"Celebrating July Fourth a Little Early"
Season Survivor: Grenada- Temptations
Author Tangle
Episode Number 3/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the third episode of Survivor: Grenada- Temptations!


Reward Challenge: More Than a Feeling
The castaways will be blindfolded. They will race through a series of obstacles to a station where they will find a mask. They will study the mask using their fingers. Next, they will untie bags of puzzle pieces and head back through the obstacles to a second station where they will use those pieces to recreate the mask. The first person to get it right wins reward.
Reward: The Temptation, plus comfort items for the tribe.
Winner: TBD

Immunity Challenge: Chimney Sweep
The castaways would brace themselves with their arms between two walls while standing barefoot on two foot pegs. Every 15 minutes, the castaways would move down to smaller foot pegs. When the castaways reached the third set of foot pegs, they would try to remain on them as long as they could. The last castaway to remain on their pegs would win for their tribe.
Winner: TBD


Night 6

(Following the blindside of Lennox, the nine remaining Gouyave members return to camp as ominous music plays.)

Wylie: (leaning his torch against a tree) Boy, am I glad to still be here.

Taihlaura: I'm glad you're still here, Wylie. (smiles) 

Wylie: Thank you so much, Taihlaura. You really saved my bacon back there. 

Taihlaura: You're welcome. Next time, you'll just have to be more careful when talking, huh? (laughs)

Samantha: Yeah, Wylie, next time you want to get me out, make sure I can't hear everything you're saying. (smiles)

Wylie: Duly noted. I'm sorry, Samantha. 

Samantha: And so you should be!

(As Wylie nervously walks off, the ladies go in the other direction and smile at each other.)

Taihlaura: Thanks for picking up what I was putting down, girl. 

Samantha: Thanks for bailing me out with that Lennox plan. (giggles) What's best is Wylie still thinks you're with him! And now that Trinity's number one ally is gone and we got Meiling and Jensen to still vote for Wylie, we can probably flip her!

Taihlaura: See, I told you it'd work out!

I pulled it off! It was the most complicated plan in history but I got the votes to push Lennox out and boy am I feeling brilliant right now! Samantha was really, really nervous about keeping Wylie in the game but I told her that, if we scattered the votes and got rid of someone loyal to Trinity, she might be pissed off enough to flip to us and give us numbers. I said it would work to her benefit, too, as no one would even think of playing an idol for Lennox, so she'd be safe even if one did come out. She agreed to it and we got everyone to switch their votes.. well, almost everyone. Eddiot got confused and voted for Meiling, so I nearly screwed up there, but luckily I had Wylie on reserve and he pulled through. This worked out brilliantly for me, because now I've completely affirmed my loyalty to Samantha and Wylie thinks I've saved him, so I've still got that connection, too! I have to strengthen my bond with Wylie just a little more to make sure it's 100% solid but I am still so happy with tonight! It could not have gone any better. Trinity was pissed at Tribal so I'm confident we can get that majority!

Taihlaura Houston

(The camera picks up again as they walk over to Brooklyn and a very confused Eddiot.)

Eddiot: Wait... you guys voted for Lennox? 

Samantha: Uh, yeah, Eddiot.

Eddiot: Okay... huh? I thought the vote was Meiling so I voted her. Why didn't you guys tell me? I so would have been down for that.

Brooklyn: Um.. we did tell you.

Eddiot: Wait... okay now I'm really confused.

Samantha: (sighs) Right before Tribal, remember? We came up to you just as we were about to leave and said the vote changed to Lennox because he wouldn't have an idol used on him?

Eddiot: Oh yeah, now I remember! (laughs) Whoops! I can't believe I just totally forgot that. You guys should tell me, like, at the Tribal thingy who we're meant to vote for, 'cause the name kept changing and I got all confused... I remembered Brooklyn telling me about six times to vote for Meiling so I just went with that.

Brooklyn: (laughs) You nearly got yourself voted out with an idol, silly! Don't worry, we wont change the vote that much again, and before we go to Tribal, one of us will always tell you definitely, for sure, who the vote is. 

Eddiot: Okay! (laughs) Man, I can't believe I nearly got voted out with an idol because I forgot the plan. How stupid would that have been? Night, babes. I'm going to hit the hay. 

(Eddiot makes his way to the shelter, laughing.)

(laughs) Okay, okay, get this. I thought the vote was Meiling because there was, like, a billion kajillion different names being said and stuff, so all I remembered was Brooklyn telling me Meiling, like, six times... but I completely forgot the vote got changed to Lennox at the last minute! And I got three votes and he got four, so I nearly got myself voted out and I didn't even use that idol thing because no one told me to! That's, like, the funniest thing ever. I voted for the wrong person! Luckily these guys are gonna tell me who the vote is, like, right before the Tribal so I don't forget again, but how stupidly hilarious would it have been if I got voted out tonight? I mean, it would have sucked for me because Brooklyn is a hot babe and I wouldn't have gotten to see her anymore, but my friends would have loved that!

Eddiot Brantley

Brooklyn: (sigh) I told you all that vote switching was a bad idea. We pulled it off, but you guys got lucky tonight. 

Taihlaura: Don't worry, things won't get that complicated again. We should be fine for now.

Brooklyn: Yeah, I agree it was the right decision in the end, but you were very, very lucky to pull that off. 

I was hesitant to vote Lennox because I knew Eddiot would get confused with all this vote switching. I think Taihlaura and Samantha are too caught up in the thrill of actually pulling off that plan to realise that it was a super messy ordeal they got super lucky with. I mean, we were one Eddiot vote away from losing an ally and our idol because he voted for the wrong person. Sure, the ends justify the means. We're in a really good spot to flip Trinity now because her ally is gone and she looks like she'd kill someone if it wasn't illegal, but we can't be that messy ever again. It's bad enough when you've got people who know what they're doing, but with Eddiot you have to be super clear and not change stuff. We're gonna have to look out for him even more now so he knows exactly who to vote for each time. Don't get me wrong, I adore Eddiot, but I feel like one of these days he'll do the wrong thing and we won't be this lucky.

Brooklyn Ventura

(The music then grows dark as the camera focuses on a furious Trinity, stomping into camp, slamming her torch into a tree and throwing her bag in the shelter.)

Trinity: Okay, who the <expletive> went against the plan? <expletive> y'all. Someone better <expletive> tell me what went on tonight! 

Wylie: Trinity, I'm sorry, it's my fault. I shouldn't have tried to shake up the plan.

Trinity: Damn right your bitch ass shouldn't have tried to shake up the plan! How many times did I say in the last twenty-four hours that I wanted Eddiot out!? We were clear from the very beginning that we wanted Eddiot, even when your dumb ass suggested Samantha. And why would you tell Taihlaura about a plan that none of us were on board for!? Oh my God, you're dumber than Eddiot. 

Wylie: In hindsight, yes, that wasn't my finest moment. (sigh) I guess I just thought, if I could get her on board for it, the rest of you would be more confident to follow suit. Again, I'm very sorry it turned out this way. It nearly got me voted out tonight, so you can guarantee I won't do it again.

Trinity: You shouldn't need hindsight to know you were a dumbass. And that reminds me, who the absolute <expletive> voted for you, anyway? (points at Meiling and Jensen) You two!

Jensen: Yeah, we voted for Wylie, because he was being a snake and lost our trust!

Trinity: Are you kidding me!? Why would you even do that when I told you to vote for Eddiot? If you guys had voted the way you were meant to, Lennox would still be here. Which one of you pushed for it!?

Jensen: (not backing down) I did!

Trinity: God, why? Dumb ass bitch.

Jensen: Samantha told us that she was going to vote Wylie and I wanted to get rid of someone I had lost all trust in, compared to someone who's so stupid he can't even vote the right way!

Trinity: Well, you're giving him a run for his money in the stupidity department! WHY WOULD YOU BELIEVE SAMANTHA WHEN SHE'S NOT EVEN IN YOUR ALLIANCE?!

Wylie: Trinity, don't yell at Jensen. I can understand completely why he lost trust in me. I deserved it. You should be yelling at me instead.

Trinity: I'll yell at whoever the <expletive> I want, bitch!

Jensen: I'm not stupid! How the hell was I supposed to know they were baiting me and voting for Lennox? Who does a 4-3-2-1 in the first Tribal anyway?

Trinity: I literally have no idea who's more stupid: You, Wylie or Eddiot? I (throws hands up in surrender)  I literally can't. This tribe is so full of stupid people who CAN'T EVEN VOTE RIGHT! ! <expletive> the entire lot of y'all. Congratulations Samantha, Taihlaura, Brooklyn and Shivani on being part of the smart half of the tribe! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

(Furious, Trinity storms down the beach. As the rest of the tribe stands around awkwardly, Shivani walks over to Meiling and Jensen.)

Shivani: That is precisely why I warned you to stick to Eddiot. 

Jensen: She's just salty right now. I was well within reason to want Wylie out and she's never gonna flip to the others anyway because Eddiot is there.

Shivani: I wouldn't be so sure. I'm going to work overtime but she might be mad enough to jump anyway.

Tonight was an absolute disaster. Wylie leaked everything to Taihlaura and was so driven by his complete trust in her, and desperation to get out Samantha, that he almost got himself voted out and put himself in an even bigger mess than he was already in by getting himself out of it. Wylie scared Meiling and Jensen so much that they voted for him and that was an absolute disaster, too, because they didn't listen to me even after I warned them, Trinity's angry at them too, and now there might be a rift between her and Wylie. At least Wylie kept his mouth shut about my idol, because we've got a huge problem in Trinity now. Not only was she desperate to get Eddiot out and it didn't happen because of the others, her number one ally is gone and I have no doubt this is exactly what Taihlaura set out to do. A+ job by those girls to manipulate my entire alliance the way they did. I'm so worried Trinity is going to flip now. The only people who didn't piss her off are those on the other side and, even with Eddiot there, I'm sure she's thinking about it now. I'm the only one she's on good terms with, so I'm still able to convince her to stay put... or we're doomed.

Shivani Chandra

Meiling: We got completely played. I regret voting for Wylie now.

Jensen: So? There was no way to tell they were baiting us like that. Wylie did it to himself, anyway. Trinity's super mad but there is no way she's going to flip. She wants Eddiot out so bad.

(The camera then goes to Trinity as she sits on the beach, muttering furiously.)

Trinity: Bitches. I can't believe how dumb everyone in my alliance is. Ugh. We had the perfect plan to vote out Eddiot but people are too stupid!

I am so salty right now! Everyone in my alliance, except Shivani, are a bunch of dumbasses! We had the most perfect plan to get rid of Eddiot. All they had to do was write down his name, like we already agreed yesterday, and he'd be gone and I'd be freaking happy. You'd have to be dumber than Eddiot to <expletive> that plan up and, guess what? That's exactly what they are! Firstly, bitch ass Wylie, who I am so pissed at, came and wanted to vote out Samantha and I was like, "No, bitch", and everyone else was against it, but then he goes and tells Taihlaura- someone from the other alliance- that he wants to vote her out, Samantha overhears, and then the dumbass VOTES FOR LENNOX INSTEAD OF EDDIOT BECAUSE HE HAS TO FREAKING "SAVE HIMSELF"! UUUUUGH! And if he wasn't such a <expletive> snake then Jensen wouldn't have been scared into voting him! And don't even get me started on how pissed I am about that! I don't care how shady Wylie is. Jensen really believed Samantha- also in the other alliance- when she said they'd vote for Wylie? I'm sorry but that is obviously the biggest bait ever. Why would they vote out someone who literally spilled our entire plan? Why not trust your actual alliance and vote for Eddiot? Lennox is gone because of the three of them and I'm pissed. WHY IS EVERYONE IN MY ALLIANCE SO DUMB!? I'm literally in the worst tribe ever. One alliance is so <expletive> dumb they screwed up the easiest plan ever, and the other has Eddiot in it, who is the dumbest person in the history of time and space, and the person who pisses me off more than anyone ever has. If it weren't for him I'd <expletive> jump to the other side and not even think twice about it. I hate this tribe. Bring on a <expletive> mutiny and get me out of here. I swear to God, if they wanted to put me on a tribe to drive me crazy, IT WORKED!

Trinity Lewis

Day 7

Carriacou Tribe

The camera opens on day seven for the Carriacou Tribe. Sad music plays as Kendra sits by the fire, stoking it from a distance, absent-mindedly, as she stares out into space.

This game has just been getting to me. I was awake for so long last night, thinking about what Topher said. It's just... (sighs) really upsetting that someone would so maliciously spread lies about me to turn my friends against me, and that's it working. Surely Topher would know me better than that? And why would Ashanda even do this to me? The longer I dwell on it the harder it is to get out of my own head. I felt on top of the world on day two: I had the Temptation, I picked my tribe, I had my boots and I felt really good about myself. But ever since I've been here, it's been one disaster after another and I can slowly feel all power I had just evaporating. What's worse is I don't even know what I did! Why am I such a threat to these people? What did I do to get them to turn on me? I'm not disloyal, I'm not shady, but for some reason everything just seems to be going wrong. I don't know why I feel so crap today, but all of a sudden I feel like I'm watching everything slip away and can't do anything about it.

Kendra Valentine

(Kendra continues to stare out into space until Lulu exits the shelter and walks over to her.)

Lulu: Hey, Kendra! (noticing her face) What's wrong?

Kendra: (sigh) I feel like crap today.

Lulu: Why? Are you sick?

Kendra: No... I've been up all night again thinking about things. Did you know Ashanda's been spreading lies about me? She said that I told you I hated Topher.

Lulu: What? That never happened! Why would she say that?

Kendra: I don't know, but Topher believes her! (sighs) First Ashanda turns against me, now she's getting others as well... how many more people are there? I just feel so powerless. I'm not even doing anything to these people and I'm being targeted.

Lulu: That is so crazy. Well, you always know Stanley and I are never going to turn on you.

Kendra: Yeah, but three won't save me in a tribe of nine, will it? (sigh) Jason came to me yesterday right after Topher talked to me. He said I should vote out Ashanda and work with him instead.

Lulu: Yeah, from the sounds of things, Ashanda is way more trouble than she's worth. I wouldn't be opposed to getting rid of her.

Kendra: But the thing is... Jason appeared right after my conversation with Topher. It seemed so pre-meditated, like someone was telling him to follow me; On top of all this Ashanda <expletive> I've got someone in the alliance leaking to Jason. I don't know who it is. I hope I can trust a five with you guys, Jamie and Mackenzie, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Every day I'm out here I just feel more and more helpless and it's driving me crazy.

Lulu: Try not to overthink it. I know that's hard because there's some crazy things going on here right now, but you know what my advice is? Talk to Topher, like a one on one, real, talk. Be open and genuine with him about how you feel and make a connection. Make him see that there's no way you could have said those things. 

Kendra: I don't know how I'm supposed to do that if he didn't believe me the first time but... I'll try.

Lulu: Good! I'm sorry this is happening to you. I really can't believe Ashanda's doing this.

(They sit together for a little while longer before the rest of the castaways start to rise from the shelter. As Topher gets out, Kendra walks over to him.)

Kendra: Topher, want to go down to the beach with me?

Topher: Uh, sure.

(Topher and Kendra walk away. The camera focuses on Lulu, who looks after them worriedly.)

I'm really worried for Kendra. Everything that's happening, first with the people leaking to Jason and now with Ashanda spreading lies about her, is really starting to wear her down. I don't know how much more of this she's going to be able to take. I have no idea why in the world Ashanda's been lying about Kendra when she wants Jason out so bad, or why Topher so insistently believes her, but I really hope for both their sakes that Kendra can get through to him. It's just so cold and malicious to screw over someone who wants to help you and take advantage of someone's naivety and turn them against a friend like that. Ashanda knows full well she's lying. She's been an absolute disaster ever since she set foot on this tribe and I'm not going to sit back and take this <expletive> from her any longer.

Lulu Nguyen

(As they walk away, Ashanda eyes them scornfully.)

Ashanda: Off they go, alone, again.

(Lulu rolls her eyes, then walks over to Stanley and takes him aside.)

Lulu: So, we've got a huge problem with Ashanda.

Stanley: Uh-oh.

Lulu: Yeah, uh-oh is right. She's been telling Topher that Kendra hates him, because apparently Kendra and I had this conversation in the shelter a couple of days ago where she said it. 

Stanley: Uh... that never happened. 

Lulu: Exactly! Ashanda's just trying to stir the pot and make a move against Kendra.

Stanley: Yeah, that's shady as <expletive>. Didn't she want Jason out on day three?

Lulu: Yep! But now she's switched to Kendra for some reason. Poor Kendra's absolutely losing it because she knows her power is going and she feels useless.

Stanley: Well if she wants Jason to stay now, we can give her that! (giggles) We'll send her out instead. What a massive snake! I hope Kendra's going to be okay.

Lulu: She will be if she can get through to Topher, but who knows how many other people Ashanda has been filling with lies? We need to steer people towards how much of a snake she is.

Stanley: And how are we gonna do that?

Lulu: I'm gonna call her out on her BS in front of the entire tribe, that's what!

Stanley: Where's Bitch Lulu coming from? I love this. (giggles) But as amazing as it would be, is it really the smartest idea?

Lulu: If Kendra goes, we go right after, so what's there to lose? If we can swing everyone against Ashanda, we'll be a lot safer. Besides, she needs to be taken down a peg.

(Smiling, Lulu returns to the center of camp.)

Ashanda: I bet she's filling his head with so much <expletive>.

Lulu: Nah, she doesn't need to do that. You've done an amazing job of that yourself. 

Ashanda: Excuse me?

Lulu: Kendra's telling him the truth, which is what he deserves, and is more than I can say for you! You've been telling him that Kendra said to me that she hated him, which is so far from the truth!

Ashanda: Girl, you got caught in a lie, don't try to cover your ass now.

Lulu: Right back at you! Where was I when this conversation supposedly happened, huh?

