"Going Back To Basics"

The season finale of Donosaurus_Rex's fanfic season of Survivor!

Season Survivor: Vieques
Episode Number 15/15
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Survivor: Vieques

This is episode 14 of Survivor: Vieques.
This episode is titled "Going Back To Basics".
This episode chronicles Days 39- 42.


Reward Challenge

For the final reward challenge, each player must answer questions about previous survivor seasons, ranging from borneo, all the way to one world. The first to get 10 questions right would win reward.

Winner: Jessie [Mackenzie]
Notes: Jessie chose Mackenzie to go with her, hoping to weaken Cassie for the immunity challenge they discovered would be the next day.

Immunity Challenge

For the final immunity challenge, each castaway must stay balanced in between two poles about 3 feet apart for as long as possible. Last tribemember standing wins final immunity, and a guaranteed spot in the final two.

Winner: Cassie
Notes: Mackenzie opted out early on, but made sure to make it look like an accident in case Jessie won. After 6 hours of no action, Jessie finally slipped, and Cassie won immunity.

Day Thirty Nine

The three remaining members or baurimar awoke, with only Jessie believing it to be the last day. Mackenzie and Cassie decided they felt bad because Jessie was delusional, so they told her, hoping she wouldn't take it the wrong way. They gave her all their speculated info, and Jessie was dumbfounded. It was such a shock that she had to sit down for a minute.

This isn't even close to being over. Oh my... No! I have to win ANOTHER immunity challenge? Final two? When is the last time Survivor did this? Like the first season? What the hell! Talk about going back to the basics of the game I guess?


As the three relaxed, without much strategy to talk about, Jessie was still in awe of the whole ordeal. But, she tried to relax and took an opportunity to get some shut eye.

I'm glad we told Jessie that it's a final two, but I don't even know how much longer it'll go on for? There was no tree mail this morning, and I'm expecting it tomorrow. So, if today is Day 39, tomorrow day 40, and the last day would be 41. That would be ideal. They did that in one of the past seasons if I remember correctly.


The three, who just realized that the final three were all representing their original tribes, with Cassie a part of Yaureibo, Jessie a part of Cacimar, and Mackenzie a part of Bieque. The three ended the night with a celebratory swim.

Day Forty

Upon waking up, the three went to get tree mail together, all reading it together, only to find that it was not even an immunity challenge. The tree mail told them that a final reward challenge was to take place today.

A reward challenge? I wasn't expecting that. But uh, I guess ya have to expect the unexpected at this point! I need all the advantages I can get, so I have got to win this.


Jessie won the reward, and Jeff brought another surprise when she was allowed to bring one other person, leaving Cassie alone at the camp for a few hours. Cassie reluctantly returned to camp, thinking of ways to prepare herself to be alone for a while. She merely tended to the fire, and thought about how far she has come an how much she has changed.

I think this game has been something I've wanted to do for a while, and now that it's coming to an end, slowly, but surely, it's depressing. I sort of want it to continue. I was just getting used to being a primordial human. And i don't mind being alone, it gives me an opportunity to really think about... everything I guess.


At the reward, Jessie and Mackenzie enjoyed a large buffet with various foods, like burgers and hot dogs, and also chicken breasts and even mashed potatos. The two were completely involved with the food, and talked only after the food was being digested in their stomachs.

That was so much food, I was so shocked that it even existed. I forgot what food back home tastes like. It's been forty days since I've seen any sort of reality, and I am eating food now!


The two had much to talk about. Jessie promised that she would take Kenzie to the end if Kenzie agreed to do the same. Kenzie, without any thought, agreed.

Will I really bring her to the end, no. Will she really bring me to the end, probably. It's an obvious decision. I want as many final two alliances as possible. To be honest, both Jessie and Cassie want me next to them at the end so it doesn't really matter I guess. I'll just have a really good final tribal council!


Day Forty One

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results and Info.

