"An Imperfect Storm"
An intense storm hits a tribe hard...
Season Survivor: Vieques
Episode Number 3/15
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Survivor: Vieques

This is episode 3 of Survivor: Vieques.
This episode is titled "An Imperfect Storm".
This episode chronicles Days 7-9.


Reward Challenge

For this reward challenge, each tribe must pit three members at a time against one another to get a ball. Once a person has one of the two balls on the course, they throw it to the fourth person who then has to toss it across the entirety of the course into the basket on the other side. First tribe to three baskets wins reward. (This is similar to a challenge in Samoa, except it is slightly altered to accomodate three tribes. The throwers are all on the same perch above the course, and once a thrower receives a ball from their teammates, another person on the perch is not allowed to touch that player.) Winner gets a tarp.

Winner: Yaureibo

Immunity Challenge

For this immunity challenge, each tribe must run across a set of beams while tied together. Once across, they must go over and under several bars to advance to the next stage. The next stage involves the first castaway in each line unclipping, racing out to the sea, grabbing a bag of puzzle pieces, then returning, to have the other five solve a puzzle. Once the puzzle is finished, the tribes must go back the way they came, through the bars, and over the beams. First two tribes to finish win immunity.

Winners: Cacimar & Bieque Notes: Yaureibo had a lead, but when Autumn got tangled up on the way back at the bars, the other two teams, who were close behind, caught up and went on to win.

Day Seven


Day four was quite eventful for the five members of Cacimar. They all got up late, except for Andrew. Andrew got up, and as stated the night before, decided to look for the hidden immunity idol at their camp. He searched near a few places he had though of beforehand, places that seemed to be good hiding spots for the idol. Since they didn't get any clues, it would be most likely hidden in one of those spots. He was right. He found it without too much trouble, and made his way back to camp. On his way, he stumbled upon Jessie, who was fetching water from the well. When confronted, he wondered if he should say anything about it, since it would be suspicious if he didn't have a reason for coming out of the middle of the woods with no sort of explanation. He decided to tell her. She was thrilled. Having the idol is fantastic for their three person alliance, and they didn't want any sort of rifts to come about. They decided that they would tell Paul too as soon as an opportunity presented itself.

I can't belive I didn't even think of looking for an idol. I should have looked earlier, but I'm glad Andrew found it. It's good to have somebody on my side to have such a huge advantage.


This here, is my ticket to the end. If I can use this correctly, I can get a substantial number advantage once we hit the merge and we can take it all the way.



The tribe awoke to a yelping Cameron screaming for assistance. He was at the water's edge, yelling frantically. As the other five quickly approached him, they were stunned to see what was in the arms of Cameron. A large barracuda, which tried latching itself on Cameron, was captured when Cameron speared it's open mouth. The tribe was half scared, half exhiliarated. They all helped him drag it to shore, and it was so satisfying for Cameron, because it was his catch. He just broke a Survivor record for the biggest fish. It was enormous, and he caught it by himself.

Oh my god that was insane! The size of that thing... I've never... EVER!... caught nothin that big before! See that kids!? That's a fish!


On that note, the tribe was so ecstatic. Not only were they already prospering in challenges, but they had now enough food for the tribe for the next few days, and they could use some more food.

Autumn was especially happy. She was just gleaming with excitement. But, she didn't say much, because she didn't want to bother or annoy the tribe. She instead started talking to Cameron about perhaps getting an alliance together, and he said fine, as long as she keeps her head on right, and to not get over excited. Cameron made it clear that he doesn't like egos to be going through the roof. She agreed, and Autumn was satisfied.


Bieque had just lost Evie, and they were excited for a new start. With five members they were now even with Cacimar. Bieque had managed to oust a player with an idol at hand, and were annoyed with Mackenzie for not telling them about it. However, they were surprised to find that there was a note at tree mail, claiming that another idol had been hidden.

How are we supposed to be a tribe if everybody is keeping secrets. I say that if another idol is here, we all look for it, and find it together, and toss it in the ocean.


So, Eugene offered the idea to the tribe, and they all agreed. They all went separate ways, each trying to find the idol.

I guess this is a good idea. But, I'm worried that somebody will find it and keep it. Who knows.


With each castaway looking unsuccessfully, Mackenzie was searching hard. She found it again, and with nobody around, slid it in her pocket and decided not to tell anybody. Once they all gave up, she managed to put it away before anybody noticed. She later overheard Connor saying that it was a bad idea anyway, and that it is a part of the game to find the idol. She took note of the information, and pondered on what to do with it.

Day Eight


Cacimar was sick of losing. After another loss at the reward challenge, the tribe comes back to camp flustered. They have not been able to understand why they can't win. They can't beat Yaureibo.

Yaureibo is so far ahead of us in terms of unity that it's pathetic. We need to work more as a team if we want to win.


On top of the loss, a huge storm rolls above their camp, and most of Vieques as well. The tribe is splattered with a chaos or rain and wind, and they all become more miserable. Things are looking grim for the night, as they remained uncomfortable the whole day. They were not able to get food, and many people's clothing were soaked and muddy.

