"Alliance Killing"
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 10/13
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This is the 10th episode of Survivor: The Beginning .

Previously On Survivor...

Peter was in trouble for being the last remaining Sabah member. Food was also becoming a problem in the Sarabah tribe. Meanwhile, Ryan and Charlie formed a guy's alliance with the men from Sarawak. In the reward challenge, Jane won the chance to go to a reward feast with someone of her choice. She strategically chose Violet. In the feast, Violet offered Jane an alliance deal. Afterwards, Jane told her supposed alliance of Violet's plan. This made Violet the target in Ryan's eyes. In the Immunity challenge, Jane won once again. Back at camp, the guys planned to take out Violet. At Tribal Council, they were successful, and Violet was blindsided. Seven are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Bamboozled
Contestants run across a bamboo balance beam. First person to finish wins.
Reward: Pizza and a phone call home.
Winner: Charlie

Immunity Challenge: Fast Fire
Contestants collect firewood, light a torch and put the lit torch on the fire wood. The fire must burn through a rope. The first contestant to burn through the rope wins Immunity.
Winner: Walter


Day 28

Walter was happy to be far into the game, but food was becoming very minimal. This made Walter not feel very good. But he refused to quit and decided to try and overcome his starvation troubles. Meanwhile, Benny felt bad. He completely destroyed Violet's pact and aided Ryan in stealing the Sarawak alliance.

I've done quite a bit of alliance killing. It bothers me a lot.


Charlie told Ryan that he felt insecure because he received a vote the previous night. Ryan told him that it was probably Peter. He then said that Jane would be the best vote off due to her being the single most threatening person in the game. Meanwhile, Jane was upset because her alliance voted behind her back. Walter told her that they wouldn't do it again(which he revealed in a confessional was a lie).

Of course we're going to continue voting behind Jane's back! Like I'd tell her that, though. She'd better go soon, before she figures it out.


Peter was happy to still be alive against all the Sarawak members. Vanessa, now in need of a pact, went to Peter and asked if he would align with her. Peter thought it best to do so, and he agreed to it.

Aligning with the elderly lady isn't the best idea in the world. But I need a pact. Even if it only consists of two people.


Day 29

The castaways met Probst for the reward challenge. It was close, but Charlie won reward.

Later at camp, Charlie was able to call his father. He was happy to speak to someone besides the other six people with him. Over the phone, Charlie's father reminded him to at least make the top three. Charlie promised his father that he would.

I made a promise to my father that I would make the top three at the least. I have never broken a promise before.


Day 30

Sarabah once again met Probst for the Immunity challenge. In the challenge, Vanessa did surprisingly well, but Walter won Immunity when his fire was first to burn through the rope after a very long challenge.

Back at camp, Ryan told the guy's alliance that they should vote out Jane to rid of the biggest competition. Benny, although he liked the idea, wasn't a fan of Ryan calling the shots and he feared that Ryan may be taking control of the game. Jane, still thought that it would be Peter.

I may regret this, but I'm trusting my alliance and voting off Peter.


At Tribal Council, Vanessa and Peter had a similar idea to the guy's alliance. Jane was then blindsided unanimously in a 6-1 vote. Sarabah then returned to camp, with Vanessa as the last woman standing.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Luke (11)
Jane (6 votes)
Luke (8)Luke (9)Luke (6)Luke(-1)Luke (12)Luke (14)
Benny, Charlie, Peter, Ryan, Vanessa & Walter
Luke (6)
Peter (1 vote)
Luke (11)
Jane Hugo

Voting Confessionals

This is my game now.


You may have gotten lucky last time, but tonight is your last Tribal Council.


Final Words

So I lost. I didn't know that my alliance was plotting against me. I had an idea, but I didn't know. I'm especially hurt that Ryan and Charlie voted for me. What happened to our final three deal?


Still in the Running

Luke (6)
Luke (8)
Luke (9)
Luke (12)
Luke (14)

Author's Notes

  • Ironically, in Borneo, the same episode number was called "Crack in the Alliance".
  • The title was said by Benny when describing the alliances he destroyed.
  • With Jane's elimination, Vanessa is the last woman standing.