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Andrew learns the hard way that consequence always follow betrayal.

Season Survivor: Vieques
Episode Number 11/15
Date Uploaded April 4, 2012
Episode Chronology
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Survivor: Vieques

This is episode 11 of Survivor: Vieques.
This episode is titled "Adaptability".
This episode chronicles Days 30-32.


Reward Challenge

For today's reward challenge, each player will be perched on a ledge holding a gripped stick in front of them. With the stick's grip positioned on the end of the stick, it would be difficult to keep it stationed horizontal when holding it by the grip. In intervals of ten minuted, each castaway will hold it up for as long as possible, and each ten minutes, a new round starting with a longer pole being held. Last tribe member standing wins reward.

Winner: Cameron [Cassie]
Reward: A brand new SUV and a barbeque dinner with one person of their choice.

Immunity Challenge

For this immunity challenge, each player must start at a platform in the water. They must dive down and retrieve two flags, one at a time, which are tied to the platforms anchors. When they have both flags, they must swim them to shore, put them in the flag holsters, which raises a large target at the platforms in the water. From the shore, they must shoot the targets down with slingshots. Once the target it broken, swim back out to the platform, where there will now be a bag of puzzle pieces that was released. Solve the puzzle and win immunity.

Winner: Cameron

Day Thirty

Before heading off to the reward challenge, Cassie and Cameron went off on Andrew. They were all completely disgusted with his lie the previous few days. Andrew tried to reason with them, claiming that his back was against the wall, but they would not let him speak. Andrew and Paul had become shunned, and were basically cast off as loners. Even Jessie, who was not aware of the plan, was having trouble deciphering what happened. The tribe was shattered into pieces, with Andrew being the cause.

What the... I can't believe what happened last night. Andrew tricked all of us. I don't know if that was the correct approach to it, but I don't think there is a single possibility that he can win this game now. Although I respect big moves, it may have crossed the threshold of reasonable and unreasonable.


Ummm... I guess I forgot that I'm playing this game with people who don't know what they signed up for. In a game like Survivor, you have to not only expect, but prepare for being betrayed, blindsided, and lied to. Those are the qualities of the game that make it unique. I don't regret what I did. It was a push to switch up the numbers. This game is all about adaptability. How well can you shift around a strategy to bend but not break.


Paul, who was a bit more regrettable, talked to Jessie about the previous night. Jessie told him that she could no longer trust them and felt as if she had to leave their alliance. She felt betrayed, and decided she may have to switch around her alliance to further herself in the game. Paul wasn't surprised, but was upset. They pushed for numbers and now they were all floating away. They were still behind in numbers but it was a closer deficit and all they needed to do was convince one person to swap and it would be a done deal.

I can see why Andrew and Paul went to desperate measures to try to gain some ground. They were clearly behind in numbers and it was an attempt to change the game. I have to respect it, and I'm glad they didn't vote for me. It was really smart on their part to vote off Malik, but I don't think it will change much for me.


After returning from the reward challenge, the tribe got together, including Andrew and Paul, and talked it out. Andrew and Paul managed to defend themselves, and, with a lot of persuasion, managed to lessen the damage. But, without Cassie and Cameron there to share the conversation, it was still a problem to be dealt with.

At the reward, Cameron enjoyed his brand new SUV with Cassie, whom was chosen by Cameron to go along with him. He wanted to get away from the game for a while with a person he actually enjoyed spending time with. He thought Cassie was a great person and very trustworthy. Cassie was just excited to be able to enjoy a nice barbeque.

This is nice to get away, but I'd rather be here with Malik. We have to bounce back from this, which means I have two options. I can try to bring Andrew and Paul to the final 3. They are both extremely hated right now, and I think it won't change any time soon. Or, we can get rid of them now. They are just going to be a nuisance from now on and I think it may be better to just get rid of them. We'll have to see.


Day Thirty One

Jonny and Mackenzie went out fishing, and came back with loads of fish, which Jonny caught with the spear. He realized that he could have a new role within the tribe, because as of late, he had been keeping them fed. As a provider, even moreso than Cameron, could be a ticket further into the game. He was excited at this new revelation, and enjoyed the feast of fish him and his tribemates were eating.

Andrew and Paul were thinking of ways to swap the game again. They had successfully done a bit of damage control, but needed to get numbers in their side. Mackenzie seemed to be the only one to be open to new strategies, and seemed to be able to think on her own. They approached her to try to convince her to flip the game on it's head. Mackenzie, who immediately got to thinking, used this as a bargaining chip with her current alliance. She told them and they were able to trust her more. She was never going to flip again, because the numbers wouldn't change. She was aware that a person backed up in a corner is going to fight back, and Andrew and Paul were no different. She had no intentions of flipping.

Andrew and Paul asked me to join them. Not only would that not help the number's situation, I would lose so many possible jury votes. Nobody respects those two, and because I know that I'm dealing with a bunch of bitter people, I don't want to make the same mistake they did. I'm fine where I am right now.


Day Thirty Two

Refer to Immunity Challenge for Results and Info.

Andrew knew he was in trouble. He counted numbers but he wasn't sure how to get an advantage over the yaureibo alliance. He was in a bind, and looked to Mackenzie for help. She had no interest of switching alliances, because she knew she was in a better position at the moment.

I'm running out of options here. I think I may be done. I don't know, I'm going to try to convince Cameron that Mackenzie cannot be trusted. We'll see if he budges.


As he tried to convince Cameron, Cassie approached the two and blatantly told Cameron not to listen to him, because he is desperate. Cassie knows never to listen to desperate people in Survivor. Cameron acknowledged her and apologized to Andrew, but claimed that joining him simply was not an option he was willing to negotiate.

I like Andrew, but it's impossible to trust him. He's in a predicament, and he knows it. And we all know it too. I have to eliminate him, for the sake of my own game.


As they headed to tribal, the Cacimar three tried to think of something, and Andrew made an announcement at camp. He said that three votes would be going to Mackenzie, and whoever would like to make a big move to take out the strongest competitors is welcome to join them.

I don't know why that makes me nervous, but it does. That may have been pretty risky for Andrew, but he literally has nothing to lose.


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11: Baurimar


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Cameron, Cassie,
Jonny, Mackenzie

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Andrew, Jessie,

Voted Off:

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Voting Confessionals

I hope somebody listened to my cry for help, but I think they look at me like the boy who cried wolf.


Andrew, you're a goner.


You are the least trustworthy person here. And I can't have that around.


I'm just now realizing how blindly I followed Andrew and Paul. But this is our last hurrah and if you go tonight it's a miracle.


You're a slime ball. This is for Malik.


Don't target me, because you'll be gone.


You are a threat and you have to go.


Final Words

I made the jury, which is an accomplishment. I did my best and I definitely changed the pace of the game. I went out on my own terms and I can safely say that I was a threat. I had fun and I'll never forget this experience.


Still in the Running

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