"Even When We Win We’re Punished"
Season Survivor: Terra Nova
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Episode Number 6/13
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This is the sixth episode of Survivor: Terra Nova


Immunity Challenge: Lake Log Jam
The castaways would compete in a head-to-head logrolling contest in a single-elimination tournament. The final round would have three castaways rolling the log at the same time, with the last person standing winning individual immunity and the opportunity to give individual immunity to one member of the opposing tribe.
Winner: Marlon


Night 15

The Cabot Tribe returns for their first Tribal Council since the teams were mixed-up and we get a night vision confessional from Billie-Jean who is sitting down on the ground.

Well tonight’s vote was tough…there is no doubt about that. I did not see that coming…I just lost my closest ally in the game. I thought for sure there was going to be a tie in the vote but obviously Jocelyn had other ideas.

I am not saying all is lost for me in this game but the end could very well be close for me. Right now I am just going to head back to camp and try to get some sleep. Hopefully this dark cloud that is hanging over my game right now will subside a little bit and then I can try to mount a comeback.


Tonight’s tribal worked out perfectly for me and Andy. We showed everyone on our tribe that we are the powerbrokers and we are in firm control of this tribe. We just went all Alpha on our tribe and they don’t even know with hit them bro.


Day 16

We begin day sixteen with a conversation between Jocelyn and Billie-Jean. Billie-Jean tries to guilt Jocelyn over Jocelyn’s vote but Jocelyn is having none of it. Jocelyn sticks to her guns and says that she is not unhappy about not forcing a tie because then a strong competitor like Kyle could have been voted out. Billie-Jean reminds Jocelyn that because of Jocelyn’s vote a strong competitor did end up going home and it was someone who would have helped Jocelyn in the game had she decided to work with him. She (Billie-Jean) then tells Jocelyn that the people who benefited most from her vote will not lift a finger to keep her in this game so because of that in voting out George, Jocelyn has just voted herself out. Jocelyn says what is done is done and she does not regret the move that she made.

Billie-Jean tried to guilt trip me because I didn’t force a tie at the last Tribal Council. I cannot believe that she would try to make me feel bad about the vote.

Honestly, I am glad that I did not force a tie because who knows what would have happened then. After all I am not willing to go to rocks and that was what would have probably happened if I had forced the tie. I might not be in the best position in this game but at least Simon and Billie-Jean will probably go before me so at least that is something that I can work with.


We are now shown a segment that deals with the budding friendship between Pearl and Urban of the Beothuk Tribe. Urban is shown helping Pearl cook; they are then shown with Paul laughing at one of Urban’s jokes.

Pearl is good peoples. There ain’t no doubt about that. This game is very tough so it is smart to make personal connections with others. Pearl is the person I get along with best on this tribe. I am not sure why that is the case but it just is.

Maybe it’s because we’re both from Louisiana and so we have a similar background. I don’t know no, but whatever it is I am glad that she is out here. She’s like an older sister to me.


Urban is a very nice guy. He is so very thoughtful and is always looking to help out others. Now some may view that as strategy and perhaps it is…but I honestly do think that is just him. In other words that would be the way he is in real life.

He reminds me a lot of my Tim; the both have very similar personalities. So having Urban around makes me feel like I am at home as odd as that sounds.


Over at the Cabot Tribe’s camp, Kyle has requested his entire tribe take part in a “team meeting” to air any grievances.

When Kyle said he wanted to hold a team meeting, I immediately thought to myself…boy there is no way that this is going to end well.


Quote1Okay everyone, I wanted to clear the air after the last Tribal Council. I want to start by saying that I was totally hurt by the votes cast against me last night. Those were not cool and they were not appreciated. I do have to say Billie-Jean it was a nice move trying to overthrow me but you should’ve got all of your ducks in a row before trying to come at me. Because now you don’t have any ammunition left bro and either you or Simon are going to be gone the next time we lose an Immunity Challenge.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1First off I would ask you to refrain from calling me bro. I find that to be highly disrespectful…Quote2- Billie-Jean

Quote1Whatever…Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Wow and now you’re being dismissive as well. Look last night was not an attempt at a coup d'état. I just saw it as a way to possibly improve the team…Quote2- Billie-Jean

Quote1How so? By getting rid of your biggest physical asset bro…that is so whack ass thinkingQuote2- Kyle

Quote1I valued George more as a physical player than I valued you. To me you are just some misogynistic surfer dude who thinks highly of himself. Honestly, I we had gotten rid of you the team wouldn’t have lost much…Quote2- Billie-Jean

Quote1Whatever bro…I mean your voted didn’t really get to me anyway. The vote that got to me was Simon’s.

