Ghost Island
Survivor Gameplay
Description Creates a third tribe that obtains extended immunity.
Appearance(s) Ghost Island

Ghost Island is a game-changing twist that originated in Survivor: Ghost Island.


Ghost Island is meant to be a cross between Exile Island and the Outcasts. This prevents them from being voted out or competing in immunity challenges temporarily.


After a tribe division challenge, the last six are sent to Ghost Island become a ghost starting tribe. Unlike the other two tribes, this tribe has immunity for twelve days, or after four tribal councils, whichever comes first. This tribe, however, must participate in reward challenges. After twelve days/four tribal councils, the ghost tribe competes in an immunity challenge, where if the ghost tribe wins, the other two tribes go to tribal council and vote on person out each, and if the ghost tribe loses, the go to tribal council, and vote two people off in separate voting rounds.

Twist History

Survivor: Ghost Island

Kalou was the ghost starting tribe this season. Since Danny, Frank, Shaniqua, Ashleigh, Xane, and Rebeckah came last in the tribe sorting challenge, the six were sent away, under the assumption they were eliminated. The six of them later found out they were apart of this season's twist. The others did not know of Kalou's existence until Day 4's reward challenge. The tribe would every reward challenge until their dissolve. Because of the fact they were immune for 12 days, strategy on Kalou did not occur until later, near the end of their automatic immunity. On Day 15, Kalou found itself competing for immunity. If Kalou lost, they would vote two people out in two separate voting rounds. Ultimately, the tribe won immunity, sending Marau and Totolo to tribal council. After their tribal councils, the six Kalou were told to pull a buff out of a bag. If given a blue buff, they would be apart of Marau. If it was brown, they would go to Totolo. Danny, Shaniqua, Xane, and Ashleigh went to Marau and Rebeckah and Frank went to Totolo. This ended the Ghost Island twist for the remainder of the season.


  • Cindy was the only person to be unaware of the twist's existence in her duration of the game, since Kalou wasn't revealed to the castaways until Day 4, one day after she was voted out.
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