"A Survivor First"
Survivor Finland
Season Survivor: Finland
Author User: jonghyun408
Episode Number 6/14
Date Uploaded November 21, 2015
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A Survivor First: is the sixth episode of Survivor: Finland.

Previously On Survivor...

Simon was mad at Tracy for voting out Carlos, while Tracy wants to keep the alliance of three strong. But however, a tribe swap came and messed over everyone's plans, as each new tribe consist of three former Vantaas and four former Kuopios. In the new Vantaa tribe, Andrew and Ashley immediately re-allied each other, and Andrew decide to flip to the other tribe, while David decided to flip from the Kuopio to Simon and Tracy, and despite learning that Andrew flipped, Simon, Tracy and David decided to target Andrew for elimination at the next Tribal Council. At the new Kuopio, tribal lines continue to hold strong, as both tribes decide to stick together. But then, the Kuopio tribe began to like Luna more and more, while Kevin tried to get John to flip. Back at the new Vantaa, after there is a rainstorm, David tried to get Polly to flip from her alliance, as the Kuopio tribe wanted to stick together with Andrew, leaving Polly as the swing vote once again. In the new Kuopio, while maria and Hailey dislike each other's personality more and more, members from the former Kuopio began to like Luna more and more, which annoys Maria, who doesn't want people from her tribe to get attracted to Luna. Kevin continued to convince John to flip, while bonding with Chris at the same time, starting a bromance. In the immunity challenge, Vantaa tribe secured the win, back at camp, Maria targeted Hailey as Maria doesn't like Hailey for complaining at everything, while Hailey targeted Maria for being stone-cold. Kevin continued to convince John to flip. Also, while Kevin is talking to Chris, Maria ran into the conversation, and accused Chris for getting attracted to Kevin, which annoys both John and Chris. At Tribal Council, Chris called Maria out for that, and stating that he will possibly flip, which worries Maria. Thinking he is the swing vote, Chris stuck with the plan to vote out Hailey, but he was not the swing vote, as John ultimately flipped and voted with the Vantaa and voted Maria out.

Jeff Probst: Maria, the tribe has spoken.

13 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Pass The Bucket

One player retrieves water with a bucket and toss to other players until another bucket in a teeter-totter. Once that bucket is full, it will release a ball. Two players should put the ball in the center of a spinning vertical maze, and use two ropes to spin the maze until the ball is out of it. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and reward.

Reward: Comfort items, sofa, chairrs, cushions, mosquito net, hammock

Winner: Kuopio


Night 14

The camera shows the castaways returning from Tribal Council.

Christine:(placing her torch) What a tribal, what a tribal...

Gah, I can't believe it at tonight's tribal, John flipped up, I don't even know why the hell would he do that in the first place, I went from top dog to under dog, yay (sarcastically) now how am I supposed to get out of this mess?


Afterwards, we can see Hailey who has a smile on the face.

I was 'this' (uses fingers)close from going tonight, thank god, those idiots tried to vote me out, and right now, I am going to proof to them, they will pay for trying to vote me out, they definitely will pay.


John can be seen wandering alone, as Kevin immediately walks up to him.

Kevin: Thanks for sticking with us there.

John :Your welcome, so I am officially in your alliance right now?

Kevin:(smiling) (pats his shoulder) Of course you are, as I said and promised, you are now in our alliance.

John: Did I just screw my own alliance over? I kinda feel bad.

Kevin: This is survivor man, you can't expect to impress everyone.

John: I guess you are right.

Kevin: Ok, come on, lets sleep.

Finally, I chose to vote out Maria, as well, I know it is probably the best choice, so I can open up my options, and now that I did it, I actually felt bad for doing that, but I made my choice, so I am going for it.


The camera then shows Chris and Christine.

Chris: Ok, that can't be good man.

Christine: I know, but what should we do man, we fell out of the majority!

Chris: I know, but as you know, I bonded with Kevin, maybe we can get into this loophole?

Christine: Well, it looks like we don't have any options, screw John for flipping man.

Chris: I know, come on, lets go back, we will need to talk to them tomorrow.

Christine: Yeah.

The camera switches off.

Day 15

The camera shows the Vantaa tribe first, with the majority tribe members lying down.

Polly:(yawns) Up for a day...

Right now, if you actually look at the shelter, you can see a clear division, I slept in the middle, on the left side in order is David, Simon, Tracy. On the right side is Andrew, Ashley, Jacalyn in order. That is how the lines are drawn, and I still need to make a decision, I have no idea who am I gonna go for today.


Polly alone wanders out, and later, Tracy grabs Andrew aside for a talk.

Tracy: Wanna talk?

Andrew: Ok, yeah, sure.

Tracy: So, have you flipped against us now?

Andrew: I have, now what do you want to talk about?

Tracy: Look, I hope you can stick with us man.

Andrew :You want me to vote with you guys?

Tracy: Kinda yes.

Andrew:(joking) You guys tried to vote me out last time!

Tracy: Ok, I apologize of that, but still, we should still be together for the next time, we should be Vantaa strong, flippers doesn't win, and you are number five if you flip.

Andrew: Ok, so what is our plan next?

Tracy: I don't know, Simon doesn't really want to work with you, but I guess I can convince him to do it.

Andrew:(starting to get cautious )You guys had a plan before?

Tracy: Yes we do, obviously we got David, but we can't really work out the second part.

Andrew: Ok, thanks for letting me know.

I am not working with Andrew, definitely not am I as I am going after him next time, still, I figured I can open my options up, and learn something about the other alliance, I might have voted with him on the last Tribal Council at the second vote, but I still don't trust him, it is obvious he had a cross-tribe alliance.