What was up with your vote bro? Did you think you were going to get me out of this game? What’s your damage bro? Why do you keep on voting for me?Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1I have only voted for you once and that was last night. I didn’t vote for you prior to that. My vote last night was personal though because of the way you reacted to me after the Hank vote. I did not appreciate you going off on me and I do not appreciate you going off on me again.Quote2- Simon
Quote1This isn’t me going off on you bro but I do think you better rethink your strategy in this game bro. I mean shoot me and Andy run this team; every decision made goes through us bro. Do you really think it is wise to piss off someone like me?Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Hold your horses there…bro. So you and Andy run this team?

Does Octavia and Violet know this? Because from where I am sitting, it looks like they are not aware of their position on this tribe.Quote2
- Billie-Jean

Quote1Uh…I mean…um…well they have a say as well. I just…I just didn’t choose my words right there.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Well Octavia, if you and Violet want to show these two clowns who really control this team by all means I am more than willing to have that conversation when need be.Quote2- Billie-Jean

A flustered Kyle leaves the area where the conversation was happening. Violet and Andy quickly follow him.

Look Octavia, I cannot promise you any kind of brawn if you were to work with me. But Simon and I do have the brains and I think you do as well. From the looks of it you were just made aware of your position on this tribe so perhaps you can find other…better avenues to go down.


Well it looks like Kyle shot himself in the foot when he made the comment about controlling the team. Octavia did not appreciate that comment one bit and I could see she was doing everything that she could in order to keep her cool.


The team meeting was interesting to say the very least. It would seem that maybe I put my trust in the wrong people. I will tell you this; Octavia Wilson does not take a backseat to no man. Kyle might think he and Andy are in control of this team but the two of them could very well be in for a rude awakening if they continue to think that way.


Day 17

Day seventeen begins and we see Andy and Kyle talking about the previous night’s team meeting. Andy urges Kyle to talk with Octavia and straighten any ill will there is between them. Kyle tells Andy that he is not concerned about what went down at the team meeting and everything should have blown over by now. Andy laughs and asks Kyle if he is aware that they are talking about Octavia and if so then Kyle should know that nothing is okay right now. Kyle concedes the fact that Andy is right and he tells Andy that he will try to patch things up with Octavia later.

Kyle is my boy, but I do think he buys his own hype. He really thinks that he can say what he wants to who he wants and there will be no consequences. Well that is all good for him but he has to realize that people out here see us as a package deal and anything negative he says also reflects poorly on me.


We now see Paul and Marlon of the Beothuk Tribe out in the woods talking about their tribe’s dynamics.

Quote1I am not sure if you have noticed it or not but Pearl and Urban are becoming as thick as thieves lately.Quote2- Paul

Quote1You don’t have to point that out to me. It seems that they spend a lot of time together.Quote2- Marlon

Quote1Something like that scares me…I mean the way I look at it is their friendship is something that could harm us in the long run. It may be something we have to break-up sooner rather than later.Quote2- Paul

Quote1But you, me, and Zelda promised to get rid of Molly next. I am not sure if Zelda would even be down with keeping Molly in the game and getting rid of either Urban or Pearl.

Plus according to Pearl, Molly has ties with the women on the other tribe. I would hate to get to the merge and have her flip on us.Quote2
- Marlon

Quote1Zelda is a reasonable woman, she has to understand that we are her core alliance and so we have her best interest at heart. Also, I am not sure Zelda would want to be forced to pick rocks if we were to tie the vote.

As for Molly having ties with the other tribe, that is something that crossed my mind. But I was talking to her yesterday about that and she seemed to honestly be willing to forget those ties and work with us.Quote2
- Paul

Quote1True…but I don’t think that she is. I mean I can usually read people and she seemed sincere. Trust my instincts on this, if we have to vote again we should just get rid of Urban or Pearl.Quote2- Paul

Paul thinks about the game twenty-for seven. He always wants to talk game and he is always coming up with different scenarios. I am not sure about keeping Molly in this game though. There is just something that I don’t trust about that chick.


