"A Pivotal Move"
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Season Survivor: Kidnap Islands
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 5/13
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This is the 5th episode of Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Previously On Survivor...

Hatutu lost Amir and immunity. Jane and Alabaster found hidden immunity idols. Minerva was able to make a successful manouver and eliminate her final threat, Richard James.


Kidnap Challenge: Survivor Darts
The kidnapping victim will challenge 1 member from the kidnapping team in a game of darts. Whoever scores highest wins.
Winner: Hatutu
Immunity Challenge: Chimney Sweep
Each castaway would stand on footholds. After ten minutes, the castaways would move to smaller footholds. After another ten minutes, they would move to the smallest footholds and stay there until the challenge was over. Whichever tribe loses all its member's first loses.
Winner: Hatutu


Night 12

I've just successfully eliminated Richard! I know I should not be so surprised, but for me, a 71 year-old woman to beat a 20 something younging makes me feel so good!


Minerva and the rest of Hatutu get some sleep.

Day 13

Hatutu camp: Robin goes to find treemail, as expected its a kidnap notice. He brings it to the tribe.

Robin: "Guys, look what I've got! It's our turn to steal! "
Minerva: "Hooray! It is our turn to steal! Let's kidnap Amir back! "
Robin: "Yes let's!"
Jeriah: "Hold up, may I interject? Amir is strong, he can survive over on Eiao. Let's consider kidnapping Jane. I mean, she is very strong in the challenges, with her, we could win some!"
Jacqueline: "That is not a a terrible idea."
Minerva: "No, no, I don't like that idea."
Jacqueline: "C'mon Minerva, its a good idea, wanna talk in private?"

Again, I am trying my hardest to tear apart this team. If we can keep Amir on the other side, he is bound to go if the other tribe loses. And if we can get Jane, I will have an ally who can work with me against Minerva. A slong as she does not catch on...


Minerva, Robin, Jacqueline and Alabaster leave to talk without Jeriah.

Robin: "I told you he was shady! Don't listen to him!"
Minerva: "He voted for me last night!"
Jacqueline: "I really don't think it is a bad idea, if we have Jane, we can win every challenge, it won't matter. Even if the two of them teamed up, it would be 2 versus 4."
Minerva: "Still, I don't like the idea of leaving Amir on the other team alone."
Jacqueline: "It is a sacrifce we have to make, or we might keep losing challenges. Besides, he can manage on his own."
Minerva: "I am just not sure..."
Jacqueline: "Let's vote, you know Jeriah and I want Jane, you and Robin want Amir, Alabaster, who do you choose?"
Alabaster: "...Jane."
Jacqueline:Then it is settled! We kidnap Jane."
Minerva: "You got it."

I am happy that I was able to stick my foot in the door, we need Jane on our team so we can win some challenges.


Eiao camp:

Eiao recieves notice that Jane is going to be kidnapped, the group says goodbye.

I think Jane will be able to hold her own and win this challenge, she is strong, she will come back.


I am confused to why they didn't want me back. I mean, it's not a big deal, it might be strategic, but still.


Personally, I hope she gets kidnapped, it's one less person I will have to deal with, plus she got rid of my ally!


Here's the thing, my loyalty in this game lies with Jeriah. It seems as if it might be good to just let myself get kidnapped.


Kidnap Challenge: Each sim will have 3 darts to throw at a numbered dartboard, whoever scores highest wins. Jacqueline, who is here to kidnap Jane goes first. Her first dart hits a 3. Her second dart his a 7, her last dart hits a 10. Her final score is 20, Jane must beat a 20 to stay in the game.

Jane aims carefully, she scores a 7, she shoots again and gets a 9. She has 16, all she needs is a 5 to win. Jane stands and contemplates, she aims, and totally misses the dartboard. Jane's final score is 16, she has been kidnapped!

Night 13

Hatutu: Jacqueline and Jane arrive at the Hatutu camp and greet the rest of the team. Jane and Jeriah walk off alone.

Jane: "Dude! What's up! It has been a long time!"
Jeriah: "I know, how've you been?"
Jane: "Surviving! I guess, haha, it's so good to be back with you!"
Jeriah: "I agree, and now that you are here, we can do some serious damage to this team!"
Jane: "Sweet!"

I am pumped that Jane has made it over to our tribe! WE can seriously wreak havoc now!


Robin and Minerva notice Jane and Jeriah talking down the beach.

I can already tell this was a bad idea.


Day 14


The group knows that Jane isn't coming back, the men don't seem too upset, but Cassie does.

