"Blending in With the Asylum"
Season Survivor: Grenada- Temptations
Author Tangle
Episode Number 4/14
Episode Chronology
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This is the 4th episode of Survivor: Grenada- Temptations!


Reward Challenge: A Maze 'N Jig
The castaways would navigate a handle across a table maze. Once they get through the maze, the handle would be used to smash open a box that contained a bag full of pieces of a puzzle. The first castaway to solve the puzzle wins reward.
Reward: The Temptation + a feast of pizzas for the tribe.
Winner: TBD

Immunity Challenge: Got to Choose
The castaways must race under an obstacle and retrieve a war club. After completing the obstacle, they will have to maneuver through a rope tunnel. The tribes have the option of using a shortcut, thereby reducing the number of rope obstacles to cross. After this, the castaways must walk over a balance beam. The tribes can use a second shortcut to enlarge the beam, making it much easier to cross. The tribes will then carry a crate to the finish. Two members from each tribe will then have to solve a puzzle. If a tribe had used zero shortcuts, their puzzle will contain 50 pieces. If the tribe had used one shortcut, their puzzle will contain 60 pieces. If the tribe had used both shortcuts, their puzzle will contain 70 pieces. The first tribe to finish their puzzle wins.
Winner: TBD


Night 8

Gouyave Tribe

(Following Wylie's elimination, the remaining Gouyave members return to camp.)

Samantha: Well, am I glad that went our way!

Eddiot: Yeah, but we lost the idol thingamajig! Was I meant to play it or did I screw up again?

Taihlaura: No, you did the right thing. We're the ones who screwed up. but to be fair, none of us were sure about where Trinity was actually at.

Eddiot: Wait, I was the one doing the right thing and you guys were wrong?

Taihlaura: (laughs) Yeah. Honestly, I feel like we were right not to trust her fully. I mean, it was a unanimous vote for Wylie and they played it up to make us play the idol.

Eddiot: Wait, I'm confused. Is Trinity in our alliance now, or not?

Taihlaura: Yeah, I think she is.

(As Taihlaura leans her torch against a tree, the camera focuses on her concerned face.)

Tonight was a win and lose for us. Trinity flipped. When I asked her who she wanted out she said "Wylie". It put me in a sucky spot because yes, we were getting numbers, but I had to get rid of someone I wanted to keep. I went back to the girls with the info and Samantha and Brooklyn thought we should play the idol anyway, because Trinity was probably saying stuff to both sides, and I thought it was cool. Even if it only negated four votes, it was better to be safe. Problem is, it negated one, and that's the lose for us. Our idol is gone for no reason, Trinity obviously told the other side she's flipping. That meant she kind of pulled a Wylie? There's someone in the other alliance she trusts, despite supposedly being with us, and that makes me really nervous for the future. I don't know what her plans are, but I think we're all going to be at her mercy for a long time coming.

Taihlaura Houston

Eddiot: Oh... cool! (laughs) Yo, I still can't believe I'm the one who made the right move this round! 

Brooklyn: (giggles) Yeah, Eddiot, you take this win!

Eddiot: Woo! I won!

So, get this, camera people! I'm the one who made the right move tonight and the others are the ones who got it wrong! (laughs) It's opposite day! Anyway, Trinity said that she was gonna vote Wylie, so we were all like, "yo let's do that", but then Brooklyn, Samantha and... uh, Telona? Yeah, they told me to use the idol just in case Trinity was lying, and to play it on Brooklyn. So I did, but turns out I shouldn't have used the idol on her... I should have used it on Wylie! (stops) Wait... that's not right. I mean, I shouldn't have used it at all! Yeah, that's right! Woo! I'm smart. So now my idol thing is gone and I can't use it anymore, but at least Trinity is in our alliance? She must not hate me anymore, so, cool! Everyone voted for Wylie, though, even the people in his alliance. That's weird... I thought you weren't meant to vote for people if they were in your alliance? (shrugs) Anyway, the most important thing is that I was the smart one tonight and apparently we have the most in our alliance, so I'm calling this a win for Eddiot!

Eddiot Brantley

(The camera next transitions over to Trinity, who is radiating confidence as she leans her torch against the tree.)

Trinity: That went well tonight!

Shivani: (pulling Trinity aside) I'm not going to lie, I wish you hadn't flipped, but thanks for telling me. 

Trinity: No problem. As if I wasn't going to? I'm loyal to the people who are loyal to me. And you're not in the minority if I have any say, so don't worry. I got plans.

Shivani: (smiles) Thanks, Trinity.

Tonight, Trinity flipped, despite my insistence not to. I can't lie and say I'm not disappointed, but I am happy she at least told me. I was then able to tell the others. We all agreed, begrudgingly, that we would throw our votes onto Wylie and save my idol, while still playing up to the other alliance that we had the majority, to get them to waste their idol. That worked at least, so even though we lost a number, we can claim a small victory. I'm still quite sad we lost Wylie, because he was my closest friend out here and he voted for Brooklyn as per our plan, so he would have been loyal. He took his exit graciously and I'm very happy for that. As for where I stand now, I couldn't say. I know Jensen, in particular, is very upset with Trinity but she supposedly has "plans" involving me. What that entails, I have no idea, but she hasn't deceived me yet, so I'm going to put my trust in her. If it means saving me for the uncertainty between now and a tribe shuffle, then I'm all for it.

Shivani Chandra

Trinity: (happy) I'm just so glad we got that snake-ass bitch out of here! 

Jensen: Yeah, and replaced him with another: you! I can't believe you did that! We had majority but you had to go all crazy and screwed it!

Trinity: You know what I heard just then? (imitates baby crying) Get over it. So you're allowed to flip on our alliance because you don't trust Wylie, but I do it and I'm crazy? Mmmhm, looks like you just got off the train from Hypocrisy City. You wanna know why I flipped? Wylie is the biggest snake-ass bitch who was just kissing my ass. In fact, all y'all were! I put two and two together and realised I was on the bottom of the alliance, so I jumped.

Jensen: That's not putting two and two together! That's mish-mashing fragmented bits of other twos to make your own! You got things all wrong, Trinity. We were gonna be loyal to you but you sold out big time. You wanted to get off the bottom but you just put yourself on the bottom of another alliance. I don't get it: you jumped up and down about wanting Eddiot gone, bitched us out about not voting for him, yet you vote to give his alliance?

Trinity: Yo, at least Eddiot knows how to stick to a freaking plan, which is more than I can say for you! And at least his alliance actually consult me and treat me like a person, asking me what I want instead of stabbing me in the back and kissing my ass when they realise I'm in power, which, again, is more than I can say for you! If y'all had just talked to me. we could've been in a big-ass 6-2 majority, but the real tea is you can blame me all you want, but when it comes down to it, you ain't got nobody to blame but yourself, Jensen.

Jensen: Yeah, whatever. We could have been 5-3 but that means nothing to you.

Trinity: And now you're just salty that I torched your ass and you haven't got a comeback. If you're not gonna realise your own faults, alienate me and push yourself even further on the bottom, then do you, boo.  

Jensen: Whatever.

Meiling: (laying an arm on Jensen) Come on, let's get some sleep.

(In a huff, Jensen heads off to the shelter. The camera focuses on his irritated scowl.)

I couldn't tell you in words how pissed I am at Trinity. The only reason I didn't lose it at her completely is because, as much as I hate it, I kinda need her right now unless I can find some other way out. Ugh, she calls me a hypocrite, and fair that I flipped on Wylie, but doesn't she realise how hypocritical she's being right now? She ripped us a new one for flipping on Wylie and keeping Eddiot, she goes on and on about how much she hates the guy, yet she flips, to Eddiot's alliance, for the same reason we flipped on Wylie the first time? Ummm, 'kay then. If you were really on the bottom of this alliance, why tell Shivani you're flipping and not get us to flush our idol too? She can march to the beat of her own dumbass drum, but whatever. I'm probably the next to go unless something drastic happens, so I have to trust that Trinity's gonna go haywire again. I hate it.

Jensen Price

(The camera then focuses on Trinity, who shakes her head and smirks as she walks away.)

Jensen can be a salty-ass bitch all he wants, but I play for myself and nobody else, so I knew the best move was flipping on Wylie and I did it. He don't think I got plans? Bitch, I got plans. I got rid of Wylie 'cause he was a snake and I brought Taihlaura closer to me. I told Shivani what was going down to keep her idol and that alliance, and I played up that I was still considering things to get the others to waste their idol if they had one, 'cause ain't no idol gonna be messing up my game! Taihlaura's on the bottom of that group so I'm bringing her into a three with Shivani and then I'mma take control. Jensen, Meiling and Shivani need my vote to keep themselves in, so they can't vote me out, and Samantha's alliance need my vote for majority, so they can't vote me out. I'm in the perfect position to make my move. I'm the one in power now. Queen Trinity is taking the reigns, bitch!

Trinity Lewis

Carriacou Tribe

The camera picks up on the Carriacou Tribe as they return to camp, following Jason's elimination.

Kendra: (happy, as she leans her torch against a tree) Thanks for saving me, people who did it! I'm so relieved. I love you guys!

Ashanda: I'm glad Jason's rich ass is finally out of here!

Topher: Yeah, it was no problem. I thought I was better off with you, so, that's where I went.

Kendra: Group hug, guys! Jamie, Stanley, Lulu, get in here! 

(The six who voted Jason out go in for a group hug, Jamie somewhat guiltily and reluctantly. Kendra pulls them in for a tight hug.)

Kendra: Wooo! You guys made the right choice!

(As they pull apart, the camera focuses on Topher, who is smiling.)

I was the swing vote tonight and I like Jason a lot, so it really hurt to let him go, but I think I made the right choice going with Kendra. She and I forged a strong bond on day one, things went south after that, and I wanted to give things another chance. I know she didn't do what Ashanda said and if she went home, I was worried she'd think it was because of that. When Lulu told me Kendra had said she'd kill herself if she went home, I knew I couldn't live with myself if I caused her to be upset like that. I have confidence that we're going to rebuild our friendship and get it back to the way it was on that first day. I feel very comfortable here.

Topher Daniels

(The camera then pans to Mackenzie as she tries to approach Kendra.)

Mackenzie: Kendra-

Kendra: (walking away) Nope!

Mackenzie: (following) Kendra, please-

Kendra: No! 

Mackenzie: Kendra, if you'd just let me explain-

Kendra: I'm not talking to you anymore, Mackenzie! I hate you!

Mackenzie: Can we just talk this out? I-

Lulu: (stepping in, angrily) Okay, no, no. Do you know how badly you betrayed us all tonight? How badly you betrayed Kendra? She was your friend! And you threw that all away for some BS thing with Jason that you've been doing behind everyone's backs the entire time. You leaked to Jason, you tried to move with him to get Kendra out, you got caught. Now you're on the bottom. You made your bed, lie in it. There's nothing to explain.

Mackenzie: (defensive) I felt like I was on the bottom of that alliance! Kendra spends so much more time with you and Stanley. She never went one on one with me,

Lulu: And did you ever go to talk one on one with her? No, of course you didn't, because you spent all your time with Jason. Relationships are a two-way street Mackenzie. You can't sit on your ass and expect Kendra to magically walk up and talk to you. Even if you didn't talk all the time, you were still part of our alliance and she still considered you a friend! 

Mackenzie: Why am I being persecuted for this when Ashanda was turning on Kendra just yesterday? Does she suddenly get a free pass because she voted Jason out?

Lulu: Don't even try to deflect this! You're just playing the victim right now instead of owning up to what you did! Was Ashanda trying to get rid of Kendra? Yes, but at least she wasn't pretending to be her friend, like a two-faced bitch, when she was working behind her back since day one! At least she didn't vote for Kendra! You really think you were on the bottom? You really think you weren't that important to her? You know she burst into tears when she found out what you were doing? You know what she said? "How could she do this to me when I've done nothing to her?" Everyone has been going against Kendra and you, her friend, just added to it. Do you know how much this game means to her? No, of course you don't, because you never even bothered to talk to her. Maybe if you did, you'd have a little more understanding of your place instead of just assuming things. You know what she said to me tonight? That she'd kill herself if she got voted out.

Mackenzie: (completely stunned) I... I didn't know that.

Lulu: No, of course you didn't, because you were too busy being Jason's bitch. Do you know how scary that is to hear? And after all this, you stand here trying to explain yourself? To defend yourself? To turn this on Ashanda? I've lost so much respect for you, Mackenzie. I can't believe this.

Mackenzie: (deep sigh) Okay then.

(Shoulders low and head down, Mackenzie leaves camp. Lulu looks as she leaves, rolling her eyes.)

Lulu: Honestly!

These victim noises coming from Mackenzie are making me sick. "I was on the bottom! Kendra never talked to me! Ashanda tried to turn on Kendra too! Why is she getting away with it?" Puh-lease. How dare she try and act like she's the victim in all this, after what she did to Kendra? I wasn't just going to sit down and take that. I may have gone a bit overboard, but Kendra's my best friend out on this island. I've never been tight with my family, so friends are extremely important to me. If you betray my friends it's like betraying family, so you're not going to get any sympathy from me. I just can't believe Mackenzie betrayed us from the very start, and for Jason? Well, whatever. If she'd owned up to her actions and apologised I'd be a little more forgiving, but after that display I've lost all respect for her. She can have fun with Jason in pre-merge Ponderosa because she's going there very, very shortly.

Lulu Nguyen

Kendra: It doesn't matter.  I know exactly who I trust now. The ones I do are staying and the ones I don't are going. And Mackenzie... (she motions slitting throat) 

I was terrified that the votes would go against me tonight but thankfully people came to their senses and didn't trust that snake bitch Mackenzie. She tried to get rid of me but failed, and hopefully this teaches a lesson to anyone else who thinks they can take me out! I can't believe I ever trusted her! She was going to go far with my alliance, but she had to screw it all up. She's been against me since the start, and look where she is now! By the way, she complained about me letting Ashanda getting away with things, but I haven't forgotten what she did, I just trust her more than Mackenzie. I clearly made a huge mistake picking Mackenzie for my tribe, but I'm going to fix that right now. Tonight showed me who I can trust and who I can't. The only people on this tribe I can trust are Lulu, Stanley, Jamie and Topher. Everyone else is a snake but they can wait their turn while I deal with the biggest traitor of them all. I hate Mackenzie, I'm never talking to her again, and she is going home next!

Kendra Valentine

(The camera then picks up on the beach, where Mackenzie is sitting by herself, staring into the distance. Jamie comes and sits beside her.)

Jamie: Hey.

Mackenzie: Hi.

Jamie: Listen, I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I was voting for Jason.

Mackenzie: (sigh) I'm just really disappointed. Not because Jason left- well, yes because Jason left- but mostly that we've been together since the first day and you turned on me. You were in on this plan too, I just got caught. You completely sold me out and now I'm in a really bad spot.

Jamie: I'm sorry you feel like that. Do you want the honest truth about what went down?

Mackenzie: Yeah, I do.

Jamie: I lost trust in you. Plain and simple. I was happy to keep Jason around because I genuinely liked him and thought you and I were the duo. Then I find that you're going off having conversations by yourselves and the first I hear of this blindside of Kendra is from Kendra. She came up to me crying and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It showed me that you were a lot closer to Jason than you were to me, and that really scared me. 

Mackenzie: I was always loyal to you. We were going to be a trio with Jason.

Jamie: Yeah, I thought that too, but you have to understand how it looks from my end when you're running off having secret conversations without me. 

Mackenzie: (sigh) I know, but I didn't intend to make new plans without you. I was talking to him to confirm what we had already planned, that we'd jump the round after and take Ashanda out. Jason kind of blindsided me with the Kendra plan and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. It was completely spur of the moment, but I understand how it must have made you feel. I wish I'd gotten to you before Kendra did.

