"Burn the Witch!"
Season Survivor: Couples Showdown
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 5/15
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This is the fifth episode of Survivor: Couples Showdown.

Previously on Survivor

After Bulan's Tribal Council, Leo unleashes his true colors to Martin, telling him he will vote him out soon—and further antagonized him the next day. At Tala, tensions arose between dating couple Kasia and Toby which carried over in a patience-testing Immunity Challenge. Toby's frustrations caused Tala to lose and sent them to Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, the two continued their fight, causing Kasia to not only to break up with Toby, but also helped the tribe vote him out. 16 are left, two Immunity Challenges and two people going home. Who will they be?


Day 14 Immunity Challenge: Mud Wrestling
A pair of survivors will be competing against another pair from the rival tribe at a vast mud field. The objective is to drag the other tribe's pair to their end zone. First tribe to three wins immunity.
Winner: Tala

Day 15 Immunity Challenge: Spelling Bees
With letters painted on their fronts and backs and standing on a balance beam over water, seven tribe members must race to spell a 7-letter word given by the host. To spell, each member must traverse the ledge across their tribemates (there are instances where they can or need to turn around to use the letters on their backs). They can only touch one tribemate at a time. The first tribe to form the correct answer wins a point. First tribe to five points wins immunity.
Winner: Tala


Night of Day 12

Returning from Tribal Council after voting out Toby Speck, his partner Kasia is left alone at Tala and emotional after she received verbal attacks from her boyfriend. Kevin and Camille console her, telling her that they would include her to the new majority alliance, which will be bent on taking out the Deckers twins, whom the tribe sees as both comedic and sometimes, pesky.

Day 13

At Bulan, Leo overhears a conversation between Salina, Jacki and Melissa wanting to vote him out because of his prissy, pompous attitude. Leo barges in their conversation and initiates a catfight with Salina. Martin comes to Salina's rescue and tells his partner to go away and don't treat women lowly. As Leo leaves the conversation, Martin approaches Salina and reveals his rivalry with Leo, even the fact Leo is gay. Dumbfounded by Leo's secret, Salina tells him that if he wants Leo out of the game, she and Jacki would help him.

I know Leo's gay, but that doesn't grant him the right to talk down to women.

–Martin, on Leo's obnoxiousness

Leo's prissy and rude. Who knew he was gay? I thought he was just a misogynistic ass. When I heard that Martin's gunning for hm now after giving too many chances, it makes me wanna consider voting him out too.


At Tala, Camille and Kasia wake up the earliest and make a morning walk. Camille tells Kasia that she will not be singled out in the tribe even she does not have a partner, even promising a final three deal with her and her husband.

Of course I can't trust Kev and Cam and Talia and Ricky. Like, I don't have a partner to play with, so when it comes down to them and I, I'll be either the swing vote, or if it makes more sense, the joke's on me. But hey, if this brings me further, I would go with them.


Day 14

The tribes convene for the next Immunity Challenge, which is a good 'ol mud fight between pairs. Since Tala can only produce three pairs, Bulan sits out Melissa, Martin and Declan, while the it also enables Tala to sit out one tribemate as well, which they picked Kevin.

Immunity Challenge Match-ups
Andy/Devon Josh/Tyler
Salina/Leo Ricky/Camille
Burgundy/Jacki Kasia/Talia

During the first round, Andy pulls Tyler, whilst Josh pulls Devon. Josh lets go of Devon and starts helping his twin brother in pulling Andy. Helpless, Andy gets dragged by team Double Deckers while Devon tries to slow Tyler down. After a few moments, Josh places Andy's foot beyond Tala's end zone, while his partner tries to fend for himself. Eventually, Devon gives in, giving Tala their first point.

In the second round, Salina and Leo face Ricky and Camille. Having mutual distate for each other, Leo and Salina hold themselves individually, not even caring what happens to the other. Ricky decides to switch partners by grabbing Salina instead, while Camille fights Leo. While the spectators expect Camille to be torn apart by Leo, Camille holds her own perfectly. While Salina is at the mercy of Ricky, Salina cries for help, but Leo completely ignores her, until Ricky pulls her to Tala's finish line. Ricky and Camille then turn their sights at Leo and double team him. Tala gets their second point. After the match, Salina shouts "GAY!" on Leo, to his chagrin. The gesture raises eyebrows from both teams.

