, dude! This totally makes up for no cute girls on this tribe. I wanna party every day! WOOOOOOO! I'M SO ENERGISED! LONG LIVE THE... Uh, what's our name again? THE LEVERA TRIBE... OR SOMETHING! WOOOOO!

Eddiot Brantley

(The Levera Tribe are next seen lazing around on the beach.)

Jamie: What a relaxing day this has been. 

Stanley: Hey, Jamie, I bet I can beat you in a running race!

Ashanda: (cackles hysterically) He'd beat your ass by a mile!

Jamie: (getting up) Wanna put your money where your mouth is right now?

Stanley: (laughing as he gets up) Sure.

(The two of them get into starting positions for the race.)

Trinity: Alright, y'all, ready, set, go!

(As soon as they take off, Stanley pushes Jamie off balance and keeps running.)

Jamie: (running to catch up) Hey!

Stanley: Hey, I said a running race! I never said I couldn't push you out of the way!

Jamie: (smirks) Is that how we're doing this? 

(Jamie runs up to Stanley and lightly knocks him to the ground.)

Stanley: Hey!

(Jamie runs ahead while Stanley gets to his feet. When he is within distance, he grabs Jamie's arm and tries to drag him down, but Jamie shrugs him off and keeps running. Desperate, Stanley jumps on him and tackles him to the ground and the two of them fall down, Stanley next to Jamie. They start laughing.)

Trinity: Y'all seriously pushing for bromance of the year, huh. (laughs)

Stanley: Hey, Jamie, you should give us all massages! 

Jamie: (laughs) Sure, I can do that.

Stanley: But me first!

(Jamie starts giving Stanley a massage.)

Ashanda: I didn't know this party included a beach-remake of Brokeback Mountain.

(This gets everyone laughing. A montage then plays as everyone gets massages from Jamie. As Ashanda is getting hers, her confessional is heard over the top.)

I was a bit skeptical of how this "party" was gonna work, but damn, I gotta admit I had a hell of a lot of fun! To come from drama on Carriacou, constantly having my name thrown around, and then coming here and having to form alliances and whatever with Stanley when we were on opposite sides, is a whole lot of stress. To just have a day to relax in the water and then having a massage on top of it is a real good break. I'm really starting to loosen up and I'm enjoying this! It'll only be a matter of time before we get back into the game, 'cause we can't do this forever, but I'm gonna soak it all up while I can.

Ashanda-Jane Washington

(When everyone is done, the five of them are lying on the beach.)

Stanley: Guys, thanks for all the fun today! If none of us win the Temptation we should so keep up with this!

Trinity: Amen to that! Today can be drama-free.

(As the camera pans out on the five of them again, the camera focuses on a smiling Stanley as his confessional is heard.)

Wow, when I envisioned a party for this tribe for my brother's birthday, I could not have imagined it coming anywhere close to as good as this! This really bonded us as a tribe and was just a fantastic time to chill out and forget about the game. Sorry, bro, but I think this has been the best celebration of your birthday, for me! Ashanda and Trinity are a riot, Eddiot's such a great guy, and Jamie and I kinda have a little bromance going. (laughs) Nothing wrong with two straight dudes who are comfortable enough with their own sexuality to enjoy giving and receiving a massage, right? Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better tribe. Even though Kendra and Lulu are great, being away from then on this tribe has oepened me up to so much more game-wise and social-wise and now I'm having the greatest time!

Stanley Moriarty

Reward Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The Gouyave and Levera tribes walk in and stand on their mats. They look as Carriacou enter.)

Jeff: Gouyave, Levera, getting your first look at the new Carriacou Tribe. Moses voted out at the last Tribal Council. 

(Ashanda is shown rolling her eyes slightly as Carriacou get settled.)

Jeff: You guys ready to get to today's reward challenge? 

Castaways: Yes! 

Jeff: For today's challenge, you begin by unscrewing three bars. The bars are attached to spinners so you'll have to spin aroiund to unscrew them, making yourself dizzy and making it difficult to walk. Once you have all three bars, stack them on the rack and race back to your throwing position. You'll have three sets of balls on ropes that you'll have to toss onto the rack. The first person to toss all three balls and land them all the rack wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: As well as a brand new Temptation, you'll be playing for... a trip to the Survivor Bakery! You'll enjoy quiches, sweet and savoury pies, slices and cakes... all with tea and coffee to wash it down!

(The castaways begin to get excited.)

Jeff: We'll draw for spots and then we'll get started.

(The castaways are awaiting Jeff's signal.)

Jeff: For the Temptation and a trip to the bakery... Survivors ready? GO!

Reward Challenge: Dizzy Gillespie

Challenge Summary:

  • Lots of people like Eddiot, Brookyln, Taihlaura, Jensen, Samantha, Jamie and Kendra get out to fast starts and early leads. 
  • Topher, Lulu and Trinity all struggle with the dizziness, the former stumbling over and vomiting.
  • Although the spinning is fairly even, the first bar throws off Taihlaura and Eddiot, who struggle with dizziness. The second bar gets to Brooklyn and Jensen is out of contention by the third bar, well behind the three frontrunners in Kendra, Samantha and Jamie, who all managed pretty well and are even by the time they get to their throwing stations.
  • All three miss their first shots and land their second. Kendra lands her second, but can't land the third, and soon Jamie and Samantha have their second ball hooked too. It comes down to a race to the finish, as all three miss their final ball. In the end....

  • Kendra is able to hook her final ball, giving her the win over Jamie just as he was about to throw. 


Kendra: (screaming at the top of her voice) YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS! (jumping up and down delighted) YES! YES! WOOOOOO! YES! YESSSSSSS!

(Kendra dances on the spot and claps, before continuing to jump up and down.)

Ashanda: I wonder who was in danger on Carriacou...

(There is a short timeskip before the castaways are back on their mats.)

Jeff: Kendra, come on over!

(Kendra runs over.)

Jeff: You could not be happier if you tried!

Kendra: I'll be happier once I see that Temptation!

Jeff: Well, here's your Tem-

(Kendra snatches the letter out of Jeff's hand and rips it open immediately and reads it silently to herself.)




Kendra: (immediately) Taking it!

Jeff: (taken aback) Kendra.. you know you don't have to answer me until-

Kendra: I don't need to wait. I'm taking it.

Jeff: Are you 100% sure that-

Kendra: Taking it, taking it, taking it, taking it!

Jeff: Okay, you can hand that right back to me, then. There's no reason for you to keep it. 

Kendra: Okay! 

(Kendra hands back her opened note to Jeff.)

Jeff: Kendra's Temptation is now in play. Carriacou, you guys will be taken by boat to your bakery. Head on out.

(The Carriacou Tribe head out towards their boat.)

Jeff: Gouyave, Levera, once again I've got nothing for you. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you at the immunity challenge.

(The two losing tribes leave camp.)

Post=-Reward: Winning Tribe

The camera picks up on the boat carrying the Carriacou Tribe to their bakery reward. As Kendra is on the boat, she has an incredibly satisfied smile.

Nobody in this game needed that Temptation more than me, and when I saw what it was, I handed it right back to Jeff and said "I'm taking it!" Having two votes at our next Tribal Council is amazing because it means all I need to do is flip Shivani and I'll have a majority. It means that I can't vote at the next Tribal I attend, but that isn't even bothering me because that's so far in the future and I have much bigger problems right now. Jensen is framing me for something I didn't even do and my back is against the wall. I have to do something to make these guys see that I'm innocent and Jensen is the guilty one. If Jensen thinks it's going to be easy to get rid of me, he has a fight on his hands!

Kendra Valentine

The camera then changes focus to Jensen, who notices Kendra's happiness, increasing his worry.

Kendra is way too happy after that Temptation and it scares the crap out of me. She didn't even think about it; she just opened it and said she was taking it. What could it be? It's probably, like, a tribal skip or putting the tribes back to their original form or something. Either of those would be a disaster for me but if it's the former then I'm absolutely screwed because it'd be just Shivani, Meiling and I, and Mei's mad at me so she'd probably go with Shivani, and even if she didn't, Shivani has two idols anyway. Ugh, we were going from probably throwing to get Kendra out to likely having to win now just to keep myself alive. I hate this, and if Kendra gets to the merge from here, she's gonna have numbers back and will probably go with Samantha's alliance. Ugh, this is doing my head in. I need to get her out of here fast, but not having a clue what that Temptation is, and not being able to know, is throwing a huge spanner in things. She's so pleased with herself. She's got a trick up her sleeve and it might spell the end of my game.

