Gajlakk Fordee
Gajlakk F
Contestant Profile
Birth Date April 22, 1990 (1990-04-22) (age 30)
Hometown New York, NY
Occupation Delivery Boy

Survivor: Kermadec Falls

Tribes Anju
Placement 13/18
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 12

Gajlakk "JJ" Fordee was a contestant in Survivor: Kermadec Falls.


He was a Delivery Boy on his home planet Simopilus, but he is now unemployed. He can read minds but he hates the outdoors. He loves his teddy bear Flargazz.

Survivor: Kermadec Falls

Gajlakk was the very last sim to complete the first immunity challenge this season. He was immediatly put on the chopping block along with Cherry Blossom because she was the slowest girl on the Anju tribe to finsh. But JJ used a method of pursuasion to keep Vanessa from voting for him in the first tribal council.

Yes, I convinced Vanessa to not vote me out. I am a very, very convincing alien with exciting,fun and convincing methods. Do you know if Vanessa is married?”


Since Vanessa refused to vote for JJ, Sarah, Owen and Mark decided they'd vote with her and Cherry was voted out at Anju's first tribal council.

Gajlakk was able to redeem himself at the second immunity challenge. He led his team to victory and they were able to avoid another tribal council.

JJ was able to avoid trouble with his team until the tenth night. He started to flirt with Sienna, however, Sienna already had a love interest, Blake Rockwell. JJ and Blake got into a physical fight and JJ won. Owen scolded the two for fighting, but the rest of Anju knew that they both couldn't be kept around. But Owen and Sarah knew JJ could not be eliminated next, or their would only be 3 original Anju's left in the game.

JJ let his team down again at an immunity challenge, he was the first to lose in an underwater breath-holding contest. Most of the team were ready to get rid of him, but Owen and Sarah couldn't let him go. They tried to convince Adam to vote for Sienna. But Adam stuck with his original team-mate Sienna and JJ was eliminated 4-3.

Voting History

Gajlakk's Voting History
Episode Gajlakk's
Voted Against
1 Cherry Cherry
2 Anju Tribe Immune
3 Anju Tribe Immune
4 Sienna Adam, Blake,
Flora & Sienna
Voted Off, Day 12


9 months after filming Survivor: Kermadec Falls, JJ's team-mate Vanessa Summers delivered a baby in New York. The baby had a green complection much like JJ's and since the birth, JJ has moved in with Vanessa.


  • Gajlakk is ironically nicknamed "JJ" when his name only has one J and 2 K's.
  • JJ is the second ailen contestant in a Ckarimalis fanon, following Kaplan Booth from Survivor: Black Island.
  • JJ is the fourth supernatural sim to appear ina Ckarimalis fanon, following Rhys Walker (a vampire), Avis Orsini (a mummy), and Kaplan Booth (an ailen).
  • Gajlakk was the youngest male competing in Survivor: Kermadec Falls.


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