I completely, don't trust, one word Tracy said. Like seriously? you voted for me last time, I never forget that, and she didn't talk to me straight away when we came back as a new tribe, it is obvious she did that for pure strategy, gosh, just because I am from Hong Kong doesn't mean I am that dumb man!


David once again wanders alone again, as he is seen climbing trees, holding a net, then he went to four foot above the ground, and he tied each side to a net and slept on it.

David:(lying down) Just the way I want man...

Right now, I like how this game has worked out so far, as I have a good strategy, and I flipped, trying to get Polly to get with us the entire game, and getting a supposed great plan. I love this game man, I am a person who loves strategy, and having fun. Right now, time for me to live in a wild life, even more wilder than Thomas is.


David swings sleeping alone, while Ashley, Jacalyn and Polly starts talking.

Jacalyn: Ok, so there are no one here, shall we have a talk just with the three of us back from Kuopio?

Polly: Yeah, right now, it is just us three, so lets have a plan here and stick with it.

Ashley: Right now, we got Andrew in here, so like David obviously left us, but we can still fight back with a 4-3 vote.

Jacalyn: You are sure Andrew is with you right? Like he is not fooling us?

Ashley:(shakes head)He is not, I talked with him 2 times, and to me, he is very nice and won't seem to lie, I can also feel his emotions the two times we talk.

Jacalyn: Ok, so we will let him be our fifth, and lets hope we can reunite with Chris when we hit merge, then it will be us 5, and we will see what happens later, in this tribe, we have 4.

Polly:Lets do this, but we still need to maintain a relation with David, just well, who knows what will happen?

Jacalyn: Yeah, by the way, Ash, did Andrew tell you anything about the other tribe?

Ashley: He told me that he was in the minority, and that Carlos was running the alliance, until Andrew used an idol and it was a tie, and he got blindsided in the re-vote.

Jacalyn: I see, well, lets just get David later, and Andrew also.

Ashley: Obviously, I will talk to him though.

Polly: Well, we're done here.

Ashley leaves.

You know, I have a feeling where Jacalyn and Polly doesn't trust Andrew, I just have this queer feeling, right now, of course I am with them, I am not betraying them, definitely not, but if they seem to want to cut Andrew off, I afraid I might need to turn against them, but anyway, we will get to that when that happens, I am just happy to have the majority right now.


Simon can be seen walking alone, but David is sleeping above him and calls him from above.

David: Hey there!

Simon:(looking up) Woah, your sleeping from that high up?

David: I like doing that.

Simon: Anyway, have you spoken to Polly?

David:(swinging his net) I did, I don't know what she would do though.

Simon: Just talk to her later, maybe I would join in talking next time.

David: Sure, do that, anyway, I'm outta here.

David goes as he climbs up the tree and swings himself around as Simon watches him below.

David sort of reminds me of Carlos, Carlos was also that of a play boy, but David is just more fun and to me, he does nothing but play arond, though he has some strategist skills. (sighs) I miss Carlos around here, that <expletive>.... he is going to pay for that, and I no longer trust anyone, not even Tracy, I never trusted him.


Simon walks up to Polly, and Tracy is walking up to.

Polly: You are here to talk again?

Tracy: Sort of, I just though that it will be better if we all meet.

Simon: Curious though, how is things going on at your Kuopio tribe?

Polly; Alliances and stuff?

Simon ;Yeah, just feel like we are exchanging information as we are in the same alliance.

Polly :Didn't David tell you?

Tracy: Not really, we just know that you

Polly:(breaths) Ok... so we are split in two alliances, and us three girls and Chris are in an alliance, then the other three of us are in an another alliance, and John is with me too.

Simon: Ok, but are you turning against your alliance? We can have a whole new game and make a whole new moves.

Polly: I guess I am doing that now, now that you are mentioning...

Simon: Ok, don't worry, the four of us can make a good game going on!

Tracy: You made the right choice.

Polly nods.

I feel bad for saying that, but I made my choice when they are talking to me, because I don't really know where do I stand in my alliance, and I don't know how close Jacalyn is to others, so now, I guess, time to switch into the evil mode. (smiling evilly)


The camera then shows us another scene in camp, with most of the tribe.

Ashley: I have been wondering, what will be left of this tribe after merge?

Jacalyn: Shall we all stick together at merge?

Simon: Nah, we are going to get torn apart anyway.

Jacalyn: I don't understand why we can't stick together as a tribe, we seem to be going on a streak here.

David: It is way early to talk about this now to be honest, we don't even know what this tribe is like, and we have like a 7 people alliance, which will be impossible to manage.

Jacalyn: Haha, you are right.

Tracy: And we all have allies anyway, and when is merge anyway?

Andrew: 12?

Polly :They always do 12 anyway.

Tracy: So you are talking about merge too early man, and we barely even met each other.

Jacalyn:(smiles a bit) Just thought I am gonna throw it out there, that's what I am saying...

Today when we were together, I sort of threw out an idea of us sticking together, to see whether this tribe is going to do it, to unite this tribe per merge, but for the result, well, you guys saw it, we are more than divided for a tribe.


Jacalyn threw out an idea today that involves the entire new tribe sticking together, which well, she sort of did that way too fast, and she is playing the game hard man, let me tell you, and looks like David was telling the truth of her being a huge strategy threat, and she just painted a target on her back.


The camera then moves on to the Kuopio tribe with Chris and Christine.

Christine: Any idea how are we going to get out of this mess?

Chris: I think I got one...

Christine: You have?

Chris: We are going to throw John under the bus, that is the only way we have to get out.

Christine: Push them to vote him?

Chris: Yeah, they won't need him right now anyway.

Christine: Is there another plan?

Chris: I got one, but I am still constructing it.

Christine: You are?

Chris: We need to dig into the three Vantaa and see who is the least valuable, and get them out.