Jensen Price

(They arrive at the bakery and are greeted with rows of quiches, chicken pies, vegetable pies, apple pies, chocolate cakes, and so forth, with a tea and coffee station. Meiling appears to be the only one excited as she helps herself to a chicken pie and a slice of quiche Lorraine, and a piece of apple pie, before pouring herself  a cup of coffee. The mood is oddly sombre for a reward of this caliber as no one appears to overly enthusiastic as they help themselves. Jensen is shown grabbing a piece of vanilla cake and a chicken and mushroom quiche, while Shivani and Kendra each help themselves to vegetarian quiche, Kendra grabbing a second slice while Shivani moves on to pecan pie and a piece of chocolate cake. Everyone sits down and eats, but nobody appears to be enjoying themselves, not commenting on the food, instead, their faces filled with worry and thoughts.)

Meiling: (trying to break the silence as she takes a bite of her chicken pie) Delicious pie!

(Meiling gets a couple of acknowledging grunts but is otherwise ignored as they continue to eat their food in silence. Kendra is shown giving Jensen death glares, Jensen fidgeting nervously and Shivani unable to enjoy her food due to frowning heavily. Meiling shrugs, indifferent, and resumes eating her food, the only one in the vicinity with a smile on her face.)

This atmosphere is dead. It doesn't feel like reward; it feels like torture to these people, I swear. They're all too caught up in drama to enjoy pie! Kendra looks like she's a bomb waiting to explode, desperate to say something; Jensen is so nervous that a gust of wind would send him running a hundred miles in the other direction; and Shivani looks like she's going to prosecute the most high-profile case of her life. Me? I know that I'm well-involved in the drama but I'm not letting that stop me from enjoying a delicious reward as it was meant to be enjoyed. We had our fair share of drama on Gouyave but we broke through it. If this is what it was like on the original Carriacou for eleven days, I'm glad I wasn't there. I don't know how Kendra lived through it all.

Meiling Gao

(The mood is intense around the table as everyone sits down to eat. It seems as if they are waiting for someone to make the first move, as eyes dart around the table expectantly. Finally, it is Kendra, after taking a satisfyingly large chunk out of her vegetarian quiche, who pounces. She turns to Jensen, the same twinkle in her eyes as she had on the boat, deliberately looking him in the eye with every word she says.)

Kendra: Hey, guys, you know what tastes better than this quiche right now? My Temptation!

(Jensen shrinks back into his skin a little. Kendra then turns to Meiling, with a voice that is venom thinly veiled as sweetness.)

Kendra: Meiling, when I'm done eating this delicious quiche, may I talk to you in private?

Meiling: Sure, if you want to.

Shivani: Go ahead. I'd like the chance to talk to Jensen, too. 

(This comment only makes the already jumpy Jensen even more nervous. There is almost dead silence as the tribe eats their food, mentally counting down the seconds until they can get up and strategise, as if they're on torture rather than reward. Kendra finishes her last bite well ahead of everybody else, and watches Meiling almost like a surveillance camera, agonisingly waiting for her to finish her food. Meiling barely has time to breathe after swallowing her last bite of cake before Kendra is up, ushering her towards a private spot. Much to the former's chagrin, Meiling instead heads over for the cake.)

Kendra: Meiling, aren't we going to talk?

Meiling: (as she helps herself to some cake) Yes, but I'll be enjoying this cake and listening to you at the same time. Come on. 

(As the two of them walk off and out of view, the camera then shifts back to Shivani and Jensen. Shivani goes over to him and lays an arm over him.)

Shivani: I know you're nervous about Kendra's Temptation and this probably isn't going to help, but I need to talk to you about something.

Jensen: (sigh) Sure, go ahead.

Shivani: I was talking to Kendra yesterday and she'd mentioned that you'd told her about the Temptation. Obviously my natural instinct would have been to brush it aside, but she specifically mentioned a powerful idol, which means someone's told her. That someone could only have been you.

Jensen: (sigh) Yeah, I told her. 

Shivani: Why did you do that?

Jensen: Because... I wanted her to have security so she'd think I was bull<expletive> her and that was the only way I could do it. I thought that it wouldn't matter because we could throw the challenge and get rid of her anyway....

Shivani: I really wish you had at least spoken to me before doing that. We're going to have to throw now, aren't we?

Jensen: See, this is where I screwed up. We can't throw now, because Kendra's Temptation must be a tribal skip or something! She's acting so smug, she's got something that will save herself. If we throw, she'll skip the tribal and then one of the three of us will go!

Shivani: Trust me, it's safe. She doesn't have a tribal ski[. If she did, she would be far more smug. She doesn't hide things.

Jensen: What if she's just trying to bait us?

Shivani: There is no way she'd be able to hide having a power like that even if she wanted to. You saw how she erupted when she realised she'd won it. Anyone would have kept a lid on it, but she screamed to the other tribe that she needed this or was going home. If she had a tribal skip, she wouldn't be off talking to Meiling. Everything is going to be fine. 

Jensen: Are you sure? 

Shivani: I'm sure, but Jensen, please don't do anything rash and game-changing like this again without consulting me, and if you do consult me, please heed what I have to say. You went against me with the Trinity situation and leaked one of my idols to the other side. I can't have you doing that. 

Jensen: Yeah, I know... you believe me when I say I voted for Moses, right?

Shivani: Yes, of course. 

Jensen: Good... I just don't know if I'm really comfortable with throwing anymore.

Shivani: Trust me, everything is going to be fine. 

(As the conversation dies down, the camera focuses on Shivani, who is thinking over what Jensen just said.)

I know that Jensen's nervous about the Temptation but he seems too nervous. A lot of that conversation actually raised more doubts than it did solve them. Although the story seems credible, it's the same thing Meiling told me, so I am stating to wonder if maybe they're corroborating with each other as some form of cover-up. Jensen seems to be acting less genuine than Kendra. Why would he be so worried if Kendra did use a tribal skip? Does he think I'd Cirie him? Why does he distrust me on that level? Why is he so adamantly against throwing now? A lot of doubts are raising in my head, although I really want to trust him and I don't trust Kendra at the moment with knowing of my Idol of Burden. She has a lot of connections on the other side and could just run right back to them, but if she'd be more loyal to me than Jensen I'd have to go with her. If Jensen sold me out with the intention of blindsiding me and not to secure Kendra and Moses as he so claims, then Kendra would definitely seem like the more solid ally. I'm in a tough position right now.

Shivani Chandra

(The camera then changes focus to Jensen, who is looking nervous.)

I'm still feeling uneasy with the whole Kendra's Temptation thing, and that conversation with Shivani didn't help matters. I had to act like I screwed up because I just wanted to make Kendra feel safe, but her having the Temptation really throws a spanner in the works. If it is a Tribal Skip like I think it is, Shivani has two idols so it's going to end up being me going home. Even if it's not, if we throw and go to Tribal, Kendra's gonna keep coming and coming and coming and coming and I honestly don't know how much longer I can hold out. Meiling's going to protect me, I'm pretty sure, but I don't know if Shivani believes me and that makes me really nervous. Hopefully she'll believe the words out of Meiling's mouth. I don't know what to do. Stupid Kendra and her stupid Temptation! I wanna throw because I need Kendra gone ASAP, but I also don't wanna throw because it might endanger my game. Ugh, why did I ever trust Kendra in the first place? She's toying with me, torturing me, and it's driving me crazy. I'm starting to crack.

Jensen Price

(From Jensen's confessional, the camera changes focus to Kendra and Meiling. Meiling is casually eating cake as Kendra goes on the attack.)

Kendra: Meiling, you know it was Jensen who flipped, right?

Meiling: (sighs) Kendra, I don't-

Kendra: (explodes) Bull<expletive>!

(Meiling is startled and almost drops her cake but rescues it in time.)