Ashanda: It was day four. Topher went to the bathroom. Y'all thought I was asleep, and Kendra leaned over to you and said "I hate Topher, he's a traitor I was nice to him and gave him an alliance instead of making him first boot and he can't even vote right."

Lulu: Nice rehearsed line. At no point in time have Kendra, Stanley and I all been up together. Moses is usually one of the first ones up, right?

Moses: Yeah, I am, I'm used to rising early.

Lulu: And did you hear any of this conversation, or did Kendra and I talk about anything that day?

Moses: I don't recall hearing any conversations from you two, and I think I'd remember if I heard something like that. My memory's pretty sharp.

Lulu: Exactly, you don't remember it because it never happened. Has Kendra said she hated Topher with anyone else?

(The group all shake their heads.)

Lulu: See, Ashanda, the fact that even Moses is saying we didn't have this conversation- and he's always up early so would've at least seen us talking if not heard it- means you're obviously lying. And that also means you're taking advantage of Topher, who's had very few friends in his life, and maliciously him against one of them. That is so cold, even for you. And I can't even believe you're throwing Kendra under the bus for absolutely no reason when she's giving you a second chance despite voting Jason! Kendra's been so lovely to you and this is how you repay her? You are the shiftiest snake I've come across in my life!

Ashanda: Yo, just 'cause one man didn't hear your conversation doesn't mean it never happened, and why would Kendra go spreading to the rest of them that she hates Topher? Y'all are clearly BFF's and covering each other's asses, people need to see that. 

Lulu: You mean the one man in the shelter who was wide awake and would have seen us talking, but says we didn't? He's got no reason to protect us. And by the way, if Kendra was going to have a conversation like tat, she's too smart to have it in the shelter where people could overhear her. You were there when she wanted Kory out. She walked so far way to make sure nobody could overhear her! You expect anyone to believe she'd risk a strategic conversation in an open space? I can't believe you've been caught out and you're standing there still saying I'm a liar! Have you told this lie to Topher so many times that you've deluded even yourself into thinking it's true?

Ashanda: You're a crazy lady, honestly. You're in a corner and you're just trying to throw me under the bus 'cause I exposed you. 

Lulu: Oh my God, I'm crazy? You know what the strangest part about all this is? That you jumped up and down about how Jason needed to go home because he was rich, turned the vote against him on day three, refused to apologise for doing it and insisted he needed to go next, yet turned the vote on Kendra! Do you still even want Jason out?

Ashanda: Yeah, duh. You know he doesn't deserve to be here!

Lulu: Well you're going about it in the funniest way I've ever seen! Are you that determined to turn the entire tribe against you? The entire tribe knows you're a liar; you're telling people that Kendra hates them despite the fact you want Jason out, and you've just admitted in front of Jason that you're still gunning for him. If anyone still trusts you after that, they're crazier than you are. 

Ashanda: Keep telling yourself that!

Lulu: And you haven't even got a comeback for that because you know I've destroyed every single piece of your argument and just shown everyone how untrustworthy you are. Next time you want to spread lies and be a cold-hearted malicious bitch to someone, make sure no one can cross-examine your stories, okay? Have fun trying to get allies now. 

(Lulu flashes Ashanda a smile before walking away,)

Ashanda: (rolls her eyes) What a psycho.

Moses: Have you really been telling Topher that Kendra hates him?

Ashanda: Yeah, 'cause it's true!

Moses: I was awake early that whole morning and I didn't see Kendra and Lulu have any conversation. 

Jamie: Yeah, there's no way Kendra would risk that conversation out in the open. She'd at least have walked off somewhere else, and I didn't see her leave the shelter once until breakfast was served that morning.

Jason: And anyway, Lulu's right: do you really expect anyone, me in particular, to believe you when you've just admitted in front of everyone you still want me out, even though you're turning people against Kendra? I think she's right. You are determined to get the whole tribe against you. Well, congratulations, I think it worked.

Ashanda: Whatever, you just hate me so much you refuse to see the truth.

(Ashanda walks off.)

Jason: I can't believe she got exposed as a complete liar and she still won't back down from it.

Moses: Too right. She's far too untrustworthy.

I only joined an alliance with Ashanda because I felt no one else would offer me one. Well, hear me when I say this: as of right now, I am severing that alliance with her. She is dangerous, she is untrustworthy, she is a proven liar, and she is cold, manipulative and malicious. After learning that she lied to such a degree and how her stories are conflicted, how can anyone in their right mind trust that what she's telling them is the truth? She won't even back down from her thoroughly disproven lie. Not only that, but her manipulation of Topher is heinous. No one knows where her head is at and I'm inclined to believe she's causing chaos just for her fifteen minutes of infamy. I'd be very glad to see her leave if we attended Tribal Council next.

Moses Henderson

(Following Moses' confessional, the camera changes focus to Ashanda, who is looking irritated and concerned.)

So that bitch Lulu decided to call me out as this liar and now no one trusts me. It was all going so <expletive> brilliantly. I had the perfect lie. Topher fell for it hook, line and sinker, I had Moses by my side, we were gonna boot Jason and then turn the votes on Kendra and I was gonna be on top of the world. Now people are gonna turn this <expletive> around on me. Topher must have blabbed to Kendra. Ugh. I can't believe this. I'm in a really <expletive> spot right now. Well, if they think I'm just gonna lie around and die, they've got another thing coming. I'm going all out now. People may think I'm a snake but there's still one out there, who's been leaking all this <expletive> to Jason. I'mma have to lay low for now until a bit of this heat goes down, but I plan to find out who that is and expose the hell out of them. If I'm getting dragged for my lies, you bet your ass I'm not letting someone else get away with theirs!

Ashanda-Jane Washington

(Following Ashanda's confesional, the camera picks up on the beach, where Kendra and Topjer are relaxing in the water. Topher has his shirt off and is in his bathing suit.)

Kendra: Thanks for hanging out with me again, Topher!

Topher: That's okay. The water feels so nice today!

Kendra: This is such a change from the start of the game! On day two, you didn't even want to take your shirt off.

Topher: Yeah, I guess that's true. I've never been confident in my body. I could stand to lose a few pounds, too. I'm not exactly fit, in case you can't tell. (laughs)

Kendra: Well I'm glad that the game is helpimg you be a little more body confident. And you don't need to lose a few pounds, you look fine! 

Topher: Yeah, I never could have done it without you and he others encouraging me that day. Thanks!

Kendra: It's not a problem! I know all about body confidence issues. You know I got told I was too fat to be a model?

Topher: What? How are you fat?

Kendra: Exactly! But this real jerk of a guy told me that I needed to lose more weight or they'd never take me for shoots. I didn't want to end up anorexic but what he said really stung me for a while. I lost a lot of confidence and it really showed in my shoots. But then the negative comments on the shoots would get my confidence even lower and it was just this constantly repeating cycle. 

Topher: Holy <expletive> How did you ever break out of it?

Kendra: One day I was looking back on my old shoots, before that guy brought me down, and I realised my body looked perfectly fine! I decided then I was going to just take a positive attitude about it and not let one asshole give me body confidence issues anymore. It really reflected in my next shoot and the guy that did it said it was amazing and I ended up working for them permanently! So, basically, I just changed my attitude and things started getting more positive for me. The same thing will happen to you. I understand that you've had self-esteem issues most of your life but, out here especially, we can really help you get through them and you can start changing your outlook on things!

Topher: Wow, Kendra, that's really inspiring, and it means a lot that you're sharing that with me to help my own confidence. You know, I really like you and I'm sorry that I betrayed your trust by voting Jason the first round. I really wish things hadn't gone south between us.

Kendra: They haven't! Topher, I never said I hated you. I don't hate you. I like you, okay? Please believe me!

Topher: I don't know, Kendra. People have pretended to be my friend and said really nasty stuff behind my back and said they didn't... how do I know you're not just doing this to me? If you did, please just admit it now.

Kendra: (getting emotional, reaching for Topher's hand) I swear on everything, Topher, I never said that about you. Listen, I don't kmow why, but Ashanda's trying to set me up! She's playing you against me. She's the real fake friend, not me. All she cares about is trying to get herself ahead in the game. 

Topher: I don't mean to make you upset! This whole thing is just so confusing to me. 

Kendra: If I'd really said that, I would have told you by now. You can ask literally anyone else on this tribe and they'll tell you the same thing- Ashanda's just causing trouble. Please, Topher. I can feel my game slipping away from me and because of that Temptation I don't have any idols to protect myself. If I go out, I want it to be on my own terms, or because someone outplayed me, not because someone spread malicious lies about my character. 

Topher: Okay... I just don't understand why Ashanda would do that to us.

Kendra: Because she's an evil psycho. I put her on this tribe so I could get Jason out as an easy next boot after Kory but it's been the worst decision of my life! Please don't let her take me down. She's the most untrustworthy person here! I don't know what more I can do to prove to you that I didn't do this! My friends all said to me that I'd be a really early boot and I want to prove them wrong. I can't go down like this, Topher. I just can't. 

Topher: I know this means a lot to you. I hate that I'm making you this upset. You've been good to me and, if you really didn't say that, then I want us to stay friends. I'm really, really confused right now, you have to understand that. I'm gonna find out the truth eventually but I promise, unless I find out you did it, I'm not going to vote you out for it, okay?

Kendra: (sigh) Okay. Thanks, Topher.

(The two of them relax in the water for a little longer. The camera focuses on Kendra, who gives a shaky breath.)

I opened up to Topher about my struggles with confidence in the modelling business because I wanted to show him I was genuine and hadn't been saying the things he thinks I said. I hope that, after this, that bond is restrengthened and he really believes me. I don't know what more I can do to prove to him that I'm telling the truth. It hurts that I feel my game slipping away and it's all over something that I didn't even do. On top of all this I have in the back of my mind the things my friends said to me before I went out here: "you're so gonna be an early boot," "you're too emotional", "you're gonna make a big mistake", and I really don't want to make that a reality. (wipes some tears away) I have to prove that I can make it through this.

Kendra Valentine

(The camera then focuses on Topher, who is looking really nervous.)

I was touched when Kendra and I talked just then, and she opened up about her body confidence issues while trying to help my own. I saw a vulnerable side to her, something more genuine, and the more I think about it the less likely it seems that she said those things. I don't think she'd be trying this hard if she had. But that just makes me even more confused, because I can't think of a reason why Ashanda would lie to me like that. (groans) No matter which way I go on this I'm going to piss someone off, and if I make the wrong call about someone it's going to be really damaging to them. I never expected I'd be under this kind of pressure during the game and I don't know what to do about this situation.

Topher Daniels

(Following this, the camera picks up on Mackenzie, Jason and Jamie, who have quietly slipped away after all the commotion in camp.)

Mackenzie: Well, if that's not Ashanda completely blowing up her game, I don't know what is. 

Jamie: Yeah, I wonder why she'd start spreading lies about Kendra when she still wants you out? Now the entire tribe knows she's been scheming, no one trusts her.

Jason: (laughs) In a way, I have to thank Ashanda for giving me a free pass. If even Lulu and Stanley are against her, and Moses basically proved she made everything up, there's no reason for anyone to keep her over me.

Mackenzie: Yeah, it shouldn't be hard to turn the entire tribe towards her. Did you get the chance to talk to Kendra?

Jason: Yeah, she was angry when she heard what Ashanda had done. She seemed open to getting rid of her, and when she finds out that the entire tribe knows Ashanda is a liar, hopefully she won't be so caught up in the idea of keeping that alliance of seven strong. 

Mackenzie: It should be so easy to bring you into the alliance now. I'm not sure where she's headed with Topher, but she wants a five with us, Lulu and Stanley. If she feels she can trust you over Moses and Topher, she'll bring you on board as a sixth. From there, we'll be the ones holding the power and things should run smoothly. 

Jason: I like the sound of that!

(As the three of them confirm their plan, the camera focuses on Mackenzie.)

Ashanda blowing up her game couldn't have come at a better time for me because it puts me in a really good spot. Kendra appears open to working with Jason and, with Ashanda in hot water, it should be easy to slide Jason into our main group as the sixth. Jamie has been my number one since the game started and I know Lulu and Stanley are in a three with Kendra, so my loyalty has to be with Jason and Jamie if I want to stick around after this. I'm comfortable with my place in the game right now but it's all a bit of a balancing act. Kendra thinks I'm in a five with Jamie and her trio, but she doesn't know how close I am with Jason. I've been doing a great job so far of keeping that under wraps and I just have to keep at it a little longer. If she gets wind of it, though, not only will Jason be in danger but I will as well. I'm basically managing two alliances at once. I didn't want to be playing like this. In fact, I wanted targets ahead of me, so I hope this doesn't all blow up in my face.

Mackenzie Streiff

Gouyave Tribe

The camera opens up on the beach on day seven. Wylie is on the beach, with Meiling and Jensen. 

Wylie: Thanks for coming out here, guys. I really appreciate it.

Meiling: It's no problem at all. I hear you talk yourself up as a fisherman, so it will be good to see if you can walk the walk... or should I say, swim the swim? (laughs)

Jensen: Hey! I thought only dads were meant to make terrible jokes!

Wylie: Trust me, I've done a lot of fishing in my life. But before that, I'd like to talk to you, if you'd let me.

I'm quite aware I well and truly butchered things last night. Not only did I nearly get myself voted out, I lost the trust of Meiling and Jensen so much that they voted for me. I'm not going to hold any grudges against them at all, because I entirely understand why they did it. To be honest, I probably would have done it in their shoes. I got so carried away with the idea of blindsiding Samantha last night that I didn't even stop to think what I was doing, and I got in such a mess I ended up having to vote out one of our own members just to ensure I stayed alive. If I'm to make it further in this game I need to calm down, mend my bridges and stick firmly to the alliance. To do that I need to show Meiling and Jensen that I'm genuine about wanting to work with them and hope they'll be kind enough to give me a second chance to prove my trust. I genuinely regret how I handled that situation yesterday and I hope I can make them see that.

Wylie Izzard

Jensen: Okay, what would you like to say?

Wylie: I just wanted to apologise for everything that happened with the last Triibal. I know that I well and truly lost your trust and caused you guys to vote for me. I don't blame you at all. I know that everything that happened was entirely my fault, but I really want to make it clear that I'm not going to do that again. I'm sorry for everything I did and I want to stay loyal to you guys, if you're willing to give me a second chance. 

Meiling: Here's the thing, Wylie. It's good that you recognise you made a mistake, are apologising for it and trying to make amends. The thing that got us so worried, though, was Samantha told us you specifically mentioned Jensen and I as being close. Those kind of comments leave a lingering target for the remainder of the game, and it's hard to trust someone who does that kind of damage to you. 

Wylie: I know and I completely regret that comment. I wish I could take it back, but I was so caught up in selling the Samantha blindside to Taihlaura as a good move that I didn't even stop to think what I was saying. See, I'm such a fan of this show and I'm still in the excitement of being here. I was caught up in this thrill of pulling off an amazing move so early in the game and I think that blinded me to how much danger I was putting myself in. I was living in this bubble, thinking everything was just going to go to plan.

Jensen: You hit the nail right on the head there. You were caught in a bubble, dude. None of us wanted to vote Samantha out, yet you still pushed for it, you went to Taihlaura and leaked our entire plan. How can we be sure you won't do that again?

Wylie: I won't, I swear it. I'm going to be one hundred percent committed to our alliance, which means I'm going to listen to what you guys have to say and not spilling plans to people. I don't know how I'm going to prove that to you, but I just hope I'll have the chance to do it and I haven't damaged this beyond repair.

Meiling: There's one thing: what's your relationship with Taihlaura like? It seems that you prioritise her over us, yet she's with the other alliance. I don't know where your loyalty is because of that.

Jensen: Yeah, man, you seem way too invested in Taihlaura for your loyalty to actually be with us.

Wylie: Here's the deal with that: Taihlaura and I bonded over our mutual religion and that's something I care deeply about. I feel we have a personal connection, I trust her and I think she could be a viable option for us in the future. That being said, if you don't want me to tell her something, I promise that I won't. My loyalty will be to our alliance first.

Meiling: I believe that. It's probably the most genuine you've been with us in the time you've been here. I'm willing to give you a second chance, if Jensen is.

Jensen: (sigh) I'm nervous, dude, I really am, but I think you're being real with us. Just don't screw us again or we'll cut you faster than you can blink.

Meiling: And that means no leaking of plans, please.

Wylie: I won't, I promise. Thank you so much for this, you won't regret it. Now, want to watch how a pro fishes? (laughs)

Jensen: You're welcome. And alright, let's see you put your money where your mouth is. (smiles)

(Smiling, Wylie heads off to fish. The camera focuses on him as his confessional is heard.)

I am so relieved that Meiling and Jensen forgave me. I truly will be honest with them and, although I still trust Taihlaura, I'll respect their wishes and keep things form her if asked. Being such a huge fan of this show was a curse in a sense, as I got so excited that I never stopped to think about the repercussions my actions would have not just on myself, but others. I've put a lingering target on them because of my big mouth and for them to still be willing to give me another shot warms my heart. God has granted me a second chance in this game and I am not going to waste it. I will change and be the loyal ally I should have been from the get-go.

Wylie Izzard

(The camera then changes focus to Meiling and Jensen.)

Jensen: Do you think we made the right call?

Meiling: I think so. I don't see him turning on us again.

Although I won't forget Wylie's mouth put a target on Jensen and I that won't go away, I gave him a second chance because he seemed genuinely remorseful for his actions and wanted to make it up to us. People make mistakes, both in life and in this game, and what's important is not dwelling on that but giving them a chance to learn, grow and change. I believe that voting for Wylie scared him into being more subdued, as he recognises he was entirely at fault for it. I don't see him turning on us again, because he's committed to us. Even though he trusts Taihlaura, I feel he has learned from this past mistake and won't leak things we don't want him to. Make no mistake, though: I am giving him a second chance but it is the final one he'll get. If he makes this mistake again, I will cut him without a second's hesitation. You get one shot to redeem yourself with me and if you don't do it, you're on your own.

