"A Battle of the Ages"
Season Survivor: Battle of the Ages
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 1/13
Episode Chronology
Previous Do Me a Favor and Look Directly At the Sun
(last season)
Next She's Got a Gun to My Head On the Dance Floor
A Battle of the Ages is the first episode of Survivor: Battle of the Ages.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Sumo at Sea
Use large padded bags to get your opponent off of a platform and into the surrounding water. Two hands on the bag at all times, no feet. When you are pushed off determines the amount of points the tribe receives. First receives three, second receives two, third receives one, and last receives zero.
Reward: Fire-Making Kit and Flint (First Place), Flint and 50 matches (Second Place), Flint (Third Place)
Winners (in order of finish): Suvorov, Mangaia, Atiu


Day 1

On their way in rafts, sixteen Americans from different walks of life are about to start the journey of a lifetime. They have been divided into random groups of four, believing these are their tribemates. These new sixteen castaways will endure unpredictable and harsh storms, unforgiving wildlife, and the cutthroat game of each other. Sixteen people, Thirty-nine days, ONE SURVIVOR!

–Jeff Probst

Paddling their way to a beach in the Cook Islands, four rafts with four people on them are ready to play for the million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor. They have no idea what will happen at all.

Being a college student in a frat, many people look down on you as a douche. I'm not all play and no work. Being in my frat teaches you about loyalty and friendship. I want to prove people wrong.


I didn't mean for my application to end up with the producers of Survivor. I should be on Big Brother, but I might as well play as hard as I can while I'm here.


Being seventy-one, people think you some anal senior citizen, who can't do anything. Well age shouldn't factor on what you can do. Having a large family keeps me in shape, and I want to show these young whipper-snappers that you don't have to be young to be strong.


Beauty and brains are a few of the factors of getting far. Most have one or the other. I have both. That makes me that more dangerous than anyone else here.


The sixteen castaways arrive to the shore, where Jeff is standing. Near him are four colored mats, one indigo, one orange, one yellow, and one light blue.

Jeff: "Welcome to the Cook Islands. As you all know, you arrived into groups of four. This season there will be four tribes competing, rather than two. However, you've probably assumed that the groups you arrived in are your tribes. Wrong, this season will be divided on age."

A few gasp, others are in shock, and select few are dumbfounded.

Jeff: "The first group, if you're 29 and younger, stand on the yellow mat."

Erick, Qiana, Octavia, and Ulrich go and stand on the yellow mat.

Jeff: "You four are officially known as Mangaia. Now, those from thirty to thirty-nine, stand on the indigo mat."

Genette, Astor, Quinlan, and Kamryn go and stand on the indigo mat.

Jeff: "You four are officially known as Suvorov. Now, those from forty to forty-nine, stand on the blue mat."

Zak, Willie, Garnet, and Marquis go and stand on the light blue mat.

Jeff: "You four are officially known as Tema. The remaining four, you guys are then fifty and older, stand on the orange mat."

Ivan, Charmaine, Yorick, and Shanika go and stand on the orange mat.

Jeff: "You four are officially known as Atiu. These are the official tribes for this season. Also, hidden immunity idols are in play this season, and like last season, they can only be found on Exile Island. I'll give you all maps to your campsites, then you may head on out."

The four small tribes head on out to their new homes for the next month.

The first tribe to make it to their camp is Atiu. At their camp is a pot, machete, and a bag of rice. The camp itself has a sizeable beach and the trees are plentiful. Wildlife is also teeming in the area.

Quote1Damn, this is beautiful.Quote2- Yorick (upon entering the camp)
Quote1Well we're going to need a shelter in case of rain.Quote2- Shanika
Quote1Anyone know how to at least cut down a tree?Quote2- Ivan
Quote1Well, when my husband and I briefly lived in Kentucky, we chopped down some trees to build a shed for storage.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1Well then, Charmaine, why don't you and Ivan go chop some trees with the machete, while Shanika and I see if there is some fruit we could eat.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1Sounds fine by me.Quote2- Charmaine

The four head off into the forest to collect wood for the shelter or to collect fruit for the tribe.

Tema makes their way to camp. Their camp has a rocky beach and a lack of wildlife.