This sucks. I can't even get up to take a piss because I'll get pelted with rain. It's so cold, but I expected this much. I'm mentally prepared for this, so we'll see how long I can maintain my sanity. I mean, the girls are all losing it. Not me, but it does suck.



Bieque lost the challenge, and returned to camp flustered. Yaureibo seemed unstoppable, and they noticed. However, they quickly forgot about the challenge as they were forced into a small hundle under their shelter when a huge storm quickly enveloped the sky. They were in the same predicament as Cacimar, and also without a tarp.

I'm tired of the rain, and I'm tired of losing. This is bull man. We can't catch a break.


Bieque remained in their shelter for the rest of the day, envious of Yaureibo for winning a tarp at the brink of what seemed like doomsday.


As Yaureibo returned back to camp, celebrating another victory, the tribe's new reward was put to the test when the same storm ravaging Cacimar and Bieque erupted over the Yaureibo camp. With their new tarp quickly in place, the Yaureibo six were delighted by the quality and size of the tarp. It covered over their whole shelter and they were completely dry form the rain. They also managed to keep fairly warm.

This tarp was so nice to have, because this storm won't let up! I feel sort of bad for the other players because they must be freezing and soaked. But, sucks for them! Haha, I'm glad I'm on this tribe, it's fantastic.

– Autumn

As the day pressed on, Malik and Suzanne got into yet another argument when Malik refused to get Suzanne's canteen on the other side of camp. Malik didn't want to get wet, and Suzanne expected Malik to be a gentleman. While the fued continued, the rest of the tribe second guessed whether or not Suzanne was a liability. On one hand, she was fairly good in challenges. But, she is probably crazy, and they don't know if she can keep her cool for much longer. They left it at that for the day, and Suzanne pondered throughout the night on her alliance with Malik.

Damn, Malik is rude! He wouldn't get my canteen for me today, and I need the men here to do stuff for me. I mean, I'm a lady. Pfff. So Rude. I need to reconsider my secret alliance with him. I'm going to do something about it tomorrow.


Day Nine

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results and Info.


Yaureibo lost the challenge, and Autumn was feeling like she was on the chopping block. But, she was in luck, for Suzanne went right up to her and asked to vote out Malik. Suzanne knew she would go for it, because she definitely was at fault for losing the challenge. Autumn agreed and immediately told Jonny. The two had grown closer due to necessity, and they agreed Malik would go. However, when Suzanne counted numbers, she realized she needed one more. So, she went to Cassie, expecting her to go along with it. Cassie immediately told Malik and Cameron, and they were furious. But, Malik had a plan. Malik decided to confront Suzanne about it. He said he didn't blame her and wanted to apologize. She agreed, but when she asked who to vote for, he said Autumn. So, she didn't want to stir up any more trouble, and decided not to tell Jonny that they were voting for Autumn. In actuality, however, Malik, Cameron, and Cassie pondered whether to actually vote for Suzanne, ho has been running wild at camp, or to vote for the physical liability, Autumn. As they pondered while they went to tribal, they decided Suzanne was too wishy-washy, and wanted to put their votes on her.

I think Autumn is going home. I'm glad Malik apologized, and now Autumn is going to get blindsided. This is going to be a fun tribal council!


I kinda feel bad for the girl, because she has no idea what is really going on. Oh well, she's too stupid to realize that she is causing everybody to be stressed out. So bye bye!



Cacimar won immunity, finally defeating the Yaureibo tribe, and sending them to tribal council. They were so thrilled. It was a new beginning for Cacimar, and they were ready to kick butt.

We are safe again, and Yaureibo... Yaureibo, is going to tribal tonight. I'm excited to see who they voted off.



Bieque won immunity, saving themselves from going back to tribal.They were relieved, because they were definitely feeling off when they were at the challenge. They got lucky, and they were ready to try even harder next time.

Ah man, that was a close battle. We fought well, and we got lucky. Yaureibo is finally gonna go tonight to tribal. We'll see what happens


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3: Yaureibo

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Cameron headshotCassie headshotMalik headshot

Cameron, Cassie, Malik

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Autumn headshotJonny headshot

Autumn, Jonny

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Voting Confessionals

Well, sorry Malik. I like you, but it's not going to be me.


Suzanne, you are untrustworthy. I can't have somebody like you running around all nilly-willy like a chicken with no head. You hafta go. Sorry sweetie.


You shouldn't have toldddd me! But, I guess I'm trustworthy in your eyes. Hey, that's a good thing for me. Not so much for you.


I'm going with Autumn, that's it. Don't take it personally. Sorry buddy.


Oh boy, Suzie. You are... complex.


Sorry to do this Autumn, I really am...


Final Words

That stupid liar! I am so pissed I almost smacked Malik's face right then and there! How could he!? You know what? I'm glad I'm gone. I could NOT live another day with that slime ball... Good riddance.


Still in the Running

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Next Time on Survivor...

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