Meiling Gao

(Following Meiling's confessional, the camera pans up to Trinity, who has watched the entire conversation on the beach and is now furious.)

Trinity: (raising her arms in disbelief) Bitch, the <expletive>?

(Trinity storms off. The camera focuses on her irritated expression.)

I was going for a walk this morning and of course I see Wylie trying to suck up to Meiling and Jensen. I bet he was saying how sorry he is and how he's gonna be loyal and I'm like, "if you really were loyal to us you wouldn't have screwed up in the first place." But I kept watching and it looks like they're forgiving him? Ugh. Hell no! They're even stupider than I thought. I cannot believe Wylie voted Lennox out of here, leaked our whole plan, screwed up our perfect plan to get rid of Eddiot and clearly has conflicting loyalties, but Meiling and Jensen are just letting him waltz back into the alliance like nothing happened. The more these guys do stupid <expletive> like this, the more tempting the other alliance is looking!

Trinity Lewis

(The camera picks up as Trinity walks over to Shivani.)

Shivani: Hi, Trinity. 

Trinity: I've just about had it with this alliance, I swear. Walk with me.

Shivani: (concerned) Okay.

(The two go for a walk.)

Shivani: What happened?

Trinity: You know what I saw this morning? Wylie sucking up to Meiling and Jensen on the beach, and worse, they just let him back into the alliance! Do you have any idea how much that pisses me off? He's such a snake. And did they bother to ask me what I thought about it? No! Of course not! No one ever asks me what I want or listens to what I have to <expletive> say, although if they had, we wouldn't be in this situation!

Shivani: I understand your frustrations, but to be honest, I think Wylie has been scared into staying loyal. I also don't think you should be blaming him entirely, because Taihlaura one hundred percent manipulated him and is playing both sides like crazy. 

Trinity: Yeah, I can't believe Wylie fell for that BS. But even so, it still bugs me that nobody bothered to find me and ask me what I thought. Those three deadass never listen to me, I swear. How many times did I say no to the Samantha vote, then tell everyone I wanted Eddiot out? 

Shivani: True, I agree with you there. They tend to do their own thing. I told Wylie right before Tribal Council that he was being played and we had enough votes for Eddiot. I told Meiling and Jensen to stick to it, too, when they asked me about Wylie. 

Trinity: Ugh, I wish I'd known, because I would have screamed at them, but that just proves that they're only in this <expletive> for themselves.

Shivani: That's actually why I didn't tell you. I needed the girls to think whatever plan they had was working so an idol wouldn't come out, and I was worried if you got wind of it you'd burn the whole camp down. (laughs)

Trinity: (cackles) You're right, girl, I totally would have. See, that just means you're easily the smartest here. (sigh) Tell you what, though, I'm seriously starting to consider my options.

Shivani: As in flipping?

Trinity: Yeah. Like, I'm just not heard in this alliance, I have nothing in common with literally any of them and I already know I'd have so much more in common with the others. Like, I don't wanna screw you over because you're deadass the one person I like out here, but I'm not sure if that's enough.

Shivani: Even with Eddiot on the other side?

Trinity: Mmmhm. I hate Eddiot so <expletive> much it makes my blood boil, but I'm not gonna be the dumbass bitch who lets that stop me from jumping ship if it's best for my game. Don't get me wrong, I want him out of here ASAP and if I can get him out, I will, but I thought I could work something out with this group and I don't think so anymore.

Shivani: I'm glad that you don't want to screw me over, because if there's one thing I can promise within that group,it's that I'll be loyal to you, listen to you and won't screw with you. In fact, would you like to know a secret?

Trinity: What?

Shivani: (dropping her voice a little lower) I have one of the idols here.

Trinity: (excited) Get out! Seriously?

Shivani: Yeah! I've got it on me right now. I'll show you. 

(They keep walking until they are sheltered by some trees. Shivani reaches into her shirt.)

Shivani: Sorry if you accidentally see my boob.

(She pulls the idol out and shows Trinity, who jumps with excitement.(

Trinity: Yes, girl! I'm so happy that you're the one in that group who has it. Who else knows?

Shivani: Only Wylie. 

Trinity: (rolls eyes) Then it's probably not a secret anymore.

Shivani: No, he hasn't told anyone or else I wouldn't be here anymore. Anyway, I hope this shows you that I'm serious about sticking with you. All I have to say is please stay with the group. Everyone's going to be loyal from now on and if you jump now, it will screw me over. We need to get one of their numbers down first, okay?

Trinity: Okay, girl, I hear you.

(Trinity and Shivani walk back to camp. The camera focuses on a nervous-looking Shivani.)

Trinity is dangerously close to flipping and I'm having to work double to make sure that doesn't happen. She confirmed to me that she's considering her options because she doesn't feel respected in the alliance. Honestly, even I'm starting to get sick of Meiling and Jensen because it shouldn't take much common sense to include Trinity in a conversation with Wylie. I know Wylie is going to be loyal to us, but Trinity doesn't and she has every right not to trust him after what happened. I showed Trinity my idol to have something between us so she has some incentive to stay and it's a relief to hear I'm the main reason she's having doubts about jumping. The others need to be careful, though, because if they don't start doing some serious damage control, even that won't be enough to stop her.

Shivani Chandra

(Following Shivani's confessional, the camera picks up as Samantha and her alliance meet for a discussion.)

Samantha: Okay, so, Trinity is pissed after last Tribal. We should really try to get to her. Taihlaura, you should link in with Wylie and see if you can get anything. He got votes from two members of his supposed alliance so he might be open to flipping.

Taihlaura: Okay, on it.

Brooklyn: Would you like me to talk to Trinity?

Samantha: No, you're too close to Eddiot so it would probably be more advantageous if I did it.

Brooklyn: (taken aback) Okay...

Samantha: That came out a little more blunt than I intended. It's not that I doubt your social skills, it's just that she knows you're really close with Eddiot so might think you'd prioritise him over her, you get me?

Brooklyn: Oh, don't worry, I get it. It's okay. (smiles)

Samantha: Good. Okay, I'll go talk to her now, then. 

Taihlaura: And I'll go to Wylie.

Eddiot: What do you want me to do? 

Samantha: Um... whatever you want.

Eddiot: Alright, I'm gonna head for a swim! 

Samantha: Have fun with that!

(The group break apart.)

(The camera picks up again as Samantha catches up to Trinity.)

Samantha: Hey, Trinity!

Trinity: You back for round two of "Let's try to flip Trinity?"

Samantha: Are you gonna give me a different response this time around? 

Trinity: Well, I still hate Eddiot but he's got some serious competition in the "Who does Trinity hate the most?" field right now, so do your best.

Samantha: That's one competition I don't want to win, so I hope I'm not in the running! 

Trinity: Well, that depends on how this conversation goes. 

Samantha: (giggles) Nice comeback. You know that that entire so-called "alliance" of yours screwed you last night, right?

Trinity: Mmhm, and I also know that the other alliance voted off my number one ally. 

Samantha: Oh, come on, it was nothing against you. Wylie was running around saying my name. I was worried he had an idol, so I had to go with someone I knew wouldn't get an idol played on them. So, really, if you want to be mad at anyone, be mad at Wylie for screwing everything up. It's his fault Lennox is gone and he caused Meiling and Jensen to vote for him. 

Trinity: know, and what makes it worse is they're forgiving him and inviting him back into the alliance!

Samantha: Sounds like they didn't take your opinion into account.

Trinity: They didn't even ask for my opinion! God, it's so frustrating. If they're having a conversation with Wylie, how hard is it to come find me?

Samantha: Not hard at all. If that was me, I would have come to find you in a heartbeat. These things should be an alliance decision, not just a couple of people. It just shows you that they don't care about you.

Trinity: I'm starting to see that lately.

Samantha: First they vote for Wylie, even though I imagine you would have been adamant about voting Eddiot out, then they ask him back into the alliance without even talking to you? Sounds like selfish players who only care about themselves. Of course this was going to happen to you. You're the odd one out in that group and you're well aware of it. Have any of them even attempted to make connections with you?

Trinity: Nope!

Samantha: See? Just goes to show how much they care. Meiling and Jensen are best friends, I'm sure they sucked up to Shivani to get her on board, and they're having private conversations with Wylie- the same guy who flipped on them and they voted for! It seems like they care about everyone but you. I know you hate Eddiot and the thought of aligning with him probably makes you want to put a bullet in your head, but you have to face facts: when it comes to that other group, you have no connections to them and no reason to trust them. To keep away from us because of one person makes you dumber than Eddiot.

Trinity: I feel that. You've at least tried on a personal level but these guys have shown no interest in me. I don't have anything in common with them but I've got a lot more in common with you. I hate Eddiot and you're right, the very idea of aligning with him makes me want to pour boiling hot coffee on myself, but I'd be dumber than him if that was the only reason I stuck to this alliance now after what they did. I'm really considering my options. It's tempting.

Samantha: Good! I hope you make the right call and come with us. If you want to yell at Eddiot, he'll forget about it within two minutes, so you can get all your frustrations out! (laughs)

Trinity: (laughs) Too true, girl.

(The two of them go their separate ways. The camera focuses on Samantha, who is very pleased with herself.)

I think Trinity is as good as ours. She'd have to be stupid at this point to stick with that group, when they clearly don't value her as an alliance member or as a person. Once she gave me that opening, I hammered in that she couldn't trust these guys and I think I really did a number on her. She's not even mad at me for turning the vote on her ally because I shifted the blame entirely on her stupid alliance members. To her, all I did was get the votes off Wylie in case of an idol- something anyone would do. Trinity's volatile but she's not deluded: she's aware enough to know where her best spot. I'm glad I got to her first because I'll have the most sway: Anything Meiling and Jensen say from now on is just going to sound like they're blowing smoke up her ass . There's no doubt about it: voting Lennox out was the best decision I could have made.

Samantha Langrick

(The camera then changes to Trinity, who laughs as she walks away.)

Samantha's really, really smart, I'll give her that. I know damn well that it's no coincidence I happened to let slip Lennox was my only connection and he was the one gone. There's no doubt the stuff I told her was true but I exaggerated it a bit to downplay my relationship with Shivani, 'cause if she finds out about that she'll just take Shivani out next. She was one hundred percent right with everything she said, though: Meiling and Jensen deadass do not care about me 'cause they've never asked my input, done <expletive> for themselves and never attempted to know me on a personal level like other people have. I've got nothing in common with them and the only person I can trust is Shivani. I don't wanna screw her, but I don't wanna screw myself by sticking with a <expletive> alliance because I am not dumber than Eddiot. No, I am not! I just have to ask myself: Does my trust for Shivani outweigh everything else in that group? And if I do jump ship, where the Hell am I gonna go?Like, Samantha's cool, but one person isn't gonna convince me to jump and I know Brooklyn and Eddiot are super tight 'cause the dude has a boner for her. I'm gonna take it slow and see what the rest of that alliance does with me. I hope we aren't going to Tribal 'cause this is not a decision I'll be able to make in a couple of days.

Trinity Lewis

(Following Trinity's confessional, the camera picks up on Taihlaura as she joins Wylie for a conversation.)

Taihlaura: Hi, Wylie!

Wylie: Taihlaura! Hello.

Taihlaura: How are things going for you after last night? I still feel awful for what happened. 

Wylie: Don't feel awful! It's not your fault Samantha overheard things.(sigh) I think things are okay with the guys. They were understandably mad, but I think they've forgiven me. I'm definitely on shaky ground, though.

Taihlaura: Well, shaky ground is better than no ground at all! And you know you still have me, one hundred percent. 

Wylie: I know, and for that I'm glad.

Taihlaura: So, what are your future plans?

Wylie: We honestly haven't talked about anything and... well, even if we had, I don't think I could tell you. Sorry. I just want to stick with the alliance I'm with right now and they swore me to not divulge anything to you, so we don't have a repeat of last Tribal's fiasco. I hope you understand.

Taihlaura: Don't worry, I completely get it. You have to show your loyalty to them.

Wylie: Yeah, but that doesn't change my loyalty to you one bit. What I can promise you is I'll keep the vote off you, always.

Taihlaura: That's such a relief to hear. You know, if you're in danger of being kicked out of the alliance, you can always jump over to ours.

Wylie: Thanks, but I think I really need to prove my loyalty to these guys. As I said, I will totally keep you out of harm's way.

Taihlaura: That's all I can ask, just letting you know the option is there if you ever need.

Wylie: I appreciate that. I really do. (smiles)

(The two of them go their separate ways. The camera focuses on Wylie, who is looking a little guilty.)

I feel a little bad keeping Taihlaura out when she's been so honest and loyal to me, but I made a promise to my alliance and I need to work back into their good graces by keeping it. I appreciate that she understands that and in return I will keep her out of harm's way. I really care about her but I also care about my alliance and it's going to take a while to work back that trust, so for now I have to do exactly what they say to prove that I'm not this unpredictable snake. When the dust settles, I'd like to work more with Taihlaura and flip her to our alliance, but I'm laying low because if I give these guys even the suspicion that I still can't be trusted, I'll be out the door faster than I can blink.

Wylie Izzard

(The camera then changes focus to Taihlaura, who is having concerns of her own.)

It's a relief to hear that Wylie still wants to maintain his loyalty to me. I know that I'll at least be safe because he's promised to keep my name out of anyone's minds, but what's worrying me is he's shutting me off to prove loyalty to this alliance. He's genuinely feeling awful for damaging the games of other people, since he's a very selfless guy in real life and cares a lot about what others think. I honestly admire that about him, so I don't blame him for making this decision and it makes me feel a little guilty that I'm playing him so much. It's definitely the smartest choice for him, but for me, it means danger. Even though Trinity is almost on our side, she's not certain, which means the other side still has majority. We have an idol, but there's two out there, so they could have the other. Without knowing what's going on, any vote is going to be like a game of Russian roulette, and we'll all be hoping we don't have the unlucky chamber. It looks like I'll need to find another way into this group. I'm gonna have to get through to someone else and see if they'll crack.

Taihlaura Houston

Reward Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The Carriacou Tribe walk in first, then look as the Gouyave Tribe enter.)

Jeff: Carriacou, getting your first look at the new Gouyave Tribe. Lennox voted out at the last Tribal Council.

(A few of the Carriacou members seem surprised.)

Jeff: You guys ready to get to today's reward challenge?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: For today's challenge, you will be blindfolded. You'll make your way through a series of obstacles to a station, where you'll find a mask. You'll then untie a bag of puzzle pieces and go back, where you'll head to a second station and recreate the mask. The first person to recreate the mask will win reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: In addition to the next Temptation, you'll be playing for... comfort items! The winner will score blankets, pillows, chairs and a tarp for their tribe. Worth playing for? Then we'll draw for spots and get started. 

(The castaways are awaiting Jeff's signal.)

Jeff: For the Temptation and some comfort items... Survivors ready? GO!

Reward Challenge: More Than a Feeling

Challenge Summary:

  • Samantha, Brooklyn, Mackenzie and Jason get out to fast starts, with Kendra and Trinity not far behind. Meanwhile, Eddiot struggles, repeatedly bumping into things and wandering off course, getting in the way of Jamie and Lulu in particular. Jensen also struggles, repeatedly bumping into stuff.
  • Samantha reached her bag first and began making her way back, with Mackenzie and Brooklyn close behind, Jason a little further back after getting a bit lost on the course. 
  • A funny moment occurred during the challenge, with Eddiot getting so lost on the course he wandered into Topher's path. Thinking he was a bag of puzzle pieces, Eddiot tried to grab him until Jeff pulled hum up. 
  • Samantha got back to the station first and began working on her mask, Mackenzie second and Brooklyn a bit behind as she accidentally dropped her bag somewhere along the course. Jason was still well in it, only a bit behind Brooklyn.
  • Samantha came a little unstuck on the puzzle, unable to get some of the pieces to fit and even dropping one. Mackenzie worked slowly, while Brooklyn worked faster and got more and more pieces in, overtaking the former. Mackenzie kept a steady pace and tried to close the gap as she felt around for pieces. Brooklyn moved around and got a little confused with some of the decoy pieces. Soon, she had one piece left, while Mackenzie had three. Brooklyn then put in her final piece.

Jeff: Brooklyn thinks she has it! Brooklyn... does NOT have it right! Some of the pieces are incorrect, this challenge is still on!

  • As Brooklyn tried to figure out what was wrong, the camera picked up on Samantha, who was starting to get a few pieces in, and Jason, who was in the race. Mackenzie, however, was much closer. While Brooklyn was trying to figure out what went wrong, and swapping out some pieces, Mackenzie put in her final piece. 


Mackenzie: Wooo! 

(As the castaways take off their blindfolds, Brooklyn looks in dismay at her mask, realising she put in one of the decoy pieces.)

Brooklyn: I nearly had it, too.

(The camera pans out to Eddiot, who is still lost on the course)

Eddiot: Hello? It's, like, so dark!

Jeff: Eddiot, take off your blindfold! 

(Eddiot takes off his blindfold and realises he is way off course.)

Eddiot: (laughs) Oh, whoops!

(Following this, there is a timeskip. The castaways are back on their mats.)

Jeff: Mackenzie, come get your Temptation!

(Mackenzie walks over and Jeff hands her a sealed envelope.)

Jeff: I want to be clear this is not the same Temptation Jensen received, and if you choose not to play this one, it too will go out of play. As wit the other two, you have until the immunity challenge to decide whether you'll use it and it is entirely up to you who you share the information with. You and Carriacou can head back to camp. Your comfort items will be waiting. 

(The Carriacou Tribe leave.)

Jeff: Gouyave, I got nothing for you. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you at the immunity challenge. 

(The Gouyave Tribe leave.)

Post-Reward Challenge: Winning Tribe

(Following Mackenzie's reward win, the members of the Carriacou Tribe return to camp.)