Quote1This is going to suck.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Ew, we have to sleep here, it's so ugly!Quote2- Willie
Quote1Honestly, I'd want our tribe to be absorbed.Quote2- Marquis
Quote1It'll take a bit, but this camp shouldn't be that bad.Quote2- Zak
Quote1I think, myself, Zak, and Marquis should get some wood for the shelter. Willie, why don't you clear out the beach a bit, if you need one of us to help you, get one of us.Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Wait, who made you leader?Quote2- Marquis
Quote1At least she's willing to lead, unlike you.Quote2- Zak

I respect Willie, but she dress really inappropriately. She's got a tube top, daisy dukes, and heels for goodness sake. She acts like she's 20, not forty. I hope though she can prove herself in challenges, to make up for immaturity.


Garnet made a good move. These heels cost me 10 grand, if these break, that bitch is paying for a new pair. Marquis already seems like a dick. Zak's probably going to be the muscle for the tribe. Hey, I'm not that stupid.

– Willie

Suvorov makes their way to camp. It has a beautiful beach and a plethora of trees.

Quote1So where are we sleeping?Quote2- Astor
Quote1You can't be serious, we have to build the shelter.Quote2- Quinlan
Quote1Well, where's the lumber then?Quote2- Astor
Quote1We have to chop down some trees to make it, which is easy, as I'm a lumberjill by trade.Quote2- Genette
Quote1Oh.Quote2- Astor

Genette takes the machete and Quinlan into the forest to collect wood for the shelter. Kamryn and Astor decide to go for a swim. Kamryn simply sticks her feet in the water, while Astor strips to his boxers and go into the water. Kamryn simply stares at his ass as we runs in.

Astor is hot, but his lack of brains could get him easily outed. I could probably use him as an alliance. That ass.


Meanwhile, at dusk, the Mangaia tribe has no luck finding their camp.

Quote1Can I see the map?Quote2- Qiana
Quote1No!Quote2- Erick
Quote1Please let me see the map.Quote2- Qiana
Quote1I said no.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Let her see the map, we're obviously lost.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Fine.Quote2- Erick
Quote1No wonder why we're lost, you held the map upside-down. It'll take all night to get to camp.Quote2- Qiana
Quote1By the way, where's Octavia? I haven't seen her since the beach.Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Well hopefully she's alright. We need to move now.Quote2- Qiana

The three trek back to get themselves to their camp.

Hopefully this mistake won't get me voted out.


At Mangaia's camp, Octavia has already built a shelter and a fire. She is hanging upside-down on the shelter's roof.

You see before Erick grabbed the map out of my hands I memorized the entire map. Also I've lived in the woods for a year, so I have experience building shelter and fire. *laughs hysterically*


Day 2

Early in the morning, Qiana, Ulrich and Erick get to their camp completely exhausted.

Quote1Finally, after a day of walking, we are here.Quote2- Qiana
Quote1Wait, why is a shelter and a firepit sitting here? We're at the right camp, right?Quote2- Erick
Quote1The flag says "Mangaia".Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1Let's see who's here then.Quote2- Qiana

They approach the seemingly empty camp.

Quote1AAHHHHHH!!!!!Quote2- Octavia (swinging on a vine)
Quote1Oh, it's just you Octavia.Quote2- Erick
Quote1It's you three. I'd wondered when you'd get here. I thought you were headhunters or looters, but I did forget that this was Survivor, not survival.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1So need help with anything?Quote2- Qiana
Quote1Nope, you guys look tired, get some sleep, you'll need it for the challenge tomorrow.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1You sure?Quote2- Ulrich
Quote1No, I insist get some rest.Quote2- Octavia
Quote1Alright then.Quote2- Erick
Quote1Good-night! I mean good-morning!Quote2- Octavia

I think Octavia will be a good asset at camp. I do detect that she's a bit insane and hopefully this won't affect her in challenge, but let's cross that bridge when I get to it. *yawns*


Qiana, Ulrich, and Erick go to the shelter to get some rest. They slept for the remainder of the day.

At Tema, Marquis is harassing Willie.

Quote1Is that rice almost done yet?Quote2- Marquis
Quote1No, it's been a minute since you last asked. Why don't you make yourself useful and help the others rather than hang out in the shelter.Quote2- Willie
Quote1How about you shut the hell up and cook the damn food?Quote2- Marquis
Quote1Screw you. Good-bye.Quote2- Willie

Willie walks away from Marquis and decides to go to the other.

I know that I'm harassing Willie, but I frankly don't care. Plus the others won't believe her, she's not a person.


As Willie walks to Garnet and Zak, she begins to sob. They take notice and approach her.