Jamie: I wish you had too, but I also wish you'd just left it. In my eyes we had Ashanda gone, then nothing was going to stop us from taking Kendra out next, Then you didn't take the Temptation, which freaked Kendra out enough, so in my mind there was no need to talk to Jason. That made me a little nervous about you too. I went to Topher, he said he was voting Kendra, and I thought "the votes are against Jason anyway, why attach myself to him when I'm not even sure I can trust them?" I'm sorry that I misread the situation but from my perspective, you and Jason looked a little shady.

Mackenzie: (sigh) You're right, this is on me. I'm not going to sell you out because this is my screw-up, not yours, and now I'm going next. I just hope we can rebuild our alliance and I can show you that you can trust me. Just, please, save me this round somehow.

Jamie: I promise I'll try. Again, I'm really sorry about this, but I had to make the best move for me.

Mackenzie: It's okay, I understand. Thanks for being honest with me.

(Jamie heads back to camp. The camera focuses on him as he leaves.)

I feel bad for turning on Mackenzie, but today, with all the secret conversations going on between her and Jason, and the fact she was playing so hard, it made me really wary of them both. Add to that the fact the votes were against him anyway, I had no choice but to jump. I do feel for her, because I was involved in the plan and she's the one taking the fall, but I would have been happy to leave it for the next round. I think I'm going to have to stick with Kendra now and that means working on my relationships with Topher and Kendra to make us appear more enticing than Lulu and Stanley. The entire reason Kendra keeps getting targeted is because she's in an airtight trio, so if I can make her see that, I can push my way into the top with Topher. And maybe, if I play my cards right, I can try and save Mackenzie. She's seen the error of her ways. I truly believe she'll be loyal to me now. If my Kendra plan goes bust, I'll be able to have a reliable back-up option, just as long as I don't give anything away. I've seen what happens to people who get caught playing double agent, so I have to be very, very careful as to what I do next.

Jamie Forrester

(The camera then transitions to Mackenzie, who heaves a big sigh.)

I screwed up everything tonight. My conversation with Jason was overheard, I was exposed as the one leaking to Jason, now Jason's gone because of me and I've lost the trust of everyone, even Jamie. I came into this game wanting to hide behind targets, but in the end, I got so caught up in trying to save Jason because of the bond we'd formed, that I became blind to how much danger I was putting myself in. Well, I know now. (laughs) I appreciate Jamie being honest with me. I know I made myself appear super untrustworthy and I hope he'll at least try to save me and give me a second chance. It seems like all I've got now is Moses, but I'm in a 6-2 minority, no idols, no nothing. Kendra and Lulu are coming for me like raging bulls and unless I can win the Temptation again, it's going to be very difficult for me to get out of this. I'm never going to give up, though, not until my torch is snuffed. There's still wiggle room in this tribe and the switch is close. I just need to do everything to hold on until then.

Mackenzie Streiff

Day 9

Carriacou Tribe

The camera picks up on day nine for the Carriacou Tribe as sombre music begins to play. The tension is evident in the camp as the castaways sit in complete silence around the camp and in the shelter as Kendra prepares the rice and beans for that morning's meal. Stanley, seeing this, gets up and walks towards the hammock that the tribe won as part of their comfort items reward. 

Stanley: (laughing) Watch this, you guys, I'm gonna belly flop in that hammock.

Topher: (laughs) Oh, God, this is gonna be fun.

Stanley: (like an Olympic commentator) The final dive for this evening is the USA's Stanley Moriarty, and he's in with a big shot at the gold medal if he can just land this twist and dive, and Karen, I think this kid's gonna do it. (making his voice higher to imitate a female) Yes, Steve, this Moriarty kid sure has a lot of talent and I don't wanna jinx it, but I think the US is about to add another gold medal to their tally. Let's watch.

(Struggling to keep himself from laughing, Stanley gives a running start before jumping and belly flopping in the hammock. However, to his surprise, the hammock spins around and dumps him on the ground. He begins laughing hysterically, and soon his contagious laughter is spreading throughout the tribe, making them forget momentarily about the previous night's drama. Still laughing, Stanley gets to his feet.)

Stanley: (struggling through laughter, using his female voice) And Steve, that's a gold medal to the U- (he breaks off, unable to contain his hysterical laughter, and heads back to the group, clutching his side. This makes everyone laugh even harder as Stanley sits down.)

Moses: (chuckling) Stanley, you are such a goof.

Stanley: (laughs) That's me! We couldn't have everyone being crabby for the next few days, could we?

(As the tribe continues to chuckle about Stanley's shenanigans, the camera focuses on him as his confessional is heard.)

I'm a bit of a joker and a goof in real life, but I'm playing it up a little more out here as part of my strategy. It's working pretty well right now, 'cause in this tribe I'm the only one without any heat on me: Kendra is Kendra, Lulu lost it at Mackenzie, Mackenzie is dead because she tried to move against Kendra, Jamie's got heat 'cause Mackenzie's a little mad at him, Ashanda and Topher are swings and kinda untrustworthy, and Moses is on Mackenzie's side. I'm just blending in with the asylum right now. (laughs) Everyone on this tribe is crazy to some degree and if I don't make waves, I'm gonna be fine 'cause people will forget about me. My whole shtick is to align with people who are gonna get booted before me. I don't care where they are, as long as I'm safe. Right now that's with Kendra and Lulu, 'cause Kendra is a heat magnet and Lulu has ruffled feathers, so even if the tide gets turned, I'm gonna be safe. Don't worry, there's a brain in this goofy personality!

Stanley Moriarty

(As the laughter dies down, the tribe finishes their breakfast. When everyone is done, Mackenzie stands up and grabs the water bucket.)

Mackenzie: I'm gonna go grab water. Does someone wanna come with me?

Kendra: (blunt) Moses can go with you.

Mackenzie: Alright, Moses, let's go.

(The two of them walk out of camp.)

Mackenzie: (laughs) Welcome to the bottom, huh? I feel like filling this up and throwing it at them.

Moses: (chuckles) As tempting as it might be, please don't. Think of the poor water.

(Mackenzie cackles as the two of them head further in to the forest. The camera then transitions back to Kendra and her alliance.)

Kendra: See what she's trying to do? Get you guys alone so she can put more <expletive> in your head and try and get you off the bottom. We all know how untrustworthy is, so none of you take the bait!

Lulu: Don't worry, none of us trust her.

Kendra: It's really important we don't give her an inch of anything! There's been enough disruption around here and we can't have anything else go wrong, so for the sake of that, no one talks to Mackenzie alone! Anyone caught doing so will be an assumed traitor and dealt with accordingly. That two-timing, traitorous, snake is just looking to get into our alliance. I know it! 

Jamie: What do we do if she approaches us? Just tell her to buzz off?

Kendra: If Mackenzie wants to talk to you, take someone else along too. Then come back and report everything she says. She knows I'm paranoid so she'll probably come to me trying to spread stuff, and I'll tell you guys everything. Hopefully I can expect the same from you.

(The alliance nod in agreement.)

Ashanda: Don't worry, we're not gonna let her do anything.

Kendra: Good. Now we just have to hold out until our next Tribal visit and we can take care of the problem!

(As the group start to break apart, the camera focuses on Ashanda, with a smug smirk.)

On the most minuscule chance that I somehow don't win this game, I can just make a million dollars by writing a book called How to Get Away With Attempted Murder, 'cause as you can plainly see out here, I am the master of it! All you gotta do is make sure there's someone around who's doing worse than you. Lulu tried to expose me, so I did some digging and I exposed the biggest snake bitch in the history of the universe, Mackenzie. She was feeding info to Jason and trying to work with him, and anyone who does that deserves to go. (laughs) Anyway, now that Mackenzie's stupid plan backfired because I convinced Topher to stick with booting Jason, everyone's forgotten about me, Mackenzie is public enemy number one and I'm back in the majority! Kendra hates her, and her crazy psycho bitch sheep, Lulu, probably hates Mackenzie even more, so all I gotta do is wait for Mackenzie to go next. Then numbers are gonna be 4-3 and I'll take down Kendra, because everyone else left would be so dumb to let that trio go ahead. Mackenzie tried it but that was never gonna work, 'cause the only person allowed to take that scalp is me, and it's gonna happen, 'cause I've got everything lined up perfectly!

Ashanda-Jane Washington

(The camera then transitions to Kendra, who is feeling satisfied.)

After what happened with Mackenzie, and Ashanda having gone after me before, I can't afford to have any tratiors in my alliance and I don't know who I can trust. With Mackenzie obviously trying to snake her way into the alliance like she did the first time, if I see anyone talking with her alone, that means I have to assume they're a traitor as well. So, if anyone wants to talk to her, they have to go with one other person and report back what she says. Am I being a dictator? Yes. Do I care? No. If they have a problem with it, they can blame Mackenzie. Ashanda I can somewhat tolerate- but only somewhat- because she wasn't in my five anyway. Mackenzie was actually in my five, and the whole time, she was double dealing me with Jason. I am not giving her an inch and I need to make an example out of her to show people what happens if they try and double-cross me. She's never going to get the chance to make a move against me and I'm making sure of that!

Kendra Valentine

(Shortly afterward, Mackenzie and Moses return with the water.)

Mackenzie: (a little snarky) Here's your water, personally collected by Mackenzie, the big, scary, traitor! Ooooh!

Kendra: (bluntly) Thanks.

Mackenzie: Moses and I are gonna head down to the beach now, so if anyone needs us, you know where we'll be.

(Mackenzie and Moses walk down to the beach. Lulu looks on scornfully.)

Lulu: Really? She's not even trying. As if anyone's going to go to her.

Kendra: Don't worry, she's trying. She's just not trying yet. The wheels are turning, though. Believe that, but as long as we stick together, she won't be able to touch us.

Lulu: Oh, I'm sticking with this group. I'm not trusting Mackenzie for a second.

(Jamie then walks over to Kendra.)

Jamie: Hey, Kendra, wanna go for a walk?

Kendra: Sure... this isn't a ruse to get me out of camp so someone can go talk to Traitor McBitchFace, right?

Jamie: (laughs) No, silly, I just want to talk.

Kendra: Okay, let's go!

(The camera picks up again as they walk in the forest.)

Jamie: So how are you feeling now? Better than yesterday?

Kendra: Yeah! I was honestly shocked by what Mackenzie did. I thought we were friends but to hear she'd been betraying me this whole time after, like, everyone already had, really put me over the edge. Now we've gotten rid of Jason and I know who my real allies are, I'm way better. Thanks for checking!

Jamie: No problem. You've had a really rough time out here, huh?

Kendra: (sighs) Yeah, I just don't understand why everyone's turning against me! I'm not even doing anything to them. People are even going into my alliance and turning and that's really freaking me out!

Jamie: I think I have an idea why, do you wanna sit down?

Kendra: Um, sure. 

(They do.)

Jamie: To be honest, I think a few people are scared by how close you are with Lulu and Stanley. I think you're making your trio obvious and your dictatorship isn't really helping you become approachable.

Kendra: (sigh) I know, but Ashanda got me paranoid, then Mackenzie got me even more paranoid, so I'm just one big ball of paranoia right now and... (sigh) Lulu and Stanley are the ones I trust because I made friends with them, you know? And it sucks that people are turning against me because of that. I know I need to branch out, but it's hard for me to distance myself from them because they're the first friends I've had that don't just see me as some superficial beauty queen. I've lived with that tag and the stereotypes of it my whole life, and that's why I got so emotional about the betrayal, because I thought I was leaving. All my friends were saying that I'd leave early because I'd make a mistake and get too emotional and all those nightmares were coming true. I didn't want to go back to my friends having failed.

Jamie: Wow, no wonder you're super close with them, then. To be honest, your "friends" that you talk about don't actually sound like friends at all. You told them you were coming here and all they did was say you'd go early? That's not nice. Just so you know, I see you as much more than superficial. You're smart and you're really, really strong. You won a Temptation, you've been up there in all of them, and you nearly won immunity! That's stronger than all them, I bet.

Kendra: Yeah, it is!

Jamie: So you're showing them! To be honest, I kinda get where you're coming from. As a masseur I kinda get labelled a sex symbol or something, like people take a look at me and think I'm just some hot ripped guy. Most of my clients are middle-aged women or something, and all I hear them talk about is how hot the guy massaging them is, and talking really sexually about what I'm going to "do to them". It just makes me feel so gross sometimes. 

Kendra: Ew, that's... really gross.

Jamie: Yeah, point is, I know what it's like to face stereotypes and be sexualised too, but the thing I learned quickly is that not everyone's like that. All you need to do is branch out a little and make yourself more approachable instead of bottling up. I know the game's been getting to you emotionally, but you're fine now because everyone stuck with you. If you pull yourself closer and closer to Lulu and Stanley, though, people will get suspicious. I feel like that'll just add more stress to you, though, and I don't want that.

Kendra: I can't help getting emotional. I've got all that stuff weighing me down. This game is getting to me more than I thought. (sigh) If only my cats were here, I feel like they'd be able to calm me down.

Jamie: Yeah, that last vote was freaking me out a little because I was being pulled in both directions. There were a few times during that where I thought, "man, if only my dog Mango was here, he'd put me in the right frame of mind to make this decision."

Kendra: (giggles) Aww, that's sweet, but who calls their dog Mango?

Jamie: (smirks) Oh, really? What are your cats' names?

Kendra: Um... (nervous giggle) Diamond, Snowflake and Precious!

Jamie: (laughs) Okay then, who calls their cats Diamond, Snowflake and Precious?

Kendra: (rolls her eyes playfully) Such an original comeback, Jamie. Bravo. 

Jamie: You know, sometimes I wish I could have brought Mango onto the island as my luxury item. Imagine that: giving massages and being the guy with the dog? I'd be unstoppable. (chuckles)

Kendra: Yeah, until your dog makes a big move and votes you out. Imagine Jeff hyping that up. "HE VOTED OUT HIS OWNER!"

Jamie: (laughs heartily) The worst thing is I can actually see Jeff reacting like that. (chuckles) Oh, man, now I'm imagining my dog on the Jury. His "speech" would be giving him belly rubs. 

Kendra: Imagine him at Final Tribal Council as a finalist? His speech would just be sitting there and going up to the jurors to be petted.

Jamie: Oh, man, he'd win in a landslide. Im

Kendra: Yeah, so maybe it's good he's not out here! (giggles) Imagine how pissed Jeff would be!

Jamie: Not if he voted out his owner! (laughs) You dragged the Hell out of Jeff at Tribal, though. I coudln't believe it.

Kendra: Yeah, it felt so good. He was so obviously campaigning for Jason and I was like "I am not being the victim of your bull<expletive>, Jeff!" I shut him up so quick, (giggles, then sighs) Thanks for this, Jamie. It's nice to just be able to relax with someone like this. It's the least stressed I've been in a while. 

Jamie: No problem, it's been good for me too. (smiles) And hey, if you're ever stressed or freaked out, come to me and I'll give you a massage. (laughs)

Kendra: Oh my God, your massages are the best. I so will!

Jamie: Awesome! And remember what I said about branching out to other people so you don't seem so unapproachable. No matter what happens, though, I've got your back, okay?

Kendra: Thanks! Same to you. (smiles) Oh, wow I'm actually feeling really good right now!

Jamie: That's great!

(As the two of them stand up and head back to camp, the camera focuses on Jamie, who is smiling.)

