"Couple's Retreat"
Season Survivor: Couples Showdown
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 10/15
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This is the tenth episode of Survivor: Couples' Showdown.

Previously on Survivor

Tala was was shocked when Camille was blindsided, especially Kevin, who was in tears. At the Reward Challenge, Bulan won, giving them a choice between a pizza feast or an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge. Bulan played it smart, and decided to give their reward to have a better shot at winning immunity. While Tala enjoyed their free reward, Andy ratted Josh, who threw the last Immunity Challenge to vote Camille out.

The next day, tribe tribes merged, and the ex-Bulan members' reward gamble paid off, as Ricky won immunity, but he chose to return to the Tala alliance, giving them a 6-4 advantage because of the additions of Martin and Andy. Later, Andy talked to his partner Devon about giving their Immunity Idol to Josh and vote his biggest rival, Kevin, where the boys were caught red-handed by Kasia. Kasia informed Kevin about the brewing plot against him, and told him to vote for Devon instead. At Tribal Council, Josh played the buddies' idol, but miserably backfired when the Tala alliance turned on Devon instead, making him the third member of the Jury. Nine are left who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Basket Head
The Apolaki tribe will be divided into three teams of three, each with one shooter and two catchers. The shooter will use a large slingshot to fling a rattan ball while their teammates will try to catch them or the other team's ball using a basket on their head. First team to five points wins reward.
Reward: A helicopter ride which would take them to a secluded spot where they will eat a full meal and a spa experience (complete with jacuzzi, sauna and massage). They will return back to camp in the evening.
Winner: Ricky, Talia and Martin

Immunity Challenge: Weight for Me
Using a rope-and-pulley system, contestants must raise and hold on to crates each weighing 50 pounds (23 kg) for as long as they can without their crates touching the clay pot below or both of their feet passing their marked lines. If the crate crushes or even makes contact with the clay pot, or if the player passes through the line, he or she is eliminated from the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity.
Winner: Andy


Night 24

Returning to camp from Tribal Council, where Andy's best friend and partner Devon was brutally blindsided by the Tala alliance, Andy demands an explanation from Kasia how the vote came to be.

Andy: "Kasia, I have to admit, you got me there big time. What just happened?"
Kasia: "I caught you talking to Devon yesterday. You told him to vote for Kevin, so I told Kevin."
Andy: "It's my fault, apparently."
Kasia: "I know right?"
Andy: "Sorry guys."
Ricky: "Now Andy, pick a side, Bulan or Tala?"
Andy: "Umm..."
Ricky: "What?! Can't pick?! Come on, are you really acting like a spy or a coward?"
Andy: "Fine, Bulan!"
Ricky: "So be it brotha. You sealed your fate. Game over pal."

Before we came here, Devon and I agreed we will play like double agents. Like, we planned not to really align with any tribe, and just work in between them for our self interest. Now with Devon gone, who apparently didn't know I wasn't aware of his blindside, I am in big trouble. I wished I didn't became too excited scheming against them. And since Devon gave the Cursed Idol to me, if I don't win immunity, it's a double whammy for me. As for going back to the Bulan alliance, it's my best move to be prodigal because I've only been on Tala for just a short time, and if in case they get voted out and I make it to Day 39, at least I got their good graces back just in time to get their jury votes.

–Andy, on his loose lips

While most of the tribe are already asleep, Andy pulls Jacki aside and says that he would want to return full time as a member of the Bulan alliance. Jacki thanks him for returning to his former tribe when he joined them in voting for Kevin, albeit failed. Jacki states they need all the help they can get.

It's easy to bring Andy back because it takes some guts to betray your tribe, and return when it counted. Now it's myself, Melissa, Josh and Andy. If we can just convince Martin to join us back, but apparently he is beyond happy there at Tala.


Day 25

After receiving Tree Mail, the nine remaining Apolaki tribe members meet Jeff Probst for their next Reward Challenge. The tribe will be divided into three groups which will be determined by drawing rocks. The teams are: Kevin, Kasia and Josh, Andy, Melissa and Jacki and Talia, Ricky and Martin.

I am grouped with Talia and Ricky. Hmm, interesting. Like, I will either be singled out when we win, or someone who's very valuable. Being the only full pair remaining in this game, I will either help them propel themselves, or since it also makes sense, split them apart.


The challenge ends up in a blow-out, after Talia and Martin successfully catch three of the balls during the first round and another two at the second round. Ricky, Talia and Martin are airlifted from the challenge area, whilst the six losers head back to camp with nothing.

Ricky, Talia and Martin arrive at a luscious waterfall where a makeshift spa cabin awaits them. During the massage, Ricky falls asleep and snores loudly, to the annoyance of Martin. Talia, who seems to get used of the noise pollution Ricky's producing (since she is friends with Ricky after all), uncontrollably laughs.

I thought I will be temporarily be away from the chaotic lifestyle back at camp and hear myself hum and moan in relaxation, only to hear Ricky's snores instead. Gosh, his snores sounded like a factory in the middle of an earthquake!

–Martin, on Ricky's ridiculous snoring

After the massage, Talia and Martin let Ricky asleep and proceed to the waterfall to talk strategy. Talia discloses to Martin that, given she and Ricky are the only remaining full pair in the game, she fears that Kevin and Kasia might blindside them. Martin assures her that he is solid being in the Tala alliance, and if anything goes awry, he will inform her.

