"And the Noose Tightens Around His Neck"
Season Survivor: Battle of the Ages
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 11/13
Episode Chronology
Previous Closer and Closer
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And the Noose Tightens Around His Neck is is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Battle of the Ages.

Previously On Survivor...

After eliminating Ulrich, the tribe returned to camp silent, almost mourning their friend. Later, rather than a reward challenge was an auction. Astor won a chocolate cake, Erick won a PB&J sandwich and the right to send someone to Exile Island, Garnet won a shower, Genette won donuts and coffee, Kamryn won a piece of lasagne, Quinlan won an advantage at the next immunity challenge, and Zak won a slice of pizza and hot dogs with french fries.

Back at camp, Kamryn made a final four pact with Astor, Garnet, and Genette. All three agreed to the alliance. At the immunity challenge, Quinlan's advantage brought him straight to the final round. Erick and Garnet would join him in the final round. All three finished at the same time, but only Quinlan was correct, earning him immunity. At tribal council, Erick was unanimously voted out 7-1. Six remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Mud Run
Run to a mud pit, slather yourself in mud, come back, and empty the mud into your bucket. Heaviest mud bucket after five minutes wins.
Reward: A barbecue feast and letters from home.
Winner: Zak (shared with Garnet and Genette)

Immunity Challenge: When It Rains, It Pours
Players will be standing barefoot on a small wooden perch, while one of their hands will be chained to an overhead bucket of water. If the contestant moved enough, the bucket will drop water, dousing the player, eliminating him or her. At random points during the challenge, the host would tempt the survivors with food items. Last person standing wins immunity.
Winner: Astor


Night 30

The final six returns from tribal council, happy about Erick leaving the game.

Erick's gone from the game and everyone is happy, but now we have to vote against each other. The problem is that I'm in a Final Four deal with Kamryn, Genette, and Astor, and I don't really trust Kamryn and Astor. Plus I don't want to get rid of Zak just yet. What a conundrum I'm in.


The tribe gets some sleep for tomorrow's challenge.

Day 31

The castaways were infromed via treemail to go to the challenge area for their second-to-last reward challenge.

Quote1For today's reward challenge, you'll run to a mud pit, slather yourself in mud, come back, and empty the mud into your bucket. Heaviest mud bucket after five minutes wins. For reward, you and two people of your choice will join you on a barbecue feast and receive letters from home.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Sweet!Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1We'll draw for spots.Quote2- Jeff

After each castaway is assigned a color bucket, they begin the challenge. Everyone but Kamryn begins strong. Kamryn seems grossed out by getting in the mud, but still does. They all slather themselves in mud, grab giant clumps of mud, or do both. Zak and Garnet are neck to neck in the challenge. Genette, Astor, and Quinlan aren't too far behind from them. Kamryn seems to be way out of the challenge. The five minutes are up, and everyone is asked to put all remaining mud they have into their buckets.

Quote1Alright let's begin with the weigh in. Kamryn let's start.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Here.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Kamryn you have 2 lbs, 3 oz of mud. So far you're in the lead. Quinlan, you're next. Quinlan you have 13 lbs, 7 oz of mud, you have the lead.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes!Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1Genette, you're up. Genette you have 13 lbs of mud. Quinlan you're still in the lead. Garnet. You have 19 lbs, 10 oz of mud. That kicks Quinlan out of the lead. Next up, Astor. Astor you've collected 16 lbs, 15 oz of mud. Sorry that isn't enough to earn you the reward. That leaves you Zak. Zak you've collected 20 lbs, 3 oz of mud, meaning you win reward.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Nice!Quote2- Zak
Quote1You get to choose two people to enjoy your reward with you. In addition, you get to send someone to Exile Island.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I'll have Garnet ant Genette join me on the reward, and I'll send Astor to Exile Island.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Zak, Garnet, and Genette, the boat to your reward will be here soon. Astor, the boat to Exile Island is here, you can leave. Quinlan and Kamryn I've got nothing for you, you can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

Quinlan and Kamryn return to camp. Astor takes the boat to Exile Island. Zak, Garnet, and Genette take a second boat to their reward.

At Exile Island, Astor takes the path to comfort.

