"An Undivided Divided Group"
Season Survivor: Argentina
Author User:Pieniazek666
Episode Number 3/15
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This is the third episode of Survivor: Argentina

Previously on Survivor...

Travis' celebrating of the previous tribal council got on a few peoples nerves pushin T.P. to want to get him out by a unanimous vote. Over at La Plata Jessica B continued to stress Zaya needed to go. When she finally sat and talked to Zaya after being told enough times it only got worse as no matter what was said only got Jessica B angrier. T.P. and group talked about contructing an evlaborate plan to turn The Four A$$holes against each oth with T.P. deciding to think of the plan. However all planning was put aside as Neochea won immunity sending La Plata to tribal. At tribal Jessica B's stressing to vote out Zaya became her downfall as she was eliminated by a vote of 9-1.


Reward Challenge: Gone Fishin
In one hour, and with provided fishing equipment, catch as many fish inside a fertile fishing area as possible. The biggest haul wins.
Reward: The fishing gear used as well as all fish caught.
Winner: Necochea

Immunity Challenge: Flip Out
Each tribe must designate a caller. The rest of the tribe members are blindfolded, and the caller must guide their tribemates so they can retrieve 30 designated giant puzzle pieces . Once all 30 pieces are collected, the tribe members must remove their blindfolds and work together to solve the puzzle. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins Immunity.
Winner:La Plata


Night 5

La Plata arrives back at camp after having voted out Jessica B.

When we get back everyone is just relieved. We will finally get a quiet night with no one trying to take someone out.


Kayla and Jessica H walk to the beach for a while to talk.

Quote1It's so quiet without her.Quote2- Jessica H
Quote1Yeah. Nice and quiet.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1She was just so crazy with how she was doing stuff.Quote2- Jessica H
Quote1Yeah. You are a good person. You know that right.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1I'm a nice person. It's how I was raised.Quote2- Jessica H
Quote1I was raised the same way.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1Cool. I'm just scared about what will happen if we go back.Quote2- Jessica H
Quote1Don't worry. I got your back as long as you have mine.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1I have your back on anything.Quote2- Jessica H
Quote1Let's head off get some sleep without having to worry about getting waken up by her.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1Alright. Time to sleep.Quote2- Jessica H
Jessica H and I have grown on each other these past days. I can trust her with anything and she knows she can as well. Marissa however is the weakest and unless something big happens she will be gone.


Day 6


T.P., Tree, Totolax, Jay and Joe are sitting in the shelter while the others are in the woods getting wood for the fire.

Quote1Okay. I think I have a way to get those four to turn onto each other. At the very least turn on Travis.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Let's hear it man.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1It's time for them to start turning onto each.Quote2- Jay
Quote1The five of us will become an undivided divided group.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Huh?Quote2- Tree
Quote1Please explain.Quote2- Joe
Quote1Joe, Jay, you two will play as if you are in your own alliance as swing voters. Also make sure when you are around James, Scott or Chris, you say the names three a$$holes and quadruple tee alliance.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I get it. That way they think that Travis is with us and not them.Quote2- Tree
Quote1And if they want me and Joe to join them to take one out.Quote2- Jay
Quote1You tell them Travis as he is untrustworthy.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1That may work.Quote2- Joe
Quote1This could get interesting.Quote2- Totolax
If this plan works Travis goes home with all votes but him. If it doesn't then he still goes but with only our votes.


Over in the woods Scott, Chris and James are talking after Travis took the firewood to camp.

Quote1We are bound to lose a challenge soon. Who do you think we should take out?Quote2- Scott
Quote1I think it should be T.P.Quote2- James
Quote1I am starting to get an uneasy feeling about Travis though.Quote2- Chris
Quote1That could be something to watch out for but he is in our alliance.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Alright. I want to keep an eye on him though.Quote2- Chris
Quote1Travis wants T.P. gone it is so odvious.Quote2- James
Quote1Maybe too odvious.Quote2- Chris
Quote1We will watch him.Quote2- Scott
Chris is getting an uneasy about Travis. I think it's fine, but if Travis gives me any reason to doubt him. Then who knows what we will do.