Talking with Kendra just now was amazing. This is the kind of stuff she needs to do with others if she's going to build bonds with them. What I saw was real and vulnerable and to be honest, I'm shocked at just how complex she really is. She's had to deal with stigma her whole life, even from her so-called "friends" and it's no wonder she's getting so emotional and so attached to Lulu and Stanley. They're the first people she's been around that have just seen her as Kendra, and not the model. Everything that's going on in her head now all makes complete sense and I feel for her. I'd hate to see her go out because of this, but realistically speaking, we're obviously going to move if she's too obviously inseparable from her friends. Hopefully I've convinced her that she needs to branch away from them, and hopefully I've brought her a little closer to me, so it works out best for the both of us. People around us- me especially- are realising that there's not a lot of time left to make a move, and if things don't change, there's two people here who are probably gonna vote Kendra no matter what, so they're gonna move. I want to save Mackenzie, but I also want Kendra to succeed and knowing what I know now, I'm really torn.

Jamie Forrester

(The camera then transitions to Kendra who, for the first time in a while, also has a smile on her face.)

Jamie just... he knows what to say to make you feel better, you know? We got talking, he warned me about how close I was getting with Lulu and Stanley, but then he listened when I told him about why and he understood! When he told me about the kind of sexualised stigma he faces at his work too, I just felt a connection between us. I felt he was real. I just hope this isn't some elaborate ruse and he's playing me too, because I'd just lose it. He's so sweet, he gave me pointers on my game, we talked about our pets and he offered me a massage if I ever got freaked out! He just feels so genuine. I'm gonna take his advice and talk to more people over the next couple of days and hopefully people see me as approachable so no one gets any stupid ideas in their head about joining Mackenzie. (sighs) I can't tell you how amazing I feel right now. I can almost feel my game turning a corner. To have people out here who see me as more than a pretty face and for the person I actually am, feels incredible! And to be in a spot like this, know where I'm going wrong, and know what I need to do to improve that just makes me feel so confident! There's a new spark in me and it feels great!

Kendra Valentine

(From Kendra's confessional, the camera transitions to Moses and Mackenzie as they sit on the beach.)

Mackrnzie: (sigh) Well, Moses, we're well and truly on the bottom now. They won't even talk to us! I'm starting to regret getting rid of Kory. (laughs)

Moses: I did warn you about that. (chuckles) It seems a long way up from here now. 

Mackenzie: Yeah... I just wish I hadn't been so absorbed in Jason, because I lost Jamie's trust. But truthfully, I can't believe how attached everyone is to Kendra when it's so obvious who her trio is. Lulu and Stanley have got such an easy ride, huh? Maybe I should have been a professional butt-kisser instead of a librarian. It obviously works out well for you because you get ahead on Survivor. How much does it pay by the hour? Sounds like a much better job for me. (laughs)

Moses: (chuckles) Maybe I should invest in that industry. It would make me some nice cash on the side. 

Mackenzie: We'd have perfect places in the Kendra cult. They don't really have to make moves because they're encompassed in Kendra's protective shrine. (laughs)

Moses: In my humble opinion, where Jason went wrong was targeting the head honcho. We would have had a much higher chance of success had we targeted someone like Lulu, who doesn't have the social connections. Even Ashanda, absurdly gung-ho as she was about eliminating Jason, could have been persuaded.

Mackenzie: I wish I'd thought of that, but I was so caught off by Jason mentioning her out of nowhere that I didn't have time to think. (sigh) I really wish I'd gone with Kory now.

Moses: We would have benefited from having my wife, Darlene, out here. She's a no-nonsense type of woman and would have talked you into it like nobody's business.

Mackenzie: I needed a slap in the face that day. Darlene sounds lovely, how long have you guys been married. 

Moses: (proudly) Forty-seven amazing years.

Mackenzie: Wow, that's amazing. (smiles) My wife, Hannah, and I have only been married for three years because, well, we've only legally been allowed to be married that long. (laughs) How did you and your wife meet?

Moses: Now this is a story. We'd been in the same year-level throughout high school but never really known each other. We properly met as other people's dates to the Prom. (laughs) We hit it off better than with our partners and couldn't keep our eyes off each other the entire night. As school wrapped up, we stayed in contact and soon we were in a relationship. Then, as they say, the rest is history.

Mackenzie: Wow that's a pretty funny story. (laughs) How did your dates feel?

Moses: My date was Loretta, one of my friends from class, and she was furious with me the entire night. Darlene's date was Marcus, and he was just as mad. Loretta couldn't take it anymore, she threw a drink in my face and yelled, "Why don't you go and dance with Darlene?" and so I did. (chuckles) How did you and Hannah meet?

Mackenzie: Hannah's work took her past the library every day and she told me she'd seen me and it was love at first sight. I didn't even know who she was until she came to me at the desk and asked if I could show her where the books on modelling were. I took her there, she grabbed a couple of books and she asked me if I could take her to the section on dating. She picked out a book, flipped directly to a page, looked me in the face and said, “Mackenzie, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met in my entire life and it would make my world if you would have the pleasure of going on a date with me." 

Moses: Wow, that takes courage.

Mackenzie: I was so caught off guard and a little flustered that this stranger was asking me on a date. But I thought to myself, "she's worked up the courage to do this, I could at least go on one date. What have I got to lose?" Turns out it was amazing! She was enjoyable to be around, kind and funny, and she told me that she'd fallen for me because I was smart and open to trying anything. (smiles) We dated for a year before she proposed. I should have seen it coming, because it was the exact same way she'd asked me out. She asked if I'd take her to the section on weddings. That should have been a dead giveaway but I still didn't get it until she opened the book, told me I'd look beautiful in a dress like that and asked me if I'd marry her. 

Moses: That is so very sweet. How does she feel about you playing Survivor?

Mackenzie: She's so excited, but she'd be angry with what Kendra was doing right now. She'd be yelling at me, 'cause she for sure would have figured out how I could get myself out of this mess. Speaking of, I think it would be in our best interests to go after Lulu if we go to Tribal again. Don't you?

Moses: I do. I've really appreciated bonding with you Mackenzie, and you have my word that I'll stick by you throughout this struggle. Hopefully, Topher, Ashanda and Jamie will realise where they stand and shake things up with us.

Mackenzie: Me too. I regret not bonding with you sooner, because you're a great guy. As long as we stick together, we're going to get through this. Now we've got a plan, we just have to find the people who'll give us the time of day to listen. 

Moses: Of course. This is the third time I've been trying to go against Kendra's alliance. Third time lucky? (laughs)

Mackenzie: Let's hope!

(The two of them continue sitting on the beach as the conversation dies down. The camera focuses on Moses as his confessional is heard.)

I've thoroughly enjoyed bonding with Mackenzie over the past day, given our mutual sticky situation. Reaffirming my loyalty to her was a given and I'll stick with her throughout our mission to overthrow Kendra's alliance. I'm quite happy with our plan of Lulu which, personally, I would have tried to implement a round earlier, but there's no point dwelling on the past. As for my personal position, I believe I'm in a sightly better spot than Mackenzie and as such my plan is to lay low and stay quiet, so I don't attract significant heat to myself. I should be able to do that until the swap hits. I'm hoping that my sticking with Mackenzie doesn't show me as being against Kendra, but rather with Mackenzie, which shows these people that I'm a loyal type who they can count on in difficult situations if we get swapped together. I'm quite looking forward to the swap, if there is one. It's no secret that I've had difficulty integrating with this tribe of young folk, and a swap would bring about a fresh start for me and give the chance to create new bonds.

Moses Henderson

(The camera then focuses on Mackenzie, who is looking a little more confident.)

I'm feeling a lot more confident now than I was about twelve hours ago. I have a lot of regrets in this game, one of which is not bonding with Moses sooner, because he's probably the most genuine, loyal person out here. If I'd bonded with him a little earlier, I might have had the courage to move with Kory way back at the first Tribal. Things are difficult for us because we're in a very deep minority, thanks to being against Kendra and her troupe of professional butt-kissers. (laughs) Sorry, I'm not usually this mean, I'm just frustrated. Anyway, now that we have a plan locked down, we're going to have to be very discrete because Kendra's going to be watching me like a hawk. With Jamie wanting to save me, though, and Ashanda already wanting to make a move against Kendra, I'm really hopeful we'll be able to pull this off! If Kendra wants me out, she's going to have to fight me, kicking and screaming, until my torch gets snuffed.

Mackenzie Streiff

Gouyave Tribe

The camera opens up on day nine for the Gouyave Tribe with most of the castaways asleep. Taihlaura is standing at the edge of camp, looking out into the distance, clearly a lot on her mind.

The vote last night was on my mind well into this morning. I just keep going back to how Wylie got all eight votes and we wasted our idol. Trinity flipped but it's clear she's playing double agent with someone in the alliance. They knew of the vote and played up to get us to waste our idol and I'm pretty sure Trinity was in on that as well. Call it the pot calling the kettle black, but at least with Wylie, I knew he was one hundred percent loyal and prioritised my loyalty to the Eddiot's Angels alliance. With Trinity, I don't know what's going on. She was so cagey with us and she leaked our plans to the other side, so what's her next move? Is she permanently with us or did she just use us as a one-time thing to get Wylie out? She blew up at Jensen so it's not him she's loyal to, but regardless it makes me really nervous. I'm not sure how to approach this.

Taihlaura Houston

(The camera next picks up as Samantha wakes up, gets out of the shelter and sees Taihlaura. She walks over to her.)

Samantha: Hey.

Taihlaura: (startled, jumps) Oh! You scared the heck out of me, Samantha.

Samantha: ...I literally just said "hey". 

Taihlaura: Sorry, I must have completely spaced out. I've been thinking about last night's vote and how everyone ended up voting for Wylie. 

Samantha: Yeah, that's a bit fishy. I'm not sure what's going on there.

Taihlaura: What do we do about it?

Samantha: To be honest there's not a lot we can do. I think Jensen and Meiling are going to flip if we hit a switch, so they should be the priority. 

Taihlaura: So you think Trinity's working with Shivani?

Samantha: If she's working with someone from that side, that would be my guess. Think about it: she blew up at Jensen, so it's obviously not him, which leaves Meiling and Shivani. Meiling and Jensen are close, and she voted for Wylie the first Tribal we went to, so I doubt it's her. That only leaves Shivani.

Taihlaura: That makes sense. I just hope they're with us and Trinity isn't trying anything to flip back. I know it's 4-4 if she does, but one of them probably has an idol. What do you think about going to Trinity and raising the idea of booting Shivani next, just so we can get an idea of how close they are?

Samantha: Sounds like a good idea to me. We'll talk to her when she wakes up.

(There is a timeskip to a point where the castaways have eaten and everyone is awake. The camera picks up to where Samantha and Taihlaura have gone off with Trinity and they are walking in the forest.)

Samantha: Thanks for flipping last night, it really means a lot.

Trinity: Girl, what was I gonna do? Stick with that side after they betrayed me? No way. Jensen's being such a baby about it and showing me exactly why I flipped in the first place.

Taihlaura: So you're with us for good? Eddiot doesn't bother you?

Trinity: Yeah, of course. Eddiot still annoys the damn daylights outta me but Jensen's seriously starting to give him a run for his money. I'm with y'all, don't worry.

Samantha: Okay, so, tee this up with us: how would you feel about voting Shivani out next Tribal, if we go?

Trinity: Seriously? Y'all dumb. 

Samantha: It's just we think she's the most threatening of the three, so we think it'd be smart to get rid of her. 

Trinity: If y'all think that's smart, then the Eddiot Disease must be rubbing off on y'all, 'cause that's dumber than anything I've heard him say. Y'all can't seriously think Jensen ain't flipping the first chance he gets. Did you guys not see how he bitched and moaned like a baby? 

Taihlaura: Shivani was with them too. If Jensen flips, don't you think she will as well?

Trinity: I doubt it. Who'd trust Jensen and Meiling? They flipped on Shivani too, remember? She'd be cool with us. We really need to get Jensen out next. I'm not gonna be the one who ends up flipped on 'cause y'all left him in. 

Taihlaura: Okay, that makes sense. Jensen's pretty likely to flip, so we'll boot him next.

Trinity: I'm glad I made y'all see sense. 

(Trinity walks off. The camera focuses on her as she rolls her eyes.)

Seriously, y'all, I gotta get out of this tribe before I turn into a complete dumbass. We got Eddiot on here and it's like his idiocy is contagious! Try and understand how stupid this is: Taihlaura and Samantha wanted to get rid of Shivani 'cause she's the most threatening? They must have gotten sudden amnesia or something, but there's no way in Hell I'm letting them get rid of Shivani and screw up my plans, so I talked them into Jensen. Now they're after her, I'ma have to put my plan in place earlier than I wanted. Taihlaura's on the bottom, so I'm dragging her into a trio with Shivani and I, then we're getting rid of Eddiot. I know Jensen's gonna flip if he gets to a swap, but that's why I'm taking him out right after. If we don't swap this round, we're gonna swap at fourteen. Fifteen is a dumb number to swap at, so I got this all figured out, killing the two most annoying birds with one big-ass stone.

Trinity Lewis

(From Trinity's confessional, the camera goes back to Samantha and Taihlaura)

Taihlaura: Well?

Samantha: I mean, she's right, but she shut the Shivani idea down faster than we could blink. I think there's something going on. We need to keep an eye on that.

There's no question in my mind that Trinity has something going on with Shivani. She's one hundred percent right about Jensen needing to go next, and the Shivani thing was just a test to see where she's at, but she shut the Shivani thing down so fast. Hopefully that just means there's an extra number for Jensen, but it's something we'll definitely have to keep an eye on. Trinity played both sides last round, leaked our plan to Shivani and is still on a massive power trip. I'm sorry, but no one's taking the power in this tribe from me, and if she causes too much trouble I'll get rid of her faster than she shut down the Shivani idea. (smiles) She better not get any stupid ideas.

Samantha Langrick

(Following Samantha's confessional, the camera transitions to Trinity as she walks over to Shivani.)

Trinity: Shivani! Wanna come for a walk with me?

Shivani: (laughs) From your tone it sounds like I don't have much of a choice. Let's go.

(The camera picks up as the two of them are walking.)

Trinity: Okay, so you would not believe what just happened. Taihlaura and Samantha came up to me just now and they told me they wanted you out. 

Shivani: Oh, wow. So I should play my idol next Tribal Council?

Trinity: No, because I told them how stupid it was and talked them back on to Jensen. Anyway, that's not happening, 'cause we're getting Eddiot out next.

Shivani: How do you expect to accomplish that with numbers at 4-4? Jensen won't go to rocks, especially not for your sake.

Trinity: Can you stop going all lawyer on my ass and let me finish? Damn. (laughs) What we're gonna do is go to Taihlaura and pull her in for a secret trio. She's on the bottom of Samantha's alliance and she should know it. She's not that stu- (she pauses) Well, she shouldn't be that stupid. Then you, me and her can make a five against Eddiot, because obviously Jensen and Meiling will do what we say. Then the next round, we use our trio to go back against Jensen. (After a pause) I'm done, you can ask me questions now.

Shivani: (smiles) Good. Firstly, how do you know Taihlaura's on the bottom and what makes you think she'll take a trio with us? 

Trinity: Okay, first off, she's on the bottom 'cause of Eddiot. Eddiot revolves around Brooklyn, Brooklyn is tight with Samantha, and there's no way in Hell Samantha is keeping Taihlaura over Eddiot. So that means she's on the bottom and it makes perfect sense to come with us. Secondly, she's gonna go with me 'cause she thinks she's playing me! If she thinks I'm on her side and she's on the bottom, she's gonna jump at this for sure. She's stupid- 'cause she thinks she's playing me- but she's not that stupid.

Shivani: Okay, if you're sure... do you really trust Taihlaura, though?

Trinity: Yeah, of course. She's not going to sabotage her own game. Come on, let's go talk to her!

Shivani: (sighs) Okay.