Back at the Cabot Tribe we see Octavia and Violet sitting in the shelter. Kyle approaches the women and asks them if they would like to talk about what went on last night. Both women agree and the three of them head off into the woods so that nobody else can hear their discussion.

Quote1Guys, I just wanted to say that I got a little annoyed last night and I said things that I didn’t mean. Now Violet you know what I am talking about because I told you last night.

I just want the both of you to know that I do not consider the two of you to be of lesser value to this team. What I said last night about being the shot caller was just me getting caught in the heat of the argument and it doesn’t really show my true feelings.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1So when you said that you and Andy are the two calling the shots last night that was…what was that exactly?Quote2- Octavia

Quote1That was me getting flustered by Billie-Jean and Simon. I hate to admit it bro but they got to me last night.

I know I am usually the most confident person out here but last night they got to me when they started talking back to me. I mean they are on the bottom rungs of this tribe and they still had the nerves to act like they had some power.

That threw me off bro and that is why I said what I said. I just couldn’t believe two powerless people were talking to me like that.

I’m sorry if that comment I made got to you. But I want the two of you to know that you are just as important as Andy, if not more so. Shoot the four of us are going to be the final four and that’s that.

So are we all good or what?Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1Well I told you last night that I am still cool. But I can’t speak for Octavia…Quote2- Violet

Quote1Yeah we’re good…Quote2- Octavia

Quote1Cool, now let’s fist bump to make this official. I just want you both to know that we’re all equal and I can’t do this without my girls.Quote2- Kyle

The three of them fist bump and Kyle hugs both women.

You know I have a gift, I can charm any woman. I don’t mean to brag about it but it’s the truth. If a woman gives me a moment of their time I am going to charm them and there is no woman immune to it bro.

Case in point, I just smoothed things over with Octavia and I did not mean a word I said. I mean of course me and Andy are the two running this team. I mean is there any doubt about that bro?

But Octavia bought everything that I was selling her, hook, line, and sinker. That’s just the way it is bro, no woman can resist Kyle Girton’s charm.


Kyle cracks me up…he really does. He fed me a huge line of bull talking about how he values me and my input and all that jazz. He thought I fell for what he was saying and I want him to think that I did.

But truth be told, I did not buy anything he said to me. I know that right now he is just using me for a vote and as long as his voting helps me out, I will continue to let him believe that I trust him.

However, the moment I decide that he is no longer any use to me I will drop him. That moment may be sooner rather than later.


Day 18

Day eighteen begins with both teams reading their treemail for the upcoming Immunity Challenge.

Immunity Challenge:

The members of the Beothuk Tribe enter the challenge area first. Once all of the members of the Beothuk Tribe are settled on their mat; the Cabot Tribe enters the challenge area. Jeff Probst informs the Beothuk Tribe that George was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Paul, Marlon, and Zelda all seemed shocked over this revelation. Marlon looks directly at Billie-Jean and mouths the words, “What?” Billie-Jean just shrugs her shoulders as if to tell Marlon that she had nothing to do with the vote.

Jeff Probst tells the castaways the rules of the challenge and informs the castaways that tonight both teams will be heading to Tribal Council where they will have to vote a member of their tribe out of the game. None of the contestants seemed pleased by this revelation. Jeff also informs them that this challenge is going to be for individual Immunity and the castaway that wins Immunity will then give Immunity to a member of the other tribe.

He informs the Cabot Tribe that they must sit one member of their tribe and neither Andy nor Billie-Jean can sit out this challenge as they sat out the previous challenge. After a brief discussion Violet meekly raises her hand and says that she will sit out of the challenge.

Jeff informs the contestants that they will randomly select the match-ups and with that the challenge begins.

Round 1:

The first match-up saw Andy of the Cabot Tribe taking on Pearl of the Beothuk Tribe. And…it went exactly how you thought it would go with Pearl landing in the water within seconds.

