"A Girl's Best Friend"
Heather and Aaron enjoy being away from the others.
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Author User:Blaine7275
Episode Number 13/14
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A Girl's Best Friend is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Caucasus.

Previously On Survivor...

After a surprising Tribal Council, eyes immediately turned to Gerardo as the person who leaked his alliance's voting plans to Heather and Aaron. Once the story was confirmed true, Daniel, Yessica, and Amy set out to eliminate their former ally. Knowing that they needed four votes, the trio went to Agatha, but the librarian failed to budge.

Despite getting an advantage to the next Immunity Challenge during the Survivor Auction, Gerardo failed to win immunity, making him vulnerable to be eliminated. With no safety around his neck and being the main target, Gerardo tried to cement his four person alliance with Heather, Aaron, and Agatha. However, upon the realization that the idol Heather gave was fake, Agatha defected from her alliance and helped vote out a stunned Gerardo. With Aaron and Heather on their own, will they be able to get through the next vote or will they be systematically eliminated?


Reward Challenge: Spinning Wheel
The castaways start off by holding onto a disk and spinning around it in order to detach it from a post, making them dizzy. They must repeat the process for the final two discs and make their way to a decoding station, where they will align 3 numbers for a combination. They will then pull on a lever. If they have it right, a flag in the respective color of their station will raise. First person to do this wins reward.
Reward: A trip to a yacht and three-course meal, accompanied by a guest of their choosing
Winner: Heather (chose Aaron)

Immunity Challenge: Return From The Dead
The castaways must untie a large knot to release a ring, the first four would go to the next round. Then they would bounce coconuts off of a net to burst a target. They first three to burst all three move to the final round. The final round consisted of hiting three targets in a row. The first to do so would win immunity.
Winner: Daniel


Night of Day 33

The final six returned to camp that night with mixed emotions. Daniel and Amy were glad was Gerardo was gone, Yessica was sad that her friend was voted out, Heather and Aaron were furious about the result of the vote and Agatha was visibly annoyed by both of them.

Heather: "You rotten old hag! Did you know what you just did?! You just ruined the chance of our alliance going to the end!"
Agatha: "Our alliance? It's just been you and Aaron since the merge! I was just that old lady that you manipulated into giving you an extra vote!"
Heather: "What the heck are you talking about?!"
Agatha: "That idol Heather! You gave me a fake one just so I would trust you enough to do whatever you said!"
Heather: "How did you know if was a fake?"
Agatha: "I found several of these fake ones lying around camp yesterday. Just ask Amy."
Amy: "Uh. Please keep me out of this."
Heather: "Ugh! Whatever, you're dead to me Agatha!"
Agatha: "Wouldn't have it any other way!"

Heather runs off and is soon followed by Aaron who gives Agatha a nasty look as he passes her.

Who needs her anyway! By the time I get done with her, she'll wish she never crossed me!


Once both Heather and Aaron are out of sight, Daniel reassures Agatha that she did the right thing in flipping on them.

That red-headed child from hell makes me so furious! I just want to wring that scrawny neck! But no, I have to keep my composure if I want to prove that I am the mature, reasonable adult in this situation.


After a heated night, everyone lays down to go to sleep.

Day 34

The next day, the contestants are called in for an early-morning Reward Challenge. Jeff states the rules and then tells everyone what they'll be playing for. He says that the winner will get a trip to a private yacht where they would enjoy a three-course meal. This excites everyone and the challenge immediately commences.

All of the six contestants are easily able to dislodge the first disk and all move to the second one, however a disoriented Agatha takes a tumble but gets back up. Heather, Amy, and Daniel are all able to spin the disk out of the post and move onto the final one while Yessica and Aaron follow close behind. Amy takes the lead when she is able to get the third disk and runs over to the puzzle station. She is soon followed by Heather, leaving a dizzy Daniel still trying to get his third disk. To two females then try to get their correct combination. Amy thinks she's got it, but as she pulls the level, the flag doesn't raise. The same goes for Heather and the two continue to solve the puzzle. This allows for everyone, except Agatha who is still at the third disk, to catch up. But thinking she's got it, Heather pulls the level and her flag raises, winning her reward!

Jeff: "Congratulations Heather. You'll immediately be taken, via helicopter, to a yacht where you'll enjoy all the commodities that come with it. But you can't do this alone. Pick someone to join you."
Heather: "Aaron!"

With no hesitation, Heather chooses her guest and Aaron joyfully runs to her side.

Jeff: "What if I told you that there's room for one more. Choose another person."
Heather: "No one! None of these people deserve to go with me."
Jeff: "Alright. You two, stay here. For the rest of you, I've got nothing."