(As the two of them walk off, the camera focuses on a nervous-looking Shivani.)

Do I trust Taihlaura? Not in this lifetime, nor the next, nor any that may follow. To be perfectly honest it baffles me how Trinity would consider aligning with the same person whose shadiness decimated our alliance a few days ago, but she is adamant that Taihlaura is on the bottom of her alliance. When Trinity is adamant about something, you could put a wall in front of her made of solid steel and she’d still find a way through it. I’m feeling slightly comfortable because I have the safety net of my idol, but I’m going to be very wary of this plan. I’m not about to throw my game away making the same mistake that Wylie did, so I’ll be taking everything Taihlaura says with so many grains of salt the Heart Foundation will faint!

Shivani Chandra

(The camera picks up as Trinity and Shivani approach Taihlaura.)

Trinity: Yo, Taihlaura, can we talk to you?

Taihlaura: (a little off guard) Sure, what's up?

Trinity: I've got a proposal for you if you'll listen. You know how you and I are together, right? We said we'd look out for each other? Well, this is me doing that.

Taihlaura: Okay, I'm listening. Is this who you leaked the Wylie plan to? 

Trinity: Yes, but it was so we could do this. The three of us need to work together. You don't even realise it but you're so far on the bottom of this alliance. Join us and we can be the secret trio that runs this place!

Taihlaura: What do you mean, I'm on the bottom?

Trinity: One sec while I grab my dictionary... I mean you're on the bottom! Listen, Eddiot's tight with Brooklyn. Samantha's tight with Eddiot. Brooklyn's getting tighter with Samantha. Where does that leave you? Nowhere. If they need someone to take the hit for an idol, it's you, If they find someone who's a bigger goat, you're the one who's gonna get shoved out. If you want to be in a better spot, come with us. We can go with Jensen and Meiling and make a five to get rid of Eddiot, which opens up the alliance. Then, the three of us flip and vote out Jensen. That way we have the most trustworthy people left and we're the ones in power!

Taihlaura: Hm... Shivani, where do you sit with this?

Shivani: I'm happy to go with this if you're on board. I don't particularly trust Jensen and I know that Eddiot would never work with us, so it's benefiting the three of us to take them out. 

Trinity: So, are you on board? We can run this <expletive>/

Taihlaura: Can I say something first? 

Shivani: Go ahead.

Taihlaura: I wish you'd come to me a round earlier with this so we could have kept Wylie and brought him into this. He trusted Shivani and I and could have been a useful number. Or, you could have gotten rid of Jensen last Tribal, then as a four we could have flipped and booted Eddiot. I don't understand why you'd get rid of Wylie first. 

Trinity: I got rid of him 'cause he's an untrustworthy snake! He leaked the plan that we had to you, and he was aligned with Jensen and Meiling so he probably would have leaked this to Meiling if we did it. No way was I gonna have him ruin my plans again.

Taihlaura: I think he would have been loyal to us over Meiling, because he told me that plan out of loyalty to me/ (sigh) Oh well. I think this will still work with just the three of us, and if I'm on the bottom like you say, and the three of us are sticking together, then I'll be fine.

Trinity: Great! Shivani, you're down, right?

Shivani: It's gaining me an extra ally and frankly I'm ready for anything that will move us forward. I'll pledge my loyalty to this trio as long as I have your loyalty in return.

Taihlaura: You've got it. (smiles)

Trinity: Awesome! Now we can go tell Jensen and Meiling and set things into motion!

(As the three of them confirm their alliance, the camera focuses on Taihlaura, who is considering things.)

I've been really concerned that Trinity was working against me with Shivani, so to have her offer this trio took me by surprise big time. Trinity and I have a close bond that got her to flip in the first place, so if she's working with Shivani as well, I'd rather have that on my side than against me. A lot of the stuff she was saying made sense, you know, like Eddiot and the two other girls being tight with each other. Now that I think about it I do feel less protected than the other three, so it might be in my best interests to make a solid three of my own, with someone who'll protect me, and move forward against the Eddiot's Angels group. That being said, I've been playing dangerously enough as is, and if I make too many waves it could really come back to bite me in the future. What if I make this move and then I end up swapped with Samantha and Brooklyn? I'd be screwed. But if I hold myself back out of fear of that, I might end up screwed anyway if someone comes along who's a bigger goat for them to take care of. Trinity's good, I'll give her that. I've got a lot of thinking to do over the next few days.

Taihlaura Houston

(There is a short timeskip and a transitioning nature shot. The camera next picks up as Trinity walks up to Jensen and Meiling.)

Trinity: Hey y'all. 

Jensen: What do you want, Trinity?

Trinity: Listen, I know I'm not your favourite person in the world right now-

Jensen: How many college degrees did it take you to figure that one out?

Trinity: (snarky) Just my business degree. Anyway, y'all think you're on the bottom, right? You're not. I have y'all covered.

Meiling: What are you talking about?

Trinity: We're gonna vote Eddiot next round. I convinced Taihlaura she was on the bottom and she's gonna go with us. so y'all are safe.

Meiling: What "us" are you talking about? I thought you'd flipped to the other side.

Trinity: Pfft, no, I only flipped to get rid of that untrustworthy snake Wylie, and to make those girls think I was with them. 

Jensen: For a business degree holder, you don't seem very smart right now. Do you really expect me to think you're with us after the show you made last night?

Trinity: Mmkay, first off, you started that fight, not me. If you come for me I'mma bite the <expletive> back. If you'd actually let me explain, I would have told you what I'm telling you now. I had to keep that fight going 'cause I had to convince Samantha that I was 100% with her.

Jensen: Pfft, do you have an acting degree to go with your business one? You really think I believe you exaggerated that?

Trinity: I'm tryn'a help y'all but if you want, I can just turn right back 'round and go to Taihlaura and say, "don't worry about Jensen, he wants to get voted out".

Meiling: No, don't do that. We'll listen to what you have to say. 

Trinity: Mmkay, good. So as I said, we're doing Eddiot this 'round. They think we're doing Jensen 'cause of the blowup, but Taihlaura's gonna come with us, so all y'all need to do is just lay low.

Meiling: That sounds good! Are you sure you're with us?

Trinity: Yeah! With Taihlaura I'm way more comfortable in this group, and I trust that y'all are gonna let me have a say in things, right? Then I'm chill.

Meiling: Yeah, of course we will. Thanks, Trinity. (smiles)

Trinity: You believe me, right, Jensen? 

Jensen: Yeah, I got it. Just lay low.

Trinity: Great! Sorry for the misunderstanding, y'all, but Eddiot's going next so we're all good.

(Trinity walks away from the group. As she walks out of their line of sight, she begins to smirk.)

I took a bit of time before I went to Jensen and Meiling, so I could come up with a believable story about last night. I gotta say, I might as well have an acting degree to go along with my business degree 'cause DAAAAAAAMN! I pulled that off well! (laughs) Gimmie an Emmy already! They bought that hook, line and sinker. Unless Jensen's dumb, he ain't gonna try anything. Why would you put your one shot at safety in danger, anyway? If he tries anything he's going home and that's the tea on that, bitch. I'm feeling so damn good about myself now 'cause there's no way any of this screws up. I'm in control of everyone's fates 'cause I've got my trio locked down and I'm running this damn show! Eddiot's going next Tribal and Jensen's gonna follow right after him. That's exactly what's gonna happen. You can take that to the damn bank!

Trinity Lewis

(Following Trinity's confessional, the camera goes back to Jensen and Meiling. The former turns to the latter with a displeased look.)

Jensen: Do you really believe that?

Meiling: It seems believable but... not entirely? For instance, I do not believe she exaggerated that fight as a cover-up, even if she was just defending herself from you.

Jensen: Exactly. I don't trust her, I hate that my game is in her hands. What should we do about it?

Meiling: I think we're going to have to trust her. We just need to lay low and be grateful that some name other than ours has been mentioned. If we cause too much trouble we could get the vote turned on one of us. We always have Shivani's idol as a backup if Trinity is lying to us.

Jensen: Yeah, fair point. I just feel really uneasy about it all.

(The camera zooms in on Jensen's anxious face as his confessional is heard.)

I hate my position right now 'cause I have to trust Trinity, and she's the person I trust the least in this entire game. I hate the fact that she's flipped and now she's on this massive power trip like she's the Queen of this tribe now, just because she made one move. And now she's saying she's gonna flip back and I'm supposed to just accept it? I don't believe a word of what she says. There's no way we're just getting out of this so easily. She has to have something else up her sleeve. There is no freaking way that she played up that fight. I'm tossing up with the idea of selling Trinity out, 'cause if I do, maybe I can buy myself a few extra days. But Meiling seems to think we should just accept it. I don't wanna lose an opportunity to move by trusting the wrong person, so I have to think about whether I lay low or take my fate into my own hands.

Jensen Price

Day 10

Reward Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The tribes file in and stand on their mats.)

Jeff: Gouyave, Carriacou, getting your first look at the other tribes. Wylie and Jason, voted out at their respective tribe's Tribal Council. You guys ready to get to today's reward challenge?

Castaways: Yes! 

Jeff: For today's challenge,  you'll navigate a handle across a table maze. You'll use the peg to smash open a box, which contains a bag full of puzzle pieces. The first castaway to solve the puzzle will win reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: For the winner, you'll get the next Temptation. I'll remind you again that unused Temptations do not carry over to the next challenge, so this is a new one. In addition, as we found out last time, these are not transferable. As well as the Temptation, if you win reward, your tribe will win... (he pulls back a cloth) piping hot pizza!

(The castaways begin to get excited.)

Jeff: There's all kinds of pizza here. Meatlovers, cheese, pepperoni, vegetarian, pretty much anything you can think of. You'll have all the fixin's too, like garlic bread... and what better way to wash it down than all the soda you can drink? Worth playing for?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff: Then we'll draw for spots and get started.

(The castaways are awaiting Jeff's signal.)

Jeff: For the Temptation and a feast of pizza... Survivors ready? GO!

Reward Challenge: A Maze 'N' Peg

Challenge Summary: 

  • Jensen, Jamie, Mackenzie, Samantha, Brooklyn and Shivani all get out to fast starts. Meiling shocks everyone by being very good at navigating the maze. 
  • Stanley, Topher and Eddiot all struggle to get the peg through the maze. 
  • Jensen is first through the maze and smashes his tile, closely followed by Mackenzie, Shivani, Jamie and Meiling, in that order. Samantha and Brooklyn aren't far behind. 
  • Jensen is first to get his pieces out and starts working on the puzzle, while Shivani loses a bit of time opening the bag. Jamie and Mackenzie race to catch up to Jensen and make strong progress on the puzzle. 
  • Jensen has a small lead on the puzzle as Meiling begins to make a charge as she gets all her pieces out. Jamie begins to slow down, while Shivani and Mackenzie remain making steady progress, second and third respectively.
  • Despite all the pressure, Jensen does not crack and begins to make steadier progress, with Mackenzie racing to catch up. Meiling has caught up to Shivani, but Jensen cannot be caught and finishes his puzzle first.

Jeff: Jensen wins his second Temptation and a reward of pizza for the tribe!

Jensen: Woohoo!

(Mackenzie sighs and slumps down, disappointed. Meiling smiles, proud of Jensen winning and her accomplishments in the challenge. There is a timeskip and the castaways are back on their mats.)

Jeff: Jensen, congratulations on your second Temptation! (He goes over hands him the envelope) You know the drill: you have until the immunity challenge to decide if you want to use this. As for your other reward, it'll be waiting for you back at camp. You guys can head on out.

(The castaways depart the challenge area.)

Post-Reward Challenge: Winning Tribe 

(Following Jensen's win, the Gouyave Tribe head back to camp, excited at their upcoming reward.)

Shivani: Congrats on the Temptation, again, Jensen! I nearly had you though. (laughs)

Jensen: Yeah you did. (laughs) You know who did great, though? Meiling! Where did that come from? You slayed that table maze!

Meiling: (smiles) Thanks. I've always been good at mazes and puzzles so I was very excited to see that challenge. I'm glad I was able to show I'm of some use!

Brooklyn: No kidding! You were great on that puzzle, too. We're gonna have to call you Slay-ling from now on! (giggles)

Meiling: Slay-ling... I like that! I hope the next challenge is a puzzle, because I feel like I'm on a wave of momentum!

(#Slayling appears in the corner. As the castaways walk back into camp, they round the corner and see the stack of pizzas, garlic bread and soda laid out in front of them.)

Eddiot: WOOO! PIZZA! 

Samantha: My mouth is watering already. Let's dig in! 

(As the castaways race to grab the food, the camera focuses on Meiling, who is smiling from ear to ear.)

You could not wipe the smile off my face! I couldn't be happier if I won the challenge! Today was such a huge personal victory for me as I was finally able to show the tribe there was something I was good at and that I could be useful in the challenges. When I saw that challenge, my eyes lit up. Mazes and puzzles are two things that I excel at, so to be able to excel at that and be acknowledged by my tribe mates, even being given my little nickname today, is more of a reward than any Temptation or any pizza could be. I feel absolutely amazing. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Meiling Gao

There is a further montage of the castaways eating and drinking. The camera shows Brooklyn grabbing a pepperoni slice, Shivani biting into a piece of vegetarian, Samantha taking some pieces of garlic bread, and Eddiot taking a huge bite of meatlovers and chugging an orange soda.

Eddiot: (letting rip a monstrous burp) Oh man, this soda is amazing!

Taihlaura: Jeez! I wouldn't be surprised if they could hear that all the way over at Carriacou.

Eddiot: (giggles) What can I say? I'm a man of many talents.

Jensen: That's gotta be the most incredible pizza I've eaten in my life. 

Shivani: (pointing to the side of her mouth) You've got barbeque sauce right here.

Jensen: Oh, I do? (licking it off) Thanks.

Shivani: Anyone want the last piece of vegetarian? (the tribe shake their heads) Then I'll gladly take it! (she picks it up)

Jensen: I'm gonna go find out what this Temptation is. Meiling, Shivani, wanna come with?

Meiling: I thought I was Slay-ling now? (laughs) Of course I'll come. 

Shivani: I'll be with you guys in a sec. (She wraps her pizza up in a napkin and follows them)

(The camera picks up again as the three of them walk off to a quiet place in the forest.)

Jensen: Oh, man, that pizza looks so good, Shivani. I'll trade you the Temptation for it? (giggles)

Shivani: Sorry, this pizza is a special advantage that is non-transferable. (takes a bite)

Jensen: It was worth a shot. Let's see what's inside, huh?

(Jensen tears open the envelope and pulls out the Temptation.)




Jensen: Hot damn.

Meiling: That's a great one to get right after the Double Tribal.

Jensen: Yeah, especially for me. I'm not in a good spot right now and surely there's drama on the other side, 'cause they still haven't gotten rid of Topher. I might slot right in and be safe for a swap.

Shivani: But on the other hand, you could unite them against you. Would you trust that a newcomer doesn't have connections to the other side? 

Jensen: That's a point, but I really could be useful to someone over there and pull them to us if there's a switch.

Meiling: If someone's that close to flipping, they'd be in a minority. Would you really want to go in and either get absorbed by the majority to vote off the minority, or using you as incentive for the minority to show their loyalty? I'm just saying, it's a lot of assumptions to be making. We don't know how things are on their tribe. It could be 7-1, or 6-2, and you'd only be making a 6-3. They know there's no idols, but we've got two. They could assume you have one, split, and vote you out.

Jensen: Reasonable, but you're assuming too. Besides, wouldn't taking the game into my own hands be better than just waiting around and hoping Trinity is being real with me about voting for Eddiot?

Shivani: I can put those fears to rest for you. She came up to me earlier, she's one hundred percent honest about that plan. Eddiot would be the next to go if you stayed.