Meiling: Kendra, you nearly made me drop my cake. Don't shout like that.

Kendra: I'd let you drop a million pieces of cake! You seem like a loyal person, and I don't understand how you can be like that and let a liar like Jensen keep going in the game. What, it's okay for him to lie and me to take the fall because I'm the Evil Witch of Carriacou and Jensen's your best friend?

Meiling: Nobody's saying that...

Kendra: That's exactly what you're saying if you let him get away with this! You know that Jensen did this, because you guys are close! You know what Jensen did when he came to me? He was like, "Meiling and Shivani are voting Moses and I'm gonna vote Shivani with you guys" and then I was like "So will you turn on Meiling next?" and he was like "uhhh yeah" so I knew he was lying. So that means you guys are close, which means he must have told you what he was doing! Yet here you stand protecting him!

Meiling: Kendra, I- 

Kendra: Let me outline to you exactly why I voted Moses, okay? Everyone thought I was this psychotic bitch on Carriacou so I knew that I was gonna be one of the first targets, right? I thought I had Moses with me, but then he was agreeing to everything Jensen said, so I knew that if I let Shivani go, I'd be the next one. You know what got me so targeted on Carriacou? Everyone thought I was super close to Stanley and Lulu, but if you save me over Jensen, I'd be really happy to have a girls' alliance with you and Shivani! 

Meiling: You'd really just go against your friends?

Kendra: Don't put it like that! If I went into the merge and went right back to Stanley and Lulu I'd have an even bigger target on my back! If you guys saved me, I'd have 100% loyalty to you, and I could bring in Lulu and Stanley for a five, and you guys would be protected because the target would be on me! Listen, you know that it's wrong for me to go down like this!  You're the only one who can convince Shivani that I'm telling the truth. I keep trying but she won't listen to me! She trusts you because you voted for Moses, and she'll believe whatever you tell her. Please do the right thing. I can't go home for something I didn't even do! I'll make it worth your while, I promise!

Meiling: (sighs) Honestly, it's a difficult position for me to be in, but I understand what you're saying. 

Kendra: need you to do the right thing, Meiling! Please! You're literally the only one Shivani will believe!

(As Meiling sighs, the camera focuses on Kendra, who is looking distraught.)

I know that Meiling knows I'm innocent! There's no way Jensen didn't clear it with her, and I swear to God, she'd better not let me go home for this! I did not do this. Now that I have a double vote, all I have to do is convince Shivani and we have a 3-2 majority. I guess Meiling won't help me because she's too loyal to Jensen, which means I'm running out of options. I'm dead serious about the alliance with Meiling and Shivani, by the way. If they save me, I'll be loyal to them, I'll bring Lulu and Stanley if they both survive, and we'll be the final six! With Shivani's idol, we would be safe from the other side too, and I know there's another side on Gouyave that won't align with Meiling. Why wouldn't she want me over Jensen? Either way, it looks like I'm not going to get any help. I'm going to have to take drastic measures. I have to make sure Shivani believes me, and I'm doing it with or without Meiling! I have a plan, and at the end of it all, Jensen's torch is going to be snuffed!

Kendra Valentine

(The camera then transitions to Meiling, who tries to enjoy her cake, as she has a guilty look on her face.)

Kendra is distraught right now and it's killing me. I know she didn't do this and I hate the guilt that comes with that fact. I'm just torn between my loyalty to Jensen and what the truth really is. Jensen would likely be loyal to me after this scare because he's so nervous right now, and to keep my alliance with he and Shivani, and Shivani's two idols, would put us in a strong position. Would Kendra actually align with us? It's hard to say because she's so desperate and people say anything to survive, so maybe saving Kendra would backfire on me spectacularly. What's to say that Jensen wouldn't try to turn on Shivani again? I've got a lot to think about. In Survivor, the truth isn't always the best option. It's what's going to get me ahead that counts, as awful as I may feel about it at the end of the day.

Meiling Gao

Post-Reward: Losing Tribe #1

(Following the Reward Challenge, the Gouyave Tribe head back to camp.)

Topher: That challenge was awful. I can't believe I threw up, or I even had anything to throw up.

Lulu: Yeah, I think my head's still spinning. Can you guys believe how excited Kendra was to win that Temptation? 

Samantha: Well it must have been brilliant, whatever it was. Damn, now I want it. (laughs)

Brooklyn: I'm honestly surprised that Kendra even survived that Tribal. I thought for sure she would have been gone the first chance they got.

Lulu: Yeah, and Moses was about the furthest on the bottom you could get over on our old tribe. 

Taihlaura: To me it looked like they were throwing last time. It seems weird they'd throw to get rid of Moses. 

Samantha: Well, whatever happened, Kendra's definitely on the bottom, so that's something to think about. 

Lulu: Looks like the drama never stops on Carriacou, even with a new version of the tribe. (laughs)

(The group begin to break apart and do their own thing. Taihlaura approaches Brooklyn and Samantha.)

Taihlaura: Do you mind if I have a talk with you girls?

Samantha: Sure, let's go.

(The three of them walk off.)

(The camera picks up as the three are in the forest and the conversation begins.)

Taihlaura: Okay, so, Samantha, I need to tell you something. Brooklyn knows because she was there when it happened, but I found Topher looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Samantha: Well of course he was looking for it. What else would you do in his position? (laughs) 

Taihlaura: So I'm thinking I should go make him comfortable if he has it, just try and lull him into not playing it? Since I've talked to him. It might feel artificial coming from you guys, is all.

Samantha: Oh, yeah, I agree with that. My only problem is I think he's playing it for sure, but you should definitely make him feel good enough. We could use him as a number for the future if he's going to stick around.

Taihlaura: Yeah, definitely, if he's loyal like Lulu says. So the plan, if we went to tribal, would be to vote for Lulu, right?

Samantha: Yeah, for sure. Thanks for telling us, Taihlaura. 

Brooklyn: Yeah, you did a good thing. (smiles)

Taihlaura: Of course! I'm loyal to you guys. (smiles) I might go check up on him now. (Taihlaura heads back to camp. Brooklyn then turns to Samantha.)

Brooklyn: Do you wanna know what really happened?

Samantha: I was wondering if there was more to this. Hit me.

Brooklyn: Well, I was there, but I only was because I came across them while walking. I thought I'd hide and see how she acted around him when she thought no one was watching. 

Samantha: And?

Brooklyn: Well, she promised she wouldn't tell anyone. 

Samantha: I think that's the natural reaction for anyone. 

Brooklyn: There's more, though. She said that she had his back and not to worry... now if that were you, or even Lulu at this point, I wouldn't have questioned it, but this is Taihlaura. She plays both sides, she makes you feel like her friend. She did it with Wylie and I was cool with it because she was on our side but...

Samantha: (finishing Brooklyn's thought) She didn't tell us about Trinity and now you're thinking she might be wanting to work with Topher?

Brooklyn: Yeah that's it. She said she was going to tell you about Topher anyway, but part of me thinks that was just because I caught her. I don't know where her loyalty is, whether she'd try something with Lulu and Topher or not. And if she gets back with Trinity, then what? 

Samantha: So what's your plan?

Brooklyn: You trust Lulu would be with us, right?

Samantha: Definitely. 

Brooklyn: Well, here's what I think: we all planned to throw a challenge anyway to save Eddiot, so we throw this one. Topher thinks we threw because of him, he gets scared into playing an idol. We pull in Lulu, one of us votes Taihlaura and the other two vote for Topher.. That way, Topher's out and Taihlaura's scared into sticking to our side. 

Samantha: I like that idea. I think Lulu's so well in with us that she'd tell us of any of Taihlaura's plans and be on board. Then we could possibly pull in Kendra with whatever Temptation she has and make a new Eddiot's Angels, but even more powerful.

Brooklyn: For sure! I honestly see this is a win-win, regardless of what happens. We're nipping this Topher-Taihlaura thing in the bud, pulling Lulu closer, saving Eddiot and Kendra... I can't think of a downside to this. I'm glad you're on the same page. 

Samantha: You've got a good knack for reading things, so I trust you. And you're my #1 so I'm with you until the end.

