"Don't Pee Where You Sleep Bro!"
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Season Survivor: Dominican Republic
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Episode Number 11/13
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This is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Dominican Republic

Previously On Survivor...

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Reward Challenge: Loved Ones Overboard
Loved ones stand on a plank over the water, divided into segments. When a player and their loved one provide the same answer to a question, players force any loved one to take a step backwards. The fourth step is into the water, and out of the challenge. Last loved one left dry wins reward.
Reward: The winner (along with 2 other castaways of their choice) will get to spend the afternoon and the night with their loved one at the camp.
Winner: Esther [Damion & Jill]

Immunity Challenge: Pot Shots
Eighteen clay pots hung on a line. Each Survivor's name was marked on three pots. Using a slingshot, the group has to shoot little marbles at their opponents' pots, trying to break the ones that didn't bear their own name. The last person left with an unbroken pot would win Immunity.
Winner: Wild Bill


Night 30

The Sabana de la Mar Tribe returns from Tribal Council after having just voted Sully out. Esther goes over to Denise, who is sitting alone in the cave/shelter, and gives her a hug. She then whispers something inaudible in Denise’s ear. Denise nods her head and smiles as Esther goes and joins the rest of the tribe by the fire.

We then get a night vision confessional by Denise…

I am all by myself right now. Watching Sully go was heartbreaking, not because he and I had some sort of special bond because we did not. It was more because I became very aware of my own mortality in this game. If I don’t do something, I could very well be the next to go.

There is hope though, after we returned from Tribal Esther whispered in my ear that I should not lose hope and she is going to make it her mission to keep me around a little longer. So there is a glimmer of hope for me. Even if it is very faint…


Day 31

Rodney and Damion begin day thirty-seven walking through the woods having a conversation about what is going on with the tribe. Damion says that he is starting to get paranoid about the women joining up and getting rid of the men. Rodney laughs that off and says that would not be possible because there are three men and three women left and so that would mean the women would want a tie-vote. He says that there is no way Esther and Jill would play reckless enough to force a tie-vote.

Damion thinks about it for a moment before he talks about how he does not trust Denise at all and he thinks that she is going to try to weasel her way into an alliance with Esther. Rodney tells Damion that he would not be surprised if Denise did try to do that but he says that she really does not have any options right now so he cannot fault her if she does try to make an alliance with Esther. Rodney then tells Damion not to worry because he thinks that Esther is loyal to them and will stick with their final four plans.

For the past week or so Damion has been getting more and more paranoid about the women voting us out. The reason for this is because Bill keeps on saying it him almost every time they talk.

It kind of sucks that I have to keep on reassuring Damion that there is no grand conspiracy to get rid of him and me but it seems like it has become part of our daily ritual. What didn’t help was when Esther gave him the baked potato. That just cemented in his mind everything that Bill has been telling him. There are times when I wish that Esther would have just given me that damned potato.


Reward Challenge:

It is now time for the Reward Challenge; the Sabana de la Mar Tribe enters the challenge area. After the contestants settle in on the mat Jeff Probst tells the castaways that there are some loved ones here to see them.

The first loved one we see is Jill’s father Dave, who gives Jill a big bear hug lifting her up off the ground. Jill he then places her down and kisses her forehead. Jill starts to cry tears of joy.

The next loved one is Damion’s girlfriend Monique. Damion and Monique hug and kiss each other.

Wild Bill’s younger brother Alvin is the next out and Bill and his brother hug. Bill makes a comment that Alvin has lost some weight since he last saw him.

Out next is Denise’s husband Hal. Denise starts bawling the minute she sees Hal. She then runs over to him and nearly tackles him to the ground as she leaps into his arms.

Rodney’s older brother Mack is the next one out and the two brothers hug as they greet each other.

Esther’s husband Arthur is the final loved one to be introduced. Esther starts to cry as Arthur approaches her. They then kiss.

Seeing Arthur meant the world to me. We have been married for forty-four years and sadly I actually missed our anniversary to come out here. So I hope I can win to make up for missing our anniversary…


After each castaway’s loved one is introduced Jeff explains the rules of the challenge and what the winner of the challenge will get.