Stanley: Oh my Gosh! Pillows! Blankets! Wooo!

Moses: That tarp looks nice and sturdy. We'll be sleeping like kings and queens tonight! 

Kendra: Those chairs look so much more comfortable than sitting on the ground! 

Jason: How about you guys all relax while I go and grab some water?

Kendra: Thanks, Jason! That'd be great.

(Jason walks away. After a while, Mackenzie stands up and heads for the forest.)

Mackenzie: I'm gonna go find out what this says. I'll be back.

Kendra: Okay, bye!

(Mackenzie walks into the forest.)

(The camera next picks up as Mackenzie rushes to catch up with Jason.)

Mackenzie: Hey, Jason!

Jason: (turning around) Oh, hey. (Eyeing the envelope) Have you found out what's in there yet?

Mackenzie: No. Actually, I was gonna show you what's inside. That way I can figure out if I should use it or not.

Jason: Oh, wow, okay. Let's walk a little further. 

(The two of them keep walking until they are sheltered by some trees.)

Jason: Thanks for sharing this with me.

Mackenzie: No problem. I don't want to do something that inadvertently screws you over!

Jason: I appreciate that. Let's see what it says!

(Mackenzie opens the envelope and reads the Temptation.)




Mackenzie: (gasps) Oh my God...

Jason: So we're both going to Tribal Council. Wow.

Mackenzie: Yeah, and if I take this I can't vote, which means there's one less vote on your side.

Jason: True, but do you think it would be safe to take it and keep me in the game? Everyone seems intent on getting rid of Ashanda.

Mackenzie: I think so. Lulu, at least, seems on board and Kendra's aware Ashanda's spreading rumours about her. But I can't be sure, maybe she'll take advantage of Ashanda to vote you out first. If I save myself, Kendra still has the five to vote you out if she wants, but if I don't, we could probably work something. 

Jason: That's true. I think she sees me as more loyal, but it'd be a risk, especially if other people thought I should go first. The selfish part of me is saying don't take it because I could be screwed over, but I don't want you to screw your own game trying to save mine.

Mackenzie: I don't want to screw my game either, but losing you- if it happens- could screw me too. (sigh) Gosh, I don't know what to do. I'm gonna leave you to get that water while I try and figure this out.

Jason: Okay, good luck!

(As Mackenzie walks away and Jason goes to get the water, the camera focuses on the latter as he takes a deep breath.)

I was thrilled when Mackenzie won the Temptation but less so when I discovered what it was. We're both going to Tribal Council tomorrow, which is a bit of a punch in the gut, and if Mackenzie takes the Temptation she gets automatic immunity but can't vote. The instinct reaction is, of course, to take it and make sure you go one round further, but if she does, then we'd lose a potentially crucial vote to keep me in the game. Ashanda's in very hot water right now and I've been working Kendra to show her I'm far more loyal, but I'm conscious that I'm not part of the original seven, so someone could use Ashanda to get me out so I don't disturb the peace. I feel torn for Mackenzie, because I don't want her to screw her game, but I also don't want her to take the Temptation because her doing so could spell the end of mine. I'm not feeling safe at all right now.

Jason Bloomfield III

(Following this, the camera picks up as Mackenzie returns to camp.)

Stanley: (lounging in one of the chairs) Hey, girl! Thanks for the amazing reward!

Mackenzie: (laughs) You're welcome.

Kendra: Hey, Mackenzie! Are you feeling tempted? (giggles)

Mackenzie: Um... a little? 

Kendra: Can we see what it says?

Mackenzie: (a little awkward at being put on the spot) Um...

Kendra: I know I didn't tell you mine, but that was because we weren't allies yet. Please? No one's gonna say anything. 

Mackenzie: Okay, I'll show you guys.

Kendra: Awesome! Come on, guys, let's go find out what it says!

(Kendra leads Jamie, Lulu and Mackenzie off. Stanley stays in the chair.)

Kendra: Stanley! Are you coming?

Stanley: But this chair is so comfy...

Kendra: (giggles) Come on, you goof!

Stanley: Fiiiine.

(Stanley gets up and they all head off.)

(The camera picks up again as they all get to the beach.)

Lulu: I wonder what this Temptation is? I'm excited. (laughs)

Kendra: I hope it's something to reintroduce an idol in the game! Maybe like "you can introduce a third idol but you can't play it or have it played on you"?

Stanley: Man, that'd be so dope, but so annoying at the same time! I don't know what I'd pick.

Kendra: That's kinda the whole point of Temptations, Stanley. (giggles)

Jamie: Well, let's open it and end the suspense!

(Mackenzie opens the Temptation and shows it to the group.)

Lulu: (reading) "At the upcoming Double Tribal Council, you will automatically receive your tribe's individual immunity but you will not be able to cast a vote or play an idol." Damn, so we're both going to Tribal? Or maybe they're doing that thing they did on Game Changers where we both go to the one Tribal and vote off one person?

Kendra: No, that's called a Joint Tribal. A Double Tribal is when two different Tribals happen.

Mackenzie: Yeah, what Kendra said. We're both going to Tribal.

Kendra: So, you're obviously gonna take it, right? I mean, it's guaranteed safety so anyone would. I'd take that in a heartbeat, I wouldn't care about losing my vote, and we don't have an idol so there's nothing to worry about.

Mackenzie: If I do, will we be okay, though?

Kendra: Yeah! We have numbers either way.

Mackenzie: What do you mean, "either way"?

Kendra: I mean, if we decide to get rid of Jason or Ashanda. 

Mackenzie: Isn't it a no-brainer to get Ashanda out? 

Lulu: Yeah, honestly I'd be down for getting that snake out. She said she wants Jason out but has been targeting you, and is lying to Topher.

Kendra: Well yeah, but she still wants Jason out, right? We could use her to get rid of Jason, then get rid of her after. 

Mackenzie: Are you sure that's a good idea? I think Jason's more loyal than her. Besides, he has nowhere to go.

Kendra: I know he'd probably be more loyal, but Ashanda would at least hold off on me to get him out, right? I think if we left him in the game too long he'd overthrow us, and he doesn't have nowhere to go because someone's leaking to him. But I really don't know if I can trust Ashanda even for one round, that's the problem... that's why I'd take this so fast. I think you should too. Any of us would be dumb not to, just in case the leaker tries to pull something stupid. 

Mackenzie: Wouldn't it be smarter for me to keep my vote, then, and try and win immunity myself? If we don't want anything stupid pulled, we might need all five votes.

Kendra: I don;t know how you're even thinking about this. This is the easiest Temptation so far!

Lulu: Yeah, I have to admit, I would have taken one look at it and handed it right back to Jeff with my answer. 

Mackenzie: It's more than that, do we trust Moses? Do we trust Topher and Ashanda, and Jason? Like, if I take this we'd be 4-4 potentially. It's a lot harder than you might think. I'm gonna think about this.

Kendra: Sure, that's a point, but I'd take automatic safety any day. I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to go to rocks. Okay, think about it.

(Kendra, Stanley and Lulu head back to camp. The camera focuses on Kendra.)

I am so jealous of Mackenzie right now! I want that Temptation so bad. I don't even know how she's thinking about it, because I'd take that Temptation in a heartbeat. I mean, fair point that there's a chance it'll be 4-4, but I doubt that! Ashanda will vote for Jason and Jason will vote for Ashanda, right? Even if Ashanda wants to target me, surely she wouldn't do it before getting rid of Jason? So, either way, I don't think there's a way we lose numbers. My biggest problem is whether I can trust Ashanda because she's doing a lot of crazy stuff that's making me nervous. It would make me a lot more comfortable to have her go, but I don't want to let Jason back in the game. He's a massive threat and someone's leaking to him, so if I keep him he could flip people. Either way, I would have opened the Temptation then and there, handed it back to Jeff and saved a lot of trouble for everyone! It's guaranteed safety. You'd have to be an idiot to pass that up, no matter how safe you feel.

Kendra Valentine

(As Mackenzie puts the Temptation back in the envelope, Jamie turns to her, smiling.)

Jamie: A hundred bucks says Kendra strong-armed you into sharing that.

Mackenzie: Sorry, I left my wallet back in Wyoming.

Jamie: What are you thinking? Kendra's pretty clear where she stands.

Mackenzie: Yeah. It's a lose-lose situation, really. If I take the Temptation, there's a vote less for Jason's side and he could go home because Kendra's caught on to the fact Ashanda wants him out and someone's leaking. If we push too hard for Ashanda, Kendra will start to see through it. 

Jamie: Hm... yeah, if she was really set on Jason, we couldn't go too hard in the other direction without her suspecting something. She's way smarter than anyone thinks. We'd have to find something to make her seem like Ashanda is less trustworthy. 

Mackenzie: Yeah, but that would mean another lie and sooner or later they'll all come crashing down if we do too much of it. I want to save Jason, but if I don't take the Temptation, Kendra will be even more suspicious and the target could go onto me.

Jamie: Yeah, that's true. It sucks.

Mackenzie: (sighs) I have no idea what to do. If I don't take the Temptation, I probably screw myself. If I take it, I probably screw myself. 

Jamie: Here's a thought: is that Temptation transferable?

Mackenzie: It doesn't say one way or the other... why?

Jamie: If you can, why not give it to Kendra? She's been very clear that she'd take it. If you give it to her, you still have the vote to save Jason, and you've saved her so you could use that as leverage to eliminate Ashanda over Jason, because it would prove your loyalty to her. 

Mackenzie: That's a good idea, but it still raises the question of why I'd give immunity to someone else instead of keeping it for myself.

Jamie: That's true... you could always say you wanted to calm Kendra down? I guess it would be a little suspicious but it would be better than mot taking it at all? 

Mackenzie: This is the hardest decision I've had to make so far...

With the position I'm in right now this is the worst Temptation I could have possibly won. If I take it, I satisfy Kendra but I could potentially lose an ally and number in Jason, because she's catching onto the fact he might be a bigger immediate threat. If I don't take it and keep my vote, Kendra's going to see through things and get suspicious of me, which could put a target on my back. But if I let Jason go home, I'm screwing myself for the future because I'm going to be locked in with Kendra's group of five for the long-haul and I'm pretty much on the bottom of it. Kendra has her three with Lulu and Stanley and they all favour Jamie over me. Ashanda would go next, but what's to say Kendra wouldn't muscle me out right after, or something like that? Gah... I could always give the Temptation to Kendra, but I might not even be able to transfer it and if I did that, people would wonder why I gave up the Temptation. Kendra might trust me enough to go for Ashanda over Jason then, but someone might put two and two together. (sigh) I hate that I won this. I guess this is karma biting me in the butt for playing both sides, huh?

Mackenzie Streiff

(Following Mackenzie's confessional, the camera transitions to the forest, where Ashanda and Topher are walking.)

Topher: So, what did you want to talk to me about, Ashanda?

Ashanda: Did you tell Kendra what I told you yesterday?

Topher: That you said she hated me? Well, I was hurt and I wanted to know why, so-

Ashanda: <loud, prolonged expletive>! Topher! Now the entire tribe doesn't trust me! Why would you do that?

Topher: I'm sorry! I was hurt because I cared about our friendship, and I went to her and accidentally mentioned your name!

Ashanda: Well now I'm going home next, so thanks for that.

Topher: It's weird, she's insisting that she never said anything and you're just lying to me to turn me against her. 

Ashanda: Duh! Of course she's going to say that! She knows she's in trouble so she's trying to turn it back on me. Don't listen to her.

Topher: But... it just doesn't make any sense. She's insisting over and over again that she said nothing and she's been so open and honest with me about everything else, so why would she lie about this? 

Ashanda: A rat is never more dangerous than when it's cornered! She knows she's in a big one right now, so she's reeling you in with some emotional bull<expletive> to make it seem like she's being truthful about the other stuff and making me the bad guy! It's A-grade emotional manipulation! 

Topher: You really think she'd manipulate me like that?

Ashanda: I'm telling you that's what she's doing! She knows I'm the one who blew her <expletive> up so she's trying to get me out because she's threatened by me. She's a smart player, Topher. She knows we voted together so she's trying to split us up, but listen. You voted for Jason with me and that means I got your back, which means bailing your ass out when you fall for Kendra's bull<expletive>. She doesn't care about you like I do. You know what's gonna happen after I'm gone? Jason next, then you. I'm gonna crawl out of this hole, we're gonna get Jason out and then we're gonna strike, okay? Don't fall for her games again!

Topher: Okay... I won't.

Ashanda: Good. I'm gonna try and find a way to get myself saved.

(Topher and Ashanda go their separate ways. The camera focuses on Ashanda, looking smug.)

I just reeled Topher back in like a pro! Every word I told him was a lie but I'll lie my damn ass off to keep myself in this game. Lulu can turn the entire tribe against me all she likes with her little psycho rants, but I am not going home because Topher couldn't keep his freaking mouth shut! I'm gonna crawl out of this hole, get Jason out, and then I'm gunning for Kendra and her psycho little lapdog. No one in this tribe trusts me right now, but if they expect me to roll over and die, they've got another thing coming! I'm not out of this game yet, not by a long shot. With Topher on my side, things are gonna get easier. I'm gonna get on top of all these people, mark my words!

Ashanda-Jane Washington

(From Ashanda's confessional, the camera changes focus to a confused Topher as he comes out of the forest and back into camp, before approaching Jason and Moses.)

Topher: Guys, can I talk to you?

Jason: Sure.

(As they walk off, the camera focuses on Topher's worried look before cutting to his confessional.)

This story just keeps taking so many twists and turns. First Ashanda says Kendra hates me, then Kendra says she's lying and opens up to me, now Ashanda's saying all that is part of the best emotional manipulation act ever committed. Honestly, I don't know what I believe, because the trouble is, both stories make sense! Kendra could be telling the truth and Ashanda could be playing me, but I don't know Kendra; she could be manipulating me to make me feel bad for her because she knows she's in trouble and I'll fall for it. (sigh) This is one of the worst spots I could be in, because I'm in the middle being tugged two different ways and I have no way of knowing who's being truthful and who's lying. That's why I decided to confide in this with Jason and Moses. Those guys haven't had much to do with me and they've had nothing to do with the majority. If anyone's going to tell me the absolute truth, it's them. They would have heard the conversation and they have absolutely no reason to lie to me because it doesn't benefit them either way. I just want to get to the bottom of this because it's doing my head in.

Topher Daniels

(The camera picks up as they are walking on the forest.)

Topher: So, I need to ask you guys something, and do you promise to tell me the truth? 

Moses: Of course.

Topher: So, Ashanda's been saying that Kendra said she hated me, and Kendra's saying she never did anything and Ashanda's turning us against each other, but Ashanda says that's just Kendra emotionally manipulating me and I'm super confused, so... what actually happened?

Moses: Ashanda's lying to you, my friend. One hundred percent.

Topher: She is?

Jason: Without a doubt. You didn't see this, because you were gone, but Lulu and Ashanda had a huge fight about it and she asked Moses if the conversation really happened, to which Moses said no. Lulu basically pointed out Kendra was way too smart to have the conversation in the shelther where someone could hear, and basically destroyed every single piece of Ashanda's argument. 

Moses: This definitely happened. Ashanda stood there, still saying she was telling the truth, but could offer no counters to Lulu, or produce any evidence that it occurred, without it being discredited. Believe me, I've worked as a police officer for a long time and I can tell when people are lying. She's definitely lying.

Topher: But, I don't understand.... why would Ashanda do that to me for so long?

Jason: Because she's one of the most callous and cold people I've ever met in my life. She is genuinely an awful person. I thought Veronica and Ricky were bad, but believe me, I'd take an entire 39 days on a tribe of just them before I put up with Ashanda any longer. She's targeting me because I'm rich, she's manipulating you because you can be taken advantage of, and she's completely screwing with Kendra. She is nasty and you should have nothing to do with her.

Topher: Wow, I can't believe she'd be that mean to me, even when we voted for you together. The thing is, how do I know you're not just lying to me too? You hate Ashanda, so could want her out of here.

Jason: Stop and think about what you just said for a moment. Ashanda has gotten so far in your head that you're doubting anything anyone else tells you because she's somehow convinced you that the entire tribe, except for her, is against you, which isn't the case at all. Personally, I think you're a good guy and I don't want you to be taken down this path. That's why I'm telling you now, before you get pulled too far into this. If you keep going like this, Ashanda's gonna isolate you from everyone and she'll end up pulling you to the end as a goat, where she'll throw you under the bus because she doesn't care about you. People will have no choice but to vote for her because your game will have been that bad. 

Topher: Woah... I think you're right, but it seems weird that she'd do that after we both voted for you together. By the way, I think it's unfair that's why you're being targeted, and I want you to know the reason I voted for you was I was closer to Kory. 

Jason: Thanks for that, Topher. And don't worrry, I've moved past my votes at the first Tribal. I hope you realise now that I'm not just filling your head with nonsense because I don't like Ashanda. 

Moses: Trust us when we say she's lying. None of us want you to go down this road.

Topher: Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it.

Jason: You're more than welcome. I hope you wake up to it. 

Topher: Thanks. It means a lot.

(Topher walks away, looking a mixture of hurt and happy.)

So, unless the entire tribe's in on some crazy Kendra shenanigans- which I doubt because she, Jason and Moses don't talk- then Ashanda's been lying to me constantly for the last few days. Honestly, that really hurts. I thought she was a friend but she's just been turning me against everyone. I really appreciate that Jason and Moses opened my eyes to this. They're great guys and it makes me kinda sad that they're the next ones on the chopping block. I guess that means Kendra has really been genuine to me this whole time and I owe her a huge apology. I don't know how I'm going to deal with Ashanda just yet, but at least I know what she's been doing to me now.

Topher Daniels

(The camera transitions back to Jason and Moses as they continue walking.)

Moses: Poor guy. I hope he realises we're telling the truth. 