The second match-up in the first round saw Kyle of the Cabot Tribe taking on Marlon of the Beothuk Tribe. Both men began the match slowly, but Kyle decided to kick it up a notch which was a huge mistake on his part as he could not keep his balance. Kyle soon flew off into the water, meaning Marlon advanced into the next round.

The third match-up saw Octavia of the Cabot Tribe taking on Zelda of the Beothuk Tribe. Jeff makes note of the fact that this is the third time these two women have directly competed against each other in a challenge. Before the challenge starts Zelda wishes Octavia good luck. Octavia tells Zelda that she will not need any luck. That little comment from Octavia seemed to irk Zelda and right from the start Zelda began running on the log. This caught Octavia off guard and because of this Octavia quickly lost her balance and fell into the water.

The fourth match-up saw Jocelyn of the Cabot Tribe taking on Urban of the Beothuk Tribe. Things looked bad for Jocelyn at the start as she quickly lost her balance. However, she was able correct herself and she ended up beating Urban in this round.

The fifth match-up saw Simon of the Cabot Tribe taking on Paul of the Beothuk Tribe. Both men struggled with trying to stay on the log right out of the gate. In the end Paul just barely managed to stay on the log long enough to eke out a victory.

The sixth and final match-up of the first round saw Billie-Jean of the Cabot Tribe taking on Molly of the Beothuk Tribe. Neither woman looked entirely comfortable but soon Molly began to move quicker this caused an already unstable Billie-Jean to panic and moments later Billie-Jean ended up in the water.

Round Two:

The first match-up of round two saw Paul taking on his teammate Zelda. Zelda once again used the same tactic that she used in the first round and she ended up getting similar results as Paul ended up in the water. This meant that Zelda became the first castaway to advance into the final round.

The second match-up saw Jocelyn of the Cabot Tribe taking on Marlon of the Beothuk Tribe. Jocelyn once again had a rough time trying to maintain her balance and this time she was not able to correct herself. She quickly fell into the water, which meant that Marlon was the second castaway to advance into the final round.

The third match-up saw Andy of the Cabot Tribe taking on Molly of the Beothuk Tribe. Much like the first round Andy made quick work of Molly sending her down into the water after just a few seconds. This meant that Andy would join Marlon and Zelda in the final round of the challenge.

The Final Round:

The third and final round saw Andy of the Beothuk Tribe taking on Zelda and Marlon both of whom are from the Beothuk Tribe. Zelda seemed to really get screwed because she was in between both guys on the log and she quickly fell off the log mere moments into the final round.

The final round turned into a cat and mouse game between Marlon and Andy once Zelda was eliminated from the challenge. Both men tested the other by going fast and then slowing down on the log. Soon Marlon decided he had enough and he began running as fast as he possibly could. Andy was not ready for this and he flew off the log and into the water below. This means that Marlon won the challenge and Individual Immunity!

After the challenge is over with the teams return to their respective mats. Jeff congratulates Marlon on winning Individual Immunity as he places the Immunity necklace around Marlon’s neck. Jeff then asks Marlon who he will give Immunity to on the Cabot Tribe.

Marlon quickly confers with his tribe before telling Jeff that he is going to give Billie-Jean Immunity. Kyle, who is standing next to Billie-Jean on the mat, does not look at all happy with this decision.

Even when we win we’re punished…actually I guess I should say even when I win, I lose. Having Individual Immunity is great and all but this is a game about numbers and we are about to lose another person. This just sucks.


The Beothuk Tribe returns to camp and Marlon looks at his teammates and lets out a sigh. He asks the group if they thought it was the right move for him to make giving Billie-Jean Immunity. Paul says it was absolutely the right move because it is a way of telling Billie-Jean that they still value her in this game and that they would be willing to work with her should she make it to the merge. Zelda wonders out loud why the other tribe would get rid of George. Urban says that Kyle probably felt threatened by George and so he probably got the team to vote out a threat to him.

Meanwhile over at the Cabot Tribe; Simon, Jocelyn, and Billie-Jean are in the camp proper while the rest of the tribe is off talking about what their next move should be. Billie-Jean and Simon use this time to work for Jocelyn’s vote. Simon tells Jocelyn that voting for him is not in her best interest because he is willing to work with her while the other people on the tribe are not. Jocelyn voices her concerns about being outnumbered when it comes to the vote because the other group has four and they only have three. Billie-Jean tries to assure her that she will work on Octavia and try to exploit the little tiff that Octavia had with Kyle two days ago.