Jensen: Even so, what's to say she won't just boot me next? I don't trust her at all, so I'd be putting my game in her hands and I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that. You guys know how much this money means to me, so I'm thinking I should just take the chance. 

Meiling: If Eddiot's going next, you're safe for one round, and it looks like Topher isn't going anywhere on Carriacou, so they're always going to be weaker than us. We could be swapping at any moment from now and just go on an immunity run. There's always a huge risk they could assume you're dangerous and then you'd be out this round instead if you jumped over. And if you did, you'd be putting the two of us in a bad position if we did lose.

Jensen: Would .I though? This thing says you get a significant advantage, which would basically mean you win unless you go to sleep. 

Meiling: I'm just saying, we have no idea what sort of challenge it will be, and if it's physical I could drag the team down and there'd be more of an incentive to get rid of me. 

Jensen: Yeah, I get what you're saying. I don't wanna screw myself, but I don't wanna screw myself either. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do.

The Temptation is looking really good for me, and I have to admit I'm way more tempted by it than I was with the last one. I'm not in a good spot on this tribe at all and jumping to Carriacou could be exactly what my game needed. I could take some members to make our side stronger and build up a solid thing with Meiling and Shivani if we swap later. Yeah I'd be in danger but it'd certainly be a lot better than trusting Trinity, right? That being said, I'd only have that afternoon before we went to Tribal and Meiling's right when she says I have no idea of knowing what the dynamics over there are like. I could be branded a threat and taken out by a big majority, especially if they think I have an idol. I really don't wanna screw Meiling either, because she's my number one and doesn't deserve that. But I don't wanna screw myself and I might be by staying here. This is hard. The money means a lot to me and I've got the chance to take my game into my hands. I have to decide what's best here, because this is a make or break situation. If I choose incorrectly, I'm gonna regret it for the rest of my life.

Jensen Price

There is then a timeskip. The camera picks up on Jensen as he walks through the forest.)

I'm really not comfortable with having my game in someone else's hands, and I don't trust that I can Trinity will follow through with this. I need to have some sort of way out of this if I stay, or a way for Meiling and Shivani to survive if I switch, so I thought I should just blow up Trinity's game right here, right now. She's on a huge power trip, there's no way in Hell she was meant to tell us about the vote last round, so if I leak this, surely they'll lose all trust in her and join us in voting her out? It makes so much sense for them, plus it saves everyone for a round and gets a dangerous player out. So I decided to go find Eddiot and let him know about Trinity's plan and watch Trinity's downfall begin. (laughs)

Jensen Price

(The camera picks up as Jensen approaches Eddiot.)

Jensen: Hey, Eddiot. What's up?

Eddiot: Hey Jensen! Uh... wait, am I allowed to talk to you if we're not in the same alliance?

Jensen: Um, yeah, of course. 

Eddiot: Hold on, I'm gonna ask Brooklyn. Be right back.

(Eddiot takes off running.)

Jensen: (dumbfounded) But...

(The camera picks up as Eddiot runs up to Brooklyn.)

Eddiot: Hey Brooklyn!

Brooklyn: Hey Eddiot!

Eddiot: Am I allowed to talk to Jensen by myself, even though he's not in our alliance?

Brooklyn: ....Yes?

Eddiot: Sweet. Bye!

(Eddiot takes off running, leaving Brooklyn incredibly confused.)

(The camera picks up again as Jensen is leaning against a tree, bored. Eddiot then returns into view.)

Eddiot: (getting his breath back) Okay! I can talk to you!

Jensen: I told you you could. (laughs) Anyway, dude, I need to tell you something.

Eddiot: 'Sup, man?

Jensen: I just wanted to let you know that Trinity's targeting you to be the next one to go home.

Eddiot: Wait... huh?

Jensen: She came to me and Meiling and said she wanted you gone next. 

Eddiot: But... hold on, I'm so confused. Isn't Trinity in my alliance? I thought you weren't meant to target your allies.

Jensen: You're not, which is why I'm telling you she is. She's not your ally, dude. She wanted you out the first Tribal and the entire reason she flipped in the first place was because we didn't do it. Now she wants you out bad and she's gonna flip back to us, but I don't trust her. I wanna look out for you, so I'm letting you know.

Eddiot: Okay... so, I should vote for her if we go to the Tribal thingamajig, then?

Jensen: Yeah. We need to get her outta here.

Eddiot: Okay... can I go tell the other girls?

Jensen: Sure, man. Sorry you had to find out like this.

Eddiot: Okay, I guess I'm voting for Trinity next round, then. Cool!

(Eddiot walks away, looking confused.)

I am so confused, camera people! Jensen told me that Trinity wanted to vote me out, but she's supposed to be in my alliance, and people in your alliance aren't meant to vote for you... right? So she mustn't be in my alliance... but she said she was because we voted for Wylie... but if she is then why is she voting for me? See how confusing this all is? I thought Trinity didn't hate me anymore, but I guess I was wrong. Anyway, I'm meant to vote for Trinity now because she's apparently in the other alliance... but wait, Jensen's in that alliance, so why did he tell me that Trinity was targeting me? I'm not aligned with Jensen... or am I now, if we're voting for the same person? I'm confusing myself even more, camera people. I'm gonna shut up now.

Eddiot Brantley

(The camera picks up from Eddiot's confessional as he returns to Brooklyn.)

Eddiot: Yo, Brooklyn... I'm not in an alliance with Jensen, right?

Brooklyn: Um... no? Why? How did your talk with him go? 

Eddiot: Well, it's weird... he was like, "Trinity wants you out" and I was like "Huh?" and then he was like "She came up to me and she said she's voting you out", and apparently she sided with us because they didn't vote me out. That's strange, though. Trinity's not meant to vote me out, right? 

Brooklyn: No... she's not, so she's been going behind our backs. 

Eddiot: Anyway, I'm confused, because if she's aligned with Jensen, why would he tell me about it? He told me to vote for her, so what do I do? 

Brooklyn: Well, firstly, definitely don't vote for her unless we tell you to. Speaking of, let's go tell Samantha and Taihlaura. I'm glad you're sticking with us.

Eddiot: Me too. I love this alliance of hot girls! (giggles)

(Brooklyn and Eddiot are next shown walking up to Samantha and Taihlaura.)

Brooklyn: Hey, girls. We have some news. Tell them, Eddiot.

Eddiot: Okay, so, Jensen came up to talk to me, right? Then he said that Trinity wanted to vote me out and she only sided with us because they didn't do it the first round. It's all super weird.

(Taihlaura's face drops.)

Samantha: (sigh) For God's sake. 

Eddiot: I know, right? Why would Trinity vote me? Anyway, Jensen told me to vote Trinity, but Brooklyn told me not to do that.

Samantha: Good. Listen to Brooklyn. You've got to be kidding me, so she is working with Shivani. And she was gonna flip back... but wait a minute, that's 4-4, she'd never force rocks. She must have been talking to one of us. It wasn't me, it wouldn't have been Brooklyn, so... Taihlaura! Do you know anything about this?

Taihlaura: (sigh) Yeah, she mentioned it to me, but I was talking her out of it so I didn't want to raise a big issue where there wasn't one. 

Samantha: It's kind of a big issue when our supposed ally is going right back to the other side. 

Taihlaura: Yeah, sorry. I should have told you guys.

Eddiot: So what do we do about Trinity? Vote her out?

Brooklyn: No, I have a better idea. We really wanna nip this in the bud? Tell Trinity that Jensen's sold her out. She'll absolutely lose it and abandon every plan she ever had with him. (giggles)

Samantha: That's an excellent idea. (smiles) Let's go.

(As they walk to find Trinity, the camera focuses on a concerned Samantha.)

So, Jensen's just told Eddiot that Trinity was planning to flip back and vote Eddiot out. Why the idiot would screw himself out of his one shot at a good position by spilling the plan to the most strategically incompetent person in the history of the universe is absolutely beyond me, but all the better! Now we can put a stop to this and send Jensen home next, like we were meant to. I'm less surprised about this than I should be, but what concerns me is that Taihlaura knew about this and didn't say anything. Would she have if we didn't get told about it first? I was comfortable with her playing both sides because she's brilliant at it, it saved my butt and I always thought she was completely loyal to us, but this has me thinking about things. I've got bigger fish to fry right now, so I'm not gonna say anything, but I'm gonna keep a mental note. We'll see if she can prove her loyalty over the next few days.

Samantha Langrick

(The camera picks up next as Eddiot's Angels approach Trinity.)

Brooklyn: Hey, Trinity. Can we talk to you?

Trinity: (sigh) If you're going to tell me to vote Shivani again, I already told you, I'm not doing that.

Samantha: Oh, we know! (smiles) You're voting Eddiot.

Trinity: (stops dead) What?

Eddiot: Yo, Jensen told me you were doing it, but why? I thought we were allies. 

Trinity: (outraged) WHAT!?

Brooklyn: So, yeah, you can see that Jensen is the least trustworthy out of everyone. To be honest, we're really confused as to why you'd do this. We thought you were past this Eddiot thing. 

Trinity: am! Jensen's clearly being a salty-ass bitch and trying to get revenge on me by making up bull<expletive>! God, he could never let go that I flipped, when he flipped in the first place! Ugh!

Samantha: It's just concerning when someone we thought was our ally goes back to the side they supposedly hate so much to get rid of the person they supposedly don't trust anymore. (sighs) I don't know, can we trust you?

Trinity: Of course you can! Listen, I wanted Eddiot out the first Tribal we went to, no other time! Jensen's just planting stories to try and get back at me. I cannot believe that salty-ass bitch! It's his own god damn fault he's in this mess but he just has to drag me down with him. Bull<expletive>. 

Brooklyn: So you're definitely going to vote Jensen with us? You're not working on some plan with Eddiot?

Trinity: <expletive> yes! Jensen is deadDEAD! He's gonna try and drag me down? Bitch fights with fire, he's gonna get burned. I swear I'm with y'all. Jensen's a snake-ass salty piece of <expletive> and he's gotta go fast

Brooklyn: Awesome! Thanks, Trinity!

Trinity: Ugh. I can't believe he would do this to me! 

Brooklyn: All the more reason to get him out.

Trinity: (fuming) Oh, don't worry about that. He is gone.

(As Eddiot's Angels walk away, the camera focuses on a satisfied Brooklyn.)

Goodbye, plan to get Eddiot out; hello, majority vote against Jensen! (laughs) That worked exactly as I thought it would. Of course Trinity didn't admit to doing anything, but the important thing is she's furious with Jensen, she knows he's untrustworthy, and now she's voting him out. This puts to bed any idol plays from the other side, any alliances Trinity had with them, or anything that Taihlaura may have been doing. To have voted Trinity out would have been stupid. Why get rid of one of our numbers when we could just get it back with one conversation? People in my alliance like to freak out when things go wrong and overplay, but if you just think about things logically, you'll see there's a real simple solution right in front of your face. That's exactly what I did. There was no reason to freak out and now that we haven't, we're back in control!

Brooklyn Ventura

(The music suddenly grows intense as the camera focuses on an absolutely fuming Trinity as she marches, a scowl on her face, towards Shivani.)

Trinity: Shivani!

Shivani: (turns around, looks at Trinity's face and sighs) What happened?

Trinity: Jensen told Eddiot everything and tried to throw me under the bus! Now the entire alliance knows I was after Eddiot!

Shivani: You've got to be kidding me...

Trinity: Do I freaking look like I'm kidding!? Why would the dumbass bitch even do this!? Ugh! If he comes near me pretending to be on board, I'm gonna kick his freaking ass all the way back to New York! 

Shivani: Firstly, calm down. You're not going to kick anyone's ass and you're not going to think clearly when you're this upset. Just breathe in, and breathe out...

Trinity: Bitch, I'm so mad...

Shivani: I know, I know, just take some breaths while I get Meiling over here.

(As Trinity tries fruitlessly to calm herself down, Shivani turns around and beckons to Meiling, who is lying nearby in the shelter. She gets up and walks over.)

Meiling: What happened?

Trinity: Your BFF Jensen told Eddiot that I was going to vote him out, that's what!

Meiling: (deep sigh) I told him not to....

Trinity: WHAT THE <expletive>!? You told him not to and he still did it!? He's out of here. Screw him. Were you on board for this plan, Meiling?

Meiling: Absolutely.

Trinity: Then we can still do this <expletive> without him. He's a liar, a traitor and a total dumbass who can't keep his mouth shut!

Shivani: Are you sure you want to get rid of Jensen? What we could do is use a trick out of his book, go to him, and say the girls have told you, so we could get him on board to still pull this vote off.

Trinity: No, <expletive> him. He's gone. He's not gonna go throwing me under the bus and sticking around to tell the tale, no he is not! Meiling, you're on board for this, right? Don't screw me.

Meiling: Yeah, I'll vote with you if you're serious about this Eddiot thing still.

Trinity: As long as you don't throw me under the bus, this plan is going through! Jensen's gone, that's it.

(Trinity walks off, still fuming.)

(imitating Jensen's voice) My name's Jensen, and I'm a salty, dumbass, pasty white boy bitch who can't stop being petty for two seconds to keep my damn mouth shut! (normal voice) Who does he think he is, selling me out when I'm trying to help him? What did he think was going to happen? He's officially the dumbest person on this tribe and I hate him more than Eddiot. Congratulations on achieving the impossible, Jensen! AAAAAH! I can't even believe how dumb this bitch is. Like, you're in the freaking minority, you sell out the one person who is trying to help you and you betray your entire damn alliance, even your granny BFF who puts up with all your dumb <expletive>? Well, guess what, bitch? We don't need you, so you can take your petty ass back to New York, 'cause that's where you're gonna end up when I'm done with you! (punches a nearby tree) Why does literally everything have to get in the way of me getting rid of Eddiot? First Jensen being a bitch, then Eddiot winning immunity, and now Jensen being a bitch again! This is the last time he's gonna cross me. Even Meiling wants him out now, so he's got no allies. Shivani thought we could get him back on board, but we can still pull this plan off without him, so mark my freaking words right here: HE. IS. DEAD!

Trinity Lewis

(Following Trinity's confessional, the camera goes back to Shivani and Meiling.)

Shivani: I can't believe this.

Meiling: I told him not to, I told him over and over just to lay low and let this plan run through, but he didn't listen. Now he's ruined our one shot at getting out of this.

Shivani: No, he hasn't quite. Can I trust you with a secret?

Meiling: About Jensen? Sure.

Shivani: Trinity's plan was to work with you and Taihlaura to get Eddiot out, then the next round she was going to get rid of Jensen, so that's probably why she's shutting down the idea of working with him still.

Meiling: I see. And where was I in this plan? 

Shivani: With us. I would have protected you because that's what I promised. Were you serious about voting for him?

Meiling: I don't want to, because we promised each other we'd go far together, but... he's putting me in a terrible position, so it might not be best to keep him. He might not even be around after tomorrow to see the repercussions, anyway.

Shivani: That's true. 

Meiling: (sighs) Jensen, why did you have to go and complicate things?

Finding out Jensen threw Trinity under the bus and put as all in danger has left me in an awkward position. I promised him that we would protect each other and go far, but he hasn't been holding up his end of the deal. It upsets me that he would do this despite me asking him not to, and it shows he does prioritise his own thinking above everyone else's. Now Trinity has abandoned the Eddiot plan and wants Jensen out, and I've been asked if I would vote alongside that if it happened. Two days ago, I would have refused, but today I am considering. The fact he might not even be around to suffer the consequences of his actions makes me even more inclined to move on. Why would you disturb things like that and leave people to clean up the mess? I'm not sure what I'll do from here.