Jason: I think he will. I just think it's sick that Ashanda's doing that to him.

Moses: Too right. 

Jason: So how have you been? It's been a while since we spoke one on one. 

Moses: I found I've been somewhat integrating into the group, which is good. I'm harbouring no delusions that I've ascended into a position of power, because I know I'm one of the ones closest to the bottom.

Jason: Me too. More people are coming to me, but Mackenzie is still my main source. I was thinking, if we're both around the bottom, why not reform our original alliance from the first couple of days? I certainly haven't had anyone come to me. Have you?

Moses: did get an offer from Ashanda, but before you eviscerate me, I only took it because I'd gotten no other offers and I thought, at the time, you were going home next so I had to attach myself to someone. But believe me, if I wasn't detaching myself from her already, finding out what she's doing to Topher would make me do it. 

Jason: (laughs) Don't worry, I'd never be mad. You have to do what you have to do to stay in the game. But I'm thinking, surely Ashanda would go next over me, and from there we could make a move. You link up with Mackenzie and I, Mackenzie links with Jamie, that's an automatic four. From there, Topher should make five and we'll be fine to proceed. 

Moses: I'd like that very much. The only problem is I'm not sure how much we can trust Jamie and Mackenzie. We tried to rely on them once before, to save Kory, and they went against us. 

Jason: Trust me, we can. The only reason they did that was so as to not disturb the peace early, which has actually worked out really well for us, because now they can make a move against Kendra without her knowing. Jamie and Mackenzie know they're on the bottom of the five, so when Ashanda is gone they'll make the jump with us and we'll be the five. They weren't playing us, Moses. They were just waiting until the timing was right and it is now.

Moses: Okay, if you trust them, then that's good for me. Know that you'll have my loyalty above all, though.

Jason: Thank you so much. This will work out for us. I promise.

(The two of them continue walking. The camera focuses on Moses.)

Jason asked if we could reform our initial alliance and of course I jumped at the chance. It goes without saying that he is the one I feel is the most genuine of the group, so I feel as though his loyalty will hold firm. I'm still wary as to whether I can trust Mackenzie and Jamie, particularly Mackenzie as the one who seems more invested in playing the middle, but if Jason trusts them than I shall as well. I've spent the better part of this game close to or on the bottom, but if Jason is reading the room correctly, things are about to change and I couldn't be more pleased with my position.

Moses Henderson

(The camera then changes focus to Jason, who is excited.)

On day two I was put in an awful position. On day three, I wasn't even sure I'd survive the night. Now, on day seven, I'm feeling incredibly optimistic for the future. I've rekindled my alliance with Moses, I have the setup with Mackenzie and Jason, and Ashanda has had the entire tribe turn against her so it seems everyone has forgotten about me. (touches the tree next to him) Touch wood! (laughs) With Ashanda gone, we should have the room to make our move and take control. I can't believe I'm sitting here saying this with the position I started out in, but I am so excited for the next Tribal Council! Bring it on! I want to make my move! It just goes to show the power of genuine social relationships. I guess it is true that Survivor is a social game, and I feel it's about to pay off for me tremendously. (leans over and touches the tree again) Touch wood!

Jason Bloomfield III

Post-Reward Challenge: Losing Tribe

(Following the reward challenge, the Gouyave Tribe return to camp.)

Brooklyn: I am so salty I lost that challenge. (giggles) I could have sworn I had it.

Eddiot: Don't be salty! That challenge was super hard. I kept getting lost!

Trinity: I'm missing those pillows and blankets right now.

Meiling: Well, pillows and blankets would have been nice, but on the bright side, at least it wasn't an immunity challenge.

Wylie: Yeah, we can't afford to lose another member.

Samantha: True. I'm gonna go get water, guys. 

Brooklyn: Do you mind if I come with you?

Samantha: Not at all. Come along.

(Brooklyn and Samantha leave to get water. The camera focuses on Brooklyn.)

Samantha's comments yesterday about me not being able to flip Trinity because I'm too close to Eddiot have stuck with me. It made me realise that, although I think he's great, that relationship could really screw me later on. I could be targeted to get to him, or left out of things later because I'm too close to him, so I thought my best move was to make another strong bond within our group, and the obvious person for that is Samantha. She's the unofficial leader of our alliance, so getting on her good side can only have benefits for my game. Not only can I stay hiding behind her, but having a bond with her will mean she'll go to that extra effort to save me and perhaps be more willing and open to making deals.

Brooklyn Ventura

(Samantha and Brooklyn are walking through the forest.)

Samantha: I swear, if they don't start giving me Temptations I can win, I'm gonna rage. (laughs) First it's a balance challenge, then one I have to use my feet, then one where I'm blindfolded. Bring on an endurance challenge, or something using strategy! 

Brooklyn: Too right! Those dummy pieces drove me crazy. They felt the same as the real ones so I got tricked. Ugh, I could have had the Temptation if I hadn't been stumped. 

Samantha: I bet it's a challenge advantage or something, too. Exactly what we need, going to another Tribal when the last one was so messy.

Brooklyn: Yeah, that was a hot mess we can't do again. I get you were paranoid about an idol but changing the plan sixty million times did us more harm than good. Eddiot nearly got himself voted out. 

Samantha: Yeah, I understand that completely. The only reason I did that was because I thought Wylie was gunning for me and Taihlaura came to me saying Lennox was the safe vote. Eddiot needs to be looked after really close, though. We can't change plans like we did last time, and it makes me nervous that he's the one with the idol. He seems to have taken a liking to you, though, so maybe you could keep an eye on him?

Brooklyn: I could. Eddiot's a cool guy. He reminds me of my son, honestly. (laughs) God, look at me. I come here thinking "you're too close to Eddiot and everyone thinks that" and the first thing I do is compare him to my son. 10/10 gameplay, Brooklyn. Seriously.

Samantha: Is this because of what I said yesterday? I didn't mean for it to come out as blunt as it did. It's hard to not be seen as close to Eddiot when the guy is practically glued to you every second of the day. I know that's not your fault, don't worry..

Brooklyn: Yeah, but if I'm too close to Eddiot I'm going to be the secondary target to get to him, you know? Especially if the others want to avoid an idol play. Their obvious target is Eddiot, so we'd play the idol on him. The best way to avoid that? One mention to Trinity of "Let's screw with Eddiot by getting out his best friend" and suddenly the votes are on me. I know he doesn't realise he's putting such a huge target on my back. I mean, he's adorable and reminds me so much of Chase, but it's frustrating.

Samantha: What's your son like? Basically a mini-Eddiot? (giggles)

Brooklyn: Sort of? No, he's fantastic.  He's got the same total lack of consideration for danger and happy-go-lucky personality Eddiot does and that's making me cope with being without him. I haven't been away from him this long, ever. He's the best thing in my life right now. Sure, he's the result of a really terrible part of my life and I had to drop out of school because of him, but I wouldn't trade the bedtime stories, being woken up in the morning by him running into my room and jumping on the bed, or just small things like peeling and cutting his orange for him in exactly four pieces, for anything in the world. 

Samantha: Aww, that's the sweetest thing. What happened, if you don't mind me asking?

Brooklyn: Oh, I wasn't assaulted or anything, that's not what I meant. I just fell in with the wrong crowd, big time. I was drinking, smoking, doing weed, I was tanking school and staying out so late my mom would be terrified. The only camping experience I've ever had was being absolutely stoned out of my mind in the middle of a forest. I was really sexually active, too, and then I fell pregnant with Chase. I guess that was the biggest slap in the face for me. Not knowing who the father was and having both of the guys it could have been telling me to get an abortion and vanishing when I wouldn't, showed me that my life was <expletive> and I really needed to grow up. I couldn't have gotten through it without my mom. She was so supportive. She's looking after him right now.

Samantha? Supportive parents? (laughs) Can't relate.

Brooklyn: Uh-oh.

Samantha: I grew up with an autistic brother. Don't get me wrong, I love him, but my parents just handled everything so wrong. Basically we had to "keep the peace", which meant "give him everything he wants and who cares what Samantha thinks?" I had to sacrifice so much and adjust my life to suit him. He wants the last of the chocolate? It goes to him. I go for the last of the chocolate? We have to share. What restaurant do we want to go to? Whatever Ethan decides. Ethan has a meltdown and decides he doesn't want to go somewhere? We don't go. My entire life was just Ethan, Ethan, Ethan, and God help me if I wanted to do my own thing, my parents would guilt the Hell out of me for it. I want to have a dinner for birthday with my friends? Invite Ethan or I'm an awful person. I want to move out of State for college? Nope, I'm an awful person, go to the same college as Ethan and keep an eye on him. "Ethan loves you. You'll make things so much easier for him, don't do this to him. Don't leave." Yeah, Dad, just force me to adjust my education to Ethan. And yeah, I love Ethan a lot, I know he loves me a lot, but it was so frustrating. I did enjoy college, but even when my parents called me, it was all about Ethan. Whether I was taking care of him, how he was doing, and just ugh. (gasps) Oh my God, did I really just rant for that long? I sound like such a whiny bitch.

Brooklyn: No, no, I completely get it. It must have been so frustrating for you to have to revolve your life around him. You've done well to last this long. Having an autistic sibling must be really hard, especially when it feels like your parents prioritise them over you.

Samantha: Hard doesn't even begin to describe half of it. Honestly, I still talk to Ethan. I love him, he respects me, he doesn't try to guilt me into anything. I didn't even tell anyone I was applying for this show because it was the first "selfish" thing I've ever done. I guarantee you, if they'd found out during the application process, they would have been all "wait for Blood vs Water and go with Ethan!" and when they found out I'd been cast, they were all "take Ethan as your loved one! He'd love it out there." Like, yeah, I was taking him anyway because I'd never take any of you assholes. (sigh) I'm gonna shut up now. You aren't a psychologist, you shouldn't have to listen to me dump my entire personal life on you.

Brooklyn: No, it's okay! I'm here for you, you should feel free to do this anytime.

Samantha: Thanks. (smiles) You know, I realise I might get overbearing in the alliance sometimes or not be open to anything. I might push hard for my way and you might get sick to death of me, but just remember I'm not deliberately doing it. I'm just so sick of having to give my wants up for other people, or wanting to do something for me and being made to feel worse than Satan, and sometimes it's just gonna get to me out here. That's why I got snappy yesterday when you asked to talk to Trinity, because I thought "she's gonna screw it and I'm not having my game ruined by others. It's my game and I'm taking it into my hands."

Brooklyn: I get it completely, don't worry. You've got a friend in me, Samantha; I'm not just Eddiot's babysitter. I'd be happy to go really far in this game with you.

Samantha: (smiles) Me too. Thanks for opening up about your kid, too. I feel like it's brought us closer.

Brooklyn: No problem. It's good to talk about stuff like this, and if you need to vent, just come find me and yell until your voice gets sore. (giggles)

Samantha: I'm gonna take you up on that!

(The two of them keep walking. The camera focuses on Brooklyn, who is smiling.)

The talk with Samantha went even better than I could have imagined. There was a genuine personal connection made as we exchanged personal stories and because of that I feel so much closer to her and so much more secure in the alliance. She's someone who's been through a lot in her life, just like I have, and I sympathise with her for that. I admire her for sticking it out this long and honestly, no wonder she's a little overbearing with getting her way now. For the first time in this game, I saw the real, vulnerable Samantha instead of the paranoid, cutthroat strategist, and she's seen the real, vulnerable side of me that isn't just Eddiot's babysitter. Because of that I think this is going to be the start of a strong friendship for us.I'd be happy to go deep in the game with her.

Brooklyn Ventura

(The camera then transitions to Samantha, who is also smiling.)

I got to know Brooklyn on such a personal level today and it was fantastic to be able to have that person to open up to. I've been through a lot of struggles in my life and been frustrated with not being able to do what I want, so as a consequence I'm overcompensating now by being a little too selfish. I'm glad there's someone out here who understands that, because somewhere down the line I'm aware that could be a huge fault in my game. I'm glad Brooklyn actually came and talked to me about my comments yesterday instead of stewing on them and flipping because I knew I was a little blunt, but didn't know I'd affected her. I have a lot of respect for people like that, and I respect her a lot for turning her life around after the birth of her son. She's someone I can see myself getting very close to. I didn't expect myself to make a personal bond beyond gameplay, but I'm so glad for it.

Samantha Langrick

(Following Samanha's confessional, the camera transitions over to Jensen, Meiling and Wylie, who are sitting on the beach.)

Jensen: Guys, I'm worried about Trinity. She still hasn't talked to us.

Meiling: I know. It makes me nervous, too, especially since she was so angry last Tribal. Do you think she could possibly be flipping?

Jensen: I didn't think it was possible, because of Eddiot, but I actually think she's considering it. She probably thinks we're super fractured and messy.

Wylie: I hope I haven't screwed things for you guys.

Meiling: Don't worry, you haven't, but I guarantee the other side is coming at her like feral dogs to a piece of meat. I think we should reassure her that we're not going to try anything crazy again.

Wylie: We definitely shouid. I feel like I need to convince her that I won't go rogue again since I'm the one who scattered everything last time.

Meiling: Yeah, let's go talk to her right now.

(The three of them walk up to find Trinity. She is relaxing in the shelter.)

Jensen: Hey, Trinity, can we talk to you?

Trinity: (laughs) Sure, but I bet I could hash over exactly what you're gonna say in thirty seconds without leaving this spot.

Jensen: Well... give us a shot at the long version? 

Trinity: Okay, let's go.

(They walk into the forest.)

Trinity: Alright, y'all, let's hear it.

Meiling: We know you were upset by what happened but we just wanted to assure you it would never happen again. There was a lot of paranoia and distrust in the air and we're fully aware that we all got taken advantage of. We know how badly you wanted Eddiot out and we should have just stuck to that and Lennox would still be here. 

Wylie: In particular, I want to apologise to you, Trinity. What happened last round was totally on my shoulders. I should never have pushed so hard for Samantha. You said no, but I kept going and in the end it got people distrusting me so much that they broke from the plan. I'd be understanding if I was the sole reason you were considering flipping, but I can promise you that this was such a huge wake-up call for me and I will never do anything like that.

Trinity: Yeah, y'all really pissed me off with what you did. I mean, I felt like you didn't even listen to me and started doing your own thing. Lennox was my closest friend out here and he's gone 'cause y'all couldn't even stick to the easiest plan without blowing <expletive> up. And then this morning I see y'all three talking down on the beach and you've obviously invited Wylie back into the alliance and you didn't even ask me what I thought. How hard was it to come find me when y'all were having that conversation? Or did y'all deadass think "Trinity will just be chill with it, her opinion doesn't matter."

Jensen: We definitely did not think that. What happened was, Wylie asked us to come fishing with him and said he was sorry for everything that happened and wanted another chance. We definitely should have gotten you too.

Trinity: Yeah, that kinda just proves my point that y'all don't really think my opinion matters.

Wylie: Do you not want me in the alliance, Trinity?

Trinity: I mean, I'mma keep it 100, I don't trust you as far as I could throw you, but I wouldn't have kicked you out of the allliance. I'm not that dumb, but I would have kerbed you faster than you could blink if you did it again. It just would have been nice to be asked. From where I'm sitting, I've got nothing in common with y'all, none of you have bothered to get to know me and you're making it painfully obvious I'm on the bottom 'cause you leave me out of everything.

Meiling: There's no doubt we've handled things very sloppily and I'm sorry that you feel you're not being heard. I promise we'll make more of an effort in the future and I rpomise you are definitely not on the bottom of the alliance. 

Wylie: You don't need to worry about that. If anyone's on the bottom here, it's me.

Meiling: From now on, we are going to be a cohesive unit of five, which means we're going to lay out a plan, stick to it, be willing and able to adjust to any obstacles that come up, and most importantly, allow everyone to be heard equally. Our alliance is going to be a democracy, there'll be no assumptions that people will be okay, no secrets, and anything that concerns the alliance will be told to everyone. I know you probably think we're just telling you what you want to hear, but all I ask is that you give us the second chance to be the alliance we should have been from the beginning.

Trinity: That's more like it. If y'all are deadass about this and not just blowing smoke up my ass then I'm cool with it.

Jensen: We're being totally serious. Thanks, Trinity

Trinity: No problem.

(They head back to camp. The camera focuses on Meiling.)

I am worried about Trinity. If she were to flip to the other alliance, we would have no one to blame but ourselves for treating her as poorly as we did. I underestimated Trinity's level of frustration with us but it is completely understandable. We were the ones manipulated, but it was her close friend who paid the price for it. The only thing I could do was promise that we would be a more democratic alliance who allowed everyone to be heard equally and hope that she would give us a second chance to prove ourselves. She seemed receptive to the idea so I'm remaining positive and hoping this will sway her to staying on our side.

Meiling Gao

(The camera then transitions to Trinity, who is deep in thought after the conversation.)

This is the second straight day of every single person on this tribe kissing my ass and I am loving' it. (cackles) Everyone's pretty much telling me anything to get me on their side. It was nice to air out my feelings with the guys and have them see that I was being ignored. It's cool that they're gonna be more equal now. I personally think it's absolute BS that they're deciding to use their brains after Lennox is gone, when we'd be a 6-3 majority if they'd just stuck to the plan in the first place, but I felt like they were being real. I'm just nervous this is all talk and no action and the second things get rough for them, they're gonna start taking the game into their own hands again. We'll see if these guys can put their money where their mouth is, and then I'll make up my mind as to which side I join.

Trinity Lewis

(Following Trinity's confessional, the camera transitions to Samantha as she approaches Taihlaura on the beach.)

Samantha: Hey, girl!

Taihlaura: Hey, Samantha! What's up?

Samantha: I have a big favour to ask you. You know how you got Wylie on our side? Whatever you did, I need you to do it with Trinity.

Taihlaura: Okay.

Samantha: I've already spoken to her, Brooklyn can't because of her relationship with Eddiot, so that leaves you. Go get her to our side!