Today was the day, the second to last day, where the final immunity challenge would take place. The three woke early to celebrate the second to last day out here. Surprisingly, they were later greeted by Jeff, who asked them to follow him about a mile down the beach. As they got closer to where he was taking them, they knew it was the final immunity challenge that was about to take place, right here.

Right here? Right now? I'm not ready for this...


Is this really happening? I was thinking that it wouldn't be until much later. Damn, this is crazy.


Jessie looks flustered. This is a good thing.


As Jessie fell off the perch, Cassie exulted a hurrah, knowing that she had just won the final immunity challenge.

Upon arrival to camp, Jessie was in tears, knowing that it would be her tonight. Cassie and Mackenzie both comforted her, knowing it was the right thing to do.

I wasn't gonna lie to her and tell her I might bring her. If she went to the end, she would win. I can't take a risk like that.


Jessie soon calmed down to congratulate the other two for making it to the very end. As they headed to tribal council, they were all at peace of what was about to happen.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 15: Baurimar


Jessie headshot


Cassie headshot


Voted Off:

Jessie headshot


Voting Confessionals

Sorry Jessie, you were a good friend out here. I hope we can be friends outside of the game.


Final Words

I made it very far in this game. A lot farther then I even expected. I wanted to come into this game to prove to myself and my family that I'm mentally and physically tough. I think I proved more than that. I proved to myself that I can overcome practically everything. I met a lot of great people and I had the best 41 days of my life out here. Good luck Cassie and Mackenzie!


Day Forty Two

Mackenzie and Cassie are Survivor: Vieques' Final Two. They got a good night's rest, awoke on Day 42, the last day. They both went to tree mail, to find a basket filled with food. To celebrate the final two on the final day, they ate like it was the last time they were ever going to eat.

I've made it as far as humanly possible. Now, I just have to see if the jury respects my game. I think I can sway their votes, but who knows. I'll admit Cassie played a good game. We'll see.


Mackenzie and I are an unlikely final two. I didn't think I'd sway from the Yaureibo original four. But, you gotta dodge the punches as they come. So, here I am. I think I have a good shot, but Mackenzie did some crazy stuff at Bieque. She found two idols and saved herself twice. I have to watch out.


The day moved on slowly, and with each passing second, they both got more and more anxious. In a split second, they decided to burn it all. As tradition goes, they put their shelter to flame, saying goodbye forever to the place they called home for forty two days. And with that, they headed to tribal council for the last time...

Final Tribal Council

Jeff's Introduction

Cassie... Mackenzie... Congratulations on making the final two. You have suceeded in outlasting the other sixteen contestants and you have, through 42 vigorous days, survived the elements. However, you are still not done. Your job now is to sell yourself to the jury, as the power of the game has shifted from you, to seven other people you may have had a hand in voting out. It is your job to convince these people that you deserve the title of Sole Survivor more than the person sitting next to you. I'll give you a few minutes to think about what you want to say, then we'll start with you Mackenzie.

–Jeff Probst

Mackenzie's Introduction Speech

Hey everybody. Firstly I want to thank you. I keep thinking to myself how lucky I've been to be put in a group like this. All people I can get along with, and I felt like that really helped me. However, I was the underdog from the start. Back on Bieque, I was targeted twice, and I thankfully had the idol both times. That goes to show how much I had to overcome in getting to this point. I think that definitely proves that I had a difficult time getting here. I hope you can see that I worked very hard to get here, because, even though I definitely lied, and definitely backstabbed, it was a strategy. I don't want anything to be taken personally out here, because a lot of it was for the prize. There is a million dollars on the line, and I expected everybody to be prepared to get blindsided. It's what we signed up for. I'm looking forward to the questions, and I'll answer them honestly. Thanks guys.