Meiling Gao

Post-Reward Challenge: Losing Tribe

(Following the reward challenge, the Carriacou Tribe return to camp.)

Jamie: Damn, I would have loved some pizzas. 

Lulu: Same, oh my God. I can't believe Jensen won that challenge, though! That's his second one. He's so good!

Kendra: Yeah, I wouldn't wanna come up against him at the merge!

(As the castaways begin to disperse, the camera focuses on a disappointed Mackenzie.)

Go figure that the one time I didn't want the Temptation, I win it, and the one time I really need the Temptation, I run second. (laughs) I can only hope that Jensen's Temptation is something like "switch the tribes" or "mutiny to the other tribe" or something that could give me a lifeline. I do feel like winning the challenge was one of my last chances to get out of this hole, but the key term there is one of. I'm not down and out yet; I still have tricks up my sleeve and as long as the fire on my torch is burning, I'm still in with a chance.

Mackenzie Streiff

(Following Mackenzie's confessional, there is a transitioning nature shot, before the camera picks up again as Lulu and Stanley are relaxing together on the beach.)

Stanley: Hey, Lulu, do you get the feeling we might be a little too close to Kendra?

Lulu: Because of what Jason and Mackenzie said at Tribal? Honestly... yeah? I feel like we should be talking to the other people in the alliance. 

Stanley: Yeah, we nearly got Kendra booted last round and I don't want people getting the wrong idea and jumping on us.

Lulu: Yeah, who she we talk to, though? Ashanda straight up won't talk to me, so she's out.

Stanley: What about Topher? He's closest with Kendra out of the rest of the tribe, so if we kinda chilled with him he'd see us as less of a tight three and more a tight four. 

Lulu: Sounds good to me! If we can get the four then we're one hundred percent safe. Think about it, who'd go to rocks for Mackenzie? (giggles)

Stanley: Right? Let's go find him.

(The two of them get up and start walking in search of Topher. The camera focuses on a smiling Stanley.)

If last Tribal taught us anything, it was people think Kendra, Lulu and I are a hugely tight trio. And I mean... we're definitely super close, but we can't go 'round letting people think that, especially with Mackenzie so far on the bottom that she's definitely throwing a vote our way. It might inspire a switch, you know? People could drag a majority against us and what a disaster that would be. So, thinking about that, I put it to Lulu that we go get a little closer with Topher and make ourselves less tight and more like a team of four. THat way it'd bring the numbers towards us, 'cause no one is gonna go to rocks. Without it, I think someone'd shake things up, especially Ashanda, who kinda doesn't like Lulu and was already trying to move against Kendra, would move against us. A four person alliance with Topher would be a great thing for good ol' Stanny boy 'cause it has Kendra and Lulu, who are huge heat magnets, and then Topher, who's super loyal and would be difficult to break. In a swap situation I think I'd be the one saved, and if we all went super far I'd probably be the last targeted? I'm liking the game I'm playing right now. I have a really good feeling about this!

Stanley Moriarty

(The camera picks up next as Stanley and Lulu walk up to Topher.)

Stanley: Hey, Topher!

Topher: Hey, guys. (smiles) What are you up to?

Lulu: Just chilling, we thought we'd come hang out with you for a bit. 

Topher: Really? Okay, cool!

Stanley: So, dude, is Topher short for something? I've never heard that name before.

Topher: Yeah, it's actually short for Christopher, but there was already a Chris in my elementary school class, so rather than just be Chris D. and Chris G., I was like, call me Topher.

Stanley: So your full name is Christopher Daniels? Like the dude that was in TNA and Ring of Honor?

Topher: (sighs, then laughs) Yes. One of my friends at work is a huge wrestling fan and that was the first thing he noticed when we met. I'm way too old to be named after him, though! Are you a wrestling fan?

Stanley: Yeah, dude! I watch them all- WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, literally everything and if they're ever nearby, I'm always at the live events! Are you?

Topher: Not really, but my friend I mentioned before dragged me along to one of the house shows. I remember this Diva, Carmella, and thinking she was pretty cute, so I enjoyed watching her wrestle. (laughs)

Stanley: Okay, dude, Carmella is cute but Alexa Bliss is so much hotter! She's honestly not the best wrestler but she has such amazing promos! What about you, Lulu? Do you watch wrestling?

Lulu: Nah, but if you're talking about hot wrestlers-

Stanley: Please don't say John Cena. 

Lulu: Who? It was on at my friend's house once and there was this really hot guy... Cedric something? Anyway, I had to stop and take notice because damn!

Stanley: Cedric Alexander? You've got good taste. (giggles) He's the Cruiserweight Champion right now, so you could get with him, earn a lot of money and give Topher and I freebies to the WWE shows!

Lulu: Sounds like a plan I can get behind. (giggles) Anyway, Topher, where do you work?

Topher: Oh, I'm an IT Technician. 

Lulu: Can you move to Bozeman so I can have you on hand when my stupid touch screen computer doesn't do what I want it to? 

Topher: I don't think my cats would appreciate me moving cross-country, sorry. (laughs) 

Lulu:  Well can you at least tell me how to stop my Spotify from opening automatically? I don't want my music accidentally blaring through the office again. (giggles)

Topher: Oh, there should be a menu option that you can turn off. Just go into the settings menu.

Lulu: ,,,it's that simple? Well now I feel like an idiot. 

Topher: You'd be surprised how many jobs we get that are the simplest fixes in the world. I know it's cliche, but a lot of the time the first thing we ask someone with computer problems is "have you tried turning it off and on again?" A lot of the time we have elderly people who need help installing their computer, or just being shown the basics, and we get things like a university student mid-meltdown because their computer won't start and their assignment is due tomorrow. I'm pretty good at retrieving lost data. 

Lulu: So you mean, that day I accidentally deleted an entire report that I needed in the next day, and spent an all nighter doing, and had to work an eight hour day on top of it, I could have just saved all that time by phoning an IT technician?

Topher: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. (laughs) It sounds like you  need a live-in technician!

Lulu: I do! I drank so much coffee that night I was practically bouncing off the walls. Maybe I'll have to marry one of those instead of Cedric Alexander. Sorry, Stan. (giggles)

Stanley: Aww, it was worth a shot! 

Topher: (laughing) Hey, maybe you could seduce him into taking an IT course so you can kill two birds with one stone!

Lulu: Yesssss! Topher, you're a genius! That's gonna be my master plan! 

(As the three of them laugh, the camera focuses on Topher as his confessional is heard.)

I had a great time hanging out with Stanley and Lulu today. It was really unexpected but I'm glad I got to know them better. I'm really appreciative that they chose to hang with me of all people and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable around them. I feel like I'm beginning to come out of my shell a bit and it's thanks to a lot of these guys. Although I'm pretty close with Kendra, it's always in the back of my mind that she has Lulu and Stanley pretty tight with her. The fact those guys are now getting to know me makes me feel a lot more comfortable that we could be a group of four rather than three plus me.

Topher Daniels

(The camera transitions from this, over to Ashanda, who has just come into view and watches them laughing from a distance. She then rolls her eyes and keeps on walking.)

I'll take "transparent bitches" for 500, Alex. Don't these guys think I know that this is an obvious play by them to make Topher think he's the fourth so he doesn't flip, even though it's obvious to everyone that they're in the tightest trio ever. Lulu crossed the wrong person when she tried calling me out, and now she's being a hypocritical shady bitch. So she's allowed to deceive Topher but I'm not? Seems about right. This is ridiculous.

Ashanda-Jane Washington

(Following Ashanda's confessional, there is a timeskip and a transitioning nature shot. The camera picks up again as Mackenzie approaches Jamie.)

Mackenzie: Hey, Moses and I need to talk to you. Can you come?

Jamie: Sure, but I have to bring someone.

Mackenzie: Okay, cool.

Jamie: (walking up to Kendra) Hey, Mackenzie wants to talk to me. I'm gonna bring Topher along. Just letting you know.

Kendra: Okay, just make sure you tell us what she says.

Jamie: Will do.(turns to Topher) Hey, wanna come with me so Mackenzie can talk?

Topher: Okay, sure!

(Jamie and Topher walk off with Mackenzie and Moses.)

(The camera picks up as the four as they arrive at a shady spot under a group of trees.)

Mackenzie: Okay, guys. Moses and I have been talking about things and we'd really like to make a move against Kendra's trio at the next Tribal, and we need you guys plus Ashanda to do it.

Jamie: Okay, what were you guys thinking?

Moses: We decided it'd be best to target Lulu. Evidently she doesn't have the social connections of Kendra, she is close with her and she is, balancing probabilities, the one person Ashanda is likely to vote for other than Mackenzie.In this instance I'd consider her the pivotal swing vote, if the two of you are on board.

Topher: Hm... Lulu, okay. 

Jamie: So you'd like us to relay this to Ashanda?

Mackenzie: Yes, please. Topher, I know you're close with Kendra, but trust me when I say this, there is no breaking into that trio. They're airtight and no matter what anyone says, or how often they say it, nothing is ever going to change that. You will always be the fourth in that alliance, and I'm sorry I have to be so blunt about it, but it's true.

Topher: No, it's okay. I'm hearing you. I've been thinking about that myself.

Mackenzie: I know I've made mistakes along the road. I know I lost your trust because of my secrets with Jason, but there's no Jason now. I have no tight duos with anyone, unlike Kendra. I know I'm not the most trustworthy person in the world right now, but you need to take one of Kendra's trio out, which is why I'd urge you to vote Lulu while you have the chance.

Moses: You two know how loyal I am. I stuck with Kory in the first round, then stuck with Jason in the round he went home. That same unwavering loyalty will be applicable to the two of you and Ashanda, should you choose to vote with us. 

Jamie: Thanks, Moses. I appreciate that.

Mackenzie: I really hope you guys will consider this. You have two votes automatically going to Lulu. This could be your last chance to shake things up, please take it. There's only benefits for you. 

Jamie: We'll really consider it. We'd best get back before Kendra sends out a search party.

Mackenzie: Thanks for listening.

(As Jamie and Topher walk away, the camera focuses on Mackenzie, who watches them go.)

I'm feeling good about this plan. Jamie's tight with me somewhat, Topher and Moses have a bit in common, and Ashanda has even less of a reason to keep Lulu around than me, so I'm optimistic that we'll get the five needed! I pitched forward every argument I could make because I know, realistically, this is probably the last chance I'll get to speak to anyone other than Moses before Tribal. I know that a big obstacle to getting people to trust me was Jason, and now he's gone, hopefully people see me as more valuable than Kendra and someone out there realises Kendra's trio is running the tribe. We have the potential to make our own incredibly strong alliance of five and I hope these guys take it.

Mackenzie Streiff

(Following Mackenzie's confessional, the camera goes back to Jamie and Topher as they head back to camp.)

Jamie: What are you thinking?

Topher: Well... I'm thinking, if that helps. What Mackenzie said was true, and I know that Moses would be loyal to us.

Jamie: Listen, they can know what she said, but they can't know we're considering this. Can you keep that to yourself?

Topher: Yeah, sure.

(As they walk back to camp, the camera focuses on Jamie.)

I think a lot of people underestimate just how smart a person Mackenzie really is, because of the mistakes she made with Jason, but she has hit the nail completely on the head by targeting Lulu, I think. I want to keep her and I honestly have no connections to Lulu; Kendra is the one Topher is close to and as far as I'm aware, he's got noting going with Lulu because she's been so tight to Stanley and Kendra. If anyone personified the fear of how tight that trio was, it's her for sure. Ashanda would vote for Lulu hands down because of their little argument the other day, and if anyone's worried about upsetting Kendra, I don't think they need to be. Based on the talk we had, I think she's well aware they're dragging her down and she'd be more than okay with us cutting one of them. Just yesterday I thought Mackenzie was in a deep hole and my commitment to her was more as a friend, trying to make her last couple of days easy. But now, I actually think she's in with a shot to pull this off!

Jamie Forrester

(Following Jamie's confessional, the camera cuts back to he and Topher as they return to camp. Noticing them, Kendra walks over.)

Kendra: What did Mackenzie say to you guys? 

Jamie: She told us about her plan for the next vote if we go to Tribal. She-

Kendra: Hold on. (raising her voice) Everyone come around here and listen so we know what Mackenzie's up to!

(Gradually, the other members of Kendra's alliance gather around to hear what Jamie has to say. When they all arrive, he starts to speak again.)

Jamie: Basically, she talked about how tight the trio of Kendra, Stanley and Lulu are.

Lulu: (rolls eyes) Of course.

Jamie: Then she told us that she and Moses are voting for Lulu if we go to Tribal next, and we should follow them if we don't want to end up screwed.

Lulu: (stunned) Me!?

Jamie: Yep, she must have decided that going after Kendra didn't work, so moved on to someone else.

Lulu: Well, as if I didn't want her gone enough already, I want her out even more now!

Kendra: It doesn't matter who she targets, because she's gone if we lose the next challenge. If Moses has any sense he'll vote with us too instead of attaching himself to that sinking ship.

(As the group nod in agreement with Kendra's sentiment, the camera focuses on Ashanda, who is smiling.)

I've got to hand it to Mackenzie; she may be a damn snake, but she's a damn smart snake. If there's anyone on that I'd even consider getting rid of before her, it's Lulu. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trust Mackenzie to run me a bath, but I wouldn't trust Lulu to get me a glass of water! I know that if <expletive> gets shook up, Lulu's never gonna be loyal to me, and I wonder who is gonna be targeted once Mackenzie goes? I haven't forgotten that Lulu tried to expose me. My damn problem is that I trust Mackenzie just about as much as I trust her, 'cause of everything that went on with Jason. There's no mistaking this was the smartest play she could've made today, and if people are gonna be jumping ship, then I'll be considering showing Lulu what happens when you mess with Ashanda-Freakin'-Jane!

Ashanda-Jane Washington

Day 11

Immunity Challenge

Jeff: Come in, guys!

(The castaways walk in and stand on the mat.)

Jeff: You guys ready to get to today's challenge? 

Castaways: Yes! 

Jeff: First thing's first, Jamie and Eddiot, I'll take back the individual immunity necklaces from you guys. (He does so) Individual immunity is no more. Once again, you're playing for Tribal immunity! For today's challenge, you'll begin by racing underneath an obstacle to retrieve a war club. You'll then have to maneuver through a rope tunnel, but you'll have the option of taking a short cut to make the course shorter. The next obstacle is a balance beam and, once again, you'll have the option of help in making the beam wider and easier to cross. Once you're through with that obstacle, you'll have to carry a crate to the finish, which will contain your puzzle pieces. Now, here's the twist: how big your puzzle is depends on how many shortcuts you took. If you took none, you'll have 50 pieces. If you took one, 60 pieces, and if you took both, 70 pieces. It'll be a test of rewards now or later.

(Topher looks at the obstacle course a little nervously.)

Jeff:  But before we get started, we have one order of business to take care of: Jensen, you won the Temptation. Will you be taking it?

Jensen: Jeff, I've given this a lot of thought, and...

Jensen: I'm not using it.

I decided not to use the Temptation for a couple of reasons. First, I thought there was a high chance we'd win anyway, because Topher was still on the other tribe. Then, I figured I'd taken my game into my own hands and was confident I could survive anyway, if we did lose, because Trinity wants Eddiot out and I sold her out to that group, so they won't trust her and she'll have no choice but to work with us, because they'll be after her! That way I choose who goes, Eddiot or Trinity, and I'm honestly leaning towards Trinity. If Trinity got to be the swing vote, so can I, and at the end of the day, if I can stay on this tribe, put myself in a good position and not screw Meiling over, it's a win-win and I'm gonna take it.

Jensen Price

Jeff: Okay, I'll take the envelope back. (He does so) Once again, this Temptation is out of play and a new one will be brought in next round. With that out of the way, we'll draw for spots and get started. 