Christine: But how on earth are we supposed to know?

Chris: I don't know either, I am still thinking.

Christine: Stick to plan number one first.

Chris: Yeah, I agree.

Ultimately, we decided the plan that we are going to stick the plan which is trying to get John out, which is kinds the bad way, as I am trying to do anything to see who is on the outs in the trio on the other side, and I will do anything to find out.


The camera on the other hand shows Kevin, Luna, Hailey and John.

John: So hello guys.

Kevin: Hey, welcome, you are officially in.

Hailey: Thanks for saving me there last time.

John: Thank you, I guess, are we after those two next?

Luna: Yeah, who are we going after anyway?

Kevin: I don't know, but if we lose this next one...

Luna:(knowing what is next) Then we need to keep the stronger guys, depends.

John: Then we are going for Christine, voting her off?

Kevin: Lets do this man, and welcome in the game buddy. (raises hand to John)

John:(shaking his hand) Welcome to the game, I guess.

I kept on to have another meeting with Kevin, and I don't really know if that move that I did is getting them any good. And the only person that I some sort know of, is Kevin, but I guess I need to try and bond with members of the alliances here.


Kevin and Luna leaves for themselves.

Luna: Glad this alliance is running along now.

Kevin: Yeah, Hailey and John should be sticking with us if everything is going along well, and we can pretty much ride our way to the end.

Luna: Glad this happened too, we are doing good here, lets just decide what are we gonna do later, and lets hope that we will rule this game.

Kevin: So if I suggest that we are going to blindside John and Hailey, will you be up to do it?

Luna:(slightly alarmed) You want to blindside them? I am fine for that, but still-

Kevin: Nah, I am just joking and confirming.

Luna: Of course I am, but we are voting Christine now?

Kevin: Yeah.

They shake hands.

Kevin is a very cool guy to speak too, we have the among same hobby, and we have the same lifestyle too, and we are coincidence enough to stick together for two tribes, and right know, I hope that the both of us can make to the end, thus, sticking together for every vote. (chuckling) But don't get me wrong, I am not in love with him. I have a boyfriend.


You know, Luna is the kind of girl who wants to makes friends with everyone, which is a good thing in my opinion, as her social game would probably be the best ever, but I hope she will be with me if I want to make big moves, being friends with everyone doesn't really help you out.


Chris walks out the moment, as he sees the both of them shakes hands, he walks back, smiling.

Today, I learned some sort of information about them, and it seems to me, those two that I see are close, which means the person that is on the outs is Hailey, which I am not surprised at, judging how she always complains about stuff, I guess, I need to put the John plan on hold and let me construct a better plan out...


Chris wanders off while she grabs Christine and John for a side.

Christine: Kuopio meeting here?

Chris; Yeah, lets call this Kuopio meeting, so John, you didn't vote with us last time-

John:(cutting in) Yeah, I know I didn't, I jumped ship.

Chris: But I still hope that you will vote with us next time.

John: Oh... yeah?

Chris: I still hope you will let the three of us continue to do ou stuff and burst our way through.

John: Why should I do it though? I flipped because the other side is more benefiting to me, but I don't see any good in this, you guys have an alliance of 4 and 3, well, or 2 now, and I know I am the bottom in whatever alliance I am in, I will be picked off at f4 or f5 anyway.

Christine: Well... um...

Gosh, I really have zero debating skills, back at Kuopio, I was terrible at leading people, and now, I suck so bad that I cannot even think of something that I can debate with John about, gosh, (chuckles) I am really pathetic at this.


Chris: Then how do you know how good, or how bad your position is in that alliance? You can still possibly be the first person you get voted off after they voted everyone off, they will pick you off for being in the bottom anyway.(seeing John wants to talk something, he continues to speak) and what if you ended up getting out way first? They might pick you off at this vote because they don't need you!

John: Well.. um...

Chris: They don't need you, they are just using you, we need you to take down Vantaa, if you flip, you are still heading towards your doom, if you join us, it is 3-3, and we will decide what happens later.

Christine: Listen to him man.

John: I guess you got a point, I will get back to you soon.

John leaves them.

Gosh, (laughs at himself) I am dumb, typically, I am a person who gets convinced easily, and was convinced to flip sides just because I can't decide at all, gosh, I am really pathetic. Now, I am convinced that Chris had a point, but then, (shrugs) I don't know. Flipping back and forth is not a good idea.


John leaves them.

Christine: Ok, I thought you said we are pushing the votes towards John?

Chris: I got a better idea, I just figured that Hailey is o the outs of the other side.

Christine:(surprised) Really?

Chris ;Yeah, so I am constructing a plan to blindside her, and we will start with getting John.

Christine:(nods) Glad you thought of that, we were in different alliances back in Kuopio, and now we are here, lets stick togeter for good here.

Chris: Yup, sure.

The camera then features back at camp, with the majority of the Kuopio members working back in hand.

Hailey:(pulling a large piece of wood) God! These stupid bugs around here...

Luna:(next to her0 Yeah, I know, these bugs are annoying.

Hailey: I swear, this environment is driving me insane.

Christine: I know, this weather sucks...

While the girls are at the shelter, the three male are seen at the sea, collecting shells.

John:(picking up a piece of shell) This should be enough, I will take them back first.

Kevin: Lets all do this.

The three of them take back the shells, during then, Chris and Kevin walked slower.

Chris: What do you think of Hailey?

Kevin: What do I think of her? I just feel that she doesn't talk a lot.

Chris: Do you think that she used to complain about everything?

Kevin :Kind of, but hey, we all complain, she des that often, but so do we.

Chris ;Yeah, but she complains more-

Hailey:(running in) Are you guys ready yet? We are starving!

Kevin:(turns to Hailey) Ywah, we are. (to Chris) Come on, we got a dinner to eat.