Cassie's Introduction Speech

Everybody, I just wanna say that this was the most fun I've ever had in my entire life, and it couldn't have been as enjoyable if it weren't for all of you sitting here. I thought, coming into this game, that I would undoubtedly make some super naiive move or decision. I mean, I'm only 19. I am barely in college. I haven't even been driving for five years. But I didn't let it stop me. I thought that I would have to rely on my physical strengths out here. But, when I look back, I think I did the opposite. I believe I had control of this game for a long time. I was able to deceive most of you, and I did it with the intention of making it to this spot right here. And to be honest, it doesn't matter how this ends because I am so proud of myself and I have gained so much self confidence that I can really do anything. I don't think I could have played any better and it is my hopes that you see the way I played as decisive and strong. Thanks guys.


Devan's Question

Okay ladies, firstly kudos for outlasting all of us. Ummm, I've decided to forget about personal issues I have with either one of you, and yes Mackenzie, I'm looking at you. So this is an opportunity to redeem yourself. I think both of you deserve the money, and I don't doubt either of you would spend it wisely. So Mackenzie, if you can answer this well enough, you'll have my vote. Back on Bieque, when you played the idol for the second time and got rid of Eugene, why did you lie to us? Why didn't you say you had the idol. Also, why was it Eugene, because it could have just as easily been myself or somebody else.


Devan, I appreciate you doing this, so I am going to come clean here. I didn't tell you because I wanted you to vote for me. I knew I was next to go. I wanted to be targeted, so I could decide who was voted out. If I had told you, you would have split the votes, and flushed the idol. I didn't want that. Which brings me to Eugene. Although I liked him, umm, I wrote his name down because he was a threat to me personally in the game. We all knew he wanted me out. And I didn't want his personal vendetta against me to be the cause of my ouster in the game, so I had to get rid of him. I hope that answered your question Devan. Thanks


Thanks Kenzie. Good jobs ladies and I wish you both the best of luck.


Malik's Question

Ok. Both of you played a hell of a game. Cassie I have a simple question for you. And I'm not even sure if it will affect my decision at all. And I only want one word, two max. Did you plan on bringing me to the end? And don't be afraid to say no.


Can I explain my answer?


Oh, I guess!

–Malik, (sarcastically, with a smile on his face)

Ok thanks. Well, at the time, I don't think so. When you were voted out, I still thought it would be a final three. So I aligned with you and Cameron because everybody else would surely target you at some point, and when the time was right, I planned on voting both of you out. I never could have won against either of you at that point, because you were kind of the defacto leader. But once you left, I picked up the pieces and took control. And I think I did it rather well, if I do say so myself.

–Cassie, (with a smile on her face, clearly happy to be talking to Malik)

Thanks Cass. Good luck!


Andrew's Question

Okay you two. Boy, do I wish I was where you two were. But, let's not dwell on the past... Actually, let us do exactly that. Haha, ummm, I made a big move in this game, and... sorry Malik, haha it was a decision I made to get a little bit further. I want to eat a big slice of humble pie. Although my mind is practically made up, I want you to tell me what I did wrong. And don't sugarcoat it. Give me it to me bluntly. Cassie, you first.


Well, I'll try to answer that. Haha ummm, I may be a little bias because he was my closest ally, but I probably wouldn't have done it. I think you were safe enough at that point to try to either sway some votes from my alliance, or flip. The numbers were so close that it would have guaranteed you at least three or four more tribals. Ummm, it was definitely a hasty move, but it was great acting haha!


Thanks Cassie. How about you Mackenzie, same question.


Ummm, yeah. That was crazy. I think your biggest mistake was lying about it. That was a good time to play the idol, but you should have planted seeds in our alliance to target maybe Paul or Jessie, and used it on them instead. That would have been better. But other than that, it's bold moves like that that make this game so amazing, and I don't want to take that away from you.


Thanks dude! I am all set Jeff.


Paul's Question

I only have one question for you Cassie. I want you to tell me why you think we took out Malik. If you're right, you get my vote. If not, it's for Mackenzie.


