"Blindside is My Middle Name"
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An imminent merge approaching causes strategies to stir.

Season Survivor: Vieques
Episode Number 7/15
Date Uploaded March 7, 2012
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Survivor: Vieques

This is episode 7 of Survivor: Vieques.
This episode is titled "Blindside is My Middle Name".
This episode chronicles Days 18-20.


Reward Challenge

On day 18, the tribes met Probst for another reward challenge. For today's reward challenge, each tribe must work through an obstacle course, while one designated person from each tribe works at the end of the course burying a small crate. The obstacle course will take about 20 minutes, so they have that long to bury it in a small designated area. First tribe to make it through the course and unbury the crate, and bring it back through the obstacle course to the beginning wins reward. Reward is an assortment of supplies to enhance a shelter, such as wood, nails, saws, etc.

Winner: Bieque

Immunity Challenge

For today's immunity challenge, each tribe must swim out to a buoy that holds a set of 20 keys, and bring them back to shore. Once ashore, the next person will try to open a locked box using one of the 20 keys. Once opened, the tribe must work together solving the puzzle, which is contained inside the box. first tribe to complete the puzzle wins immunity.

Winner: Yaureibo

Day Eighteen


The Yaureibo tribe lost the reward, sulking back to camp. They were disheartened because that was two challenges in a row, but the most disheartened was Jason. He was alone on the tribe, with no hope if they were to lose the immunity challenge.

I lost Colleen yesterday, my closest ally. I'm all alone out here and I have to make sure we win the immunity challenge. It's frustrating but I hope I can either help the tribe win or at least sway some voted away from me.


Cameron continued to show gratification towards Andrew and Paul for sparing him, and he swore to them that they would be safe with him come the merge. Devan was also a part of the conversation, and appeared to have changed his position within the game.

I have Mackenzie and Cynthia over there, so maybe I can join them later, but I also have to worry about them. They've targeted my alliance before, and I'm sure they would do it again.


Paul and Andrew went out to get firewood, and Andrew pitched an idea to Paul, for if they needed a shift in power later in the game. It was uncertain of what they said, but Paul showed contentment and it looked as if he agreed that it would be a good idea.

I know the merge is coming soon, and we may need a numbers shift later. I have an idea, and it might work. It just depends on whether or not we will need to do it.


The two then became more concerned with Jessie's standing in the game. They weren't sure as to whether she would be safe or not if Bieque were to go to tribal.


Bieque won reward, and spent the day rebuilding a completely redesigned camp. It was constructed using the lot of wood they won, and they had a lot of it. It was a gorgeous camping, comparable in quality to the Koror camp in Palau.

Man, this reward was amazing. We have something amazing to sleep on. It's so nice in here, no water will get through our roof. Wow, I'm proud with what we've accomplished.


Other excitement at camp came from Mackenzie and Cynthia, when they erupted in an argument about past tribal councils. Cynthia was disgruntled at Mackenzie's lie, when she told the tribe that she didn't find the second idol. Mackenzie claimed that it was a matter of her own existence in the game, and she had no choice. Malik and Jessie approached the two, and tried to calm them down. They were literally on the verge of a fist fight. Mackenzie, who managed to keep her cool, was astounded with Cynthia. She couldn't believe that Cynthia had so much hate towards her.

So Cynthia and I got into a bit of a quarrel today. I think she's just upset that Devan is on Yaureibo now, and she has to deal with me. Whatever the case is, I can't have her around anymore. I think Jessie and I need to have a talk


And that's what she did. She talked to Jessie, asking her to help eliminate Cynthia. Jessie, who was desperate for a few more days, agreed.

Day Nineteen


Devan noticed Andrew and Paul secretly walking off into the woods and took it as a good opportunity to get in with them. He approached them, and they quickly changed the subject to a plan of getting rid of Jason should they lose the challenge. Devan, who was convinced, joined the conversation, hoping to gain some trust by telling them about the two other remaining original Bieque members. Paul, who was happy with the new information, was a bit more hopeful of Jessie's survival. However, Andrew still wasn't sure, but they had no way of helping Jessie without exploiting their own intentions.

We're at the point in the game where we have to make little decisions that will have a big impact on the game. Me approaching Andrew and Paul was a good move, because I think they can trust me.


Jason, who was fixing up the shelter, accidentally collapsed a side inward, landing on Cameron. Although he wasn't injured, he was frustrated. But, instead of arguing, he got up silently and helped Jason put the shelter back together.

Cameron impresses me more and more every day. I dropped the shelter on him... And he just helped me put it back up! He didn't even seem mad. I really like him, but that makes him dangerous.



The Bieque tribe, still feeling sour about the previous debacle, awoke to strained tempers. Jonny, who was sick and tired of the two girls arguing, went for a walk to try to calm down.

I hate those two girls. Cynthia won't shut up, and it's driving me absolutely crazy!


The rest of the tribe silently went about their daily business without much chatting, but Mackenzie was still thinking about her options. Jessie, who was still feeling vulnerable, knew that Mackenzie could help.

Day Twenty

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results and Info.


Yaureibo won immunity and was able to sleep easy, knowing they would be staying strong for another day.


Bieque was to be heading to tribal, but not before Jessie had to plead her case to a few carefully chosen castaways. She first approached Mackenzie, who wanted to get Cynthia. So Jessie agreed, glad that she would have somebody to work with. They both approached Cassie and Malik, who were fed up with Cynthia's behavior, and agreed as well. Jessie was pleased, but wanted Jonny to join in as well. She had Cassie ask Jonny, who agreed that Cynthia would be next to go.

Cynthia is somebody who got lucky to get this far. Her behavior was not tolerable, and she must go.


Cynthia, however, was aware of the other castaways targetting her. She didn't have many options, but she asked Cassie to reconsider, claiming that Mackenzie was the one who was more dangerous. Cassie, who saw this as a true statement, wasn't sure of what to do until Jonny and Malik reassured her that once the merge came, Mackenzie would be eliminated.

Not sure what exactly they are doing, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Blindside is may middle name, after all...


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8: Yaureibo


Cynthia headshot


Cassie headshotJessie headshotJonny headshotMackenzie headshotMalik headshot

Cassie, Jessie, Jonny, Mackenzie, Malik

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Cynthia headshot


Voted Off:

Cynthia headshot


Voting Confessionals

Sorry Cynthia, but your hurtful words towards Mackenzie were enough to get you sent home.

– Cassie

Mackenzie, you're a snotty brat and you have no right to be here. I should not be going tonight.

– Cynthia

Thank you for having a temper. You may have saved my life in the game.

– Jessie

Kenz is a bigger threat, but you're the bigger nuisance.

– Jonny

Good riddance.

– Mackenzie

I am voting with the majority, and the cards are saying it's you tonight.

– Malik

Final Words

Well, I hate Mackenzie. She is a bitch, and I can't believe somebody can get me so mad. I should have kept my cool. Good night.


Still in the Running

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