The four who were not picked returned back to camp empty-handed while Heather and Aaron were airlifted to a nearby yacht which was situated on a wide river. The two enjoyed their three-course meal and quickly dug in. After a refreshing shower and change of clothes, the two enjoyed a relaxing massage and started bad-mouthing the "terrible people they've been living with".

Heather: "Oh my gosh! I'm so glad to finally be away from all of them. They drive me insane!"
Aaron: "Couldn't agree more. Which one are you most happy to be away from?"
Heather: "Hmmm. That's a hard choice! Let's see, there's Amy the whiny crybaby, Daniel the obnoxious fake, Yessica the know-it-all freak, and Agatha the two-faced, flip-flopping hag! But if I were forced to pick, it'd be the last one."
Aaron: "Ha! Ha! Ha!"
Heather: "We unfortunately have to go back to get later."
Aaron: "I'd rather just stay here with you until Day 39."
Heather: "Agreed."

I'm loving all these commodities that come with the reward! Mud baths, seaweed wraps, massages! These are a girl's best friend. I adore all this pampering! This is how I should be treated at camp!


Sometimes I feel bad for Heather. She doesn't deserve all the hate she gets. She's really awesome if you really get to know her. Everyone's just jealous.


Back at camp, Yessica, Amy, Daniel, and Agatha all celebrate that they're rid of Heather and Aaron, even if it's just for a few hours.

Yessica: "I was so scared when Jeff said she could bring another person with her to the reward. I did not want to go, at least not with her."
Daniel: "Ha! Me too! For once, I appreciate her selfishness!"

The four all laugh, but then things get serious as they start discussing the next vote.

Daniel: "I think it's pretty clear that one of them needs to go. They don't have any idols to hide behind anymore, so it should be a straight shot."
Amy: "Agatha. Who do you want to go first? I think you should decide as they've caused you the most pain."
Agatha: "Thank you for including me dear, but it doesn't really matter to me. Both have angered me so much that I'll be happy with either being voted out first."
Yessica: "We should discuss this later. We only have a limited amount of time before they come back from their reward, so in the mean time, let's enjoy this peace and tranquility."

It's amazing how those two have managed to make it all the way to the final six. But their time is running out, so they better enjoy every second of that reward.


Later that day, Heather and Aaron return from the reward and as expected, aren't welcomed back as they arrive to the camp. The two take the silence as a cue, and scuttle off by themselves. Once they're alone, they talk about how they're going to survive the next vote.

Heather: "As much as this pains me, we're going to have to be nicer to them if we want to make it through this next vote."
Aaron: "What?! Why?!"
Heather: "We need to get them on our side. Somehow, we have to convince them that Agatha is more of a Jury threat than both of us."
Aaron: "That's brilliant! But how are they going to believe us? They hate us. You saw how they didn't even look at us when we arrived."
Heather: "You forget one thing. We're playing with a bunch of idiots!"
Aaron: "Ha!"

I honestly don't have any more tricks under my sleeve. I'm not even sure if this plan will even work. It seems so far fetched. But I can't let Aaron see me as a weak person. He's all I have in this game.


The day draws to a close and everyone goes to sleep.

Day 35

The next morning, an awkward silence fills the camp as the final six eat their breakfast. On one side of the campfire sit the Yessica, Daniel, Amy, and Agatha while Heather and Aaron sit on the other side. As they eat, Aaron gives Agatha a cold stare, making her feel uncomfortable. This reaches to a point where she offers to go get tree mail and leaves, giving the two outsiders some time to talk strategy.

Heather: "Look guys. We may not like each other.."
Yessica: "Not one bit."
Heather: "...but this will be our only chance to take out the old ha- I mean Agatha."
Daniel: "Why would we listen to anything you guys have to say?"
Yessica: "Yeah. You never have anything nice to say anyway. Come on guys, let's go."

Daniel and Yessica stand up and are about to leave but are interrupted by Amy.

Amy: "Wait, maybe we should at least listen to what they have to say. We don't have to stoop down to their level."
Daniel: "Fine."
Yessica: "You're right Amy."

They sit back down and agree to listen to whatever Heather and Aaron have to say.

Yessica: "We're listening."
Heather: "Okay then. Aaron and I both know that no one in this game likes us. But everyone loves Agatha. What has that little old lady done to anyone in this game?"
Aaron: "Nothing!"
Heather: "Exactly! Then why keep her, someone who's sure to get votes just for being old, over us, who have no chance in hell in winning?"
Aaron: "I don't see the logic in that!"
Heather: "Just vote her out now, then you three can simply pick Aaron and I off until you make it to the Final Three!"
Yessica: "Alright. We listened and we refuse your offer."
Aaron: "What?! Why?!"
Yessica: "Because you two have been nothing but rude to us ever since we stepped foot on this mountain. You've been voting off our friends and you expect us to spare you just because you got on your knees and begged? No, that's not how we do things."