Taihlaura: I think I can do that. (laughs)

(Taihlaura walks off. The camera picks up as she approaches Trinity.)

Taihlaura: Hey, Trinity!

Trinity: (smirks) Lay it on me, sis.

Taihlaura: Huh?

Trinity: You're obviously gonna try and kiss my ass so you can flip me, so go ahead. 

Taihlaura: That's not what I was gonna do! I wanted to talk to you.

Trinity: Yeah, and I'm a Starbucks-loving white bitch. Come on, girl, don't.

Taihlaura: (smirks) Okaaaay, may have wanted to talk to you about that, but I wanted to get to know you too! 

Trinity: Well, damn. First Samantha's kissing my ass,  then Jensen, Meiling and Wylie all at once, now you too? My ass must be the biggest <expletive> on this island.

Taihlaura: (caught off guard, collapses into laughter) Oh my God... oh my God... I was not expecting that! (puts her hand over her mouth to stop herself from laughing) Oh my God, Trinity.

Trinity: (smirks) Now I distracted you so you can't try and flip me! Ha!

Taihlaura: You should be a comedian, honestly. You're a free spirit, girl. I like that.

Trinity: Damn right, I haven't taken <expletive> from anyone in my life, and my parents just let me be what I wanted to be. Was I gonna be a doctor or a lawyer? Hell no. I'd be too impatient at a practice, if someone came in for a stupid reason I'd lose my <expletive> at them, and you wouldn't catch me dead in a freaking suit! I trained to be a barista and now I own my own coffee shop and I freaking love it.

Taihlaura: That's great! It's good to have supportive parents. Mine were, and that's why I am who I am today. I got the job I wanted and I was allowed to express myself, so I dyed my hair purple!

Trinity: Girl, I wanna know how you pull that off. Your regrowth must be awful

Taihlaura: Yeah, it almost makes me want to get voted out pre-merge. (giggles)

Trinity: (raising her eyebrows) Oh really?

Taihlaura: Hey! I said almost! To be honest, the secret is just finding the right shade of the right colour. I tried blue and looked gross, I tried a darker shade of purple that looked terrible, and I tried a shade of pink that, let's just say, you'll never see a photo of. Then I tried a lighter shade of purple and it just fit. The only downside is literally the most disgusting regrowth ever because my natural hair colour is a darker  brown than yours. 

Trinity: Girl, ew, that makes me wanna vote you out pre-merge so I don't have to look at it. (laughs) What colour do you think would suit me best? I've been thinking about dyeing my hair.

Taihlaura: Hm... I could see you with orange...

Trinity: No, no, hell no, I wear way too much orange. And I am not walking 'round like some coffee-serving Oompa Loompa! Jerhonda would laugh so damn hard and I'd never hear the end of it. Orange is right out.

Taihlaura: (giggles) Is Jerhonda your girlfriend? 

Trinity: Girl, if you say that again I'mma beat the purple outta your hair. She's my sister.

Taihlaura: (laughing) Oh my God, that is so embarrassing, I'm so sorry.

Trinity: I hope they air that and drag your ass. (giggles) What colour would suit me? Go on, think of one.

Taihlaura: Ooh, you know what would look great? Like a really dark red or a darker pink. You would totally rock that!

Trinity: You know, I could actually see that. Thanks, girl, I might take that up. 

Taihlaura: Wooo! Just make sure you go into a hair salon, though, because I tried it at home and failed. And there is a photo of that, and my best friends make sure I remember that on my birthday. (giggles) 

Trinity: Those sound like my friends, and especially Jerhonda, would do, so that's why I can never dye my hair a gross colour!

Taihlaura: Jerhonda sounds like a character. I still can't believe I thought she was your girlfriend.

Trinity: Yeah, you might wanna get witness protection, 'cause she's salty enough she didn't make it, and if she finds out you mistook her for my girlfriend I think she'll legit hunt you down. (giggles) You know, you're actually pretty cool. Unless you're legit bull<expletive> this conversation to kiss my ass, in which case, <expletive> you.

Taihlaura: I swear I didn't BS anything. But now that you mention it, I think you should seriously consider coming over to our side. It's obvious from the last Tribal that you're on the bottom and you said yourself, they're kissing your ass now they realise they're in danger. You've got nothing in common with them, and get along way better with us. Like, I know you hate Eddiot, but it'd be so much better for you to just deal with it. You might think you're flipping to the bottom, but you wouldn't be. I'd look out for you! We could be an iconic duo. (laughs)

Trinity: Y'know, I'm gonna think about it. I think you're pretty cool, too. Nice chatting with you, girl.

Taihlaura: Yeah, you too!

(The two of them go their separate ways. The camera focuses on Taihlaura, who is smiling.)

I think I worked my magic again! (laughs) Trinity is a really cool person and we have a lot in common. I wasn't even BSing that conversation. Sure, I thought I'd get to know her and break the ice, but I found we just clicked naturally. That girl is so funny and so relaxed about everything and that's just someone I enjoy being around anyway. I think she enjoyed me, too, and is seriously considering working with me in spite of Eddiot. This works out brilliant, if it happens, because it gives us majority but also gives me an additional connection to work with. Perhaps I could get information from the other alliance and ensure we pull this off without a hitch. Things are going great for me right now!

Taihlaura Houston

(The camera then changes focus to Trinity, who is laughing.)

My ass must be damn attractive 'cause people are lining 'round the block just to kiss it! Mmmhmm! Next in line was Taihlaura, and yo, I bet she thinks she's playing me like a fiddle when she's actually playing me like a damn ukulele if that's what she's trying to do. (laughs) She don't think I know Wylie fell for the same kinda <expletive>? Why y'all think I got so mad at him? 'Cause this "I'm gonna screw my whole alliance to work just for you, BFF!" thing is a big, steaming pile of BS. Aside from that, though, she was actually pretty cool and we got along well. Unless she was an actress or some <expletive> like that I doubt she could have BS'd a whole conversation about the stuff we talked about, so that was real at least. Y'know, I'm probably on the bottom of this group, but I don't think Taihlaura realises she's on the bottom of her group. Like, think about it: Brooklyn's got Eddiot, Samantha's got Eddiot, Brooklyn and Samantha must be chill, so those three are all tight and never gonna break up, and where does that leave Taihlaura? She's gonna be cast off and don't think I know it. So, actually, I think she needs me more than I need her. I see potential in working with her 'cause I think I could make a nice little alliance. It's just whether I can stomach the idea of working with Eddiot, 'cause he makes me want to rip my eyes out on a daily basis, and whether I can betray Shivani. She's the only person out here who hasn't kissed my ass and I promised I wouldn't screw her. So... I dunno. Tell you what, though, it's nice to be the swing vote. I could get used to people bending over backwards to please me. (cackles)

Trinity Lewis

Day 8

Immunity Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The castaways file in and stand on their mats.)

Jeff: You guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: First thing's first, Jamie, let me take back tribal immunity. (He takes it back) Today we're doing something a little different. You are not playing for tribal immunity... you're playing for (he pulls back a cloth) individual immunity! 

Ashanda: (under her breath) Oh, get <expletive>.

Jeff: That's right. Tonight, both tribes are going to Tribal Council! There are two individual immunity necklaces, one for each tribe. If you want it, you'll have to outlast your entire tribe. For today's challenge, you'll brace yourselves between two walls while standing barefoot between two pegs. Every 15 minutes, we'll go down to smaller foot pegs until we reach the third level, where we'll go until there is one person left standing. The last one standing for each tribe will win individual immunity. The last one standing overall will earn the right for their tribe to go to Tribal Council last. But before we get to the challenge, Mackenzie, let's deal with your Temptation.

Mackenzie: Jeff, can I ask something?

(Some of the castaways look around in surprise.)

Jeff: Go ahead.

Mackenzie: Is this transferable? If so, I'd like to give it to Kendra.

(Ashanda rolls her eyes as Kendra's light up.)

Kendra: Really?

Jeff: Wow, right out of the gate, Mackenzie is looking to make a big move. She's willing to give up her Temptation for someone else to make the choice. Mackenzie, I can tell you that the Temptation...

 not transferable. Part of the twist is the Temptation is yours to bear and yours alone. If you want to play the Temptation, you have to do it for yourself. If it won't work out for you, you can decline it. 

Mackenzie: (deep sigh) Okay, thanks, Jeff. 

Jeff: So, with that in mind, are you going to use the Temptation?

Mackenzie: Well....

Mackenzie: (sigh) Oh, jeez... um, Jeff, I'm not using it.

(Jason sighs with relief, while Mackenzie hands the Temptation envelope back to Jeff. Kendra stares at her, mouth completely open in shock.)

Kendra: What?

Mackenzie: I'll explain later.

Jeff: Mackenzie's Temptation is now out of play. With that done, we'll draw for spots and get started,

(The castaways are waiting for Jeff's signal.)

Jeff: For individual immunity... this challenge is on.

Immunity Challenge Chimney Sweep
Carriacou Tribe
Gouyave Tribe

Challenge Summary:

  • Meiling, Topher, Wylie and Stanley all drop early in the first round. Everyone makes it past the first fifteen minutes, with Lulu and Trinity struggling by this point. Lulu cannot transition and Trinity drops soon after. 
  • About halfway through the second round, Shivani and Ashanda start to struggle, and both drop. For Carriacou, Jamie, Kendra and Mackenzie haven't moved, while for Gouyave, Jensen, Eddiot and Brooklyn appear to be still. 
  • Towards the end of the second round, Moses starts to struggle. He almost makes it to the third round, but a minute before, he can't take it anymore. As everyone manages to make the third round, Eddiot initially struggles to transition but holds on. Samantha can't sustain her feet on such small pegs and drops. The pain gets too much for Taihlaura shortly after and she drops. Everyone else manages to go for another twenty minutes. At this point, Taihlaura is in agony and Jason, Jensen and Mackenzie are all starting to feel it, as is Kendra. Jamie is shown to be sweating and frowning. 
  • Taihlaura cannot take it any longer and drops, and Mackenzie follows soon after, followed by Jason and then Jensen. This leaves a showdown between Kendra and Jamie for Carriacou, and Brooklyn and Eddiot for Gouyave. Kendra is really starting to feel it and Eddiot looks uncomfortable, while Brooklyn looks fine. He calls out "Man, this hurts!" Then, looking at Samantha, he yells "Hey, the individual immunity thing is good, right?" She nods, so Eddiot stays up. They go for a few more minutes, at which point Eddiot is looking visibly uncomfortable. Out of nowhere, however, Brooklyn loses her footing and drops, giving him the win.. 


Eddiot: (immediately jumps down) Oh, finally! 

Jeff: And Gouyave will be going to Tribal first! 

Trinity: (rolls her eyes)  You've got to be <expletive> kidding me. 

  • With Gouyave's battle fought, it comes down to Jamie and Kendra for Carriacou. Kendra, at this stage, is in absolute agony, while Jamie begins to shift a little. Kendra is visibly shaking, forcing herself to stay up. Lulu yells out "Kendra, just drop!" Kendra, almost tearfully, declares she can't stay up any longer and slips off the wall, giving Jamie the win. 

Jeff: JAME WINS IMMUNITY FOR CARRIACOU, and the right to go to Tribak Council last!

(With a smile and sigh, Jamie hops down off the wall and helps Kendra to her feet. Kendra limps a few steps before collapsing to the ground.)

Kendra: (whimpering) My feet are killing me.

Jamie: Here, let me help you to the mat. 

(Jamie helps Kendra to her feet again and, allowing her to lean on him guides her to the mat. She sits down and looks at Mackenzie, bewildered.)

Kendra: You are crazy.

Mackenzie: I promise I'll explain.

(There is a timeskip. Jeff is standing next to the necklaces.)

Jeff: Jamie, Eddiot, come on over! (They go over and he places the necklaces on them) You two are safe from your respective Tribal Councils and cannot be voted out. Jamie, because you lasted the longest, you've earned the right for Carriacou to go last. Gouyave, you'll be going first, and you'll vote the third person out of this game. Carriacou, you'll be voting the fourth person out of this game. You both have the afternoon to decide who that's going to be. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you at Tribal.

(Helping Kendra to her feet again, Jamie guides her away as the Carriacou Tribe leave. Gouyave then leave too.)

Pre-Tribal: Gouyave

(Following Eddiot's immunity win, the castaways head back to camp.)

Taihlaura: Congrats, Eddiot! 

Eddiot: Thanks! This immunity necklace is super cool.

(As Eddiot hangs up the necklace,the camera pans to Trinity shaking her head.)

Trinity: (sigh) <expletive> my life.

Shivani: Don't worry, we can get him next time.

(As the castaways begin to break up, Samantha goes over and whispers to Brooklyn.)

Samantha: No offence to you but I'm so glad Eddiot won immunity today. It means we might actually have a shot at flipping Trinity. 

Brooklyn: (giving her a knowing smile) You're welcome.

Samantha: What..? (putting two and two together) Oh my God, you mean you...?

Brooklyn: (putting her finger to her lips) Shhh...

Samantha: (smiles) Ballsy.

(As they walk into the forest, the camera focuses on Brooklyn.)

I know I could have gone quite a bit longer in the challenge today, but when I saw Eddiot was struggling I made up my mind to let him have it. I thought, long-term, the best thing was for him to have the necklace to give Trinity more incentive to flip and give us the numbers. I know people think I'm closer to Eddiot, so I had to make it look like I accidentally slipped and I think I pulled it off. I know I'm putting myself at risk, but if you play it safe all the time you're never going to get anywhere. Plus, I think if Samantha knows that I made a move for the alliance, it'll cement my loyalty to the group as a whole, rather than just Eddiot. I think with our idol as well, there's a pretty strong chance this will work out for us.

Brooklyn Ventura

(The camera then picks up as the Eddiot's Angels alliance meet in the forest.)

Brooklyn: Okay, so, we're pretty much banking on Trinity flipping, but in case she doesn't, our first order of business should be who we play Eddiot's idol on.

Eddiot: Wait, so I'm playing my idol tonight?

Brooklyn: Yeah, I think it's safest. Don't you guys?

Taihlaura: Yep, if Trinity doesn't flip then the idol is a good backup, but who should we play it on? Wylie promised to protect me so I doubt he'll let me go, which means it comes down to either Brooklyn or Samantha.

Eddiot: Wait, what if I get voted out?

Taihlaura: Eddiot, you have immunity.

Eddiot; Yeah?

Taihlaura: Which means you're immune.

Eddiot: ...Yeah?

Taihlaura: Which means you literally can't be voted out. 

Eddiot: Ohhhh. Okay! So who should I play it on? 

Samantha: Well, it depends. We should observe stuff, and hopefully Trinity lets it slip. I think Brooklyn's the obvious target, but they could anticipate that we anticipate that and vote for me. 

Brooklyn: I mean, you're probably the most overt player out of all of us so they'd probably think you're most likely to have gone out and found an idol, knowing you're in the minority, so they would divert the votes to me. 

Samantha: Yeah, but how many times has that move been pulled in Survivor? They might want to trick us by making us fall for it and turn the votes on me. Ugh! This is so hard. Trinity would hopefully just tell us what's going on, because if she's going to flip she wouldn't want one of us to go home.

Taihlaura: True. We can think about who to play the idol on later. Does anyone have any ideas on who we should actually vote for?

Eddiot: Weren't we gonna vote for Meiling last time? We should just do that. 

Brooklyn: See, my problem with that is Meiling is so weak that it's the obvious target, and we should assume they have an idol too. In my opinion, Shivani or Jensen need to be targeted by us.

Samantha: There's no way anyone would suspect Shivani of being our vote because she's been so quiet and she's tight with Wylie, so she might think she's safe. 

Brooklyn: Yeah that's a really good idea. I'm happy to go with Shivani.

Taihlaura: Hold on, I don't think Trinity would go for that. She mentioned that we'd all tried to kiss her ass but didn't mention Shivani, which makes me think either Shivani's just staying out of it or she's the one Trinity is closest to now. If we try to target Shivani then Trinity will run back to her, she'll get idol'd or Trinity won't flip at all. She's pissed at Jensen, we should just go with that. 

Samantha: Yeah, but then what if that's too obvious and Jensen gets idol'd? 

Taihlaura: We can run around saying "what if, what if" all the time, but we have to take some sort of risk. Honestly, we could have a backup plan of Meiling if you really think Jensen is going to pull out the idol, but I'd say Jensen is the way to go. 

Brooklyn: I had a thought: didn't Jensen say he was the one who pushed for Wylie? It means he's most manipulable, so we might want to keep him around and go Meiling. Just something to think about.

Eddiot: Alright, who are we voting, Meiling or Jensen? 

Samantha: We'll tell you later. We should think about it because you're both right, Jensen would probably be the most ideal target but he's more useful to us than Meiling. It is about surviving this vote now rather than the future, so let's just think on it and decide what's best for us. 

Eddiot: Okay, cool! So you guys will just tell me later? And no changes, right?

Samantha: No changes. We'll talk to Trinity, get a feel of where she's at and then come together before Tribal and decide. Sound good?

Eddiot: Yep!

(The Eddiot's Angels alliance break up. The camera focuses on Samantha, who is looking nervous.)

The stress levels of this vote are driving me crazy. Not only do we have to ensure we get majority but we also have to potentially avoid an idol. I mean, we've got one, so we should assume they do too. Ughhh. It's difficult to decide who to go for: Meiling sticks out like a sore thumb with how bad at physical challenges she is, but that's probably too obvious a target and would get an idol played. Jensen is way more useful to us than Meiling because I manipulated him last time, and he's stronger in challenges, but he's probably the least likely to get an idol played. That still makes us 4-4 with no options if Trinity doesn't flip, though so I don't know. Ideally I would want to vote Shivani out but apparently she's the one Trinity is closest to. On top of all this crazy <expletive> we have to figure out who we're going to play the idol on! I want myself to be saved but if we misplay and Brooklyn goes home I'm screwed anyway! And Eddiot's the one holding the idol, so he could just forget it! I'll just have to talk to Trinity and hope she flips. (sigh) This is doing my head in. I just need to make sure I survive both now and in the future. That's my number one priority.