Kevin runs back, leaving Chris.

I originally want to plant the seed of doubt in Kevin's mind, make him realize how annoying Hailey is, but she ran in and ruin everything. but no worries, this is a long fight, and I am ready for that.


The camera switches off.

Day 16

The camera shows the castaways walking to the challenge arena.

Jeff Probst: Vantaa, getting your first look at the new Kuopio tribe, Maria voted out at last Tribal Council.

The Vantaa tribe was surprised seeing a former Kuopio member voted out, Andrew shakes his head, David rolls his eyes, Simon is smiling.

Jeff Probst :You guys ready for today's challenge?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff Probst goes on to explain the challenge.

Jeff Probst: Want to know what you're playing for?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff Probst: For the reward, you will have comfort and shelter, in the form of more cushions, chairs, sofa, mosquito net, and hammock.

The castaways cheers.

Jeff Probst: Vantaa, you are one member up, sit someone out, you cannot sit the same person out in back-to-back challenges.

Polly:(raises hand) I am.

Jeff Probst: Polly, take a spot on the bench, for the rest of you, wait for my signal.

The camera shows the castaways ready for the challenge.

Jeff Probst: This is for reward, survivors ready? Go!

Water Maze Sit-Outs
Christine Orr
Hailey Hopper
John Mccarthy
Kevin Small
Chris Cotton
Luna Gibbs
Andrew Ng
David Lynn
Jacalyn Salas
Simon Paul
Ashley Smith
Tracy Morrow
Polly Bauer

David and Kevin immediately runs towards the sea, and the both of them fill the bucket with water, and threw them to the next person in line, who are Andrew and Hailey, Andrew slipped a bit as he lost some water, Hailey barely caught it, but lost half of the water, Andrew and Hailey threw the bucket to Jacalyn and John, where John lost more water. Jacalyn threw the water out to Simon, but she can't throw the water far enough, and Simon only caught little of the water, while John made a good throw, and Christine caught most of the water thrown out, as we can see that currently, the Kuopio tribes has more water than the Vantaa tribe. The Vantaa tribe was very fast in passing the bucket back, as David very fast prepared the next bucket of water, while the Vantaa tribe were slower in general, and they have to wait a longer time for Kevin to refill the bucket. David passed the bucket of water to Andrew, who managed to lose less water, Andrew threw the bucket to jacalyn, who also managed to prevent water from leaking out. But when Jacalyn pass the water to Simon, Simon only managed to catch half the water that was thrown out, as we can see the Vantaa's water bucket is only one quarter full. The Kuopio tribe fails to pass it well, since the water is mostly lost at John, but once again, Christine managed to catch all the water that John threw out, and Kuopio's water bucket is about one-third full. But the Vantaa tribe are faster, when the water bucket of Kuopio's is passed back to David, David threw the bucket to Andrew already, Andrew threw the bucket to Jacalyn, but he threw it too short, and the bucket dropped on the ground, losing all the water. Jacalyn passed the water bucket back to Andrew, while the Kuopio tribe continue to pass, this time John successfully caught the water bucket without losing a lot of water, he passed it to Christine, while Christine fill the tank, it is already around two-third fuull, on the same time, Simon finally managed to catch a respectable amount of water that was thrown by Jacalyn, and when Simon poured in the water, it was around half full. The Kuopio tribe starts to pass the bucket back, while Kevin who is running fast prepared the next bucket of water and started passing, but John once again failed to catch it correctly, and lost half of the water, while David is ready with a bucket of water. when John passes it to Christine, Christine filled it, but the ball wasn't released, so she passed it back. The Vantaa line was going well, and this time, hardly any water was lost in the passing progress, Simon caught a large amount of water, when Simon fills the tank, it is shown to be almost the same as Kuopio's. The Kuopio tribe starts passing it again, John managed to prevent water from loosing, and threw the water to Christine, when Christine filled in the water to the tank, the ball was released, so Chris and Luna grabbed the ball and ran towards the maze. The Vantaa tribe is passing their bucket of water when Chris pushed the ball into the maze, Chris and Luna are both working well at the start, and they start moving the ball towards the track that they felt was the right way, while Simon fills the tank once again, and t his time, it released the ball, so Ashley and Tracy grabs the ball and run towards the maze. Chris and Luna are doing a good job, as we can see that they are starting to make progress, as they managed to get the ball through the easy tracks, but then, we can see there is a harder part, that needs them to speed up, they pull the rope fast, but the ball fell into a dead-end, as they start pulling the rope to rise the ball backup, Ashley and Tracy start to do the maze after placing the ball in the maze, but they have more communication problems, because they failed to pull the rope at the same time, which cause their ball going at a slow rate. Chris and Luna managed to get the ball through the gap, and is making more progress, and they are half-way through. Once again, Chris and Luna have to face a part that require their speed to pull the ball through a gap, and they succeed in one-go, while Ashley and Tracy keep failing the tricky part of the maze. Luna and Chris successfully gets more progress and they are at the final portion of the maze where they need to pass through another tricky gap, and they start to pull the rope as fast as they could, and the ball fell into a maze gap, while Ashley and Tracy continue to fail in making the ball roll through a gap, Chris and Luna rolled the ball back up, and this time, they managed to pull the rope fast enough to make the ball roll through the gap, and it rolls to the exit of the maze, and the ball dropped in the bucket, raising their flag.

Jeff Probst: Kuopio has it, Kuopio wins reward!

The Kuopio tribe all hugs together and cheer like wild, happy they won pillow and stuff, the Vantaa tribe is upset, the camera shows them standing in front of Jeff Probst.

Jeff Probst: Kuopio, come grab your stuff.

The Kuopio tribe grabs their reward.