Jocelyn then worries about who they should vote for. Simon says it has to be one of the guys because there will be a merge coming up and so this is the perfect time to get rid of anyone who is an Individual Immunity threat. Jocelyn thinks that would be a poor move to make and she says that Violet should be the one to go if they can do it. Billie-Jean says that she does not think Octavia would be willing to get rid of Violet but Octavia might be open to getting rid of one of the guys.

While Billie-Jean and company are talking about their next move, Kyle, Violet, Andy and Octavia are in the woods discussing who they should get rid of next.

Quote1Well it looks like the old lady dodged a huge bullet tonight. I mean bros, we had her and stupid Marlon had to give her Immunity.

What was up with that crap? He should’ve given it to you Andy, because you took him to the limit in that challenge bro.Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1Well it is what it is; I can’t dwell on that as we have more important things to talk about.Quote2- Andy

Quote1What’s there to talk about? Simon goes tonight…end of story.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Don’t you even want to talk about possibly getting rid of Jocelyn?Quote2- Octavia

Quote1Not really. I mean what is the point in doing that?Quote2- Kyle

Quote1What if we don’t go into a merge tomorrow and our next challenge is a challenge where we have to use our brains?Quote2- Octavia

Quote1We will cross that bridge when we get there. I really don’t see the point of keeping Simon on this tribe because he could flip if we allow him to make the merge. It’s bad enough that we’ve got to worry about Billie-Jean so let’s just get rid of Simon now and worry about the other crap later.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1I agree with Kyle, Simon might be good at puzzles but is it really worth the risk of keeping him around. Jocelyn is happy right where she is, she has no allies and nobody hates her. She can continue to right on our coattails until we don’t need her anymore and I think that will be fine with her.Quote2- Violet

Quote1Yeah I mean there ain’t no need to rock the boat with this vote. We just get rid of Simon and call it a day.Quote2- Kyle
Once again Kyle thinks that he can marginalize me and my opinion. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but now I am not so sure that is true. Maybe Simon and the others will give me a better offer…


Back at the Beothuk Tribe Molly is talking to Marlon about their vote.

Quote1Look, I really don’t want to go home tonight and I am willing to work with y’all until the end.Quote2- Molly

Quote1I mean I am open to working with you and all but the thing is there are some people on this tribe that think you’re shady because you we’re close with Octavia.Quote2- Marlon

Quote1I really wasn’t that close to her. Yes I voted for her but that was because she held the power on that tribe and so I really didn’t have much choice in the matter.Quote2- Molly

Quote1Ah but there you go, you saying that make me doubt you’ll be loyal to me. I mean if we go into the merge with our numbers down, would you just end up voting with the majority in order to say in this game for a couple of days?Quote2- Marlon

Quote1Honestly…I am not sure I can answer that until I am put in that position. I mean there comes a point in this game when you have to do what is best for your own survival in this game.Quote2- Molly

Quote1So you would cast us aside in order to stay a few days longer?Quote2- Marlon

Quote1I’m not saying that I would or I wouldn’t…what I am saying is that I can’t give you an absolute answer here. Look, you, Paul, and Zelda hold my fate in your hands. I know Pearl and Urban are going to vote for me tonight and I am going to vote for Urban. It is up to the three of you to make the choice and I really hope you choose to keep me around.Quote2- Molly

Later on in the day the members of the original Beothuk Tribe (Zelda, Paul, and Marlon) are talking about how they should vote.

Quote1I think it is not in our best interest to keep Molly around and I am not saying that because she voted against me. I am saying that because I think Urban and Pearl have both shown themselves to be more loyal to us.Quote2- Zelda

Quote1But they’re a duo and by the looks of it they look like a duo that will be hard to crack. We’re getting near the merge and a duo like that could harm us if we keep them around.Quote2- Paul

Quote1True but we have to look at the possible repercussions of this vote. If we decide to get rid Molly then nobody on this team will be mad because she is not with any of us really. Now if we decide to get rid of either Pearl or Urban, whichever one we kept will be mad at us. We very well could be going into the merge down in numbers and so we are going to need to be a tight, happy ship. Getting rid of Molly will make that be true.