Samantha Langrick

(Following Samantha's confessional, the camera transitions over to Jensen, Meiling, Shivani, Trinity and Wylie as they discuss the vote.)

Trinity: I cannot believe Eddiot won immunity! What utter BS.

Jensen: Well at least it's harder for them to play an idol now. I have a feeling they've got one. There's no way Samantha hasn't gone looking for one at least.

Meiling: If they've got one, then we have to be extra careful about who we vote for. Wylie, have you heard anything from Taihlaura regarding that?

Wylie: Nope, idols have never come up.

Trinity: ...and yet you trust her.

Shivani: (changing the subject before an argument ensues) I just want you all to know that I hope we can stick together as a solid alliance of five. With that in mind, I think now is the time to tell you that I have one of the Hidden Immunity Idols here. I'm more than happy to play it on anyone who needs it, for the benefit of our alliance.

Jensen: Holy crap, that's awesome! 

Shivani: (smiles) Yep. We're not down and out yet. If they pull out an idol, I can fire right back at them. As long as we stick to the five, there is no way we can't come out on top. We should aim to preserve this for as long as we can, though, so we should still be careful about who we target. Anyone got any ideas?

Wylie: I'd like to keep Taihlaura out of the firing line, thanks. I think there's still opportunity for us to work there.

Trinity: Yeah, 'cause that worked out well for you last time. 

Meiling: I think I'd rather put the votes on Brooklyn, anyway. She seems like the safest bet.

Jensen: What if that's too obvious, though, and they idol her? Then we have to use the idol. I think we should catch them by surprise and vote for Samantha. She's the most threatening of the players, anyway, so it'd be cool to strike her down and save the idol. 

Meiling: I agree with you completely. My only problem is, I think Samantha would be the one most likely to have the idol. What do you think, Trinity?

Trinity: Yeah, if Samantha's got the idol, there's no way in hell she's playing it on anyone but herself. Plus, Brooklyn is, like, glued to Eddiot so I'm thinking we split them up just to piss him off.

Jensen: Samantha's a strong player but she's not stupid. If playing an idol on someone else means it gets her further in the game, then she's going to do it. I think that logic of targeting Brooklyn because she's close to Eddiot is what's gonna make them idol her and then we're in danger, and I wanna save this idol and ourselves as a five in case we need it in the future. 

Trinity: Fair point. See, y'all, this is why you should ask me for my opinions, 'cause I'll give mine and then listen to yours. I'm not some close-minded explosive bitch. But anyway, I'd still rather Brooklyn go and I think Samantha would be too selfish to risk going home.

Jensen: I mean, fair, because she was so adamant about voting Wylie last round. She's really good at looking out for her own self-interests, but that's what makes me think she'd be willing to idol Brooklyn? Sorry, I'm just a little paranoid because I'm thinking I'm most likely to get the votes. They want to flip Trinity, right? They're not gonna go Wylie 'cause of the Taihlaura thing and I'm pretty sure they saw how pissed you were at me. 

Trinity: Mm, fair. I'm probably gonna find out who they're voting tonight anyways. 

Shivani: I wouldn't be surprised if they spun the target on me, if I'm honest. Yes they want to flip Trinity, but if they've got an idol, I doubt they would leave it to chance in case Trinity didn't flip. They seem to be the masters of the "WTF pick" because I did not expect Lennox to be their target last round. 

Jensen: I think we should wait to see what they tell Trinity but honestly, I've got a huge hunch it's me so I'd like that idol tonight. I don't want you to play it on me and then go home, but I think it's our best shot. I think we should wait to see what Trinity gets told and have a collective think over who would be best to vote for and play the idol on, don't you guys think?

Meiling: I agree with that. Let's just be cautious. 

Jensen: Yep. My personal pitch is to play the idol on me and vote Samantha, but if the majority of you guys wanna go the other way I'll do that. 

Shivani: Sounds like a plan. 

Trinity: Yep! And Wylie, do not tell this to Taihlaura! Do not even speak to Taihlaura!

Wylie: Don't worry, I won't tell her a thing. I'm firmly with you guys, I promise that. 

(The five of them begin to break apart. The camera focuses on a nervous-looking Wylie.)

I'm feeling very uncomfortable because, no matter what I do, it seems Trinity still doesn't trust me. I've pledged my loyalty to this group over Taihlaura, yet all through that conversation, Trinity was making snide jabs at me and kept reminding me not to tell Taihlaura anything. With her in the swing vote position and the other alliance desperate for numbers, I have a feeling all it will take is for one utterance of my name from her lips for the other alliance to latch on and send me home. I wouldn't put it past Trinity to flip. I just hope Taihlaura can keep my name off the chopping block as I am with hers. I'm well aware I brought this on myself and it's not very nice. I won't feel comfortable again until I'm coming back to camp and leaning my torch against the tree.

Wylie Izzard

(As the group head off in separate directions, the camera focuses on Jensen and Meiling.)

Jensen: Hey, could you back me up on the Samantha vote when the time comes?

Meiling: If that's what you think is best, sure.

I am almost positive there's an idol coming out for Brooklyn tonight so I'm trying really hard to push the vote in the Samantha direction. It just makes the most sense, because Brooklyn seems the obvious target since Trinity hates Eddiot so much. The only problem is we promised to be a democracy and we sort of have to cater to Trinity as the swing vote, and she seems to really be set on Brooklyn. Ugh, to be honest, it just bugs me we can't vote Taihlaura because Wylie doesn't want to. He confirmed his loyalty to us so it shouldn't matter that Taihlaura goes, and I think that would be sensible, but apparently he thinks he can still work something with her? Whatever, I'll roll with it, I'm just nervous because I'm also pretty sure my ass is on the line tonight. Meiling is too obvious, they aren't gonna vote Wylie, and Shivani voted Eddiot last round, so I'm the only one left that makes sense. I just really hope we pull this vote off and everyone stays. I want the money so bad and this game means so much to me. I don't wanna go out this early, especially not because of a botched idol play.

Jensen Price

(As the others leave, Shivani stops Trinity.)

Shivani: Hey, can we sit down?

(They do.)

Shivani: I want you to honestly tell me where your head is at. I promise I won't tell the others, but I can see you're seriously considering flipping. Would I be right?

Trinity: I mean I'd be lying if I said I wasn't considering it. At least these guys are making an effort to include me now, but I don't really trust Jensen or Wylie, and the others seem more invested in getting to know me.

Shivani: I think it's a very bad move. They proved the last round how tight they are, and they're obviously going to say anything to get you to flip. 

Trinity: Yeah, but I really don't trust half this group and they've kinda made it obvious I'm on the bottom.

Shivani: Do you think I trust Jensen anymore than you do? I just know it's not sensible to be jumping now and giving that side the majority. Listen, I will back you up on whichever way you want to go. That way, whoever you want to go, will go. I need you to think long-term here. I know you're angry, but I'm begging you, stick with this alliance for a little while longer and then we'll make our move. 

Trinity: I get your point, but if you don't trust them why'd you tell them you have an idol? That's just dumb.

Shivani: Because I know it's coming into play if the others pull one out and I don't want them bitching me out and losing trust in me because I "hid a secret" from them. I need to make them trust me so they'll be less suspecting when we do move. Listen, we just need to whittle down one of their numbers. Ideally it should have been Eddiot, but he's immune tonight. We're going to be down to sixteen after tonight so we're probably swapping next round, If you and I are swapped together, we can move then. We just can't put targets on our backs yet, okay?

Trinity: Mmmkay, I'll think about it. I'm glad at least someone sees what bad players they are!

Shivani: Okay, great. 

(As they get up and go their separate ways, the camera focuses on Shivani.)

I hope I've convinced Trinity to stay on our side. I was being entirely truthful in my distrust of the group I'm currently with, but having analysed the situation, I know that the smartest move is to stay with them, break that tight alliance and earn our alliance's trust for when we do move. I'm more than happy to make a move with Trinity after one of the other side goes because, frankly, I would be much better off without Jensen. He's easily manipulated and, by Trinity's accounts and evidence I've seen, he's always looking out for himself. Being part of a family of seven growing up, I know the importance of teamwork. I don't want to be with someone like Jensen long-term as he could turn on me when I no longer benefit him. That's why I had to reveal my idol to the group because, if it came out without his prior knowledge, I could be seen as untrustworthy and perhaps be turned on. It's all about preserving myself and waiting until the right moment. I hope Trinity does the same.

Shivani Chandra

(Following this, there is a small timeskip. The camera then picks up as Taihlaura approaches Trinity on the beach.)

Taihlaura: Hey, Trinity! Have you given anymore thought to flipping? 

Trinity: Mmhm, I'm really strongly thinking about it. What options are y'all giving me? 

Taihlaura: Well, as I said before, you wouldn't just be jumping to number five because I'd look out for you. I think we can work with Wylie because he got us numbers last time, but we'd be happy to give you the choice on whoever you wanted out.

Trinity: Y'all wanna work with Wylie but I don't trust him. Ugh...

Taihlaura: I'm just saying, he's more useful to us than Shivani, Meiling or Jensen, and honestly if you think about it, getting a 6-2 advantage is better than a 5-3, right? 

Trinity: Yeah, for sure. Being in a six-person alliance in a tribe of eight would be pretty cool, and I guess these guys all screwed me over so I don't care which one of them gets picked off.

Taihlaura: Exactly! All you have to do is give us a name and we'll write it down. They screwed you over so they clearly don't care about you, no matter how much ass-kissing they're doing. As much as they'd be pissed, them being pissed at you is better than you just going along until they pick you off, right?

Trinity: Mmhm, for sure, girl. 

Taihlaura: Then here's our chance to get revenge on them! And this time, you can be the one in control! This is your chance You're the swing vote and you can put yourself in a position of power and that position is with us. Just tell us who to vote for!

Trinity: Alright, girl, I'mma think about it but I'm considering.

Taihlaura: Awesome! Let us know what you decide.

(The two of them go their separate ways. The camera focuses on Taihlaura, who is confidently smiling.)

I don't want to jinx it but I think I've got Trinity! Honestly, she has a bit of an ego, so playing up flipping as this move that's going to give her power and screw over the people who screwed her seemed the way to go. I've really extended the olive branch to Trinity, I feel, so I'd say I'm safest if an idol comes out. I think I could really work with her in the future because she's going to burn so many bridges, and if she sees me as her strongest connection in the alliance, it just gives me another path if that ends up being the better option. All the better for me, right? I think I'm pretty well set up for the future and I'm feeling pretty good!

Taihlaura Houston

(Following Taihlaura's confessional there is a timeskip to the late afternoon. Jensen has gathered Meiling, Shivani and Trinity.)

Shivani: Are we going to decide who to vote for? I should grab Wylie.

Jensen: (stopping her) No, I wanna ask something to just you four. I know we're debating between Brooklyn and Samantha but do you think we could do Taihlaura? I know Wylie's close to her, but I think that's the safest bet. Do you think he'd go for it, or should we just leave him out?

Shivani: I'm not sure if he would. If all four of us were adamant about it, maybe, but he did turn the entire vote on its head on the basis of trusting her and also requested we don't go for her. 

Meiling: I'm afraid of him telling her and the idol coming out if he does. He did pledge loyalty to us but he also seems invested in keeping Taihlaura. Maybe we should stick to Brooklyn or Samantha.

Jensen: And risk one of us going home because he wanted to keep his BFF? Sorry but that sounds like bull<expletive>. He's either loyal to us or he isn't. He can't be loyal to us and have a buddy on the side. We could just vote for Taihlaura and leave him out of it. 

Meiling: But that's breaking our alliance again. 

Jensen: Then put our foot down and tell him to vote for Taihlaura! 

Meiling: My problem is I don't want fractures in this group. Yes it would be the safest but it would cause fractures. There is too big a risk he would either flip, or tell her to idol herself and we pull our idol out, or he loses trust in us and flips after the vote. Either way, bad for us.

Jensen: I don't think it's bad. I think we keep our idol, keep all of us safe and cement Wylie's loyalty to us. Shivani, you know Taihlaura's loyal to the other side and not him, right?

Shivani: I do, but I'm not sure he does.

Jensen: Exactly! If you guys really don't wanna do this, then I'm happy to vote Brooklyn or Samantha, but I think there's no way we can lose. (turns to Trinity and Shivani) What do you two think?

(The camera fades away as they begin to discuss. Jensen's confessional is heard over the top.)

All I wanna do is save my ass tonight and I think voting for Taihlaura is the best way of doing that. As I was debating this Brooklyn vs. Samantha thing, I thought to myself, "We're literally only avoiding Taihlaura because Wylie doesn't want us to. Why are we letting one person- who is trying to save someone not loyal to him- stop us from doing what's best for our alliance?" It's stupid that I should have to put my game at risk when there's a perfectly safe option out there. I'm more than happy to leave Wylie out of this vote and just go with a 4-4-1. He'll have to go with us then, and we wouldn't have to go to a revote if they pulled out an idol. It's for his own good, anyway. If you knew someone was in an abusive relationship, would you stand by and do nothing because they asked? No, you'd try and help. Wylie has this stupid loyalty to Taihlaura for I don't even know what reason and it's bringing all our games down. If he can't see that, then we're gonna have to take action ourselves.

Jensen Price

(The camera picks up as the castaways are getting ready for Tribal. Wylie approaches the group.)

Wylie: So, guys, who are we voting for?

(The camera transitions to Brooklyn, Eddiot, Taihlaura and Samantha.)

Brooklyn: Eddiot, whatever you do, don't forget to bring the idol, okay? We need to play it tonight. Are you sure you'll remember, or do you want to give it to me so I can bring it?

Eddiot: Don't worry, I'll remember! Who am I playing it on and who are we voting for?

(As the camera fades away, Brooklyn's confessional is heard over the top.)

Tonight I'm feeling a little uneasy because Eddiot's holding the idol. He voted for Meiling last round instead of Lennox and nearly got himself voted out, so he's not exactly reliable. I asked if he'd give it to me but he says he'll remember, so I hope he does. We have one chance to snatch the majority tonight, and it's in his hands. If one of us goes home because he leaves the idol at camp, or plays it on the wrong person, I think it'll be the end for all of us. I love Eddiot, but I would give anything for someone else to have the idol right now. (laughs)

Brooklyn Ventura

(Finally, the camera focuses on Trinity as she places her things in her bag.)

Taihlaura: How are you voting?

(The camera fades away as the camera focuses on Trinity, who has a smile on her face.)

Tonight, everything's gonna come down to me. I know what both sides think is going down, but the only one who knows for sure is me. I got so many options. Y'all, I literally have the power to make everyone do what I want and half these people are gonna be pissed at me, but I don't care. Trinity plays for Trinity and I know what's best for me, so I'm doing that. Here's what's going down: I'm the swing vote, so I'm deciding what's good tonight. I know who I wanna work with in the future. I know exactly who I want out, I know how to make it happen, and it's gonna happen. I don't care who says what about anything. Over here at Gouyave we're celebrating July fourth a little early, 'cause there's gonna be some fireworks tonight!

Trinity Lewis

The sun sets as the Gouyave Tribe make their way to Tribal Council.

Pre-Tribal:  Carriacou

(Following Jamie's immunity win,the Carriacou Tribe head back to camp, Kendra still limping a little.)

Kendra: (leaning against the post of the shelter to support herself) Thanks, Jamie. And congrats on immunity!

Jamie: Thanks. Are you gonna be okay?

Kendra: Yeah, I just need to sit down for a bit.

Stanley: Here, take one of the chairs. (He drags the chair over)

Kendra: (sits down) Thanks. (turns to Mackenzie) You are literally crazy for putting everyone through that. Why didn't you just take immunity?

Mackenzie: I wanted to have the vote to protect you just in case Ashanda tried to pull a fast one with something. I know you're nervous so I tried to give it to you, but it wasn't transferable. So, I had the option of giving up my vote or sticking with you and I chose the latter, confident that someone in our alliance would win immunity anyway. 

Kendra: Okay... I guess that makes sense.

Mackenzie: You have nothing to worry about, I promise.

I made up my mind that I was going to give the Temptation to Kendra because I wanted to rest her fears at bay and have my vote to save Jason in case he got in trouble. Unfortunately it wasn't transferable so I had to choose between taking immunity for myself or giving it up to keep my vote and I chose the latter. Kendra's a little nervous, so that makes me nervous too, but I think I've calmed her down enough by making out that this was to protect her. Hopefully she'll be more convinced that I'm firmly on her side and I can push for Ashanda to go over Jason. I need him to stay tonight and I'm going to make sure it happens.

Mackenzie Streiff

(Before the conversation can continue, Ashanda walks over to the group.)

Ashanda: Alright, y'all, are we finally voting off Jason?

Kendra: Yep, I'd be more than happy to do that.

Ashanda: Thank God, someone with a brain in their head. We're gonna have this six on board, right? And Topher should be good with it too. Hey, Topher!

Topher: Yeah?

Ashanda: You're down for Jason, right?

Topher: Um... yeah! Okay.

Ashanda: Good. So, Jason, then. 

Lulu: Yep! You got nothing to worry about.

Ashanda: (giving her a look) Sure. 

(Ashanda then leaves the group.)

Lulu: Okay, so what are we really going to do?

Kendra: Well I'd still like to go for Jason. Ashanda's going to be down to vote him off, we can get him out and then go for her next. It makes me really nervous that he's still here.

Mackenzie: Honestly, I'd prefer Ashanda to go. The longer she stays, the more <expletive> she's gonna stir up and the more likely it is she'll try and break the alliance apart. As long as this five sticks together, Jason can go next anyway and he's far less likely to cause trouble on the way out.

Kendra: I don't know, I just feel that if Jason stays, a move is going to be made against me. 