I think being send to Exile Island was the best thing for me. I need time to clear my head. I need to think ahead about this game. I hope I don't get a headache after this.


At the reward, Zak, Garnet, and Genette read their letters from home before enjoying the feast. The begin to eat after they read their letters. After eating Zak begin a conversation.

Quote1Ladies I'd like to talk to about the game. I want use three to make it to the end.Quote2- Zak
Quote1That's wonderful, but there's a problem. Me and Genette kinda agreed to a final four deal with Astor and KamrynQuote2- Garnet
Quote1Why would you do that?Quote2- Zak
Quote1I think it's because of the power Kamryn holds.Quote2- Genette
Quote1What power?Quote2- Zak
Quote1She only told us, but she showed us that she has the hidden immunity idol.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1She does?Quote2- Zak
Quote1Yep.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1I have an idea, you guys vote with Astor and Kamryn at the next tribal council, and convince them to vote Quinlan out.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Then at the tribal council after that, we split the votes.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.Quote2- Zak
Quote1To the final three. Cheers.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Cheers.Quote2- Garnet and Genette

At Pamati, the camp is silent. Kamryn simply does some laundry and Quinlan does some fishing.

Day 32

The next day, Kamryn talks to Garnet and Genette.

Quote1Okay, before our next immunity challenge, we need to decide which one is going, Quinlan or Zak?Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1How about Quinlan? I don't really trust him.Quote2- Genette
Quote1Plus he could have some Atiu allies on the Jury, making him a Jury threat. Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Hmmmm, that sounds fine. I'll tell Astor about the vote tomorrow. Meeting dismissed.Quote2- Kamryn

Meanwhile at the beach, Zak talks to Quinlan.

Quote1Listen, Quinlan, I need to talk to you.Quote2- Zak
Quote1About what?Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1We're on the ousts.Quote2- Zak
Quote1What do you mean?Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1There's an obvious pact between Astor, Kamryn, Garnet, and Genette.Quote2- Zak
Quote1And why should I work with you?Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1Kamryn has a hidden immunity idol. I saw it in her bag, yesterday. But listen, we'll vote her out tonight. I'll try and see if Garnet and Genette are willing to flip.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Sweet, Kamryn's not gonna see that coming.Quote2- Quinlan

Later that evening, Genette and Garnet inform Zak about his plans.

Quote1Zak, it worked, Kamryn has agreed to vote Quinlan out.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Good, I've talked to Quinlan. Me and him are voting Kamryn.Quote2- Zak
Quote1I thought you were voting with us?Quote2- Genette
Quote1No, I want you guys to vote out Quinlan with Kamryn and Astor. I'm voting with Quinlan so there's no suspicion from Kamryn or Astor.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Okay, I understand now.Quote2- Genette

Good, my plan is in motion. The lovebird won't see what's coming.


Day 33

The castaways receive treemail instructing them to go to the challenge area. The six castaways arrive and Jeff explains the challenge.

Quote1You'll will be standing barefoot on a small wooden perch, while one of their hands will be chained to an overhead bucket of water. If the contestant moved enough, the bucket will drop water, dousing the player, eliminating you. At random points during the challenge, I'll tempt you with food items. Last person standing wins immunity. But first, Quinlan I'm going to need it back.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Here.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1Alright, we'll draw for spots.Quote2- Jeff

Each one of the castaways were chained to a bucket of water. Jeff announced the challenge was on.

Elasped Time: 45 Minutes

After fourty-five minutes all six are still standing. Jeff brings in an item. It is a hamburger. Zak drops out dousing green-colored water on him, claiming the burger. Kamryn drops out a few seconds later, dousing her in purple-colored water. Zak enjoys his burger while watching the others. Kamryn gets nothing.

Elapsed Time: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

An hour and twenty-five minutes in, Jeff presents the castaways another food item. It is a plate of nachos and cheese. Quinlan drops out, dousing him in orange-colored water. He claims the food, and takes a seat with Kamryn and Zak.

Elasped Time: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

Five minutes until the two hour mark, Garnet can no longer hold up the bucket. The bucket falls, dousing her in blue-colored water. She takes a seat with Kamryn, Quinlan, and Zak.

