"Eighty Six"
Season Survivor: Couples Showdown
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 11/15
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This is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Couples' Showdown.

Previously on Survivor

Ricky tor Andy apart for trying to usurp the Tala alliance, but Andy's decision to flip made it easier for Jacki to invite him back in the Bulan alliance.

At the Reward Challenge, Talia, Ricky and Martin won a spa reward. Talia begs Martin to let her know if there are plots against them, but Martin himself was scared by the the as they were the only full pair remaining. At the Immunity Challenge, knowing he was in trouble after flipping and having the Cursed Idol in his back pocket, Andy persevered to win immunity.

At Tribal Council, Martin did the unthinkable by joining the Bulan alliance in voting Ricky out, to Talia's anger. Out of spite, Ricky threw the Cursed Idol on Martin's lap. Eight remain, who wil be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Memory Gap
The Apolaki tribe will be divided into two groups of four. They will be observing the insides of a traditional Filipino Nipa Hut for five minutes. The host would then throw ten questions about the said hut. The team that has a better score after ten questions wins.
Reward: An overnight beach experience in the island of Boracay, one of the premiere summer destinations in the Philippines, where they will be lodging in a five-star hotel and they will return in time for the Immunity Challenge.
Winner: Kevin, Andy, Martin and Josh

Immunity Challenge: Jump for Joy
While jumping on a trampoline, the survivors must build a 20-piece puzzle under a ceiling with velcro. First person to build their puzzle wins immunity.
Winner: Martin


Night 27

The Apolaki tribe returns from Tribal Council, where Martin helped the Bulan alliance in voting the massive Ricky Mitchell out of the game. A furious Talia vents on Martin for backstabbing her, but Martin rebuts that Talia, or anyone has no chance of winning against Ricky because he was well-liked by most tribe members. While Talia and Martin squabble at the beach, Jacki and Melissa giggle in the shelter, delighted that this conflict may be the opening they need to bring Martin back full time in the Bulan alliance.

Talia: "Why did you do that?! You promised us!"
Martin: "Can you get a hold of yourself lady?! Do you even see yourself winning against your partner.? Don't get me wrong, I like Ricky. But it's the game. If he wins another immunity, he's gonna go on a hot streak. Can't you understand that?"
Talia: "But you left us tied 4-4. Now what? Draw rocks?."
Martin: "Tomorrow, I'll try to bring Andy back okay. You're just going through the motions right now. Sleep this over, then we'll talk first thing in the morning."
Kevin: "Okay, I might not be supportive of Martin's vote, but face it Talia, have you seen yourself perform at challenges? Trust me, if you're on Bulan and we do that mud wrestling challenge again, you'd be thrown by Ricky like a ragdoll."
Talia: "My point is why this early?"
Martin: "No matter how many times I'll try to explain to you, you won't understand that your partner is the biggest threat out here! Listen, I'm beat, I know you too, so can we just call it a night?"
Talia: "Don't turn your back at me mister. I'm still talking! Come back here!"
Martin: "Will you sleep now lady?! We have the whole morning tomorrow to talk. But for now, can you give it a break?"

Martin ruined my plan tonight with him voting Ricky out. Like, he's my best friend out here, my partner. He protected me against the twins, he helped me out how to be a better camper, he supported me when I become pathetic at challenges. I kinda understand now why Martin did such thing, but I'm not sure if I can still trust him after screwing Ricky. As much as I would like to vote him out, Tala will be screwed if we do.


Talia and Martin are acting like spouses in a bad relationship. Like Talia's frustrated because her partner got voted out, not knowing how big of a threat her partner and their partnership was, considering they're the only pair remaining in this game. Then we have Martin who kept on rephrasing himself to make Talia understand, not realizing the girl's too preoccupied by Ricky's removal, she can't listen to Martin. Martin and I are in good terms during our days in Bulan, but because of Leo, we didn't bond as much. Hopefully we can bring Martin to our fold, and be a prodigal tribe member.

–Jacki, on Martin and Talia's catfight

Day 28

Early in the morning, Martin approaches Talia, who seem to have a better mood than yesterday. Martin explains that despite their promise, they can be a potentially strong couple, stipulated they are the only remaining couple in the game, and he would never waver against the Tala alliance again. Talia discloses that she was hurt last night by his move, but she fully understands the situation, and hugs Martin. Martin promises to find a way to bring Tala back in the power position.

Martin and I finally talked about Ricky's elimination, and it's good that both of us are level-headed today. We patched things up, but I don't fully trust Martin after what he did to me. Also, I worry that both alliances are tied again, 4-4. If Martin completely flips back to Bulan, Tala is mortally wounded.


The eight remaining castaways meet Jeff Probst for their next Reward Challenge. After a draw of rocks, the men are coincidentally pit against the women. Jeff asks the teams to inspect a Nipa hut (a type of housing in the provincial Philippines and its objects. Jeff instructs the players not only to look inside the house, but also it's surrounding farm. After five minutes of studying, Jeff tells the castaways to return to their seat are told not to look behind. In a close 8-7 score, the men win the challenge over the women, sending them to the premiere summer getaway in the Philippines, Boracay island the next day.

Day 29

Early in the morning, a helicopter lands on Apolaki camp to fetch the boys. After the women bade their goodbyes to their male tribemates, Talia talks to Kasia, and discloses her worry since Martin is the swing vote. Kasia agrees and explains her sentimeher partner Toby days ago. Kasia smirks, saying Toby was not her first heartbreak, though it's her most painful.