The first question was, “What is your favorite food?”

The only ones to get this right were Jill and her father and Esther and her husband.

Both women chose Wild Bill’s brother to take a step backwards.

The second question was, “What is your nickname?”

From this question we find out that Jill’s nickname is Kitten, Damion’s nickname is D-Money, Wild Bill’s nickname is well…Wild Bill, Denise’s nickname is Dove, Rodney’s nickname is Rod, and Esther’s nickname is Muffin.

Everyone and their loved ones got the proper answer.

Wild Bill sent Denise’s husband back a step.

Denise sent Wild Bill’s brother back a step.

Esther eliminated Wild Bill’s brother from the challenge and Alvin jumps off the plank and into the water below with a huge smile on his face.

Damion sent Denise’s husband back a step.

After profusely apologizing to both Monique and Damion, Jill sent Damion’s girlfriend back a step.

Rodney sends Denise’s husband back a step.

The third question was, “What is your favorite movie?”

Rodney, Jill, and Denise’s loved ones answered correctly. We learn that Rodney’s favorite movie is Return of the Jedi, Jill’s favorite movie is unsurprisingly The Notebook, and Denise’s favorite movie is Urban Cowboy.

Denise sent Rodney’s brother back a step.

Rodney eliminated Denise’s husband from the challenge. Her husband did not look happy at all about having to jump into the water.

Jill giggles as she sent Rodney’s brother back a step.

The fourth question was, “What is your dream job?”

Only Rodney and his brother got this right. It seems like Rodney’s dream job is to become a Standup Comedian.

Rodney tells Jill that this is payback as he sends Jill’s father one step back.

The fifth question was, “Who is your favorite actor or actress?”

Everyone gets this question right. From this question we find out that Jill’s favorite actor is Ryan Gosling, Damion’s favorite actor is Robert De Niro, Esther’s favorite actor is Dustin Hoffman, and Rodney’s favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence.

The other castaways start to laugh upon the revelation of Rodney’s favorite actress. Rodney shrugs his shoulders and says…

What? She’s hot!


They show a shot of Jill who is frowning over that comment.

Jill then sends Rodney’s brother back a step.

Rodney chooses Jill’s father to take a step back.

Esther eliminates Rodney’s brother from the challenge. Rodney’s brother Mack yells out, “Cannonball!” and then leaps off his plank and into the water.

Damion sent Jill’s father one step back.

The sixth question was, “What is your favorite color?”

Jill and her father and Esther and her husband got it right. Both Jill and Esther decided to send Damion’s girlfriend back a step.

The seventh question was, “What is your favorite sport?”

All three castaways and their loved ones got the answer right. Damion’s favorite sport is MMA, which common that is kind of obvious seeing how he is an MMA fighter. Jill’s favorite sport is baseball and Esther’s favorite sport is tennis.

Damion eliminates Jill’s father from the challenge and Jill’s father Dave waves and blows a kiss at his daughter before jumping into the water.

Jill eliminates Damion’s girlfriend from the challenge. Damion’s girlfriend Monique graciously leaps off her plank and into the water. This means for that Esther has once again won the Reward Challenge!

Jeff tells Esther to picked two more loved ones to join her and the rest of the castaways back at camp. Esther seems very distraught over having to make this choice. She first decides to pick Jill’s father Dave to join them back at camp. She then paces for a moment before saying…

Because I shafted him during the last reward challenge…I would like to have Damion’s girlfriend Monique join us back at camp.


Jeff tells Bill, Rodney, and a crying Denise to say good bye to their loved ones.

Back at camp Damion runs over to Esther and gives her a hug and a kiss on her cheek.

When Esther chose Monique to join us in camp…I was beyond happy! Know what I’m saying?

This is the best thing that has happened to me in this game. It feels so good to just chill with my baby girl out here!


While I would have rather have had Denise’s husband come back and join us in camp. I simply had to try and make amends with Damion after what happened at the previous reward challenge.

It felt really good to see Damion so happy and if I happen to make it to the final two and that move just secured me a vote...well that would be great!