La Plata

Zaya, Sara, Nikki, Kayla, and Jessica H are hanging around the shelter while everyone else is on the beach.

Quote1Well now the votes will be a little harder.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Me and Jessica H were talking about voting Marissa for her weakness.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1Yeah. She is pretty weak.Quote2- Sara
Quote1If we don't have to go to tribal though, then we don't have to worry.Quote2- Jessica H.
Quote1That would be nice, but if we do have to go. I agree Marissa should go since she is the weakest.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1I'm just glad about the quietness of camp with out her.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Oh big time. It is so nice with out her.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Any of you guys want some rice?Quote2- Kayla
Quote1Yeah, let's make some rice and beans.Quote2- Jessica H
Quote1I'll get the others when it's done.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Alright. I'll get started on the rice and beans.Quote2- Sara
Camp life is so great. Everyone gets along great and without her no one is causing unnessisary noise.


Reward Challenge

Both tribes arrive at the challenge's beach location

Come on in guys. Necochea taking your first look at the new La Plata Tribe. Jessica B voted out at the last tribal council.

–Jeff Probst

For today's challenge you will be given an hour and this fishing gear to go out there and catch as many fish as possible. It will only count if it is in your tribes bucket before I call time. Any in your hands or attached to your gear will not count. The tribe with the biggest haul in terms of weight wins reward. You want to know what you are playing for?

–Jeff Probst

Quote1Yes.Quote2- Everyone
Quote1You will be able to take the fishing gear you will be using and the fish you caught back to camp with you. Worth playing for?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Everyone
Quote1Alright. I will give you a minute to stradegize and we will get started.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Both tribes gather together discussing what each person will do. When all Tribes are finished talking.

When I say go you will run up grab a gear and head out. Ready......Go

–Jeff Probst

Members of each tribe rush over and grab equipment with Tree, Jay, and Joe staying put where they are.
5 minutes
Travis catches a fish and tosses it to Tree.
James catches 2 fish and tosses them to Jay.
Zaya catches a fish.
Nikki catches a fish.
Scott catches a fish and tosses it to Joe.
15 minutes
James catches 3 fish and tosses them to Jay
Sara catches a fish.
Kayla catches a fish.
Travis catches a fish and tosses it to Joe.
T.P. catches a fish and tosses it to Tree.
Totolax catches a fish and tosses it to Chris.
Jessica H catches a fish.
30 minutes
James catches 2 fish and tosses them to Tree.
Scott catches a fish and tosses it to Chris.
Travis catches 2 fish and tosses them to Jay.
Totolax catches a fish and tosses it to Joe.
Marissa catches a fish.
Zaya catches a fish.
Heather catches a fish.
Nikki catches a fish.
T.P. catches a fish.
45 minutes
Totolax catches a fish and tosses it to Joe.
Tree catches a fish and tosses it to T.P.
James catches 2 fish and tosses them to Jay.
Scott catches a fish.
Sara catches a fish.
Zaya catches a fish.
Marissa catches a fish.
Jessica H catches a fish.
Travis catches 2 fish and tosses them to Chris.
55 minutes
Joe catches a fish and tosses it to Scott.
Totolax catches a fish and tosses it to Chris.
Tree catches a fish and tosses it to T.P.
James catches 2 fish and tosses them to Jay.
Kayla catches a fish.
Zaya catches a fish.
Sara catches a fish.
Travis catches a fish.
Sara catches a fish.
Heather catches a fish.
60 minutes

Time is up. Put your equipment down. No more fish will be counted.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone on La Plata puts there stuff down while Joe, Totolax, Chris, Tree and James put there stuff down. Travis, Scott, T.P. and James simply walk to the mat having nothing in there hands.

We will weigh La Plata first.

–Jeff Probst

Zaya and Sara pick up and carry the bucket over to the scale and then place it on.

45.6 lbs. Necochea, please bring up yours.

–Jeff Probst

Zaya and Sara take the bucket off. Jay and Tree take over their bucket and place it on the scale.

