"Double Whammy"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 4/15
Episode Chronology
Previous "Rise to the Occasion"
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This is the fourth episode of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

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Reward Challenge: Along the Tracks
Scattered across the jungle are rail tracks which tribe members should collect. Once all seven tracks are collected, the whole tribe must climb on top of a tower and must slide down by riding a cart which would follow the tracks they have built. While the cart swoops down oward the finish line, the tribe must accomplish three things along the way to win the challenge:

  • Take a torch;
  • Use the torch to ignite a fire wok; and
  • They must pull a rope releasing a flag.

If they missed one station, they must go back to the tower and slide down again. First tribe to raise their flag wins reward.
Reward: The winning tribe would get Magan's remaining supplies to add to their own and a week's worth of canned goods
Winner: Nagar
Temptation Reward: A light lunch and a Thai massage or a clue to a one-time use Hidden Immunity Idol, which is only usable the next time he goes to Tribal Council
Consequence: Partaker may only choose one or the other

Immunity Challenge: Pillow Fight
Tribes must battle it out to retrieve a triangular prismic pillow buried in sand, and must reach their designated finish mat. First tribe to three wins immunity
Winner: Nagar


Night 9

While Magan is still at Tribal Council, Patrick of Sar Mayee continues to complain about his vomiting and stomach pains. The Survivor Medical Team comes to his aid, and diagnosed him with a serious case of diarrhea. Dr. Ramona Salins informs Patrick that they would take him to a nearby hospital. After the announcement, the medics pull him out of camp and out of the game, leaving Sar Mayee with only five remaining players. After hours of uneasiness due to Patrick's abrupt departure, the Sar Mayees go to sleep. But after making sure everyone's blissfully sleeping, Molly, who was sent to Exile Island just whe she was about to retrieve the idol, returns to the tree where the idol is hanging. Using a bamboo pole and her own buff, Molly successfully yanks the idol from the branch.

These bitches don't know who they're messing with!


Returning from Tribal Council, the Magan tribe, now only with a paltry roster of four members, reaches camp quietly. Tired physically and of losing, the tribe sleeps without discussing the vote.

Everyone's sad right now. We lost three of four Immunity Challenges. Am I paying rent at Tribal Council?


Day 10

After receiving Tree Mail, the three tribes arrive for their next challenge where there meet Jeff Probst. The Nagar and Magan tribes are both in shock seeing the Sar Mayee tribe missing somebody. Jeff informs them that while Magan's Tribal Council was underway, Patrick had to be airlifted from the game due to diarrhea, leaving only fifteen castaways. Also, Jeff also informs that one member of the Magan tribe received the Cursed Idol from their Tribal Council as part of Conway's acceptance of the Temptation Reward.

Jeff then shocks the players that the three tribes will become two with a tribe shuffling. After a draw of rocks, Jolanda and Molly grabbed the black and white stones. Jeff hands Jolanda and Molly with a container with three eggs with tribe-colored paint inside. Whatever color comes out of their egg will be their new tribe, which leaves the third and last color's tribe officially abolished. Jolanda reveals red, denoting Nagar; while Molly reveals yellow, denoting Sar Mayee. With the egg with green paint left behind, this denotes the end of Magan's existence as a tribe. Jeff then hands the other castaways eggs, seven with red paint, another seven with yellow paint, while the last one with grey paint. Having the unfortunate grey painted egg, Xavier, will not be part of a tribe. Instead, he is sent to Exile Island. He would be immune for the remainder of the cycle, and would join the tribe that loses a member at Tribal Council. With Xavier nowhere in sight, the new tribes are subjected to their first challenge.

The New Nagar Tribe
The New Sar Mayee Tribe

One by one, members of both teams run across the jungle to retrieve their tracks. Sar Mayee gains lead by finishing their tracks first, but is unable to retrieve the torch from its hook while their cart is still passing. This gives Nagar a chance to catch up. With Sar Mayee returning to the tower, Nagar accomplishes all three requirements, winning themselves Magan's remaining items and canned goods. Jeff informs the tribes that if Magan's idol was not found, it will be resurface at a later time. After the challenge, the newly-formed tribes are instructed to proceed to their camps.

Xavier arrives on Exile Island, and is welcomed by a pedestal with a note and a stamp. it reads:

Welcome to Exile Island. Before you continue to your shelter, you are about to face temptation. You can choose between a massage with a short meal, or a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol hidden in the island. If you choose the clue, keep in mind that this idol can only be used the next time you go Tribal Council.