As the loved ones and the rest of the castaways mingle around camp, Wild Bill asks Rodney to help him get some water. Once they are out of ear range from the camp Wild Bill begins talking about how maybe getting rid of Denise might not be such a great plan. Rodney seems shocked by Bill’s about-face.

Bill says that he thinks that Esther should be the next to go. Rodney stops walking and stares at Bill for a moment in disbelief. Rodney says it is too soon to make such a move and he does not feel at all comfortable getting rid of someone who has been loyal to him. He then goes on to say that he promised Esther a spot in the final four and he would like to keep his promise but if it was the tribe’s consensus to drop her in the final five vote instead, he would be open to doing that as well.

Bill says that getting rid of Esther now would be perfect. He reminds Rodney that Esther has won two popularity-based Reward Challenges and if anyone took her to the final four they would lose big time. Bill then says that if they get rid of Esther tonight then they can kill any woman’s alliance in its infancy.

Rodney does not seem at all comfortable about this move and he says that Jill would probably never forgive him if he makes such a move. Bill laughs and says that the game is about big moves and pissing people off and if you cannot do either of them then you should not be playing the game.

Back at camp the castaways and their loved ones are having a great time bonding near the campfire. They are all laughing and having a great time.

It was totally fun to have my father at camp today. And I totally adore Esther’s husband and Damion’s girlfriend. I actually totally apologized to Monique for sending her into the water but she is so cool that she told me it was all right.


While the castaways and their loved ones are having fun hanging out in camp, Denise sits in the shelter/cave and just stares at them. She wipes a tear from her eye as she begins her confessional…

It sucks seeing Damion, Jill, and Esther being so happy. I know that, that might make me a mean person but I just feel so down that I was not able to bring my husband back to camp. I mean I know why Esther chose Damion’s girlfriend to come back to camp but it still sucks.

Maybe I should bitch Esther out over not having chosen me for the reward. Maybe then she will keep me in the game.


It is now night and all of the castaways and their visitors are sitting around the camp chatting. Esther tells the group that she would like to thank all of them for allowing her to win the challenge today. She says that this was the best anniversary gift they could have given her.

Oh gosh…you know when I look at Esther and Arthur, I just see the cutest couple. I totally can’t believe that they’ve been married for forty-four years…that is totally amazing. I hope I can find a guy like Arthur.


Tonight was very special to me. Everyone seemed to be having a good time…even Bill. So I was just happy to spend time with Arthur and have an anniversary night Survivor style.


Day 32

Day thirty-two begins with Jill and her father talking about the game. Jill tells her father how much she loves Esther and how much Esther reminds her of her grandmother. Jill then says that right now she is in a good place in the game and she has two very loyal allies in Esther and Rodney.

Jill’s father tells her to play the game as honestly as possible and stick with the people who got her this far.

After breakfast the loved ones say good-bye to the castaways and are taken away via a boat. Jill and Esther talk about how sad they are over seeing their loved ones leave.

It was so good to have Arthur out here, even if it was just for a little while. I am so happy that he got to share this experience with me.

Arthur being out here really gave me that extra motivation to stay in this game for the next week.


In the woods Wild Bill is discussing the possibility of voting out Esther with Damion.

Quote1Yesterday I tried to pitch the idea of getting rid of Esther to Rodney and he kept on stonewalling me. He did not seem open to the idea at all.

But the thing is I think now would be the perfect time to get rid of her. Look bro, she’s won two popularity based Reward Challenges in a row. It is as clear as day that if she goes to the finals, there is no way in hell any of us are going to beat her. I say we strike now and get her out of the game because there is no way she will see it coming.Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1Man I don’t know if I could do that. After all she just allowed me to spend some quality time with my girl. It would be heartless to do her like that after she just did something nice for me. Know what I’m saying man?Quote2- Damion

Quote1Yes I understand that it would put you in a very horrible situation and it would make you look heartless. But the fact of the matter is there ain’t nobody in this game that is going to go through this game without getting any blood on their hands. That’s just the simple truth.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1You know I would be down with a good old fashion blindside but the thing is I don’t know that we would have enough votes to get it pushed through. I mean you yourself just said that Rodney isn’t down with it. So if he ain’t down with it who else are we going to get to make this move?