Yessica, Daniel, and Amy all get up and walk away, leaving both Heather and Aaron speechless. Agatha, not knowing what had just happened, then arrives with tree mail.

After 35 Days, they're finally getting what they deserve.


I've done everything I could, but that still hasn't been enough. My only saving grace would be winning immunity!


Later that day, the contestants arrive to the location of their next Immunity Challenge. A dazzling Jeff waits for the to stand on the mat and then announces the rules for the challenge. He gets the Immunity Necklace back from Daniel and commences the challenge.

The final six quickly try to get their knots undone in order to release a ring. Aaron gets his undone first and is soon followed by Yessica. Seconds later, Daniel gets his undone leaving Agatha, Amy, and Heather still fighting for the last spot. Heather then manages to get hers done and seizes that last spot. Agatha and Amy are then eliminated from the challenge.

The four who advanced then line up for the second round. They quickly start bouncing their coconuts, but none are successful on their first try. Aaron then becomes the first to hit one of their targets but is soon followed by Daniel. Daniel then takes the lead as he gets his second target. Heather and Yessica still have yet to get on the board. Daniel then manages to hit his third and final target, sending him to the final round. Knowing that only two spots are available, every starts to pick up their pace. Aaron manages to get his second target while both girls are able to hit their first. Yessica gets her second target, leaving Heather in last. Soon after, Aaron gets his third hit and advances to the final round alongside Daniel. With just one spot left, Heather goes even faster, managing to get her second hit, tying it up between her and Yessica. A third target then breaks, sending Heather to the third round, eliminating Yessica in the process.

In the final round, Daniel, Aaron, and Heather go head to head for immunity. Everyone starts off strong are they are able to hit a target on their first and second try. However, only Daniel hits appear to be in the same row. On their third throw, Daniel and Heather miss their targets while Aaron gets his third hit, this time, two appear to be in the same row. On the fourth throw, Daniel misses again which is followed by a miss by Aaron. Heather gets a hit, needing to break just the far left tile to win immunity. On the fifth throw, Daniel and Aaron both miss once again, leaving it up to Heather. She throws her coconut and it manages to hit a tile, however just not hers. She overshot her coconut and actually managed to hit one of Daniel's tiles, one of which he needed to get three in a row. This ends the challenge and Daniel wins immunity!

I was so close to winning that damn challenge! And I literally end up giving it away! I am so pissed off right now!


Upon returning back to camp, Heather quickly runs over to the shelter and buries herself underneath the blankets and pillows. Aaron walks over to where she's laying to see what's wrong and hears small sniffles coming from his ally.

I feel so bad for Heather. She was so close to winning immunity yet she let it slip away from her fingers. I don't know what else to do.


Aaron then steps inside the shelter and lays down alongside Heather. The two stay there for the rest of the evening.

Meanwhile, the foursome consisting of Daniel, Yessica, Amy, and Agatha celebrate their (Daniel's) immunity win. Knowing that both Heather and Aaron were already asleep in the shelter, they decide to take this time figuring which one of the two they should vote out next.

Amy: "So what are your guys' thought? Heather or Aaron?"
Yessica: "That's a tough one. I wish we could get rid of them at the same time, but we're forced to pick one. Let's weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of keeping one over the other."
Daniel: "OK. Well Heather is much more craftier than Aaron. But Aaron's more of a challenge threat."
Yessica: "They both seem like challenge threats to me."
Agatha: "Don't forget that Heather's actually won a challenge sweetie."
Daniel: "Oh yeah! But Aaron's been close is winning much more challenges."
Amy: "Also think about how he'll react if we send Heather home."
Daniel: "He'll make camp life awful!"
Yessica: "This is a hard decision. Let's sleep on it and figure it out tommorrow."

There's pros and cons to getting rid of both of them. I just hope we make the right decision tomorrow.


The four then go to sleep.

Day 36

After spending the night sleeping with a distraught and weepy Heather, Aaron wakes up with what he thinks is a wonderful idea. He slowly gets out of the shelter and goes over to get the tribe's cooking pot and machete.

While I slept with Heather as she cried last night, I realized that she loves this game more than anything else. That's why I'm going to try to annoy the crap out of these guys so that they vote me out before her. That way, she'll have at least one more shot at the million.


Once he has the pot and machete, he moves closer to the foursome's side of the shelter and starts banging away. The loud noise of metal on metal immediately wakes up Daniel, Amy, Agatha, and Yessica.