Talia comes up to me and said, "Me and Ricky would like to work with you," because she told me she's nervous about getting blindsided since they are the only pair left in this game, I feel forced in helping them stay together. But this is Survivor, not a couples retreat. I survived with my partner constantly targeting me, so Talia has to survive without Ricky because he is the largest of all of us players here, making him a bonafide physical threat. Should I guarantee myself a spot at the top three, I have to vote Ricky out before he wins another Immunity Challenge.

–Martin, on planning to blindside Ricky

The the three return to Apolaki camp by nightfall, and Martin pulls former Bulan ally Jacki aside and tells her he would want to vote Ricky out.

Talia and Ricky are the most powerful people at this point. Both are threats -- Ricky's a strong competitor so a target on his back no question, while Talia's like a poodle doing a horserace, so everyone's gonna take her to the end because anybody can win against her. They can run this game like nobody's business. Since we Bulans are at a disadvantage after last night's disastrous Tribal Council, I think I might give Martin's play a go.


Day 26

Martin and Kevin wake up the earliest. While tending the fire, Martin talks to Kevin about the idea of voting Ricky out of the game. Martin explains that with Ricky gone, not only there will be eight partnerless individuals left, but also knock down one of the most threatening personalities for individual immunity. Kevin replies that though Martin's idea makes heavy sense, he needs to think this over.

Kevin says he needs more time to think this over, but we don't have time! If Ricky wins another challenge, we're screwing ourselves in a deeper hole in the long run. It may not look like it, but Ricky and Talia are increasingly becoming dangerous. Come on, it's common sense!


Not getting enough support, Martin approaches Andy and Josh next. Since Andy, being the most vulnerable after being caught playing both sides, and Josh for ultimately betraying Tala, Martin pleads his case to them, hoping they would follow his lead. Without hesitating, Josh and Andy gives Martin their blessing.

The double agent is dead. Time to play head on. Martin's plan makes the most sense right now. How will you keep yourself aligned to a challenge threat? He'll just hoard them all.


Day 27

The Apolaki tribe meets Jeff Probst for their next Immunity Challenge, and the challenge is as easy as it can get. All they need is to hold on the longest. Talia gives in to the pain first, and obliterates her pot, followed by Jacki and Kasia. Melissa impresses everybody for being the last female in the challenge, but takes a fall after accidentally touching her crate to the pot, eliminating herself from the challenge. It comes down to the males, where Ricky seems to be comfortable, while Kevin and Josh struggle to keep their crates above their vases. Suffering a cramp at the arm, Kevin bails out, where the medical team assist him to ease the pain of the cramp. After two long hours, it comes down to Andy and Ricky, but just when he thinks he has the challenge in the bag, Ricky accidentally steps beyond the line, disqualifying himself and giving immunity to Andy.

Back at camp, Talia and Ricky propose to the Tala alliance to vote Melissa off because she has proven herself that her Asperger's Syndrome does hinder her as a person, and definitely win the game if the original Bulan members fill more seats in the Jury. Kasia, Kevin, and Martin agree, though Martin is still visibly undecided if he will go with the plan.

This is gonna be my biggest move yet. I was a sleeping moron the whole time Leo was here. Now, I have to decide, Melissa or Ricky?

–Martin, on being conflicted between competition and loyalty

Meanwhile, the vulnerable Bulan alliance (Josh, Jacki, Melissa and the newly returned Andy) talks at the beach, where Jacki tells Josh about Martin's plan of blindsiding Ricky. With this, Josh proposes they should vote for Ricky to at least level the playing field between the alliances with four members each.

Regardless if Martin really wanted to get rid of Ricky, but the Bulans are calling the shots tonight.


With the Immunity necklace around his neck, Andy's Cursed Idol is negated. After the night, Martin joins the Bulan alliance (Melissa, Jacki, Andy and Josh) voting Ricky out or the game. Shocked by Martin's betrayal, an enraged Talia lashes out at Martin, calling him a liar. Ricky hands the Cursed Idol to Martin as payback for his elimination, before quietly walking away from Tribal Council.

Now all eight of you don't have partners, nothing left to hide. Let's see how this plays out.

–Jeff Probst

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Ricky (5 votes)
Andy, Jacki, Josh, Martin, & Melissa
Melissa (4 votes)
Kasia, Kevin, Ricky, & Talia
(has individual immunity)
(via Cursed Idol; vote not counted)
Ricky Mitchell

Voting Confessionals

You threatened me for going back to Bulan eh? The joke's on you.


Sorry big guy, but I have to split you and Talia apart.


I can't win against you. Sorry.


Apologies really. With you around, might as well not participate in any challenge.


Melissa, I am very proud of you. You have set an example to kids with special needs; that your biological makeup has nothing to do with your worth as a person. But that makes you a bigger threat. Good luck in life. I know big things are ahead of you.


You may not be the winer of the challenge, but you kicked ass on that one, which makes you more dangerous than you put off.


Sorry Ricky. If you just gave me a chance to fit in at the old Tala, I would not have had a grudge with you guys.


Melissa I am so sorry it has to end this way. But your story is a magnet for Jury votes.


Your spirit as great as the target on your back. Sorry, but please leave.


Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Martin is on hot water for blindsiding Ricky. Will this send him home?

Author's Notes

  • After this episode, all eight remaining players do not have partners anymore.
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