56.5 lbs. That will do it. Necochea wins reward. Come grab your fish and go back and grab your fishing gear. La Plata I have nothing for you. Grab your stuff and head out.

–Jeff Probst

Tree and Jay grab the bucket of fish while Travis and the rest of Necochea grab the fishing gear. Both tribes then head off back to camp.


The tribe arrives back at camp celebrating winning the reward challenge.

We got back to camp and are loving it. We just had an easy challenge that got us fish. What can go wrong when we have such a great tribe?


Travis, Jay and Joe head to the beach to find a spot to place their fishing gear for when they need it. Everyone else is at the shelter with Totolax beginning to cook the fish they caught.

Quote1Do realy really need to cook all the fish?Quote2- James
Quote1It would be best so that it isnt rotting or starting to smell of dead fish.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Sounds good man. Tree, that was a hell of a plan you had for the challenge.Quote2- Scott
Quote1For sure. While some are taking the fish those fishing can go back quicker.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1The girls were getting some good fish though.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Doesn't matter though. We had worked smarter than they did.Quote2- Chris
Quote1This will be a nice change from beans and rice.Quote2- James
Quote1Yeah, It will. You think Travis is talking to Jay and Joe?Quote2- Scott
Quote1Most likely.Quote2- Tree
Quote1What do you think he is saying?Quote2- Chris
Quote1Probably about who he is thinking of voting next. He had told me and Tree he may want to keep T.P. for the fun of it and take out someone that would expect it.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Really?Quote2- Scott
Quote1Yeah, he had told that to us last night.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Well this is news.Quote2- James
Quote1I wouldn't worry as much. He had said it would be someone from The Three A$$holes or Joe. Anyways, the food is done.Quote2- Totoax
Quote1Let's eat. The other three can get some when they get back.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I'll go get them.Quote2- T.P.
Travis is worrying me a bit now. He said The Three A$$holes. Last time I checked we were The Four A$$hole and he was apart of it.


Scott, James and Chris appear to falling hook, line and sinker for T.P. plan. You can see the worry on their faces. Hopefully we win more challenges so it can get even bigger.


La Plata Night

Marissa is up walking on the beach after not being able to sleep.

Even though it's peaceful around camp I get the feeling I'm not wanted compared to some of the youngest girl Kayla. That constant worry that they will throw me to the side cause of my age.


Marissa heads back to camp while getting in the shelter wakes up Kayla and Sara.

Quote1Marissa, you can't sleep.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1Not really, but it's fine. I just walked around a bit to calm down and I'm fine now.Quote2- Marissa
Quote1You sure?Quote2- Sara
Quote1Yes. I'm sure.Quote2- Marissa
Quote1If you need anything just tell us.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1I'll be fine.Quote2- Marissa
Marissa worries me a bit. She couldn't sleep but won't tell us what is wrong. I really hope she is okay.


Day 7

Immunity Challenge

Both tribes arrive in a field setting.

Come on in guys. Necochea, I will take back the immunity idol.

–Jeff Probst

Travis walks over to Jeff and hands him the idol.

Immunity is back up for grabs. Here is how today's challenge is going to work. One person from each tribe will be a caller for their tribe. The rest of you will be blindfolded. Your caller must guide you in finding 30 puzzle pieces and bring them back to the mat. When all 30 have been collected, you may remove your blindfolds and begin working on the puzzle. The first tribe to solve the puzzle wins immunity. Losers will see me tonight at Tribal Council were somebody will be voted out of this game. I will give you a minute to stradegize and we will get started.

–Jeff Probst

Both tribes form a circle around and start discussing the challenge. After they are all situated for the challenge.

Alright, Travis is the caller for Necochea and Zaya is the caller for La Plata. On my go you will gather your pieces. You may not remove your blindfold until after all pieces are at your mat. Ready......Go

–Jeff Probst

All Members scatter about the field.

Quote1Sara, Audi go left. Marissa, Heather go right. Jessica, Kayla, Nikki, Kristie, go straight.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Tree, T.P., go staight you will be near a piece. Scott, you are near a piece it is right there. Jay, Joe turn left.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Both Tribes working good so far. Sara and Audi have grabbed a piece and are heading back.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Scott, there is a piece right there.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Where?Quote2- Scott

Scott trips over a piece.