I’m saying this because I know for a fact that there ain’t no way Jill would ever drop a vote against Esther. Those two are as thick as thieves.Quote2
- Damion

Quote1Well maybe if I tried to see where Denise’s head is at…maybe we could convince her to vote with us. After all, greed is a strong motivating factor in this game and maybe Denise’s greed would be strong enough to put aside her differences with me and work to get Esther out.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Man I think you’re tripping, because there ain’t no way on god’s green earth that, that chick would be willing to work with you. She hates your guts.Quote2- Damion

Quote1Oh there is no doubt about that, but like I said if she thinks that she is going to be the one going home next. Well then maybe she would be willing to put aside her dislike of me in order to keep herself in the game.

I’ll tell you what; I’ll feel her out and see what she thinks about making this move. Meanwhile you should try and work on Rodney. Show him how much his game will benefit by getting rid of Esther.Quote2
- Wild Bill

Man, Wild Bill wants to try to rock the boat. I’m not sure it’s a smart move to make right now.

I mean, Esther ain’t no threat to me challenge-wise but she is a huge threat to win this game if she makes it to the end. So Bill has the right idea but I don’t think it is the right time to go through with that idea.


We now see Wild Bill approaching Denise, who is sitting alone in the shelter.

Quote1Can we talk?Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Sure…Quote2- Denise

Quote1Right now I know you are in a sucky situation. You must know that you are going to be the next to go home. Well I am actually in sort of the same situation as you are.

Once you’re gone from the game I am the next lowest person on the totem pole. Those four have to be broken up and broken up soon if either one of us wants to last further into this game. So that is why I wanted to talk to you.

I know this is going to come as a shock to you but I want to offer you an olive branch and I want to work with you in destroying the four of them. You see after the first few days in this game I became aware that I could not possibly win this game. Since I realized that I have made it my mission to play for number two.

I don’t care who I go to the finals with, I just want to make it to the finals. None of them are probably willing to go to the finals with me but you…well I am your best final two partner and you are my best final two partner.

That is why I want to see if you would be willing to work with Damion and I in order to get rid of Esther. Now I know that me targeting Esther might come as a shock to you because she is not a threat to win any of the challenges. But the thing is, she is a huge threat to win the entire game and no matter who goes to the finals with her they ain’t gonna win…Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1I thought you just told me that you did not care who you went to the finals with, you just wanted to make the finals…Quote2- Denise

Quote1Yeah that’s the truth. But you and I both know there ain’t no way Esther is going to take me to the finals with her and because of that she has to go.

Look, I’m offering you a life line here. You can save yourself and help me shake up this game. Just think about what I’m saying and if it is something you’re willing to do then let’s do it. After all, there ain’t nobody in this game that would believe that me and you are working together.Quote2
- Wild Bill

Bill came to me with such a great offer this afternoon. It truly is something that I will have to think over. I mean part of me would feel sorry for screwing over Esther…but the fact of the matter is she has done nothing to help me thus far and that move would improve my lot in this game.

I just don’t know if I can trust someone as reprehensible as Wild Bill. I’m am really not sure what I want to do right now.


Day 33

Day thirty-three begins with Denise confronting Wild Bill, in front of the entire tribe, over peeing in the shelter the previous night.

Quote1Bill I want to ask you a question while everyone is here and I want you to give me an honest answer. Last night did you pee in the shelter?Quote2- Denise

Quote1Why are you asking that?Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Well you were sleeping next to me and when you got up, you woke me up. I then saw you walk over to another part of the shelter and relieve yourself. It is so unhygienic … I am beyond grossed out by you right now.Quote2- Denise

Quote1When you gotta go, you gotta go. Yeah I took a leak in the shelter and no I don’t see any reason to deny it and I am not ashamed to admit what I did.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Seriously dude, you took a leak in the shelter? Man what’s wrong with you?Quote2- Damion

Quote1There is nothing wrong with me. I had to go pee, so I peed in the shelter. I am not about to go out into the jungle in the middle of the night not knowing what the hell is out there and I’m certainly not going to piss my pants. So I went in the shelter…I mean shoot it is not like anyone ever even sleeps in the part of the shelter that I peed in.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Man that’s just nasty. I understand not wanting to go out into the woods but you could have gone over there where everyone else went and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. The cardinal rule out here is, don’t pee where you sleep bro!