Plus, who knows what kind of connections Molly has on the other tribe. We know Pearl doesn’t have any and…Quote2
- Zelda

Quote1And…we don’t know how close Urban is to the two guys over there. Look I appreciate your concern but I just think it is a bad idea to get rid of Molly at this point in the game. She is a better athlete than both of them and perhaps her ties to the other tribe could net us an ally from over there.Quote2- Paul

Quote1I don’t think that is the case and this is not something that I am going to be swayed into doing. I actually like Pearl and Urban and I am not going to give them up for someone who voted for me.

Marlon, you’ve been pretty quiet about this. What are your thoughts?Quote2
- Zelda

Quote1What else is there to be said? You’ve both brought up valid points.

I will say this though, when I asked Molly earlier if she would have our backs once we merged; she sort just blew me off and gave me a non-answer. So that made me feel a little shady about her but then again Paul has a point about breaking up a pair. We don’t want them to get further into this game because then we will be the ones that might suffer because of it.Quote2
- Marlon

I am not sure how I feel, after my talk with Marlon and Paul about the vote tonight. This could very well end in a tie and if that is the case I am not sure which way I will vote. I guess I will wait and see. Tonight is going to be very interesting to say the very least...


Back at the Cabot Tribe’s camp Billie-Jean and Octavia are sitting in the shelter discussing the possibilities of voting together.

Quote1If we were to do this then I have to know that you can get Jocelyn on board. I am not about to stick my neck out, only to have her cast some random vote. I guess what I am saying is, if you cannot get majority…then I cannot help you out.Quote2- Octavia

Quote1The funny thing is she pretty much said the same thing about you. I think we can make this work; we just have to have a firm target and go from there. Plus, this is the perfect time to make this kind of move because they will not see it coming…Quote2- Billie-Jean

Just then Andy walks over to the shelter to see what the women are discussing. Octavia shoots him a look that almost certainly would kill if it could.

Quote1Sorry, I just wanted to talk to you about something Octavia.Quote2- Andy

Quote1Well it’s going to have to wait because we are in the middle of something here.Quote2- Octavia

Quote1No worries…Quote2- Andy

Andy walks over to where Kyle and Violet are standing and he tells him about the exchange. Kyle tells them not to worry and that if Octavia is smart she will continue to work with them.

Octavia may or may not turn on us tonight. I told Andy and Violet not to worry because I am not worried. But the truth is bro; I think she might go the other way. Lucky for me I got this Hidden Immunity Idol because if I didn’t I would really be worried.


Beothuk Tribal Council:

Jeff welcomes the members of the Beothuk Tribe to Tribal Council. Once all of the members of the tribe have settled down into their seats Jeff begins his questioning.

Jeff asks Marlon how he feels about having Individual Immunity. Marlon laughs and says he feels great because he knows he is not going anywhere.

Jeff then asks Marlon for his thought process in giving Billie-Jean Immunity. Marlon says that because he and Billie-Jean were friendly on the original Beothuk Tribe he felt that given her Immunity was a no brainer. Jeff makes a comment about that being a reasonable way of thinking but on the flip side of it, Billie-Jean might be in a comfortable position on the other tribe and he might have just strengthen the other tribe by given her Immunity.

Zelda chimes in on this and says that while that might be the case in the end they have to trust that Billie-Jean might still be loyal to the people who she started the game off with. So giving her a chance to stay in the game could be a very smart move on Marlon’s part.

Jeff asks Molly if previous tribal loyalties still play a part in the game. Molly says that they may but she would hope that people don’t base their votes entirely on that. She goes on to say that this is an ever evolving game and people should vote for what is best for them and not think about what happened in the past.

Jeff asks Urban if he is nervous tonight because he is the only player from the original Cabot Tribe that is left on his current tribe. Urban laughs and says that he is never not nervous about being at tribal council and he hopes that his previous affiliation does not come into play when people decide who they are going to get rid of. He then finishes by saying the following…

I just want my tribe to know that I am loyal to them and I have no ties with my former tribe. I only knew them for six days and truth be told, I wasn’t really fond of any of them. I’ve known y’all for much longer and so any allegiances I had back on day six are long gone.