Quote1There. You still need help?Quote2- Travis
Quote1Jessica, Kayla you are near a couple pieces one is right in front of you the other is a little bit to the left. Sara, Audi you are at the mat, drop the piece and go backQuote2- Zaya
Quote1Scott, hurry up. Tree, T.P., bend down and grab the piece.Quote2- Travis
Quote1La Plata has three pieces so far, while Necochea is trying to get some back.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Kristie, there is a piece to your right. Nikki, you have one at your right.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Travis, help me out here.Quote2- Scott

Scott trips over another piece.

Quote1Scott, there is a piece right there.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Really.Quote2- Scott
Quote1La Plata is back with their fifth piece. Tree and T.P. are back with Necochea's first.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Jessica you have one in front of you. Sara slight right and then a few steps to a piece. Kayla you past one on your left.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Jay, Joe there is a piece by you. Scott hurry with the pieces.Quote2- Travis
Quote1You are the one the ran me into the second one.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Necochea falling behind by arguing while La Plata is going smooth and has eight pieces now.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Marissa you have a piece on the right in four steps. Audi there is one slight left. Heather stop and bend down for a piece.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Chris, where are you going? Turn around and come back. Totolax if you sit down you will hit a piece.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Scott gets back with two pieces they are at three. La Plata still ahead with eleven.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Jessica, a piece is on your right. Kayla, on your left is one. Nikki, you past one one your left. Kristie, bend down.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Jay, Joe, hurry up. Scott, you passed one with out tripping on it.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Necochea struggling while La Plata have their fifteenth piece.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Sara piece on your left. Heather slight left to a piece. Marissa you have one in a couple steps. Audi turn right and go down.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Tree, turn right. Totolax, run faster. James, what the heck are you doing?Quote2- Travis
Quote1Wondering where a piece is idiot.Quote2- James
Quote1Well turn left.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Necochea falling behind with five pieces while La Plata is at nineteen.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Nikki, slight right to a piece. Kristie, you got one on your left. Kayla, bend down for one. Jessica, one on your right.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1T.P., you are by one. It's to your left. Chris, you have one on your right.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Necochea pick it up you only have seven to La Plata's twenty-three.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Audi, step back a few and one is on the right. Heather, there is a piece on your right. Sara, slight left to a piece. Marissa, there is one a couple steps in front of you.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Scott stop or you will trip on one again.Quote2- Travis

Scott trips over a piece.

Quote1Seriously.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I tried to tell you. James, you have one on your left. Totolax, on your right.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Necochea is at nine while La Plata is at twenty-six.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Kayla slight right to a piece. Kristie turn left and take a couple steps. Jessica, three steps to a piece. Nikki, turn right for a piece.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Guys hurry. Tree, there is one in front of you. T.P., turn right.Quote2- Travis
Quote1La Plata has all there pieces and can begin working on the puzzle. Necochea has twelve pieces.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Everyone on La Plata except Zaya remove their blindfold and start working on the puzzle.

Quote1Chris, there is one on your left. James on your right. Scott, keep going.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Necochea is starting to work together. La Plata flying through the puzzle.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1"Jay, one on your right. Joe, turn left. Scott, it's in front of you now.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Necochea has sixteen pieces. They need to pick it up.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Jeff, over here.Quote2- Nikki
La Plata thinks they have it, and they do. La Plata wins Immunity. Someone come and get it.

–Jeff Probst

Zaya walks up and grabs the idol.

Necochea, I have nothing for you. I will see tonight for tribal council. La Plata, you get a night off. Grab your stuff and head out.

–Jeff Probst


The Tribe arrives at camp following losing the challenge.

The challenge was as big as a train wreck as our first immunity challenge. Travis was no help what so ever.


Quote1Ha ha. Scott tripped during the challenge.Quote2- Travis
Quote1It's all cause of you. What kind of caller are you?Quote2- Scott
Quote1I was trying.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Not very good.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Shut it Tree.Quote2- Travis
Quote1Travis, James, Scott, can I talk to you guy over at the beach?Quote2- Chris

Chris, Travis, Scott and James head off to the beach.