Aaron: "Rise and shine! It's Day 36!"
Daniel: "What the hell Aaron!"
Agatha: "Keep it down! Some of us are trying to sleep!"
Aaron: "But it's Day (bleep)-ing 36! We don't want to oversleep do we?!"
Yessica: "OMG. Shut up!"
Amy: "Please keep it down."

The four try to drown out the noise by hiding under the covers, but Aaron, who's still banging the pot, goes over to get a bucket of water. Amy sees Aaron coming with the bucket towards them and manages to get away before he drenches most of the shelter with ice cold water.

Aaron: "Anybody thirsty?"
Agatha: "You insolent little devil!"
Aaron: "I try. Ha! Ha!"

The three who got soaked immediately leave to dry off while a perfectly dry Amy follows. Confused by what she just witnessed, Heather goes over to Aaron to find out why he did what he just did.

Heather: "What do you think you're doing! Are you trying to get yourself voted off!"
Aaron: "Yup!"
Heather: "What?! Why?"
Aaron: "You deserve a spot in the Final 5 more than I do."
Heather: "But-"
Aaron: "But nothing! Just sit back and watch me torture these idiots all day."

I have no idea why Aaron's doing what he's doing, but it's really nice of him. But if he wants these people to vote him off, he'll have to burn this camp down to the ground.


For the remainder of the day, Aaron spends his final hours in the Caucasus messing with the four other contestants. He buries their clothes after they leave them out in the open to dry, dumps everyone's belongings out of their bags, fills everyone's canteens with dirt and mud, and even interrupts every conversation they try to have together.

Aaron has been so insufferable to live with. I try to see the good in everyone, but he's not helping! We can't even discuss who we're going to vote out because he keeps interrupting all of our conversations. His behavior makes me want to vote him out right now!


While Aaron is being talked to by the Producers about his behavior, the four take this chance to talk strategy right before they all leave for Tribal Council.

Later that night, the six castaways walk up to Tribal Council. They place their torches and sit. Jeff then welcomes in the Jury and tribal goes underway. But before Jeff even asks a question, he notices that most of the players are tired and exhausted. When asked why, everyone points towards Aaron. Jeff then asks Aaron why he's been behaving so unruly lately to which Aaron replies that he feels like he and Heather are being backed into a corner. Jeff turns to Heather and asks if she feels the same way, to which she responds with a nod. Jeff then makes a conclusion that either Aaron or Heather will be going home that night to which everyone agrees. Jeff then asks the foursome why they would keep one over the other. Daniel reasons that while Heather is more of a strategic threat, Aaron is more of a physical threat and that he hopes that his alliance makes the right move. With that, Jeff declares that it's time to vote and the voting commences.

After the votes cast and tallied, Jeff begins to read them.

Jeff: "First vote... Agatha. Agatha. That's two votes Agatha."

The next four votes read the same name and it appears that despite the hell that Aaron put them through, the alliance of Yessica, Daniel, Amy, and Agatha decided that it was best to get rid of Heather.

As she goes to get her torch, she is given a hug by Aaron which is then followed by a lengthy kiss on the lips. Everyone appears happy yet disgusted by the kiss and Heather leaves the Tribal Council after getting her torch snuffed.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 14:
Heather Villegas
Heather (4 votes)
Yessica ChangAgatha ChristensonDaniel MarvinAmy Corazon
Yessica, Agatha, Daniel & Amy
Agatha Christenson
Agatha (2 votes)
Heather VillegasAaron McCarthy
Heather & Aaron
Heather Villegas BW
Heather Villegas

Voting Confessionals

In all my years of being a librarian, I've never met someone as horrible as you. Good bye and good riddance!


It was a tough choice between you and your boyfriend, but we eventually decided on you.


Heather and I may be leaving next, but have fun with fourth place!


I had to resist writing down Aaron's name. Sorry!


I hope I never get to see you ever again. I feel like puking whenever I see it.


This is for Hazel. Hasta la vista bruja!


Final Words

Although I'm extremely pissed that these people got rid of me, I have to applaud them for their efforts. It only took these geniuses 36 Days to figure out I was the real threat.

–Heather Villegas

Still In The Running

Aaron McCarthy
Agatha Christenson
Gerardo Guzman BW
Hazel Quezada BW
Heather Villegas BW
Martin Bowell BW
Max Fisher BW
Rachel Hudson BW
Winston Grant BW
Yessica Chang
Amy Corazon
Daniel Marvin
Derek Phu BW
Lauren Faas BW
Mary-Jean Pettie BW
Phoebe Noyola BW
Samantha Marino BW
Sebastian Hibbard BW
Stan Bailey BW
Van Stevenson BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • The final five fight for the million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor.
  • An ending that may shock everyone.

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