It ain’t that hard to understand man. You know what I’m saying?Quote2
- Damion

Bill is such a nasty individual. I am not sure why he has done half the stuff he has done thus far in the game. I just hope the former Yuna people finally see him for what he truly is…a reprehensible person.


I honestly was not trying to intentionally mess with people when I took a leak in the shelter last night. Had I done it intentionally I would have peed much closer to where everyone was, but even I am not that raunchy.

I don’t see what the big deal is, I mean I was pretty far from the closest person and I’ve done it in the past. I’ve just never been caught before. I mean come on…when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

–Wild Bill

Immunity Challenge:

The six remaining contestants arrive at the challenge site and Jeff explains the rules of the Immunity Challenge. He then asks Rodney, to give him back the Immunity Necklace. Jeff reminds them that the winner of the challenge will be safe from the vote at Tribal Council. While anyone without Immunity will be eligible to be the eleventh person to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

There seems to be a bit of a learning curve during the opening rounds of this challenge, as nobody seemed to be able to get the hang of firing the slingshot right away. Esther of all people was the first person to break a pot, when she broke one of Rodney’s pots.

Wild Bill manages to break one of Jill’s pots and she frowns at him.

Damion manages to break the second of Rodney’s pots and Rodney just smiles and shakes his head.

Y’all are lucky that I don’t have a persecution complex, because if I did I would think there is some sort of grand conspiracy against me right now.


Denise apologizes to Esther after she broke Esther’s first pot.

Rodney breaks Esther’s second pot and he smiles at her and says…

Ah sweet revenge!


Wild Bill destroys Damion’s first pot.

Rodney manages to break Denise’s first pot and she does not look pleased at that outcome whatsoever.

Jill breaks Rodney’s final pot, thus eliminating him from the challenge. He pretends to be mad at Jill as he jokingly stomps his feet and places his hands on his hips. She just smiles and blows him a kiss as he goes over and sits on the loser’s bench.

Wild Bill goes on a roll as he manages to break both Jill and Denise’s second pots and Esther’s final pot. This means that Esther has been eliminated from the challenge.

Denise manages to break Bill’s first pot.

Damion breaks Jill’s third pot thus eliminating her from the challenge. She looks at him with a smile and says…

You big meany!


Denise nails Damion’s second pot and she pumps her arm in joy over doing so. By the expression on his face one can tell that, that action did not sit well with Damion.

Wild Bill destroys Damion’s final pot and with that Damion is eliminated from the challenge.

This challenge finally comes to an end as Wild Bill breaks Denise’s last pot. This means that Wild Bill has won Individual Immunity for the second time this season!

After Jeff puts the Immunity Necklace around the neck of Wild Bill, he reminds the other castaways that Bill will be safe from tonight’s vote while one of the will become the fourth member of the jury.

The Sabana de la Mar Tribe returns from the Immunity challenge. Rodney pats Wild Bill on the back and congratulates him on winning Immunity.

Well it really sucked that Bill won Immunity today. Now I have the momentous task of trying to get one of the Yuna four out of the game. I am not sure how I am going to make this happen but if I don’t then I will be the next member of the jury.

Part of me is really thinking if I should vote with Bill in order to get rid of Esther. That seems to be the right move to make but it is not the move I want to make and I am not sure if he has the votes to make such a move.


Wild Bill asks Denise to join him on the beach for a talk. Bill asks Denise if she is willing to work with him and vote Esther out. Denise says that she feels like she has no choice in the matter and if Bill has to votes to do so, she would work with him. Bill tells Denise not to worry because they have Damion’s vote in the bag and all they need is for Rodney to flip and then they will have the majority.