–Temptation Reward note (as read by Xavier)

Xavier weighs his options. After 10 days of hunger, most of his Nagar tribemates notice his significant weight loss, which worries him. On the other hand, the clue may help him re-assimilate within his new tribe if he finds the idol. After much thought, Xavier deduces that since there are Nagar members on both tribes, he is fine without the idol; and chooses the temporary comfort instead.

I think I can do without the idol. For one, both tribes has my Nagar tribemates. Since I feel I am good with all of them, plus there is a 50% chance I will be with my former student Conway, I think I am fine with no idol."


After choosing not to get the clue to the temporary idol, Xavier gets a map to the makeshift massage salon in the middle of the jungle, where is welcomed by a masseuse. Xavier enjoys the rest of the day on the lap of luxury.

As the new Sar Mayee tribe reaches camp, veteran members Tina, Molly and Brittany tour the newbies to their new home. Later, Molly pulls Zach and Conway aside to fortify their alliance. Molly states she will act as if she is with Tina and Brittany, but she would need Conway to side with the three Nagars under the premise that they would take the Sar Mayees out and save her for last. Once the tribes merge, the Three Tribes Alliance will take the remaining competition out of the game. Conway then confirms that he was the recipient of the Cursed Idol, though he also reveals that he had Magan's idol. Molly says she will find a way to eliminate the Cursed Idol factor.

Finally! I so sick of my tribemates; game one! Now with my alliance kinda in place, it's time to Tina and Brittany to pay back! I won't care even if I'm the last Sar Mayee left by the merge, as long as I have my six,


At the new Nagar tribe, Nigel and Donna welcome their new tribemates, with Nigel touring the new members to their shelter. On the other hand, Kendra takes Donna to the woods, saying that she has the clue to the idol. Donna tells her that the Nagar's idol is still out there, because no one "acted funny" since the beginning.

Quote1What?Quote2- Donna
Quote1I have a clue to the idol. Conway got this from Exile Island. I'm guessing this clue applies to your camp as well. I was wondering if someone from your tribe still has it. He found ours by the way.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1So far, no one acted funny. So I assume it's still out there. But I'm not promising you. For all we know, somebody already had it.Quote2- Donna
Quote1I'll try to look after it anyway.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Conway found ours hanging on a tree.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Hm, where exactly?Quote2- Donna
Quote1It says it hangs somewhere you see everyday, and if you find it, "well done."Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Definitely near the water hole!Quote2- Donna

Day 11

Early morning at Nagar, Kendra wakes up early to find the idol before the others get up. Basing from where Conway found the Magan idol, Kendra looks for the big tree that is the nearest to their water hole. Excited and nervous at the same time, Kendra climbs the massive tree and uses a stick to yank the idol down. Successful, Kendra returns to the shelter, and goes back to sleep.

With two of the three idols, we're gonna be invincible!


At Sar Mayee, Molly and Tina are busy getting firewood. Until Tina tells Molly that the Sar Mayees should stick together; but with three Sar Mayee and three Nagar, there is one key player they need to convince - Magan's Conway. Tina brings up the Cursed Idol, asking Molly if she has an idea of who might have it. Molly replies that there is no way Conway will possess the object, telling her that he was not a threat back in the old Magan tribe. Meanwhile, Brittany approaches Conway, telling him she would try to bring him to at least top four if he joins them. Conway tells her he is still undecided, but in truth, he is way ahead of her in terms of strategy.

From a total wimp Chuck wanted out the day before, I'm the powerfullest person out here! I won't be too complacent though.


Day 12

Both tribes receive tree mail, notifying them about their first Immunity Challenge as new tribes. It will be a physical challenge similar to the one from Survivor: Exile Island and Heroes vs. Villains. With the challenge only requiring six members, both Nagar and Sar Mayee sit members; but because the challenge requires an equal number of men and women, Nagar must sit out a man (Marshall) while Sar Mayee must sit out a woman (Brittany).

Round 1 (all-female): Jolanda and Kendra vs. Tina and Francesca
The four women agree to find the pillow first before attacking each other. Kendra finds the pillow and runs toward hermat, but Francesca tackles her inches away from the Nagar mat. Tina pulls Kendra and the pillow, but Jolanda intercepts her. Jolanda's sheer strength leaves the elderly Tina helpless. Kendra them removes herself from Francesca's hold while carrying the pillow and taps the red mat, earning the first point for the Nagar tribe.