Mackenzie: No moves are going to be made against you. Everyone in this alliance is committed to you. I wouldn't have tried to give you immunity if I wanted you out, Jamie's agreed to be with you, Topher's down to stick with you, so are Lulu and Stanley. Right, guys?

Topher: Right! I'm pretty sure Ashanda's been lying to me anyway.

Stanley: Yeah, we're all down to stick with you!

Lulu: Honestly, I'd rather vote Ashanda out too. As Mackenzie said, she just causes drama after drama and she's gonna try and break this alliance. 

Mackenzie: You literally have nothing to worry about. We're all good. 

Kendra: (sigh) Okay, I guess we'll vote Ashanda out.

Topher: Awesome!

Moses: (walks over to the group) What are you folk thinking for the vote tonight?

Stanley: Ashanda! You down?

Moses: Yep. I'm more than happy with that. 

Jason: (walking over to the group) What are you guys doing tonight?

Moses: They just told me Ashanda.

Jason: Oh, yay, I'm beyond thrilled. Can't wait to see her go! 

Moses: Looks like we've got a unanimous vote and we'll be having an easy Tribal for a change!

Jamie: (smiles) Yep, what a relief!

(As the group all break apart, the camera focuses on a nervous-looking Kendra.)

I just feel so uncomfortable tonight and the fact that literally everyone agreed to Ashanda without contest is making me even more nervous. I can't help but feel someone's going to make a move against me with Jason and that's why everyone's so desperate to keep him. First, Mackenzie doesn't take immunity, then everyone starts pushing for Ashanda. I feel like there's just one giant conspiracy against me to bring Jason to power. I guess Mackenzie wouldn't have tried to give me immunity if she was against me, but I can't shake the feeling something's going down. There's no way Tribals can be this easy. (blinking away tears) I feel like I'm just being trapped into getting rid of Ashanda and my power's being taken away, but there's nothing I can do about it. I can't leave early, I can't lose this power, I can't. I need to prove to my friends and everyone who doubted me that I can do this. I hate this uneasy feeling!

Kendra Valentine

(There is a timeskip to later in the afternoon. Ashanda is walking through the forest, looking angry and determined.)

So apparently everyone is on board to vote Jason but I don't buy that for a second. Lulu literally called me out in front of the whole tribe and she's been doing everything to turn the tribe against me, so I'm pretty sure I'm the one going tonight. Jason's being told to vote for me, obviously, and everyone's gonna jump on me because they think I'm this untrustworthy snake. In reality, I'm the only one who's not blind to what's going on. I'm not letting myself be sheeped by Kendra and I know there's someone out there leaking to Jason, but everyone's conveniently ignoring that. I know there's someone on this tribe who's more of a snake than me and dammit, I'm gonna find them! I am not going home tonight. I need to turn the vote on someone, fast.

Ashanda-Jane Washington

(Ashanda keeps walking. The camera changes focus to Mackenzie and Jason, who are also walking through the forest and stop to talk. Ashanda continues walking and comes across them, before quickly hiding behind a tree.)

Mackenzie: Alight, here should be safe enough. 

Ashanda: (to herself) Bingo, bitch.

Jason: So everyone's voting for Ashanda, right? I'm not being punked?

Mackenzie: Yeah. Ashanda thinks you're going but everyone's voting her. 

Jason: Thanks for not using your Temptation.

Mackenzie: Yeah, I wanred the vote around to save you in case people tried to get you out over her.

Ashanda: (to herself) Bitch, really?

Jason: Yeah, thanks for that. No one suspects anything, right? 

Mackenzie: Nope, I think the fact I tried to give Kendra immunity has settled everyone down. 

Jason: So, after Ashanda's gone, we take out Kendra, right?

Mackenzie: Yep!

(Ashanda turns around, a huge smile on her face. The camera focuses on Stanley, who is walking nearby. Ashanda runs over to him.)

Ashanda: (whispering) Stanley! Get your ass over here!

Stanley: Huh? What's up?

Ashanda: (whispers) Keep your voice down! Listen, Mackenzie's been the one leaking to Jason.

Stanley: (sigh) Ashanda, stop trying to stir up more drama.

Ashanda: I'm not! Come and look for yourself if you don't believe me.

(Ashanda drags Stanley over to behind the tree, where he sees Mackenzie talking to Jason, and his eyes widen. The camera goes back to the conversation.)

Mackenzie: Once Ashanda goes, we should have no problem getting majority to take out Kendra.

Jason: I have a thought: why not take Kendra out tonight? 

Mackenzie: I think it's best for us to lay low and just go along with this Ashana plan. We have majority with her gone, right? 

Jason: I've got Moses and Topher now, but if Topher spends too long with Kendra, I think we'll lose him to her side again, and then we're gonna be stuck on rocks or something. 

Mackenzie: I just think it'd be starting too much drama. Do you really think Topher would jump back?

Jason: Yeah, he said they're friends, but it's a little damaged right now. If we strike now, he won't go back to Ashanda, and we'll have a majority either way. If we get Ashanda out, Kendra's group are all tight and going to go to rocks next Tribal.

Mackenzie: Yeah, that's a point...I don't wanna be rocked out. 

Stanley: (walking away) Wow, so it's true... and she's conspiring against Kendra.

Ashanda: See, I told you! Y'all think I', the most untrustworthy person on this tribe but that's nothing compared to what this bitch has been doing! Don't vote me out or you're screwing yourselves. I'm happy to take out Jason and you need me. 

Stanley: Yeah... true. 

(Stanley begins walking back to camp, looking completely shocked.)

So, uh, yikes times a thousand. Ashanda comes up to me like, "Mackenzie's leaking to Jason" and I'm immediately like, "she's spreading BS again" but I saw the conversation with my own eyes! Mackenzie's been the one leaking to Jason this whole time. She must have told Jason that Ashanda was after him, and he must be why she didn't take the Temptation, so she could keep him around! Looks like Ashanda's more loyal to us than I thought. I've got no choice but to tell Kendra what's happening. It's gonna freak her out, but now we have to get rid of Jason or Mackenzie, or else we're screwed. I can't believe we never knew about this until now!

Stanley Moriarty

(The camera picks up on Stanley as he heads back to Lulu and Kendra.)

Stanley: Yo, I need to talk to you guys ASAP.

Kendra: What's wrong? 

Stanley: Are you okay to walk? We need to go somewhere private.

Kendra: Yeah... I think so.

(Kendra stands up and she and Lulu follow Stanley.)

Lulu: What happened, Stanley?

Stanley: So, this is really awkward and sucks to have to say, but Ashanda told me that Mackenzie was the one leaking to Jason.

Kendra: What?

Lulu: (scoffs) That's probably just Ashanda making drama again because she knows she's going home.

Stanley: I thought that, too, but then I followed her and there Mackenzie was talking to Jason. He must have been the reason she didn't take the Temptation, and why she pushed for Ashanda. Giving it to you would have been a cover so you didn't suspect anything. What's worse is she was fully on board with taking you out after Ashanda goes, because then they'll apparently have majority.

Kendra: Oh my God!

Stanley: It gets even worse. Jason then asked her if she'd take you out tonight instead, because apparently they've got Topher and Moses and they're worried if Topher sticks around you too long, he won't flip to them anymore. Mackenzie tried to push it back, but then Jason's like "what if you get rocked out?" and now she seems on board, so I think there's gonna be a move against you tonight.

(Kendra remains silent.)

Lulu: ...Kendra?

(Kendra immediately bursts into hysterical tears.)

Kendra: (sobbing hysterically) How could she do this to me? What have I ever done to her? She's been betraying me this whole time! Everyone's betraying me and I haven't even done anything to them! Why is everyone out to get me? I can't lose this power! I knew there was a move against me, I knew it! Now they're gonna vote me out and I can't do anything about it! All my friends were right! They all said I was going to leave early because I was too emotional and made a massive mistake and it's happening now!

Stanley: Kendra, calm down! We're gonna get through this, girl. Ashanda's gonna vote for Jason, we could probably switch to Mackenzie if you want. Mackenzie probably thinks she's got Jamie and that's her majority, but Jamie really likes you! I'm sure he'll switch. 

Kendra: (sobbing) If I get voted out tonight I'm gonna kill myself!

Lulu: (alarmed) Don't kill yourself! Listen, we can still get majority! Us three are gonna vote together, I'm pretty sure Ashanda's gonna vote for Jason, we can Jamie potentially and we can get Topher! That's majority, and then Mackezie can go next, or tonight if you want her to!

Kendra: (trying to talk through sobbing) O... okay... can we... can we talk to them now?

Lulu: Okay, let's go.

(Worried, Lulu and Stanley help Kendra to her feet and they walk off, Kendra still sobbing. The camera focuses on her as her confessional is heard.)

(sobbing) I can't believe... all my nightmares are coming true! I knew someone was plotting against me and stupid <expletive> Mac<expletive>zie has been playing both sides the whole time! She's been leaking everything to Jason and this whole thing was a set-up to get me out next round! She might even be getting me out this round! (sniffs) I can't believe I ever trusted her! If she gets enough people to vote me out, I... (breaks down sobbing) She can't have enough people to vote me out, right? She can't! Jason, Mackenzie, Moses, maybe Jamie, but that's four, not five! Jamie and Topher like me so they'll stay... right? This is literally the worst day of my entire life. All my friends said I'd leave early because I'd make a mistake and it looks like it's happening right now! I need to pull the votes to stay!

Kendra Valentine

(The camera picks up again as Kendra, still crying, makes her way to Ashanda, with Lulu and Stanley.)

Kendra: (tearfully) Ashanda... can you please vote Jason tonight?

Ashanda: Why are you crying?

Kendra: I just found out Mackenzie's been working with Jason to get rid of me! 

Ashanda: Yeah, well if you'd gotten rid of Jason in the first place, this wouldn't have happened.

Lulu: Don't you think we know that now? Thanks for tipping us off about that, by the way. Are you going to vote for Jason or not?

Ashanda: Were y'all gonna vote me first?

Kendra: Yes! But I always wanted to vote Jason. Mackenzie pushed the vote on to you!

Ashanda: Hm... and Mackenzie next, right? 

Kendra: (tearfully) Yes! Please just vote Jason!

Ashanda: Duh, of course I'm voting him. But I swear to God, Lulu, if you try and drag me through the mud in front of the tribe again, I'm cutting you.

Lulu: Don't worry, if this vote goes through, all will be forgiven.

Ashanda: Good!

(Lulu, Kendra and Stanley keep walking.)

(The camera picks up again as the trio make their way towards Jamie and Topher, Kendra still crying.)

Jamie: Kendra? Oh my God, what's wrong?

Kendra: (tearfully) Mackenzie's been leaking to Jason this whole time! (sniffs) She said that after Ashanda goes, I'm going next, and then Jason wanted me gone tonight and Mackenzie agreed to it! (wiping tear away) Guys, please don't turn on me! She thinks she has you guys on her side but I promise I'll be loyal to you, and I'm going to stay loyal to this five. Please don't turn on me. 

Jamie: Wait... what's happening?

Kendra: Stanley saw Mackenzie talking to Jason and they want to get me out! Please side with me... (she turns to Topher) Topher, I swear... I swear, I didn't say anything bad about you. Please, you have to believe me. Believe me... please, I want to work with you. 

Topher: Okay, Kendra. I believe you!

Kendra: (crying) Please don't vote me out! I'll do anything!

Jamie: Don't worry, we're fine.

(Kendra walks away, Stanley follows her.)

Lulu: I'll catch up in a sec, guys. (Turning to Jamie and Topher) Listen, I don't know how close you guys are with Mackenzie and Jason. or how much you know about this, but Kendra really likes you guys. She'll be one hundred percent loyal to this five. Please stick with us. I'm honestly scared for what will happen if she gets voted out. She said she'd kill herself.

Topher: (gasps) Oh my God...

Lulu: I don't know how serious it was, or whether she just said it because she was having a meltdown, but she's beside herself right now and I'm just asking- no, I'm pleading with you that you vote Jason out with us tonight. Please, for Kendra's sake, and a solid alliance that isn't going to change.

Jamie: I don't even know what you're talking about. Honestly. We'll be fine, promise.

Lulu: Good.

(Lulu leaves the two of them. The camera focuses on her very concerned expression.)

I truly am terrified for what happens if this vote doesn't go Kendra's way tonight. She's not in a good spot right now. This has really, really rattled her and I just hope she'll pull herself out of it if she's back in power again. I can't believe what got into Mackenzie. I thought Ashanda was the snake, but Mackenzie's been going behind our backs this whole time. It pisses me off so much and she's definitely going to be number one on my radar in the future. I hope like Hell I've convinced Jamie and Topher that the smartest move is to stick with us. Kendra genuinely likes them as friends and those are hard to come by when literally everybody has been turning on her. It makes me sick, really, that so many people are against Kendra for no reason. Jamie and Topher better come with us. I wouldn't want to go near Jason and Mackenzie with a ten foot pole.

Lulu Nguyen

(There is a small timeskip. The camera picks up as Jamie approaches Mackenzie.)

Jamie: Hey.

Mackenzie: Hey, I've been looking for you! I need to run something by you-

Jamie: No, hold on. Kendra just came to me, hysterically crying, saying that you and Jason were planning on voting her out. You've been busted big time. Stanley heard everything, apparently, so now they all know.

Mackenzie: Oh.... well, <expletive>. That's what I was coming to talk to you about.

Jamie: (sigh) I wish you'd just left it, to be honest. We could have moved next round. Jason was on board for Ashanda, we could have done that without a hitch and moved next round.

Mackenzie: To be fair, I didn't realise my conversation was being overheard. And Jason actually has a pretty good point about Topher, so of course I was going to listen to it.

Jamie: I know, I'm not mad. I'm just saying, now I kinda have to choose between two sides and piss people off. You guys think you've got me, Topher, Moses, right? Well, Kendra thinks she's got Topher and I, too, and those guys are really pissed at you.

Mackenzie: Well I've got no choice but to vote against Kendra. You're still on board with me, right? 

Jamie: Yeah, sure. (sigh) Well, let's go round up the others.

(Jamie and Mackenzie head off. The camera focuses on Jamie, who is in deep thought.)

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(Following this, the camera picks up to where Jamie and Mackenzie have gathered Jason, Moses and Topher.)

Moses: What's wrong, you two? Isn't the plan still Ashanda?

Mackenzie: No, forget that. We have to make a move against Kendra tonight. Stanley busted me talking to Jason and ratted me out to Kendra, now Kendra's targeting Jason and you bet I'm gonna be right after. So, this five needs to come together.

Jason: (chuckles) Great. We managed to get overheard and I'm in the firing line again. Well, guys, I hope you save me and go with this five because you'll be at the bottom of Kendra's alliance.

Moses: I'll happily vote for Kendra if it means saving Jason.

Jason: Thanks, man. Topher?

Topher: I don't know, guys. I mean, did you see Kendra? She was hysterically upset. 

Jason: Well if she's like that she's not going to trust you fully again, even if you vote with her. Mackenzie betrayed her- sorry- so she's gonna look at everyone, who's been loyal and who's gone against her in the past. You believed Ashanda over her for ages and you also voted for me in the first Tribal Council, so you haven't been loyal to her as, say, Lulu and Stanley. They're her three, so you'll just be on the bottom. 

Topher: I don't know... I like Kendra, I think she's a friend. I like you, too, Jason, but... I don't know, this is hard for me. I feel like Kendra will think I didn't believe her.

Jason: I mean, sure she'll be upset with you, but you're gonna have to upset someone. You have to face facts out here, Topher: you can't please everyone, and when it comes down to it, only one person is going to win. Would you rather have less people pissed off at you and go early, or go deep with us as a stable five? Same goes for you, Jamie, you and I are tight so I hope you'll have my back.

Topher: Okay, I see your point, I'll think about it.

Jason: Great, that's all I ask.

(The five of them break apart. The camera focuses on a nervous-looking Jason as he turns to Mackenzie.)

Jason: Well, so much for a smooth ride, huh?

Mackenzie: You're telling me...

(They continue walking as Jason's confessional is heard over the top.)

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The camera then skips to late afternoon, where the castaways are packing for Tribal. Kendra takes a shaky breath as she packs her belongings.

Kendra: Everyone's on board like they said, right?

Stanley: Yeah. We should have 6-3. Don't worry, it's chill.

(The camera then focuses on Topher, who stares into the distance as he packs his things. Ashanda approaches him, excited.)

Ashanda: I am so excited to vote Jason out! I got back into the good graces of this tribe now that I threw Mackenzie under the bus. (cackles, then stops as she notices Topher's face) What? I know that face. You're thinking about what side to go with.

Topher: Yep.

Ashanda: (sigh) Let me know, either way.

Topher: Okay.

(The camera focuses on Topher's thoughtful expression before his confessional is heard over the top.)

{{Node-count limit exceeded|carriacou|I'm a swing vote and I hate it. (sigh) I'm gonna piss someone off, no matter what happens tonight. I like Jason, I like Kendra, but one of them has to go and I'm gonna be the one to decide who. Kendra was so nice to me on day one and helped me game confidence. There was this whole misunderstanding about her hating me, but I know that's not true now and she offered me a spot in her alliance. I also got along really well with Jason. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have opened my eyes to the lie about the whole thing, and he offered me a spot in his alliance, too. I'm not sure what to do. Kendra says she's with me all the way, but she's really close to Lulu and Stanley, and Jason says she's going to put me on the bottom because I took ages to believe her and voted against her once. Is that really true, though? Or maybe he's putting crap in my head to save himself. It wouldn't be the first time someone's done that to me. I've got a big choice that's going to shape my game and, believe me, I'm not taking it lightly.|Topher Daniels}}

The sun sets as the Carriacou Tribe make their way to Tribal Council.

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  • The episode title was said by Trinity Lewis, anticipating the chaos she would cause at Tribal Council.