Ummm, I never really knew. But if I had to make a guess, I'd say it was because he was the biggest threat for immunity? He is a very strong physical competitor.


Okay, well I'll tell you right here and now that you are wrong. We voted him out with the sole intention of cutting the head off of the snake. Although I respect your answer, we did it to make your alliance as mentally weak as possible. We didn't take into consideration, however, your mental capacity. I'm sorry Cassie, but you answered wrong.


Jonny's Question

Cassie, I want you to know that you I was a part of the original yaureibo alliance. It was me, you, Cameron, and Malik. We were supposed to stick together. Why did you help to vote me out?


I voted you out because I didn't want to go up against you in physical challenges. I needed a chance to win, so I could get immunity when I needed to. Also, not to throw Cameron under the bus or anything, but he approached me and I agreed that it needed to be you. It was nothing personal, and it was based purely on my own advancement. Is that a good answer or no?


Yes it was, and I guess you're lucky I'm not a vengeful person.

–Jonny, (winking at Cassie)

Cameron's Question

I don't have a question, but I have a statement. Cassie, you lied to me and Jonny. That is not worthy of a million dollars. You lied straight to my face, and made me look like a fool. I should be sitting there next to you, not Mackenzie. So Mackenzie, you have my vote. Good luck and I hope you win.


Cameron can I explain myself?


No! You didn't give me a chance, so why should I give you one? I don't wanna hear it.

–Cameron (Interrupting Cassie midway through her sentence)

Jessie's Question

Okay guys, this looks like a close vote. I am unclear of who I am going to vote for, but I want to know why you think you deserve the title more than the person sitting next to you. Mackenzie, you can start.


Thanks Jess. Okay, Cassie played a good game. But the thing is, she was never really forced to act on her feet, with her back against the wall. I was a target from the start. I made a bad alliance, and was able to recuperate from that mistake. I managed to get here, although with plenty of lies, on my own terms. I didn't ride coattails, and I did it by myself.


Okay, how about you Cassie?


Well, I think Mackenzie played a game that she needed to play. But the thing is, I didn't have to fix my mistakes. I was in control for most of the game, and no luck was involved. I didn't need any idols, just myself. And I was able to take solid control of the latter part of the game when Malik was voted out. I was in an alliance with all guys, and I took control. More importantly, if you look at the jury itself, it's all guys, but you. I managed to target all of these guys, and successfully take them out. I played a dominant game, and rode no coattails. I think I played a more risky game, than Mackenzie, and it payed off.


Thanks to both of you. That completely helped me make my decision.


Jeff's Closing Words

Okay guys, I'll give you a few minutes to think about it. Then, it's time to vote for the last time. Remember, you are voting for a winner. For once, you want to see your name. Go ahead Devan, you are up first.

–Jeff Probst

...the seven jury members go up one at a time, and cast their votes...

Okay, thanks for a wonderful fan fiction season of Survivor. I will see you all back in the states.

–Jeff Probst, (he then leaves the council area)

Reunion Reveal

Jeff goes to the stage, and after the greeting, he begins to read the votes.

Jeff: First Vote... Mackenzie.
Jeff: Mackenzie...
Jeff: Cassie...
Jeff: Mackenzie... Three Votes Mackenzie, One Vote Cassie. Three Votes left.
Jeff: Cassie...
Jeff: Cassie. We're tied. Three votes Mackenzie, three votes Cassie. One vote left.
Jeff: The winner of Survivor: Vieques, Cassie Steel!!!!!!!

With that, Cassie Steel, the 19 year old student from Pennsylvania won the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor. Thanks for reading everybody and be sure to stay tuned for more episodes of my next fan fiction, Survivor: Malaysia!! Bye Bye!

Still in the Running

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Next Season on Survivor...

Malaysia welcomes eighteen new castaways to compete against one another for the million dollar prize and title of sole Survivor!