Quote1Willie, what's wrong?Quote2- Zak
Quote1Marquis is being mean to me. He's treating me like I'm his servant.Quote2- Willie
Quote1Garnet, stay here, I'm going to camp.Quote2- Zak
Quote1Don't do anything you'll regret!Quote2- Garnet
Quote1I won't!Quote2- Zak
Quote1There, there. Everything will be okay.Quote2- Garnet

Zak walks back to camp. The pot with rice is boiling over. Marquis is doing nothing but sitting in the shelter.

Marquis isn't being a team player. He's lazy, and he has no right to harass Willie. I believe her, he's dead meat.


At Atiu, the tribe is getting along together well. They begin to talk about their lives from outside the game.

When we finished building the shelter, everyone decided on talking about their lives outside Survivor. I think it was that we have tribe unity and to get to know each other.


Quote1As you guys know, I'm Charmaine. I live in California with my dear husband Peter. Together we had six children, and I remember having to move a lot because of Peter being a migrate worker. I'm also currently retired.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1Wow, you've had a rich life.Quote2- Ivan
Quote1I know.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1I'm Yorick. I worked in the military for a few years and then began a career with the government. I have a lovely wife, a beautiful daughter, and three sons, who all have military experience.Quote2- Yorick
Quote1Wow, that's one really tight ship.Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1Alright, I'm Shanika. I work as a counselor for those who've been abuse or been violated. I know first hand these things because I was raped at the age of 16, stabbed and lit on fire at 20, shot at age 32, and had cancer for 10 years at age 40. The only good thing to happen was the births of my two beautiful daughters.Quote2- Shanika
Quote1My god, do you have PSD?Quote2- Charmaine
Quote1No, counseling and judo took care of that years ago.Quote2- Shanika
Quote1I'm Ivan, I work as a bouncer outside my husband's club. I came out at 35, about the time I met my husband. We adopted 3 children, one boy, two girls. We currently live in Miami Beach, Florida with our youngest still living with us.Quote2- Ivan

When Ivan told us he was gay, I was in shock. I'm a devote Christian, so many people say homosexuality is a sin, but I think otherwise. Ivan won't bother me at all.


They begin to tell stories about their lives, some funny, some sad. Eventually as night hit, they began to wind down on the storytelling, getting to sleep for the challenge tomorrow.

Day 3

The next day, the four tribes were instructed to go to the challenge area.

The four tribes make their way to the challenge area. Two platforms, one large, and one smaller, are raised over the water. Jeff is standing on the smaller platform. The castaways climb up to Jeff, were four mats are laid out in front of him, and three covered podiums stand next to him. Their is also a small walkway to the larger platform.

Jeff: "Welcome to your first immunity challenge. What you're going to do is push each other with padded bags off the platform and into the water below. Depending on when you fall, you will either gain 3, 2, 1, or no points. First place will recieve immunity, as well as flint and a fire-making kit. Second place will recieve immunity, flint, and 50 matches. Third place will also recieve immunity and flint. Last will have a date with me at tribal council. Let's start."

The first round is Astor vs. Shanika vs. Marquis vs. Qiana. They start in seperate corners. Jeff yells go, and everyone runs to someone. Astor charges at Marquis, quickly pushing him off the platform, giving Tema 0 points. Astor turns over to Qiana and with Shanika, they corner her and push her off, earning Mangaia 1 point. While Astor is distracted by Qiana falling, he's pushed off the platform, earning Suvorov 2 points. With Shanika the last woman standing, she earns 3 points for Atiu.

Jeff: "The current score is Atiu, 3. Suvorov, 2. Mangaia, 1. Tema, 0."

The second round is Kamryn vs. Ivan vs. Octavia vs. Zak. Ivan charges at Kamryn, as Zak does the same to Octavia. Kamryn is too slow to react and is pushed into the water. Octavia reacts much quicker, preforming a flip with her bag. Zak is distracted by this and forgets to stop charging, falling into the water. Kamryn and Zak recieve 0 and 1 point respectively. Octavia and Ivan are the last two standing. Octavia preforms another flip and lands on Ivan's shoulders. She blinds him by covering his eyes. As Ivan is wondering around he falls off the platform, with Octavia still on him. Ivan falls first, earning 2 points, and Octavia having 3 points.

Jeff: "The current score is Atiu, 5. Mangaia, 4. Suvorov, 2. Tema, 1."