(The castaways are awaiting Jeff's signal.)

Jeff: For immunity... Survivors ready? GO!

Immunity Challenge: Got to Choose
Tribe Obstacle Course Only Course and Puzzle
Carriacou AshandaJaneWashington JamieForrester KendraValentine LuluNguyen StanleyMoriarty TopherDaniels
Ashanda, Jamie, Kendra, Lulu, Stanley, Topher
MackenzieStreiff MosesHenderson
Mackenzie, Moses
Gouyave BrooklynVentura EddiotBrantley JensenPrice MeilingGao TaihlauraHouston TrinityLewis
Brooklyn, Eddiot, Jensen, Meiling, Taihlaura, Trinity
SamanthaLangrick ShivaniChandra
Samantha, Shivani

Challenge Summary:

  • The challenge starts off neck-and-neck as Jamie and Jensen are the front runners for their tribe under the obstacle course, while Topher and Meiling struggle. Jensen grabs the club first and Gouyave take a small lead.
  • On the rope course, Meiling struggles a little but is determined to get through, and Trinity struggles a bit as well. Meanwhile, Topher goes over the ropes first to see if he can handle it and fails miserably, costing Carriacou more time. Jamie decides to smash through the short cut, making things a little easier and putting them a little bit ahead of Gouyave.
  • Carriacou get to the balance beam first and, once again, after giving Topher a test run and seeing him struggle, they smash through the shortcut to make the beam a little longer. This increases their lead further but Topher still struggles, falling off a couple of times, allowing Gouyae to get back some time as they get through the rope course. Moses instructs Topher to just crawl across the beam, which solves his problem, and Carriacou are able to maintain their lead as the rest go across with no difficulty. 
  • As Gouyave get to the beam, Meiling does a test run and declares she is okay, deciding to crawl along the beam like Topher. Despie a couple of falls from Trinity and Brooklyn, they get across relatively easily, shortening the lead.
  • With a head start on the crate, Jamie, Kendra and Mackenzie do the heaviest of the lifting. As they are about halfway to the end, Gouyave begin carrying their crate, with Jensen, Samantha and Eddiot shouldering most of the load. Carriacou still manage to get there with a decent head start. 
  • With a larger puzzle, Mackenzie and Moses take quite a bit of time to get their bearings as they put in the corner pieces. They start a steady pace before Gouyave get to their puzzle. With a much smaller task, Shivani and Samantha take much less time to work things out and begin working fast. Seeing their progress, and her tribe's lead evaporate, the pressure starts to get to Mackenzie and she begins to fumble. Moses tells her to calm down and resumes working. Although they maintain their pace, Gouyave overtake them. With less puzzle to complete, and Shivani taking the lead and working effectively, Gouyave are soon headed towards the end. With a couple of pieces to go, compared to quite a few from Carriacou, they slide them in quickly and give Gouyave the win.  


(Samantha erupts into a cheer as Gouyave celebrates, with the notable exception being Trinity, who appears almost annoyed that she is immune. Meanwhile, Mackenzie thumps the table in disappointment and puts her head in her hands, Moses consoling her. Topher slumps to the ground in utter embarrassment.)

Topher: I am so sorry, guys...

Lulu: It's fine, you have nothing to worry about.

(There is a timeskip and the castaways are back on their mats.)

Jeff: Gouyave, come on over. 

(Shivani comes over and takes the immunity statue from Jeff.)

Jeff: You guys didn't take any shortcuts and it rewarded you well later on. Congratulations on winning immunity and being safe from Tribal Council. Carriacou, you guys took the shortcuts but the difficulty at the end was too much to overcome. I have nothing for you but a date with me at Tribal Council, where someone will become the fifth person voted out of this game. You have the afternoon to figure out who it's going to be. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you at Tribal.

(The castaways depart the challenge area.)


(Following their loss, the Carriacou Tribe arrive back at camp.)

Topher: (embarrassed) Guys, I am so, so, sorry. 

What happened at the challenge today was downright embarrassing. Even with the shortcuts I still struggled so badly and the other tribe was able to catch up, and since they had the much easier puzzle, they steamrolled us at the end. Once again I'm the reason we're going to Tribal, and the guilt about that doesn't sit well with me at all. On any other season of Survivor ever, I would have been the first one to go: I'm an overweight, incredibly weak guy with the social skills of a freaking cardboard box, but for some reason, because I'm on this season, my challenge performances are getting ignored. I'm not only in a strong alliance, I'm a swing vote tonight. No matter which way I go, I'm going to be a core member of someone's alliance and once again, my challenge performances will be swept under the rug. I feel indebted to these guys for aligning with me, I really do, and that just makes me feel even more awful that I'm doing so badly and someone else is always going to end up paying for my mistakes.

Topher Daniels

Lulu: It's fine, Topher. Like I said, you have nothing to worry about. We all know what the plan is.

Mackenzie: (laughs) I'll take that as my cue that I'm not allowed to talk to anyone pre-Tribal. You all know I'm voting Lulu, no doubt, so if your name isn't Kendra, Lulu or Stanley, this might be your last chance to actually do something before you get overrun. 

(Mackenzie walks away. The camera focuses on her as she sighs.)

I've lost all but one of my chances to save myself. Tonight is make or beak and I'm against the wall. If my name comes up four times tonight, I'll know that I'm going home. I've got Moses on my side and I'm so grateful for that, but all I can hope is that Jamie's promise to me was genuine, and he, Ashanda and Topher realise that I'll be a loyal ally to them and there's no breaking Kendra's trio. I know that I'm going to have no chance to talk to anyone but Moses until Tribal rolls around, but I have to still be hopeful that I'll make it through this. I want to stick it to Kendra and Lulu so badly because all they've done is treat me like absolute dirt for the last three days. I want that more than anything in the world.

Mackenzie Streiff

(When Mackenzie is gone, Kendra turns to the group.)

Kendra: Okay, guys, remember the plan: vote out Mackenzie. I know she's probably getting to a lot of you, trying to plant things in your heads, but she's absolutely going to flip if she hits a swap, and that's the case for any of you. We need to take care of the problem now to avoid it biting us in the ass in the future. Moses, it would be in your best interests to vote with us, too.

Moses: I'm aware of what my best interests are. I appreciate your concern.

(As the group begin to walk away, the camera focuses on Lulu as she heads in the direction of Jamie and Topher, a slightly concerned look on her face.)

The plan tonight should be simple: Mackenzie has no loyalty to anyone, no one trusts her and she knows it, so it should be of no question to anyone that she'd flip as soon as a swap goes, regardless of who she's on the tribe with. That being said, I just know that a rat is never more dangerous than when it's cornered, so I'm sure she's been filling peoples' heads with all sorts of things, like how we're an unbreakable trio and I'll be loyal to no one but Kendra and Stanley. As much as I have faith this will pull through, I know I can't get too confident, so this afternoon is the time to go around reassuring everyone that I'm going to have loyalties to them and I'm not just surgically attached to my best friends. It's true that friends mean a lot to me, so I'm naturally going to be tight to them, but I know this is a game at the end of the day. I know I've ruffled feathers, so I need these people to actually see value in keeping me around.

Lulu Nguyen

(The camera picks up as Lulu, Jamie and Topher are all talking.)

Lulu: Hey, guys. Thanks for talking with me.

Jamie: That's okay, Lulu. How are you feeling tonight?

Lulu: (sigh) Not gonna lie, I was taken aback when I heard Mackenzie was targeting me, but I get it's part of the game. I'm worried that she's going to flip you guys, so I just wanted to talk.

Topher: It's fine. What do you want to talk about?

Lulu: Look, I know that you guys probably think I'm tight with Kendra. I won't lie, I am close to her, because she's one of my best friends out here. I know I've neglected making the bonds with you guys, and that's entirely my fault, but I promise you that's all going to change if you'll stick with Kendra's side and keep me tonight. 

Jamie: Yeah, not gonna lie, I've noticed that you've been pretty close with her.

Lulu: I know, but it's just that friends mean a lot to me. I didn't have very supportive parents when I was growing up, so my friends got me through a lot of difficult times and sort of became my family, in a way. That's why it's natural for me to be close to the friends I make and I know that I make that obvious, but it's difficult for me to hide. I promise that I'm going to make more of an effort and you guys can count on me to be loyal, because that's the sort of person I am. If you have my back, I have yours, and that goes for swaps, merges, anything. Mackenzie has no allies, she's going to flip on anyone she ends up with if we swap, but not me. Please keep me.

Topher: I understand being close to the friends, Lulu. I didn't have a lot growing up so the ones I did have, I was tight with. 

Lulu: Exactly, once I make a friend, they're solid with me. I hope you don't let Mackenzie get to you. 

Jamie: Thanks for that, Lulu. I appreciate you coming and talking with us. 

Lulu: No problem. I hope to see you guys at the end of tonight!

(As Lulu walks away, the camera focuses on Jamie, who is considering the things she said.)

I do sympathise with Lulu a little because, having talked to Kendra before, I know that the value of friends in your personal life does have an uncontrollable impact on your game. That being said, she's scrambling right now and, realistically speaking, I'm not sure how much I can trust her going forward. I haven't had the chance to bond with Lulu, nor has she made any effort to bond with me. It's all well and good to say that you'll do it when you're in danger of going, but whether she'll actually do it has me concerned. She makes strong friends, so what if she makes one at a swap and leaves me for dead? Or what if we stay put? She'll stay loyal to Kendra and my time is running out to make a move. Meanwhile, Mackenzie has been with me since day one, I know she'll be loyal to me and she's going to change up her game after the mistakes she made. It's an absolute no contest who I want to save tonight, but I need to have the numbers to do it.

Jamie Forrester

(Following Jamie's confessional, the camera picks up as Lulu approaches Ashanda by the beach.)

Lulu: Hey, Ashanda. Can we talk?

Ashanda: (hostile) If you're gonna yell at me, walk right back the other way.

Lulu: (holding her hands up in surrender) No, no, I come in peace. Actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about. 

Ashanda: I don't wanna bring up that old drama.

Lulu: No, neither do I. I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry that I came at you like that and hope you'd give me a chance to explain things from my perspective. 

Ashanda: Okay, I'm listening. 

Lulu: I didn't have a very supportive family, so in a way, my friends became my family. That means that a bond with friends is incredibly important to me. Kendra and I became friends and it's just natural for me to spend a lot more time with them. When I heard that you'd been spreading that stuff about her, I got defensive because it was like someone was taking on my family, and that's why I snapped at you. Looking back, it was really dumb of me and I shouldn't have. I can completely understand why you would be hesitant to trust me, but I'm so sorry for what I said and I want you to know that, if you save me here, I'm going to extend that same loyalty to you. I'm not just an extension of Kendra; I'm my own person, I have airtight loyalty and I won't forget this. This is a chance to put the past behind us and move forward.

Ashanda: Yeah, I appreciate the apology. If someone came for my husband or children in a way like I did for Kendra I'd be getting pretty pissed too.

Lulu: Exactly. Thanks for talking this out with me, If I survive tonight I'm going to be a lot more social with everyone! I hope we can be friends. 

Ashanda: Me too. (smiles)

(As Lulu walks away, the camera focuses on her as she breathes a sigh of relief.)

Of all the potential swings tonight, the person I was most worried about was Ashanda. Things between us haven't exactly been smooth sailing, but I was relieved that she gave me the chance to explain my side. She told me that she'd have done the same thing if someone came after her family, so I'm not holding my breath, but I hope that means she's going to put things in the past. I know Ashanda has been shady and can lie directly to your face without even a hint of remorse, so I'm not ready to put my full trust in her yet. For all I know, she could have faked that entire conversation. I'm a little bit more at ease, but the anxiety that I'll go home tonight is still real. I hope I've convinced Topher and Jamie that I'll be more loyal than Mackenzie. My game depends on it.

Lulu Nguyen

(Following Lulu's confessional, the camera goes back to Ashanda, who looks in Lulu's direction scornfully and rolls her eyes.)

Lulu, put your bull<expletive> back in the damn bull, girl. She don't think I know where she's going with this? I've got the power now and the same girl who didn't want to speak to me a couple days ago is now coming back to me with her tail between her legs, crying some sob story about how her friends are her family and she's gonna trust me completely if I save her. Pfft, yeah, easy for you to say. I was gonna be the next one gone if I didn't stumble on Mackenzie, and now I'm supposed to just put that in the past because you magically decide we're best friends? Sure. She's lucky I trust Mackenzie just as little as I trust her. The thing is, both these girls could flip on me, both have a reason to hate me and they're not just gonna forgive and forget no matter what BS they spill. When it comes down to it, I have to think about which one is most loyal to me and I'm going with that. I don't give a damn who gets upset about that, but I'm only going with the majority. If any of these girls think I'm going to rocks for them, they can forget about it.

Ashanda-Jane Washington

(There is then a transitioning nature shot, before the camera picks up on Mackenzie and Moses as they relax together in the forest.)

Mackenzie: You know what's driving me absolutely crazy? Ashanda, Jamie and Topher are probably somewhere discussing my fate right this second and I'm powerless to do anything to keep myself.

Moses: Yes, it's bothersome, but unfortunately that's the state this tribe has devolved into. Anyone caught talking to you is going to have the force of a thousand suns brought down upon them. 

Mackenzie: Exactly, and the fact Kendra's enforcing that should be proof to anyone not named Lulu or Stanley that she doesn't trust them. Why stay in an alliance where the head honcho clearly doesn't trust you?

Moses: Lord knows, but hopefully they wise up, and soon. 

Mackenzie: I'm pretty confident we can get Lulu out. Jame will swing, Ashanda won't trust Lulu and surely Topher will see that there's no breaking the three. I just want to make the switch so bad. I know, if we have one, it's got to be close. I hope we see each other if that happens.

Moses: Me, too. Hopefully a switch will breathe some life into us, split that trio and give me a chance to actually get some allies. Rest assured that if we survive this, things get shuffled and we both end up on the same tribe, you have my absolute, unwavering loyalty until such point as one of us is out of the game. 

Mackenzie: Me, too. I'd love for us to be on the same swapped tribe together, or even in power on this one. And hey, if I go tonight, give them hell for me, okay?

Moses: Oh, I guarantee I will. (chuckles) It's a shame that it came down to this, Mackenzie. 

Mackenzie: It is, but we've got one last shot at getting out of it, so we can't give up hope yet. I really think we're going to get out of this.

(As they sit together, looking out into the distance, the camera focuses on Mackenzie, who is smiling.)

It's driving me crazy knowing that my fate is completely out of my hands and I can do nothing but sit here, twiddling my thumbs, until it's time for Tribal Council. I've been treated like crap for three days so I know that there's a high chance I could go home tonight, but I'm also feeling quietly confident that we can pull this Lulu vote off. The fact Kendra is policing everyone's conversations should show these guys that she doesn't trust them, and they've pretty much got one last chance to move. If I survive this, it will feel great to be in power. If we make the switch, Moses is my number one from here on out as he's the only one who's stuck by me. I hope we end up on the same tribe together, if there is a switch, and we become an unstoppable power duo plowing down everyone who treated us like crap. (laughs) If these guys think I'm going to go quietly after being completely isolated for the last three days they have another thing coming. I'm going to be airing all their dirty laundry, whether I'm staying or going.

Mackenzie Streiff

(The camera then transitions to Moses, who is deep in thought, as his confessional is heard.)