Jeff Probst: Kuopio, one more thing, who from Vantaa will you send to Exile Island?

The camera shows the Kuopio tribe discussing.

Christine: We will send Poly, Jeff.

Polly shrugs as she grabs her stuff.

Jeff Probst: Polly heading to Exile Island, here is the map, (throws map to Polly) for the rest of you, I will see you back in camp.

Polly heads to Exile Isalnd as the rest of the two tribes leave, the camera shows Kuopio first.

Kevin:(cheering) Woohoo! We won!

Christine: Good job what you guys did back there, you guys did well.

Luna:(placing down the hammock) Ah... time for a good nap here, with a cushion, we can have a good nap here swinging around.

Hailey:(picking up the mosquito net) I am more happy with this mosquito net, these bugs are driving me insane when they are flying around.

Luna:(smiling) They drive me insane too.

John: Well, glad I am not sleeping on wood tonight...

I am kinda glad we won today, because you know, winning usually boosts up your team morale, and that is exactly what our win just did, I guess, it proof that voting out Maria was the right choice, but what will be the right choice next? Well, lets hope I won't be the one deciding, I hate deciding.


Afterwards, the camera shows Kevin and Chris again.

Chris:(lifting a wood) Gosh, these woods are heavy.

Kevin: Yeah, wanna go to a swim later?

Chris: You say, in hell I want.

Kevin laughs.

Chris: Anyway, tell me, is it either Christine or me next time?

Kevin: By the way it looks, it likely is going to be you or Christine next time.

Chris: Is there a chance that it will not be me or her next time?

Kevin:(starting to be interested) Then who do you want out next time?

Chris: Honestly, I am thinking if we can get Hailey out, she is kinda weak in our tribe, and she kinda annoys me when she complains all the time.

Kevin: She isn't the weakest.

Chris: Ok, does she have allies on the other side? Because, from what I know, she isn't really close with you guys.

Kevin:(surprised) How did you know that?

Chris:(smiles) I have my own ways, now, getting back to the point, I will be loyal to you guys at merge, I don't really have allies now, I will stick with you, but you know Hailey won't stick with you, if she has allies at her original tribe, she will go back to them, if she doesn't have allies, who knows where will she go? You are just releasing a beast.

Kevin: Well, then...

Chris: The only way to trap the beast is to not let it go anywhere far, so you shouldn't let her make merge, it is dangerous.

Kevin:(processing) Ok, I will talk to my allies...

Chris: Trust me, letting her to merge is big trouble.

Kevin can be seen deeply thinking.

Jeez, someone needs to tell me what just happened, like literally, what Chris said actually makes some damn sense man, but then, the idea of sparing him is idiotic, like sparing a threat or someone in the minority for awhile doesn't usually end well, as they might end up turning the entire numbers, but then, I need to think, I don't know what happens if Hailey makes merge, this is really worth discussing.


Kevin goes straight to Luna.

Kevin: Look man, we need to talk...

Kevin goes on and talks and repeats what Chris just said as Luna starts widen her eyes.

Luna : Wow...

Kevin: Do you think we are going to do it? I think this is worth discussing to be honest.

Luna:Yeah, I agree it is worth discussing, and Hailey might have Simon and Tracy at merge, but we never know who she has at merge.

Kevin: Of course, Chris might have at least 6 people at merge, we don't know who is he allied with the other tribe to be honest.

Luna: Yeah, Chris told you that? Man, he is scarily scary.

Kevin ;Yeah, look out for him.

So er... Kevin listed out a plan that Chris came up, which was something scary, comparing with others, Chris actually had a convincing idea, and he is scary, and it sucks, considering how nice he is.


Afterwards, the three women of the tribe group up finding shells in the river.

Luna:(chuckling) Any ideas when the shell is? I can't find the food here. (raises rock) Hey look!

Christine:(running over and seas some shells) Nice find man!

Hailey: Lets bring them back before our tribe gets hungry.

Christine:(to Luna) Come on, lets go, I want to hear about your career more.

Luna: Sure!

Christine and Luna leaves, chatting together, leaving Hailey.

You know, as much as I am happy to see I am in the majority, what actually pissed me off is the fact I doesn't fit well in this tribe, like I don't fit well with Kevin and Luna, now not Christine, I just feel like, slowly, I am drifting towards the outs. But you know what? I am not going to let that happen, I have hid behind Carlos, then Kevin's back for too long, now, my own move is coming up right-next.


Hailey smiles as she goes on to talk to Christine.

Hailey: How do you think of the game?

Christine: Nah, I fell on the outs.

Hailey: Yeah, but I have a scheme that you should like.

Christine: What?

Hailey: Here is a plan, next time, I would not vote you, you, me, Chris are going to vote out one of those three, depends on who, I am tired sticking back in the game.

Christine: Really?

Hailey: Yeah.

The camera cuts to Christine's confessional.

While Chris goes and work on Hailey's elimination, she goes straight to us, stating that she wants to pull a move and wants one of the three out, and that is a good thing, I didn't need to do anything, and I guess we are back on top.


Christine walks to Chris.

Christine: Look, here is what happened...

Chris:(listening to the whole conversation) Man, this is good, we are back at the swing votes!

Christine: Yeah, we need to make the right move next time, we can now potentially run the game!

They high five and the camera cuts to Chris's confessional.

And... that is how I went from underdog, to top dog, seriously, I knew that would happen, if they don't trust each other, then how can they vote us now? Time for me to shine.


The camera shuts off and moves to Vantaa tribe.

Ashley: This sucks...

Andrew: Jeez, I wanted that mosquito net bad, these flies are already driving me insane, (shows his arm to the camera) my arms are full of bug bites.

Simon: Forget it...