The third round is Garnet vs. Yorick vs. Genette vs. Ulrich. Ulrich, Garnet, and Genette charge at Yorick. Yorich overacts by charging at them. Overpowered, Yorick is pushed off the platform, earning 0 points. Garnet and Genette then turn and charge at Ulrich. Ulrich, unprepared was quickly knocked off the platform, earning 1 point. The girls turn on each other. Both are evenly matched, but Genette begins to push harder, causing Garnet to lose her footing. Garnet is easily pushed into the water.

Jeff: "The current score is Atiu, 5. Mangaia, 5. Suvorov, 5. Tema, 3."

The final round is Quinlan vs. Charmaine vs. Erick vs. Willie. Charmaine begins to charge at Willie. Willie has almost no time to react and is knocked onto the ledge. She tries to grabs something, which happens to be Charmaine's arm. Both women fall into the water. As both women hit the water at about the same time, Jeff calls a time-out to review the footage. In a frame by frame shot, it is revealed that Willie's heel hit the water before Charmaine did, earning Willie 0 points and Charmaine 1 point. The challenge resumes as normal. Quinlan charges at Erick, but turns. Erick is confused and before he can react, he is being pushed by behind. He tumbles off the platform and into the water.

Jeff: "The final score is Suvorov, 8. Mangaia, 7. Atiu, 6. Tema, 3. Suvorov, Mangaia, and Atiu, you are all safe tonight. Tema, I'll be seeing you at tribal council tonight."

Walking back to camp, Willie, Garnet, and Zak looked disappointed. Marquis, for whatever reason, looked almost happy.

Quote1So I'm assuming it's Willie going?Quote2- Marquis
Quote1What to you mean by that?Quote2- Willie
Quote1You're no help around camp, and you disgraced yourself at the challenge.Quote2- Marquis
Quote1Really?! You do nothing but bum around in the shelter all day, doing God knows what, and you did worse than me. At least I tried to get someone out!Quote2- Willie
Quote1Guys, stop before you do something you regret!Quote2- Zak
Quote1You, Willie, are a useless bitch from the Shore, and ill-equipped for this game.Quote2- Marquis
Quote1I'm not some bitch that goes around trying to get drunk and laid! I have a husband and daughter at home! I only go out occasionally!Quote2- Willie
Quote1Keep telling yourself that, everyone knows that isn't true.Quote2- Marquis
Quote1You (bleep)!Quote2- Willie

Willie tackles Marquis to the ground and punches him right in his left eye. Zak and Garnet turn around and see Willie raise her arm again. Garnet grabs her arm to prevent her from doing it again. Zak grabs her midsection to get her off Marquis.

Quote1Skippy, go get security and the medics, we need them ASAP!Quote2- Garnet
Quote1Got it!Quote2- Skippy (a cameraman)

The cameraman runs off to get security and the medics, and possibly Jeff. Another cameraman gets the fight on tape. For the next twenty minutes the cameramen have tape of Garnet and Zak restraining Willie, Willie shouting "Let me at this dick!", and Marquis trying to get out from underneath Willie.

Eventually, Skippy returns with security, a medic and Jeff. The security officer tases Willie. She falls onto the ground, as the officer puts her in restraining cuffs. The medic examines Marquis's black eye.

Quote1How's Marquis's eye?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1He'll be fine. The swelling will go down on its own. He won't need to be evacuated.Quote2- Ramona Salins
Quote1Tema, I have some goods news and some bad news. Good news, you won't go to tribal council tonight. Bad news, Willie has to be ejected from the game for safety reasons.Quote2- Jeff

Garnet and Zak are saddened that Willie was ejected from the game. Marquis looked happy on the fact.

Two good things came out of this. One, Willie's been ejected. Two, I can play the sympathy card with the black eye later.


Tribal Council

Removed From Camp

Willie BW
Willie Fontana

Voting Confessionals

Because of Willie's abrupt elimination, no tribal council was held, therefore no voting confessionals.

Final Words

I can't believe I snapped like that. I normally don't go straight to violence. Zak, Garnet, get revenge on Marquis for me, but not like what I did. Marquis you better watch out, because there's going to be a battle of the ages in front of you.


Still In the Running

Suvorov Atiu
Mangaia Tema
Willie BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • The other three tribes learn of the fight and new rules.
  • The twist on Exile Island may keep people from finding the idol.
  • Alliances will be created.

Author's Notes

  • The combined reward/immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Palau episode, Sumo at Sea, except with revised rules for the format of the season.
  • The episode's title was said by Willie.
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