Connor Bronson
Connor headshot
Contestant Profile
Birth Date June 1, 1986 (Age 26)
Hometown Salt Lake City, UT
Occupation Nurse

Survivor: Vieques

Tribes Bieque
Placement 13/18
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 14

Connor Bronson is a contestant in Survivor: Vieques.


Connor is a 26 year old nurse from Salt Lake City, Utah. He claims he has been a Survivor fan since it started, but only just recently applied to be on the show. He thinks he can win Survivor because of his keen sense of how intelligent people are. Connor claims that he can tell how smart somebody is by just reading there body language. He claims that this is key for any successful survivor to have. Connor wants to win because he claims the game is easier than people think, and they purposely cast stupid people to make it look harder.

Survivor: Vieques

Voting History

Connor's Voting History
Episode Connor's
Voted Against
1 Bieque Tribe Immune
2 Mackenzie Mackenzie, Evelyn;
3 Bieque Tribe Immune
4 Mackenzie -
5 Cynthia Mackenzie, Paul,
Jason, Colleen
Voted Off, Day 14


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