The third round is an all-girl match, Burgundy and Jacki versus Kasia and Talia. Talia targets Burgundy, seeing that Burgundy is Bulan's weakest member, while Kasia and Jacki duke it out. Talia tosses Burgundy out of the ring, leaving Jacki at the mercy of Kasia and Talia. Jacki tears off Kasia's top, which makes Kasia infuriated. Kasia and Talia drag Jacki by her feet toward Tala's end zone, but Jacki escapes. Tired, Kasia and Talia try to catch Jacki, who is running around the field to avoid getting caught. Feeling uncomfortable wearing her torn-up T-shirt, Kasia rips the piece of clothing completely and goes after Jacki topless. Kasia throws herself toward Jacki and pulls her toward Tala's end zone. Talia comes to her rescue, making the job easier. In the end, Tala wins immunity by a blow-out 3-0 win.

Back at Bulan, Andy and Leo talk strategy, while Leo proposes to vote for Salina, telling him she is a threat. Andy is unsure of the plan, for Salina is the strongest female in the tribe. Leo assures him they would do just fine without her.

Leo is making another unorthodox strategy. Like, you're discreetly tearing this tribe apart. I might do whatever he says this time, but not the next one.


Meanwhile, Martin, Melissa, Salina and Jacki brew a plot against Leo by persuading the vulnerable Burgundy. Jacki approaches Burgundy, but Declan, who was not informed by the said plan yet, catches them, and relay the message to Leo. Leo then taunts the group that they will be left for dead for doing so, even telling Martin he will save him for last.

At Tribal Council, Leo gets scolded by the tribe for his rudeness, but Leo merely shuns them. Before the vote, Martin makes one last plea to Burgundy to reconsider, while Declan gets possessive. In the end, Burgundy and Declan join Leo, Andy and Devon in voting Salina out of the game after a harrowing 5-4 vote. Before leaving, Salina hugs her partner Jacki, winks at Martin and gives Leo the middle finger.

Returning from Tribal Council, Martin asks Burgundy her thought process of why she aligned with Leo after all his rudeness. Perceiving the question as a form of intimidation, Declan comes to Burgundy's rescue and tells Martin to go away.

Bullying a woman is so not gentleman-like.


Day 15

The tribes meet for another Immunity Challenge where they recognize the familiar homoerotic balance beam challenge from previous seasons of Survivor. But to add an element of excitement, Jeff reveals they would not fully follow the mechanics of the said past seasons. Instead, Jeff informs them they will have letters body-painted on their fronts and backs, telling them the challenge will be a combination of the said game and a spelling contest. Devon sits this out for Bulan. While the tribes strategize, Talia proposes that the women should be on one side because they are nimbler than the men.

Jeff calls out the first word, "amenity." Talia calls her tribe to do their "women first" strategy, and it turns out to be working very well. Bulan on the other hand is a hot mess, with several members continually falling down to the water. Tala gets the first round. For the second round, Jeff tells the survivors to spell out "tandems." Bulan continues to falter whereas Tala's composure and patience achieved them their second point. The third word, "mislead" is the easiest for Tala, because luckily, only Talia and Kevin need to move, whilst the others only need to turn around, using the letters on their backs. After Tala gets their third consecutive point, Leo shouts in frustration and stomps on the balance beam, irritating his tribemates. Bulan finally gets on board after getting "disable," but Tala wins immunity after correctly spelling the words "bedtime" and "annelid" at the next two rounds.

I am sick and tired of Leo's abrasiveness. If he does not go what I want to go tonight, he going home. It's to make him show he's not the boss around here. It's us and Devon!


Bulan returns to camp, and Leo brings Andy and Devon to the woods, and ask them if it is he right time to vote out Martin. Frustrated by Leo's half-thought ideas, Devon warns Leo outright that if he continues his grating personality, they would find a way to vote him out.