Martin's move bothered me. Like, if given a chance, I would help him vote Ricky out, but I felt it was just too soon. He got scared by Ricky basically. Hopefully he gets Andy or Josh back in our alliance so at least we can get the majority back.


At Boracay, the boys enter their hotel, which is fully stocked with food. They attack the buffet table before strolling across the island's white sand beach. After eating, Kevin, having able to visit the place before, tours them to the beautiful island, which is basically a large beach resort, due to several hotels and other lodging establishments scattered all over the tiny island. Kevin endorses parasailing, something he did in his last visit. Martin goes up first, and screams in enjoyment. After his turn, Martin immediately searches for a plastic bag because he is feeling nauseous after the ride. The remaining boys then try out parasailing for themselves.

It's nice to have a break from the game for once. Like we can have the chance to get to know each other without thinking that they might backstab me. We basically left the game at the front desk.


In the evening, the boys witness the Boracay nightlife. While their money is still with production, the boys have no choice but merely observe the beach goers dancing all night before going to bed. While the others are already sleeping, Martin goes to the bathroom to pee, until he notices a roll of burlap behind the television set. Using his towel to conceal it, he locks himself up in the bathroom to inspect the mystery package. Martin opens up the burlap, and finds a Hidden Immunity Idol inside.

It's like the idol is being hidden in the most bizarre locations. Who knew there's an idol behind a TV set?


Day 30

The Apolaki tribe reunites for their next Immunity Challenge. While the puzzle is almost impossible to form with the pieces being symmetrically aligned with each other, Jeff tells them that they only need to form the picture. While the others struggle in jumping while putting the puzzle pieces under the ceiling, Martin stops jumping and forms the puzzle on the trampoline itself. After then, Martin continues to jump and place the pieces at the velcro ceiling. The hapless competitors witness Martin's cleverness winning him the Immunity Challenge, thus flushing out the Cursed Idol given to him by Ricky.

At camp, Martin reveals his "Plan eighty-six" to Kevin and the Tala alliance to vote for Melissa, explaining that though Josh and Andy are physical threats, Melissa is a closet social player, branding her as a secret but bigger threat. Talia then brings up the deadlock. Martin replies that he found an idol, and that he can lend it to someone from the Tala alliance should trouble brews before the vote.

Do not get me wrong, I like Melissa, but she's using her condition as a front. When you believe she's hopeless, she'll cut your throat.


Three hours before Tribal Council, Martin goes to the far side of the beach to do some yoga. Being the potential swing vote, Martin can either enforce a 4-4 tie or join back Bulan to have a 5-3 vote at Tribal Council. Melissa approaches Martin, smiles and asks him if he can honor the alliance they made at the beginning. Martin hugs Melissa, and tells her she is one of the most inspiring people he has ever met. Martin adds that though he remained loyal to her and Paula even when Leo antagonized him at the former Bulan, he cannot make any promises at this stage of the game, since he is now aligned with Tala.

It broke my heart when Melissa came up and told me she wanted to recreate the alliance we made from Day 1. That alliance is long dead, yet I still liked Melissa. Though voting her out is a smart choice, because she has not pissed anybody off, I'm adding another angry jury member to that frigging bench! Ugh, I hate this feeling. But I still have to keep my head in the game. There's still a lot of it left.


It's hard to play a game when nobody wants to play with you. But at least Martin respected me as a player.


At Tribal Council, Martin says he was relieved having his Cursed Idol canceled out of the equation, to Ricky's chagrin. Jeff brings up Melissa's Asperger's Syndrome, Melissa explains though she struggled to assimilate at the beginning, she now has a grasp of how to deal with each and every one of her tribemate, which the tribe unanimously agrees. The tribe votes, and Leo joins the Bulan alliance in voting for Kasia, making a 5-3 vote.

But before Jeff reads the votes, a visibly sad and agitated Martin hands his idol to Kasia, telling her to use it, thus negating all five votes cast against her, leaving the three Tala votes for Melissa countable. Instead of getting emotional, Melissa surprisingly hugs Martin with a smile, telling him she forgives him before giving the Cursed Idol to Kasia. As Melissa walks away, at the Jury bench, Leo, Martin's partner and rival shakes his head in disappointment.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Andy, Jacki, Josh, Martin, & Melissa
(votes not counted)
Melissa (3 votes)
Kasia, Kevin, & Talia
(has individual immunity)
(via Cursed Idol; vote not counted)
Melissa Earheart

Voting Confessionals

Sorry Kasia, I had a deep connection with Melissa. We made an alliance from Day 1, yet failed. But now, I want to honor that. Apologies.


Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • With Martin agitated, the two alliances decide to work together to vote Martin off. Will it work?

Author's Notes

  • Nipa huts are an indigenous type of housing in the Philippines. They are usually made of bamboo and with thatched nipa (Nypa fruticans) or anahaw (Arecaceae) leaves for a roof.
  • At the Immunity Challenge, you don't need to have your puzzle pieces perfectly aligned with each other, as long as you form the picture, it's good.
  • I've been to Boracay (also known as "Bora"—which is a different place to Bora Bora) before, and it's the most beautiful place I have ever been in my entire life. There are paid workers who do INSANE sand sculptures similar to the topmost image, and the fine, white sand beach is just breathtaking. :)
  • "Eighty-Six" is an idiom pertaining to taking something out from a list.
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