Round 2 (male-female): Donna and Nigel vs. Molly and Danny
Donna finds the pillow but Danny throws her away. Molly and Danny team up the helpless Donna, while Nigel tries to hold the massive Danny. Donna tickes Molly's waist to escape and runs, but Danny escapes from Nigel and carries Donna to the yellow tribe mat; but before the bar bouncer reaches the Sar Mayee mat, Donna lets go of the pillow and kicks it toward Nigel. Nigel is able to ward off Molly, but Danny lets go of Donna and chases him. It was a fierce competition, but Danny takes the pillow from Nigel and brings it to Sar Mayee's mat, earning their first point.

Round 3 (all-male): Kyle and Rashad vs. Zach and Conway
The men cooperates to dig the sand pit together. Zach retrieves the pillow beneath the sand, causing him and Kyle to have an all-out showdown. During the heat of the battle, Kyle claims his shorts are falling off, while Zach continues to grapple him. Kyle demands respect, prompting Zach to remove his hold as an act of courtesy. It turns out to be a trick, as Kyle runs with the pillow, taking advantage of Zach. Conway tries to catch him, but Rashad trips him over and grapples him. Kyle gives Nagar their second point. The women of Sar Mayee cry foul over the incident, but Jeff states he did not violate any of the rules, and it was Zach's fault why he got fooled in the first place.

If Kyle wants to play dirty, I'll give it to him.


Round 4 (all-female): Kendra and Donna vs. Francesca and Molly As Molly unearths the pillow, Kendra pulls her from it, while Donna and Francesca duke it out. Kendra steals the pillow but is quickly intercepted by Francesca. Francesca throws the pillow to Molly but Donna steals it. Molly tackles Donna, but is pushed by Kendra before she could even hit Donna. In the end, Donna brings the third and winning point for Nagar, sending the new Sar Mayee tribe to Tribal Council.

We lost Patrick, now we lost the challenge. It's a double whammy for us Sar Mayees.


Returning from the challenge, the Sar Mayee tribe goes back to camp still complaining about Nagar's "foul play" at the Immunity Challenge. Molly complains that Kyle is a jerk, with the tribe unanimously agreeing. In the depths of the jungle, Molly and Francesca are approached by Tina and Brittany about Conway's terrible performance at the challenge, telling them it is best to vote him off instead of fighting for his vote. Later, Molly pulls Conway aside, informing him that Tina is targeting him, but also tells him to relax, because, even if he has the Cursed Idol, she would flip her vote to Brittany, making the vote 5-3. With this, Conway does not need to play his Hidden Immunity Idol. Molly advises Conway to act as if he's a part of the Nagar pact by voting with them.

I maybe in a dangerous position, as Tina wants me out because I'm the weakest. But little does she know, the jokes on her.


Minutes before Tribal Council, Conway tells Francesca he is on board with them, telling them that he would help them vote Brittany out, but he begs for his safety. Francesca tells him they really want to eliminate Brittany because Tina is valuable at camp, and life at camp will be dull without him.

Conway's a bright kid. He's funny, and his genuineness makes me feel he should stay longer. On the other hand, Brittany is always detached to us, and does not really help at camp, as opposed to Tina's claims. This calls for Brittany's elimination.


At Tribal Council, the tribe vents out all the hostilities that went down at the challenge, though Zach accepts his mistake for letting his guard down. Jeff then brings up the topic of the Cursed Idol, Conway indirectly tosses the topic, prompting Brittany to speculate that Conway has it. Conway fesses up and reveals the Cursed Idol Chuck gave him, but he begged that he is not a threat, either physically or strategically. In the end, Tina and Brittany exploit the Cursed Idol by voting for Conway, but with the three Nagars, Conway's vote and Molly's vote, Brittany is blindsided after a 5-3 vote. As Brittany walks away, Jeff informs Sar Mayee that Xavier is now waiting back at their camp.

Tribal Council

Day 9

Removed From Camp
Patrick McDonald

Final Words

I hate the fact that I got eliminated from the game this way. Nonetheless, I learned a lot, especially taking care of myself. For Sar Mayee, kick some ass for me!

–Patrick McDonald

Day 12

Tribal Council 6:
Sar Mayee
Brittany (5 votes)
Conway, Danny, Francesca, Molly, & Zach
Conway (3 votes)
Brittany & Tina
Chuck (via Cursed Idol)
Brittany White

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Left alone, Tina revolts by not working at camp; but gains a new ally in Xavier.
  • Xavier meets his old student, Conway. Will they make a formidable alliance, or will Conway stay true to the Three Tribes Alliance.
  • At the Temptation Reward, one castaway is torn between giving himself or his tribe PB&J sandwiches, but it is his favorite snack. What will he do?
  • One castaway has a deep, dark secret. Will it jeopardize his/her game?

Author's Notes

  • Molly wrote "Boottany" on her voting parchment.

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