We lost that challenge today, and it sucks a lot, the pillows and mattress and blankets are all at Kuopio, and now we can't even get more comfort items, and we are getting stuck at this dead old wood again.


Afterwards, a lot of people start going in different directions to work, leaving only Andrew and Simon at camp, as Andrew shakes his head and Simon stares at him hardly.

Today, at first, well, different people have their own thing to do, and then er... I am left with Simon, which is awkward, considering I voted out his good ally, and... he seems to be still mad with me, and that can never be good.


Simon stares at him and he walks past him, when he turns around him and just leaves, still giving him a stare, as they start working but they didn't interact with each other, after a while, the rest of the tribe return, then Simon, Tracy and David are together.

David:(excitingly) How is the plan going on man?

Simon: Polly told us that she decided she would flip.

David :Really? That is cool? Are we still voting out Andrew?

Simon: Of course, that prick is still going to pay for what he did!

Tracy ;Well, um...

David; Tracy, you have an idea?

Tracy:(nods) I was thinking if we can go for Jacalyn instead?

Simon:(surprised) Her? Why? I thought we are all going after Andrew!

Tracy: So, still remember yesterday? Where she proposed a plan of the seven of us sticking together at merge?

David :Yeah, she is an idiot for saying that, no one really wants to do that and it just makes her dangerous.

Tracy: It is stupid for her to say that, but it also reflects on how smart she is, David, did you said that she was the leader of the opposite alliance when you were in Kuopio?

David: Yeah.

Tracy: Then we should take her out before she has the chance to reunite with her allies?

David: Her allies are Ashley, Chris, and Polly which flipped with us, so she only has three here.

Tracy: Still, Andrew is a goner as he have zero allies but Jacalyn has tons of allies.

Simon: I thought we already locked on Andrew, now you want to change it?

Tracy: Just raising a bit of concern, I am not saying a must, but just I want to see what you think of getting rid of her next.

David: For now, I doubt it is a good time.

Tracy: Ok, whatever you guys will think.

Simon: Unless something happens, we will stick to Andrew for now,

Tracy shrugs.

It seems like for now, Simon lets his rage decides his choices and he wants Andrew out simply because what happened, but well... I voted out Carlos also, so I guess I can't really talk with him.


The camera shows Andrew, Ashley and Jacalyn next.

Andrew: Apparently, Simon is still mad at me, and he said that he still wants me out.

Jacalyn: We all knew that is coming right?

Andrew: Yeah, but what worries me is that he would definitely do anything to ensure I am out.

Jacalyn: I am definitely sticking with you, but Poly...

Andrew: She might not?

Jacalyn: Let me tell you, originally, Christine allied her, but she rat her out and joined us instead, so it is possible that she will do the same...

Ashley:(gasping) That is terrible man!

Andrew: If she flips, then...

Jacalyn: I don't know, but we need to talk to her when she gets back, definitely.

Andrew:(sighs) Why is my survivor life that difficult...

Is my life cursed or what? Like am I destiny to get targeted? At Vantaa, I am always targeted and receive Tribal Council for 3 times, now I switched tribes, but they are still targeting me, just, what did I do wrong to deserve this treatment?


Ashley:(pats him) Nah, you will be fine, don't always think about all the bad things, you need to be positive in life.

Jacalyn: Yeah, don't always remember the sad things right? There are a lot of positive things to think of, and plus, this is the game, you should adapt it right? A lot of people faced the same problem with you, but they overcame it.

Andrew: Well, just, I guess... because people don't like me in the real life.

Ashley: Be positive, also, people at survivor knows nothing about you right? Don't relate this to your outer life, everything they do is game-wised, not personal.

Andrew: Ok...

Ashley used to tell me how down and how low confidence Andrew is, and seeing him today, I kinda get what is Ashley talking about, and lets hope that boy can snap out of it.


Afterwards, the camera shows that Andrew, Ashley, David and Jacalyn talking.

Ashley: Where did Tracy and Polly went?

Jacalyn: Who knows, they didn't talk to us a lot since we switched.

David: Who knows, what do you guys want anyway?

Jacalyn: Did you flip us with Polly?

David:(smiles) Polly is with you guys right? I thought she was in your alliance.

Jacalyn: Well, I know that you are not with us, but did you talk with Polly and flipped her?

David: How am I supposed to know man?

Jacalyn: Anyway, letting you know, we are still open for you man, you are not with us, but we are always open for you.

David :Ok, thanks for letting me know. Anyway, I kinda wish Simon and Tracy was here, literally, I never see them at all.

Andrew: Yeah, kinda wonder where they went, they completely isolated themselves from us.

David: Anyway, thanks for letting me know that you guys are open for me, I am leaving now.

David leaves.

I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I really want to laugh at a situation, because it seems like they are aware that Poly left them, and they are trying to get me to spill information, but there is no way that I am going to do it, because, time for me to make a move and turn the game.


Jacalyn: Ok, that can't be good, from his reaction, it probably means no.

Andrew:(sighs) I am done for it...

Ashley :Nah, be optimistic, we still have Polly, also, do you know anything about idols?

Andrew: I just know I found the idol on Exile Island, I know nothing about idols at this tribe.

Ashley: That is it, although someone else might found it, lets still look for it!

Jacalyn :Not now, because it is getting dark, but yes, we can either get Polly with us or we can just find the idol.

Andrew: Ok.

Well, today, I just realized that I am walking towards my doom, and literally, talking to David just make me realized I am doomed, so I guess my only choice is to find the idol, or (sighs) I am done for.... again.


The camera moves on to Exile Island as Polly arrives.

Polly: Ok... lets see what we got here...

Polly goes to the urn.

A little bummed out that I was sent to Exile Island, because I have finally decided that I am turning against Jacalyn. I feel a little bad, because I turned against Christine, then Jacalyn, but well, this is the game, and time for me to play it hard, also, time to search the idol.