Meanwhile, out in the woods Rodney and Damion are collecting wood for the camp’s fire. Damion tries to sell Rodney on voting out Esther but Rodney is having none of it. He says that he wants an all-Yuna final four and he intends on voting out Denise tonight. Rodney then goes on to say that they should tell Bill that they are with his plan to vote Esther out. That way when the Core Four votes Denise out, it will be easier to get rid of Wild Bill because they can use the reason of him voting against Esther as to why they got rid of him.

Damion does not seem like he is keen on this idea but he agrees to it anyway. They then set-out to find Wild Bill and inform him of their “plan” to vote out Esther.

Denise joins Esther and Jill back at camp. Denise says she has some information about tonight’s vote that is very valuable. She tells Esther and Jill of Wild Bill’s plot to vote Esther out; she then says that both Damion and Rodney are in on the plot.

Esther starts to cry and tells Denise that she is having a hard time believing that her boys would vote her out so early. Denise says that the guys have come to the realization that none of them could beat her in a final two scenario. Therefore, they have come up with this plot to take her out.

Denise then makes Jill and Esther an offer to join with them and vote out Damion. She says that this will likely force a tie in the vote but at least that will mean Esther has a fifty/fifty shot of staying in the game.

Jill does not seem sold on this and says that if the guys were planning to get rid of Esther they would have come to her with the plan. Denise says they would not because they know how close she is to Esther and they would not want to risk her telling Esther of their plan.

Esther says that while she is hurt over this revelation she is not all that shocked. After all Damion did vote against her twice and he was very pissed that she gave him the baked potato as a prize in the Reward Challenge. She then says that if the guys were to make a move against her, tonight would be a good night to do so because she would not be expecting it.

Denise tells Esther that the reasons she just gave are pretty much exactly what the guys said to her as to why they feel that it is the right time to get her (Esther) out. Denise then goes onto say that if the guys tell Esther and Jill that they are planning to vote her (Denise) out tonight, then they (Esther and Jill) will know for a fact that the guys are targeting Esther for elimination.

I had to get a little dirty in telling Esther that she is being targeted for elimination tonight. But I had to do it. I would much rather see Esther and Jill stay in this game than a guy like Damion who is a huge physical threat.

Sure I fibbed a little but there was enough truth in what I said. My hope right now is for the vote to be broken up down gender lines and then maybe Esther will come out on top of any tie-breaking challenge that is thrown at her.


Damion returns to camp and tells Jill that he and Rodney plan on voting Denise out tonight. Jill asks if either she or Esther are in danger of being voted out tonight and Damion assures her that neither of them are and that Denise is the only target.

Right now I am not sure how I am going to vote because I have no idea if I am the guys’ target or not. This is such a horrible position to be in and I really do not want the guys to betray me but I just might have to vote against them tonight.


Tribal Council:

After settling into their seats Jeff brings in the members of the jury Hector, Kendra, and Sully who was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Sully, who is sporting a new Mohawk, peers over at the castaways who are still in the game and gives them a dirty look.

Jeff begins by asking Denise what she thinks are her chances of staying in the game tonight. Denise laughs and says slim to none. She says that she can be a valuable asset to whomever wants to use her and that maybe the Yuna Four should consider taking one of their own out tonight while they have her and Bill around to do their dirty work.

Jeff says to Damion that Denise just brought up a good point and that she could be used in order to get rid of people in his alliance before they try to get rid of him. Damion laughs and tells Jeff that it is all good and that the Core Four are as solid as ever and he does not see anyone of them going home tonight. Damion then goes on to tell Jeff that Denise is just grasping at straws right now in the hopes of staying in the game and he applauds her never say die attitude.

Jeff noticed that Esther made a face when Damion mentioned about the Core Four being as solid as ever. Esther admits that at this point in the game the former members of the Yuna Tribe are solid but each of them is also jockeying for their position in the end game. She says that everyone in the Core Four might think they are safe but one never knows what might happen.

Rodney disagrees with what Esther just said. He tells Jeff that he is one hundred percent loyal to those who have helped him out thus far. He says that next Tribal Council might be a different story because it is at that point that they will have to vote out someone who they have been working with. He then says to Denise…

No offense Denise, I love you but you have done nothing to help me out at all so I will be writing your name down tonight.