I just cannot believe she isn't a part of our team anymore! She has the idol too! I am screwed! We wont win the next challenge, that's for sure! Ah, the guys might target me.


Amir is also out of a plan.

Jane was being blackmailed into helping me, but now she isn't here, and I know Cassie won't work with me because she knows I am a blackmailer! What will I do now?


Amir seeks a new ally, he asks Yolandri to go on a walk with him. She accepts

Amir: "In the event of us losing, you wouldn't target me right?"
Yolandri: "....No! Of course not!... I'd targte uh... Cassie probably."
Amir: "Oh yeah, why is that?"
Yolandri: "Well, she is a traitor, she told me she would vote with me, but then she voted out my close friend Millie, she's a two-faced twit."
Amir: "Well, as long as I am not on the chopping block, I am on board with your idea!"

Incredible! Just like that my game has turned around! Now I can eliminate someone who has hurt me! YES!


Day 15

Immunity Challenge: All 12 players get to take part in this challenge, they being by putting their feet on the first of 3 footholds. It is 3 inches wide. After only 5 minutes, Yolandri squeals and falls, she is the first out of the challenge. 3 more minutes pass and Jeriah mumbles, "No way in hell I can do this!" He falls. He is the first to step out for Hatutu.

Now, a total of ten minutes has passed, the remaining 10 step down to the 2nd footholds, each only 2 inches wide.

Grayson starts squirming, he jumps off. At the 15 minute mark Cassie starts to re-position herself better, but misses her foothold accidentally and falls out. Reginald falls minutes later. Now only Jake and Amir are left competing for Eiao, there are still 5 Hatutu members left playing.

20 minutes have passes altogether, the castaways move their feet to the final footholds, 1 inch wide.

They stand for awhile. Ten minutes later, at the half hour time mark, Jane falls out.

10 additonal minutes later, Robin and Alabaster fall at the same time. Now only 4 are left competing, Minerva and Jacqueline for Hatutu, and Jake and Amir for Eiao. Jake is shaky.

Jake falls after standing for 45 minutes. Amir is the last one standing. Unbelivably, Minerva has not moved an inch since the challenge begun other than to move her feet from footholds, she seems very relaxed. At the hour marker, Jacqueline bails, leaving Amir and Minerva.

Amir is beginning to shake, Eiao cheers for him. Minerva begins whispering smack talk.

Minerva: "Amir, I can stand here all day if I have to, I am good at this stuff and I won't quit for my team. Listen, you will be saved, you've withstood all of them. Target Yolandri, she was the first to lose, she should not be here. Understand?"
Amir: "Yes Minerva."

Amir drops out, Hatutu wins Immunity. Along with immunity they get 3 sleeping bags.

Eiao goes back to camp.

I am going to take Minerva's advise, it was accurate, Yolandri is the weakest.


Cassie starts talking with Grayson and Jake.

Cassie: "We have two options, we either stick to Eiao bonds and eliminate Amir, or look at strength and eliminate Yolandri."
Jake: "The way I see it is, we kidnapped Amir for a reason, and he is proving himself, why risk losing a strong, valuable member for a weak one with no connections whatsoever here?"
Grayson "What are you saying exactly maaan?"
Cassie: "He is saying keep Amir, right?"
Jake nods.
Cassie: "Alright then, let's keep Amir!"

I think it's a great idea, I mean, I have already turned on Yolandri, might as well lose her before she can boot me.


Yolandir tries to talk with Amir, but he ignores her. Amir instead goes and speaks with Reginald.

I don't know what to think. Either he is ignoring me because he is lying to me, or he is making some kind of "foreign connection" with that weirdo Reg, and he is telling Reg our plan. Let's hope its the latter.


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
Yolandri (5 Votes)
Amir, Cassie, Jake, Grayson & Reginald
Cassie (1 Vote)
YolandriS B&W
Yolandri Saro

Voting Confessionals

Sticking to Minerva's advice, I hope no one pulls a fast one on me!


Girl, you need to go, peace.


This is the best move for the team. Sorry.


Laaater laaady!


My last advice to you, watch out for that Japanese shark soup! You could be eating what ate my relatives!


Bye Cassie.


Final Words

Well, I am not surprised. I just hope that Eiao understands that Hatutu can rip them open now that they have Jane, good luck b*tches!


Still In The Running

MillieT B&W
YolandriS B&W
AlyssaW B&W
JamieS B&W
RichardJ B&W

Next Time On Survivor..

Author's Notes

  • Because of computer difficulties, this is the first episode of the season to be made only on this website.