Polly grabs the idol and reads it.

Polly:(reading) 'Safety measures need to be taken to ensure a rock solid position in the game. Lurking in the shadows is the idol that secures your flame.' huh? What does this mean? I have no idea what this means!

Polly continues to stare at the clue, Polly stares at the clue.

Polly :Let me see, deep of darkness.... maybe somewhere in the deepness of the rock, since solid rock and deepness, but... darkness? I need to search the island for it.

Polly goes around, and she finds a few rocks.

Polly: Hmm... in the shadow of the rock? Let me dig...

Polly starts to dig at the shadow of some rock, but she finds nothing.

Polly: Gah....

Polly passed a rock where there is a hole in it.

Polly: Hmm, lets see...

Polly digs in front of the rock, but she doesn't find anything, despite she haven't checked the rock of the hole, she leaves and she continues to try and find a few more rocks and dig the shadows of it, but it continue does not work as she seems to not find anything.

Polly: Great... Can't find it.

In order to increase my power, I want to find an idol, so I can run the game more, and I can be a Jordan again like last season, where he flew under the radar, didn't really have allies, but rule the entire game, and I hoped I can do the same thing, but well, I can't find the idol, but still, the moment I step back to camp, I will flip, and I am going to make some moves.


Polly goes back as the camera switches off.

The camera shows later in night, where Polly wakes up from the shelter.

Polly:(yawn) Jeez, I am kinda cold, let me have a walk...

Polly gets up, as she walks towards the woods.

Polly: Maybe a good night walk can help me sleep better, hard to fall asleep here.

Polly walks near the short bushes, the camera then shows among the bushes, there is a snake with its tail sticking out, Polly can't see it, as she stepped on the snake, the snake hisses, as its head sticks out and turns to Polly, and the next moment, we can hear something bit.

Polly:(screaming) Ow!

Polly can be seen moving her legs, and the next thing, we saw the snake landing on the ground, as it crawls away, at the next moment, Polly can be seen grabbing her leg, as she is screaming in pain.

Polly:(grabbing her leg) Ow... It hurts..... It is swelling... Ow....

Polly breaths hardly as she is grabbing her legs.

Polly:(quietly) It is swelling..... Get the medic....

After Polly says that, she falls down, unconscious.

Cameramen:(from the background)(nervously) Polly? Polly? (scared) Oh my god! That is poisonous! Medic! We need a medic!

The camera switches off, the camera restarts with some medic running check-ups on Polly, while Jeff Probst and Ramona are standing aside.

Jeff Probst:(to camera) Tell me what happened.

Cameramen:(from the background) I just, she stepped on a poisonous snake, and that snake bit her!

Jeff Probst: Uh oh...

After a while, we see the medics finished check-up.

Jeff Probst: So Ramona, what is the verdict?

Ramona:(wordily) The snake that bit Polly is definitely poisonous, from what I checked, although this type of snake is usually not deadly, but its poison can be highly dangerous, she requires immediate medical service, or the poison can make great damage.

Jeff Probst: Ok, so Polly will require immediate evacuation, and she will be the sixth person out of this game, and the journey ends for her.

The camera shows the medic placing Polly on a chopper, as they put the chopper on a helicopter, then the helicopter flies away, the camera focuses on the moonlight, and the camera shut off.

Day 17

The camera shows the Vantaa camp, as a sad music is played, then Jeff Probst can be seen arriving camp when the sun rose.

Simon:(waking up) Jeff?

Jeff Probst: Help me wake the others up please.

Simon wakes the other tribe members up as some of them are confused.

Si, I got woken up by Simon today, and I see Jeff Probst in front of me, since he doesn't visit camps, and I am like, ok, this can't be good...


Jeff Probst: Guys, I have bad news for you.

The castaways become in silent.

Jeff Probst: Polly had an accident and she was bitten by a poisonous snake-

Everone gasps hearing that, Andrew can be seen staring wild, Tracy covers her hands with her mouth, Simon's eyes widen, David shakes his head in worry.

Oh, my, god. A poisonous snake? Polly got bitten by a poisonous snake? Oh my god, how can this- I- is this happening? She was evacuated on Exile Island? How can this even happen? I can't even imagine the pain...


Ok, so I was shocked when I heard that she was evacuated, and really, I was shocked at that, like poor girl, she left alone and there isn't anyone with her.... guess the nature part of the game is coming out, ouch that must have hurt... I don't even know what else to say... this is a survivor first.


Jeff Probst: As a result, she has been evacuated from Exile Island, and she is officially out of the game.

This just doesn't feel right, when I thought I had the numbers, she is, gone. Just gone, without a vote, she just left, I really feel bad for her, getting evacuated is always not a good thing.


Jeff Probst: Right now, there will be no immunity challenge for today, I came here to grab her stuff.

Still shocked, the castaways shows Jeff Probst her items and her torch.

Jeff Probst:(grabbing Polly's torch and Polly's items) David, what is the feeling here, that you all a sudden lost a member?

David: This feels shocking man, like all a sudden she is gone, and we didn't even see it happen, and this news just dropped on us and it catches all of us off-guard, and it changes our camp life and strategy.

Jeff probst: Ashley, do you agree?

Ashley:(sadly) Yeah, I agree, we have to deal with we lost a member all sudden, and even our game we need to reset it since she is gone.

Jeff Probst:(nods) I know this is sad guys, have a rest for the day.

Jeff Probst walks to the boat and he drives away, the camera then shows the Kuopio tribe, Kevin can be seen getting the tree mail as he reads it.

Kevin:(reading the whole note) Oh no....

Kevin goes back to camp as the other tribe mates approach.