Quote1What's up Chris?Quote2- Scott
Quote1Figured we should discuss the vote over here.Quote2- Chris
Quote1I think it should be Totolax. He was so slow in the challenge.Quote2- Travis
Quote1You sure?Quote2- James
Quote1Yeah. He could slow us down big time in the future.Quote2- Travis
Quote1I could see that.Quote2- Scott
Quote1So are we good on Totolax?Quote2- Chris
Quote1Yeah. I think we are.Quote2- James

Travis heads back to the shelter leaving the other three.

Quote1He is another option by the way.Quote2- Chris
Quote1As much as it doesn't pain me. He is starting to bug me.Quote2- Scott
Quote1He was horrible at that challenge.Quote2- James
Quote1Oh big time.Quote2- Scott
Quote1We have a tough decision.Quote2- Chris
Quote1Yeah. We do.Quote2- Scott

La Plata

Everyone is around camp celebrating their victory.

Everyone is so over joyed that we won today's challenge. No tribal. No vote. We are all safe for a couple more days.


Quote1So happy we won.Quote2- Jessica
Quote1They were so disorganized.Quote2- Kayla
Quote1They can stay that way. It just means more wins for us.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Yeah, it does.Quote2- Sara
Quote1We worked so great today.Quote2- Audi
Quote1Yeah. Zaya, you did great.Quote2- Heather
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Zaya

Tribal Council

The Necochea tribe arrives at Tribal Council each taking a seat on the bench after placing their torch behind them.
Jeff Probst "Welcome to tribal. Totolax, What happened at today's challenge?"
Totolax "We were arguing a whole lot while most of us had no idea where to go."
Travis "I tried."
T.P. "You ran Scott into a piece how many times?"
Travis "Twice."
Scott "Three times."
Travis "That second one you did that yourself."
Chris "You could have caught him sooner and stopped him."
Jeff Probst "Tree, Is camp life as much of an arguement as the challenge and here?"
Tree "Most of the time, but there are times that we get along."
Jay "Travis isn't there on those times."
Travis "Shut up Jay."
Joe "His answer for everything."
Totolax "It really is."
Travis "Just listen to me and you don't need to talk."
T.P. "Talking keeps thing organized, not yelling."
Travis "I yell when you don't listen."
Jay "And when you yell we don't want to listen."
Jeff Probst "It is time to vote. Joe you're up first."
Joe gets and walks over to the urn to vote followed by Joe ending with Totolax.
Jeff Probst "I'll go tally the votes."
Jeff walks over and grabs the urn and brings it back.

Once the votes are read the decision is final person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the vote.

–Jeff Probst

First Vote Travis

Travis...That's 2 votes Travis

Totolax...That's 2 votes Travis, 1 vote Totolax

Next vote...Travis, That's 3 votes Travis, 1 vote Totolax

Travis...That's 4 votes Travis, 1 vote Totolax

Third person voted out of survivor...Travis. You need to bring me your torch.
Travis gets up, grabs his torch and walks up to Jeff.
Jeff "Travis, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go."
Travis walks out of the tribal area.

Hopefully camp life becomes peacful and you don't have another event like today. Grab your stuff and head out. Good night.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone gets up and heads back to camp

Tribal Council #3:
Travis g
Travis (8 votes)
Chris(2)James LJay(2)Joe
Totolax (1 votes)
Travis g
Travis Good

Voting Confessional

Hey, Travis there is a vote for you right here.


Going slow is getting you voted out.


This will be so nice seeing you go.


Final Words

I'm not mad that I got voted out. I'm mad that my alliance voted me out. Totolax is going to slow them down big time.


Still In The Running

La Plata
Jessica bOUT
Jessica B.
Jessica h
Jessica H.
Marissa k
James L

Next Time on Survivor...

Plans are put on hold by both tribes after an event shakes up the game.

Author's Notes

The title was said by T.P. naming his plan of getting The Four A$$holes to turn on each other.