Charlie Roberts
Luke (9)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date June 10, 1988
Hometown San Francisco
Occupation Construction Worker

Survivor: The Beginning

Tribes Sarawak
Placement 3/16
Alliances Sarawak alliance

Ryan's Guys Alliance

Challenges Won 11
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 38

Charlie Roberts was a contestant from Survivor: The Beginning.

Charlie acted as Ryan Rick's assistant in The Beginning, helping vote out alliance outsiders, and staying loyal to Ryan no matter how much he disagreed with his villainous strategies.


Name(Age): Charles "Charlie" Roberts(25)

Tribe designation: Sarawak

Current residence: San Francisco, California

Occupation: Construction worker.

Personal claim to fame: Meeting Jeff Probst.

Inspiration in life: My parents. They brought me this far in life.

Hobbies: Sleeping mainly.

Pet peeves: The sound of scratching.

3 words to desribe you: Funny, entertaining, kind.

Survivor contestant you are most like: Probably Rupert. I'm someone who cares more about likeability than getting far.

Why you think you'll survive Survivor: I can take the conditions. I've been through much worse. I'm very good about these sort of things.

Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: Two things, likeability and physical ability.

Survivor: The Beginning

Charlie didn't say much after arriving at Sarawak. He was annoyed when Helga tried to force everyone to listen to her. Later, he managed to form a friendship with Ryan. Walter then brought Charlie, Jane and Vanessa into an "alliance". When Helga's laziness became too much, Jane brought him, Ryan, Walter and Benny into an alliance. They voted out Helga before merging. The duo of Charlie and Ryan stayed strong while voting out the members of the rival tribe. Charlie managed to win both loved ones challenges. Eventually, Ryan and Charlie brought Walter and Benny into a guy's alliance and blindsided Violet and Jane, leaving Vanessa and Peter as the last alliance outsiders. After getting rid of them, the guy's alliance made up the final four. Charlie and Ryan had a final two deal, so he went into a re-vote with Walter, the biggest threat in the game. After the re-vote, Charlie survived, but Walter didn't. This left Benny as the last one to take out to fulfill the final two deal. However, Benny won the final Immunity and had to choose someone to eliminate. Benny brought Ryan to the final two and eliminated Charlie. His jury vote went to Ryan, due to their friendship.

Voting History

Charlie's Voting History
  Episode   Charlie's
  Voted Against
1 Sarawak Tribe Immune
2 Sarawak Tribe Immune
3 Sarawak Tribe Immune
4 Helga -
5 Sarawak Tribe Immune
6 Sarawak Tribe Immune
7 Victoria -
8 Bob -
9 Violet Peter
10 Jane -
11 Vanessa -
12 Peter -
13 Walter;


Benny, Walter;


13 Ineligible Benny
Voted Off, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Charlie still remains friends with Ryan.


  • Charlie won the first individual reward challenge in Survivor: The Beginning.
  • Charlie won both loved ones challenges.
  • Charlie was one of two Sarabah members whose elimination was not orchestrated by Ryan. The other being Bob Smith.
  • Charlie was referenced by Octavia in the Survivor: Virgin Islands episode Lonely and Vengeful stating that Octavia and Felicity "can be like Ryan and Charlie".


Charlie voted out.