Brooklyn: Ditto from me.

(As the conversation dies down, the camera focuses on Samantha, who is smiling.)

The way this switch worked out was perfect for me because I was already comfortable enough to throw challenges to save Eddiot. Even with Taihlaura playing both sides again, I've made a strong enough bond with Lulu that she could easily be the replacement in our three and I'm confident she'd side with us in the instance of a revolt by Taihlaura. Brooklyn is like me in that she's smart, has a good read on the game and a killer instinct, so she and I are often on the same page and she's a very strong partner in crime to be my #1. I trust her the most out of anyone and I have faith we'll be able to rebuild Eddiot's Angels as an even stronger alliance if this plan goes through.

Samantha Langrick

(The camera then changes focus to Brookyln, who is feeling far more relaxed and a little confident.)

With each day that goes by I seem to trust Taihlaura less and less, so I thought it was really important I get Samantha on board to throw the upcoming challenge and take out this possible Topher and Taihlaura pair before it can do any damage. I normally wouldn't even dream of throwing but we already discussed with Taihlaura that we'd throw to save Eddiot, and Samantha has made a really strong connection with Lulu, so it feels like this plan can't go wrong. Knock on wood. (laughs) Hopefully if Taihlaura does side with Topher, we leave her nowhere to run, and if she is truly with us this will scare her into playing just the one side. If Topher finds and pulls out an idol, then that might be the only time we're in trouble, but other than that I'm feeling pretty confident with my place in the game right now. (smiles)

Brooklyn Ventura

(Following Brooklyn's confessional, there is a transitioning nature shot, and the camera picks up again on a worried Taihlaura, walking back to camp, before cutting to her confessional.)

It's become pretty clear, from my last couple of conversations with Brookyln, that I don't have as much of her trust as I used to. If I don't have Brooklyn's trust, chances are I don't have Samantha's either, and if Samantha doesn't trust me, then I won't last much longer. I've been playing the role of comforter to people in the minority so they don't play idols, but because of not telling them about Trinity I feel like they're doubting me. I kept that to myself to weigh up my options and it has backfired. I'm wanting to be loyal to the Eddiot's Angels alliance, but if they're losing trust in me I might have to actually start looking at other options. I'm gonna talk to Lulu and Topher today and just extend the olive branch and see what happens from there.

Taihlaura Houston

(Taihlaura is shown walking up to Lulu.)

Taihlaura: Hey, Lulu!

Lulu: Hey!

Taihlaura: I just wanted to check in on you. How are you fitting in with our alliance?

Lulu: Fine! I'm absolutely loving it. Why? Do you think I'm ass-kissing or something? Because that's not it, I genuinely like you guys. (laughs)

Taihlaura: (smiles) That's good. By the way, did you know that Topher went looking for the idol?

Lulu: The most surprising thing about that statement is that Topher actually got off his butt instead of moping on the beach.

Taihlaura: (smiles) That's true. What are your thoughts on him? Like, the whole situation?

Lulu: (a little confused) Ummm, well, I feel kinda bad for him. I wanted to work with him but he did nothing about anything and I've moved on with the girls now, so... it is what it is, I guess. (shrugs) 

Taihlaura: You said he was a loyal kind of guy, right? How loyal are we talking?

Lulu: (getting more confused) Um... he was pretty loyal. He just stuck to Kendra like glue mostly.

Taihlaura: And you said you were close to Kendra, right? So, do you think he'd be loyal to you if given the opportunity?

Lulu: If given the opportunity... probably? He'd definitely be with Kendra... and I'm with Kendra... so I guess? Why are you asking me? Are you thinking about post-merge, whether Kendra would come over here or take Topher with her over there? Because I honestly don't think there is an "over there", so Kendra and Topher would bring us two extra numbers.

Taihlaura: Uh, sure, I was asking about that. Okay, thanks, Lulu!

(Taihlaura walks away.)

Lulu: Okaaaay... that was weird.

So... I don't know if the chemicals from Taihlaura's hair dye seeped into her brain and made her crazy, but I just had the weirdest conversation with her. She came up and asked me about the alliance, which is fine, but then started asking me all these random questions about Topher, his alliance, his loyalty, and then... she just walked off? Like, she half-assed this explanation about post-merge and ended the conversation really abruptly. I don't know what's up. I'm on board for this girls' alliance, but Taihlaura is the person I've bonded with, and trust, the least and this didn't help things at all. So... yeah, that was really strange.

Lulu Nguyen

(Following this, the camera transitions to Topher, who is sitting on the beach, as Taihlaura walks up to him.)

Taihlaura: Hey, Topher!

Topher: Hey. 

Taihlaura: How are you feeling?

Topher: I'm better than I was at the challenge. About the game, though... not good at all. 

Taihlaura: Well, what if we could change that?

Topher: What do you mean?

Taihlaura: I think you're a pretty loyal guy and I think you'd be a good ally, so what do you say to an alliance between us?

Topher: Is this a trick?

Taihlaura: It's not a trick.

Topher: Are you sure? Because it seems weird you're doing this the day after you found me looking for the idol.

Taihlaura: Topher, I swear this isn't a trick. We've been hanging out a bit over the last few days and I think you're cool! I think you'd be a great ally and I'd like to work with you! Topher: Oh... really? Then, okay!

Taihlaura: The only catch is we can't tell anyone, not just yet. If they catch onto this, we're both gonna be toast, so just keep laying low like you're doing, okay?

Topher: Okay, I can do that. What about Lulu?

Taihlaura: We'll give a couple of days to see where her head's at, then let her in on it. I'm going to have to pretend I'm still with the girls so they'll give me information, but trust me, I've got your back, okay.

Topher: Okay! I understand. This makes me feel great! Thanks, Taihlaura. 

Taihlaura: You're welcome. Remember, we have to keep this a secret between us for now.

Topher: Got it. Thanks, Taihlaura. I swear you can rely on me. 

Taihlaura: And you, me. Thanks, Topher!

Topher: No, thank you! 

(Taihlaura walks away, looking pleased yet a little nervous.)

I have an alliance with Topher as a standby. He'd definitely be the loyal type, especially to me, but I'm not sure whether it's my best option. I definitely am not as trusted by Brooklyn and Samantha as I once was, but whether turning on them is the solution I'm not sure. I feel like they're getting closer to Lulu, but I'd also need her as the swing vote if I did move. Putting her in that position makes me nervous, but if it's going to be best for me to move I'm hopeful that I can work her over. I'm gonna have to do a lot of thinking over the next few days, so hopefully Topher can stay quiet about our alliance for now. I've got myself in a huge mess and now I need to figure the best way out.

Taihlaura Houston

(The camera then changes focus to Topher, who is looking a little brighter.)

I have my first official alliance on Gouyave. I'm still surprised that Taihlaura actually came up and made an alliance with me. Part of me thinks it might be a trick to make me comfortable but most of me thinks she's serious. It's an amazing feeling to have someone that you can count on in this game, and I'm absolutely going to be loyal to her without question. I've gone from having no one to having someone. I thought I was dead on this tribe, and while it's still an uphill battle from here, I'm at least going to have some help along the way!

Topher Daniels

Post-Reward: Losing Tribe #2

(Following the reward challenge, the Levera Tribe return to camp.)

Jamie: Am I just destined to run second in these things? (laughs) It keeps happening.

Eddiot: You're cursed! Ooooooooo!

Trinity: I dunno, I think Kendra must've had some competitive drive possess her or something, 'cause she was jumping up and down screaming like a maniac when she won.

Ashanda: Well I guess we don't need to worry about strategy 'cause we all know who's going to Tribal after that performance. They'd be dumb not to throw and get rid of her. She's obviously on the bottom and she took that Temptation right away.

Jamie: Yeah, subtlety isn't exactly Kendra's strong point. I think that may have done her more damage.

Stanley: No tribal? No strategy? You know what that means? We have time for another par-

Trinity: DO NOT <expletive> SAY IT, BITCH!

Stanley: I was gonna say party!

Trinity: Good! 

Ashanda: Honestly, I'm down for it. The first one was cool. What do you have in mind?