Chris: What we got there man?

Kevin: Trust me, you guys won't like it.

The others start to concern.

Kevin:(reading the note) Unfortunately, there has been an accident at the Vantaa tribe (everyone gasps) and one of their members have been evacuated, and as a result, there will be no immunity challenge today, and you guys will wait for the next notice.

Everyone gasps, shocked at what the note said.

Luna: Oh my god...

When I heard that note, I was like- what? Someone just got evacuated? That is never a good thing man, being evacuated means they all a sudden became sick or they had a serious injury! And it is never good hearing all this stuff, I really hope whoever it is, they can recover and feel better.


Really, I feel bad for them. First, I am a bit glad that someone on the other side is gone, and I am safe for this round, but I full heartily feel bad for them, and literally, whoever is evacuated.


Christine: Oh man, who do you think it is?

John: I don't know, if it is a toss up, because as it said, it is an accident, but it is not becoming sick.

Hailey: Yeah, I guess.

Right now, I don't know really know if I should be happy or not, as I don't even know who is being evacuated, whoever is, good luck to them. But anyway, whoever it is, I am still playing the game here, and I am ready to play it hard.


Kevin: Lets hope they will be fine...

Christine: I know... Although this might be the era of strategy, but hearing that is never a good thing, and I can't even imagined what happened on the other tribe, I really can't.

Luna: God, lets just pray that whoever was the one that got evacuated, let them rest in peace.

The others nod and agree as the camera goes back to the Vantaa tribe, everyone can be seen working around, but there is a weird atmosphere, as people can be seen very quiet and not talking to people.

You know, seeing that today, most people here don't really have the mood to crack jokes or talk about anything at all, and it is kinda understandable, because, like yeah, I know that this game is about eliminating people, but then, she was never voted out, and we didn't even get to see her going out as she was evacuated since she is on Exile, and it is weird having someone, just gone all a sudden.


David: Looks life we are just going to call this work day a day eh?

Ashley:(gloomily) Yeah, I guess.

Andrew: Well, we had no challenges today...

David: Feel bad about her....

Ashley: Like we all do...

The tribe was kinda weird now, as we are all sadden by Polly's departure, but then, there is still a game we need to continue. Ugh, originally, if Polly flips, Andrew is gone, but she is gone and the game is wide open again.


Simon gatherers Tracy and David.

Simon: Well, I know it is heart breaking guys, but the game should continue.

Tracy:(nods) I know, I know...

David: Well, now this tribe is 3-3, Polly is gone.

Simon: Who here has an idea of how to break the 3-3 tie?

David: The only hope is to flip Jacalyn, but she seems very keen and tight at where she is.

Simon: One of them have to flip anyway, other wise this will be 3-3.

Tracy: Well, whatever, who are we getting next?

Simon: Of course Andrew, who else?

Tracy: Ok.

After this day, we still had a quick strategy talk, and obviously Simon still wants Andrew out, I don't know if I will agree on that, but I am going to stick to my alliance right now, and whatever it does, god bless me.


The camera shows Andrew, Jacalyn and Ashley next.

Jacalyn :Look guys, a quick talk of strategy before we go back?

Andrew: Yeah... I guess.

Ashley:(sighs) Lets just do it.

Jacalyn: So originally, we are afraid of Polly flipping, but then, with her gone, the alliances are 3-3 and this game is right back open.

Andrew: Yeah, but we won't risk rocks, what will we do?

Jacalyn: By now, the only way that works is to bring David back in the alliance and hope it works.

Ashley: I agree, you fine with that Andrew?

Andrew: Of course, I mean, there is no way in hell Simon and Tracy are going to work with me.

Jacalyn: Yeah... lets go back to bed, a hard night for everyone.

And the three of us decided to try and flip David, but now, I don't know it merge is next, if it is not, it really is a wild ride for the next few days, the game is wide open back again.


The camera then shows it is night time, with all six of the Vantaa members together.

Andrew: Look man, I know most of you aren't religious, but shall we pray for Polly?

The others, including Simon nod.

Andrew: In your name of father, in your name of son, in your name of Jesus, Amen. Jesus, Polly has left us with a medical evacuation, may whatever happened to her, we all here hope that she will be fine and she can recover, Amen.

Others: Amen.

All six of the Vantaa tribe member then goes to sleep, as the camera switches to Tribal Council. Where Jeff Probst is seen holding Polly's torch, as he placed Polly's torch into place and snuffed it, then, holding Polly's torch, he slowly lays no her torch at the side, the camera then shows the snuffed torch, and switched off.

Tribal Council

13th place (2)
Polly Bauer

Voting Confessionals (Unaired)

No votes were made, so there are no voting confessionals.

Final Words

Polly's final words are aired at her home.

(at home) So guys, all of you must have wondered what happened to me after, I obviously require heavy medical service, and they injected me with some anti-biotics, and it took me for a month, but I was cured and now I am back to my job. I kinda feel bad that this is the way I left, but I should be glad, I am alive.(smiles)


Still In The Running...

Ashley Smith
Chris Cotton
Christine Orr
David Lynn
Jacalyn Salas
John Mccarthy
14th place (2)
13th place (2)
17th place (2)
Andrew Ng
15th place (2)
18th place (2)
Hailey Hopper
Kevin Small
Luna Gibbs
16th place (2)
Simon Paul
Tracy Morrow

Next Time On Survivor...

With Polly gone, the game at Vantaa blows wide open.

'Come join us please'

'Join our alliance, it is better'

While at Kuopio, Hailey continue forces for a move.

'Look, side with me, we can rule the game'

And something is about to change, or will it?

'Drop your-'


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Author Notes

This episodes title is said by Tracy Morrow referring to Polly being evacuated alone while she is still on Exile Island.