Elasped Time: 2 Hours 10 Minutes

Two hours and ten minutes in, Jeff tempts the two remaining castaways, Genette and Astor, with another item. It remains covered. After a few seconds, Genette gives in, earning Astor immunity. Genette is doused by yellow-colored water. Jeff reveals the covered item to be a crap item, a clump of mud.

Quote1Congratulations Astor on winning immunity.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Thanks, Jeff.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Astor has a one in five shot of winning this game. Unfortunately, for one of you, it'll be the end of your game. You have the afternoon to figure that out. You can head back out.Quote2- Jeff

At sunset, Pamati heads off to tribal council. At tribal council, they put their torches behind them and take a seat. Charmaine, Ivan, Marquis, Ulrich, and Erick walk into the tribal council area. Erick is wearing a white shirt with green stripe, tan shorts, grey shoes, and a yellow headband.

Quote1Introducing the members of the Jury, Charmaine, Ivan, Marquis, Ulrich, and Erick voted out at the last tribal council. Since the final six are a group of people that have worked together so closely, was it hard to decide who was going to leave, Kamryn?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1We all debated on who was going home, and it was really hard to decide.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Liar, you, Astor, Garnet, and Genette all have a voting pact!Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1I have no idea what you're talking about.Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1Me neither.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Don't play stupid, you haven't talked to me or Zak for the past few days.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1Garnet is there a voting pact between you, Genette, Kamryn, and Astor?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1You are such a liar, Kamryn.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1Okay, calm down Quinlan.Quote2- Genette
Quote1Plus you have the hidden immunity idol! Zak saw it your bag!Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1And the noose tightens around his neck.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1You went threw my bag?!Quote2- Kamryn
Quote1No I didn't. Someone told me.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Well here, I do have the damn idol.Quote2- Kamryn (flashes the idol from her bag)
Quote1Alright, I think it's time to vote. Astor, are you going to give up immunity?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1No.Quote2- Astor
Quote1Alright, it's time to vote, Quinlan you're up.Quote2- Jeff

One by one, everyone votes. After the votes have been cast, Jeff goes and retrieves the urn.

Quote1If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it. Alright once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Quinlan. Quinlan. Next vote, Kamryn. Kamryn. We are tied, two votes Kamryn, two votes Quinlan. Tenth person voted out of Survivor: Battle of the Ages and the sixth member of the Jury......

.....Quinlan. Quinlan, please bring up your torch. Quote2- Jeff

Quote1You got lucky, KamrynQuote2- Quinlan
Quote1Quinlan, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Bye, this was fun.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1It appears that your ties lie, somewhere. You can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The final five leaves the tribal council area and returns to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Quinlan (4 votes)
Astor, Garnet, Genette, & Kamryn
Kamryn (2 votes)
Quinlan & Zak
Quinlan BW
Quinlan Soler

Voting Confessionals

Quinlan, I simply don't trust you. I wish we could've gotten along.


Quinlan, sorry, but you're first. We're gonna get Kamryn out and then Astor.


Sorry, no ill feelings.


Piss off. I'm no liar.


Kamryn, with the idol, you're dead or have power. Tonight it's the former.


Quinlan, I'm the one who got you out, I'm only voting for her to send a message.


Final Words

I was less than a week from Day 39, but no. Kamryn got me out. She's so (bleep) dead. Astor, I have nothing against you, but you need to grow a brain, she's using you man. That's why I want her out. Garnet, Genette, and Zak good luck in getting Kamryn out.


Still In the Running

Suvorov Atiu
Quinlan BW
Charmaine BW
Ivan BW
Shanika BW
Yorick BW
Mangaia Tema
Erick BW
Octavia BW
Qiana BW
Ulrich BW
Marquis BW
Willie BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Immunity is crucial for the next vote.
  • A plan to flush out the idol is formed by Zak.
  • Will the plan succeed or backfire horribly?

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge used in Survivor: Cook Islands episode, I Have the Advantage... for Once.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge used in Survivor: Africa episode, Will There Be A Feast Tonight?, Survivor: All-Stars episode, Stupid People, Stupid, Stupid People, Survivor: Micronesia episode, I Promise..., Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains episode, A Sinking Ship, Survivor: One World episode, Go Out With A Bang, and Survivor: The Sahara episode, Since When Does It Rain Out Here?.
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