Stanley: Well, I was thinking we could do our own little bowling alley! We could make our own pins, use coconuts for the balls, and make a little alley down on the beach! Plus it'd be an excuse to eat an entire coconut to ourselves. 

Eddiot: Wooo! Coconuts!

Stanley: How about Jamie and Eddiot do the coconuts and Ashanda, Trinity and I work on the bowling pins and alley?

Jamie: Sounds like a great plan! But after we eat, 'cause I'm starving. (laughs)

Stanley: Alright, let's do it!

Ashanda: I know you got a bromance with Jamie, but that's next-level. (laughs)

Stanley: I am not gay! (giggles) Let's get these coconuts started.

(Jamie and Eddiot go off to go coconut hunting, while in the interim, Stanley, Ashanda and Trinity get to work on carving some sturdy bowling pins. A montage is shown of this, while some scenes of Jamie and Eddiot shaking coconuts off the tree are also shown. Eddiot and Jamie come back with coconuts, while the other three finish off some pins.)

Jamie: How are the pins coming along, guys?

Stanley: We're getting there!

Jamie: Coconuts are coming soon, so get ready for a break! 

(Eddiot grabs the machete and begins cutting the coconuts open. Jamie turns his back for a moment to look at how the pins are coming along, where all of a sudden, there is a grunt from Eddiot.)

Eddiot: Um... ow?

Jamie: Dude, what? 

Jamie turns to look and sees, with alarm, that Eddiot has completely sliced his hand open and the wound is bleeding profusely.

Jamie: Oh, <expletive>. Dude, what did you do?

Eddiot: I was just slicing coconuts and my hand thought it was a coconut I guess... (he looks down at his bleeding hand) Woah, that's bleeding a lot...

Jamie: Yeah, dude, you'd better lie down. 

Eddiot: Dude, I look like a red Na'vi... (he stumbles back a bit) Woah...

Jamie looks down and sees Eddiot's hand is still bleeding profusely.

Jamie: Oh, god... Medic! We need medical!

(Jamie calling for the medic causes the other three to look up and walk over. When they see Eddiot's bleeding hand, they are all alarmed. Jamie is trying to put pressure on it to stop it, and his hand is getting covered with Eddiot's blood.)

Ashanda: HOLY <expletive> <expletive>! ARE YOU OKAY!?

Eddiot: I'm bleeding everywhere!


(The Survivor Medical Team then comes along and Jamie steps away, his hand smeared with Eddiot's blood, while they get to work. They attempt to stop the bleeding, and after a while it is maintained. They clean his wound and examine it.)

Stanley: So, what's going on here?

Medic: The cut is really deep and bled quite a lot. We've managed to stop the bleeding but it is going to need stitches. 

Trinity: is he gonna be evacuated?

Eddiot: Don't take me away!

Medic: With stitches and a bandage we're hoping it will be okay. He's out of danger for now but the risk out here is always infection. We're gonna monitor his wound after a couple of days and if it looks like it's getting infected, we might have to pull him out, because it could lead to complications.

Eddiot: Okay, note to self, don't get infected!

(The Medical Team then proceed to stitch Eddiot's wound and bandage it. He then sits up.)

Eddiot: So, am I good?

Medic: For now, yes. Just try to take it easy and don't take the bandages off. We'll check over you in a couple of days.

Eddiot: Wooo! Awesome.

(The Medical Team then leave.)

Jamie: Okay, new rule: Eddiot isn't allowed to touch anything sharp. 

Trinity: New rule? That should've been a rule from the start, y'all. You're lucky he nearly killed himself instead of someone else.

Ashanda: So are we still bowling?

Eddiot: Hell yeah! Let's eat and bowl!

Jamie: Just no touching the machete.

Eddiot: (laughs) Got it!

(As Jamie gets back to cutting the coconuts, the camera focuses on Eddiot, who looks at his bandaged hand and laughs, before the camera cuts to his confessional.)

(showing bandaged hand) Look what happened to my hand, camera people! It was so intense. It bled, like, everywhere, and I looked like a red version of one of those Na'vi things from Avatar. You know, that movie with the blue people? Except I wasn't blue, I was red, because I was bleeding. Anyway, I was just cutting coconuts and then I cut my hand instead, so, note to self: my hand isn't a coconut! I should be okay now. Apparently I could get infected, but I'm not worried about that. If I can survive drinking out of date milk I'm pretty sure I can survive an infected hand! I just wanna get back to this day of eating and bowling, 'cause the first party was so cool! (gasps) Oh! My hand totally looks like a mummy now! Like, those bandaged things from Egypt? But it's my hand and not my body. Oooooh, spooky! (laughs) Having a bandaged hand is gonna be fun.

Eddiot Brantley

(The camera then focuses on Trinity, who is looking at Eddiot's bandaged hand and smirks.)

Trinity: You're a dumbass bitch, you know that?

So Eddiot cut his hand open, and while in any other situation I would have been laughing my ass off and praying for his evacuation, 'cause he's annoying as <expletive>, he wasn't allowed to get evacuated today. If he did, then I would have been on my own and no freaking way would Stanley have tied the vote with me and gone to rocks, so Eddiot can stay for now... but key phrase there is "for now". I'm not going 39 days with this bitch. Eddiot's hand could get infected, but that's not allowed to happen because my game is not being ruined by his stupidity. Jensen already tried to do that and that used up all my very little tolerance for this <expletive>, so I'mma make sure that doesn't happen. Let it be known that I don't care about Eddiot as a friend, I care about him because my game is ruined if he goes. There's a very clear difference. I still can't stand the guy.

Trinity Lewis

(There is a montage of the castaways eating coconuts, before they finish and Ashanda, Stanley and Trinity get back to working on the pins. They are done, and then the five of them bring down the empty coconuts and get started working on constructing a bowling alley. When this is done, they grab their coconuts and set up the pins.)

Stanley: Wooo! Bowling alley done!

Trinity: That felt like we were building a shelter. It was so much work.

Stanley: Yeah, but look on the bright side! Now we have a bowling alley!

Ashanda: We should have a bowling tournament! 

Jamie: I dunno. Eddiot, can you bowl? 

Eddiot: Yeah! I'm right-handed. Watch!

(Eddiot tries to bowl with the coconut but it slips out of his hand and nearly hits Ashanda in the head.)

Ashanda: Bitch, do I look like a bowling pin?

Trinity: How are we gonna have a bowling tournament when there's five people? 

Jamie: I'll sit out and score! I can pick up the pins too.

Ashanda: What, don't wanna trounce us?

Jamie: Yeah, I'll let someone else be the hero for once. (laughs)

Trinity: Mmkay, how does Ashanda against Stanley and me against Eddiot sound? I wanna kick his ass. (laughs)

Eddiot: (laughs) Nah, I'd totally kick your ass!

Trinity: Bitch, you wish.

Stanley: Sounds good to me! Can Ashanda and I go first?

Ashanda: You wanna get the suffering over with, I see. (smirks) Let's go!

(A montage is shown of Stanley and Ashanda's bowling match, which is relatively even for the most part, as they get 7's, 8's, spares, and strikes. As Jamie continues counting the score, they continue performing at a strong, even pace as the matchup draws to a close. Ashanda takes her last round and ends up knocking over nine pins.)

Ashanda: Nine! Beat that, Stanley.

Stanley: (giggles) If you insist. 

(Stanley takes his first shot and knocks over eight pins.)

Jamie: All Stanley has to do is knock over two to win, one to tie!

Stanley: Okay, let's do this! (He starts to run up and bowl)

Ashanda: (as Stanley is going up to bowl) You're gonna miss!

(This completely throws Stanley off and he misses both remaining pins. Ashanda cackles with laughter.)

Ashanda: I win! 

Stanley: Freaking Grenada Screwjob right there. 

Trinity: My turn now! Watch and learn, bitches.

(There is then a montage of Trinity and Eddiot's matchup, which is much more lopsided. Although Eddiot bowls decently, Trinity completely trounces him, bowling 9's, spares, strikes, even bowling a turkey [three strikes in a row] and landing a 7/10 split. Eddiot is completely blown out of the water, as everyone else looks on, shocked.)

Stanley: Damn... Ashanda, you're toast.