Jeff seems surprised by Rodney’s bold proclamation and he asks Denise her feelings as to what Rodney just said. Denise tries to play it off as if it is no big deal and that it is to be expected that she is going home, but her body language betrays her words and one can tell that she is absolutely livid over what Rodney just said.

Wild Bill laughs at Denise’s reaction and tells Jeff that he is glad nobody can touch him tonight. Denise then brings up the peeing in the cave incident and says that Bill is very lucky to have Immunity tonight or he might have been unanimously voted out.

We see a reaction shot of the jury and the three of them look utterly disgusted over Denise’s revelation. Hector just buries his face into the palm of his hand and shakes his head back and forth in disgust.

Bill tries to once again justify why he peed in the shelter but even Jeff says that there is no way that can be justified. With that it is time to vote.

Once the final castaway returns from voting, Jeff goes off to tally the votes.

Jeff reveals that the first vote was for Esther. Esther looks absolutely crestfallen over that vote. She then looks at Rodney and Damion with tears in her eyes.

The second vote has Denise’s name written on it. She just smiles and nods her head.

The third vote has Damion’s name written on it and he does not seem all that shocked because he knows that, that vote probably came from Denise.

Denise’s name is written on the fourth parchment and she just rolls her eyes as she tries to mentally prepare herself to be voted out.

Damion sees his name written on the fifth parchment and at this point he looks totally confused.

Jeff holds up the sixth and final parchment and it has Damion’s name written on it and there is a sad face directly underneath his name.

After the final vote is read both Damion and Rodney look thoroughly confused as to what just happened. Jill does not look happy at all with the vote. While Denise has a very smug smile on her face, knowing that she is going to live to see another day.

Over in the jury box Sully is laughing and he mouths, “That was great!” to Denise.

By being on the receiving end of three votes, Damion has become the fourth member of the jury and is the eleventh person to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Sabana de la Mar
Damion Pendergarst With Beard
Damion (3 votes)
Jill LandryDenise KesselEsther Ryan
Jill, Denise, Esther
Denise Kessel
Denise (2 votes)
Damion Pendergarst With BeardRodney Burish With Beard
Damion, Rodney
Esther Ryan
Esther (1 vote)
Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Wild Bill
Damion Pendergarst elimination

Voting Confessionals

I wonder if you will still be celebrating my never say die attitude after the votes are read tonight.


I don’t have anything against you mama; it’s just your time to go. Good luck and it has been fun playing the game with you.


I totally don’t want to do this but I kind of sort of have to do it. OMG this totally sucks…for reals.


Wild Bill said you were the real snake of the Payabo Tribe; I should have listened to him sooner. Oh well I guess this is better late than never.


You are way too popular to remain in this game and you are the least likely to take me to the finals with you. Therefore, you’ve got to go granny.

–Wild Bill

I cannot believe you would turn on me so soon. I guess you were only loyal to me to a certain point. I hate to vote you out, but I must and hope that there is a tie in the vote. Goodbye and good luck kiddo.


Final Words

I have no clue as to what just happened. There are some shady folks in the game. I got, got.

But it is all good; I can’t hold it against them because they were just getting rid of competition. Know what I’m saying?



Members of the Jury
Hector Guzman Jury Photo
Kendra Brolin Jury
Sully jury
Damion Pendergarst With Beard

Still in the Running

Th John Dissmore-1
Esther Ryan
Rodney Burish With Beard
Martha Hughesbw
Damion Pendergarst elimination
Carly Pattinsonbw
Mark Heiden eliminated
Jill Landry
Sherri Goulet eliminated
Hector Guzman eliminated
Denise Kessel
Gilbert Sullivan B&W
Jenny Chang eliminated
Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Wild Bill
Kendra Brolin eliminated
Thom BradleyB&W

Next Time on Survivor...

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Author's Notes

I will edit the next time and previously on sections at a later date. Those are the two sections I hate to fill out the most and I just want to finish this season before the new season of the actual show begins.