Jeff notices that Paul makes a face after Urban’s last remark. Jeff asks Paul if he disagrees with what Urban just said. Paul says that there is no reason not to believe Urban but at the same time Urban could just be telling them what they want to hear.

Urban assures Paul that he is with them and will do whatever it takes to see his current tribe move deep into the game.

Jeff asks Pearl how she feels about the vote. Peal says that there comes a point where you have to not allow paranoia rule your game and you have to vote with the folks who you think are going to help you get the furthest. She says that is how she intends to vote tonight. With that last comment it is time to vote.

The members of the tribe vote and when the last person is done voting, which was Pearl, Jeff goes and retrieves the votes. Jeff asks the castaways if anyone has the Hidden Immunity Idol then this is the time to play it. The camera focuses on Zelda who manages to keep a very good poker face while she remains seated. Jeff then proceeds to read the votes and in the end Molly becomes the sixth contestant voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

Cabot Tribal Council:

Jeff welcomes the members of the Cabot Tribe to Tribal Council. Once all of the members of the tribe have settled down into their seats Jeff begins his questioning.

Jeff starts off by asking Billie-Jean is she was shocked to receive Individual Immunity from her former teammate. Billie-Jean says that she was a little surprised by it but she just assumes that Marlon might be looking for something in return should the two tribes merge soon.

Andy and Kyle look at each other and laugh at Billie-Jean’s comment. Jeff asks Andy why he finds what Billie-Jean just said funny. Andy says that Billie-Jean should not be shocked at all about getting Immunity because the other team is counting on her flipping to their side. Billie-Jean does not looked pleased with what Andy has just said and she says that under no terms is she going to flip once there is a merge as long as there is no reason for her not to flip.

Jeff mentions that, that is a very ambiguous statement to make. Billie-Jean says that it is not an ambiguous statement it is a fact. She says that she hopes that the team that survives the vote tonight will be willing to work with her and she has no ill will towards anyone on the team going forward.

Kyle says that is mighty big of her seeing how if she did not have Immunity tonight, she would have been the one who was going home. Billie-Jean says that she is well aware of the fact that she was the target but she still stands by what she is saying and that is she has no allegiance to her former teammates.

Jeff asks Violet if she believes what Billie-Jean is saying, seeing how the two of them have been together since the start of the game. Violet says that she is not sure what to believe when it comes to Billie-Jean because the two of them do not talk and so it is hard for her to develop an opinion on the subject.

Billie-Jean laughs and places her forehead in the palm of her right hand. Billie-Jean tells Jeff that she and George were the only two people who had anything to do with Violet on the original Beothuk Tribe. However, once the teams were split into two, it was Violet who iced Billie-Jean out because Violet was now with the “in crowd” on their new tribe.

Jeff asks Jocelyn, “With all of this talk about a merge coming up, what do you value more in this game. Keeping your tribe strong? Or making your tribe weaker in the hopes that a move like that will improve your position post-merge?

Jocelyn says that she has been struggling with that for the entire game. She says that she want to be in this game as long as she possibly can and so if that means making her team weaker, then maybe that is something she may have to do.

Jeff asks Octavia if she feels comfortable with her position in the tribe. Octavia says that in a game like this you can never truly feel comfortable but she thinks that she is good tonight.

With that last comment it is time to vote.

The members of the tribe vote and when the last person is done voting, which was Billie-Jean, Jeff goes and retrieves the votes. Jeff asks the castaways if anyone has the Hidden Immunity Idol then this is the time to play it. Kyle looks around at his teammates and then slowly stands and walks over to Jeff. Kyle hands Jeff his idol and Jeff confirms that Kyle is indeed playing a legitimate idol. The other members of the Cabot Tribe are very shocked by this move. Jeff informs the castaways that any votes against Kyle will not count. Jeff then proceeds to read the votes…

Jeff holds up the first parchment which has Simon’s name written on it.

Simon just nods his head as he expected this.

Simon’s name is written on the second parchment.

Billie-Jean looks over at Simon and Simon just shrugs his shoulders as if to say, “What are you going to do?”