Trinity: (picking up her bowling coconut) You wanna end this now and avoid humiliation or am I dragging your ass all over this beach too?

Ashanda: Bring it on, bitch.

Trinity: Ain't no Grenada Screwjobs gonna happen here, y';all. They try to throw me off my game all the time but it never works. Let's go.

(A montage of the final of the bowling tournament plays. Once again, Trinity dominates play and makes strikes, spares, a turkey, and completely walks all over Ashanda, who can barely keep up with her scores. At the end of it all, Trinity has defeated Ashanda by a considerable margin. Trinity has the most smug grin on her face, while Ashanda looks sour.)

Trinity: Ass. Dragged.

Ashanda: Yeah, yeah, you won, whatever.

Trinity: I gave you the option of pulling out but you dug your own grave when you tried to take down the Queen of the Bowling Alley!

Stanley: Where'd you learn to bowl so well? Damn. 

Trinity: I could bowl in my sleep. There's an alley, like, ten minutes from my house. Jerhonda and some of our friends have a torunament every now and again when we're not busy, and I'm the undefeated champion for 30 games and counting. (laughs) Jerhonda gets so salty. Imagine, like, two of me, then four other me's that are a little less over the top and have a bit of a filter. That's our bowling group and we are the most competitive people. You know what these bitches tried to pull on me once so they'd win? Maisy called me up all "yo, Sharnell's sick so we're not doing bowling tonight," and then a few minutes later, Jerhonda's all "yo I gotta go to the store," and I knew that bitch was up to something so I followed her. She drives right past the damn store, and to the bowling alley, and all those girls think they duped me but nuh-uh! I turned up like "ready to bowl, bitches?" and they all crapped their respective pants. That was number 21 and they still haven't caught me. (cackles) I'm deadass so confident I'd beat them every day of the week that I offered to shout them all pizza and cocktails if one of them ever does beat me.

Ashanda: Maisy and I need to have a little talk, I think she's got the right idea.

Trinity: She'd like you but she'd straight up kick your ass in the bowling. If there was anyone who'd come close to challenging me it'd be her. That's why she tried to conspire against me. Y'all better hope they don't re-do that bowling challenge from Samoa for an immunity, 'cause I'd torch all your asses without even breaking a sweat. Speaking of, what do I win? 

Jamie: Huh?

Trinity: I won the tournament so I win something. What do I win? Immunity if we go to tribal?

Stanley: Oooh, nice try. (giggles) Umm... 

Jamie: How about this? For trouncing everyone in bowling, we officially declare you Queen of Levera and hold a feast in your honour!

Trinity: I mean, I was already Queen of Levera, but it's nice y'all peasants officially recognise me as your ruler. (smirks, then poses nobly) Let the feast begin!

(Everyone laughs, then they go back to eat more food. As the castaways are eating, the camera focuses on Trinity, who is smiling.)

So we built a bowling alley today and (laughs) these bitches thought they could outbowl me? No one outbowls Trinity and that's just tea. My bowling girls have been trying for thirty straight games and if they ain't gonna do it, nobody else will. Mmhmm! This has been the freaking best day. We're in such a good spot that no drama's happening, all my plans are going well, and we can just kick back and party all day! I love this tribe! Jamie's great, Ashanda's great, Stanley's great... what the Hell, I'll say it, even Eddiot's tolerable.. but only a bit. (laughs) My entertainment was seeing him slice his hand open and then getting to drag his ass all over the island and back again in the bowling, so I'm putting up with him. This is the freaking life over on Levera! It's paradise!

Trinity Lewis

Day 16

Immunity Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The tribes walk in and stand on their mats. The camera briefly focuses on Kendra, who is frowning, before cutting back to Jeff.)

Jeff: You guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? 

Kendra: (stepping off the mat) Jeff, I have something to say!

(Everyone turns and looks in shock at Kendra.)

Jeff: Kendra, the floor is yours.

Kendra: Can I come and stand next to you? 

Jeff: Go ahead.

(Kendra walks over, stands next to Jeff, and turns to address the castaways.)

Kendra: (as if leading a press conference) Attention, everyone! A great injustice is going down over on Carriacou and I am going to make one last effort to correct it! Last Tribal Council, there were three votes for Moses, and two votes for Shivani. Now, I am being blamed for this vote against Shivani, when it was Jensen! But because Jensen is Gouyave and I am but the Evil Witch Queen of Carriacou, Shivani doesn't believe that I'm the one who saved her!

Trinity: Shivani... girl... really? You're a prosecutor and... really? You really don't think Jensen was the one to turn on you? 

Shivani: Kendra, what are you trying to do here?

Kendra: I'm glad you asked! SO! With that in mind, I have one trick left up my sleeve: I propose that Carriacou forfeits this immunity challenge, we go to Tribal Council, and either Jensen or I go home. Meiling, Shivani, I hope that by doing this I'm proving to you that I'm not guilty because I'm risking my game. If you guys still don't believe me, after all this, then just go ahead and vote me out. Live in your own delusional word. Wait for Jensen to turn on you, and then come crying to Ponderosa and say "I wish we'd listened to Kendra!"  Come to Tribal with me, sort out our issues, and let me prove to you that I didn't do this!

Jeff: So, Kendra, you're proposing that you forfeit the challenge and go to Tribal. You know what you're risking, right?

Kendra: Of course I do! And hopefully by doing this, it makes them realise that I did vote for Moses. Why would I risk my game if I was guilty? I'd be trying to win the challenge to save my ass. I took that Temptation in case people didn't believe me, but this is my last gasp effort. So, let's forfeit!

Jeff: Okay, if you want to forfeit the challenge, it has to be a unanimous tribe decision. Shivani, do you agree?

Shivani: I do.

Jeff: Meiling? 

Meiling: I agree too.

Jeff: Jensen, what do you say?

(Jensen hesitates. Kendra smirks.)

Kendra: What's wrong, Jensen? You didn't do this, right? (smiles) What have you got to hide? If you didn't do it, it should be the easiest vote out ever! Oh, that's right! You can't say yes, because you'll risk getting exposed, but you can't say no, because then you'll look guilty! (giggles) Jensen, Jensen, Jensen... I'm not as dumb as I look. You thought I'd just bend over and do what you wanted because I was a Carriacou on the bottom, but nope! I knew I'd just go next if I followed you, so I moved! You're so confident that you didn't do this, prove it! Go all in, put your money where your mouth is! Go. To. Tribal. With. Me. 

Jensen: You're crazy! You're in a corner, stop trying to drag me down with you!

Kendra: I'll drag you to Hell and back! And I'd do it a million times over if I had to! Come on, why are you so nervous? Why are you in denial? Do it. Do it! You have nothing to hide, right? Right?

Jensen: I'm not nervous!

Kendra: Then go to Tribal with me! Oh, wait, wait! I haven't told you the best part! I won a double vote because of that Temptation, so now, all I need to do is flip one vote, and you're out! What do you say? If you're that confident you didn't do it, if you're that confident you've got the numbers, put everything on the line just like I am... or don't, and prove that you're the guilty one. (smiles)

Jensen: Okay, okay! Bring it on, Kendra. Let's do this.

Kendra: Have fun being the next boot when I prove myself right! 

Jeff: Okay, it's settled. We don't need an immunity challenge, so Gouyave and Levera, you can hold onto immunity. You're safe. Carriacou, per your wishes, I'll see you at Tribal tonight, where one of you will be the seventh person voted out of Survivor: Grenada- Temptations. You have the afternoon to figure out who that's going to be. And remember, Kendra's Temptation is in play. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. You have a long afternoon ahead of you.

(The three tribes head back to camp.)


(Following their forfeit of the immunity challenge, the Carriacou Tribe return back to camp.)

Meiling: Well, we're officially going to Tribal!

Kendra: Yep! Me and my double vote are raring to go!

Jensen: You're crazy.

Kendra: And you're a liar!

(Kendra walks away from the group, and Jensen takes the opportunity to take the two Gouyave women into the forest for a discussion.)

Jensen: You guys know she's absolutely bat<expletive> crazy, right? 

Shivani: She's so determined to be throwing you under the bus. She's been going at this for the last two days and this is the most drastic thing she's done. 