Leo: "Don't you think it's time to get rid of Martin now?"
Devon: "Leo, Stop it."
Leo: "Stop what?"
Andy: "You gotta stop asserting your plans too much, or we'll find a way to vote you out."
Leo: "Huh?"
Devon: "We are voting Burgundy tonight, whether you like it or yes."
Andy: "If you do something crazy, you're going home tonight. We can't afford having dead weight at challenges bro."
Devon: "Andy's right. We got to keep our tribe strong, and Burgundy's a hindrance. You gotta stop targeting Martin, or we'll vote you out. That's gonna happen."
Leo: "Fine!"

It feels good to see Leo not sitting on his throne for a change.


Though still reluctant, Leo asks the best buddies of what to do with Declan. Andy proposes that Leo should vote for Martin to make Declan believe that Leo was also out of the loop, despite him being in control of the vote the whole time, and just vote Declan out the next time they go to Tribal Council. Leo insists that the two would vote for Melissa under the premise of keeping the tribe strong. The plan is relayed to Jacki, Martin and Melissa, who are all relieved it is not either of them going home. While the three are displeased that Leo will not go home, they get Leo's fall from grace as a consolation prize. Leo then approaches Burgundy and Declan, telling them they should vote for Melissa, stating her awkwardness is a hindrance to the tribes challenge performances.

Just when Leo thinks he's in control of this game, the rag was pulled under him. Love it!


At Tribal Council, the tribe discusses what went wrong during the past two Immunity Challenges. Leo is on hot water once again for his assertive and aggressive personality, yet Leo remains unmoved. In the end, Andy and Devon's "assertion strategy" pays off—Burgundy and Declan are oblivious that Andy and Declan manipulated the vote to Burgundy's direction, sending her home in a 5-1-1-1 decision.

Tribal Council

Day 14

Tribal Council 5:
Salina (5 votes)
Andy, Burgundy, Declan, Devon, & Leo
Leo (4 votes)
Jacki, Martin, Melissa, & Salina
Salina Ewers

Voting Confessionals

It's time to burn the witch!


Sorry Salina, we need to sacrifice you to keep Leo on our side.


A great competitor, but we'retrying to keep a blond goat around here.


Sally I'm so sorry. But better you than me.


As long's my GF's staying, I don't care who goes.


It's payback time.


You're the biggest gay jerk I have ever met in my entire life!


You're a pest that needs insecticide.


I'm praying to have a breath of fresh air after this.


Final Words

I'm pissed off because I have to much to give to the tribe, and if it weren't for that pest they call Leo, I would still be there. Well anyways, it's just that the numbers go against you regardless of your worth, but hey, I lasted this long. As for my girl Jacki, don't lose yourself out there.

–Salina Ewers

Day 15

Tribal Council 6:
Burgundy (5 votes)
Andy, Devon, Jacki, Martin, & Melissa
Leo (1 vote)
Martin (1 vote)
Melissa (1 vote)
Burgundy Miller

Voting Confessionals

Sorry Burgundy, but someone has to go.


I'm guessing I'm joining the majority?


Burgundy, at this point, we need manpower, and you're basically powerless.


If you entered this game with more umph, you could have stayed.


I would be happy to see Leo go, but seeing him fall from grace for once is something I relish as well. Sorry for this vote Burgundy.


This is for Salina.


I just hate you.


A socially awkward person has no place in a social game.


Final Words

God I was blindsided tonight. I did not see that coming. I know I'm not the most athletic, but they threw me offguard. Anyways, I enjoyed the two weeks of being here, and I wish Declan and Bulan the best of luck.

–Burgundy Miller

Next Time on Survivor

  • Leo is on the hot seat. A double Tribal Council shakes up the game, and a Temptation Reward like no other.
For your tribe to get this reward, you must undergo a ______________.

–Jeff Probst

Author's Notes

  • The Day 15 Immunity Challenge is a modified version of the homoerotic Immunity Challenge from Survivor: One World episode, Total Dysfunction. Furthermore, this spelling challenge was used in the second season of our local version, which was shot in Palau.
  • All words used in the second Immunity Challenge are derived from a 14-letter word, "absentmindedly." Each player has two letters each, one painted on their abdomen, and another on their lower back.
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