Jeff reads the third parchment which says Simon.

Andy and Kyle are laughing right now over the vote.

The fourth vote has Andy’s name written on it.

Andy’s does not look too concerned by this vote.

The fifth parchment has Andy’s name written on it as well.

Once again Andy does not seem to be all that concerned because he knows that Simon and Billie-Jean probably voted against him.

The sixth parchment has Andy’s name written on it.

At this point Andy’s nonchalant attitude in regards to the vote has changed. He now looks concerned as he did not expect to get three votes against him.

The seventh and final parchment has Andy’s name written on it as well.

Andy, Kyle, and Violet look absolutely shocked over the vote. Octavia has a playful smirk on his face. As Andy gets up to grab his torch, Violet turns to Kyle and says…

How did this happen?


Kyle just looks at her blankly and does not respond.

Andy walks over to Jeff who snuffs out his torch. This means that Andy has become the seventh contestant voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

Tribal Council

Beothuk Tribe

Tribal Council 6:
Molly Shea
(5 votes)

Marlon Rice beardPearl JonesPaul Pires beard
Zelda SelznickUrban Day beard
Marlon,Pearl, Paul,
Zelda, Urban

Urban Day beard
(1 vote)
Molly Shea
Molly Shea eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Well it is either you or me and I really hope these people are smart enough to make it you.


Good luck kid.


You tried to vote me out once and this is me repaying you for it.


When I asked you about your plans in this game your answers were way to shady for me. Sorry but I'm going to have to vote for you.


I truly don't want to vote for you and I would much rather work with you. But the majority of the team wants you gone and I am not about to stick my neck out for you at this stage in the game.


We have been on the same tribe for eighteen days and in that period of time I honestly cannot think of any conversations we've had with one another. So I will gladly vote you out because you never even bothered to take the time to get to know me.


Final Words

This was not shocking at all. I kind of figured that Zelda would not work with me because I voted for her previously. Because of that I had a feeling that Paul and Marlon would not be willing to force a tie.

I am not saying I am happy about this outcome but it is what it is. At least now I get to take a real shower.


Cabot Tribe

Tribal Council 7:
Andy Im beard
Andy (4 votes)
Jocelyn RiveraSimon Patel beard
Octavia WilsonBillieJean Carlisle
Jocelyn, Simon,
Octavia, Billie-Jean
Simon Patel beard
Simon (3 votes)
Kyle Girton beardViolet TannehillAndy Im beard
Kyle, Violet, Andy
Andy Im eliminated

Voting Confessionals

Dude you shouldn't have made it this far in the game, so really we're doing you a favor.


A lot of stuff hinges on this vote. I just hope I have three other votes backing this one up.


Andy this is nothing personal babe, it is just what needs to be done. Kyle needs to be put in his place and I am going to have to get rid of you to do that.


I am just doing what Andy and Kyle told me to do. Sorry...


I am not sure if this is the right move to make for our tribe but this is the point in the game where I have to help make a move and because of that you have to go.


This is not a vote against you because you seem like a nice guy and all. It is more a vote against who you are aligned with.


You've tried to get me out of this game three times. Well I am not about to give you another chance.


Final Words

They got me good. I did not see that one coming, though I am not sure why they voted for me and not Kyle.

Oh well I had a great time and I hope that either Kyle or Violet win this game.


Still in the Running

Pearl Jones
Molly Shea eliminated
Jocelyn Rivera
Lauren Kuechly eliminated
Octavia Wilson
Jillian Mitchell eliminated
Paul Pires beard
Violet Tannehill
George Colvin eliminated
Zelda Selznick
Marlon Rice beard
BillieJean Carlisle
Kyle Girton beard
Simon Patel beard
Angelo Castellucci eliminated
Hank Black eliminated
Andy Im eliminated
Urban Day beard

Next Time on Survivor...

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Author's Notes

  • I just wanted to tell everyone that my computer crashed yesterday and so I lost the Word Doc that I had this in. So I am a little annoyed but I will continue this. I will try to get the update in before I get to the point where this has not been updated in a month.
  • Okay Cabot's Tribal Council will be put up within the next couple of days. This day turned out to be a nightmare to write. I guess I will rethink doing any double eliminations in the future.