Jensen: Yeah, she's trying to drag me down with her because I wouldn't vote for you last Tribal! 

Shivani: What's making me think is that she willingly went to Tribal. Why would she do that if she's guilty?

Jensen: To screw with you and make you think she's not guilty! This is exactly what she was trying to point out: you're gonna think that she wouldn't have done it unless she was innocent, but this is basically the Survivor version of suicide by cop. She knows that she's cornered and there's no getting out so she's trying one last tactic to screw with your heads and then getting her inevitable elimination over and done with. 

Meiling: Well, she has her double vote now, but as long as the three of us stick together we will be fine. 

Shivani: Yes, that's true. We'll all vote Kendra tonight.

Jensen: Yeah! She needs to go, she's absolutely crazy and she's made it so obvious she's on the bottom that everyone on the other side would probably unite against us. 

Meiling: That's a good point. Samantha and her group aren't going to work with us and if Kendra goes back to her friends then they'll join forces.

Jensen: Exactly! So all the more reason for Kendra to go!

(The three of them walk back to camp. The camera focuses on Jensen as he smiles, but it is tainted by nerves.)

So, Kendra went absolutely crazy at the challenge and got us all to forfeit. I wasn't comfortable with throwing but I couldn't say no or else they'd all think I was guilty. I'm a little nervous with her double vote, because now she only needs Shivani's vote, not Meiling's, and Trinity was in Shivani's ear at the challenge too. Hopefully I did a good enough job of convincing her that she'd be screwed if she let Kendra slide by, because we were already divided on Gouyave, and if you take that and add to it the Carriacou people and Kendra, that means they have nowhere to go at the merge. It makes a lot of sense, so Shivani should be smart enough to see that as her best option. I know Meiling has my back, regardless, so I should be able to get out of this because Shivani trusts her. I'm still really nervous, though. I hope it can all go the way I want.

Jensen Price

(From Jensen's confessional, the camera transitions to Kendra as she walks over to her bag and opens it. Inside, there is a small box.)

Kendra: Yes! Double vote, here I come!

(She opens the box and, sure enough, the extra parchment is inside, along with a note. She takes out the note and reads it.)

"You have taken the Temptation and have thus been rewarded with an extra vote for the next Tribal you attend. This has come from your vote at the following Tribal, and must be used at your next Tribal, after which it has no value. Also inside this box is a NO VOTE parchment, which you can use to disguise your lack of vote."

Kendra: Wow! There's no way that won't swing Shivani over! I'm such a genius! Now to go and talk to her. 

(Kendra sits, patiently waiting, until Shivani returns from her conversation with Jensen and Meiling. She then walks up to her.)

Kendra: Shivani! Let's talk.

(Kendra leads Shivani away. When they get to the forest, she begins talking.)

Kendra: Shivani, are you going to vote for Jensen tonight?

Shivani: (sigh) I'm thinking about it.

Kendra: You have to! I wouldn't have thrown this challenge if I didn't seriously vote for Moses last time. Even Trinity was saying at the challenge that Jensen would obviously turn on you! Do you not believe me because you think I'm just gonna jump back to Carriacou?

Shivani: Well, that has crossed my mind...

Kendra: I won't! If you save me, I'll be loyal to you! I told you already, I'm loyal to people who are loyal to me. I have numbers you can bring over to your side! There was another side on Gouyave, right? You need all the numbers you can get and I can help with that! If you want Trinity, she'll never work with Jensen. She made it obvious at the challenge today. You need me, and you can trust me. You can't trust Jensen!

Shivani: Kendra, I know that you're a loyal-type person, and believe me, the future has crossed my mind. I just don't know who you'll be loyal to.

Kendra: I'll be loyal to you! I swear to God, Shivani... or, the Hindu equivalent of God that I don't know! Jensen turned on you once, he'll do it again! It might not be now, it might not be until the merge, but he will turn on you. He already knows about your idol- what if he sells you out to other people like he did to me? You'd be completely screwed. I won't sell you out, because when I give you my loyalty, I mean it. Voting for me is not only the right thing to do for loyalty, it's the right thing strategically as well! You have so many more opportunities with me, but Jensen shuts all those doors. I have two votes tonight. We can do this, Shivani. Please. Ask Meiling who Jensen voted for! She'll tell you! She knows the truth!

Shivani: Okay, I've got things to think about, but I promise I'm taking everything into consideration.

Kendra: Thank you. Please don't let me go home tonight!

(As Kendra and Shivani make their way back to camp, the camera focuses on Kendra as she looks nervous.)

I proposed forfeiting the challenge today because I thought it was my last chance to prove to Shivani that I didn't vote for her. Why would I have thrown the challenge if I did vote for her? That would have been stupid. Trinity helped me at the challenge, too, so hopefully Shivani realises the truth! I've got my double vote, so I'm putting Jensen's name down twice tonight, and there better be one more parchment with his name on it! If I stay tonight, I am going to be loyal to Shivani, and I can bring her heaps of numbers. It's actually so liberating not being with Lulu and Stanley for a little bit. I've been able to rebuild and people are taking me more seriously instead of some walking target, but that means nothing if Jensen stays tonight. I even explained to Shivani that it would be better for her strategically, and if that fails, then I told her to ask Meiling! She knows that I didn't vote for Jensen, and she might lie to me, but she will not lie to Shivani! And if that fails, then I'll go home and laugh my ass off when Jensen leaves both of them for dead. I am going to take Jensen down tonight, and if I'm going home, I'm going to make sure there's no chance in Hell that he walks out with any chance of winning the game.

Kendra Valentine

(There is a timeskip into the late afternoon, where Shivani is packing her belongings and thinking about the situation.)

Tonight I have a huge, game-altering decision ahead of me. Do I believe Jensen, or Kendra, and what's the best move for me to make strategically? Jensen has gone against me before, but would he to this magnitude, after he told me to take the Temptation? But why would Kendra have thrown the challenge, and consistently kept with the same story for two days? Both stories seem very believable, and both carry strategic benefits and enormous risks if I were to take them forward. I want the people most loyal to me, especially with two idols in my possession, and I want to be able to make it to the end of the game. I believe Tribal is going to be very heated tonight. I'm going to bring up the situation and see who cracks under the heat. Most importantly, I need to ask Meiling once and for all whether she knows the truth. If anyone on this tribe has my back, it's her. (deep sigh) If I make the wrong decision here, it's going to be a long, uphill, battle.

Shivani Chandra

(Shivani then walks over to Meiling as the latter is preparing her own bag for Tribal.)

Shivani: Meiling, can I ask you something?

Meiling: Go ahead.

(The camera fades away as they begin talking, before cutting to Meiling's confessional.)

I hold tonight's vote in my hands. I can lie to Shivani and tell her that Kendra voted for her, or I can come clean and get rid of Jensen. My morals are really conflicting with strategy here, because I feel awful that Kendra would go home, but I'm wondering if it's my best move for that to happen. What Jensen says makes sense; Kendra could very well leave and turn against us, and Jensen has given loyalty to me. The problem is, Jensen has also turned against me, and Kendra could actually be a loyal number to us. She did propose a girls' alliance, but I'm not sure how serious that is. I need to move forward with loyal people and give myself the best shot of going to the end of the game, but I also want to balance that with good morals. I'm not sure if I can tonight, so there's a difficult choice to be made.

Meiling Gao

The sun sets as the Carriacou Tribe make their way to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

(The Carriacou Tribe walk in and sit down.)

Jeff: Okay, Carriacou, welcome to Tribal Council. Shivani, there was a big blowup at the challenge on behalf of Kendra. I think I got the gist of it, but it's clear there has been a lot of drama over the last few days. What's going on?

Shivani: Well, Jeff, as you know I got two votes last Tribal. Now, both Kendra and Jensen are claiming that they were the third Moses vote. This has been going on back and forth ever since we got back from our last Tribal. Kendra blew up at Jensen, Jensen claimed she was lying, there's two different stories and it's difficult to decide what to believe. I want people who are loyal to me and I've been trying to figure out who that is, so I'd like each of them to give me their side of the story one more time, and not respond until the other has finished. Jensen, go first.