I'm hopeful that this vote will go according to plan, because Mackenzie is someone who I'd like to go far in the game with. It's no secret that I've been largely unsuccessful with integrating into the tribe, and she has been my one consistent ally. If we vote Lulu off tonight, I will give her my devoted loyalty. If we make it to a switch, I will turn on this tribe and hopefully reconnect with her at a later point. If she's going to be voted out, then I'll commit to winning this game for her, as I gave her my word. I've been doing a good job so far at laying low and avoiding making waves. I am loyal to Mackenzie, but if it so happens that she's being voted out, then it may be in my best interests to vote alongside them, just to keep my low profile. I hope that doesn't happen, though. I can't just keep moving myself one space up the pecking order, because soon there'll be no one left with any heat and then my time will be up.

Moses Henderson

(As the day fades into the late afternoon, the camera picks up on Ashanda, Jamie and Topher as they walk into a different part of the forest to discuss their move.)

Jamie: Okay, we need to decide as a group whether we're flipping or staying put. We've only got majority if the three of us go together, so either all of us do or none of us. 

Ashanda: Yeah, screw that. I'm not going to rocks for Mackenzie. 

Jamie: But listen, if this vote doesn't go through, this conversation never happened, okay? No one can know we were even so much as considering it.

Topher: Oh yeah, of course. 

Jamie: I'd prefer we keep Mackenzie. I think she'd be way more loyal to us than Lulu, who hasn't even bothered to talk to us much until today.

Ashanda: Yeah, you know she spilled the most fake BS to me about how she wanted to be friends, and how she'd only attacked me 'cause she had strong loyalty to friends?

Jamie: That was the reasoning she gave me for not speaking with us. 

Ashanda: See, she's only trying to get us on her side. I don't trust her at all. Problem is, I don't trust Mackenzie either. What's to say she won't pull more double dealing bull<expletive>? 

Jamie: The thing is, I don't think she will. She's learned from what happened, so she'd be loyal to us. I think Lulu would be more loyal to Kendra because she's been the right hand for this whole time, and she and Kendra have been treating Mackenzie like crap for three days. What do you think, Topher? You've been pretty quiet.

Topher: Yeah, I don't like the way Mackenzie is being treated. To be honest, I feel a little guilty that one of them is going when I've screwed up challenge after challenge. 

Ashanda: Yeah, well one of them has to go and we have to decide who. 

Topher: I know, I know. (sighs) I like Mackenzie and Moses, but I like Kendra too, so it'll be difficult to go against either of them. My main concern is that we become the new "tight trio" and it has negative impacts on all of us. If we vote Lulu out, we're the three flippers, so we'll be seen as tight. Then in our group of five, the other two- Mackenzie and Moses- are even tighter than Kendra's trio. So my thinking is that it's not going to be pleasant for Kendra and Stanley, so we'd either have to hope for two more pre-swap rounds to vote both of them off, or that we don't get swapped with any of them. I think they'd flip on us in a heartbeat.

Jamie: Yeah, that's a good point, but the longer we put off flipping, the less chance we're going to have. This could be our last chance to move and I'd rather have done it than avoided pissing people off and gotten picked off when there was no one else left. Moses is next in line after Mackenzie, and let's face it, we aren't the strongest tribe in the world. I don't see us winning immunity to save ourselves until a swap or merge. 

Topher: That's true. If I'm going to be fourth, I don't want to lose what might be my only chance to flip and then regret it later. (sigh) It's difficult. 

Ashanda: Well, I've made up my mind. 

Jamie: Me too. What about you, Topher?

(As the camera fades away, Topher's confessional is heard over the top.)

I'm the swing vote again and I hate it, especially with the added guilt that I completely blew the challenge today and someone else is going to pay for it. (sighs) There's a lot to think about. I like Mackenzie, I like Moses, but I like Kendra too and I value the friendship of all three of them. I don't have the connection to Lulu, but she's tried to get to know me and I appreciate that. I feel indebted to Kendra for giving me a chance on this tribe and then again after I screwed up, and I'm worried that if we flip now, it's going to make us the tight group and it'll put us in danger. That being said, although my friendship with Kendra is strong, if this is my last chance to flip, I don't take it, and it ends up biting me later I'll kick myself. I hate that I have to make a decision like this, but I have to think about what's best. I just wish I could save everyone.

Topher Daniels

After this, the next shot seen shows the castaways packing their stuff and grabbing their torches, before the sun sets, as they head off for Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

(The Carriacou Tribe walk in and sit down.)

Jeff: Carriacou, welcome back to Tribal Council. Stanley, every single time you guys have been here, things have been dramatic. Have things cooled down since the last time? 

Stanley: (laughs) No way. If anything they've gotten even more dramatic. It's insane. 

(Mackenzie gives a small laugh, catching Jeff's attention.)

Jeff: Mackenzie, what was that about?

Mackenzie: Oh, Jeff, last Tribal, Moses and I tried to make a move against Kendra and we failed. Ever since that time, Kendra has taken on the role of dictator and has declared that nobody's allowed to talk to us unless they go in groups of two or more. Now the fact alone that that's happening should be an indicator that she doesn't trust you if you're not a member of the ass-kissing cult on this tribe. Now, I'm voting for Lulu tonight, and anyone not part of the aforementioned cult should be doing the same!

(As soon as these words leave Mackenzie's mouth, Lulu rolls her eyes heavily.)

Jeff: Lulu, that got a huge reaction from you. 

Lulu: Yes it did, Jeff, because I'm absolutely sick of this. I can handle being targeted by Mackenzie because that's part of the game. What I can't handle is her constantly playing the victim for three days because she screwed up her own game by betraying everyone. She acts like we're some sort of cult for aligning with Kendra when Kendra hasn't done anything to abuse our trust. She has the nerve to chastise me for supposedly ass-kissing when she did so much of it to Jason I'm surprised they could pry her lips apart when he left!

Mackenzie: Yeah, I screwed up, I betrayed people, I recognise that and if I stay tonight I'm going to change. That doesn't take away from the fact that you and Stanley gravitate towards Kendra and are never seen apart, so that naturally makes people think they're on the bottom and want to jump! To everyone else, this is your last chance to flip. The people going home after me are Ashanda, Jamie and Topher, probably in that order. If you guys jump now, you've got a stable alliance of five. If you don't, see you at pre-merge Ponderosa.

Jeff: Topher, Mackenzie pinpointed you as one of the next to go but you were last in that list! I have to say, I'm watching you consistently be the worst performer in challenge after challenge, and your name is never coming up! How do you feel about that?

Topher: I feel incredibly guilty that I'm costing these guys the challenges time and time again and each time it's somebody else paying for it. It's hard because I like everyone here, I liked Jason, and I liked Kory! Who's losing the challenges? Me, by far. Who's gone home? Kory and Jason. Who lost today? Me. Who's going home? Lulu or Mackenzie. I got lucky that I got pulled into an alliance of people who looked past that, but don't think  seeing people go home for my mistakes doesn't wear on me every day I'm out here.

(Kendra gives Jeff a furious, icy glare.)

Jeff: Kendra, you look like if you were allowed, you'd come over and strangle me right now. 

Kendra: I see what you're doing, Jeff! You're trying to manipulate Topher into quitting the game so Mackenzie can stay. Well, it's not going to happen!

Jeff: Kendra, I'm not trying to manipulate anyone into anything. I'm just making an observation that Topher is sticking around despite his poor challenge performance when, in any other season, he'd be one of the first to go. 

Kendra: There you go again! The reason we're keeping him, Jeffrey, is because he is a good person who knows how to be a loyal ally, unlike a certain Miss Mackenzie Streiff over there. (smiles)

Mackenzie: Come on, Kendra, I was clearly on the bottom and tried to make a move. You claim we were this happy five when it was obvious you had your tight three. Did you ever come up for one on one conversations with me? No. 

Kendra: Oh, I'm sorry, did you ever come up to talk to me? Have you seen what's been happening to me in this game lately? Firstly there's a revolt against me that I know nothing about until we get to Tribal, then someone- which turned out to be you- was leaking to Jason, then Ashanda tried to turn Topher against me and was targeting me! But clearly the first thing on my mind every single morning should have been "Oh wow, I must go and talk to Mackenzie today!" Half the time I couldn't find you anyway, because you were off talking with Jason. You dug your own grave, I'm just giving you the friendly push.

Mackenzie: Well.

Jeff: Moses, through all this drama, you seem to have been forgotten! Where do you fit into all this? 

Moses: Jeffrey, shush, you're attracting attention. (chuckles) I'm aware that Mackenzie has most of the heat on her, so my strategy has been to avoid making waves for the last few days. My hope is that the members of Carriacou see my loyalty to Mackenzie not as "Moses is against Kendra", but rather, "Moses is a very loyal ally" and keep me around because of it.

Jeff: Ashanda, what's your line of thinking for tonight's vote?

Ashanda: It's true that there's some ass-kissers in this tribe, whether they wanna deny it or not. The biggest thing for me is deciding who is gonna be the one loyal to me at the end of the day. Fact is, I don't trust Mackenzie at all because she was double-dealing with Jason and probably conspiring to come after me. But I also don't trust Lulu because she came and called me out over the Topher thing then came to me this afternoon apologising and kissing my ass because I was in power, when I'm sure she was pushing for me to go next. So it's about the lesser of two evils.

Jeff: Jamie, if there is a tight three, your time is running out to flip. What's your thought process tonight?

(Kendra glares furiously at Jeff again, before Jamie answers.)

Jamie: Mackenzie and I were tight to begin with, but then she was going behind my back with Jason and I lost trust in her. She realises this is where she went wrong, but it might be too late for her. What I'm thinking is, where do I sit in this tribe? Would it be better for me to flip, or to stay put? Are we going to swap, and should I be thinking about that? There's all these hypothetical scenarios swirling around in my head, and tonight I'm gonna have to go with my best option. 

Jeff: Okay, there's clearly a lot of drama here, so let's get to the vote. Kendra, you're up.

(Kendra walks up to the voting booth, flashing Mackenzie a smile on the way, the latter rolling her eyes. When she gets there, she is shown writing MAC***ZIE on the parchment, before her voting confessional is revealed to the public.)

You and Jason are gonna be beeeeest friends when you see him in Ponderosa. I hope he was worth losing a million dollars over. Byeeee!

–Kendra, voting for Mackenzie

(Jamie, Moses and  Stanley go up to vote. None are shown. The next to vote is Lulu, whose vote is revealed to the public.)

I somehow want you gone even more now than when I came in here. Congratulations. I didn't even know that was possible.

–Lulu, voting for Mackenzie

(Ashanda is next to vote. Hers is not shown. Next is Mackenzie, and her vote is revealed to the public.)

Like it or not, you are an ass-kisser. There's people in this tribe other than Kendra and Stanley and I hope they see that I'm more worth keeping around than you.

–Mackenzie, voting for Lulu

(Last to vote is Topher, who goes up to the podium and takes a deep breath, thinking for a moment, before he begins to write. The camera fades away and shows him next as he returns to his seat.)

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

(Jeff leaves and returns a short time later with the urn.)

Jeff: I'll read the votes.

First vote...

MAC***ZIE. One vote Mackenzie. (1-0)

(Mackenzie smirks and shakes her head.)

LULU. One vote Mackenzie, one vote Lulu. (1-1)

(Lulu rolls her eyes.)


MACKENZIE. That's three votes Mackenzie. (3-1)

(The camera changes focus to Ashanda, Jamie and Topher as Jeff pulls out the next vote.)

MACKENZIE. That's four votes Mackenzie, one vote Lulu. (4-1)

(Mackenzie sighs and begins to gather her stuff as Lulu and Kendra smile smugly. Topher begins to look guilty as Jeff pulls out the next vote.)

Fifth person voted out of Survivor: Grenada- Temptations... MACKENZIE. That's five, that's enough, you need to bring me your torch.

(With another sigh, Mackenzie picks up her bag. Ashanda looks at Topher scornfully and shakes her head, while Jamie looks a little upset. Mackenzie walks over and gives Moses a hug.)

Mackenzie: Good luck. Win this.

Moses: I'll try my best.

(Mackenzie walks over and goes to Jamie, giving him a hug.)

Jamie: I'm sorry for this.

Mackenzie: It's okay, good luck. 

(The reassuring words from Mackenzie do nothing for Jamie's guilt as he sits down and stares into space. Mackenzie grabs her torch and makes her way over to Jeff.)

Jeff: Mackenzie, the tribe has spoken.

(Jeff snuffs Mackenzie's torch.)

Jeff: Time for you to go.

Mackenzie: (turns back to the group) Good luck, you guys. The four outsiders here are gonna need it. Hope a switch comes your way soon or someone wises up. 

(Without another word, Mackenzie departs the Tribal Council area.)

Jeff: Well, it was a unanimous vote on paper, but in practice you are anything but unified. Mackenzie seemed to be the main cause of it, but the question remains, will her departure clear things up or will you be back here again and again? Time will tell. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Goodnight. 

(The seven remaining members of Carriacou depart the Tribal Council area.)

Tribal Council 5:
Mackenzie (7 votes)
AshandaJaneWashington JamieForrester KendraValentineLuluNguyen
MosesHenderson StanleyMoriarty TopherDaniels
Ashanda, Jamie, Kendra, Lulu, Moses, Stanley, Topher
Lulu (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

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{{Node-count limit exceeded|carriacou|Unfortunately I've been informed that our plan wasn't successful. I'll give them hell for you. Promise.|Moses, voting for Mackenzie}} {{Node-count limit exceeded|carriacou|I feel bad that you got roasted so much but you kinda brought it on yourself.|Stanley, voting for Mackenzie}} {{Node-count limit exceeded|carriacou|I was so ready to vote out that kiss-ass bitch, Lulu, but unfortunately for you, Topher hasn't got a spine. Maybe you shouldn't have been such a snake in the first place.|Ashanda, voting for Mackenzie}} {{Node-count limit exceeded|carriacou|Mackenzie, I'm sorry to have to do this. When it comes down to it, I feel too indebted to Kendra to go against her like this, and I don't want to disturb the peace before an eventual swap. I feel even worse because I know that it's my fault entirely you're going home, since I'm forcing the other two to switch their votes. I hope you don't hate me for this, but I can't flip. It's not my best move.|Topher, voting for Mackenzie}}

<span class="error">Node-count limit exceeded</span> {{Node-count limit exceeded|carriacou|Well, I can't say I didn't give it my all. I don't know whether to feel disappointed or relieved that I'm out because the last few days were so draining but I so badly wanted to take down Lulu and Kendra, I just... aaaaah! I feel awful because I know that 95% of this is my fault because I overplayed. I wanted to hide behind targets but I made myself the biggest one of all because I got so emotionally invested with saving Jason and it really bit me. I hope the other four have some sense about them and strike before it's too late. I'm rooting for Moses and Jamie, I really hope they go far. I had a fantastic time out there, except for the last couple of days, but I'm itching for a second chance!|Mackenzie Streiff}}

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Carriacou Tribe
Gouyave Tribe

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The tribes are shaken up...

{{Node-count limit exceeded|none|Drop your buffs... we are switching tribes!|Jeff Probst}}

For some, the switch is amazing...

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While for others, it's their worst nightmare!

{{Node-count limit exceeded|none|I would rather cut my boobs off, dip them in liquid nitrogen and eat them than be on this tribe!|???}} {{Node-count limit exceeded|none|I'm immediately regretting every move I ever made.|???}}

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  • This episode went through several title changes. The first was Grabbing the Bull So Hard I'll Rip its Horns Off, before it was changed to I'm Allowed to Have a Meltdown, and again to It's Opposite Day. After considering How Much Do They Earn By The Hour?, I eventually settled on this one.
    • All these alternative titles will be said at some point during the episode.
  • The episode title was said by Stanley Moriarty, describing his strategy of laying low to avoid generating heat.
  • Mackenzie had the most confessionals this episode, with six.
    • Brooklyn had the least, with one.