Jensen: Me? Uh, okay. Kendra came up to me and waned you out because of your Temptation, and so I had to agree. I made a mistake in telling her what your Temptation was exactly, but I did it because I wanted to give them a false sense of security. I'm loyal to you, Shivani, and if you go forward with me I'll be loyal to you all the way. Kendra was on the top of Carriacou, she had numbers everywhere and she's desperate. Whatever promises she makes you, she won't keep. She's trying to break us apart and she needs to go.

Shivani: Okay. Kendra?

Kendra: Everything Jensen said just then was a lie. Jensen is the one who approached me, wanting you out because you were too dangerous to have with two idols. How do you think I knew you were voting Moses? He told me. If I had no clue, I would have had to go along with your vote as the only way to save myself. I have been nothing but truthful to you since I got here, and I will remain loyal to you. Yeah, I have friends, but there's another side on Gouyave and you're going to need all the numbers you can. If I go, all those people might end up going against you. If you stick with Jensen, you'll lose Trinity, Lulu, Stanley, Topher, and any friends they might have made over there. Jensen will shut so many doors to you, but with me, you have all these options!

Jensen: She just admitted she has numbers! Why would you place all that faith in her to go with you when she could just jump back to the other side! I have been loyal to you, and I've been loyal to Meiling, and I'll stick by you both for sure. 

Kendra: What numbers do you have? None. You'd be going into merge as an alliance of three and you'd just be picked off one after the other, because Shivani's idol can only save you for one round. And as for the loyalty to Shivani and Meiling? Doesn't exist. (She turns to the women) Girls, Jensen has turned on you both once, I don't know if there's been more times than that, and he's gonna do it again. It may not be now, it may not be until deep in the game, but it will happen. When you guys are up there in front of Jeff, getting your torch snuffed because of Jensen, you'll say to yourself "I wish I listened to Kendra." Listen to me now. Take Jensen out now. As I told Shivani, I'm loyal to the people who are loyal to me. On Carriacou, people always targeted me so I had to develop tight bonds, and it will be the same here. I will save you like you saved me, I'll give you numbers, and I'll give you a shield. I did not vote for you, Shivani. I saved myself by voting for Moses, and the reason I forfeited the challenge was so you guys would believe it. 

Jeff: Meiling, where do you sit in all this? We've heard from Shivani, Jensen and Kendra, but not you. 

Meiling: I sit in a very awkward spot because all three people are counting on me having their back, but I can't keep my word without breaking my word to someone else. I have to think about who is going to be loyal and what is going to work best for me in the long run. I know what to expect from both Jensen and Kendra and I'm going to use that in making my decision tonight. 

Jeff: Okay, Shivani, are you satisfied?

Shivani: I am. I know what I'm doing.

Jeff: Then let's get on with the vote. Kendra, you're up.

(Kendra walks up to vote, bringing her double vote with her. Her voting confessional is aired to the public.)

I'd sit here all night, writing your name out a million times, if I had to. Unfortunately I can only vote for you twice, so here's two votes, you lying snake bitch! You're legit the worst liar I've ever met.

–Kendra, voting for Jensen

(Jensen then goes up to vote. His voting confessional is also revealed to the public.)

You're a psycho. Hope they get rid of you.

–Jensen, voting for Kendra

(Shivani goes up to vote. Her vote is not shown. Last to vote is Meiling, who sighs as she begins to write on the paper. She is next shown returning to her seat.)

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

(Jeff leaves and returns a short time later with the urn.)

Jeff: If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do.

(The camera focuses on Shivani for a brief period of time, but she does not move.)

Jeff: Okay! Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote...

KENDRA. (1-0)

(Kendra rolls her eyes.)

JENSEN!!!!!! One vote Kendra, one vote Jensen. (1-1)

(Jensen shakes his head.)

VOTE #2 FOR JENSEN, LOVE KENDRA. XOXO. That's two votes Jensen, one vote Kendra. (2-1)

(Jensen looks at Shivani and Meiling as Jeff pulls out the next vote. The camera focuses on them as the music grows more intense.)

Seventh person voted out of Survivor: Grenada- Temptations... JENSEN. That's three, that's enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Kendra: (pumps her fist) WOOOOO! 

(Jensen shakes his head in disbelief before sighing and grabbing his bag. Meiling looks guilty.)

Meiling: I'm sorry.

Jensen: Yeah, whatever.

(As Jensen grabs his torch, he looks scornfully at Meiling and Shivani.)

Jensen: You guys are gonna regret that when she jumps back to the other side.

(Jensen places his torch in front of Jeff, an annoyed scowl on his face.)

Jeff: Jensen, the tribe has spoken.

(Jeff snuffs Jensen's torch.)

Jeff: Time for you to go.

(Without another word, Jensen walks out of the Tribal Council area.)

Kendra: I'm loyal to you two, one hundred percent.

Shivani: And I, to you. 

Meiling: Same here.

Jeff: Well, with Jensen's departure, the question remains: has your drama just stopped, or is this only the end of one chapter and the beginning of another? There are three of you, and someone's next in line. We'll see what happens next. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Goodnight.

(The three remaining members of Carriacou leave the Tribal Council area.)

Tribal Council 7:
Jensen (4 votes)
KendraValentine KendraValentine MeilingGao ShivaniChandra
Kendrax2, Meiling, Shivani
Kendra (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

Jensen, the more I listened to Kendra, especially tonight, the more I believed her. You couldn't come up with a convincing argument under pressure and Kendra could. Even if you had the best argument in the world, Meiling told me the truth. I wish you had stuck by me, because I was sticking by you.

–Shivani, voting for Jensen

Loyalty is a contract, not just something you can call upon at your convenience. You broke our contract not once, but twice, and each time you expect me to pick up the pieces. I'm taking a chance with Kendra but I'd rather do that than hope you don't do this again, and I can't be sure you will. Let this be a lesson to you. Money is the root of all evil.

–Meiling, voting for Jensen

Final Words

Well that sucks. Meiling must have ratted me out and they both went along with Kendra. I can't believe I ever trusted Kendra to boot Moses in the first place. I should have made it seem like there was no option. I hope Kendra flips and shows Meiling and Shivani what a mistake they made. This absolutely devastates me because I needed the money so, so, badly. So much for my dreams.

Jensen Price

Still in the Running

Carriacou Tribe
Gouyave Tribe
What would be the smartest move for Meiling?

The poll was created at 12:15 on July 7, 2018, and so far 12 people voted.
Is Brooklyn right to be suspicious of Taihlaura?

The poll was created at 12:15 on July 7, 2018, and so far 12 people voted.
Was it smart for Kendra to take the Temptation?

The poll was created at 04:32 on July 8, 2018, and so far 14 people voted.
Did Meiling and Shivani make the right decision?

The poll was created at 05:12 on July 13, 2018, and so far 10 people voted.

Next Time on Survivor...

On Carriacou, Kendra pledges her loyalty to the women who saved her.

I'll never forget this. I owe you my life!

Kendra Valentine

...and Shivani looks to take control of the game with an all-or-nothing move...

I need to make sure I have trust and loyalty going forward, but this could all backfire on me spectacularly.

Shivani Chandra

On Gouyave, Topher starts to play his game...

Lulu, if you stuck with me, I'd be willing to go to the final three with whoever you wanted.

Topher Daniels

...and as everyone vies for her vote, will Lulu crumble under the pressure?

I've heard so many different things that I have no idea who's talking to me legitimately and who's buttering me up for my vote... it's driving me crazy.

Lulu Nguyen

And, over on Levera, Ashanda goes back to her pot-stirring ways...

This tribe is so freaking boring. I need to spice things up.

Ashanda-Jane Washington

...and will Trinity finally be pushed over the edge?

I'll <expletive> knock your ass out, right here, right now!

Trinity Lewis

Author's Notes

  • The episode title was said by Kendra Valentine in response to Jensen's accusation of trying to drag him down with her when she suggested forfeiting the immunity challenge. 
  • Shivani had the most confessionals this episode, with 6.
    • Ashanda, Jamie and Samantha all had the least, with 1.
  • There were 39 confessionals this episode, and the four members of Carriacou had 21 of them- over 50%